Just ordered the de restrictor kit. D can t wait to get that bad boy on — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Just ordered the de-restrictor kit :D can't wait to get that bad boy on

  • ha ha ha ha,,,, yes she wil be flying now,, it is well worth doing, now it is done you will realise how dangerous the bike is while restricted, now it can pull you out of trouble...

  • It felt alright restricted but yea I can definitely tell already over taking is now effortless cant wait to try the more open roads like highways and freeways :)

  • you are gonna love it,,,

Would the Yamaha raptor 350 gytr pipe fit my warrior — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Would the Yamaha raptor 350 gytr pipe fit my warrior

  • The plastic mounts are obviously different but the frame and the motor are basically the same

  • Raptor pipe will fit but the mounting tab will not line up. The pipe bend is slightly different. The frames are slightly different as well

  • Bottom end of the engine is pretty much identical. Heads will interchange, but camshaft bearings are different. Carbs are totally different as well as air box. I never measured, but I think the Raptor frame was a little taller above the engine than the Warrior. A-Arms and swing arm will interchange but the carriers are different offset where the rear brake caliper mounts.

The other day — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

The other day.....

  • and it looks better in person too. Seriously nice bike

  • Interested to know where front turn signals mounted on your bike

  • front turn signals...in that particular picture are not installed. I did however install some very small LED turn signals up front in the original brackets

Good evening some time ago a member posted the documentation provided by... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Good evening, some time ago a member posted the documentation provided by Pirelli for mounting the rear wheel off the 190, I can not find that file, someone could help me please if you remember .....

Thank you ........

  • There are no problems, Diego is a friend we were together again yesterday at Frecce Tricolori :-) :-)

  • Is your bike that one withe the red frame...?

  • I have not cut the frame, I do not like

Hi all been redoing my lighting circuit on the XS today and had the ignition on... — Yamaha XS650

Hi all, been redoing my lighting circuit on the XS today and had the ignition on for a while. I noticed that the right hand ignition coil got quite hot but the left hand coil is still cold (I haven't been running the bike, just got a battery charger on there). Thinking about it I have also had to replace the left hand spark plug twice as it stopped running on the left cylinder. I put that down to me not sorting out the carbs as it is still 'work in progress'. But maybe I have a problem on the left ignition circuit - any thoughts? Running standard points ignition. Thanks in advance

  • Mine did dat had a bad coil

  • Remember that your points are closed for most of the cycle. Thus, the coil is getting power. Coils don't like getting powered all the time.

  • make sure that one is not wired back to front

Quick question Is is normal that when im in Neutral and try to rev it kills... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Quick question. Is is normal that when im in Neutral and try to rev it kills the engine? I'm wondering if it's a safety feature or something. Thanks in advance.

Also isn't there suppose to be a kickstand safety feature?

  • ^Definitely doing that tonight

  • Figured out the stalling problem. My bike has been idling at around 8-900 Rpms. I looked online and it should be more around 1300. So I adjusted it and BAM DONE!

  • Now I just need to figure out this kick stand shut off issue. I think the switch is bad because I can unplug it, install it, push the switch manually/depress all in gear and the engine still runs!

    I need to fix this soon though I like this feature

SellingYAMAHA Sniper 135 HC

SellingYAMAHA Sniper 135/HC

newly register Till next year (august) 2013

All Stocknever been open ang engine..

27k odoall wirings are working...

newly tires..

rear set x1r yamaha orig..

Smoke glass tail light and signal light

seat cover.


Complete and legal all papers..

tire max pro 90/80 both

sprocket and chain

marikina area ako..


for faster transaction pm me your number or text me..

PUWEDE rin swap saRaider150 mio soul amore fino 2009 up

sana my set na yung mga mio pero maayos..

khit 65mmbore up,big head cams carb..

pang gilid pero kasama mga stock and presantable..

