What are your view on ABS everyone How many of you have it For me my XJ6 didn... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners


What are your view on ABS everyone? How many of you have it? For me my XJ6 didn't come with ABS but it doesn't bother me a lot :)

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  • ABS is for inexperienced riders that want to "feel safe"

    Learn to brake instead of grabbing a fist full.

  • ABS is good for both experienced and inexperienced riders especially when combined with traction control. There was tests done on track with experienced race riders who rode the track with the same bike and without abs/traction control and the bikes with it turned on were faster lap times.

    Google it and you can find the videos as well as articles on it.

  • With a whopping ~80hp it would be better for riders to learn to control braking instead of relying on ABS as a substitute. The FZ6R is a sports bike (just). IMO having a better suspension setup works best (something the FZ6R lacks) but it is what it is . . . .Fun to ride both city and some twisties

Looking into trading up from my 09 fz6r to a very clean 09 Ducati 848 this... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Looking into trading up from my 09 fz6r to a very clean 09 Ducati 848 this weekend. If all goes as planned I will have a new ride.

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  • I heard the evo 848 is too stiff for the street but I've never ridden one. Love the bike. All I know is I'll take it in flat white please :)

  • That single sided swing arm is dead sexy

  • This one has a Ohlins rear shock Matthew Matthew Tilkens so it's a little more comfortable on the street. It also comes with the stock one.

    Bobby Bobby Victor I love the single sided swing arm.

    Demond Demond Henderson the price is below NADA value and too good to pass up. If they can give me what I want for mine and finance me at a decent interest rate it's mine.

    Jon Litzenberger I don't have room for multiple bikes in my garage and I only want one bike.

    Agnes Borowik I will still stay in the group just like many others who have sold their fz6r for a different bike.

Photos from Adam Preljevic's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

First leg of our journey. Up to Moema, across the border in NSW with both of the bikes.

My first time interstate on a motorcycle!

On Monday, we plan to drop back into Vic & hit the Great alpine rd.

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  • As far as the heat is concerned, we plan to leave just before 0700, so we should be in bright before lunch & up at Omeo mid arvo just as it'll start to get real hot..if it does.

  • Thunderstorms to the east, hoping they don't start more fires as they roll over, I don't really want to have to backtrack to Harrietville thru all that patchy gravel shite.

  • Much cooler now but windy,, is to get hot again by tomoz

ok only took me a few years to make a 0 35 video but here it is WIFE bass... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

ok... only took me a few years to make a 0:35 video.. but here it is.. WIFE bass tapping bonanza !!! lol

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  • come on Mark... give us something good .. or I will be forced to expose your singing voice to the world :)

  • What a tone !!!

  • it actually wasn't very loud when I recorded it... I have used that little rig for so many years.

Bros. after how many klicks should i replace my tires — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Bros. after how many klicks should i replace my tires?

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  • Rub your hand across the tyre from left to right, does the middle feel too flat with edges? when you corner does it feel like it goes over so far then feels like it is gonna drop[ over? does your front tyre feel like it is bumping going round corners at speed? It isnt always the tread depth but the condition of the rubber.

  • Dan has a point. That usually happens when you do a lot of straight road riding or don't check PSI often.

  • Thanks alos broa

For sale bawas kalat — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

For sale bawas kalat

Png Sniper classic po

Nagbago n project ko..

Headlight lens- 400

Signal/park light- 600

Speedo all working -600

Front cowling -700

Leg shield pair-600

Back flairing pair including ung maliit s gitna -1200

Head flairing pair -900

Inner flairing -300

Underneath -500

Rear hub ready 4 disk convertion-500

Brake panel -400

Passenger footpeg-500

Drivers footpeg-500

Chain cover -200

Pm nlng po or txt/call 09327191781

Items location bustos bulacan if malayo kyo pwd ntin ipaship.

Tnx mga brother ride safe!..

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  • Jerwyn Panganiban kailangan tabasin

  • Nka reserve po pafs Audencial Matt Gerome..

  • free shipping n lng sir or meet up kunin q n yan.

For sale bawas kalat — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

For sale bawas kalat

Png Sniper classic po

Nagbago n project ko..

Headlight lens- 400

Signal/park light- 600

Speedo all working -600

Front cowling -700

Leg shield pair-600

Back flairing pair including ung maliit s gitna -1200

Head flairing pair -900

Inner flairing -300

Underneath -500

Rear hub ready 4 disk convertion-500

Brake panel -400

Passenger footpeg-500

Drivers footpeg-500

Chain cover -200

Pm nlng po or txt/call 09327191781

Items location bustos bulacan if malayo kyo pwd ntin ipaship.

