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Anyone in Bolt land have this helmet? Thoughts, reviews?

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  • Yep wear it everyday love it, bit noisy but is an open face hey

  • Here's mine and I think it's great

  • I have it.... I also bought the shark vancore. It's much better

Stolen from Boston Lincolnshire. UK — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

Stolen from Boston, Lincolnshire. UK:

1981 IT465H.

1988 YZ250 c/w Ohlins 360 kit.

2003 YZ250.

No photos yet, I'll update when I get them.

Phone: 07453270490 with any info.

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  • Also stolen: 1988 KX500, 1988 CR500 and a 1979 CR250.

  • Dag,, you fellas got hoodlums down there too?

  • Good lord that's low. Tweekers??

My cousin and I on our 06 s after racing 6 hours I did it ironman he teamed... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

My cousin and I on our 06's after racing 6 hours. I did it ironman, he teamed with his brother.

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  • Softer than MX suspension is the key in offroad ;) ....You're not bouncing off anywhere when you traverse those "ungroomed" trails....

  • more e-xtra h=POWER motocross 2NASA 2T:-):-):-) YAMAHA250

  • More power is not the key to offroad (in areas of tight enduro and hard enduro).... More power makes you even apply your breaks often and saps away your energy the most in controlling the bike than concentrating on your balance when you hit the rough stuff....

    The keys are: softer than the usual MX-intended suspension, good tires, a better low-end bike but that can also be addressed by the Rekluse clutch as it auto-prevents the bike from stalling in extreme stuff, clutch control especially if you're using the standard cable clutch OEM, and a trials-riding background, the latter if you want to be one of the best in this area.... So what are you missing guys LOL! :D ....i verily know what i don't have

What s up guys I have never been into the idea of popping a wheelie but I ve... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

What's up guys, I have never been into the idea of popping a wheelie, but I've tried to and I just can't get my bike off the ground. So the simple fact that I can't do it has become my obsession now lol. Any tips on how to do it on a FZ6R? (Stock) . Only time I've lifted it was on accident

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  • This is a buddie on this group who helped me alot.. Jay sd is a beast.. He realy is yhe reason i got into wheelies.. I seen him do it on his fz6r and i was like ok..i can do this..lol

  • ever burnout in a wheelie try? whats going on there? too much clutch?

  • Warm up ur tire..lol

Motorcycle riding is very similar to meditation and if a person hasn t done... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Motorcycle riding is very similar to meditation and if a person hasn't done either, they won't know. When I ride fast I am doing something that is potentially very dangerous and is also a calculated risk. But I have all my faculties focused on one point of concentration, and that allows no other thought to enter my head. Which in itself, over a period of time, cleanses and purifies me. And when I finally I stop and think about it, for me, that's exactly what happens. It is just that simple.

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  • Well, Gunther....that is a good story. First the sunscreen on the inside top of the faceshield is that "static-cling" suncreen material that you can buy at the auto parts store to put in the window of your car to keep the sun off of the baby's car seat!! I used masking tape on the front of the shield to get a straight line for the bottom edge, then trimmed the top by following the top edge of the shield with a new, sharp razor blade. The "Yamaha Racing" sticker was an Ebay thing....again careful measured and centered and using masking tape as a guide. I think it turned out well. Good Luck!!!

  • Well Said.

  • Rick, well said. I don't get to ride as much as I would like for relaxation & fun. I hope to remedy that soon.

Any 6 1 owners here how comfy is this bike for a rider this tall any one knows... — Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe Owners

Any 6'1" owners here, how comfy is this bike for a rider this tall, any one knows how this bikes stacks up against as 2014 C90 suzuki boulevard?

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  • Many thanks to every one who commented here, I'm now in a much better position to go with this bike. It was always first in mind but after reading some comparison reviews i thought it best to hear from actual owners. Thanks again every one. I'll post a pic of the bike when I get it here.