Price 58k neg


Undangan. To All members YMJT. Yamaha Mio Jawa Timur

Undangan: To All members YMJT (Yamaha Mio Jawa Timur)

Hari/Tanggal : Sabtu, 23 November 2013

Waktu : 09.00 Sampai Dengan 24:00

Tempat : Lapangan Hitam SCABA - Jember

Acara : Anniversary ICMJ (Ikatan Club Motor Jember) Ke 3 Th

Tema : All Bikers, All Brothers

Isi Acara antara Lain: Rolling Thunder, Fun Game, Lomba Modifikasi Motor, Sexy Dancer, Ladys Wash, DJ dan lain-lain,,

Besar Harapan Kami Untuk Kehadiran Rekan-rekan All member YMJT untuk bisa hadir berbagi kebahagian bersama kami dalam acara Anniversaryi Kami yang Ke 3, kami tidak peduli anda dari club/komunitas apa, dan kami tidak perduli dengan apa jenis kendaraan anda, Karena Bagi Kami All Bikers,, Kami Tunggu Kehadiran anda Dikota Kami,, Salam All Bikers, All Brother


Perwakilan Korwil dan Jajaran YMJT diwajibkan kehadiranya

Satu Rasa Sejuta Saudara


My Drugs — Yamaha V-Max

My Drugs..........

  • To ferrado.

    .minha droga ja virou coquetel..vmax e gts

  • My dugs also, but now I must be clean, it`s winter time in Germany

  • Lol. In winter's germany is impossible

— Yamaha FZ6R Owners

  • looks good chris! well done.. to lower the suspension does it effect much on the drive ability.

  • If you lower the front and not equally the rear than the steering is much more fast. That can be good or bad. It all depends on the rider. It's been said that you can lower the front 2" max but people usually prefer .5"-1.25".

    Quicker steering does not equal better handling. There's pros and cons so if you do it just test it out before sticking with it daily riding like that.

  • If you're wondering why I like mines at 1.5" it's because I like fast input for daily riding. I don't do high speed straight lines or anything serious with this bike anyways so I like the input, comfort, and looks. If you like going fast 1-1.25" max is probably more ideal since small bumps (road reflector,dip, etc) at high speeds won't really affect someone.

  • Should always lower both the exact same amount, if you lower the front more then the rear then you may find handling is diminished, when you brake the waight goes to the front end, if the front is too low then the back end lightens too much and your rear wheel will lock up easily.. The bike is factory equally balanced to give you the safest ride and the best performance,,

Ohh yea — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Ohh yea ;)

  • mine done it,

  • Yeah I have a juicebox on mine running marthy sport rev a , does everything great but doesn't do this:(

  • Foot warmer, I see nothing wrong here lmao. I ran tbr + jbpro & no plates. And never had it happen. Little air might be getting in somewhere from the headers back perhaps? I'd still go with the foot warmer aspect it's not too bad, but more can hurt your engine.

Any one using front braided brake line what brand did you get there are a few... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Any one using front braided brake line? what brand did you get? there are a few on ebay that range in price, are any better than others or are they pretty much the same?

  • Performance wise,, it wont make much diference to a stock bike and stock set of brakes,,, but it would look cool

  • I'm going to go with the over the Fender set up, much easier to install and will do the job just fine.

  • Yup, twin is easy to install,,, really easy,,

Photos from Aimee Reed's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

Good Morning, y'all. Happy I found this VStar group on FB. Nice to see posts from other Yamaha riders. I just got my motorcycle license and very first bike one year ago. I bought a 2009 Vstar 1300. I hadn't even been riding 6 weeks, and i headed straight to Deal's Gap to ride The Tail of the Dragon! Best time I ever had! If you haven't done it, put it on your bucket list!.....Total milage round trip from Houston to the Dragon was 2,600mi. Not too bad for my very first ride, i guess. Lol. I'm going back next summer. :)

Anyways, I look forward to seeing y'all's pics and posts on this group page. Ride safe.


