— Yamaha V-Max


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  • Mike Moore designed that shirt. I don't think he has anymore!

  • he don't, this one was lost for a bit, couldn't get any more, then found it today. a rare shirt

  • Nice !!!

How accurate is the Stock Speedometer I know on my buddy I had its was off by... — Yamaha C3

How accurate is the Stock Speedometer? I know on my buddy I had its was off by around three to four miles an hour.

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  • The C3's speedo lies like a politician campaigning for reelection! When the speedo is buried, you're going 4-5mph slower, with stock tires..

  • Stock tires chin shing 120/90-10. : (

  • @aaron, really? i just looked those up, and they don't look like the ones that came on our 2 scoots. i've since had both of mine replaced, but they look the same as the one remaining stock tire on the other c3. however, when i went to my local shop to do it they did say "oh, it's the zuma tire". can't remember the name, though i know it was a couple bucks more than the bridgestone they were gonna put on (i didn't like the tread on that one though, so we went w/the "zuma" tire though i can't remember what it was now). looks like a reggae though. huh- we did get the first c3's to come to the dealer in vegas where we bought them- wonder if they put the wrong tires on? (wouldn't be surprised, there were a few oddities in our scoots). guess i'll find out soon- that last tire is needing a replacement stat! :/

I passed 1000 cops w o a helmet and none did anything I do nothing to make... — Yamaha C3

I passed 1000 cops w/o a helmet and none did anything, I do nothing to make myself stand out and last night I get a ticket for it. WTF?

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  • It's not that bad.

  • helmet laws suck. lol

  • Not if you have to lay a bike down, to keep from getting T-Boned by an SUV driver with her cell phone, and head, stuck where the sun doesn't shine...And, end up sliding down the pavement on your face!

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In the process of freshening up my scooter — Yamaha C3

In the process of freshening up my scooter...

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  • in other words: BBK or bust! Right?

  • For what it'll cost to put a good 70cc kit on a C3 Scooter, you can buy any number of 100-125cc scoots new, that will run 55mph out the door....:)

  • Added to the $1,ooo or so, you can likely get for your C3...

The Saddle Bag Saga. Bought some nice Yamaha saddle bags about a month ago — Yamaha V-Star riders

The Saddle Bag Saga. Bought some nice Yamaha saddle bags about a month ago. I have a cobra sissy bar so I ordered the cobra saddle bag supports. The brackets came 3 days later than they told me and they were for the wrong bike. They were ordered again and it took another week for them to come in. Then I finally get the cobra supports made for my bike and they don't fit the damn bags!! See the yamaha bags have a support clamp that is about 6 inches long that is supposed to fit around the saddle bag bottom bar. However, the cobra support bars are not slanted shaped like most saddle bag brackets. No...these are "U" shaped. Why? If a company is trying to make saddle bag supports for a bike that the bike company makes bags for, then you'd think the saddle bag supports would work with the bags the bike company made for their bike...but NO!! The bottom part of the bracket is only 4 1/2 inches long. Clamps do not fit. Plus there are rubber knobs on the bags are supposed to fit inside the support. They do not fit in the cobra supports. Next, I'm going to try ordering the support brackets from yamaha and just hope they come with the right sized bolts to fit on the bike with the cobra sissy bar. but I'm sure they won't...because this venture has been difficult as hell all the way and i'm sure NO PART of it is going to get any easier.


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    PASS THIS ON — Yamaha FZ6R Owners




    If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'

    Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC,

    And the person who o sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.

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      As much as we all love and appreciate our C3 s no bike is perfect and as a nod... — Yamaha C3

      As much as we all love and appreciate our C3's, no bike is perfect and as a nod to Yamaha product development, I'd like to mention a few things that could make the scoot even better. I have a 2009 model with 2100 km on it.

      1. The C3 hits hard in the front, although we do have some crappy roads here, a little more front suspension travel would help.

      2. I would gladly pay extra for a factory installed sidestand. The centerstand works fine, but is a pain to use after a while. Why not install a factory sidestand and charge a little extra for it? To me at least a sidestand should be as standard a feature on any bike as a steering wheel is on a car.

