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Anybody know where I can get stock graphic decal for a 2001 Yamaha xr1800? I'm missing the one that goes above the rub rail on starboard side.

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  • I doubt you'd be able to find a stock one since it's so far out of production. You can always, however, have a graphics company make you a new one, or the better solution, have them make 2 and replace both sides so it matches.

  • Look on Ebay. I have found many! good prices, the stock ones are oppressively expensive if a deal does have them at list. Actually look at the pics as well, I have found some where the seller did not know the model

  • This will give you part numbers as another mentioned having them made can be easy. /LS2000%20-%20LST1200Z/GRAPHICS/parts.html

Anyone running a vance and hines fuelpak lcd on their bolt and have it mapped... — Yamaha Bolt

Anyone running a vance and hines fuelpak lcd on their bolt and have it mapped for the vh competition series slip-on and the vo2 naked intake? I'm just curious what your map values are. Mine came "pre-set" and my bolt runs like shit

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  • To get the performance I wanted I had to put modes 1-7 u p to 10 tthats what vand said runs a little rich but dam does it accelerate

  • Really? Interesting... I'll see how it runs and possibly make some adjustments after if necessary

  • Here's the map for my setup

Good day mga paps Sana makatulong po Hiring pa rin po kami sa mga gusto mag... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Good day mga paps! Sana makatulong po. Hiring pa rin po kami. sa mga gusto mag apply sa amin as DELIVERY RIDER, LIASON OFFICER or MESSENGER. pm or text lang po kau sa number ko 0939-3992394.

Ito po mga Area na URGENT HIRING namin:


Provincial areas meron dn po. PM lng kau smile emoticon

Basic requirements:

-18 to 35 years old

-with or without personal motor

-with Pro or Non Pro Valid License

-With knowledge in both Manual and Automatic Motorcycle.

-Must be knowledgeable specific areas.

-Without visible tattoo

NCR AREA and Provincial Areas meron po kami smile emoticon

Pwede rin po kayo mag walk in sa office namin. sbhn nio lang pinapnta kayo ni Ken. ito po address:

#91 Brgy bahay toro project 8. Congressional Avenue quezon city. tapat ng bypass burger. lagpas shorthorn. in between po ng Munoz at mindanao avenue. Thanks po!

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    Has anyone used highway pegs on there bolt I know low and mean makes a bar... — Yamaha Bolt

    Has anyone used highway pegs on there bolt? I know low and mean makes a bar, wondering if anyone has tried anything else. I Don't want forward controls. I bought the bike because it has mids.

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    • Diggin' the white walls!!!!

    • nice what clamping system did u use?

    • mocked it up with pvc then made it out of tubing

    _____ BIYAHERO KA BA. ______ — YAMAHA RS100 LAGUNA

    _____ BIYAHERO KA BA??______

    NIGHT VIEW EYEWEAR as seen on TV. 09151244753 <3

    PROMO price: 250php (11pcs left!)







    __________________________________ _______

    <3 MEETUPS:

    ° MRT Ayala only

    ° MCDO - Waterfun Taguig (everyday)

    ° JOLLIBEE - Triumph Taguig (everyday)

    ° Market market -Taguig / BGC bus terminal

    ° Jollibee Pacita Laguna - Every Sunday 5pm

    ° Robinsons SANFERnando, Pamp - by sched only

    _______________________________________ __


    ° LBC - Add 170 (2pcs lang kasya)

    ° JRS - Add 120(Luz) 130(Vis) 140(Min)




    0 915-124-4753

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      Photos from Kevin Bhat's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      2004 Yamaha LX 210 twin motors 270HP with galvanized trailer. Asking $9500

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      • Still have my 2003 AR210 which still runs perfectly.....

      • I think it still looks pretty good too....

      • Nice. Looks great!

      Hi. I m new to the group — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      Hi. I'm new to the group.

      I just got a left over '14 212ss. It's never seen the water. Looking forward to using it & getting info from this group.

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      • Awesome. We just done a similar with a 2015 242... Still wrapped up. Saved a few Bucks.

      • Welcome.

      • Welcome from North Texas!!

      Hi everyone What aftermarket wake tower do y all have on your yami s How do... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      Hi everyone! What aftermarket wake tower do y'all have on your yami's? How do you like it, what was the ease of installation, approx cost? I have an 03 230 and want a wake tower but do not want to screw up a boat that was not designed for one. Want a forward sweeping tower as well. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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      • Oh ok. Thanks for all the insight. Is the tower foldable?

      • Fred Hansen yes but I rather not mess with it. So I left mine stationary

      • Thanks Quinton Vader Taylor

      Photos from Fridayanto Tan's post — Bigbike Lovers Indonesia

      ProjectONE brake line

      Powered by HEL performance UK

      Using high quality material for high performance use, assembled by TRAINED technician with HEL standart SOP/procedure to ensure the quality, durability, and precission

      Available for various bike. ABS system or Non-ABS system. Include stainless steel bolts and copper washer. Wrapped in PREMIUM packaging. Custom order also accepted.

      Ready Stock

      For Yamaha N-Max

      Colour : Red, Red Neon, Clear, Carbon, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green .