Tnx mga brother ride safe!..

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  • San location mo pafs Joey Carpio?

  • Kung d k msyado mlayo bka wla p 2hun

  • nueva ecija lang paps

What are the advantages of an aftermarket exhaust And which ones would you... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

What are the advantages of an aftermarket exhaust? And which ones would you guys recommend?

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  • Before I got my m4 I use to have earphones in listening to music while riding, now I listen to my exhaust!

  • Haha I have to wear headphones with loud music or my right ear drum fills up with fluid haha on long trips that is

  • Something to look forward to, Not.

Jim Loosli shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

Hello everybody :tiphat:,

The nasty inversion thats been hanging over us keeping the temps in the low 20's & making everybody gloomy finally decided to blow away. Today turned into a bright sunny 42° day , so I just had to grab my riding gear, saddle up & go for a ride. While I was out toolin' around, look what I found about 2 miles from my place .........

A nice big water hole that's just itching to be boated on. I found it tucked way back in a biigass subdivision called cayuse creek. When I rolled up there were several hundred Canadian geese hanging out on it. Sorry I couldn't get them in the pic, but they didn't agree :doh:.

Its a good sized piece of real estate, complete with dual water fountain's. I have a sneaky suspicion there's lots of trout, bass & a few sturgeon too, if I know fish & game around here. Looks like the kind of place that will soon become a new remote control boat hole, especially after the west end thaws out......

I thought ya'll would enjoy the pics, time to tuck my scooter in for the night .....

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    Repost Mga Boss. Bilhin nyo na or SWAP. hehehehe — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    Repost Mga Boss! Bilhin nyo na or SWAP... hehehehe

    Bos bka need nyo s computer nyo

    Wifi router -1500.00

    Lan -500.00

    APC Ups 500-2500.00

    Txt nyo lang po ako


    Kht po rimset comstar ok skn......

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    • APC Back-UPS,300 Watts /500 VA,Input 120V /Output 120V, Interface Port USB

    • Communications & Management

      Interface Port(s) USB

      Control panel LED status display with On Line : On Battery : Replace Battery and Overload indicators

      Audible Alarm Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm : overload continuous tone alarm

      Surge Protection and Filtering

      Surge energy rating 480 Joules

      Filtering Full time multi-pole noise filtering : 5% IEEE surge let-through : zero clamping response time : meets UL 1449

      Data Line Protection Analog phone line for phone/fax/modem/DSL (RJ-11 connector)


      Maximum Height 165.00 mm

      Maximum Width 91.00 mm

      Maximum Depth 284.00 mm

      Net Weight 6.27 KG

      Shipping Weight 6.95 KG

      Shipping Height 263.00 mm

      Shipping Width 175.00 mm

      Shipping Depth 357.00 mm

      Master Carton Units 2.00

      Master Carton Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 371.00 mm

      Master Carton Weight 31.50 lbs.

      Color Beige

      SCC Codes 1073130401630 1

      Units per Pallet 36.00


      Operating Environment 0 - 40 °C

      Operating Relative Humidity 0 - 95%

      Operating Elevation 0-3000 meters

      Storage Temperature -15 - 45 °C

      Storage Relative Humidity 0 - 95%

      Storage Elevation 0-15000 meters

      Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit 45.00 dBA

      Online Thermal Dissipation 24.00 BTU/hr


      Regulatory Approvals cUL Listed, California (CEC) Battery Charger, ENERGY STAR (USA), FCC Part 15 Class B, Industry Canada, UL 1778

      Standard Warranty 3 years repair or replace

      Sustainable Offer Status

      RoHS Compliant

      REACH REACH: Contains No SVHCs

    • Murang mura n yan paps Jomar Espedido nsa 5 to 6k yan s store

    bang mio untuk harian tpi bisa bwt ngegass poll di jalan — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

    bang mio untuk harian tpi bisa bwt ngegass poll di jalan

    enakx mesinx d apain

    mohon infox


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    • mas h@ klu menurut info ,klu mapras n0ken as tu cuma menambh in n ex nya ya mas

    • iya cuma kan harus di perhitungkan.. Kalau buat harian & bisa buat wara wiri mah mending pake seker smash terus cvt di sehatin dulu (di cek) kenalpot bedel. Stelan karbu, porting pollish sudah cukup mas mendongkrak perform :D

    • seker tank...cvt kapal selam....karbu jet....ban ganti punya.na sepur... slamat mencoba...