      3. A 100 or 150 cc engine would be great as well, but I guess that would make our $2949 (Canadian) little wonder a little too expensive?

      Anyway, I love my C3 but would love to see the things above sometime in future models.

      One last thing, I wonder if the C3 is a steady seller for Yamaha, anyone ever see any numbers?

      Stay well...B

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      • Bruce - you are correct about the hitting hard in the front and I purchased my C3 in Canada (2010) for $3000 and now you can pick new ones up for around $2600..

      • I paid $1995 for my '07. Here in North Dakota... Maybe I should start dealing scooters to canadians..

      • 2700CAD taxes included for a 2010, this summer. In Montreal.

      Modded stock air intake 145 rear tire 4gr roller weights Who thinks it ll go... — Yamaha C3

      Modded stock air intake, 145 rear tire, 4gr roller weights... Who thinks it'll go 47? Place your guesses now, Should be done by the 10th. Will have GPS to verify and will post results...

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      • I didn't say that the shims were the same as the dremel, or a trip to the machine shop, all I'm saying is it's a way to get better performance, just like what you're doing....

      • And, it's uncomplicated, and inexpensive! lol!

      • I just spent several hours out in the shop with my C3 up on the lift reinstalling the stock airbox. I found a slight oil leak I'll deal with in the am...

      New Horse in the stable the Galves House — Yamaha V-Max

      New Horse in the stable @ the Galves House....

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      • I know how you feel Mark. I still have my V Max, but just needed something to keep Diana involved. She is having a hard time seeing and this way I can have he go too!

      • sorry to hear that, but at least she can still enjoy. I know I may not have long for this sport, but am trying too get in as much as I can while I am still able. Nice too see she is too.

      • I feel your pain Mark. This is my last go fast too! It's hell getting old! LMAO

      BTW what with the wedding on August 5th and our honeymoon in Europe I forgot to... — Yamaha C3

      BTW, what with the wedding on August 5th and our honeymoon in Europe, I forgot to tell you guys I smacked into a pedestrian a few days before the wedding. I hit him good and hard as he jumped in front of me at an intersection. The idiot tried to cross on my green and apparently did not see me. Idiot! A bus driver caught everything on the camera in his bus and I'm in the clear. We both walked away but the C3 needs a new coat of paint on the front fender. She is otherwise okay. Luckily I managed to slow down to about 10 km/h before the collision. I filed a police report the day of the accident and need to go make a statement at my insurance company tomorrow. Cheers !!

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      • No, not Montréal... Winnipeg. He was between 16 and 18 years of age and was crossing in a no-crossing zone... on a red light to boot.

      • Haha ok. We got a lot of those around here!

      • BTW, anyone know the color code for the red 2008 C3? I'm going to need to repaint my front fender.

      Turn your ignition on and off rapidly three times in less than a second or... — Yamaha C3

      Turn your ignition on and off rapidly, three times in less than a second, or disconnect your negative battery cable for 15 minutes. Then, start as usual.

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      • There's feedback, it's just that it takes awhile, and there's not a lot of it....There's only 49cc... The piston's the size of a silver dollar! lol!

      • The best way to know if you're making gains is to go climb that bad hill that always kicks your tail....Plenty of feedback there! lol!

      • I'm glad that's all it was Johnathan...The same light, on basically the same EFI, on my Zuma155, said a fuel valve on my throttlebody was bad...Thankfully, it'll be replaced under the extended warrenty.

      je vien d arrivé des ALPES je me suis fait 32O KM un week end sur les petites... — Yamaha V-Max

      je vien d'arrivé des ALPES je me suis fait 32O KM un week-end sur les petites routes de ALPES trops bon avec ma V-MAX puissante trés bien reglé , souple et trés belle avec ces 21 ans j'en suis amoureux

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      • merci de la sincairité