      Contact :

      081283755734 pin 5A8DFF9A

      081317163312 pin 59A4776B

      081808300065 pin 53D238FF

      Lokasi : Jl. BSD Utama Raya Ruko Mendrisio 3 Blok B No.17 Paramount Serpong - Tangerang (One3motoshop)

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      • up

      • Brapa bro?

      • Wt Anggara IDR 1.250.000 saja bos

      Hey all about to buy my first bike for a good price considering I m in... — Yamaha XS650

      Hey all, about to buy my first bike for a good price (considering I'm in Australia) however had the seller post this to me via email..."It motor still turns over but won't start. I'm thinking the clutch plates might have started to stick together after sitting for so long. Googled it and they say it's pretty common after been sitting for a while and all it'll need is to be pulled apart and freed. I myself don't have the confidence in pulling it apart. Everything else is still working".

      Can anyone give me some advice? I was about to get the bike freighted down here as I'm unable to go to look at it myself (Australia's a big country) it's a xs650 1980 model

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      • Uhhh, I bought mine stock, bought a hardtail kit, seat, handlebars, new chain, and Carb boots, for less than $2000...not exactly a "money pit"

      • Hi Jordan. Just rattled off a quick reply on my phone last night. But on proper re-reading of your original post you say "my first bike". Is this your first EVER bike? If so, before you spend money on a bike (unseen) and freight I think it might be better to get a clearer idea of where you're coming from. If you have been seeking out an XS650 and know what you are getting into (a nearly 40 year old bike of well ... not modern .. standards.) that's fine, you may have a bargain and hours of endless fun. If you have no experience of bikes or fixing them up and you just hit on this particular one (out of thousands of possible models) you might be spending money buying someone's failed project which would become your failed project. The experience could put you off bikes for life (it happens). The XS650 is a bit of a cult bike with some and I don't know much about Oz but I do know they are expensive there and I suspect there is not much local support for spares. I'm going to PM you and send you my email address if you want a chat let me know. (You may need to look in your "other" folder as that's where it will go as we're not FB friends.)

      • Sound advice for you Jordan Mathew.

      Anyone ever experience hard starting once you re motors warm Sometimes it will... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      Anyone ever experience hard starting once you're motors warm? Sometimes it will fire right up someone's it just cranks for a minute..

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      • removing the lid requires alot more jetting increase then for just the exhaust what jets are in it pilot and main? if its popping on decel you need to go out on the fuel screw or needs a larger pilot jet if your out more then 3 turns out on the fuel screw u will need a larger pilot jet in order to do a plug check you need to check the plug on what circuit u want to check you use a new plug and test the circuit u want to test for main u go wide open and kill the motor well your still full throttle dont let off the throttle tell motor dies do that for needle also pilot u keep going out on the fuel screw tell the pop on decel is gone

      • Alright

      • That's most likely from gas fumes boiling out of the fuel bowl. Does it smell rich when you crank ant stop cranking before it fires? If you hold the throttle at about 1/8-1/16 does it fires up easier? This problem used to only happen on cars but with ethanol fuel (and in turn a lower boiling point) it starts to affect atvs and bikes

      I have a XS special 82 And im doing a café So I want pod filters But as... — Yamaha XS250 XS360 XS400

      I have a XS special 82! And im doing a café. So I want pod filters! But as expected the bike runs lean... Anynone here that done it and can point me nere the right size jets and needles? Many thanks from a swed!

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      • I know from experience that living at 2,500 feet in altitude that the stock mikuni carbs do NOT like pod filters. Take a look at a set of after markets if you can't get it jetted right.

      • Tanx! I live at sealevel! But until my dealer can dyno it I will run stock!

      would anyone have a right side airbox cover just like this one i broke my... — Yamaha XS250 XS360 XS400

      would anyone have a right side airbox cover just like this one? i broke my other one :( will pay moneyz

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      • I'm looking for this decals do you know where I can find them

      • im going to see if i can get some printed, ill let you know what happens

      • Thanks a lot my friend

      Photos from Scott Mears's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

      Looking to trade my 84 Honda 200s and Honda atc 110 for a very clean YTM225DX, these machines run very well I've worked hard getting them back to good running condition. I got these two weeks ago. They looked nothing like this.

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      • Little bit of a drive

      • Call me tomorrow, 224-627-3367 Steve Moore

      • Half way is about 5 hours.

      Photos from Scott Mears's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

      Looking to trade my 84 200s and 81 atc 110 for a very clean YTM225DX, these machines run very well I've worked hard getting them back to good running condition, got these two weeks ago and they looked nothing like this. I'm located directly between Milwaukee and Chicago rite on the lake.

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      • I'm rebuilding a 225 DX I might be interested. it's black

      • If it would be a fair trade

      • Looks good to me Lance Hunter Rebelein

      Photos from Ryan Anderson's post — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

      this is my new addition 77it 400 any one have any parts for cheap befor I go 3bay them ?? Really need air box and brakes headlamp would cool too anything it missing really lol thanks again

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      • Any one have an air box

      • Bump for ideas on air box??

