— Yamaha V-Max

  • 1st time I have ever seen a white VFR1200...(right behind your MAX...A GREAT new V-4 bike...!!!)

Photos from Steve Davis's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

My Three Girls. <3 <3 <3

The smaller white one, a 2007 Suzuki S~50 {805cc} belongs to my Daughter.

Although, I was the fortunate one who got to make all of the payments, Pay

the insurance, registration, and all maintenance costs, Yup, it's hers! <3

The center Black one has ghost flames so subtle that if you're not right on top

of it, You'll never know. She's a 2007, 1100 Classic. Ultimately, The ride of my life.

I'll never part with her. In fact, when my days are done, my Daughter has already stipulated that she has first dibs on her. I presently sleep with one eye opened.

The larger, pearl white is a 2008, 1700 Road Star. I bought this one, used from a friend with only 450 miles on her. I won't state how much I paid for her. I'll just put it this way... The Sherriff is looking for me.


Photos from Jovs Reyes's post — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot


  • hindi boss... parang stock lang sya kung ekickstart mo. but kailangan mo parin magpalit ng modified bendix o starter clutch nyan. kasi sisirain yung stock bendix mo sa kaka E-start.

  • ah bute naman.honga sir may nag offer sa akin 1800 swap ko daw yung stock sa modified na vendix

  • check mo muna boss kung ok ba yung pagkamodify nya... so far yung kay jdc ok yung modified bendix nya 2.8k hindi na kailangan ng stock bendix mo

Ok here is my problem I have put Vance and Hines Short Shots on to my V star... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Ok here is my problem. I have put Vance and Hines Short Shots on to my V star 650. Still running standard air intake. Bike is running Lean, As they are set up that way. What I want to do is find the air / fuel mixture screws on my carbys. I know they are on the top and I also know that I will have to remove the little grommets to get to the screws. I am yet to remove the tank for a look. Problem is before I do this are the screws marked and will I be able to find them easily or am I to guess where they are. A pic would be great. I have a manual but of course they failed to mention them anywhere in the book.

Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

  • All sorted.. Found them. Mine had hand screwable screws in them... easy fix

  • All aussie ones have white nylon nobs on them.

  • Yep Realised that.. lol

  • Those screws are only for the idle mixture. You may need to rejet your carb to richen your mixture while you are riding.

Anyone know a good set up to race enduro cross thinking of racing next year got... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Anyone know a good set up to race enduro cross thinking of racing next year got a 94 warrior pretty much stock k&n airfilter outerwear grayden pro series nerf bars and mbrp exhaust just would like the help so I know what I should buy

  • Lol

  • when doing motor mods try to keep it stock don't go over kill more reliable the better suspension ,tires and gearing it is ur best bet iv got the big bore kit and building mine to run flat track with the 10 mill crank and using a 85 mill piston instead of the 87 from the kit

  • I am doing a couple flat track races most likely at paradise speedway and in quebec but doing mostly enduro (fmsq) is the series

Did Fender make a mistake in not producing a Billy Sheehan signature series... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Did Fender make a mistake in not producing a Billy Sheehan signature series bass? These are Japanese only thin line Precisions. Note that one has a mudbucker at the neck.

Fender Japan also did a p bass with a humbucker as has been mentioned before. Perhaps Fender didn't want to produce a bass that had a non-Fender design pickup?

They could of used the humbucker of the later tele bass?

  • That top thinline with the mudbucker and jazz pup, there's one for sale in Wetherby.

  • Karl Altdorfer not that I'm really in the market, but I need to know how much is it? I'm in the states anyway, but I'm curious.

  • Sorry for delay, gigging last night. In my humble opinion they are asking about £200 too much for this. May be why they have had it in for a while. http://www.preloved.co.uk/adve rts/show/108630207/fender-holl ow-p-bass-cij-tele-jazz-f-hole .html

Alright I have a 1980 IT250G AND a 1980 IT425G The 250 runs like a bat out of... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

Alright! I have a 1980 IT250G AND a 1980 IT425G. The 250 runs like a bat out of xxxx and the 425 needs new seals, this winter?

Not everything done on the 250, but, that dude is one fast mudda!

Pulls the front end up, easily, in 5th gear.

  • I have a 490 that won't start am in in need of. Mechanic in the DC area

  • check stator condition and cdi. My IT400 wouldnt start, found it had a DT175 CDI unit and 1 of the coils was broken in the stator,

  • I am getting a spark just not wanting to know

  • Change your crankshaft seals!! I could not get mine to start, and presto! It started in 5 kicks, once I changed the seals!!

Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

PLEASE: PAKIBASA/MAGBASA PO NG MABUTI para sa mabilis at maayos na Transaction.


Nasa Album Picture na din po yung mga description ng item.

Price start at 1,500.00 php

Location: San Mateo Rizal, No Shop. Online reseller only.

