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I have a dumb idea! Like often ;).

Does anybody have experience with this dual Flamethrower Exhaust Kit on a Vmax in combination with a Dynatek ignition? They stated in their FAQ that there is enough unused fuel in the mufflers for some 1 to 4 foot flames.

Is this possible on a Vmax? I don't want to add extra fuel to this modification. It isn't allowed in Germany anyway so I don't want to walk this route.

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Photos from Briant Santos's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

for sale 75k or for swap sa SMX..

FINO 2011


mtrt head 29.5 25

mtrt intake manifold

mtrt 14 gear

mtrt oil breather

mtrt lighten pin

mtrt clutch spring 1500rpm

specv 63mm SB block

SPS 7.3 cam

keihin 28mm carb

MRC s3 racing pipe

racing boy mags 20 spoke

quick tire 60/90 front 95%

70/90 rear 95%

dbs dis plate

seven speed front shock

ttgr rear shock

nouvo crankcase

ms motosuit seat cover

LED light

option 1 susian

chicken brake pad rear

ken block replica laminated.

almost 2 months plng po mga parts at ng unit skin

.. babae po may gamit dati, 19k kms nung nabili q,

23,500 kms n ngaun.

no LTO alarm.

nakarehistro until june 2014

txt or call sa interesado..


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    Photos from Briant Santos's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    for sale 75k or for swap sa SMX..

    FINO 2011


    mtrt head 29.5 25

    mtrt intake manifold

    mtrt 14 gear

    mtrt oil breather

    mtrt lighten pin

    mtrt clutch spring 1500rpm

    specv 63mm SB block

    SPS 7.3 cam

    keihin 28mm carb

    MRC s3 racing pipe

    racing boy mags 20 spoke

    quick tire 60/90 front 95%

    70/90 rear 95%

    dbs dis plate

    seven speed front shock

    ttgr rear shock

    nouvo crankcase

    ms motosuit seat cover

    LED light

    option 1 susian

    chicken brake pad rear

    ken block replica laminated.

    almost 2 months plng po mga parts at ng unit skin

    .. babae po may gamit dati, 19k kms nung nabili q,

    23,500 kms n ngaun.

    no LTO alarm.

    nakarehistro until june 2014

    txt or call sa interesado..


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      1. Polrestabes Surabaya di Taman Bungkul jam 09.00 s/d 18.00 WIB dan Giant Diponegoro jam 10.00 s/d 16.00 WIB

      2. Polres Sidoarjo di barat Pasar Tulangan (Raya Kepadangan) jam 08.30 s/d 12.00 WIB

      3. Polres Gresik di balai Ds Domas jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB

      4. Polres Pasuruan di Polsek Kejayan jam 08.30 s/d 12.00 WIB

      5. Polres Jember di depan Pos lantas Tanggul jam 09.00 s/d 11.30 WIB

      6. Polres Tulungagung di Pasar Pujasera Ngemplak jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      7. Polres Nganjuk di alun-alun jam 16.00 s/d 20.00 WIB

      8. Polres Bojonegoro di Terminal Baru jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      9. Polres Bangkalan di Kec Socah jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      10. Polres Jombang di Polsek Diwek jam 08.00 s/d selesai


      1. Polrestabes Surabaya di PTC dan TP 1

      2. Polres Sidoarjo di Giant Suncity Mall

      Jam pelayanan mengikuti jam buka mall

      Khusus melayani perpanjangan SIM A dan SIM C dengan membawa KTP asli dan SIM asli.

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        Jerry Cupp shared a link to the group: YAMAHA JETBOATERS. — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

        Winter came a little early to us in the Midwest, here is a 6 minute remind you of summer. This is why Linda & I drag our boat to Shelbyville, Illinois every August. It is an awesome event made possible by awesome people with a connection to water and the Yamaha jet boat forum. We own the day, the night and the Water!! Jet On!

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        • Why do some YouTube videos not play on mobile devices? That what it tells me when I try to watch this one.

        Flame on. Thanks to Marthy — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

        Flame on! Thanks to Marthy.

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        • Dan, remember that Closed loop is not accessible on the diagnostic settings in US model bikes.

          Not sure about EU models.

          Hell, the US model dosent even have an exhaust O2 sensor.

        • Really tested out this tune and I like it. I could pop wheelies easily in first just by powering through it only. I don't ride like crap it's just an example of how good a tune this is

        • Yeah it's pretty sweet, all props goes to Marthy from FZ6R Forum.

        Of course with a new bike comes a hot girlfriend ha ha — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        Of course with a new bike comes a hot girlfriend ha ha.

