• Hi guys was thinkin of getting a lift or jack for the bike to make cleaning and... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    Hi guys was thinkin of getting a lift or jack for the bike to make cleaning and fixing easyer. Any sugestions on which one would be best

    Thanks tony

    • The jacks from harbor freight are just low enough to fit, IF you hold the bike upright and slide the jack under it, and then jack it up a bit before letting go of the bike

    • Thanks guys

    • I use the same jack. Works great. Easy peasy. Can lift the front or back wheel off the ground. Cheap too.. I think I paid $50 bucks for mine.

    Decided to park the quad and break it down for winter to start replacing some... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    Decided to park the quad and break it down for winter to start replacing some things I been wanting to change. Looking for opinions for some decent track and Gncc worthy shocks that will perform good. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on it so what's some cheap but good ones. Also gonna go threw my top end and replace some gaskets and check into some intank boots. Just wanting to clean it up a little for next season and get into some scramble races hopefully. Tips are welcome

    • That's how mine started out, just fix the top end.. Then replace carrier bearings.. And one thing led to another now I have a fully disassembled 98 warrior that's slowly coming together again haha. From what it looks like you have a really clean bike, a bigger cam if you don't have one already and maybe extended a arms?

    • It's got a hot cam. Bored 40 over to a 357 with a wiseco 9.5:1 piston, tusk clutch, dura blue +2 axles, and some other things. I'm lookin into full flight and wicked A arms, a big gun rev box, gonna look into my carb when I clean it and change the gasket and intank boot see if it could use better jets. Quads In pretty good shape. Just a few minor things to really clean it up handling wise. Shocks are a big must and the oil cooler.

    • You have a real good list, Ive been doing this for quite some time on and off, First thing to worry about is reliability, Making it through a 2hr race. Suspension and handling is key to a quality XC setup it don't matter how fast your quad is without a suspension setup for you weight and riding style it will actually make you slower and beat you to death, Look at GT Thunders website on how to set your suspension up. If you can find a IMS oversized tank I would for sure get one. With the width, I like mine at around 47 to 48. A basic list, replace all bushings, Get suspension set up, Oversized tank, 6 Ply tires, Oil cooler. Those things will help you a lot, Have you registered for any events for next year? If so what series

    Mga boss pa ot — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Mga boss pa ot!

    Pag binuksan ko radiator ko bawas ang coolant normal lang ba? May load po si mx.

    • Ahh ok boss ill check it tomorrow nalang. Pero boss dba dapat puno ang radiator? Ung rerverve coolant hnd naman ng babawas sakin eh . Update ko kayu boss

    • ewan ko.. hahaha wait din tau ng mga sagot.. sakin pag chineck kasi sa rad ung coolant habang malamig pa makina eh kita ko ung fins.. parang hanggang dun lang sya.. pero atleast may laman hehe kasi kung di pumupunta sa radiator ung coolant, dapat tuyot na tuyot na un diba?

    • Ganun dn sakin boss eh. Hnd na abot sa tuktok. Pero pag nilagyan ko hanggang dun haha. Gulo :(

    swap sa car Sentra Corolla Saloon Hatchback hutchback 4 wheels ESI snipermx... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    swap sa car / Sentra / Corolla / Saloon / Hatchback / hutchback / 4 wheels / ESI / snipermx / raider 150 / cbr 150

    Yamaha X1r Orig Thailand for sale or swap sa Car (Just hit your offer/ SNIPERMX/ RAider150/CBR150 Pormado!)

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    *FDR tires Front and rear 95%

    *5 led with angels eye hi and low

    *Orig yamaha rearset x1r

    *Motosuit Seat Cover

    *Namban open pipe

    *orig stickers and paint

    *stock stock stock

    *COMPLETE PAPERS, OR,CR,OPEN DEED with ID and Signatures

    *and etc. accessories

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    swap sa car / Sentra / Corolla / Saloon / Hatchback / hutchback / 4 wheels / ESI / snipermx / raider 150 / cbr 150

    SWAP VALUE : 85k

    call or txt 0922-3388-387

    call or txt 0922-3388-387

    call or txt 0922-3388-387

    call or txt 0922-3388-387

    ******Before we have the deal, Give me your FaceBook Account (screenshot purposes) just to be safe! we're not talking small amount here.

    *******Before we have the deal, Give me your FaceBook Account (screenshot purposes) just to be safe! we're not talking small amount here.

    ******Before we have the deal, Give me your FaceBook Account (screenshot purposes) just to be safe! we're not talking small amount here.

    ******Before we have the deal, Give me your FaceBook Account (screenshot purposes) just to be safe! we're not talking small amount here.