Order Basis. Meet-ups and Parcel.

Sched of Meet-ups. Saturday, Sunday and Holiday

Sched for Parcel. Monday to Friday

PM or text me for fast transaction: 0998-2850010 (smart) / 0942-4537146 (sun)

Visit and Like my FB page >>> https://www.facebook.com/media /set/?set=a.143426072525430.10 73741833.141563169378387&type= 3



Photos from Ruel Barrientos's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Makikiraan mga kasama!

Tailored tactical and technical pants, made to order, specific to your size, made of cotton twill and combination of ripstop polyester materials, with 13 pockets, lightweight, good for outdoor and urban use like hiking, hunting, motorcycling, and all utility activities, with 2- inch belt loop to occupy wide belt, 8x9- inch slide cargo box pockets for larger capacity, 13 pockets for multi- use in outdoor sport, stain resistant, adjustable waist till 2 inches if you gain weight, reinforced knee and butt, plus bottom hem with adjustable belt for your tucked in boots,54 bar tacks for tough stitching, a fusion of tactical pants and technical pants, the new evolution of fashion, developed by J.Cal, dedicated for serving people who share same passion in life of developing products that are tough and affordable.

1550php , free shipping within the Philippines

CONTACT NO. 4258729 / 09163366007


    https://www.facebook.com/group s/Tactech/

    1550php , free shipping within the Philippines

    CONTACT NO. 4258729 / 09163366007

— YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

  • Basic string used from the recording of just take my heart ? Billy talked about it in an old mr big video. Over to Billy Sheehan for the answer ps billy when you going to get yer arse over to Scotland ?

  • Don't think he's been here since September 2011. (Only remember as I bunked school to go to the Mr. Big gig for my 16th Birthday!)

    It is indeed the same TRB used for Just take my heart ;)

  • As in of the Eternal descent recording?

    Not that I know of, not of Billy anyway! I've tried asked Llexi, but he's a bit busy at the mo!

BIGYANG PANSIN — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


Sa lahat ng kasapi at nagnanais sumapi sa Etivac (mga mananakay gamit ang maninipat na motor - sniper MX)

ANONG MERON: gabi ng pag-tambay

KAILAN: mamaya, ganap na ika-walo ng gabi pataas

SAAN: gaya pa rin ng dati, Petron, panulukang Daang Hari at Daang Reyna

Mga tatalakayin sa pagpupulong: 1)mga nakahanay na sakay; 2)pagbawi sa pwesto natin sa PGS; 3)pagdiriwang ng kaarawan ni RD Alan Dayonan.... bukas pa sa mga panukala kung may gusto pang pag-usapan!

tulong po sa pagpapakalat ng abiso sa mga kasapi at mga nais sumapi...paki-pasa!


My bad max 86. Same age as me. childhood Dream came true this summer — Yamaha V-Max

My bad-max 86! Same age as me :) childhood Dream came true this summer!

  • the pipes look like they are loud! :)

  • They are, but not extreme. Four pipes that really brings out the best sound of the v4 ;)

  • If you want both better sound, & more HP, out of those Cobra pipes, drill 8 holes in the back of each baffle, starting at 1/4", then increase the hole size in 1/16" increments, till you lose that 'burbling' sound...Hope this tip helps!

Well they totaled my bike today made me sick as I really loved that motorcycle — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Well they totaled my bike today, made me sick as I really loved that motorcycle. Wasn't any sense in buying it back as the frame was bent.

I'm posted some pictures in my folder if anyone wants to go look at the damage to the bike and my body for riding the 1st time ever without my gear. Stupid, stupid. stupid!!!

  • You also have to figure in lost wages because of injuries

    I was lucky and had coworkers donate about 8 weeks vacation or sick days to me

  • Hope you're healing well Kathy

  • Cory T. Smith thanks I'm healing slowly

    I'm probably going to have surgery on my right shoulder next month. Still in quite a bit of pain bug I'm able to walk and was cleared of my bleed on brain last week by neurosurgeon I'm just thankful to be alive

New paint. Ok — Yamaha V-Max

New paint! Ok?

  • Okay!

  • paint's beautiful! but maybe better without the tank pad :)

  • well,its a little to lait now :P out of paint and will never be as lucky as I were this time :P got an extra set of ''covers'' for the max, and was tinking about chrome.. hmmm .. :)

Question for Anders and everyone else Is the Billy Sheehan Attitude just a... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Question for Anders and everyone else. Is the Billy Sheehan "Attitude" just a make of bass or a frame of mind?

The reason I ask is that as much as I love the sound and look of the Attitude bass I don't think I can ever afford one. I do have a BB714BS and I have modified a RBX200 to be more "Billy" like :-)

My next project is a 51 precision style bass with a Model One and original style, in appearance, pickup.

