• Photos from Rodel de Viana's post

    For Sale!

    Original Enkei stock mags for Yamaha Sniper classic.

    Price: Php 2,500.

    Condition: USED.

    Issue: Has scratches on rear mag only due to vulcanizing.

    Note: 100% No dents! May butas na din ung rear mag dahil dating nka rear disc brake conversion.

    *Firm price (ibig sabihin po ay wala ng tawad o bawas).

    *For pick up.

    *Meet up sa Tutuban Mall or any nearby areas.

    *For sure buyers only.

    *Re-replyan ko lng po ung bibili or ready for meet-up pra po hnd masayang ang oras at load natin pareho.

    *Check all attached pictures for you to see the condition of the items.

    Contact: 09179631861/09334656814

    • Lapit mo lng pla.. Gs2 ko tlga mag palit ng mags haha iipon tlga ko :)

    FZR Rims swingarm. Billet 6 calipers. Loads more that can t be seen — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    FZR Rims & swingarm. Billet 6 calipers. Loads more that can't be seen!

    • still ok doing all this?

    • tnx

    mga paps pa help namn magkasukat ba ung ung disbreak ng raider sa sniper natin

    mga paps pa help namn magkasukat ba ung ung disbreak ng raider sa sniper natin. ung sa likod na disbreak may bibenta kc skin e

    Mga master ask lang po Ayaw gumana ng speedometer ni emex ko Me fuse b to at... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Mga master ask lang po. Ayaw gumana ng speedometer ni emex ko. Me fuse b to at san located? TIA

    • Tama c paps Oliver Cruz hindi hinihinang yn ako 2yrs n mx ko aun 4x n ako palit cable lagi sa baba ang putol.sa pagkalobak mo yn or kaka atras mo ng motor.ryt b paps oliver?

    • Peace:)

    • Bumili ka ng bago paps.. wala pang 200 ung. Plug and play ang kabit wag ng magpapawis kc hndi effective ang paghinang nyan. Hehehe.. bili nlng paps... wala pang aberya

    Photos from Dan Alexander's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Fitted a new Hi Flo performance Yamaha Air Filter, this is just like K&N and will last the bikes life,, Just about to go out and test it,,,

    • Cool stuff. I'll message you, or txt if I still got your ph no.

      Yeah the fz6r looks quite tough as a tourer, it just needs better suspension & there wouldn't be much else to improve.

    • Indeed, as I will be carrying stuff moist of the time i might need to notch up the rear spring,,,,,,,,,, but yes the front is a bit soft too,,, i did see a kit for it somewhere though. but that touring screen is a must,,

    • I find the tinted double bubble OEM screen works really well at deflecting the wind. I've had one on both my fz6rs for years. Looks way better than the touring screen too.

    Tell me what s wrong with my vmax — Yamaha V-Max

    Tell me what's wrong with my vmax?

    Last night I started the bike and hopped on to go to the store. When I started to pull away from the curb, the bike hesitated pretty significantly which caused me to lose my balance and drop the bike. Engine dies, I look around for a bit to see if there's anyone on the street to help me pick it up. There isn't, so I get myself together to pick it up by myself, which I do. Bike was down between 30 seconds and a minute, I'd say.

    I let it sit for a couple of minutes and then try to start it. It won't start. First it acts like the battery is dead, then after an hour or so it turns over fine but doesn't even show a hint of spark. So I let it sit overnight.

    This morning I go to start it. It turns over a little hesitantly but doesn't start. I check the choke and realize it's been on this whole time, ever since before dropping the bike. I try again, this time while twisting the throttle a little. It turns over, I hear a pretty loud "clack" and then it starts.

    But it's running rough, missing, sounding like it's on two cylinders, and it immediately starts dripping gas from the exhaust. I turn it off and let it sit again.

    I figure last night it was flooded from falling, me twisting the throttle a couple of times trying to start it, etc, and that now it's not quite flooded anymore but there's still excess gas somewhere it's not supposed to be. I let it sit two or three more hours.

    About half an hour ago I went back to it, started it, and rode it half a mile or so. It started smoking- white smoke. Quite a bit of it. When I pull it over and turn it off, I see that it's now dripping a little oil, which appears to be coming from the lowest point of the exhaust pipe.

    So I brought it back home and turned it off and that's where things stand.

    I'm thinking head gasket? Cracked piston?

    Please tell me I'm wrong.

    • The dripping is most likely excess fuel, mixed with carbon, leaking from the joints in the exhaust...Run it,& that will clean out.

    • Micah Crown-Hunt do you have an update on your issue?

    • Some kid mechanic once goofed with my carbs and my bike would only run on 3 for a while and sputter, had to take it bacl tp shop foreman who set them back where they were, never a problem since. Carbs are factory set, and pretty touchy!???


    Dari Copas

    HATI-HATI!!!!! ...

    Bagi yg menggunakan naik motor/mobil terutama malam hari.

    Jika anda ketemu Polisi razia SIM STNK INGAT BAIK !!!!

    Mereka ada operasi terselubung untuk laporan naik jabatan atau target kejahatan NARKOTIKA yang belum terungkap di ungkap secara paksa dengan target secara acak.

    1. Waktu di stop polisi dan DITUNJUK berhenti di TEMPAT yg DITUNJUK....

    Tolong "JANGAN" berhenti ditempat yg DITUNJUK Ada JEBAKAN di situ.