  • Have you tried the throttle lock by Kuryakyn? I have one, and I love it.

  • Hey Richey, yes I have that same throttle lock and it solves the problem when I'm on a straight road. Where I live there's only one highway I can use it on and when we travel we plan trips using all back roads and mountain roads.

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I'm looking to get an exhaust to get more noise and be more safe whilst filtering traffic, road users can't seem to hear me on the Tracer. The question is whether to get a slip on or a full exhaust, the 2 options are:


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-MT09-FZ9-GPR-Exha ust-Furore-Black-Silencer-Road-Legal-With-Catalyst -/111759107533

or Full exhaust:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YAMAHA-MT09-TRACER-2015- FULL-EXHAUST-GIANNELLI-X-PRO-NICHROM-/271966403571 ?hash=item3f5275fbf3

And will the Gianneli / Arrow exhaust work without a remap or power-commander?


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  • I had a gpr slip on on my fireblade, great exhaust

  • Just fitted the carbon akra and holy shit it is LOUD!!! without the baffle fitted.

  • So i got the LeoVince exhaust since it was next day delivery shipped from UK and it is extremely loud, on idle it can be mistaken as a tractor. Definately more safer now.

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lend me 8 minutes of ur time?

sharing our anniv mga papa. :)

kahit may mga hindi nakapag attend, the show must go on ika nga.. hehe

cheers and enjoy! :)

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  • Happy9th anniv.. More power ESC family...

  • Happy Anniv po mga sir SALUTE

  • Astig..congrats and belated happy 9th anniv. ESC Elite Sniper Club.. very meaningful ung objective sa video...

    Again belated happy 9th anniv. To all members of ESC from the SMXP Cabalen Chapter

The tank on my 80 IT425 is badly cracked up and I can t find one anywhere — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

The tank on my '80 IT425 is badly cracked up and I can't find one anywhere. Is there a tank of any of the other IT's that would fit and look the same as mine? I've seen a few pics of other IT's that looks like it could fit, but I'm not sure.

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  • Bob I'm located in South Africa. If you're willing to sort out the paperwork for shipping to here drop me a pm with the details and we could negotiate? That's the problem I have with my IT. Rear shock is located in the frame under the seat and tank. The front mount is just behind my handlebars so the frame is quite wide. So no tank I can find can go over the wide frame.

  • This is the Clarke tank that came with my 1980 IT425G. Insanely ugly and holds way too much fuel, however it's narrow at the seat junction and doesn't get in the way. I still think you are better off buying a used original tank from the list I posted earlier.

  • Here is my 425G with a Clarke IT175D E F tank loosely fitted. The forward tank brackets are way off, but new items could easily be fabricated. Much smaller than the stock 425 item, but as you can see, it fits nicely against the seat.

Let s support the Endurance Boys from Sniper MX ph XXX 2cents chapter for this... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Let's support the Endurance Boys from Sniper MX ph XXX /2cents chapter for this coming Saturday September 26, 2015 in KRCP Road Rally 1000 kms/24 hours Endurance Challenge @ wheeltek buendia corner Bautista (take off time 10pm)

1st checkpoint Kaybiang tunnel

2nd wheeltek Rosario, Batangas

3rd Petron Pitogo (bondoc peninsula)

4th San Andres port (bonpen)

5th Tagkawayan welcome Arc

6th Infanta quezon marker

Finish wheeltek buendia

1. Jayar Barogs

2. Iam Khel

3. Ryan M. Raqueño

4. Shernan Mendoza

5. Manu Mercado

They will run for a group category

Baka meron ding ibang kasali dito..

Lets support them

Thanks Smx

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    — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

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    • Sweet pic man!! First time I've actually seen a scrub on a old enduro, I've attempted on my IT200 but I'm still new to riding so it was a complete fail lol

    Looking for 2 or three 200 gas tanks and fenders side covers seat covers fork... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

    Looking for 2 or three 200 gas tanks(and fenders, side covers, seat covers, fork boots, taillights, headlights..-cosmetic stuff mostly)... Thanks

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    • Keep an eye on eBay... Sometimes I see sets of plastic for sale... Guy usually doesn't know what he has and I get them for cheap haha.