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        • Well...I'm kind of new to the biking, but we have many clubs and so (I'm not in any, though). During summer you can meet caravans of bikes. Here maybe the sporting bikes (or what you call it) are more used. 'Cause I'm rather new it's hard to say about the respect from cars, but I think some people see bikers as kind of strangers. It's not that expensive to own a bike. Harley Davidsons are much more expensive to buy.

        • Roger Holmberg Harleys are expensive here too. They seem to cost 10k more then my 1900 and I'm a bit of a tightwad. I've never joined a club because I just don't have time to throw at it. I ride when I can here and there and luck into a few poker runs per year but can't tell some club, "see ya every Saturday and Tuesday" or whatever schedule they may have cause I have kids and work for a living.

          Be careful and enjoy that bike.

        • I see....well I really enjoy my V-star 1100. It's a 2006, not a 07 that I might have written somewhere. Now it's a bit cold here, about 40 degrees something, but I went for a ride 2,5 weeks ago. Probably no more until spring now.

        1. 4 CC — Yamaha V-Max

        1.4 CC :)

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        • Whats the horsepower?

        • Laser !!!! Wery nice ... i have too :)

        • ??????!!??????

        Photos from Roden Caduldulan's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

        magandang gabi mga idol na naka sniper classic :) mga idol may itatanong lang ako need ko kasi ng advice nyo, bibili kasi ako ng sniper classic, 6300+ pa lang ang mileage nya sa halagang 45k, nakita ko sa photos na okay naman sya and naka rear set daw na yoshimura and then stock na lahat, wala daw issue at sariwa pa ang makina. gusto ko kasi tlga magkaroon ng sniper since college days, di ko afford ang so 2nd hand na lang.

        tanong ko lang po mga idol, hindi po kaya nireset nya yung mileage nya para isipin ng mga interesado na ok pa ang makina at ang takbo? at narereset po ba tlga yun? okay na po ba ang 45k?

        eto po ang sample pics mga idol.

        salamat po sa mga magbibigay ng kaalaman sa sniper hehe

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        • Di ata totoo yang mileage nyan sir malamang nireset na yan compare mo yung kaha sa plate number lumang luma ano yan tinambak ng ilang taon?

        • ^ pag racer ata talagang ganyan e

        • Repainted na kaya mukhang makinis pero yung plaka luma para sa 6k na odo kung hindi mxado gamit dapat makinis din ang plaka

        I LOVE all these pictures of everyones attitudes I would love to own another... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        I LOVE all these pictures of everyones attitudes! I would love to own another just to play out with and keep my Att X in safe keeping. The issue is money (as always). I was very lucky/fortunate to have my wife get it for me as a wedding gift without me knowing. I don't know how much it was , but I'm sure it wasn't cheap. Looking around on the "Talk Bass" page, the 25th Anny goes for about $3000? Could that be right? My wife must really love me to spend that kind of cash for the X for me...or she's out of her mind.

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        • She loves you....if she was out of her mind she'd buy me one too!:)

        • Mike, you are a fortunate man. Hang onto her.

        • Thx James!

        Adam Preljevic shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

        It's hard to look in the mirror and think that my scars are already an entire year old. Touching my stomach and rib cage, I can't imagine looking this way and feeling this pain for the rest of my life. I still feel as if at any moment I will wake up from this terrible dream and be comfortable in my…

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        • Short rides under 40 mph only for me. I would never risk it at speed

        • Mate, even riding a bicycle and coming off at a moderate pace can fuck one's shit up. Bicycles don't generally weigh 150kgs or more.

          But seriously. It's all about choice.

        • August 5, 2013 I totaled my bike and almost myself

          I had on helmet and gloves

          I have very little road rash even though I was wearing shorts and tank top. I didn't slide much but me

          And the bike were catapulted at 60-70 mph.

          I had a bleed on my brain, fx to my sacrum, pelvis, over 30 fx to my right chest wall, titanium plates to four ribs, 4 chest tubes to get my lung to stay. Inflated. I still have fx ribs and my collar bone is still in 3 pieces that's going to require surgery to fix. I have nerve damage to my chest wall that will

          Require painful nerve blocks to treat. I've endured months of pain and loss if work. I always wear my gear except on this one ride. I made a very bad choice to ride that night without gear. I am blessed to be alive and not have my brains scrambled.