Billy's mental "Attitude" has inspired me to do this. His approach to playing, sound, and personal bass modifications are the main things I've got from him.

I love all the basses on show in here, not just the "Attitudes" :-)

Is it okay to show my Billy-esque basses here?

  • I would like to think so! Lets see the bass!

  • No attitude egos here!

  • I would say both! The bass has an attitude of its own as does the player. It a cool thing to own such a unique instrument and be part of this collaborative attitude! :)

  • Let's see 'em!! :)

  • Mark Francis Tully This group is about the Yamaha Attitude ltd and the sounds it makes. It seems too narrow a tonic for some, but feel free to post about other types of basses in other groups, NOT HERE! The attitude is not for everybody, but billys ideas for the bass and the sound isn't for everybody either.

    I made this group because Billys concept for the Wife, BB and Attitude represents the noise/sound/aummmm in my head and I wanted to create a forum for the ones of us who wants more dirt and attitude in our basstone than in a Jazz, precision or active basguitar can produce.

Quick question what s parts procedures are included in the 30. 000km service — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Quick question, what's parts & procedures are included in the 30.000km service?

  • Hi Christian, it is a quick question but a lengthy answer. I will list the jobs as it says in the owners manual. 1.Check fuel and vacuum hoses for cracks or damage (replace) 2.Check condition of fuel filter. 3.Check condition of spark plug,clean and regap. 4.Check valve clearance and adjust. 5.Clean or replace air filter. 6.Check/adjust clutch. 7.Check operation/leaks/level of brake fluid front and back. 8.Check brake hoses for damage or cracks (replace) 9.Check wheels for runout and damage. 10.Check tyres for depth or damage (replace) 11.Check wheel bearings for looseness or damage (replace) 12.Check swingarm for operation and excessive play. 13.Check steering bearings for play ans roughness. 14.Check all bolts and fasteners for tightness. 15.Check sidestand operation and lubricate. 16.Check sidestand switch. 17.Check front fork operation and leakage. 18.Check rear shock absorber operation and leakage. 19.Check rear suspension relay arm and pivoting points. 20.Check starter choke operation. 21.Adjust idling speed and synchronisation. 22.Change engine oil. 23.Check final drive oil level and leakage. 24.Lubricate all moving parts and cables. 25.Check air induction system valves for damage (replace all) 26.Check all lights,signals and switches. 27.Adjust headlight beam. I hope this helps.

  • Don't forget to lube the chain and top up the radiator!

  • Much appreciated! Thanks (y)

Rearmz Ehramis shared a link to the group: Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic. — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Raider150, Sniper, Mio Accesories and Parts FOR SALE

RFS: Some items pabenta, some items bawas gamit

RacingBoy Chain Tensioner: P950 Only! FIX PRICE!!! - for Raider150 but i tried it to my Sniper, swak!

Yamaha Sniper Stock Block /w Piston: P1,850 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

Yamaha Sniper Grab / Handle Bar: P650 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

Mio Givi Box /w Bracket: P1,650 Only! Fix PRICE!!!

TMX Kasaki Clutch Cable (Sealed): P100 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

Yamaha Mio, Sniper, etc. Stock Side Mirror: P400 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

RacingBoy Bar End (1 pc only): P130 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

Devil's Tail / Dragon Tail (2 weeks used): P1,000 Only! FIX PRICE!!! (Universal)

Raider 150 RacingBoy Posas: P950 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

BRT dualBand racing CDI: P3,650 Only! Newly bought last 7-27-13 Only! still have the receipt! will give with switches and wires -rfs? Sniper na ko. FIX PRICE!!! FIX PRICE!!! (FOR R150)

-bought it for my newbreed, but sold na nb, so sell ko nalang. ty


Plaridel Bulacan PICK-UP Only!

Shipping: Add for the ship fee, LBC courier


Guys ingat po tayo ngayon kasi malapit na ang bonus or kung ano pa man — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Guys ingat po tayo ngayon kasi malapit na ang bonus or kung ano pa man. Ingatan din po natin ang mga mc natin wag lang po tayo basta magtiwala sa susian ng motor natin dahil kaya po itong susian ng mga eksperto sa pagnanakaw wag po natin ipark sa mga alanganing lugar lalo na sa mejo madilim at walang ganong tao.lagyan ng lock ang disc or kadena po ang mc natin para mahirapan ang my balak kumuha wag po tyo aasa sa mga magbabantay minsan kasi nkakalimutan din nila n my bnabantayan sila. Advice lang po mga paps kasi nawalan na din ako dati.. mahirap at masakit mawalan ng motor..


Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Traditional Bemsee End of Season Fancy Dress Cycle race

(for the Bemsee Benevolent and Marshals fund)

Ok folks its that end of season fun time where we run the end of season fancy dress cycle race on Saturday evening. For those of you who have done it before over the previous season finales you will know that chaos reigns, fun is had by all and its all to say thanks to those orange angels that have picked you and your bike up, as well as the Benfund to help our fallen colleagues get back on their feet again.