Photos from Kevin Reid's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Port and Polished new CanD engine....dropping it in very very soon

  • almost forgot....I also grabbed the cut transmission output shaft from RPMl undercutting of 1st and 2nd gear as part of the work. SO NO SLIPPING WHEN RIPPING !!! LOL

  • Yeah, me and ben are both hoping ta be there, were trying ta get the finishing touches on our bikes done in time to be there. ya got a wicked ride man, hope ta meet u there. lol

  • we'll be there danny, the FJ gods demand this on us

As per Request of team mio mx 125 QC Chapter — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

As per Request of team mio mx 125 QC Chapter

Nov 16 2013

Take off Point Shell Tulyahan

take Mc Arthur Hiway straight Baliwag (intersection flyover)

@Baliwag take left until you reach the Mexico or Sta Ana intersection

@Mexico or Sta Ana, take the Magalang Arayat Road until you reach Mc Arthur Hiway again then straight to Tarlac City

@Tarlac City, Cabanatuan Contingent Meetup point, then take Romulo Hiway to Camiling Tarlac

@Camiling, take left to Mangatarem, Lingayen ( do not enter town ), Sual, Alaminos City to Bani ( kung maalala nyo ito sa sumama ng bolinao ride dito tayo huminto at nag regroup bago umuwi )

@Bani take the opposite road to Bolinao and you will reach Agno Town

approximate time travel 7-10 Hrs.. on cruising mode..

ride safe and enjoy, sa pauwi na kayo humataw....

picture will follow...

Klein Castillo eto na boss..

@Admin... thanks


  • Wow lau!

  • kita kits na lng d mga sir

  • Ingat!

Kevin Reid added 17 photos to CanD's transformation in Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT -. — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

CanD's transformation

  • Hi Kenton......the most notable difference was the new tire selection....hahhaha...yah....I would say the overall handling of the bike......I also changed to a Penske shock and R1 front and rear bakes....I also built my own (corbin) seat for more comfort at speed and while cruising.....I noticed right away the significant difference in the way the bike felt.....glides over the bumps now instead of shuddering.....and the bike now rolls gracefully in and out of the twisties....sooooooo smoooooth. I love it

  • Very, VERY nice! Quality mods you've chosen! I'm not a fan of the *bling* mods (man, I hate that word), but a big fan of *performance* mods and you have made some brilliant mods. Well done, sir. (Y)

  • Thank you Kenton... I appreciate that very much....Frank Moore was really my biggest inspiration..so I must pass the credit along......the one thing that I did that Frank did not...was the speedo clutch mod on the front forks....from my understanding...it has never been done before......I took a Thunderace speedo clutch and cut it into the FZ1 front fork so I could keep the stock speedo working...I have posted the mod in here if you want to see it... :) The other mod which I did that was my own creation was the seat...that is also an FJ mod original.....lol




I m about to ride the 93 mile trip to Lowes back on what was at first a cool... — Yamaha C3

I'm about to ride the 93 mile trip to Lowes & back, on what was at first a cool rainy day...The skies are clearing & I'm outta here! :)

  • I was hunkered down, behind my scoot's windshield on the way home trying to keep warm, watching the speedo stay at 40mph or better, the whole time...Fuel mileage was 90.56 mpg...

  • I'm wanting to ride Highway 72 from Memphis through North Alabama to the Natchez Trace Parkway, then south on the Trace waaay down into Mississippi. I'm only in the planning stages but I think 72 is four-lane divided highway just about the whole way. It may not happen until Spring. We'll see.

  • It's time for a new air filter & spark plug pretty soon, at my 15,000 mile service...