    Meet-Up! Ikaw ang nagoffer, ikaw ang may gusto, pumunta ka dito! - will do the meet up sa loob ng parking lot ng waltermart plaridel bulacan

    • hm to paps?

    • Hm?

    • kano sa cash malolos lang ako

    My mx waiting for its turn. Hehe. Palit pang gilid lng at konting tono — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    My mx waiting for its turn. Hehe! Palit pang gilid lng at konting tono.

    • magkano po inabot gastos? topspeed?

    • Dacz Dela Cruz depende s suplier mo ng pyesa eh. Taga San ka? Price ksi ng pyesa magka ka talo yan plus labor ng mekaniko mo. Pili ka ng magaling.

    • isabela... ano po topspeed nyo before and after. tnx...

    Mga sir tanong lan po. anong size ng panggilid ung pede kong ilagay s mx ko — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Mga sir tanong lan po..anong size ng panggilid ung pede kong ilagay s mx ko?nka-hgm open pipe aq..stock lahat..90kph lan kc ung sagad e..salamat ng marami...

    • Tignan mo din effect. Ako ksi hndi ako nagpa bigat ng bola. Ginaanan p nga eh. Stock ksi natin na bola is 10g.

    • Ksi pare pag nag racing pulley ka na mas magkakaron ng dulo. At pag mas magaan ang bola mas agressive ang arangkada mo. Bsta magandang combination. Bakit dw nagpa bigat ng bola mekaniko mo?

    • Para daw malakas arangkada saka dulo... pero need pa dae palita cs saka racing pulley pero di ko pa napalitan... pa saglit saglit lang kasi ako sa mech lagi kasi nasa work punta mech pag wala ako client haha.. tnx sa mga info papalitan ko na lahat panggilid ko para malaman ko na resulta..

    We re back online. My apologies for the long delay — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    We're back online!!! My apologies for the long delay!

    • Good! All the Fed Gov addiction clinics were closed too. I was worried a few members might head for a ledge ....

    • Thanks Brian!! The site is greatly appreciated and keeps me sane.

    • like

    • Welp, down again.....this time it's the host with their updates.

    • It's back up! Fortunately the host is faster with their upgrades then I am! My apologies again for the downtime.

    Tulong nman po . ganto kasi pag 3 4 ng throttle mga tatakbo ng 80 tas balik ko — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Tulong nman po;) ganto kasi pag 3/4 ng throttle mga tatakbo ng 80 tas balik ko. Bandang 60 mag 3/4 throttle ako biglang prang kumakadyot si mx na prang may halong back fire na habang d pako nagthrottle back. sbe ng mech may cut off dw cdi ng mx nung ni road test nya. Kelangan ko dw mag Rcdi. All stock. Tinry ko na dagdag ng gas sa a/f hangan 3 1/2 turns ayaw parin mawala-.- Kalkalpipe at 9x3 7x3 na bola. TIA ;)

    • Wow! For sir Jason Bajenting!

    • Ok na yung back fire during deceleration bumalik nmn yung sakal pag mag 3/4 throttle tas bitaw tas balik 3/4 prang kumakadyot may backfire sya during acceleration.

    • thanks po sa inputs;)

    Any one know if the speedo can be adjusted either through the dash or if the... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Any one know if the speedo can be adjusted either through the dash or if the dealer can do it? When I'm doing 100 mine says 107.

    • The difference in acceleration is so minimal you won't feel it. If you went down more than 1-2 teeth you will see a difference. I went up 2 on my old ninja and the speedo was almost spot on till 110. But you are never going that fast in the real world (or shouldn't be ;))

    • I was hoping that just like a new car they can plug in a lap top and change it but apparently they can't, is the speedo healer plug and play or do I need to chop the loom?

    • Brett James - Plug and play my friend. I'm one of the more mechanically challenged individuals and I was able to do it. You need to lift up the gas tank to get to the proper wiring, but even that was a breeze.

    Thanks to the Gov Shut down the public launch. 3. and Marina launch. 15 — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Thanks to the Gov Shut down the public launch ($3) and Marina launch ($15) are gated and the lake is CLOSED. Trails, waterways etc, ALL CLOSED :-(

    • Corp of engineers shut down my ramp, Lake Eufala OKlahoma, hope its up and running this weekend so I can at least get the boat back in its slip, been out for maintanice.

    • Our lakes are opened as of this morning

    • Tell your wife thanks!

    Need some help on a good pair of pipes and air intake filter. Any ideas — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    Need some help on a good pair of pipes and air intake filter. Any ideas. the factory pipes are not loud enough and I need a better looking filter that also brings in high performance

    • If you remove your air box( under tank) switch carb boots, place the front one on rear and vice versa. Buy 2 RU600 k&N filters, they will fit directly on boots. You will also need to run crank case ventilation hose and secure under tank with small filter.