      • trés bien pour rouler un peut lourd mais on peut pas tout avoir

      Need some mechanical advice. Bike has never given me any trouble till today — Yamaha V-Star riders

      Need some mechanical advice. Bike has never given me any trouble till today. Started off, the headlight went out, no big deal, but wonder if its linked to the other problems. Turned off bike several times at different stops, but the last one, it was dead. Push started it, fired up fine, ride about 1 mile. Speedometer, and neutral light inop, bike ran like it had a fouled plug, then died. Is now dead to the world. Any suggestions before I go spend countless $$$ at the mechanic. I am headed to charge the battery, but would that cause the speedometer not to work? If the battery charges fine, could it be the rectifier? How do you check that? Any advice is appreciated.

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        I bought a vstar 950 in May Since then I bought a windshield saddlebags and... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        I bought a vstar 950 in May. Since then I bought a windshield, saddlebags, and backrest. Some people ask me why I didn't buy the Tourer. The windshield was too short. The backrest didn't feel or look right. The saddle bags looked like they didn't belong on the bike. Questions answered. I bought a Slipstreamer ss-30 windshield which I love on the bike. I bought a cobra sissybar/backrest which is awesome. I bought the Star accessories soft throwover bags which are sweet and look good on the bike. And I came in less on the price than buying the tourer version which I would have purchased and then been upset with the accessories and then paid to replace them anyway.

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          — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

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          • the guys and gals on this forum can answer all any and all your questions and solve all your problems or point you in the right direction---- hope this helps,

          • Hi guys it's a yzf 1000 ace rear end. 8mm off the swing arm pivot (4mm each side) and used the FJ bearing tube and spindle. Made a custom brace bar for the rear cal. and had 3.25mm milled off the sprocket carrier. You need to file away at the brace plates so the fat 3cv shock fits and make yer on dog bones.

            Remember the rear brake switch fouls the swing arm so get the file in there and lose 2mm.

            I used a front sprocket off a vfr 750 1987-88 model and machined 4mm off the spacer so I will bolt onto the output shaft but leave the 4mm spacer on the other side to give you the correct chain spacing.

            As for the front end it's getting the ace front all ya need to do is press out the centre tube and us you FJ one. Grind out the upper brace bar on the headstock so the the FJ ignition barrel doesn't foul as it will bolt onto the yzf top yoke.

            I've used a Remus 4 into 1 system off an XJR 1200 fits a treat wi a we mod to the footrest hanger.

            But I'm looking for a billet top yoke with risers to take a set of renthals. If anybody has one let me know.

          — Yamaha V-Max

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          • 1990 JANVIER avec pare carter

          • voilà la mienne je vien de voir la tienne

          • voilà

          Got some Yamaha OEM soft throwover saddle bags the kind they sell on the star... — Yamaha V-Star riders

          Got some Yamaha OEM soft throwover saddle bags (the kind they sell on the star website) that are for the 950. I have a cobra sissy bar so I went with the cobra saddle bag brackets. Don't have them yet and I can't seem to find a picture of the actual brackets. I can only find stock photos of which I'm pretty sure they aren't the actual brackets for the 950. I'm concerned about the shape/design of the brackets as the bags have support knobs that fit in the OEM bracket. I can probably drill holes and put them where I want to fit, but there is also the issue of the bag clips that clip onto the support rail. Anyone know if the cobra 950 brackets are the same shape as the OEM?

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            Today I drilled the two half inch holes in the air box according to Gabes... — Yamaha C3

            Today I drilled the two half inch holes in the air box according to Gabes advice. I waited to this last Mod for a week after I pulled the snorkle to see how she was running. I noticed after I pulled the snorkle she ran a lot less rich. but she still was running a bit rich. So after a week I drilled the wholes and rode. Now she is running like a champ. The plug is card board in color and she is definatly likeing it. hahaha

            Last thing to do before the body work is a Dr. Pulley Variator kit.