Data sementara club member YMJT yang sudah tertib dan bekrjasama untuk mengumpulkan LOGO dan FOTO CLUB yaitu :

Plat LW : WeAre Mioholic Sidoarjo, Mio Soerabaja,MIS sby,MAR'S,MICOS,PMsda,MAC'S,MPS


Plat M : MCB bangklan,MMCpamekasan,SMICsampang,YMCS sumenep

Plat P : MOG bwi,AMC srono,AMC asmbgs,MCBbws,YMCGgnteng,RMB,MPCpger,MCSstbnd

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Plat AG : GOTICngnjuk,YMCBblitar,MOC,Micki,MOKA,TMC,MOCHI,MI Sbltar,KOMIK

Yang hanya LOGO Club,FOTO CLUB BELUM :





Kami tunggu sampai tgl 10 Nov 2013 ,,mohon kerjasama dan ketertibanya,bisa kirim langsung ke PIN:293f6330 atw Whatsup 085608202040,081332333608

Salam Satu Rasa Sejuta Saudara

  • Uhuhg,,watuk tuwek

  • Awas manuk pilek

  • hai hi hi hi...

Hi guys — Yamaha XS650

Hi guys!

First post. Nice page

I own a 1066cc halco tuning monster that I'm busy making into a cafe racer.

She doesn't like to start

Runs like a demon when she does.

I have a decompression lever off a '74 on the left cylinder.

Busy taking the motor out to fit a decompression 'blue button' from a

Husqvarna chainsaw on the right cylinder.

Going to run new positive AND negative cables for the starter and battery, as well as lengthening the kickstart by 100mm.

It has a newtronic ignition.

Gonna reset it and put the engine back.

Wish me luck and any other suggestions would be much appreciated!


  • How the hell did u make it 1066cv

  • Cc

  • Big Holes :)

  • Well the builder stripped it all and did the calculations( see pics) and its actually 1180cc with a 10:1 compression ratio :-)

  • Holy tits!

Ok. So this engineer came past to check my bike — Yamaha XS650

Ok. So this engineer came past to check my bike.

Did a compression test. 11.5 to 1.

This is the formula that he wrote out.

He says we may need to redneck the head to bring the ratio down.

We need to measure the dome volume on the head by taking

A sheet of Perspex and holding it down and injecting Vaseline into the dome through a small hole drilled in the Perspex until full

Syringe is calibrated and can therefore measure dome volume.

The formula can then be used to work out how much we need to raise the head to get the compression down to an acceptable level.

Any ideas on what I should aim for?

Thank you

  • Thanks Dustin. Really food info :-)

  • Its all about the timing and carbs. Higher compression makes it harder to turn over.... not harder to start.

  • Thank you all! :-)

For your Info — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

For your Info:

There are several things that could hint at bad plugs.

- Hard starting.

- Slight to severe hesitation when you give the bike some throttle.

- Stalling, especially when you give the throttle a good twist

- uneven idling (tends to zoom up, or down, or sputters)

- After running the bike for a little bit, take out one of the plugs. If the end of the plug is wet, its not firing, and it could be oil fouling the plug

- take a look at the color of the end of the plug -- if it is white, its running too hot, and it can cause misfires

- look at the same area, and if it is covered in black soot, it can be poor gas mixture and dirt in your tank causing it to foul


Question nag palinis kce ako kahapon ng carb at change oil for maitenance — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Question, nag palinis kce ako kahapon ng carb at change oil for maitenance.. ngayun imbes na gumanda ang takbo... pumanget parang sobrang hina ng hatak at hirap umakyat ng 60kph.. pumupugakpa.. mali lang kaya ang pag kabit ng carb? and kailangan po ba religious ang papalinis ng carb kahit ok naman ang takbo?

  • uu humina... nag iba ang takbo di gaya ng dati isang piga mo lng kumakagat agad... ngayun parang hirap.. isa pa nawala kce ung parang hose dun sa air filter.. para lang syang tungkil.. san kaya makakabili nun

  • dalhin mo lang sa mech na nakakaintindi,,,

  • May sablay siguro kabit ng carb or mali tune-up.

My bike keeps burning plugs out is this bad news for my engine I put a new... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

My bike keeps burning plugs out....is this bad news for my engine? I put a new plug in today and it fired right up. anyone had this issue?