    • Go here and click on webpage tab, top left of page. More info than you will ever need. http://forums.delphiforums.com /n/main.asp?webtag=yamaha1100& nav=start&gid=1890473121

    • HardKrome, HardKrome, HardKrome

    Really not mine — Yamaha XS650

    Really not mine

    • d'accord Jason. I agree with both you & Patrick, I appreciate the workmanship, but don't like the look & would not ride it.

    • @ Steen: your English is as good if not better than most Americans I know!

    • i like it in a wtf sort of way ....

    Photos from Dan Alexander's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Oil Change,, As a matter of Interest, who does their own oil changes and what type of oil do you use? I did mine the other day and instead of using the Lamalube (since I dont even know who makes it) I decided to go for Castrol Power I GPS T4. This is 10/40 partly synthetic with added Tri Zone Tech,, sounds good?.. Anyway, after doing a complete change and opting for Castrol, I have found the engine to be a little quieter and smoother and the gears seem to slip in and out very easily compared to before, you also get that lovely smell of Castrol. I would give it quite a high rating,,,

    • The books say that the XJR1300 takes a 10/40 semi synthetic 4T oil, it has been known for fully synthetic to make the clutch slip on that model although Im not sure why,,,

    • Just cos..

    • Well the oil change/type dilema will always be a topic of discussion. I will always run synthetic and the proper weight of oil unless at some point it proves me otherwise by hindering performance or the engine shows signs of wear for some reason. Hope everyone has an awesome day/night or whatever it is on your side of the world. :-)

    Photos from Rkiddsnake Kidd's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    300 pesos limite stock lng po...cavite po ako...tex or call kng sno intresado..09185768657

    9power 300 pesos

    Why 9Power So Special???

    *Can be used in motorcycle 2 stroke, 4 stroke and either manual or automatic car

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    *Freedom from treatment refractory (heat engine) and water (the rain / splashed while washing motor)

    *Plug n Go, plug 9power then you will immediately feel the effects of its significance without the need for another setting.

    How 9Power works?

    9power stabilize the electrical current that generated by the coil (because we do not know whether the voltage coil is up or down during the machine working). Therefore, to obtain complete combustion system, the electrical current must be stable during the machine working.

    9Power removes irregular electric current and gather all the electrical current into 1 point shot to the spark plugs. That action causes the fire spark produced become one entity sharp and strong. 9Power also encourage electric current, so 9power can be regarded as a booster and amplifier for electric current . Good Combustion and fire sparks makes result in no gas/fuel wasted (we can guarantee 98% gasoline burn completely). Therefore, the acceleration becomes more stable and significant!!

    9 power booster (limited stock only)

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    • thnks s pag accept..mga sir eto n po magpapagnda ng takbo ng inyo mga motor at kotse..ggnda takbo ng engine..daloy ng kuryente..at abab konsumo ng gas..tga cavite noveleta po ako..300 po ito..slamat

    Hey gang I needed to tow a trailer and needed a hitch — Yamaha C3

    Hey gang, I needed to tow a trailer and needed a hitch.

    So my wife decided to borrow the C3 last week.

    She drives way conservatively.

    Anyways, she had a space in traffic, with the cars deferring to her, and a young driver in oncoming traffic, in a dropped down black racy ride, saw the gap, but didn't see her, and tried to shoot across oncoming traffic and tagged the C3 with her on it at an intersection.

    Thank God she is ok.

    That bike is well built/designed. (A prayer of thanksgiving for the Yamaha design guys.)

    A two stitches under the chin, a minor nick on a knee, and some road rash is all the outward stuff. She aches from the impact still, but overall seems good.

    I got to get the bike up to the shop and have them look the C3 over to see if there is anything other than the cosmetic scuffing.

    • Glad to hear she is relatively not too banged up, Too bad it happened at all.

    • oof. glad she's going to be okay.

    • Glad she ok. See that all to often.

    Hi i need a new or used v boost control on my 86mod v max dose anyone hav one... — Yamaha V-Max

    Hi, i need a new or used v-boost control on my 86mod v-max. dose anyone hav one for sale?

    • Stefan my v boost control burned a resistance and a condensator him replace them 2 years ago and till now it is working very good

    • Stefan Bomnes ye i got one they are well worth the cash and ajustable i have mine set at 5k revs and the board is covered in resin to protect the electrics

    • Thanks Rab:-) think i will go for that one.