      But the parts you listed aren't cheap individually.... So that's your best bet.

    holder phone max 5inc — Yamaha R15 Forum Indonesia Bogor

    holder phone max 5inc

    model universal mobil , motor , speda

    warna cuma ini

    welcome reseller / grosir dan eceran

    pin 52300c6f

    wa 088977959490


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    • oke boleh :)

    • Gmn cara ordernya nih trus kapan sampenya?

    • tranfer aja ke ane... brng krim deh... klo sudah tranfer kabarin k ane nama , alamat , no hp mu... bsa sms ke 088977959490... ene no rekening ane bca : 2600000953 atas nama steven

    Photos from Austen Vail's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Alright guys I'm having Hero 4 issues. I went for a ride as dusk and got back after dark. I was shooting 4K S which is 24fps I believe. Anyways the day time video was stunning as usual but the night time video was god awful. It was grainy and pixaly and just not good. Is there anyway I can make the night time shooting better on the Hero 4 Black. Take a look at the pictures and you'll see the huge difference.

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    • lens arent big enough or of a high enough quality for low light conditions, they would cost at least 5x as much if they were good enough for that type of shooting

    • thats not true james look at your phone it probably takes good pictures i know mine does at night time

    • lol, I have a 7 year old flip phone- (MotoRazr)

    Photos from Andrey Naranjo's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Hi guys, some time ago i changed my stock exhaust for a pair of 2" long straights, but the things was just too noisy so i tried to make some baffles taking the vance&hines quite baffles as reference, so i make this (see pics, the thin part is covered with fiberglass) and this is how they sound now (https://soundcloud.com/rowenmk/xvs650-longstraight -exhaust/s-BKLDB) and this is how they use to sound like (https://soundcloud.com/rowenmk/xvs650-longstraight s-before/s-N1dBn), but believe me, the sound before the baffles was just too loud and noisy, what do you guys think about it?

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      What s everyone do for performance mods. Looking for highest hp possible — Yamaha Bolt

      What's everyone do for performance mods? Looking for highest hp possible. Bikes too slow :(

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      • Also first bike I've ever owned. Has that special place in your heart ya know?

      • Pretty confused why everyone's biting my head off. I didn't get most of these comments till today. Phone didn't show them

      • I'm not gonna bite your head off about anything. I'm just gonna offer my opinion. I've earned that right having been riding for 36+ years. I personally don't think a turbo is the answer. A set of cams, port and polish the heads, intake and throttle body, fuel controller, and exhaust is all you need. Done right, could be over into the triple digits on horsepower. I don't think it's really built to handle very much more. If you feel it's not enough, then sell it and go bigger.

      Well people. Got the 70 cc malossi done today. Very easy. Very very easy — Yamaha C3

      Well people. Got the 70 cc malossi done today. Very easy. Very very easy. The tuner is a few minutes to hook up, even less to calibrate and set up. Power is amazing. She takes off upto 35mph faster than my 50 cc 2 stroke aprilia(stock, except washer removed). Hill power, I live in ct, no flat land around and live out in the country, speedometer stays buried the entire ride around here now. It used to drop on the hills to about 33mph. No, speedo stays buried. We have maybe 40 miles on it so far. The temp light has been coming and going, but I didn't purge the air system like I would've if this job was done on a car, probably air pockets moving around. So far, very happy with this. We r getting ready to put this same kit on 14 zuma. Well worth the 289$$

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      • Just multiply your foot pounds by 12...i.e. 8 ft lbs of torque that you tighten the transmission cover bolts to to keep from destroying an expensive gasket, is 96 inch pounds

      • The tuner has 3 settings, big bore, big bore and exhaust, big bore exhaust and intake. Then 3 more small potentiometers so u can fine tune it all. I just set it to factory only big bore.