  • I say top end needs rebuilding in the near future . Mine

    Does that as well and has little smoking at 1st start up with choke on. I put a new plug in and after 3hrs of riding plug is black (not wet oil) just dry . I still runs fine and starts up every time so I just ride . It's not called a warrior for nothing lol

  • Rings are washing out. Need a new top end

  • I made Krispy Kremes with it today...It was fun...had to jump start it off my jeep...but the donuts were tasty!!

— Yamaha V-Max

  • Cool, there are a lot of similarities. I have a lot more chrome work done. Very nice bike.

  • looks good

  • Thanks

yamaha 97 still working on it bought one week ago and this is my second v max... — Yamaha V-Max

yamaha 97" still working on it, bought one week ago, and this is my second v-max, laser exhaust, it's the pictures on the day of purchase, and not long after the new pictures of light polishing up

  • for hours today, I changed my mirrors, carried the white writing on tires, modified front blinkers, he painted the upper part of the engine, lightweight polisher painted elements. soon fresh air photos, greetings ......

Alan Loquinario updated the description of the group Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Exclusive For SniperMX 5S 135LC Owners

/// Page for Aspiring Member of SMX Ph///


________________________________________ ______


https://www.facebook.com/group s/streetmonarchextreme/

President https://www.facebook.com/alan2 18

Vice President https://www.facebook.com/sese1 968?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


_____________________ _________________________

NORTHSIDE Chapters (21 members)

1.NACALBU (Valenzuela/Bulacan)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/arist otle.patag?fref=ts

Central Chapters (72 Members)

1.(West Caloocan/malabon/navotas/Q.C/Mla)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/thizz z20?fref=ts

2.(North Caloocan/Nova//Fairview/SJDM)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/ryan. rieta?fref=ts

3.EASTSIDE (Marikina/Antipolo/Rizal)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/dnumy ar.b?fref=ts

SOUTHSIDE Chapters (55 Members)

1.KILABOTS-(Pasay/LP/Pque/Ta guig)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/fredd ie.ibanez.7?fref=ts

2.ETI_VAC (Cavite)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/odie. perry?fref=ts

3.LAGUNA (Laguna)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/boybi lis?fref=ts

4.BONPEN (Bondoc/Peninsula)

Chairman https://www.facebook.com/richa rdteodylizaso.mendez?fref=ts

TRADING PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/group s/snipermx.ph.tr/

FAN PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/snipe rmx.ph?ref=hl


Apologies for basic question just bought a used attitude ltd — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Apologies for basic question, just bought a used attitude ltd

I notice the woofer pickup sits proud at the e string end and flush at the G string. Has it been badly fitted or is this normal?

  • However, I will add that my woofer is higher on the bass side than the treble - which is the factory setup. I would guess that it's so that it accentuates the low end more than high end - that's what the split P pickup is for.

  • Thanks Greg it sounds great anyway!!

  • it's true that the 4th string needs more space, but that is allocated via the neck radius

Artur Rusek shared SHOEI Polska's link to the group: Yamaha TDM 850 Club. — Yamaha TDM 850 Forum

This is mine and my daughter's trip to Europe and Asia on the TDM. 14000 km in 42 days.

Take part in a contest Shoei. If you like it, click "Like" and share with others. The PDF document a lot of pictures from the trip.

"Like" you can just click this link and this link only to convey. Others disappear somewhere.

https://www.facebook.com/shoei polska/posts/629687413737675

Thanks :)

Słabo idzie mi po angielsku to i w naszym narzeczu napiszę :)

To jest moja i mojej córki podróż po Europie i Azji na TDM. Przejechaliśmy 14tyś km w 42 dni.

Opowieść ta bierze udział w konkursie Shoei. Jeśli się spodoba, kliknij "lubię to" i udostępnij innym. W dokumencie PDF jest dużo zdjęć z wyprawy.