    Question for the group how does everybody feel about some of the ads getting... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Question for the group, how does everybody feel about some of the ads getting posted? I'd like to get your opinions on this one... For a while we were getting spammed with shoes and sunglasses, and other asian dating site spam but I got most of that crap cleaned up. We're now seeing ads from custom shops to patches, how do you guys feel about some of those??

    I personally don't object to some ads as long as they're offering something for the V-Star line, as long as they don't constantly spam the group with their ads, comments anyone??

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      A10TION NORTHSIDE KULAOG CHAPTER. valenzuela and bulacan area only — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

      A10TION NORTHSIDE KULAOG CHAPTER (valenzuela and bulacan area only)

      SNIPER MX motorcycle only

      WHAT: General Meeting

      WHEN: Feb, 9 Sunday

      TIME: 5pm-8pm

      WHERE: CALTEX MARILAO near SM marilao (meetup) tapos go sa valenzuela dun ang venue...

      AGENDA: About active and inactive members of our chapter and funds etc.

      Want to join our chapter ? REGISTRATION FOR NEW MEMBERS u can also a10 our meeting just pm our

      chairman: Aries ProTaper (Aristotle)

      Vice Pres.: SeSe Aguinaldo

      Ride Coor. : Kael Tenorio

      godbless SMX Phlippines

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        Made another hood at work today was bored — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

        Made another hood at work today was bored

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        • That one in the pic above is a elka guard, Quadtech use to make the carbon fiber ones for Elkas, PEP's, AXIS and Ohlins but they are hard to find anymore. Fourwerx carbon are gonna be making some more later this year but they haven't gave me a for sure date.

        • Ok. Well I dont actually use real carbon. Its all high impact abs plastic with a carbon pattern on it. Ill look at work. I do believe our shovk covers are actually 2 5" ill measure and get back to you. Pm me tomorrow around 1 pm or so.

        • Sounds good thanks

        hola me compre un vrr hace unos dias y ya encontre barios problemas si alguien... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

        hola, me compre un vrr hace unos dias y ya encontre barios problemas, si alguien tiene algo de esta hermosa moto quisa me pueda ayudar

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        • y pero barato en 8500 y ponerle 4000 arriba nose si es negocio, y 4000 ojala y alla suerte q no alla nada chino ay generalmente le ponen la canasta de ybr centro el centro esta 700 la canasta 2000 retificar para q quede joya unos 500 si keres cambiarle biela y te olbidas , 790 mas, q la tapa de cilindro este buena .y eso q te digo es presio viejo hoy en dia sta tdo el doble

        • Si esta en precio aun... es una moto que vale de 15 a 18 lucas.... obviamente si esta entera !!! Y otra cosa , que n tenes xq envidiar a nadie cn una moto así...

        • no mas bale! a mi lo q me da bronca es q aca sta lleno de embidiosos, por eso si nesesitas algo preguntame a mi tengo varios rsto y no aranco la cabeza! saludos!

        Photos from Nevin Cribe's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

        For Swap mio soul mio 4 fino mio mx 125

        specs yamaha sniper A/C 2010:

        yy pang shorty pipe

        yypang stage 2 cams

        vixion valve springs

        4pcs racing clutch springs

        pnp head

        28mm keihin carb

        lighten magneto

        sss 14:45 415 sprocket n chain

        daytona quick throttle

        bended manibela (walang tabas)

        rb break lever

        rb bar ends

        racing boy mono shocks

        cmr braided hose original

        faito break pads

        shinko i track 90/80 front n rear (like new pa)

        racing boy single pegs rear set "makapal"

        complete n clean papers ako po first owner

        6K+ milage only hindi po masyadong gamit

        walang semplang or what

        loc project 4

        txt 09228368186 or 09351805233

        %d comments
        • up

        My Jenny turns 13 on February and she still purrrrs like a baby I believe if... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        My 'Jenny' turns 13 on February and she still purrrrs like a baby... I believe if you treat them well, they will behave well. Shes gets the full spa treatment every 3000 miles and shes still a happy gal... The one in the back is her little sister. Shes my two stroke, 49cc, one banger, daily main ride. She gets about 100 miles to a gallon and she has almost about 17,000 miles now. The most efficient thing you can drive around in this crazy city, LA... Between these two, my car collects dust in the garage... Life is so much better on a bike!!! Love my girls. Wishing the east coast riders a warmer riding weather soon... Safe ride, Star Friends!