        MC Name. Alexandra T135 — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

        MC Name: Alexandra T135

        Owner: Ryan Quinn Lourd Chua

        Forum Name: Ryelle61

        Location: Cotabato City

        Club: SEXC Boys (Sniper EXclusive Cotabato Boys)

        Accessories Installed as of now:

        Yamaha X1r Rearset

        RB Black Mags 1.85x17f 8 Spokes

        RB Black Mags 2.50x17r 8 Spokes Ready Disc

        RB Orange Grip

        RB Orange Stabilizer

        RB Black V1 Swingarm

        RB Black Axle Rear Spoolers

        RB Orange Bar End

        TDR Garnish

        Stainless Dotted Allen Bolts

        Stainless Body Flat Bolts

        YSS Mono Shock without Canister

        Nissin Rear Caliper and Master Conversion

        Orange with Lock Gas Cap

        Motosuit Seat Cover

        Red Led Park Lights

        Yamaha Engine Cover

        Yamaha Radiator Cover

        O rad 360 Mushroom

        Option 1 Ignition Switch

        AHM Illegal Street

        Engine Modification:

        Vixion 57 Bore Kit

        Faito Low Cam Advance

        Hispeed Valve Spring

        LHK Clutch Spring

        Keihin 28mm Carburator

        Koso Mio Manifold

        7amps Quantum Battery

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        • ito nga magaya kay snipee ko. :) 57 Vixion kit at keihin 28 round slide din advice ng mechanic ko kay snipee. :)

        • Magkano po ang vixion kit boss?

        • Sulitin ko ko na boss ang tanong ko pa PM po ako how much inabot ng engine modifications nyo? Salamat po ride safe mga boss

        Jobs to do this winter Rocker gasket head and base gasket fork seals clean n... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

        Jobs to do this winter ! Rocker gasket,head and base gasket, fork seals , clean n paint engine oil filter n oil pan gasket change, new plugs , shot blast and paint frame and paint fairings or street fighter it! Don't reckon il get have done but that's what I'd like done haha wish me luck!

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        • Sheds full mate and can't get the fucker in it any way door to narrow ! Next yr building a 10x10 with power an heating and a fridge! And putting double gates in I've gone through 3 sets of bar end mirrors lol

        • no option then but to make an old school tent over the beast, i heard you guys get a bit of the wet stuff more days than most. old washing machine tubs make great outdoor fires too

        • good luck with it buddy. get one of them walled gazebo jobbies

        Photos from Chris Lowe's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

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        • Hi Chris Lowe, here are also the VIN identifiers for Yamaha bikes.... This should be etched in your bike's frame. Check out your 10th-digit what alphabet is there.... Your first alphabet, if it's "J", then your bike was made in Japan. If your VIN's 10th-character is "S" then it's a 1995 model, and so on....

          1980 = A

          1981 = B

          1982 = C

          1983 = D

          1984 = E

          1985 = F

          1986 = G

          1987 = H

          1988 = J

          1989 = K

          1990 = L

          1991 = M

          1992 = N

          1993 = P

          1994 = R

          1995 = S

          1996 = T

          1997 = V

          1998 = W

          1999 = X

          2000 = Y

          The 2001 and up YZ's are using numeric numbers on the 10-digit, say mine is "8", meaning it is a 2008 model....

        • The redesign was in 1996 already!

        • It seems you guys are right the 10th character in the vin is p which makes it a 93

        ASTIG sino dito yung naka sabay ko kanina sa by pass bustos to plaridel... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

        ASTIG!!!!! sino dito yung naka sabay ko kanina sa by pass bustos to plaridel kakatuwa ang daming mio mx bibilis lalo na YUNG KULAY GREEN d ko mahabol sakay ko si misis eh pero kAhit ako lng d siguro ko aabot TAMA BA BOSS KARGADO MX MO..... BIGLANG SUMIBAT EH HAHAHA..... buti mga nag hintuan balak ko lang talaga tanungin anu yung pipe nila pero nakita ko naka kabit na sticker dun sa green ASTIG NA GRUP PALA SILA ^^ .... BALAK KO PA namn kanina makipag swap sa raider n.b sa ka meet ko kanina sa baliuag d na siguro mx na me madami pala ko makakasama dito bulacan pag nagkataon........

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        • sir Rodelio Guansing hindi nyo po ko inabutan kasi d nyo nmn me pinansin hahaha....... SI BOSS jovs kunwari pa nakikipag sabayan bigla nmn ng iwan madaya hahaha gauge ko kasi akala ko stock gusto ko i test mx ko kasi nga na babagalan me hahahaha.......

        • Boss Naj may angkas ka kasing gurl kaya nde kami bumusina, syempre baka isipin mo eh yung gurl ang binubusinahan namin at nde ikaw. Hehehe... Pero pagmay nakasabay talaga kaming naka mx eh binabati namin, not unless may back ride... Ang motto ng TMMX125 eh, "Ride to Inspired, Not to Impress." :-)

        • nice motto..... motto ko sir DI BALENG MAUBOS PERA MABILI LANG ANG PYESA HIHIHIHI......

        Carbon fibre fuel cap — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

        Carbon fibre fuel cap

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        • Sounds like the puig rep told you bout the choice of sliders mate.

          if you wanna go for the puig ones, then you might as well save yourself some trouble & take to your fairings with a hammer.