"Lubię to" można klikać tylko w tym linku i tylko ten link przekazać. Inne gdzieś znikają.

https://www.facebook.com/shoei polska/posts/629687413737675

Dzięki :)


BOY Babe puntahan kita ngayon wala akong pake kahit nagmahal na ang gasolina... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

BOY: Babe puntahan kita ngayon, wala akong pake kahit nagmahal na ang gasolina ngayon.

GIRL: Wait kita babe, Get ready

BOY: I love you babe, Hindi na ako makapaghintay makita ka. Pa alis na ako now.

GIRL: Okay but babe I'm on my periods, Just letting you know incase

BOY: na sira motor ko. Hindi na ako makakapunta dyan.

GIRL: Pahatid kana lang sa friend mo, Gaya ng dati

BOY: Bad news na baril siya kagabi ng holdaper, Di talaga ako makakapunta Sorry.

GIRL: Oh nvm, Hindi pa pala ako magkaka meron (Regla)

BOY: Katetext lang ng friend ko, lalabas na pala siya ngayon ng ospital at ihahatid niya ako ngayon. punta ako dyan babe.

GIRL: Shit! meron nga pala talaga ako, just did not notice the


BOY: Tangina na baril na naman siya! hindi na ako pupunta.


Mag kano po ba nagagastos kpag nag pang gilid ka sa Mio MX 125 para matulin... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Mag kano po ba nagagastos kpag nag pang gilid ka sa Mio MX 125? para matulin umarangkada.

  • pwede po ser ocram (y)

  • ah ok po. anu po ba ang pinka mgnda at safe na papalitan sa pang gilid at need rin po b mag palit ng pipe?

  • sir pra po sken sa experience ko ha?ng bola po ako ng 51 grams malaks cia sa arangkada pro s dulo d po cia gnun kalakas...at malaks din sa gas...hehehehe...ngyn ngpalit po akong tatlo 10 at tatlong stock ok nmn djmumudulo cia kya lng patay ang arangkada...gnun po ata tlg...ewan ko lng din po s mga master ng mx...

Photos from Smoked Version's post — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Boss Jason Bajenting , Allan Yee. Eto na yung salarin sa pagpalya ng mx ko. :-)

  • sakin nakadual hid stock battery and regulator pa but working yung kickstart.... at voltage stabilizer:)

  • Sige. Kuya june lang katapat ng lowbat. Heeheh

  • Mga sir's tanung ko na rin may lagutok kasi ako na narinig isang beses.. Parang nagkaskasan na gear? Ano po kaya yun?? Wala naman po tama yung Idle Gear.. And napansin ko yung washer dun sa sprocket.. Once na nakakabit na yung starter clutch assembly dun sa sprocket yung washer dun sa sprocket gumagalaw pa rin.. Pwede kaya lagyan ng manipis pa na washer para hindi maluwag yung washer dun sa sprocket??

Work in progress Engine running now Bodywork returned to black 1984 6 full... — Yamaha V-Max

Work in progress. Engine running now. Bodywork returned to black. 1984-6 full power now living in the UK. Lots of cleaning and polishing to do but may strip to repaint engine and powder coat the frame. Any advice thoughts appreciated.

  • Your bike has some really nice after market stuff too! She's gonna be a real stunner.

  • Working v-boost ?

  • Thanks Daniel Kennedy I thought about trying to go back to all original but the backrest, rad grill, etc needed. Not sure about the crossbar and may cut that off when sorting the frame. Thank Louis-carl Vignon the vboost kicks in nicely at 6000rpm. Now carbs are balanced it works much better.

guys hinahamon ako ng kaworkmate coh race daw kme skydrive all stock vs mio mx... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

guys hinahamon ako ng kaworkmate coh race daw kme skydrive all stock vs mio mx all stock palagay nyo same 125 mananalo kya aq sa sky drive

  • ang haba n ng thread.. kng wala ka paps tiwala sa mx mo and or diskumpyado k kc ikaw ang driver, abay wag mo n lng patulan ung karera..






    cased closed! nyahaha

  • I 2nd demotion

  • best answer k paps Allan hehe.. :D

sino dito taga Aklan o kaya yung taga region 6. kailangan ko tulong nyo — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

sino dito taga Aklan o kaya yung taga region 6? kailangan ko tulong nyo...