So get your fancy dress ready, your laughing muscles warmed up and start to prepare those magnificent cylce machines (Yes the more bizarre the better!)

Provisional details:

Time: 6.30 (Usually 30 mins after racing)

Where: Start/Finish Line Brands Hatch

When: 5th October

Cost:£5 per person (or greater if you wish to donate more)

Registration & Payment to Tina on the Herbalife stand outside paddock office

Requirements: 3 riders per team. 1 push bike (Preferably dressed up to!)

EVERYONE WELCOME from racers, mechanics, marshals, officials, Techs, children, mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, granddads and anyone in the family of Bemsee!

Get planning and see you there. A taster from last year...... (Make sure you are a member of the Bemsee Club Riders Group to see the album)

https://www.facebook.com/media /set/?set=oa.388905787844941&t ype=1


Want a good looking fog light that looks like it belongs on your bike I can... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Want a good looking fog light that looks like it belongs on your bike? I can show you how to do this correctly for about $30 or less. Pardon the condition of my bike in this photo, I took it last winter when I stripped it down to clean it and do maintenance. I work swing shift and have to drive home at 11pm through country roads and this light finds all those beady eyed little racoons waiting jump out and commit suicide. All the parts are bought locally and the light is from Harbor Freight (not a fan but I can't complain about this)


che cambiarian su vrr por un kmx 200 — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

che cambiarian su vrr por un kmx 200?

  • yo no lo cambiaria, son 2 cosas muy distintas, pero el vr tiene muy buen andar y reaccion, y dentro d todo se consiguen repuestos.. de la otra lo veo mas dificil!

  • si el vrr es re viajero, preguntaba del dt, al vrr lo tenia cn la relacion del rgv 150 es la mejor!

  • a y yo pinche una vez a la hora la mparche de toque despues jamas m a dejado tirado! lo usaba a la madrugada me iva desde san vi a temperley al viejo correop venia re scabio me iva a los shopin a la plata, a tdos lados y vivia arriba de el, cn la tapa trabajada y escape a medida tmbn, a una vez si me dejo en longcham el monoshok ajkjajaaj

Achilleas Peleus updated the description of the group Enduro Yamaha IT Series. — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

Yamaha IT enduro dirtbike owners site! If you own an IT enduro dirtbike, you'll love this site of the forgotten enduro dirtbikes Yamaha made. People are restoring these bikes to ride once again.

  • Make sure you turn off your notifications !

  • eh? why?

  • Incase you don't like extra e-mail thats all ...

  • ok thanks..ill look into it.. but any info on ITs is welcome!

  • Anyone in Virginia

Lucas Luna shared a link to the group: Yamaha VR-R 150 2T. — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

  • No entendi

  • mercadolibre.VRR.ar

  • sI, ENTENDI ESO.. Pero no entendi "lamadre del borrego" jaja eso me confunciò

  • jajaja mi idioma medio paisano heredado jaja. La traduccion seria aca estan los repuestos.

My XS in an Italian jail Think they gonne they gonne analise him Don t tuch... — Yamaha XS650

My XS in an Italian jail. Think they gonne they gonne "analise" him. Don't tuch the "exhausts" !!!!!

  • Hi Michael, thanks for the comments ,-) I have to take a close up photo. The tuning forks are stickers. I boucht them on ebay.uk. Normaly they are with Yamaha letters under it but i sepperate the letters. i shall see that i find the e bay link

  • Thanks, Dirk. Yeah I like the gold and black.

  • Yamaha TZ on ebay for the tuning fork stickers

holamuchachos les queria preguntar si alguno sabe que velocidad tiene un dt 200 — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

holamuchachos les queria preguntar si alguno sabe que velocidad tiene un dt 200 .. cual es su consumo y si es de tenr problemas de valvulas.. en lo que es el servo y si es indispensable que siempre tenga la bateria en buen estado y cargando bienpara su funcionamiento optimo??.. muchas gracias! saludos!!

  • no creo. si tiras todos los cambios a fondos. la valvula esta demas.. pero si vas en 3ra tranqui y se la pones toda. ahi te vas a dar cuenta q no esta la valvula cerrada jajaja

  • claro alo que voy.. es que si el sistema funciona bien.. la asceleracion va a ser mucho mejor que sin la valvula o abierta.. osea que va a tener mas reaccion.. por quela valvula va aestar cerrada y se abre cuanod le motor lo presice y diparamejor que salir achanchada hasta que agrarre ahi perdes tiempo ;)

  • yo por lo menos tirando a fondo con el cr con valvula o sin valvula mete el mismo tiempo

Hey guys this is a feeler post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Hey guys, this is a feeler post..