      • Thanks for sharing! Love this group

      — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

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      • Sweet.I would love to check that place out

      • My other ride

      • Nice!! I don't have other dirtbikes sadly but I race quads too

      — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

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      • Wow really? I always thought this of one of the bulkiest of tanks

      • You should have seen my 82 465 it was like trying to saddle a water buffalo!!!

      • Haha

      Vince Fuess shared his photo to the group: Enduro Yamaha IT Series. — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

      A little fine tuning... please forgive the pink shirt- it was the late 80's...

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      • Mine always ran good, raced the wheels off it, my new to me 200 has been just as kind the few times I raced it at the vintage stuff.

      • Same here mines always been running good and it's been raced in harescrambles for all it's life by my dad, and now I race mx with it

      Installed the V H twin slash today Holy shit these are loud I ve seen a... — Yamaha Bolt

      Installed the V&H twin slash today. Holy shit these are loud. I've seen a million vids and they don't do them justice vs in person. Love them #screwtheneighbors.

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      • So here's my after test ride review. First off install was a breeze. All in all it's exactly what I wanted and expected. Sounds great at idle, going through all gears and at cruising speed. Loudness is a difference of opinion from rider to rider. I'd say they're loud but not obnoxious. If you get on it hard going through the gears that's when i'd say it has a nice loud "snap" to them. At low to mid rpm cruising speed they have a beautiful throaty rumble. I do notice a flatness to my performance now. With stock exhaust when you snap the throttle the bike would get up and go. Now it's a bit flat and it seems you have to roll on more to get into a nice rpm range. This is to be expected as the bike certainly needs a re-flash and intake. Definitely wants more air/fuel. That being said the bike does run much smoother and I was pleasantly surprised to see I had almost no back pop on decel. It was a toss up between theses and the Bassani sweepers but in the end I liked the look of the lines on the VH better as well as the chrome tips. So...there you have it.

      • Well done. Xxx

      • It's an amazing sound for a 950! I love mine, bought the bolt new from the dealer with twin slash fitted. Don't know it any other way.

        Damn good sales technique!

      Vince Fuess shared his photo to the group: Enduro Yamaha IT Series. — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

      Here's my 1986 IT200 that I restored in the guest bedroom of my duplex (yeah I was single then). This was a great machine! The few minor mods I installed were: Uni filter, Boyesen reeds, Barnett clutch, DG pipe & silencer, Progressive fork springs, and the rear shock rebuilt and revalved by Noleen Racing.

      I also had a 1991 KDX200 at the time, and the IT could out-drag it every time (stock KDX). This bike was a blast to ride!

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      • I had reeds and a DG pipe on my 86 IT200, but I did find my brothers KDX200 had a little more grunt, in reality performance was pretty similar the IT a bit better in the tight stuff though. Also better plastics and attention to detail out of the box.

      • The IT and the KDX were geared quite a bit differently. I just remember how light the yamaha was and how fun the suspension made the bike to ride. I now have an '82 IT250 project bike that needs a complete restoration...

      • Once modified, my KDX200 would eat the IT in every regard, even some stock 250 MXr's. They're in a very mild state of tune stock, but are easily made fast.

      Anyone know how to disable or override the depth alarm on a 2012 242 LS — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      Anyone know how to disable or override the depth alarm on a 2012 242 LS? I live on a tidal canal that gets shallow and hearing that thing go off over and over is annoying.

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      • Oh, sure no problem, wish I had the answer. Believe me, with a wife and 3 daughters that don't want to drive, they sure like to ask a lot of questions and that's a popular one, why does it make that noise, can you make it stop, lol. All the best to you. I'm going to the boat show this week, I'll ask when I see my dealer, but I suspect his answer will be to upgrade, the new one does it ;)

      • Take the fuse out of the power line going to it. No more beeping. That's what I did to mine.