    2. BERHENTILAH menjauh 3-5 meter dari tempat yg ditunjuk Sbb jika kamu terhenti ditempat yg ditunjuk Dibawahnya ada jebakkan brg NARKOBA terbungkus yg sdh disiapkan Kemudian polisi bilang : " brg kamu jatuh" (Sambil menunjuk bungkusan itu).

    INGAT !!!!!! # JANGAN anda ambil !!!

    Jika anda ambil ... Polisi segera menangkap anda, karena dengan jelas memegang barang bukti berupa NARKOBA yang sebenarnya bukan milik anda.Modus Polisi adalah Damai puluhan juta di tempat, jika tidak ada uang kesepakatan maka anda menjadi target sindikat narkoba jebakan POLISI untuk laporan naik pangkat atau target secara acak karena pelaku sebenarnya belum di bekuk reserse ...


    Sebarkan buat teman2 semua ... Agar terhindar dari jebakan.


    What kind of bikes or models can I take wheels and brakes from with less or no... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    What kind of bikes or models can I take wheels and brakes from with less or no modifications? I would like to have more low profile tires, better brakes and so on....

    • The easiest and next to no modification required. Use a 1987/88' FZR750R/FZR1000 front wheel, 17x3.5. Zero modification. Accepts FJ bearings and Speedo drive. For the rear. 1990-1998 GSXR750/1100 Wheel, sprocket carrier, caliper, caliper hanger, caliper torque arm. Use you OEM FJ axle and a 4mm washer next to the inside of the swingarm and bolt it together. 17x5.5

    • Tom, in the U.S. most use the year to refer to their bikes. In Great Britain, Europe and Australia, most use the model designation to refer to their bikes. FJ1200's have 3 model designations. 86'/87'=1TX, 88'-90'=3CV, and 91'-96'=3XW

    • Great information from all of you guys. I know there are a lot to learn...thanks for this. .. and your patient with a rooky on the FJ ;)

    — Yamaha XS650

    • Thanks Paul.S , sound like a very good ideer , i also hope i can use those FJ900 carbs if i get the jetting right. Thanks for that foto , i will send it to my friend who also have a XS650 and problems with his carbs!! He also have a FJ900 , and a lot of spare parts for it like ekstra carbs , so him and i will try those carbs on the XS650 and hope we can get it to go right???? Stay cool brother , we own the road........!!))

    • Hey Steen, I was using a set of old XS650 carbs that kept flooding and wouldn't run OK. Read about these on a forum and got a set. Really happy - no going back. Only change was a slight cut in the mounting bracket to miss the frame tube. Ride safe.

    • Well i will get me some GPZ500 carbs if they work that good for you , it´s also flooding carbs that´s my problem!!! Thanks again my friend , i´m very greatfull for your help , now i have some thing to go and work for... Thanks Paul and keep on riding.....!!

    With all due respect to the creators and admin of this group please allow me to... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

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    Photos from Bobot Edgar Madrid's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    try ko din mag post dito mga sir! salamat po! for sale sniper parts

    baka lang may magka gusto... Big Elbow Local DBS pipe... 1000 lang po

    tinikman ko lang .. balik na sa stock...(gawa lang po ito sa bayan)

    mono shock pwedeng pwede pa ,sa wala pang budget para sa brand new.. naka bili lang ako ng galing sa mx kaya pinalitan ko... 700 na lang po

    Pure stainless Grill pasadya lang po ito.. benta ko na din.. 1500. mahal kasi pagawa ng ganito..

    may starter din po ako ng shogun pro.. dipa nagagamit.. pinabili ng mekaniko, wala naman pala sira yong starter ko. sya pala ang may sira.. 650 lang po.. nabili ko sa 10th ave ito..

    dito lang ako sa bagumbong caloocan city.. near nova bayan

    • dito sa mot mot ko galing ang mga yan mga sir!

    • hm ung monoshock?

    • Sir saan po location mo? Salamat po

    • see more ... anjan loc ko

    Morning gents — Yamaha XS650

    Morning gents.

    Good progress.

    Expecting my cam chain guide from Germany, ceramic coated barrels and some polished covers back today!

    Wheels should be unlaced as well, for rechroming of the spokes and probably chroming of the hubs.

    Seat has been ordered and frame to be cut as soon as it arrives.

    One important issue is the ignition system.

    It's got a newtronics system which I believe has no auto advance.

    Is this correct?

    When we opened up the right hand cam cover there were just loose parts that fell out.

    I'm sure I'm going to have to find parts to complete this, or do I fork out for a Boyer system?

    I tried to contact Pamco but no response.

    I know this surely contributed to the starting issue.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    • Yes the Heiden filter/cooler. I bought the pump from "The Tired Kraut" google it. I had a couple of lube issues that pissed me off and cost me a crankshaft and top end from lack of oil but all good now. The pump delivers 50 percent more oil than the standard and in my opinion, for what it's worth is good value. I now have a quiet engine that is well oiled.

    • Hi John, there are 2 opinions for you.