Due to some unforeseen events I may have to sell my FJ project. 3 bikes, 1 complete parts bike, that amazingly fired up. Then my original FJ and the project bike. Project bike has 2nd gear issue repaired with new parts. I will go into more detail for anyone interested but I'm selling them together. I am not interested in parting them out. If need be I will put them in storage. Basically it's almost 3 of everything. Bikes are located on Vancouver Island B.C, Canada. I may be a few provinces over... Thanks.

  • I'm up in Courtenay with an '87, bro in law and his gf have '84's. We've got a couple of friends interested in joining our riding fold. We've also got an awesome bike mechanic in the area that might be interested, she owns and loves FJ's. In fact her business card has an FJ on it! Where on the Island are you and what years are your FJ's?

Hey Gang I own a 2001 V Star 1100 and have loved it years ago I had a... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Hey Gang: I own a 2001 V Star 1100 and have loved it. # years ago I had a serious scare ( not on the bike) but I had to quit riding for 3 years. I have gotten the O.K. to ride again and I am getting the beast out of mothballs. I have cleaned the Carb and have it back on.

But here comes the question, I cannot get my bike to shift into first or neutral. Has anyone dealt with this before and what would I look for? I am fairly good around cars and bikes and pulled the clutch and clutch plates already. I resoaked them and put everything back in o.k. Any suggestions? Oh I forgot to mention I can get it into 2nd 3rd and 4th. I just ncannot get it back into neutral or 1st.

  • I will try it. I have the battery on a charger to make sure.

  • ok... i'm headed out of the house for a while... check back in a little later....

  • O.K. I the battery again and it is good. I took my battery box and hooked negative to bike and tried the positive to the starter and no go. There was a spark but no movement from the starter. I am hoping it is not the starter. I tried tapping on it with a dead blow hammer to see if anything was jammed up. I did not hear anything move or release. I have never messed with the starter but I am guessing by some of the other posts that people have had issues with there starters.

Cut down the rear guard somewhat them fitted some sensible sized indicators... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Cut down the rear guard somewhat, them fitted some sensible sized indicators rather than the two oars fitted before ;)

  • plate on

  • I did the same thing to mine...I went for the RPM LED rear Light with built in turn signals. Looks way cleaner and cooler. I even went as far as cutting off those ugly hooks for bungie cords on the tail section.

  • Special Tipp. I forgot to day. My 3cv stands on the wheels of the FZ1000. Its drive very easier...faster... :-D

Photos from Keith Brown's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

It's a sad day for me fellow VStar friends. I am having to sale my motorcycle due to needing the money for my son's college tuition. I need your opinion if you don't care. I have a 2003 VStar Classic 1100. It has almost 26,000 miles on it. It has hard krome slip on pipes. It has a K&N air filter. It has been rejeted for the pipes and air filter. It has synthetic oil in it. I need your opinion on what to ask for it. Here is pictures of it and what comes with it. Thanks for advice you can give. If there is anyone in the Asheville NC area that is interested in it let me know. Thanks again.


Yamaha TZR250 2ma for sale This bike is was completely NEW for start of season... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Yamaha TZR250 2ma for sale This bike is was completely NEW for start of season, new wheel bearings, brakes stripped cleaned and new seals, new front & rear suspension NEW HS Racing engine all new fluids throughout. Fully Lightened, Full specs below this is very well setup and fast bike.

Current championship winning Bike and lap record holder

This a very competitive bike and one of the best bikes on the Grid also no doubt the lightest bike on the grid, covered in lightweight alloy nuts and bolts, kick start blanked off, all unnecessary lugs and mounts cut off etc etc

Full HS racing tuned engine, Engine running HS racing specification o ring heads,1.5 oversize barrels, engine was completely NEW at start of the season with all new seals,bearings,new crank (race silver plated big ends) etc etc nothing scrimped on, top end rebuilds throughout the season and well looked after bike.

Full Maxton GP20 cartridge kit front forks adjustable for separate rebound and compression damping these alone cost £900 these were new at start of season please click on below link for full details and specification of forks http://www.maxtonsuspension.co .uk/files/gp20.htm

-Hagon Rear shock adjustable for preload and damping adjustment also new at start of season

-Wide lightweight Yamaha rear wheel (not heavy brembo)

-Wide 2.75inch front wheel

-Aprilia RS125 front master cylinder & Blue spot front caliper & full Goodridge race -braided hoses, performance friction pads

-HRC rear brake reservoir

-Jolly Moto Exhausts

-2my-50 ignition , STD PV controller all rubber mounted under seat.