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            • Thanks brother. Got alot of help from Gabe too. He's is a true VOX sensei. alot of my own brains going crazy lolol

            • Salutes him either ....... LOL

            • Roger, keep track of what your mixture is doing.Your over rich condition is likely caused by one of the numerous sensors in your EFI system, not working properly,or a glitch in your ECU.It could possibly revert back to the factory settings, causing you to melt a piston! (Look at the chapter pertaining to the Fuel Injection in the Shop Manual....The troubleshooting process is lengthy!) If you have a local shop, trade school, etc that has an exhaust analyzer they'll let you use once a week, (Maybe in trade for some services your business' provide...) It would be an excellent way to keep track of it. Gabe

            Whatever the reason She s been authorizing Dealers to replace bad 07 fuel... — Yamaha C3

            Whatever the reason. She's been authorizing Dealers to replace bad '07 fuel pumps parts & labor. If you have pump troubles on any C3 scooter, or anything else your Dealer can't get right. Call this number 800 962 7926 Have your VIN # ready to give to the operator.

            •#2)We called Yamaha Custer Relations and were told there is NO HISTORY of fuel pump issues on the 2007 C3. Imagine that?

            We provided them the VIN# as you suggested. I don't understand why they would say there is no fuel pump issues when after Googling

            this issue on the internet it's plain to see there is some history on "no start" problems that point to the fuel pump.

            We were advised by Cust Relations to take our C3 to the local dealer and have them trouble shoot it.

            Thanks again for your suggestions and this really nice c3riders.com site.

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              Bruce Gabriel shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

              I just found this over in the Archives at www.c3riders.freeforums.org that some Old Guy posted.....!

              7-28-2010 Here's something I worked up to assist C3 Owners with fuel pump problems.... Gabe

              #1) If you have any problems with your C3's fuel pump. It doesn't matter if you're the 4th owner,it has 7,000 miles on it, and you found it on Craigslist. Or you bought it new. Call Yamaha at this 800 number. (800 962 7926) You won't find it in your Owner's Manual,It's for a Dealer to call them when they've got something they cannot handle.... (Like a crappy fuel pump!) I researched it last spring & It took most of a day to find it. The '07 pump has all sorts of issues: the engine will quit for no reason, and restart when and if it wants too. Refuse to start if left out in the sun (vapor lock) etc. Yamaha should've had a safety recall on the '07's fuel pump, but didn't. There's this nice lady on the switchboard from 0700 to 1100 hrs (California time) that must be a senior supervisor. Or,she's like my Mom was... When she gives you "The Look," you say,"Yes Ma'mm and do what she says!

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              • Yup - I can verify that this is all true. Yamaha will not challenge you about the fuel pump replacement. All I did was make the call to Yamaha and the subsequent repair was all handled through a local dealer which was, I may add, a different dealer from the one where I purchased my C3.

              Died at intersection Outside Temp was 87 Left it in shade door 10 minutes and... — Yamaha C3

              Died at intersection. Outside Temp was 87. Left it in shade door 10 minutes and started up. Scoot has 7500 miles original fuel pump. Second time this has happened. First time it happened it was sitting in sun at 90 degree temp. Moved it to shade and started an hour later. Ideas?

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              • Hey Jonathan,As sensitive as your ECU is to low battery voltage,(your scoot will refuse to fire!) your battery's most likely ok. They had to remove it to replace the pump, which means that the ECU reset itself, when the battery was reinstalled. Were it mine, I'd call the Dealer asap, and let them have it back untill they get it right! A busy Shop will only have time to ride a scooter around their parking lot. So, I always arrange to pick my scooter up early in the day,anytime I have anything major done to it. Then, I ride it 15 miles in one direction, seeing how it's working. (By this time the lubes are hot & have thinned out enough to leak if they're going to, & any problems related to expansion (Gaskets, hoses, loose hardware, etc.) have had time to occur. If there are no issues,I go on home.If there are, I've got ample time to return to the shop, & wait for them to deal with it. (Something I learned the hard way! lol!)

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              • The battery was bad before I took it in I can get it to start with the kick starter its got just enough juice to get the pump working.