  • ok boss, salamat sa advise... kasi sabi ng dealer ng motor may nangyari narin dati sa customer nila at bottomline binayaran daw ng customer yung violation na hindi nman siya may gawa...

  • aw.. bkit gnun ang ngyare. di kya nkambal plaka? boss jason

  • pwide lang gagawin yan kung malapit lang ang lto na meron violation at kung ayaw mo ng ma abala at kung maliit lang nman ang bayaran. pro pag yang sa aklan ka pa pupunta ouch mahirap yun tsaka di pa alam kung ano ang violation kung traffic violation lang ok lang maliit lang ang penalty pro pano kung malaki ang violation like na ka hit and run criminal case yun kaya kailangan ma correct agad

— Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

  • because the first gens were CHINA JUNK they suck and second gens rule main reason they were only made for 2 years compared to the 15 year run the second gens have under there belt! Hahahaha

  • So servicable ball joints make them china junk? Gtfo somewhere and preach your shit somewhere else

  • Still think they should be replaceable.

Ok Progressive vs Geico. Who do you prefer — Yamaha V-Star riders

Ok, Progressive vs Geico? Who do you prefer?

Here's the deal. I lived in SoCal, was paying $249 per year for basic insurance on both of my bikes (2000 V-Star and 2011 Zuma 125). I called Geico to change my policy to Oregon, they quoted me $107 a year. When I moved up here to Oregon, they changed my quote to $199. WTF??? They wouldn't give me a reason. I call Progressive, they offer me same coverage for $158 a year.

Only problem I have is being able to pay the whole year up front. Geico will let me make payments for 9 months worth of instalments, Progressive wants it all up front, or pay $93.50 plus the 2nd month and a $23 payment fee.

My basic question is who has the better customer service? Flo or the Gecko?


Took the 1TX out for a little ride today — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Took the 1TX out for a little ride today.

  • yes mate, hopefully I'll be sending some pics in 2014, know the snowy mountain area very well & will be interesting to see how many 84s make the 30th anniversary

  • you ever been to oz?

  • I have never been. I have been to Europe and the Middle East.

Photos from Andy Chopper's post — Yamaha V-Max

Yamaha Vmax carbon body kit,

In mint condition, taken off my 2001 Vmax 10 years ago been in storage since. These parts have covered about 2000 miles the parts are original Yamaha parts not copies and the kit consists of carbon front mudguard with the mount/ brace, has a rubbing mark from speedo cable a carbon faux tank cover which is absolutely mint like new, side panels one has couple small marks, carbon rear mudguard with metal brace underneath and also comes with rear light with wiring, grab rail, billet indicators with wiring and the reflector. The metal number plate bracket has been trimmed down on side to fit a 6x4 number plate. All this for £500 ono.

Would prefer collection based in South Buckinghamshire, I could deliver locally at your cost or last resort to ship via courier at cost please bear in mind this kit is bulky and heavy so reflects in cost of shipping at £30.00 in UK only.

Any questions just ask.

  • Is the rear mud gaurd shorter than standard

  • no it is standard.

— Yamaha V-Max

  • Is the rear mudguard shorter than standard

  • Love the indicators what make are they

Why do I Ride — Yamaha V-Star riders

Why do I Ride?

I ride for the enjoyment, mostly. I'll ride with friends. I'll

ride with strangers. I'll ride alone, or with just about anybody

who enjoys Motorcycle riding. I really don't care much, which

ride you choose, so long as you'll show a mutual respect for

all else that is out there.