    FOR sale hispeed pipe for sniper mx na kasi png classic po sya pna bend ko lng... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    FOR sale hispeed pipe for sniper mx na kasi png classic po sya pna bend ko lng kunti tubo nya lapit sa engine para swak sa mx pero orig parin elbow nya pna buff kna lng po very good condition po 4month use kng gusto nyo po ang tubo nya lapit sa engine yung orig padala kunadin swak po sa classic pwede nyo po salpak at pa bend kulang lng po ng isang spring sa pipe nya pero ok nmn po sya khit isang spring lng nid cash lng po tlaga 3800 po sarado sagot nyo pa po ang shipping 09127337676 https://www.facebook.com/photo .php?fbid=642320132456955&set= a.625975544091414.1073741835.1 00000369220560&type=3&theater


    ok lang ba yung JVT V3 sa 62 61 na setup parang ayaw ko sa HiSpeed sakit sa... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    ok lang ba yung JVT V3 sa 62*61 na setup? parang ayaw ko sa HiSpeed sakit sa tenga:(

    • hanggang 180 po ata yan v3

    • tama paps kahit yung pipe ng amore ko ganyan din ang characteristic nya hindi maingay pag nka idle.

    • hehe sana nga.... subukan ko nlang once naikabit na yung karga, nasanay na kasi ako sa tahimik na pipe. subokan ko rin si HiSpeed kung gaano kabulahaw! haha

    Is the forum working today. Maybe it s just my computer — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Is the forum working today? Maybe it's just my computer???

    • When I shutdown my website I always put this up with an ETA at the bottom. I think it depicts me and my struggles fairly well. Hopefully Brian doesn't have too much trouble getting things back up and running soon!

    • Withdrawls in a bad way, lol!

    • LOL That's a great pic! LOL

    To all of you Bemsee family out there Riders Officials Marshals Techs... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    To all of you Bemsee family out there, Riders, Officials, Marshals, Techs, supporters and Medics........Thank you for an amazing season.

    From the Snow at Snett to the unbelievable sunshine of Brands this weekend it has been a truly exciting and testing season for everyone but finishing on the most incredible high. Everyone I spoke to over the weekend was in such a great mood but also sad that the closed season is upon us. The Club atmosphere in the paddock was incredible and its down to everyone's Bemsee spirit that makes this club so amazing.

    I would really like to thank all of you who donated to the Ben fund activities over the year; the amazing instructors who gave up so much of their own time, effort, knowledge and skill to help others and all of you competitors out there who decided to come and race with Bemsee. We do our best to make it the best club to race with and without you we wouldnt be here. 104 years isnt bad but we never rest on the past and always look to do things better in the future. Our 2014 calendar is amazing and I cant wait to see you all then and the new racers who will join us from Race School.

    Thanks again for some brilliant memories from 2013 and I look forward to the Open Day on the 8th Dec, the Dinner and Dance on the 16th Nov....and then the start of it all again at Race School on 22/23rd Feb (Spread the word to your friends!)

    You, the Bemsee family are the best.


    Photos from Quentin Delage's post — Yamaha V-Max

    • E KALO

    • I have a 94. love the yellow! Mines all stock, like you r custom exhaust.

    • Ohsem!

    • Those pipes.....YES

    tanong ko lang po may nakaexperience naba dito na yung parang napuputol ang RPM... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    tanong ko lang po may nakaexperience naba dito na yung parang napuputol ang RPM sa dulo? boss Loy Bu Mauricio ganito ba yung sinasabi mo dati na nagslide yung clutch during High RPM? pahingi inputs sa mga nakaranas na, thanks:D

    • try mong bigatan ang bola boss... as long as wala kang unusual na napapansin sa rpm at tunog ng makina sa wot try mo bigatan ang bola para mabilis makalipat ng high gear.

    • sige boss.. kaso naka gearing ako 13/43 tapos bola 9x3 8x3.. hehe 70kgs me.. tingin mo po?

    • masyadong magaan bola mo boss... ako nasa 74~76kgs yata 57grams and below na bola bumababa na yung dulo but panalo nman sa acceleration. same din tayo ng gearing, stock clutch and center spring.

    Is there a 4 2 1 exhaust for these bikes — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    Is there a 4-2-1 exhaust for these bikes??

    • no, it's like a 4" wide by 6" long gaping hole lol only real way to get the header in there I think I may tac weld a metal piece between the pipes when I rebuild the hood

    • I'd just make custom pipes.... Individual pipes with thumpster mufflers on each or something.

    • I want to run the exhaust through the buggy haha it will be annoying though, might be able to do it. shall see lol

    Photos from Dennis Floyd's post — Yamaha V-Max

    Voodoo 4 into 2 Gen 1 (85-07) Vmax Exhaust ($699.95) !!!

    Voodoo 4 into 2 Gen 1 (85-07) Vmax Exhaust ($699.95) !!!

    Call (440) 653-5333 for more info (they aren't on the voodomoto.com site yet).

    • Is there a sound demo somewhere?