          The little ones are a waste of time also.

          For examples of stuff that actually works.. T-Rex sliders.

          Shogun sliders.

          Oggy Knobs.

          & while you're at it..get R&G Crank & clutch case guards.

          I've crash tested the stuff I've recommended, more than once.

          It all a point.

        • Thanks Adam and Ian.. I appreciate that. I will look into one of those brands.

        • I love my round ones. I had added after my bike fell last fall in driveway

        Question for the group So I found my Attitude recently and a few days later I... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Question for the group: So I found my Attitude recently, and a few days later I connected with someone selling a Hipshot. My concern: the Attitude has three screws, and the guy selling the Hipshoy says it has four screws. Should I pass up on the Hipshot, or is this just a simple adjustment to pre-drill, and add the extra screw? I am absolutely paranoid about jacking up the Attitude...

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        • yeah that's my Att Special... matte seafoam green :)

        • It's the only ATT I have not owned (other than the III) so the nut location threw me a curve. :-)

        • it is far from stock... only the body and neck are original.. hipshot bridge & tuners, Schaller PB6, Dimarzio XN2, and bourns pots.

        gracias por aceptarme todavia no tengo una pero estoy viendo para comprarme un... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

        gracias por aceptarme!!todavia no tengo una pero estoy viendo para comprarme un vrr o un rx-z!!q recomendaciones me dan de estas dos maquinas y cual me conviene¿?

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        • a....hay una en venta x 6000

        • en donde¿?

        • Ak en tucuman


        YMJT INFO :

        1.Perwakilan Club member's YMJT atau pun yang belum terdaftar dalam YMJT Wajib Hadir dalam MUSDA tgl 14 Desember 2013 pk.17.00 (5 sore) lokasi tempat JAMDA (max.2 org)

        2.Tetap Menjaga Keselamatan Berkendara (harap tidak menggunakan celana pendek,harap gunakan celana panjang,bersepatu,jaket,dan helm)

        3.Lengkapi surat kendaraan dan kelengkapan kendaraan (spion,lampu sein) serta patuhi rambu2 lalulintas yg ada guna memperlancar perjalanan saudara-saudara.

        4.Jangan lupa kenakan Jas Hujan/Mantel selama perjalanan karena musim hujan sudah membasahi wilayah YMJT

        5. REDAM Agresifitas dijalan,Jangan Anarkis jaga nama baik Rider's Mio YMJT

        6.Jaga kekompakan,kesolidan,dan persaudaraan yg ada seluruh Club YMJT

        Terimakasih atas kerjasamany demi menuju kesuksesan bersama dan semoga tidak ada hambatan yang terjadi sekecil apapun terhdap dulur dulur YMJT dan Region lainy baik dalam perjalanan maupun di Acara JAMDA V YMJT di Malang.

        Satu Rasa Sejuta Saudara,YMJT in Action :)

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        • meoonngggggg

        • Kucing oleng

        • siapp And ttp Brother Di Ymjt Smuanyaa

        Mga boss ano mas mabilis sniper classic o sniper mx. Pareho stock lng. thanks — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

        Mga boss ano mas mabilis sniper classic o sniper mx? Pareho stock lng..thanks..

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        • aa ok un kala ko quezon samin e sa kabila pala ok yn .. w8 ko nlng kung kailan .. ok ser try ko yamahalube my malapit na 2s nman dto samin e ^^,

        • Bakit saang quezon po ba yung nasa isip ninyo sir? Sa rizal po kasi ang way para maganda kalsada doon ng papractice mga sumasali ng circuit racing may mga bigbike minsan pero karamihan underbone

        • aa quzon sa my lucena ^^, ser dun provnce ni mama .. ok ok ser salamat

        Mga sir saan pa po may available na mio mx 125 brand new kase sa las piñas... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

        Mga sir saan pa po may available na mio mx 125?brand new...kase sa las piñas yamaha wala na at sa leveriza motortrade..sino po may alam?

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        • n kaht anong kulay!!!! :)

        • LP k boss? If ever mkpunta ka sa PQUE mrn dun evacom branch.

        • sa transcycle sm fairview meron pa black red

        Photos from Ryan Kirkpatrick's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Located in DFW. For Sale or Trade. 2005 Yamaha RoadStar 1700/102 ci, 27,XXX miles, new wide whitewall tires with about 1,000 miles on them. Tags are current with a good inspection til this time next year. Texas blue title in hand ready to go. Bike is super reliable, rode it home over 500 miles from south Louisiana the day I bought it, and have made several long trips on it in the last couple weeks with no issues. Bike is super comfortable and honestly rides and sounds better than most HDs.