-SES rearsets very trick running bearings for very slick gear change

-Alloy race rear disk very very lightweight (steel also available)

-Covered in Race Lightweight Pro-Bolt alloy nuts and Bolts

-ARD racing Bodywork & skidmarx clear race screen

-Full Yamaha Racing Yellow Paint Job (professional Job)

-KR1s Radiator

-Rare Tie arm swingarm/linkage (ride height can be adjusted with diff length arms)

-Samco blue Silicone water hoses

  • Paul Davies #130

  • hes guna love it !! like he said if you cant win the best prepared bike trophy then buy the bike that did lol

  • another one over to the light side lol

Sept 28th meet up at my house champaign IL is still a go All are welcome to... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

Sept 28th meet up at my house (champaign, IL) is still a go. All are welcome to attend.

  • Josh I'm sorry this got cancelled. I was waffling to the last moment because fall is super busy around the house like spring. Got a wedding the night before but was always planning on it being a 1 day event for me. Spring and fall are worse but in general I cannot afford a full weekend on one thing except vacations. Would still like to ride one last time together this season so lets start planning before it gets really cold!! If no bike Jeff & Debbie could maybe meet us... I'm good to the mid 40's

  • Well if the wife & I ever run out of this bad luck streak we are having... then we would love to see you all again! -

  • Dont think im going to make the 800 mile ride.

I want to modify my Attitude II bridge to the countersunk version of the... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

I want to modify my Attitude II bridge to the countersunk version of the Attitude III. Does anybody know the specs, or how deep Billy countersunk his Attitude basses before Att III?

  • it's the same result, I imagine the bridge modification came around for neck-through desings; and now our beloved crazy-bolted-on ltd 3 :P

  • Comparing my Ltd 3 with the countersunk bridge to the Ltd 2....seems that the Strings on the Ltd 3 are more parallel to the pickups than on the Ltd 2

  • I appreciate all the information everyone has contributed so far. To Anders, the reason I want to countersink the bridge is I want to lower the action more. I can't get the G string any lower because it makes a buzzing sound when I lower it more than it is now. The adjuster lifts off the bridge plate as I play causing the unwanted buzzing sound. Countersinking the bridge will lower the action and pull more tension on the strings eliminating the unwanted buzz. Speaking with the luthier and as explained by Roger, Rick and Darko, putting a shim under the neck will provide a similar result. I just don't want to mess with the neck. Danny, can you provide the measurements of how deep the ATT III was countersunk as compared to the ATT II?

— Yamaha V-Max

  • Just diff slide covers, on stock VMAX carbs...VERY cool...(but don't think I want to hear how much...!!!)

  • about £104 inc postage on ebay very nice

  • Where can I get those?

  • impressive!

What s goin on everyone. I don t know anyone by name just by alias on the forum — Yamaha Stryker Owners

What's goin on everyone? I don't know anyone by name, just by alias on the forum. My forum alias is stretch_o.

  • I'd rather live in KY any day other than Chicago. I'm from VA and I hate this big city life.

  • Yeah, no way I could do a big city. I've spent my whole life in smalltown, usa and wouldn't change it for anything

  • You said it Chris! Loving my mountains here in Tn :-)

ano po pinaka magandang set pang gilid. ehe — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

ano po pinaka magandang set pang gilid? ehe

  • gnyan po mga accesories na red san makakabili nyan

  • Si Jay Boss pm mo iho pag sa Manila ka or si Madam Rose Tidon pag asa south ka nman, meron sila ng swak sa open budget mo. Pag nagawi ka nman sa Madaluyong area pm mo si boss Lester Lim, pag nagawi ka nman sa bandang QC, si Dakingerzi twagan mo o si Speed Mctulin, yung box u can find it at any Motoworld Philippines branches that will suit your open budget kamo or mag pm ka kay Boss Donn Seguerra kung saan ka makabili ng pinaka mgandang accessories sa Thailand, bastat ta-timingan mo lamang na in the mood sya pra dika labasan ng pang HPG! Sa dami nyan baka di magkasya na sa MXi mo, pero teka muna, PAKI PARK NMAN ANG SCOOT MO SA CLUB MXi pra maishare mo sa mga bossing at sa mga madam ang ride mo. Ride Safe as always, at sabi nga ni boss Donn Seguerra bawal ang madamot dito kaya i shared U all d info kya pki share narin ng ride mo,

  • And I almost forgot, nadadaanan ko ito lagi, TW Racing samay Osmena, pm mo si Tranquilino Morelos III, meron din.

Anyone fitted a shorter dog bone on a 3cv just enquiring on how you get round... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Anyone fitted a shorter dog bone on a 3cv, just enquiring on how you get round the side and centre stand issue?

  • Go 17", much better tyre choices!

  • well it was already on there when i got it, mind you 18" is better than the 16" ;)

  • True!