    • Just watch the Youtube Videos for UFO Dragstar or Street Pro systems (they sound EXACTLY the same). Like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =2iTxfizmHIY

    • Thanks! I think my Super Traps will soon be history...

    • This is a Sweet deal, that why I shared it as soon as I saw it.

    Hey I m new to the group just introducing my self. I m in Tasmania. Australia — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    Hey, I'm new to the group, just introducing my self. I'm in Tasmania (Australia). I picked up this winner about 2 weeks ago for $1500AUD. It's all original aside from the 4 into 1 exhaust system and only has 57000km. I have a belly pan for it, but I'm thinking it may be off a FJ 1200 as it doesn't sit flush with the frame but comes up over the side toward the front. Not much needs doing now, only the speedo needs doing and a lower linkage kit put in.

    • Bizarre thing***

    • Yes the hub has a name to fail. Main reason is wrong way of placing it back.

    • Ok, well the fella I got the bike from, he did have the wheel off before I got it

    Riding home from work tonite and a car made a left turn out of a parking lot... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Riding home from work tonite and a car made a left turn out of a parking lot RIGHT in front of me, causing me to swerve into the oncoming lane (no traffic at 945pm) and ride past the back end of her car, on the horn and the brights. Caught her at the stoplight a few blocks further and asked "DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME?....... She rolled down the window and said "I'm sorry, I didn't see you".......WHILE SHE WAS ON HER CELL PHONE!!!!!! I told her to tell the person on the phone that she had just tried to kill someone on a motorcycle with her car and she would call them back later BECAUSE THIS IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU, WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!

    At least I am here to tell the story............. :/


    Greg Spude shared Yummir6 Moto Vlogs's photo to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Just a re-request for anyone that hasn't voted yet! PLEASE help me!

    I have been selected as a finalist to win a Sena bluetooth audio adapter for when riding my FZ6R, being given away by moto vlogger YummiR6.

    Will you please help me?! Please vote for me and share with your other friends and family to see if they will please vote also? I am only a couple votes out of 2nd place, but the guy in first place has quite a large lead.

    Please click on the picture to go to the link and click "like" to help me win?!! Do not use the like at the bottom of my post as that will not count as a vote for me in the contest. Thank you very much!


    i picked up this little lot last week. a bit o fun i think — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

    i picked up this little lot last week..a bit o fun i think...

    • i now have the complete 175 on a restricted plate to ride legally on the road!! fun..fun

    • There was a guy I found on the net who rewired the lighting coil circuit to a moped voltage reg/rectifier and installed a small battery so he could run a decent headlight & horn too. Ill see if I can find the link; I'm planning on doing the same to mine next year.

    • thanks that would be a bonus!

    To Admins please allow me to post this great online opportunity — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    To Admins,please allow me to post this great online opportunity.

    100% SCAM-FREE! Thank You and God Bless!


    Kung Pwedeng Kumita using FACEBOOK ng hindi lumalabas ng bahay, Bakit LALAYO KAPA??

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    Mga paps need your advise — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    Mga paps need your advise.

    Bumili kasi yung mother ko ng phone alcatel touch adroid worth 6k tapos after 1 week nasira yung screen. understood naman walang outright yung phone kaya hinde ni replace ang ginawa pull-out tapos repair nalang. We waited for a month para maayos then afterwards sinabi need to pay 2,500 for the replacement of screen. So syempre sobrang dissappointed hinde ko pa halos nagamit tapos gagastusan ko na. what the F! anong maganda gawin sa cell shop nayun ayokong magbayad pwede bang pa media yun


    gandang tanghali sa mx group kwento ko lang first time mag baklas ng pairings... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    gandang tanghali sa mx group. kwento ko lang first time mag baklas ng pairings ng mx..andami palang screw ng mx naten bago ma baklas lahat ng kaha..eto ang malupit nung ibabalik ko na aba sobra na ang tornilyo.wala nang pag lagyan ang iba..gulat ako kasi halos lahat ng butas nalagyan ko pero andaming sobra..buti nalang naikabit ko uli ang lahat ng screw.yun nga lang sobrang tagal...

    kaya ko pala binaklas yun ay para tingnan ang carb ko kasi nagpupugak kapag binirit ng todo.parang kinakapos ng takbo..buti at nakuha sa timing.salamat at ok na uli takbo ni mx ko....


    New tyre today I noticed my cornering wasnt as good and whenever i went round a... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    New tyre today,,, I noticed my cornering wasnt as good, and whenever i went round a roundabout it felt like if i went over too far it was like it was going to fall. Plus often if I braked quick especially in the wet the rear tyre would lock up and slide. Checked the rear tyre yesterday, and although the tread dint look to bad, I found that when i slid my hand across the tyre I could feel a flat spot in the centre,,, Threw a new Dunlop Roadsmart 2 on it today and wow , it is back to proper cornering and no wheel lockups when braking.