        -14" Junior Kong apes ($200)

        -stainless braided extended brake line and clutch cable (also have an extra brake like that will be included for free) ($150 for all 3)

        -Freedom Performance true dual fishtails ($800)

        -Stage 1 jet kit ($125)

        -Kuryakyn Hypercharger ($250)

        -Mustang front with backrest, Mustang rear seat (not pictured, $700 for the set)

        -Mustang studded rear fender bib ($40)

        -Rear low profile grab bar (extremely hard/impossible to find for these bikes, usually go for about $200 if/when they do come up for sale)

        -Sissy bar with studded backrest (so you can go solo or 2-up, about $250 with the new fender mounts)

        -Yamaha factory silverado windshield ($160 for shield and $125 for mounts)

        -Kuryakyn ISO grips ($30)

        -Cobra highway light bar (old style, $250)

        -Fuel pump relocated behind the side cover

        -Choke relocated under the left side of seat

        -AIS deleted

        -Will also throw in a full cover with it

        The Bad:

        -Left rear turn bar is broken, but taped back on the bike and functions fine and isn't noticeable unless you're standing behind it (lol). Previous owner clipped it with his golf cart in the garage and never got around to fixing it. It doesn't bother me, so I didn't bother either. You can pick up a used light bar from eBay or one of the many RS forums for dirt cheap, usually around $25. I've just been riding too much to worry about it.

        -Chrome is starting to flake on the highway light bar. I was planning on sanding it down and just repainting it, but I'll leave it like it is if you'd rather address it yourself and don't like my work.

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          VM 34 Mikuni s on Heiden Tuning racing intake manifolds looking forward to... — Yamaha XS650

          VM 34 Mikuni's on Heiden Tuning, racing intake manifolds, looking forward to getting these set-up :)

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          Photos from Charlie Dela Torre's post — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

          Mga ka mio mx tanung lng po..Ano paba dapat gawen nito dlwng beses na pinlitan nang oulsel..tumtagas paren sa ebabaw dumdaan ang oil..

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          • gnyan din akin, recommend na balik stock kc para cover pa ng waranty

          • Kelangan bwasan ung spring ng oil seal. Bka hndi lng sukat... nangyari n skin yan dati. Diskarte ni mekaniko ay bwsan ung spring s loob ni oil seal.

          • ganito din nangyari sakin ok nmn nung naka lowerd kaso nung tinaas ko ulit kumatas yung langis sa kanan.... at nung d pa ko nag palit fender kinain nung gulong ko yung stock fender ko pero ok lng kasi nag papagawa na ko ng iba fender nun pagka gawa nung bago ko fender pinalit ko n lng.... tanung ko lang mgha sir since wala pa me tym at tinatamad me mag pa gawa kasi hirap humanap now matinu mekaniko minsan na gagasgas pyese d iniingatan....hindi ba delikado if d ko muna ipapa ayos yung katas nung kanan shock ko? tingin ko sobra sa oil kasi since i lowerd ko yung motor dinagdagan ng oil nung mekaniko ngaun tinaas ko ulit baka kaya kumatas kasi sobra na yung oil d na compatible sa hindi naka lowerd???

          Here is a blast from the past — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          Here is a blast from the past !

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          • Maybe a video test with and without added mode versions at same setting to compare...would be welcome

          • That's why he modded them. For the 'normal' bassist, the over-drive is still superior to any pedal you can buy.

          • For sure John that's why I had to mix 3 lines of differents kind of overdrives to get a correct sound EBS BS + Amptweaker bass tight driver + Hot tube ehx ...

          Mga boss safe po back ibyahe any 60mm or 62mm ng bore stock head sana gusto k... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          Mga boss safe po back ibyahe any 60mm or 62mm ng bore stock head sana gusto k set... Pa info nmn mga boss...

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          • @Ramon Lisay hehe magastos kc sir pag set up. Maintenance huhu.

          • Tama ka sir mga 11k ang order ko sang vixion kit madugo na gastusan hehehe

          • Nkaka dugo po talaga pag set ng sniper parang bumili kna rin ng 2nd hand na mutor :3 pero pag nakumpleto naman,ewan qlang qng di ka mangayaw,

          Who had his her Bulldog tuned carburator restrictors removed different... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

          Who had his/ her Bulldog "tuned" (carburator restrictors removed, different nozzles and other air intake).

          I wonder what the results are an if it's worth the money.

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          • To save mony you can also use the original airintake and a Dremel. Cut of most of the intake and open up the groundplate. You can use the original groundplate with a K&N filter.

            If you don't dare buy a used one and keep yourse original.