              • My battery was so low, that my battery tender wouldn't even charge it overnight. So, next morning, I removed the ground cable, + reconnected the charger. It took 6 hours, but it charged it up. Haven't had any problems since.

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              needs advise on tune ups. Hitting 5 000 miles — Yamaha C3

              <---needs advise on tune ups. Hitting 5,000 miles

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              • The C3's sparkplug is in a rather hard to reach place. Harbor Freight sells a set of two extra long (10") needle nosed pliers for about ten bucks. One has the standard straight nose. However,about 2/3 of the way down the nose, the other one has a 60 degree bend. If you'll pull your front cover. (That oblong, flat black, job that's right behind your heels.You'll need a #30 Torx Security bit, to remove it.Although a pair of pliers will work.) Then, pull your sparkplug access cover. (On the lower right side of your floorboards.) The spark plug boot is then easily removed, by shining a light into the ECU area, behind the front cover, and using the slick pair of, "bentnosed pliers," to gently work it loose. A 12"- 3/8" drive extension that has a "Wobble" designed into the business end, gives added room to remove, and reinstall the plug. The best way to put the sparkplug wire back onto the plug, is to reach up under the front of the engine with your left hand, and guide the sparkplug wire boot-end over the end of the plug while holding it with the pliers.Then, tighten it, with a 12" long 1" tip, straight screwdriver. Ease the tip down into the boot until you feel the top of the clamp, contact the spark plug, and wiggle the screwdriver while gently hitting the end of the handle until it tightens on the top of the plug.I've heard stories of Owners tearing the end of the plugwire off, trying to remove it from the plug. Even breaking the end off of the plug! This will make this job much easier. Gabe

              • I've been using the regular plug that Yamaha reccomends for my scooter, checking the gap and condition of the electrode, every 2,000 miles, + replacing the plug every 4,000 miles,(Per the XF50 Service Manual.) and have had no problems. I've never been too inpressed with "SuperDuper!" And, this includes costly Iridiun plugs.

              • I'm still using the coolant that came in my scoot from the factory.(It's still clean and green.)The next time I have my Dealer check valve clearance,($60 very well spent!!) I'm going to have him change it.

              Has anyone tried putting bar end mirrors on their bike. And how did it look — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

              Has anyone tried putting bar end mirrors on their bike? And how did it look?

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              • I kinda tried to put them on, they dont seem like they are going to work.... I'm working with the people I bought them from to see if a refund is possible

              • Hey chaps , I bought some mirrors from ....... http://www.buynowroaringtoyz.com/Billet_Convex_Uni versal_Mirrors_Black_Anodized_p/rtu100jb.htm

                I havnt put them on yet but they look sick !

              • I was thinking about getting those a few months ago Zac, once you get them mounted let me know how your visability is.

              06 kawi mirrors easy fit no drills needed good view too — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

              06 kawi mirrors easy fit no drills needed good view too!

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              Some old stuff — Yamaha V-Max

              Some old stuff.

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              • Is that a beer bottle left of the radiator? Lol!

              • Lucky Stripe Dave! :)

              • Total iorden V-MAX

              does anyone have a video on removing the wheels I am feeling like I shouldn t... — Yamaha C3

              does anyone have a video on removing the wheels? I am feeling like I shouldn't do it myself because I might screw something up.

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              • I watched a tire man loose his eyebrows, and most of a bushy mustache, when he did that to a tire he'd just patched, on my trailer one night, at a truck stop!

              • i saw that dude do it on Ice truckers wthahell!

              • A friend has this as his FB Signature, " For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction....And, sometimes, a scar!" lol!

              Been thinking I met a scooter head that has a project 250 that wants to trade... — Yamaha C3

              Been thinking....I met a scooter head that has a project 250 that wants to trade me for my 50cc engine. Then I would have a 250cc under my ars. The whole scooter would be mine. So the wiring harness is there to be removed and married to the or replace the harness on the c3. I could do alot to a 250 cc. A big plus is that the has 1200 miles on it. Mine has as of today 10,000 miles and running like a champ. I would get the Fattie tire look right out of the gate. Power!!! Not to mention how cool it would look. Fast as sht too. Big engine little body big pay off. What to do What to do...