      • Anyone wanna buy the bike found another bike I want lol

      Just started the tear down of a 1978 IT250 Carb way bad gummed up and jets... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

      Just started the tear down of a 1978 IT250. Carb way bad gummed up and jets clogged, slide looks great and needle seems fine.

      Got to the air box and the filter was in pieces. All necessary parts appear to be there. I see a Uni (NU 2235 ST) that shows to be a direct replacement. Can anyone confirm this?


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      • Be careful with aftermarket filters. Some will say IT250 all years, but will only fit the H-J models.

        OEM is always the way to go.

      • i have the uni it works fine

      Will the rewind from a 125 or 175fit on a 200. I need one. Badly — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

      Will the rewind from a 125 or 175fit on a 200? I need one. Badly

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      • Calvin Jaworski

      • Mines rusted solid, busted the bolt off, n rope ripped but I got a 125 sitting on the farm with a decent rewind that with a little bit of work n WD-40/ oil it will be back to good again

      • I don't think they are the same

      I ve asked before but where can I find a carb for my Yamaha 175 Someone said a... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

      I've asked before, but where can I find a carb for my Yamaha 175? Someone said a dt175 carb may work, but they haven't tried it yet. Seeing if anyone knows for sure what I can use. My 175 is a '83 model if that makes a difference.

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      • Do you use a choke cable yet or not

      • No. The cable for the 125 is different and wont work. 175 cable will probably work.

      • Pm'd u kent

      Photos from Joshua Miller's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      Been a long four months, but new seat backs, floor mats, and an oil change and she's back on the water! 2007 SX210.

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      • Joshua Miller It does. If you want to know what it will look like you can use a heatgun....lightly. Make sure to keep her covered when not in use though. He probably used std vinyl, which will fade and crack sooner; but shit for $400 you can redo it every 3 years twice more, before you hit what I paid

      • I'm in Austin and would take mine off myself and send it to him for that price!

      • Jason Winn almost all places want you to take it off and deliver it/ pick it up in DFW. look local, shipping will kill the deal with all those pieces. I would think you could find a decent place in Austin. Probably need to go by word of mouth, not an advertised place to get the best price. Any it may not be in the best

      anyone got a 465 muffler baffle that wont kill me on price — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

      anyone got a 465 muffler baffle that wont kill me on price ?

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      • I told you I have one.

      • I have a stock on. i will bring to Marysville for you

      • oh im sorry i have had too much on my mind lately and that sounds great louis i need to get this idaho trip over with we are running on fumes

      Photos from Ben Stallings's post — Yamaha Bolt

      Someone say speedo relocate?!?!

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      • Mine is on the left side cause I was gonna change from the double barrel intake to something else

      • If i put it on the left id have to take the tank off. And with my foward controld itd hit my leg

      • Yeah I had to pull my tank and with the forward controls I'm good but I'm only 5'9 lol

      Pa Post amdin — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

      Pa Post amdin.

      Linawin ko lang Ang Pag kakamali ko at ina amin ko rin Mali ako !!!

      Nag post poh kanina tongkol sa Headlight Mga Paps Ako Ata ang nag Kamili Mahirap kasi Pag Nasa picture Lng mkita D Sa Personal dahil wla nga ako sa Pinas Kaya Ngayon ko lng Nkita ang Stamp ng Stanley Kasi ngayon lng din pinicturan ni misis Kaya ngayon ko lng talaga Nkita Ksi nong una Hindi ko nkita yan dahil medjo malayo pag ka pics So ngayon Na kita kona Humihinge ako sa lahat paomanhin at hominge narin ako ng Paomanhin Sa Taong nabilhan ko Ng Headlight !!!!!

      DELETE KO NA RIN YONG UNA KNG POST para wla ng mag Comment at wlang mag tanong kng saan ko nabili Dahil Ayaw kng makasira ng Tao na Totoo nmn Ako lng talaga Nag kamali pasinsya na sa lahat lalo na sa USZT ....

      So Pag my Stamp Original ?

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        Question I ve got a new build like new everything and I m having some... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

        Question....I've got a new build (like new everything) and I'm having some trouble getting it to shift and/or stay in gear. Sometimes it will slide out of gear while riding. 1st gear seems to be fine. It mainly happens when shifting 2nd on up through the gears. What should I check?

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        • In the transmission between one of the gears and the case

        • Been using this in just about all our bikes. No problems except for this one.

        • Yeah that's the right stuff

        ISO PASSENGER PEG KIT — Yamaha Bolt


        PayPal verified and ready.

        Must be willing to ship.

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        • Absolutely! I've been searching for days. Never thought to put c spec in the search lmao.

        • Lmao well that's what we are here for to help each other out man

        • True story. I appreciate it!

        Wind sure can be scary sometimes. I almost got blown over at a stop light — Yamaha FZ6R Owners


        Wind sure can be scary sometimes. I almost got blown over at a stop light. Anyone else got scary wind stories?

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        • Haha i know just shocked to find a fake canadian that has a sense of humour and an eye of sarcasm lol

        • ^ Hahahahaha!!!!!!

        • just today.... spooky