    • Sorry, enter too fast. Send an Email in English to Wolfgang Hahn at Twinns INN (Distributor in Germany) or direkly to Stefan Graf in Switzerland (Producer). Kontakt see my first post. The NWZ Ignition is high quality. Simple to mount. I dont know the funktion realy and cant tell you something about tech. Specifikation.

    pa help mga sir. ayaw ng screw nung caliper cover. ma lose thread pag pinilit — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    pa help mga sir.. ayaw ng screw nung caliper cover.. ma lose thread pag pinilit

    • tska tama si sir kanin ako, di ka bibigyan ni jay boss ng di ok....

    • syan nga pala Dex Legaspi & Jay Boss.........14mm head bolt yan.........suggest ko lang ha....50mm dapat ang haba ng bolt mo, dahil maglalagay kapa ng 8pcs each na plain spacer para hindi tatama sa brake caliper......

    • nakabit na mga sir.. Tnx to Jay Boss sa pagpalit ng screw at sa sticker na racing boy.. Ty dn kay sir Kanin Ako sa mga tips.. nilagyan lng nmin ng spacer

    Anyone on here done a 3cv in 1100 or 1tx red white colours — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    Anyone on here done a 3cv in 1100 or 1tx red/white colours?

    • I like the idea but I never understood the white scoop on the red background. If I had one, I'd paint it to match the red. I do like the 87 1200 with the red on top and bottom and the pearl white in the middle.

    • I like the 3CV that is pictured, except IMHO I would do it true to the 86' and not put the Red FJ sticker on the fairing and I would use the blue Perimeter Frame Concept stickers.

    • The 3cv was always my first choice, i had a chance to buy an earlier one but the 3cv ticks all the boxes, plus easier on parts and no risk of second gear issues either

    Photos from Rodel de Viana's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    For Sale: Original Enkei stock mags for Yamaha Sniper classic.

    Price: Php 2,500.

    Condition: USED.

    Issue: Has scratches on rear mag only due to vulcanizing.

    Note: 100% No dents! May butas na din ung rear mag dahil dating nka rear disc brake conversion.

    *Firm price! (ibig sabihin po ay wala ng tawad o bawas).

    *For pick up.

    *Meet up sa Tutuban Mall or any nearby areas.

    *For sure buyers only.

    *Re-replyan ko lng po ung bibili or ready for meet-up pra po hnd masayang ang oras at load natin pareho.

    *Check all attached pictures for you to see the condition of the items.

    Contact: 09179631861/09334656814

    • im also selling my stock cdi including the bracket. PM ME UR best offer!

    • 200

    • cdi

    • pass

    With winters arrival in the northern hemisphere I was wondering how you handle... — Yamaha C3

    With winters arrival in the northern hemisphere I was wondering how you handle the cold weather and all that it brings. Do you park it or do you ride?

    If you ride what do you do differently?

    If you park it then how do you prep your scooter for storage?

    Inquiring minds need to know!

    • I have the large Yamaha C3 wind screen that mounts to the mirror mounts...LL Bean flannel lined jeans, Insulated wool shirt, & Polar fleece, wind proof jacket worn under an armored waterproof hoody riding jacket. Boots, insulated leather gloves that go above my wrists, and a long riding mask I wear under my full face helmet tucked into my jacket that lets me breath warm air from my chest and throat. The long gloves, mask & full face helmet are the secret...I regularly ride my scooters & Ural Motorcycle in 20 degree weather & haven't been this comfortable in 40 years of riding...:)

    • I ride on. only problem is rear break lever tends to freeze up. I just tighten up my boots and use my feet. still running the stock gripper tires.

    • Steven, I give you credit! It is possible but it is hairy in snow. I did a night run on snow about a week and a half ago. It was fun but I could never commute or count on that for getting around. You are a wild man!

    Magandang araw po mga PROS — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Magandang araw po mga PROS!

    Pahingi nmn po ng advice kung ano po dapat gawin kasi ung manibela ko eh tabingi ang hirap po bumihaye masakit sa balikat.

    Lalo na mahaba po ang biyahe ko araw araw.

    Dinala ko na sa ibang mikaniko kaso ang ginagawa lng nila is pinipihit lang ng pwersado ang manibela mapakaliwa o mapakanan.

    Ano po kayo ang magandang gawin?

    Sana po yung serious na sagot.

    Respect post po please.

    Salamat Po sa inyo. At magandang araw muli.

    • Okey noted po.

      Maraming salamat po sa tulong.

    • Tanggalin mo ang BATOK na plastic fairings sa scooter mo, makikita mo ang Main T-post, 14mm box wrench pahila-paibabaw ang higpit, check ko ang sentro ng golung mo, parang sa bisekleta lamang yan napaka dali nyan, at NAPALAKING GAGOT-TAMAD ng pinagkunan mo ng motor dahil inutil sila sa kanilang aftermarket service, pero alugin mo ang manibela, kapag napansin mong umalog ang center post ng hindi ordinaryo, as if may play sya eh ibalik mo sa pinagkunan mo at may diperensya ang t-post bearinga nyan!

    • Tama ka sir Kanin Ako di man lang nga sila mag effort na check ang loob ng motor ko.

      Sige po gagawin po namin mga itinuro nyo.

      Salamat po muli.

    Missing my bike so came to check out some of your rides to get my bike riding... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Missing my bike so came to check out some of your rides, to get my bike/riding fix... so keep sharing all your posts!