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              • LOL! I quit watching the TV ten years ago this nov....(I spent 6 wks in the VA Hospital getting an infected foot fixed.) I was there just after 911 occured,and the, "Drive By's," were at full whine! I got so Irate I was about to throw a TV out of a 3rd story window! Haven't watched one, save for Nascar & College Football since. My Lady is finding these old Twilight Zone shows on her satellite, and it's really tempting me! lol!

              • I havent watched TV in two years now. I dotn really miss it. hahaha

              • When I have to go to the VA Hospital for a checkup, and they have CNN blaring on the TV in the waiting room. I stand up, and ask if anyone minds if I turn it off! Nobody has yet!

              Charlie I want to thank everyone who came to the VMOA Rally this weekend — Yamaha V-Max

              Charlie & I want to thank everyone who came to the VMOA Rally this weekend. We had another wonderful event and the weather was great too. All that rain they were calling for never happened until after midnight Saturday night! We had a great turn out with 25 bikes for the main ride on Saturday and 24 of them were VMAXes! We had 12 Gen I's and 12 Gen II's! It was so nice seeing everybody! We have so much fun when we get together with our fellow VMaxers! It's always a little sad for us though when the August event rolls around because we know we will not see many of you again until next year because of the darn winter months we have here in the Great Lakes Region. If any of you are in our neck of the woods and would like to hook up please don't hesitate to get in touch. Even it's winter time and we can't ride! Hope all of you had a good time and got home safe. Until next time, take care!

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                hey guys i put a big gun evo on my warrior and it sounds awsome i had been... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                hey guys i put a big gun evo on my warrior and it sounds awsome. i had been running the stock pipe with no baffles. when i put my big gun on i had only rode around my yard. when i went on my first ride the rear mount weld broke. i hadnt rode very much, hit a few jumps and raced a CRAZY fast banshee lol, we were coming down the dirt rode when i punched it to race the banshee and myy exhauste fell off. then my step dads buddie lives by were we were ridin so he welded it up and later we were riden and it happend agin so i rode with my exhauste held on by a string. what could cause it?

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                • not sure how i would mount it rong lol thanks man

                • Make sure headpipes not bent or out of shape other then that id haveto look at it

                • not sure how you would either lol but if it is in good shape and mounted right it shouldn't just break and fall off lol

                Has anyone else had issues with the engine hesitating while driving on the... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                Has anyone else had issues with the engine hesitating while driving on the highway. It's not gas issues or filters, bike is stock so no pc5 or anything like that.

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                • turns out the shell station added water in the gas to make it last until the next shipment came in, needless to say i will never buy gas from shell again. i had to pull the fuel filter, pump, flush the tank and get all the gel out of it and replace half the fuel lines. the injectors i got lucky on. i asked around with some of the other riders and found a few others that had issues that week with their bikes doing the same thing. from now on im a fina or chevron only guy, screw shell.

                • Dunno about you guys in the states but shell in Australia is crap. The optimax high octane fuel is just shit. It leaves a sludgey goo in the bottom of your tank. Had my car fuck up and that was the cause. It was all from one place that wasnt dodgey and adding stuff it was just the fuel

                • It is possible that you have a faulty TPS switch. You might be able to have a dealership pull the codes to see what it is doing.

                Do aftermarket variators come with roller weights — Yamaha C3

                Do aftermarket variators come with roller weights?

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                • Did you get the one one eBay? Comes with 4.0 & 4.5 rollers. If so . Use the 4.0 's better response time. But you might want to get a set of 15x12 Dr. Pulley Sliders 3.5 Worth the investment. Get rid of the washer if you haven't already. Stoked for you bro. Mine is on the way.

                • Not bought, but researching and saving.

                • My Dr.Pulley didn't....There are some out there that do.Be sure and find out B-4 you lay down your hard earned bread!