    • Been out to work abnd back,, done around 100K on it,, it flys round bends now, much better than before and sticks to the road better,,,,

    • Love my pilot power 3 tires and I went to a 60 profile up front. Corners nice now

    • Does a burnout count as a break in lol

    Just want to share a riding experience po mga ka MX good day po — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    Just want to share a riding experience po mga ka MX, good day po,

    kaninang maaga po around 6AM nagmamadali akong umuwi after ko hinatid kapatid ko, kasi may pasok din ako. talagang nagmamadali ako kaya mabilis2 ako magpatakbo. nagulat ako may bumubuntot sakin na kulay dilaw na classic, nag overtake siya pero hindi naman racing overtake, tamang overtake lang. den i took the chance to look at his crank case kung hindi siya Rusi or Racal, kasi kung ganun baka hindi ako pumayag na overtake-an nya ako, hehe. (my bad) but i saw that its a legit t135 engine. at pag lagpas nya sakin narinig ko yung ingay ng karburador nya so i had a hint na, baka hindi na siya stock t135. plus, naka rimset siya at mejo manipis gulong nya than the usual.

    akala niya po siguro sinusubukan ko siyang karerahin kasi mabilis kami pareho nakabuntot ako sa kanya. hindi niya alam, nagmamadali lang talaga ako. but part of me din siguro gusto testingin yung MX ko sa motor nya, just for fun. then came the long stretch of straight road, around 1km. we were speeding for about 100kph reading on my speedometer. ang expected ko, pag humataw kami pareho pag mas clear na yung daan, the usual na nararanasan ko pag nakikipag harutan ako sa kalsada, unti-unti siyang lalayo sakin hanggang maiwan ako or unti-unti ko siyang maaabutan at lalagpasan.

    pero nagulat talaga ako sa nakita ko.

    wala siyang side mirror, so nilingon nya ako habang nasa likod niya ako. pag lingon nya sakin, sabay bawas siya ng kambyo then VVRROOOOOMMM, parang napunit yung kalsada sa tunog ng muffler nya. and believe me, para akong nakakita ng gumamit ng NOS. yung sibat talaga ng motor nya, iba. halos parang nakahinto ako nung iniwanan niya ko, and my eyes did not fool me when i saw my speedometer saying "100 km/h" so nagkalkula ako bigla sa isip ko, sabi ko "kung 100kph na takbo ko ano na kaya takbo nun??" sa sobrang gulat ko, to my shame, sinoli ko yung throttle ko. haha.

    at napag isip-isip ko, "ibang-iba pala talaga pag kargado." :D

    ride safe po mga kaibigan, have a nice day. (y)


    This is my FZ6R in my yard until something is done before anyone attacks me... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    This is my FZ6R in my yard until something is done... before anyone attacks me "Jay Meezee" was not the guy who break checked the range rover nor one of the men who attacked the range rover Jays only crime was attending a ride where people made bad decisions... it is for that reason I stand with him....

    Imagine being a sports fan and attending a sporting event to support the sport some fans got rowdy and guy bullied by jocks in school there with his kid whipped out his gun and shot a bunch of people out of fear ? Do those people by nature of happening to be near some people making bad choices deserve their injuries? NO and neither does this man or any sport bike rider... it is for this reason I wish justice in whatever form it may come for Jay and his family. Agree or disagree the choice us yours and your opinion is your own to express this isn't about placing blame this is to spread awareness that the man they claimed only broke his leg ... is clinging barely to life paralyzed and on life support and something though I'm not sure what should be done

    • Jacked up as the situation was, not one persons actions were justified. Bike or SUV IMHO. And as aware as I am we are all sports bike riders - Let that bike sit there for an eternity.

    • Meezee's action of riding his bike at an event wasn't justified? Or was it when he pulled over and sat on his bike when a rider went down? Either way that's an interesting opinion definitely an avenue of thought I hadn't considered.

    • Don't get me wrong. It's pretty shitty what happened to the riders which were ran over. And others hurt in the process of helping. The whole scenario is what I meant. I feel for both the Family and the riders. A lot of that video before & after were not seen. Tough call for enforcement. I just really don't believe the situation should have happened period, honestly. Everyone has an opinion on this of course. If you put a single guy of any race in that SUV and the whole story would flip, or have a much different outcome.

    Thanks. Has anyone install a clip on b4. And how difficult is it — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Thanks. Has anyone install a clip on b4. And how difficult is it?