    Our summer riding season is only really beginning, but my bike has been in a bike shop for the last 3 weeks because the retainer bearing in the shaft drive went, leaking oil out over my back tyre. She's done over 65,000km and it's the first failure, so I think she's done me right, but apparently this is an elusive part that is difficult for the bike shop to get a hold of here in Melb Aus, supplier order made 3 weeks ago and still no part.

    Patience is not my strong point, but I am very much looking forward to that ride home from the bike shop... whenever eventually that may be. Then I can make up for lost time.


    isang magandang umaga sa inyo sakin hindi tatanong lang ako dito sa mga... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    isang magandang umaga sa inyo..sakin hindi..tatanong lang ako dito sa mga master..kanina papauwi ako hang tumatakbo ng 120kph si sniper biglang namatay yung makina pero nakailaw padin yung speedo ko.kahit anong start ko sa e start ayaw mabuhay..sinubukan ko sa kick nabuhay naman uli yung makina pero anatagal..eto ang problema ko ngayon. may lumalagatik na sa makina banda..ano kaya problema ng motor ko..help naman..balak ko ipunta sa monkey werkz kaya lang baka di kayanin ng sniper at baka lalong masira ang makina habang nasa byahe..


    — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    • that's a beautiful bike and Trans Am Leon...that car brings back some memories

    • My '79 TA was dark blue with that 'bird' on it. The one car that I really wish I would have kept ... that, and the '70 Gran Torino Sport. ... ah youth ... 'tis wasted on the young. LOL!!! :D

    • After seeing 91 models like yours, I wish I had stayed with the stock colours on mine.... what a gem, Leon.

    I picked this one up this past summer for free. 1993 with 180 000 miles — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    I picked this one up this past summer for free. 1993 with 180,000 miles. Still runs great!

    • Leon Marker, great to hear. Mine is a 93, same color as your 180k bike. Still have ABS and still works great....saved my bacon many times. Question? Do the crash guards intruded in anyway on the legs, feet? Do you ever bash your shins on em getting on & off the bike?

    • I assume you are speaking about the bars on my 91? They are not even noticed while getting on/off or riding. They are very well built and positioned. I may get some for the 93 just as insurance if a tip over occurs they will safe the engine cases from damage.

    • Nice!!!!!

    I soldered cables today and bought color coded contacts from Neutrik It s a... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    I soldered cables today and bought color coded contacts from Neutrik. It's a great way of keeping track of which cable goes to where down the chain when running it in stereo. :)

    • Kris Gibbins, i was about to do that and then replace one of the mono jacks on the bass with a stereo jack and add a mini switch so i can put the tip from one pickup over to the ring from the other. Then i read about Rickenbacker's Rick-o-Sound and some hassles with that configuration. Iow, splitting cables/split boxes and some failiures with stereo jacks.

      To cut down the bulk i am trying those cables right now with the same contacts as well: http://shop.klotz-ais.com/cgi- bin/quickorder/lshop.cgi?actio n=showdetail&wkid=1385403728-5 111&ls=e&nc=&rubnum=&artnum=TP 414_&file=&gesamt_zeilen=&p8=

      That Klotz cable is not ideal for stage work though, so i am searcing for a sturdier twin cable. For multicore cables, Mogami are supposed to be very good if you want a multicore cable. All manufactures have multicore cables afaik. :)

    • I've been using a dual mono audio cable for a good 2 or 3 years now. Essentially two slim mono cables joined together - like earbud cables.

      Even though it's quite a slim cable I've never had any noise or interference issues:

      http://www.thomann.de/gb/cordi al_cfu_6_pp.htm

    • PS, I have coloured electrical tape on each end of the cable to identify, and the same coloured tape above each socket on my bass (a la Billy), and coloured tape on the inputs of my pedal board, and each side of my TC Nova Dynamics so I can easily identify. I chose red and green tape so they correspond to the knob colours of the Boss LS-2 that I use for mixing both signals together.

    I had a bad wreck in August and totaled out my 2012 fz6r that I had purchased... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    I had a bad wreck in August and totaled out my 2012 fz6r that I had purchased new.

    I'm still mending up, collar bone and a couple ribs still broken and might require one more surgery to fix the clavicle.

    My goal is by next riding season to have another bike.

    The members of my club are encouraging me to get a more powerful bike as they all have super sports

    I really liked my bike I had it for a little over a year and had 11,000 miles on it when I wrecked. I do a hour commute to work 3-4 days a week and rode the bike on any day that had nice weather.

    I really like the 2014 FZ6R and am considering for a purchase.

    If you had a choice of getting a new bike which would you choose and why??