      • Double tap one of the buttons which changes the displays. Works every time for me.

      Currently playing in a band from Philadelphia that relocated to here in Denver... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

      Currently playing in a band from Philadelphia that relocated to here in Denver, super punk East Coast Hardcore, right up my alley. I have experimented with ESP's, Fender, and Warwick.

      My ESP Bello was in the top running, until just for the helluvit, I decided this Yamaha. I was not expecting much because I was convinced that the bass from the man of Anthrax would be the mighty tone I needed. Well, I was wrong. Once again, Yamaha shatters all contenders on every single level, and the boys of U.A. have demanded that this be a permanent attachment to the band.

      U.A Hardcore.

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      • Had that model a few years back..didn't remember that configuration. .cool

      • I´ve got a fretless like that...

      • I'll take the Frank Bello off of your hands then... Lol

      Photos from Jason Paul Padrta's post — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

      My IT250G before and after ooops just noticed I forgot to put skid plate back on lol

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      • I am running 32:1 cuz thats what I seen to run so next tank I will maybe go 40:1 see if that helps

      • If that doesn't do it, your next step is to drop one or two sizes on your main jet.

      • pretty sure it is the stock main jet

      Hi all New to the group I joined as I have a question This is my 01 Yz250... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

      Hi all. New to the group. I joined as I have a question. This is my 01 Yz250 was a great bike but, out riding one day and the WHOLE motor took a shit, this is the worst blowup of a two stroke I've every seen. When the crank bearings spun out the crank hit the inside of the cylinder, snapped the front drop ear off and then crank came back down and cracked the case. Anyway long story short. Found a decent shape 99 motor and I'm wondering, will it bolt right up or what?

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      • 800 and 1000. And there complete running bikes still. At work be home around 5ish if ya want too talk about them.

      • It will bolt right up...99-present is same case pattern. The 99 jug had different port timing ,and imo was a little bit less power. But will interchange. It didn't have a tps on carb(the 99).as lomg as u jet the 01 carb for the 99 it will be fine. I know the 99" came with a #80 power jet and a 172 main and then in 00" they went to a #55 power jet and a 175main, both had same pilot jet size.

      • Well technically the 99 is a special left side case . I broke a 99 left side case thus i know...But bolting 99 engine in 01 frame. Yes that will bolt right up.

        But I would get the 01 from Ross because the 99 left sidecase ( if u jump ur chain and wack it that side costs 800 $ just for that side.. vs a 00 or newr case is only 200 $.

      Hey folks. I am yet not Tracer owner. But i am wondering anyone here who is 5 — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

      Hey folks.. I am yet not Tracer owner. But i am wondering anyone here who is 5.6 to 5.7 (170cm) with 30 inch/76cm inseam who can share their experience with tracer. I have tried the normal MT-09 and it works fine. You feel it's too tall ?

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      • I'm 1.68c. Height. Dunno abt inseam but finds tracer pretty manageable at lowest seat height. No issues. Probably due to its narrow slim front and light weight. Hope it helps.

      • 6'8" but like a solid base so bought a lowering kit .. easy to fit and I can get both feet flat on the ground.

      • A mate of mine is short in the leg so he got a low seat and had the suspension lowered.

      Photos from Dirk Bonikowski's post — Yamaha Bolt

      Will there be in the future a Bolt 1300? If so, it could look like this. What do you think?

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      • I'd buy one tomorrow! One can only hope.....

      • That pic does not look like a BOLT frame. Maybe they thought of some of these things.

      • all this is is a stryker, with Bolt forks, headlight, tank, fenders etc. You can do this yourself

      For those that have done your own install for the V H twin slash pipes — Yamaha Bolt

      For those that have done your own install for the V&H twin slash pipes....any tips or tricks to the install? It looks pretty basic but figured i'd ask.