    • @ David .. You have to use this site to post a pic on a comment .. http://m.facebook.com/

    • Yea I want the clip on b/c I feel like I'm driving a bicycle with the stock handle bars lol

    • I got the clip on's,1.75 lowering link and shorter kickstand and mine fits me more comfortable and to me handles a lil better but that's my personal opinion

    Mga sir ano kaya dahilan kung bkit sabay na npundi yung stock headlight ko — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Mga sir, ano kaya dahilan kung bkit sabay na npundi yung stock headlight ko. Twice n nangyari sa akin to. All stock ang ilaw at wiring. Any idea mga sir?

    • Ganyan din problem ko dati, naka 10x n kong nagpapalit ng bulb, higpitan mo nlng ang paglagay ng bulb, tatagal na ang ilaw mo.

    • check ko rin mamya ang wiring mga sir. tas maghhanap pa ako ng stanley n stock bulb. baka meron kyo jan mga sir stock bulb.

    • rectifier nga sir, nacheck ko knna napansin ko yung pra sa yellow wire ay sunog yung base nya. parehas lang ba sir yung recti ng mx ntin compare sa ibang yamaha scoot? thanks

    mga boss ano po kaya ang naging sira ng motmot ko kasi kanina lang mga 11am... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    mga boss ano po kaya ang naging sira ng motmot ko. kasi kanina lang mga 11am, nasagi po ako ng truck. tapos itinumba ko nlng po yung motor. tapos nung itinayo ko, tapos try ko siya start then OK nmn umandar pero sobrang usok, tapos may lumalabas ng langis sa pipe and nakita ko may natulo na langis sa ilalim, pero di nmn siya ganon kalakas. Need advice po Boss. TIA!

    • P check m oil pump..

    • hndi na check makina,check mo oil pump,tapos tapos drain mo na lahat oil tapos palit ka new oil,if umusok parin saka mu pabuksan makina,check mu din airfilter.

    • sige po sir Pay Hen and Prince Victoria Villena. pa check ko na po bukas sa mekaniko. salamat po ng marami

    — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    • I prefer to keep all my engine/exhaust stuff stock. I won't be messing with mine at all. Some of these other guys on here do and could certainly help you out more. Normally backfiring is due to lack of back pressure or timing issues.

    • Well in this case it's the pressure. Intake timing issues will cause backfires in car engines, pretty sure it would be the same for a bike motor. Post a thread and I'm sure someone will get something for ya. Also, subscribe to the FZ6R forums if you haven't already. PLENTY of mods there that people talk about.

    • No worries!!!

    Jerry Buerger shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

    So, the guys on bikes in NY, I love how at 2:05 in the video they say that the wife below admits the bikers "MAY HAVE CONTRIBUTED WITH UNSAFE driving" but she wants the SUV driver charged. What a moron. Completely oblivious. Really? you think the bikers "may have contributed" to the incident? How about there would not have been an incident had it not been for those idiots. Also, your husband would be fine right now had he not stopped to try and block the SUV. Ever think of that? He wasn't an innocent riding by and got caught in all this. He was stopped in front of the SUV to stop it. Had the SUV not run over him, he would have been one of the ones that beat the guy.


    I am still waiting for my Attitude Limited III to arriwe and for now i am... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    I am still waiting for my Attitude Limited III to arriwe and for now i am playing around with the EBS Billy Sheehan signature pedal. How many people here are using the Drive Loop and/or the Clean Loop?

    I am playing around with both and it's great but i am finding it to be limiting sometimes since there is no way to control *how much* of the Return signal you want to blend back into the loop. I tested the Drive Loop with an EBS UniChorus yesterday and it sounded great, but i would love to have the ability to blend in let's say just 30% of the return signal instead of the default 100%.

    The only way to, kind of achive that today, is to lower the Level, iow lowering the Send and thus at the same time roll off the distorted channel. I just wanted to roll off the amount of chorus sended back through the Return. Maybe the Boss LS-2 pedal will fix that. But that's yet another pedal to buy...

    It would be great to have two more knobs on the EBS Billy Sheehan signature pedal, one knob for the Return for the Drive Loop and one knob for the Return for the Clean Loop so one can control the amount of return signal one wants to blend back into the selected signal. Having the option to blend back just a tad of the Return would be golden sometimes.

    Ideally the Send signal should always be at 100% all the time and not dependent of the level on the Level/Clean knobs. I prefer to always have 100% signal sent to my pedal in the loop rather than having the Level/Clean knobs to control that so the pedals always have some strong signal to work with.

    Any thoughts? :)

    • I talked to EBS in their booth today and they understand the issue. I got the name of the guy i should talk to on their office here in Sweden. I will call him next week.

      In the Yamaha booth i played an Attitude III that had it's body signed by Mr Sheehan himself. I presented myself and they said: "Aha, you are the guy that ordered the black one!".