                YJB 2011 Lake Texoma group photo — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                YJB 2011 Lake Texoma group photo

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                • It's good to see another Buckeye!

                • That's my wife in the red!!!

                • Cool pic! This is one of the first ones that I'm actually in scale with the rest of the group. Hard to tell but I was actually about 30' back behind the group.

                Hey Brother Roger The holes I and others have drilled are on the Dirty side of... — Yamaha C3

                Hey Brother Roger! The holes I and others have drilled, are on the "Dirty" side of the airfilter. So, adding those plugs with little filters to the holes you drill for additional airflow, shouldn't do much except look really neat! If you're running an aftermarket exhaust, I'd begin with simply removing the noise restricting plate from the back of the airfilter, then do a plug chop. Then, pull the snorklehead air intake tube(In the airbox cover) and check your plug again. If you've already accomplished this.... Start with one 1/2" dia hole (And, put one of your neat plugs in it!) and check your plug again. It's best to take your scoot out and run it hard for a mile or so, then look at your plug...It's a hassle, but the only way to know for sure, unless you can access an exhaust analyzer....Don't forget to reset your ECU by turning your switch off & on rapidly, 3 times in a second or less, each time you add a bit of airflow. Gabe

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                • She is really runnig rich right now. I am getting exaust residue on me back panel

                • Just follow the above directions step by step, pull the airfilter plate, reset ECU, do a plug chop...Pull the snorkle tube, reset the ECU, pull plug chop...You might check and see if your airfilter's full of crud, it's amazing what I've found in mine! (Incidently, you can pull the snorkleheaded tube, w/o removing the sidecover, by laying on the ground beneath your scoot and reaching up into your airbox cover's air inlet and pulling it loose...It takes some pulling, but it's doable!)

                • Sweet going to do that tomorrow. I have done everything else except for removeing the snorkal.

                I have a question After doing all of the MODS to my C3 I decided to pull the... — Yamaha C3

                I have a question. After doing all of the MODS to my C3. I decided to pull the spark plug to see how she is running. The spark plug show she is running a bit rich. I am wondering about drilling a one inch whole in the air box and adding one of these to get a little more air to the engine. What do you guys think?

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                • Go ahead and cut holes and experiment...This way, you'll know for sure! :) You can always patch the holes if you're starting to run lean by putting a square of Gorilla Tabe on each side of the hole. Don't use Duct Tape, it deteriorates, Gorilla Tape stays where you put it and doesn't change over time.

                • i have pvc glu. ll try this next days

                • -1s on 0-32mph , 2mph + for top speed. but unfortunaly instead of maaany settings on the CDI box, 32-42 slowly than with the stock sorkel for my 66,3ccMalossiKit. i put the stock snorkel back but in a different position : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4931239003 374&set=a.4922237258336.1073741826.1370480903&type =3&theater . and i can say that it is richer in air by now, because i had to increase mids and higs settings.. with stock exhaust of course.

                I m planning a V Max Meet Greet in Calgary for Aug 27th The meeting place has... — Yamaha V-Max

                I'm planning a V-Max Meet & Greet in Calgary for Aug. 27th The meeting place has not been picked yet. I'll promote it to as may people and shops as i can. I'll send messages to everyone on kijiji that is selling their Max in Alberta and surrounding areas and ask them to truck, trailer or ride their Max to the Meet & Greet. I'm hoping to have the largest gathering of V-Maxes that Western Canada has ever seen. I have been given swag from some Yamaha dealers to give away. I'll also have some copies of our VMOA magazine, 'Vboost' for those who are interested in joining the VMOA. If you have any questions or suggestions for this event, please let me know. This is the same event that i ceated with my Ro Max profile. Stay Safe

                Keith #4817

                Western Canada/Alaska Regional Director

                Facebook: V-Max Canada

                Facebook: V-Max Parts

                Username: Ro Max

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                • I am there for sure. I will even clean the bike.

                Visually Loud — Yamaha C3

                Visually Loud.