          • I changed the nozzles, cut the intake (so that more air can flow through. It also has an influence on the roaring sound from underneath the fueltank *g*) and had the carbs adjusted by a capable mechanic. The effect is a smoother power-development. But i still have the problem of the missing torque between 3000 and 4000 rpm :-/

            any ideas how to optimize that?

          Pa park lang ng MC ko mga boss pa comment na din po magandang setup or karga... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          Pa-park lang ng MC ko mga boss pa comment na din po magandang setup or karga yung pwede pa din sa long ride salamat mga boss drive safe

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          • Yan ba yung FDR boss? Pag naubos yung gulong ko try ko mag Michelin pilot sporty or mag low profile na donlup para maiba nman muna

          • May mga tropa kasi akong drag at circuit racers kaya pag rides namin testingan talaga ng motor stock lang yang mc ko ayaw ko kargahan baka malaspag lang ok nman ang performance ng stock

          • ou fdr yan. 2k lng yan.hehe..

          ADVICE PLEASE 20 yrs ago a had a 1980 xs650 and it had an electric start i just... — Yamaha XS650

          ADVICE PLEASE, 20 yrs ago a had a 1980 xs650 and it had an electric start, i just got a 1982 xs650 and it doesn't have one, why's that??? next question, is it a big job to put one in???

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          • Kick it :-)

          • If I can kick it, you can do it :D

          • If it's properly setup on the ignition timing and the battery is OK, no reason the electric start shouldn't work, given a bit of choke. Mine generally turns over once and then roars, even after standing for a few weeks.

          Hey guys I ve been reading all the board posts about getting more performance... — Yamaha C3

          Hey guys, I've been reading all the board posts about getting more performance out of my C3 and so purchased a new variator with Dr. Pulley 4 gram sliders, a Erlandson Kevlar belt, and removed the infamous washer. I lost about 15 mgp's and 5-7 mph up hills, had a significantly slower rate of acceleration, but a top speed of 51.6 mph. I was ambivalent about the modifications and began experimenting with different combos: Stock belt, Dr. Pulley sliders, no washer. Kevlar belt, DP sliders, washer in, etc. Well, to come full circle I reinstalled the stock belt, the washer, and left the new DP 4 gram sliders in the new variator and to my delight found that my acceleration was the best it's ever been, better speed than stock up hills (about 6-7 mph quicker) mpg of about 107, and a top speed of 46.1....not bad! 'Love this scooter!

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          • Not sure, but the top end speed betwixt 45-50 was worth sacrificing instead of the terrible acceleration.

          • I may be experimenting when it warms up here a bit

          • It's really fun to tinker, once you get the tools all set for the gear box to come off and on you can make a modification and have it back together in five minutes.

          Just rebuilt my warrior Wont start unless i cover the boot for carb with my... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          Just rebuilt my warrior. Wont start unless i cover the boot for carb with my hand and when i do so it dumps fuel into the intake box and still hardly starts. Anybody know what could be up with it?

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          • Its not ripped. Once it fires its fine also. Getting it to start is a pain. And what im saying jesse is i roll it to start and cover the intake to carb boot with my hand while doing so. And my hand and also the boot will get soaked with fuel and it will only fire off with my hand in front of the boot. But once running its fine

          • Enrichener is messed up in the carb thats the equivalent to a choke plate in an older model motorcycle if that does not let fuel into the engine that is why you have to put your hand over the intake too rich in up the mixture that's why it is soaked in gas when it starts go through the carburetor and make sure all of that is working and while you're in there check the accelerator pump 4 proper operation you should be fine after that

          • I just rebuilt the carb and the air mixture screw was beat up. Runs great now. Thanks!

          How much do you think a nice completely race ready warrior would sell for if it... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          How much do you think a nice completely race ready warrior would sell for if it was verry clean and all rebuilt

          %d comments
          • My 01 was like new and I got 1500 for it last year

          • I had one completly rebuilt looked better then any one ive ever seen and i couldnt get more then 1700 for it after waiting months. Then bought mine for 400 and my girlfriends for 600. Warriors are undesired just due to lack of size and everybody wants sick fast quads these days. Puttin these nice machines behind

          • Me to I'm keeping mine forever

          Tim Moore shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

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          • What's happening Tim, lost count of how many times this bike has been reported as sold? The new "owner"already announced he bought it?

          • I will email all those that enquired at the NEC if you like mate.