Alan Loquinario updated the description of the group Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Exclusive For SniperMX 5S 135LC Owners

/// Page for Aspiring Member of SMX Ph///


________________________________________ ______


https://www.facebook.com/group s/streetmonarchextreme/

President https://www.facebook.com/alan2 18

Vice President https://www.facebook.com/sese1 968?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


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NORTHSIDE Chapters (21 members)

1.NACALBU (Valenzuela/Bulacan)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/arist otle.patag?fref=ts

Central Chapters (72 Members)

1.(West Caloocan/malabon/navotas/Q.C/Mla)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/thizz z20?fref=ts

2.(North Caloocan/Nova//Fairview/SJDM)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/ryan. rieta?fref=ts

3.EASTSIDE (Marikina/Antipolo/Rizal)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/dnumy ar.b?fref=ts

SOUTHSIDE Chapters (55 Members)

1.KILABOTS-(Pasay/LP/Pque/Ta guig)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/fredd ie.ibanez.7?fref=ts

2.ETI_VAC (Cavite)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/odie. perry?fref=ts

3.LAGUNA (Laguna)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/boybi lis?fref=ts

4.BONPEN (Bondoc/Peninsula)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/richa rdteodylizaso.mendez?fref=ts


Something that never ceases to amaze me you are riding along and you take that... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Something that never ceases to amaze me.... you are riding along, and you take that one giant, obviously biggest bug in the state, right between the friggen eyes, and you brain is screaming "ow, ow, OOWWWW, that friggen HURT! I KNOW that broke the skin! I HAVE to be bleeding! I bet I need stitches!!! God that hurt!!!!" So you reach up, wipe a tear from your eye, wipe your brow, and slowly draw your hand out from your face in anticipation what is sure to have your hand completely covered in red, and nothing....., "NOTHING???!!!? SERIOUSLY?!?!? NOTHING??!?!? For christ sake, that sumbitch hurt!!! I swear it went through, becauseI felt it bounce off of the inside of the back of my skull!!! If I don't at least have a bruise to show for it, I'm going to be mad as Hell!!!!"


muchachos muchas gracias por aceptarme todavia no soy dueño de una vrr peero... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

muchachos muchas gracias por aceptarme, todavia no soy dueño de una vrr peero estoy por comprar una y queria opiniones, saber si se consiguen cosas de este fierro, como darle un buen mantenimiento. La que tengo en la mira esta sin ningun calco, no tiene la cupula negra del carenado ni los giros delanteros, y queria saber ya de ante mano si alguien de ustedes tenia esas cosas como para saber si la puedo restaurar en estos tiempos en caso de comprarla, desde ya muchas gracias

  • giros delanteros no vas a conseguir a menos que le robes de otra moto...la burbuja se la ahce hacer...o sea la pide en PROSCREEN...las calcos se las hace hacer tmb....YAMAHA VRR...Es una moto que anda muy fuerte, relativamente economica...y MUY FIEL...siempre y cuando se le den los mimos correspondientes, como a cualquier moto 2T...ya sea bujia adecuada NGK BP8ES, Carburacion justa...Escape limpio...Filtro de aire cambiarlo una vez al mes...,etc,etc...Sobre los repuestos, es como toda moto japon 2t..Hay Aros,piston ,biela y discos de embrague...y pare de contar...Lo demas debes adaptarle de otra moto como ser Yamaha Ybr..etc.etc.etc..Si puedes comprarte una hacelo, nunca te arrepentirás

  • Se consiguen cosas. Seguro algo vas a renegar porque es una moto USADA a menos que este como 0Km. lo que tiene es que anda como ninguna otra moto... Le hace frente a los Ninja 250 4cil. es un misil. y no es un gilera que te afloja las muelas de juicio.. La burbuja la podes conseguir en parabrisas curtain son los unicos que la hacen que yo sepa. en la calle pueyredon en capital se consiguen. giros delanteros no se consiguen.

What can be wrong when riding about 170 180 km h on my Bull s speedometer the... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

What can be wrong, when riding about 170/180 km/h on my Bull's speedometer, the bike seems to shut down after a few minutes? It is as if the fuel supply gets shut down...

  • I totally agree with you Pascu!

  • No too polite these are just little things, I do what I can, and very happy, I hope like all .....

  • I have written other times that my intention is to transform this engine with fuel injection and electronic ignition, and are already well on the way , unit and found injectors, throttle body injector holder under construction, support phonic wheel motor shaft under construction,preset control unit for traction control, I hope to do that as well, then to finish approval as a single unit at MCTC Italian...... :-) :-)

— Yamaha V-Max

  • That's the original gauges of the old and new maxes.

  • one thing i wish my max had is a fuel gage instead of an idiot light!

  • for those unfamiliar with the Gen2, the LCD display replaces the analogue display found in Gen1 but the information provided are different

Need some technical TZR 250 advice. Was riding my TZR 250 this afternoon — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Need some technical TZR 250 advice.... Was riding my TZR 250 this afternoon. Bikes goes very well and the sound of the Jolly Moto pipes is awesome. Rev counter stops working after a while. As well as the indicators, horn, temperature gauge, etc.... Bike is still running okay... I'll check the battery first and will recharge it. Could some bad connection in the wiring loom be one of the causes. It's not the first time I'm having this problem.... Any advice/comment is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • I'll double check everything. Got enough spares lying around....