    Oh and please wear your gear all the time :)

    • I do enjoy the bolt spec r, 543 pounds with 950 cc.damn that motor gets hot.legs real close to motor.and my peg problem, ha

    • is easy to do,, lol,,, off to work now,,,, another back shift is calling me,, best part? i get to ride to work each day ;)

    • I'm just about to turn 40 so I'm getting in as many super sport miles as I can before its time for a Strom or a big ol' beemer

    Photos from Albert Aian Perez's post

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    Alan Loquinario updated the description of the group Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    Exclusive For SniperMX 5S 135LC Owners

    /// Page for Aspiring Member of SMX Ph///

    TRADING PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/group s/snipermx.ph.tr/

    FAN PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/snipe rmx.ph?ref=hl


    ________________________________________ ______


    https://www.facebook.com/group s/streetmonarchextreme/

    President https://www.facebook.com/alan2 18

    Vice President https://www.facebook.com/sese1 968?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


    _____________________ _________________________

    NORTHSIDE Chapters (29 members)

    1.NACALBU (Valenzuela/Bulacan)

    Chairman https://www.facebook.com/arist otle.patag?fref=ts

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    Chairman https://www.facebook.com/Lei.a lbano03?fref=ts

    Central Chapters (78 Members)

    1.(West Caloocan/malabon/navotas/Q.C/Mla)

    Chairman https://www.facebook.com/thizz z20?fref=ts

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    Chairman https://www.facebook.com/ryan. rieta?fref=ts

    3.EASTSIDE (Marikina/Antipolo/Rizal)

    Chairman https://www.facebook.com/dnumy ar.b?fref=ts

    SOUTHSIDE Chapters (61 Members)

    1.KILABOTS-(Pasay/LP/Pque/Ta guig)

    Chairman https://www.facebook.com/fredd ie.ibanez.7?fref=ts

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    FAN PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/snipe rmx.ph?ref=hl


    Heh the fella who taught me how to ride in the twistys came over yesterday — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Heh, the fella who taught me how to ride in the twistys came over yesterday.

    I lent him the FZ6R.

    His consensus:

    -The Bike is very forgiving & easy to handle, it tips into the corner a bit like a supersport.

    -the seating position is comfortable, but a bit cramped..(I have raised the pegs, though).

    -the performance is quite good for a 600cc bike..

    ..so long as the revs are kept between 5,500-7k rpm.

    ..with 8-10k rpm being ideal for acceleration.

    All in all a fun bike.

    He passed me in the twisties between here & There.. After having followed me & my big bruiser for a few hours..

    He was maintaining 150-170km/h & all I could do on the XJR1300 was keep up with him..

    ..even thou it could easily accelerate faster out of the turns if need be..

    ..the XJR was showing the cornering limits of its 1970's era frame design & I wasn't keen to push myself & the bike at the same time...

    It would have been a different story if I'd been on the fz6r

    Very fun though, the best bit was sending him home on his KLR650..he would have felt oh so agricultural..


    I have seen Harley rims ran on some chops but not sure what to do about gear... — Yamaha XS650

    I have seen Harley rims ran on some chops but not sure what to do about gear ratio. The xs650 has around 32 or 34 tooth on rear most Harley are around 48. Not sure how big I can go on front sprocket. Any thoughts????

    • Saw it before probably the best looking roller I have seen on hear. Very nice!!!! Who's rear section is it??

    • thanks buddy!

      ardcore 4 inch stretch 2 inch drop seat!

    • Change your rear sprocket ?

    Date not to miss — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    Date not to miss:

    8th December - Kentagon at Brands - Open Day

    Everyone is welcome to the open day we have for new racers joining Bemsee to start their racing life.

    Its always a great event and Im sure some of you reading this actually went to one. What you know now eh!

    Its great to have as many rookies there from this year (all classes) as there is nothing better than having the new lads and lasses talking to someone who has been through their first season. Its fresh from the experience and we hope, as a club, we have made your racing the best it can be. Its about talking and reminiscing and encouraging those to give up track days and come racing.

    So if you are a 2013 rookie please come along as we need you, and if you are an equally important member of the club in any class with many years under your belt, you are very welcome too.

    Its a good end of season get together over a beer or OJ and discuss 2014...its not long!

    Looking forward to seeing you all there and remember to encourage those track day gods you know to come racing. We'll get it all sorted on the 8th.


    • 2 stroke riders the more the merrier

    • We all like abusing Pix....thats his job!

    • :-(

    the beasts are now ready for their first legal ride these bikes were built... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    the beasts are now ready for their first legal ride. these bikes were built with no $$$ apart from fork seals, oil & paint. many thanks to a freaky looking monkey who lives in a forest for donations/parts swapping & a cave dwelling blood nut who drinks avgas for breakfast, you 2 both deserve a turkey slap!

    • Yeah. Fj s are the best will never let go of mine

    • I want more of em, only pre 90s though, theyre tough as hell. lmao. i put a restraining order on that honda 2 days ago, havnt u been served yet??? lmao

    • you'll turn that honda into something hellish but stuff your nitro, you couldn't get to my kill switch, i bypassed that, have an implant in my slug that controls her now, danny fitted it, he fixed the carbs, removed a chunk of metal from 1 carby that was thicker than 100 bees dicks, just have to chuck those vacuum guages on her 1 more time when the pods arrive. then we ride to yours & tea-bag the hell out of that honda

    SINO DITO NAKA UPGRADE ANG ENGINE NG MIO MX 125 NILA anu po ba result nid your... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    SINO DITO NAKA UPGRADE ANG ENGINE NG MIO MX 125 NILA.....???? anu po ba result nid your honest opinion and comment SALAMAT..... nag babalak me mag upgrade eh...


    • ang bibilis nyo mga papa

    • ba bike nlng ako papa Donn Seguerra.. :)

    • nyahaha..