I love to have the wind in my hair. Feel the pavement beneath

my Bike. And to be able to smell the ever changing atmosphere

that is different with every mile that I travel. And every season

that presents itself. The hot August days are no better, for me

than those cool brisk mornings. Each offers up it's own unique


I prefer my own style of motorcycle. I can still appreciate that

you have yours. It's what makes us all different in our own ways.

My lust for the camaraderie is not huge. But it's gracefully accepted.

When I ride solo... It's just Me, my handlebars, my thoughts, and

my entitlements coming to fruition. When I ride with Friends, I get

to share in theirs. And with strangers, a promise of something new.

I'm not a thrill rider. I ride to relax. When I'm on a motorcycle I get

to see the world with a much greater appreciation. Smell the world

with an enhanced sense of love. Hear the world with a much different ear. And feel the world with a greater explanation of what reality really is.

I'll ride with 2. I'll ride with 20. ....200 or 2,000. It really doesn't matter, so long as I ride. I'll spontaneously ride, or plan a ride for weeks, or even months. Too often, my ride has destination, but I'll always know that, soon I'll ride without. It's those rides that afford the greatest appreciations.

When I ride alone, I care nothing about how others might view me. My thoughts are selfish. If my own compassion does not get demonstrated, I am nothing. If my courtesy isn't revealed, I am even something less.

When I ride with others, I ride in an orchestrated fashion. In order to

comply with harmonious continuity with any and all of those around me. When I ride alone, I simply make it up as I go.


A beautiful day in paradise at Lovers Key State Park FL — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

A beautiful day in paradise at Lovers Key State Park, FL

  • Nice pic!

  • Always a great place to hang.

  • We always hang out around there. Big Carlos Pass is nice to beach your toys.

  • like the tower

  • where can i BUY that one from i have a 2001 LS 2000

its Wintertime. bye v max — Yamaha V-Max

its Wintertime.....bye v-max......

  • Nice bike. Who made the seat?

  • That is a lovely photo

  • Nice

  • Nice pic.

Mga paps dba masyado maliwanag ang 2 rtd led headlight feedback po sa mga nka... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Mga paps, dba masyado maliwanag ang 2 rtd led headlight ? feedback po sa mga nka led .

salamat :)

  • Mas the best sa ignition kumuha ng supply direkta sa batt stable kuryente walng pundi .ganyan 2 rtd ko sa mx

  • yun sa akin sa ignition din kaso napundi pa din yung low nung isa kong rtd

  • Ok lang ang 2 led., mas maliwanag paring ang hid., pero batt consumption wise ok parin led., 3 months use so far so good., daily driven na naka sindi.,

Three red whites ultimate threesome this photo was taken yesterday had an... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Three red & whites = ultimate threesome :) this photo was taken yesterday, had an awesome first ride on my 84 FJ1100 with a mate who introduced me to these FJ beasts. His is the middle 1, a 86 FJ1200 on steroids, third bike is another 84 owned by a bloke who eats, sleeps & full throttles any FJ he can get his hands on

  • Just noticed the front turn signals on the bike in the middle of the picture....nice.

  • thanx, i love that bike, lmao

  • i was using the grass ta treat the rust that was comin outta them 84s, my bike didnt have a rust spot til it got sandwiched between those 2 girls bikes. lmao

Hey guys So I went to purchase oil today and realised I didn t actually know... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Hey guys. So I went to purchase oil today, and realised I didn't actually know what the best oil was! I was only able to get into a motor factors as the bike shops were closed so I got Castrol 10w40 semi synthetic motorbike oil. Haven't put it in yet, wanted to get some feedback before I did. Will this oil be ok??

  • Ross, not the 300v race oil, the 7100, it's full syth made for street use.. and yes, I've heard the 300v is only good for a few km/miles.. lot of track day riders use it as they are pushing the bikes hard for many hours and it holds up well.

  • Yes interesting read, considering that the company whose product came first was also responsible for the article.