    • Darko, actually my overdrive pedal is NOT true bypass, so it could be the problem. I will try some combinations in the loops, maybe with an Eq, just to see if I could come up with a tone that I like... the problem is that I like the "naked" sound of this pedal so much that I'm afraid to tweak its sound! I am a "less is more" guy!

    • I don't use the loop. Att X to pedal to compressor to amp.

    My 2005 LX 210 won t pee on either engine the tubes are clear but if I remove... — Yamaha Boat Owners

    My 2005 LX 210 won't "pee" on either engine the tubes are clear but if I remove them the motors themselves will flow freely from themselves. Any ideas?

    • Often you can't get enough flow on a hose to get water to the pee holes. The weed Eater line is a good tip as long as it is the heavier duty line. If you live in the south, mud daubers love to make nests in the tubes. Neat trick to avoid that is to stick a golf tee in each hole. If you forget to remove them, all you've lost is 2 golf tees! Also...for those that didn't notice....The majority of top members at yjb are now on a new board..... jetboaters.net. stop by and say hi! Julian fka mitchelled.

    • On My LX210 I tried using weed eater string from the outside but was unable to clear the blockage until removed the hose from the engine and pushed the string out from the inside.

    • It took squeezing the line , half throttle and the inside of a Bic pen to clear a mud dauber nest out of one of mine last summer

    Can someone do a massive favour for me a post a clear picture of the wiring in... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Can someone do a massive favour for me a post a clear picture of the wiring in an attitude ltd II bass as well as let me know what value the capacitor on the tone pot is please? I'll really appreciate it and it's for a project. Thanks!

    • agreed Rick.

    • Ahhhh I see! thank you. It was something so damn simple! i'll get on to trying that out tonight. All i need to do then is swap those 2 wires back round then attach a grounding wire from the far right terminal to the pot casing then? I've done all the rest as it were on the diagram on there and as said, that works fine, it switches between mono and stereo fine. Thanks Rick Robins and Jon Willis!

    • The ATT2's had a ground screw that was screwed right into the wood. Paint the cavity with shielding paint & this is sure to help.

    Has anybody here done a j slam on their bike If so what do ya think looking... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    Has anybody here done a j slam on their bike?? If so what do ya think looking for feedback

    • sweet i found an air ride also but its $1,100 lol but thanks for the info

    • Just buy the lowering dogbone that is adjustable for up to 2" of drop. Makes for a nice lower look.

    • is that what ya call it so if i google it i can find it or do ya know a website

    Any tips recommendations on Turn Signal replacement Finally got my bike back... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Any tips/recommendations on Turn Signal replacement? Finally got my bike back up and running from having the Regulator/Rectifyer go out and the only thing I don't have working is Turn Signals. Running Lamps on the front work fine, no flash on either front or rear bulbs. Checked all fuses, replaced all bulbs, so either its the Denso 066500-4660 FB257H, or the actual switch on the handlebars. Thinking about gutting Turn Signals and going LED. Anyone have an experience they want to share? 2001 Vstar 1100 Classic


    Terrible time starting It490 now fuel leaking out of overflow guessing needle... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

    Terrible time starting It490 now fuel leaking out of overflow , guessing needle or float isues, any ideas

    • sounds like you need to take the carb apart to give it a good cleaning

    • I did now my kid just twisted the jet not sure if the jet sits low or high there are 2 grooves but not sure hitch way to put back

    • im not sure either check online for pics for rebuilding it you might find the answer there or just try it one way if that dont work put it the other way

    • The manual is informative through 81 then just a few pages for 81-84

    • fuel leaking on mine usually means debris stuck in the needle valve, and if its flooding it wont run well. Hopt you got it sorted out, cheers.

    Mga sir Eto po yung sinasabi kong Knocking Sound pag katapos po gamitin yung E... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Mga sir.. Eto po yung sinasabi kong Knocking Sound pag katapos po gamitin yung E-Start. Hindi ko po alam kung saan nanggagaling yung knocking sound..

    • Tatakbo pa rin yan ng ayos maingay lang.. i bet you.

    • Mga sir's may paraan pa ba para hindi maluwag yung pagkakabit ng starter clutch assembly para walang tunog?? Napansin ko ulit kanina.. pag start ko using e-start.. may parang nagkaskasan na gear.. malakas na lagutok.. inulit ko ulit yung start kasi narinig ko yung parang nag kaskasan na gear.. ayun.. tahimik siya.. walang knocking sound pag naka idle.. pero nung sinubukan kong ihataw.. lumabas ulit yung knocking sound sa idle.. ano kaya pwedeng gawin para hindi maalog yung starter clutch assembly dun sa pinagkakabitan??

    • Wag mo isipin-