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                • That doesn't need removed for sides to go. If you need it off, you could make the tool. Drill a hole in an allen wrench.

                • I just used a vice grip and twisted it off, then replace it with a standard bolt.

                • ^Brilliant!

                Yesterday Charlie and I did our Friday night dinner ride for the VMOA rally... — Yamaha V-Max

                Yesterday Charlie and I did our Friday night dinner ride for the VMOA rally coming up next weekend. Also did first half of the main ride to make sure we remembered all the turns. (one of us just can't get the one turn down pat yet! LOL - having too much fun 'strecthing' the bike out and zoooom! missed the turn - again!) Also ate at Saturday nights dinner destination - Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor - YUM! Charlie and I are very happy with the route this year! I think everyone will be very happy with the ride and the restaurant choices. Can't wait to see everyone and have yet another fun filled weekend with our fellow VMAXERS!!

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                • au 21 ièmes siècle la vitesse est depassé , maintenant c'est l'axelleration

                Rob V-Max shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Max. — Yamaha V-Max

                Yamaha dealers and service centers across the nation and overseas have been alerted of a hacked ECU being sold on the internet by a private party. The installation of this hacked ECU will VOID your factory warranty!

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                • @ Randi - no problem.

                  After the way John bashed Sean Morley, who is one of, if not, the best Vmax vender we have, I wouldn't piss on John if he AND his bike were on fire

                • Take Note Venders!!! Don't mess with Max people, instant karma is alive and well here...

                • Thank's I will get into it.

                All together again — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                All together again!

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                • What Ampeg head is that? And are both cabs 115s?

                  I'd love to hear that rig man! Your attitude is beautiful! Love the blue ATT 1s!

                • Hey Adam, both cabs are 410's coupled with the Hartke lh1000 and an Ampeg SVT 3pro. If you are in Edinburgh at any point com visit. You are most welcome to try it all out.

                • Ah of course they are 410s! The Photo was sqaushed on my laptop screen!

                  Why thank you greatly! If i'm in your neck of the woods i'll hit you up :) Like wise if you're in Aberdeen feel free to hit me up to tinker my Attitude LTD II or my Laney Nexus set up!

                  Must sound monster! I'm thinking about getting a Hartke LH500, it's a toss up between the Hartke LH, a Hartke HA5500, An Ashdown ABM500, The Orange Terror Bass or the TC Electronic BH 500.

                  (So the delicate £500 ish 500W area!) Unfortunately no one near me owns any of those minus a Hartke HA but thats only one of them! GAS is a terrible thing!

                how many miles did you go before you had to replace tires — Yamaha C3

                how many miles did you go before you had to replace tires?

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                • Over inflating worked for speed increases for me, but I'm only a a buck fourty tops.

                • Man, I've often wanted to be that small, when I was working on aircraft, and had to get up behind an instrument panel!

                • If I didn't pull some seats, there was a danger of getting stuck!

                anyone with an 08 have any luck getting your fuel pump replaced just called... — Yamaha C3

                anyone with an 08 have any luck getting your fuel pump replaced? just called the 800 number with no luck they just told me to take it to the dealer.

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                • WHAT were your symptoms b4 having to replace fuel pump??

                • Hard starting when hot, your scooter may quit at a stop sign, and may or may not restart....It may quit, going down the road, and may or may not restart! Some have reported having to wait 15-20 min for it to cool off B-4 it fires back up...if it starts at all!

                  2 seconds ago · Like

                • I have heard of an owner that was having hard starting problems, spraying a bit of Berryman's B-12 into that little rubber tube, at the R/H lower side of the airbox, and having his scoot fire right up! lol!

                David Bex shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders


                The Anti tampering Regulation: Specifically Article 18 which wants to stop all modifications to complete power train, from airbox to controlling the rear tyre profile.

                ◦◦OBD. On Board Diagnostics so that easy roadside checks can be made of our emissions and so that constant readouts of engine performance can be obtained. Expensive, complicated and with the threat, rather like a tacho, of identifying past riding style...

                AND THERE IS MORE

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