          • Driving me a bit mad at the moment. I'm sure everyone had the best of intentions but nothing has actually moved at the moment. I think that there might be a bit of a scramble in the new year when people get round to looking seriously. Yes please on the emailing. Both bikes are likely to be available and I will advertise the other one as soon as I've sorted out some decent photos.

          mga paps my tanong aq kung bibili aq ng 2nd hand n sniper ok lng b un kung... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          mga paps my tanong aq..kung bibili aq ng 2nd hand n sniper, ok lng b un kung taga manila ung 1st owner pero tga bulacan aq? kumpleto nmn dw ang papel at my deed of sale pero wlang i.d ng first owner. mkakaapekto b un s pagpaparehistro? tnx po

          %d comments
          • Dpar meron photocopy ng id ng 1st owner with 2 specimen signature para mapalipat ng pangalan sa latest owner.wla prob khit pang ilan owner basta alaga ang engine and hindi pa nabubuksan para alam mo history.kailangan mo mag pa hpg tmg clearance beofre you can transfer sa name mo..para iwas sita since d nakapangalan sau un motor.always bring photocopy ng or and cr and deed of sale mas maganda photocopy ng id

          • Sir Sherwin san po nagpapa hpg tmg clearance?at mgkano po aabutin nung dlawa at anu requirements? salamat po

          • depende sir san location mo?dto samin sa south meron sa domestic road pasay city and alabang.less than 1k tmg clearance pero after 1 week makukuha un clearance..mas ok sir pa tmg clearance mo muna un bblhin mo para kung meron sasbit un mc d sayang pera

          Mga boss feedback nmam s mga emex na nka RTD about s performance. Tnx — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

          Mga boss feedback nmam s mga emex na nka RTD about s performance? Tnx

          %d comments
          • 2 lang sir hehheheheeh dami nun parang 4 wheels na un heheeh

          • Ahh kala ko nagbutas kpa sa headlight

          • sir basta recta batry hndi mlobat rtd nyo check nyo pics ng mio mio ko 2rtd + a lots of lights

          Tenx po s pg accept — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          Tenx po s pg accept

          Kht wla kna skn,ba2lik aq s sniper,pwamiz

          %d comments
          • haha, di mo na bnlik ng stock nung bnbenta mo,, pra pag nag sniper ka ulit may pangload kana.,hehe

          • ay hndi n sir Raymund Matias.nka lgay n kc yung specs s post ko kya wla ng tanggalan,,heheh,,bka kumuha ako ng mx pero papalitan kopa ng ng classic fairings,bgo nga pipe nyan nung bnenta ko,hehheh,,sna mgkaron ulit..

          • huhuh

          okay so i need to replace the clutch plates on my IT425 but they can t find it... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

          okay so i need to replace the clutch plates on my IT425, but they can't find it for that model. So van anyone tell me if the clutchplates of an 465 would fit?

          %d comments
          • Thanx alot! I did do a bit of research and just gave the dealer the part number. he had no trouble finding it after that. thank you for the help thou. this website will come in handy sometime soon.

          • i dont know about the 465 but 79 yz 400 plates will work

          • thanx I got the right ones! gonna do the transplant tomorrow.

          mga master good day po. ask po sna aq about s gas consumption po ng snipee — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          mga master good day po..ask po sna aq about s gas consumption po ng snipee..mga ilang km/L po inaabot nyu?..natitipuhan q rn kc to ung sniper classic po.. meron ppo b nito?..r150 kc motmot q and i would also like to own yamaha bikes,gus2 q ung cooler engine technology ng snipee and i think mas mlaki ang tipid nya s gas..TIA mga boss.Godbless

          %d comments
          • Average ng 40-45km ang sniper ko normal driving 60-80kph. Yup malakas talaga sa gas raider150 liit ng tanke 4L tapos lakas lumagok ng gas.. Hehe

          • 4.9l po sir to be exact.mas mainit po kc makina ng raider sir nd mlaki po block nd carbs po eh.kea cguro mgastos.hehe.pero solve naman po q s performance ng r150 q..gus2 q lng dn tlg mgkaron ng sniper:)

          • Meron din kc ako raider150 paps sa 4.9L na tanke maliit sya para sa konsumo nya kya mayatmaya ang karga mo ng gas. in terms of handling saka gas consumption panalo talaga sniper, well balanced mc.

          Photos from Jesu Christer Holby's post — Yamaha V-Max

          Things to do while waiting for the long cold winter in Norway to go away! Brush, paint , polish and customize my ride. Ride to live, ride the legend!

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          • Hi.this a chromed or polished?

          • Its handpolished my friend.. Tok me Apox 12 hours.. Never again! Hehe

          • Its handpolished my friend.. Tok me Apox 12 hours.. Never again! Hehe

          Has anyone bought spare parts to the Attittude bass directly from Yamaha — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          Has anyone bought spare parts to the Attittude bass directly from Yamaha? I want to buy a new pickguard with only two holes for the potentiometers and wonder if they are open to custom things. :)

          I want to remove the volume knob for the neck pickup and thus need a new pickguard. On the image you can see how i want it to look. I never slap but i feel that the knob is, for me, placed at the wrong spot when i snap a string. I rarely do that, but when i do my right hand needs more space. I will combine both volume controls into a stacked potentiometer so i still will be able to control both pickups. I will keep the tone control and add a switch on the pickguard for the mono/stereo on the P-bass pickup.