    Bling makes the Yammy go zing. new Penske rear shock for 93 FJ1200 — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    Bling, makes the Yammy go zing (new Penske rear shock for 93 FJ1200)


    Here s info for anyone in Brazil for upcoming clinics — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Here's info for anyone in Brazil for upcoming clinics:

    Nov 25 -Carneiro Music, VILA VELHA . Phone (55) 27 3320-6000 www.carneiromusic.com.br

    Nov 26 - Harmonia Musical, GOIÂNIA. Phone (55) 62 3241 0731 www.bolshoipub.com.br/

    Nov 27 - A Serenata, BELO HORIZONTE - Phone (55) 32 3211 1301 www.aserenata.com.br

    Nov 28 - Made in Brazil Megastore, SÃO PAULO - (55) 11 5094 4466 www.madeinbrazil.com.br

    Nov 29 - EM&T Music & Technology School, SÃO PAULO Phone (55) 11 5012 2777 www.madeinbrazil.com.br www.territoriodamusica.com/emt/

    • Sorry---that's all I know (I never know any details!)

    • Will there be a clinic in Sweden in the future? I could not attend to the one in Stockholm at Estrad Musik some years ago when you was there. They still have the signed Attitude bass on their wall in the store! :)

    Iv got a 2000 yamaha warrior that backfires at idle Any ideas on what it could... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    Iv got a 2000 yamaha warrior that backfires at idle? Any ideas on what it could be

    • So I adjusted valves no change, almost sounds like it misses and then backfires. Gonna check all connections and see if there is any corrosion or water

    • Wouldn't it only backfire if the jet was stopped up or it had an aftermarket exhaust?

    • sounds like you have to richen up the air fuel screw a lil bit. start at 2 1/2 turns out and might have to go out 3 try 1/8 of a turn at a time

    A question for Yamaha ATD LTD fans is the 25th anniversary version limited only... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    A question for Yamaha ATD LTD fans, is the 25th anniversary version limited only to 50 basses? *question edited


    Photos from John Goodenough's post — Yamaha XS650

    Powder coaters.....

    • My frame was powder coated over 10 years a go, I have got all kinds of cemicals on it including brake cleaner and it didn't even take the shine off. A wire wheel works good to take it off, and doesn't harm the metal under it.

    • I should also specify that the brake cleaner made contact with the coatings edge. It was most likely able to seep under it.

    • Powder coating is an electrostatic process so particles are attracted to every nook and cranny and once the heat kicks in your in melt down. If it's done right you can kiss goodbye to corrosion. I've had a number of frames done and they look the business.

    Are yamaha blasters as fast or faster then a warrior — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    Are yamaha blasters as fast or faster then a warrior

    • I used to beat all over my old friends blaster. Then it blew up and he had a vitos kit installed. And i still beat on it. And then it blew up again. I havent heard of a blaster lasting that long around my area. Id never buy one over a warrior

    • warriors are faster then blasters. a blaster is not a bad machine but they are made for smaller or should i say are better suited for smaller riders.

    • Spending the money on my warrior insted

    Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    YPM @ NEC update -

    Things are all set - Trevor Sharpe has done an amazing Job at making this happen - He and Martin Pearson are going to set up tomorrow and we have 20 people across the 10 days manning the stand - Thanks to Graham Higlett for the use of his bike and all others that have contributed something to it.. Thanks to https://www.facebook.com/pages /Crowthorne-Insurance-Services -Ltd/548738875178358?fref=tsfo r the Public Liability and to Blue Candy for doing the t shirts at such short notice.

    The 100 tickets are pretty much sold so if you helped reach out to folks thanks a lot. We are on stand 2c66 please drop by and say hello


    • Well done all, a great job.

    Question whats the best at a decent price cam to use on the bike I looked at... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Question, whats the best (at a decent price) cam to use on the bike, I looked at go pro and also had a look at the sony action cam, few others out there too,,, I would like one i could put on the bike and helmet and also use a mic with,,,

    • Dont ask me, I fucked up and bought a contour

    • I used to love contours until I saw the gopro in action.

      I realize the gopro is not the cheapest but it's very easy to set up, use, and gets great reviews all around.

      I saved up for the GoPro Hero 3 Black. I control it with my iphone so makes life easy for me as I can preview exactly what I see as well as record, stop recording and can play what I just recorded as well as delete it. Very convenient.

      The quality is very good! I'm sorry I don't have any ride videos with it but for reference here I am using it at dusk to give you an idea that even though it's getting dark it's still very clear.


    • Also if it matters I was shopping for a long time. Was reading and researching for that perfect yet affordable action type camera and because of the accessories available, quality, ease of use, and customer service the gopro hero 3 black was the only way to go.

      The white and silver models are decent but for a little more you can't regret the hero 3 black.

    • Cheers guys, yup I was thinking the go pro would be the best, just wanted re-assured,,

    • Gopro is like the iPhone of cameras. If I didn't get a good deal on my drift camera, I would've went gopro

    Ok so did the exhaust as you will know still cant get a good recording of the... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Ok, so did the exhaust as you will know,, still cant get a good recording of the sound, but here is a quick one i did out the front of the house, obviously i had to restrain myself cause of neighbours, but out on the open road and accelerating hard it makes more of a diference,,, but even tickover is a vast improvement,, sounds the same but more growl...