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      • Nope mine looks the same. Its not near me but will take pic when i get home. Mine has a gap too. Cxx

      • No worries, got it on just took some wiggling. Thanks for the help. Vid to come later. Holy shit these are loud lol

      • Hell yeah i love mine. Xxxx

      Photos from Dirk Bonikowski's post — Yamaha Bolt

      My Bolt design ideas with springer front end :-)

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      • Have you done a rendering lowrider style. I'm considering doing a full fender and lowering the bike to the ground.

      • Mmmmm... i think, for Lowrider Style the bike is a little bit to short!? Shane by SS-Custom-Cycle offers long fenders for the Bolt. I do not like, but it's a matter of taste :-)

      • I'm not a fan of those either. I'm thinking more old school where the fender kicks back at the bottom

      Photos from Dirk Bonikowski's post — Yamaha Bolt

      Bolt Special, built in Germany, by my friends HM-deluxe

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      • All parts are handmade and single pieces. For example: wide triple trees, rear fender, seat, forward controls, side number plate holder and air filter. Handlebar from Highway Hawk, indicators from Kellermann (Germany), exhaust from Miller (Germany)

      • Like to have that rear fender, rear wheel and seat lol the rest of my bike would look good with that setup

      • Yes, the rear rim is re-welded. Slightly wider for a 210 mm tire.

      Are the normal led indicators just plug and play — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

      Are the normal led indicators just plug and play?

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      • I hate touching anything to do with indicators as I fucked up on a previous bike, so will get the dealer to sort it so it's someone else's problem! Thanks for the help

      • If they are all working ok I wouldn't worry about it. :)

      • OK, cheers Tim, well I have a spare relay if anyone wants it.

      I m thinking ok getting a yzfr125 are they capable of overtaking in fast A... — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

      I'm thinking ok getting a yzfr125, are they capable of overtaking in fast A roads and what is a typical mpg.

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      • You probably will

      • Tbh its quick for a 125, some people need to see they are 125s not 600s

      • Not in comparison to his two stroke rs125

      Anyone selling NON runners ? — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

      Anyone selling 60plates up non runners message me I'll pay from £200 to £800

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      • I was looking for one for ages. But was put off secondhand. Yes you don't loose depreciation from new. Also your more than likely to get upgrades with it. But you just don't know how it's been ridden and treated. 17 to ride one. At the price they are its either mum and dad brought it or finance. First bike. Never seen a dip stick before. Need to impress there friends.

        So that lead Me to buy new myself. I'm 30. Ridden all my life. Due to work ect ect not done my test yet. But looking at direct access next year.

      • I have full bike licence

      • I've got a 60 plate for 200 before

        A 62 plate cat c for £50

        2011 cat d for 110

        Trust there is come bargains out here

      I m going to be getting a set of tires which ones are the best for everyday... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      I'm going to be getting a set of tires which ones are the best for everyday riding for the fz6r?

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      • Oh, they're not *that* bad. Reviews seem to be favorable.

      • I've been riding for 30 years, and Michelin's line of pilot road tires, 2's 3's and fours are the best road tires I've ever used. Best wear, best traction, not bad on the track either. I enjoy fast corners and dropping a knee. When it comes to my safety I don't get the cheapest parts. There have been at least 2 times this year I've made the mistake of coming into a corner too hot. I prepared to ditch the bike but the pr 4s held when I didn't think any tire would have.

      • I think the cost difference is about a hundred dollars, but I usually get twice the mileage as my buddy who uses shinko s on his busa

      Hi looking for a yzf r125 fairly cheap as if you no of any would be much... — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016


      Hi looking for a yzf r125 fairly cheap as if you no of any would be much appreciated cheers guys

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      • You In any rush to sell mate or

      • Not really in any rush

      • OK reason being Is changing over to a new job and will need to do cbt and get a bike so just sorting it all out mate and how come you selling mate