          %d comments
          • I'm glad there are no videos of him slapping his Wife [bass] .. :)

          • Between the 2 photos of the volume knobs, i would go with 2 knobs as to 3. But i personally prefer it the way it is.

          Adam for some project work on the bike — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

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          Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          mga paps for sale po click nyo album para sa other link

          tmx shox slight use (lowered) - 500 neg

          yoshimura shox used not abused (standard) - 800 fix

          yrs pipe for 100cc to 125cc - 800 fix

          rearset assembly for wave 100 dbs d lng nasama ung tapakan ng preno with raider passenger footpegs and flatbars - 500

          side mirror maliit - 150

          koso right lng name your price

          side mirror square left only name your price

          pick up lng po caloocan area

          09109099701 or pm me


          %d comments

            Demond Henderson shared a post to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

            I'm really considering the FZ-09 for my next bike. I really want a Ducati Streetfighter, but its a bit out of my price range. This just might do.

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            • Demond Henderson it's in Sport Rider this month

            • What a sexy centerfold!

            • Mate of mine has the Z-1000.

              Much like many modern bikes, it's impossible to reach true top speed due to the international 186mph speed restriction for production bikes.

              That said, the z1000 will hit top speed in one gear down from top.

              It seems like it would make an excellent sports tourer.

            I have a 87 FJ 1200 for a nice price is this one a little bigger og same size... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

            I have a 87 FJ 1200 for a nice price... is this one a little bigger og same size as the 1100?

            Is it a better bike than the 1100 (quality)?

            %d comments
            • i would worry more about the clutch basket i blew that up and then -threw a rod thru the case no problesm like that this yr

            • oki...thanks for great info :)

              I ride my 1100 as a sane guy...I'm not in to hard riding back in my younger days ;)

              So actually...I doesn't notice the second gear issue normally....

            — Yamaha V-Max

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            • Was quele ich mich eigendlich mit dem englischen rum , was ich sowieso nicht so gut kenne ! ;)

            • Jo, ist auf jedenfall einfacher so. Ne schöne Max hast Du da, könnte fast der Zwilling von meiner sei. Was hast Du da für eine Gabel dran?

            • SHOWA .

            Dan whacked a big bloody hole thru my exhaust baffle into the Cat conv — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

            Dan whacked a big bloody hole thru my exhaust baffle into the Cat conv. Not complaining at all..

            You US folks, don't consider it unless you can access the CO settings, or has a juice box etc..

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            • It's a bit hard to tell, as I doubt it's added more than a few HP to somewhere in the rev range...prob between 7-10k rpm

              Acceleration certainly seems improved in low gear with throttle at full noise..

              It's hard to tell without putting it on a dyno to be honest.

              I think the biggest improvement is the sound volume.. It's maybe almost as loud as my XJR1300 now, so that's as good thing.

            • I know with mine it is quicker through the whole range, taking off it hits off the red line all the way through the gears and very quickly too, the front wheel it trying to lift off accelerating which it didnt do before unless someone was on the back. I feel mine is quicker and more power for passing, as for the noise it is awesome..

            • Oh,, and it isnt through to the cat, ir is just eliminating the internal; pipe at the rear, the cat is still safe in the front compartment,,,

            — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

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            • probably to go change his shorts.....hehehehehehe

            • It's Frank... there's no telling what he was up to. ;) Here's the writeup on how that bike ended up: Actually, now that I look at that writeup, it doesn't include the custom paint.

            • I followed Frank and did the exact same mod !!! He was a huge inspiration on CanD's mod. The only difference was that I wanted to keep the stock speedo and thus was born my 01 FZ1/T-ace speedo mod(as previously posted).

            Photos from Klaus Bielig's post — Yamaha V-Max

            Everythink is clean for wintertime, see you back in March. I'm very sad. Now it's Time to searching for new Parts.

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            • Nice frontlight, but i think i saw the same handlebars in my sisters bedroom! :D

            • Maybe

            Brett Jones shared his photo to the group: Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT -. — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT


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            • Mines still pretty standardish at moment, been going mad with the polishing recently lol

            • Its a really nice bike Jason. I like the black and gold,Ive a set of black and red 1TX panels as well as the ones Im working on. Im just splicing the top of a gsxr1100m tank into the FJ12 tank and its more work than I thought. If I can get mine half as nice as your's I'll be happy.

            • Either I'm crackin up or my phone wont display the puc, the only one I'm getting is a 3cv tank with blue spray on it