    Pateo el vrr y cada tanto baja libre no engrana o sino cuando la pateo hasta el... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

    Pateo el vrr y cada tanto baja libre no engrana,o sino cuando la pateo hasta el fondo no vuelve la patada que puede ser?

    • segui los consejos pero igual estoy en la misma arme y desarme unas pares de veces y no hay caso me devuelve la patada como con contraexplocion como que no desengana,aveces no vuelve,tiene poco recorrido,todo eso..antesdeayer me habia calentado y deje todo como estaba hoy mas tranquilo voy a ver si pego suerte!!

    • los resortes aparentemente se ven bien,la moto antes andaba perfecto nose que pudo aver pasado

    • El resort cumpa la mia tiene los mismo

    OK posting the photo directly on to this page rather than sharing as folk on... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    OK, posting the photo directly on to this page rather than "sharing" as folk on this site/group reported they couldn't see it. Oh, and welcome to the New Communist Queensland, this fine Thursday morning, 21st of November 2013. In the late hours of last night the Amendment Bill was quickly rushed through QLD parliament ... it is chilling. Anyway, here's the commentary that goes with this important article/photo:

    "Well, friends we have taken this to the media and I am delighted to have been part of the initial blow from the common man. Read the article in the attached JPEG/Photo of a new article posted in the Weekend Bulletin (16/17 Nov, 2013). Will (photo on the far right) is my patient and he has had the strength, despite struggling more than you can know (and more than he even remotely implies in his comments here), to stand up and say "hey, leave me alone, I've had enough tragedy in my life without society reinforcing it for good". This man VOLUNTEERED his time to train others at the PCYC, and is a true gentleman in in my rooms when he comes to see me. He has given me explicit and complete consent to use this article, as he wishes to help others. It is true, he WAS dis-robed INSIDE A STARBUCKS despite the staff there informing the police they "know him well, that he is a lovely bloke and never caused any trouble to anyone". The police stripped him down anyway, to the horror of other customers. The article speaks for itself. I am treating him for severe depression that has developed over a life of hardship and social rejection due to physical deformities and lack of access to education. He was orphaned at birth and when fostered out he was abused. I saw Will again just TWO HOURS AGO and beneath those muscles and tattoos is a really sad person who spends his time on his own reading books about spirituality, self-growth and self-discipline. He is a tea-totaller. He is also considered by the police to be WORTHY OF A DEGREE OF SCRUTINY MORE INTENSE, AND CERTAINLY DIFFERENT, FROM OTHERS ... BASED PURELY ON HIS APPEARANCE.


    My build of two years ago for Vintage MX in our Evolution class — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

    My build of two years ago - for Vintage MX in our Evolution class -

    1982 IT250 - still had the tools in the pouch when I found her!


    YZ forks w/ Gold Valves

    Motor to Eric Gorr

    YZ250 pipe and silencer

    Race Tech Shock (I now have a new improved shock on her, with the Race Tech external reservoir with both High and Low Speed comp adjustment.)

    This machine will HOLESHOT - YZ 490, YZ465, CR480, Maico 490 etc - everyone thinks its a built IT490...


    My buds say its a bike that will slap you in the chin any time you arent careful with the throttle !!

    • how much and where from???

    • Stuart Neal- race tech here in the US of A for the shock, gold valves are available from just about motorcycle parts supplier, motor mods are by mr Eric Gorr (goggle will talk you to him!) he has done 3 motors for me now - all stunning

    • thanks Scott..Ill look them up

    my current bass i built based on Billy s The Wife bass with a mix of the... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    my current bass i built based on Billy's "The Wife" bass with a mix of the attitude bass

    • yeah its a really great material really strong i to have it directly bolted in with thicker and longer screws just so im confident its not going anywhere :)

    • Yeah its a nice feeling being on stage knowing your bass isn't going anywhere!

    • definitely

    Kr 150 vs vrr 150 cual es mejor — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

    Kr 150 vs vrr 150 cual es mejor?

    • qedate con el vrr la mejor moto que tengo la comprre con 21mil km reales y aora tiene 97mil y recien aora enpeso a joder todo pero estan bien cumplidos los kmh algindia tenia q joder

    • Vrr 150 toda la vida

    • La comparacion ideal para correr seria KR 150 contra el TZR 150 o el TZM 150 de yamaha, con YPVS .... pero no hay de esas aca =(

    FZ6R Exhaust Hammer Big Screwdriver 3 4 inch Diameter road Interesting Sound — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    FZ6R Exhaust + Hammer + Big Screwdriver + 3/4 inch Diameter road = Interesting Sound. I know many would deliberate the ethics or even stupidity of doing this, but for many years I have altered exhausts, I did think of cutting mine open and altering the internals then welding it back up with a bigger outlet pipe, this way it would still look like the original if I were to sell it. But today I was bored, so whilst cleaning the bike, I went out back to my toolbox and retrieved a big hammer, a big heavy flat end (and sharpish) screwdriver, and also a steel bar or rod three quarter inch thick. I entered the screwdriver into the exhaust hole as far as she would go, then a swift swipe with the hammer and she was through to the internal chamber, i pulled the flat end out and turned the screwdriver half way and did the same again, it created a hole in the internal pipe like a cross, then i took the round bar and put it on to the cross hole, a quick hit with the hammer and the bar was through to the chamber. I took the bike out for a ride to see the difference, or should i say if these was any. To my huge surprise there didnt seem to be much sitting revving, but when you ride her and give her some gas she sounds quite good, still not noisy but a louder sound with a nice low grunt about it, you can deffo hear it and it is a vast improvement to the stock exhaust. There is a slight feel of better performance in her too, she seems to take off quicker and pulls up her speed much easier and quicker, the only down side is that you do get a little popping in the exhaust when decelerating, but that isnt really an issue, infact it is quite good. If you are sitting still and rev the bike, the revs seem to pop up much quicker too. Looking at the exhaust you wouldn't know it was done unless you get a torch and peer deep inside the exhaust... Would I recommend doing it? I would never recommend taking a hammer and screwdriver to any part of your bike, but if you are fed up with the quiet sound from her, and dont want to go to hundreds of dollars expense, then this is a quick fix solution to give it that bit more grunt... I took a video of the sound, you really cant her it on the video much,,