  • Go straight to fuse box. Check for corrosion at fuse contacts and crimped connections. Also check battery terminal are tight and any connections bolted to the frame. Good luck....

  • Thanks for the information, Andy Ball, Marcus Donkersley and Pete Fishwick!

Photos from Nico Santos's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

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mga ka mx good morning po. D ask lng po sana mga sir kung anong size po ng — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

mga ka mx good morning po ! :D ask lng po sana mga sir kung anong size po ng

ring wrench ung kailangan para sa drain plug sa ilalim mag che change oil po kasi ako.

thank you po .

  • Boooom

  • wala akong tools mga sir eh, kasi sinusunod ko lng ung nakalagay sa manual about sa periodic maintenance bali dadalhin ko lng sa yamaha bahala na sila, eh ngaun ubos na ung free coupon ko wala dn naman akong gaanong time pumunta sa yamaha ako nlng magche change oil.

  • BAKA magandang ikaw muna nag check sa manual kung meron duon para bago mo imungkahe cgurado ka iwas pahiya unti comment comment ng gnun di mo naman pala alam, thnx po sa mga comment nyu mga sir

    di ko po intensyong makipag away dto nkikipost na nga lng ako.pasensya na po

    ride safe mga sir.

I m looking for a set of triple tuning fork logos for my bike s tank The color... — Yamaha XS650

I'm looking for a set of triple tuning fork logos for my bike's tank. The color of the tank is charcoal gray metallic and I would like to find a set of gold leaf logos, preferably 3" or 75mm in diameter. I've found some on eBay that are close -- they're 3.5" and they aren't gold leaf -- more of a mirror finish. The auction number is: 350603714534. I prefer gold leaf because it adds a bit of richness, I think, and it isn't as flashy. Think HRD Vincent and you'll get my drift. Know of any like this? I'm thinking I might be able to find a shop locally that can cut a set for me if I hand them a template. That's more of a last resort, though.


Raider150 Sniper Mio Accesories and Parts — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Raider150, Sniper, Mio Accesories and Parts

Raider150, Sniper, Mio Accesories and Parts FOR SALE

RFS: Some items pabenta, some items bawas gamit

RacingBoy Chain Tensioner: P950 Only! FIX PRICE!!! - for Raider150 but i tried it to my Sniper, swak!

Yamaha Sniper Stock Block /w Piston: P1,850 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

Yamaha Sniper Grab / Handle Bar: P650 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

Mio Givi Box /w Bracket: P1,650 Only! Fix PRICE!!!

TMX Kasaki Clutch Cable (Sealed): P100 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

Yamaha Mio, Sniper, etc. Stock Side Mirror: P400 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

RacingBoy Bar End (1 pc only): P130 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

Devil's Tail / Dragon Tail (2 weeks used): P1,000 Only! FIX PRICE!!! (Universal)

Raider 150 RacingBoy Posas: P950 Only! FIX PRICE!!!

BRT dualBand racing CDI: P3,650 Only! Newly bought last 7-27-13 Only! still have the receipt! will give with switches and wires -rfs? Sniper na ko. FIX PRICE!!! FIX PRICE!!! (FOR R150)

-bought it for my newbreed, but sold na nb, so sell ko nalang. ty


Plaridel Bulacan PICK-UP Only!

Shipping: Add for the ship fee, LBC courier

http://www.sulit.com.ph/index. php/view+classifieds/id/219598 03/Raider150%2C+Sniper%2C+Mio+ Accesories+and+Parts?event=Sea rch+Ranking,Position,1-6,6


My XS just finished — Yamaha XS650

My XS just finished

  • grant,are you still using points ignition?

  • Hi John. I'm using a Pamco ignition, HHB PMA, high output coil and iridium spark plugs.. Mikuni vm34 carbs and 2-1 exhaust system. Engine is otherwise stock with a fresh top end rebuild. Just got the bike Dyno tuned yesterday.. A respectable 49.45hp.

  • nice!am planning ordering from Hughes but want to do it right first time,cheers for the info,

I guess it was my post that started turning this page into a political... — Yamaha V-Star riders

I guess it was my post that started turning this page into a political firestorm .... not my intention. But I am proud of my 1.2 million brothers and sisters who rode to D.C. to stand up for what they believe in. I didn't post anything one side against another just stand up.....and make all of us proud. Freedom..... that is why we all ride... that is what all these brothers and sisters rode for and they deserve our support.....I don't care about your politics or your religion whatever they are, we all just want to be free and that is why we ride, So let's forget our differences and support each other in our pursuit of freedom.