    • Will be interesting to see the db test results, between that and the air box mod I'm guessing it would be a decent improvement over standard.

    • Im just posting a vid Brett, one second,,,

    • 6




      Setting the diagnostic mode

      1. Turn the main switch to “OFF” and set the engine

      stop switch to “ON”.

      2. skip to step 3

      3. Simultaneously press and hold the “SELECT”

      and “RESET” buttons, turn the main

      switch to “ON”, and continue to press the buttons

      for 8 seconds or more.

       All displays on the meter disappear except the

      clock and tripmeter displays.

       “dIAG” appears on the clock LCD.

      4. Press the “SELECT” button to select the CO

      adjustment mode “CO” or the diagnostic

      mode “dIAG”.

      5. After selecting “dIAG”, simultaneously press

      the “SELECT” and “RESET” buttons for 2 seconds

      or more to execute the selection.

      6. Set the engine stop switch to “OFF”.

      7. Select the diagnostic code number that applies

      to the item that was verified with the

      fault code number by pressing the “SELECT”

      and “RESET” buttons.

       The diagnostic code number appears on the

      clock LCD (01-70).

      To decrease the selected diagnostic code

      number, press the “RESET” button. Press the

      “RESET” button for 1 second or longer to automatically

      decrease the diagnostic code numbers.

      To increase the selected diagnostic code number,

      press the “SELECT” button. Press the

      “SELECT” button for 1 second or longer to automatically

      increase the diagnostic code numbers.

      8. Verify the operation of the sensor or actuator.

       Sensor operation

      The data representing the operating conditions

      of the sensor appears on the trip LCD.

       Actuator operation

      Set the engine stop switch to “ON” to operate

      the actuator.

      * If the engine stop switch is set to “ON”, set it

      to “OFF”, and then set it to “ON” again.

      9. Turn the main switch to “OFF” to cancel the

      the diagnostic mode.

    Gud morning mga paps Ask lang ganun po ba talaga kambyo ng sniper r minsan...

    Gud morning mga paps.. Ask lang ganun po ba talaga kambyo ng sniper r minsan matigas minsan malambot.. May tyempo syang hirap magbawas lalu na pag nasa trecera at sugunda.. Matigas ikambyo,, normal po ba mga paps sa de clutch yun?? T.y po

    • swing arm 8k.un shifter nbenta q n..nk racing boy v3 n aq..wl p update ng pic kc ndi p tpos project hehe

    • ưu pdeng pde mag adjust dun dpt tlaga s taas nag aadjust kso kakatamd mag bklas ng ferings hehe

    • sayang d ko pa inabot shifter nyo sir.. anyway thanks po ng marami sir jeck.. mya po pag uwi adjust ko na..

    Here is something I am considering doing with my 3CV — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    • I think its pretty cool and different.

    • It's ugly.

    • they dont fit very well and the delivery time is about 8 months

    Mga sir ask ko lang anu kaya problema ng mx ko Nung nrereach ko na 100kph... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Mga sir ask ko lang.. anu kaya problema ng mx ko. Nung nrereach ko na 100kph parang naglilimit sha. nka pipe nko tpos stock lahat. Nu kaya problema? Tia.

    • bos d po nag match ung pipe mo mlaki masyado exhaust.. balik mo sa stock pipe balik sa dating takbo yan.. bkit po kayo mag rerejet ng carbs?? eh stock po ung motor nyo boss lalo ng mwwalan ng takbo yan..skin kumpleto pangilid ko pero gmit ko stock pipe lng ganda gumalit ng makina top speed ko 120kph.. ska nlng po kayo mag open pipe or power pipe kung me karga na..or nka pangilid na po kayo.. patono nyo nlng po sa marunong boss.. wag sa mga tono tonohan lng..sna po mkatulong..

    • sir laguna din ako kung tga calamba ka try mo po kay sir melvin mron ata tinda dun...pnu nyo nssbe may limiter?nrrmdman b yun?kc dti nung pure stock ako hangang 100 lng po tkbo ko sagad...may angkas p po ako nun yung gf ko ang weight ko ay around 80kgs tpos ang gf ko mga 50kgs po...ok lng b yun?

    • Mgppanggilid ako boss Richard Egipto kaso kinapos budget kya triny ko muna bolahan. D ko p nptono s mekaniko ko nging busy kc s karera s biñan. :-) nahingi lng opinion boss bka kya ko gawin.