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          pa park nga po hehe papunta po ako nyn nang la union pangasinan at olongapo... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          pa park nga po hehe .. papunta po ako nyn nang la union pangasinan at olongapo hehe magisa lng aq .. sakto nung nnjn nq s zambales may nakita aq mga itang bata ayun tamang pa pic hehe share lng :)

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          • check lang lahat bago umalis. hehe.. 300km binyahe ko minsan ako lang. minsan pa lang nmn :D

          • tama ser nung april 17,2013 diko malimutan un naputulan aq nang trotle cable s pangasinan hehe , buti nlng may mga dala aqng tools ee ayon ginamitan q nang alambre hehe .. wala kcng mabiling trotle cable dun

          • boss arnel?musta po kau..hehe...ilang araw nlang mghhiwalay n kami ni snipee ko..tsk.tsk...

          If anyone is after stickers for there bikes I do these They are layer over... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

          If anyone is after stickers for there bikes I do these. They are layer over layer made to the original design or as near as possible. $15 each. Also availeable are the Bellypan stickers made using my bike belly pan as the stencil. Original lettering style. My email is stickersbyjeff@gmail.com

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          • Also available is the ARROW / STRIPES on the Bellypan. Unfortunately I can't get the pearlescent colour so it's only available is silver, gold or what ever colour is required.

          • Other items available are fuel tank decals. AS SEEN IN THE PHOTO. Done in your bike colours. Also available is a clear tank belt protector AGAIN AS SEEN IN THE PICTURE its a generic one I've made as not all FJ bike paint lines are the same. At the moment I'm working on a full top of the tank clear tank protector. AGAIN IN THE PHOTO ( PROTOTYPE) Works brilliantly against bird shit and keys being dropped on tank. I had my tank repainted and am taking no chances.

          • Another decal available. This is just a prototype. Colours are not quite the same in the replicated ones but are very close. I also make the protective clear to cover this label as well. Did it on mine to protect the originals as there no longer available new.

          Would a yfz450 a arm fit my 1999 warrior If not tell me wat quad a arm would... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          Would a yfz450 a arm fit my 1999 warrior? If not tell me wat quad a arm would work?

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          • How much.

          • I have had my front rims flipped 4 8yrs n never had any problems. Same tie rods n ball joints.

          • I ran flipped rims for 6 years and only had the one mishap. I finally did a-arms and was amazed at how much easier the steering and control were. Also noticed I can ride longer without my arms getting tired because I am not fighting the front end any more. It takes more effort to steer with the center line of the wheels that far past the ball joint. Do whatever you like, just trying to help.

          I ve seen too many pictures of hard tailed XS s Here s my 1975 650 Everything... — Yamaha XS650

          I've seen too many pictures of hard tailed XS's. Here's my 1975 650. Everything I have done to it can be undone.

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          • I rode a harley hardtail once a lot like driving a Mack DM800 dump truck in a rock cut!!

          • I'm glad you kept it near stock standard 650s are getting harder & harder to find & in the long run it will be worth more than if you chopped it

          • Agree about hard-tails! Nice bike.

          Jim Loosli shared a link to the group: YAMAHA PICS/MODIFICATIONS. — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          There may be a lot of naysayers out there; but I have 200 miles +/- on these new Kenda Challenger tires, and I really like them. They perform better than OEM rubber & feel rock solid when I lay into a corner or switchback, even on wet


          They're on a 2007' 650 Classic with stock suspension until spring. I am 6' 1", 235 w/o my riding gear and all the nubs aren't wore off the rubber yet .....

          With he H speed rating (135 mph) and the smokin' price, they can't be beat. 1/2 the price of OEM rubber & free shipping via Amazon too :-) . :-)

          %d comments
          • that one has 16000 on it

          • mine was a "new take off" from another bike

          • I put a 673 Cruz on the back and I have about 9000 on that one still looks and works great

          There may be a lot of naysayers out there but I have 200 miles on these new... — Yamaha V-Star riders

          There may be a lot of naysayers out there; but I have 200 miles +/- on these new Kenda Challenger tires, and I really like them. They perform better than OEM rubber & feel rock solid when I lay into a corner or switchback, even on wet


          They're on a 2007' 650 Classic with stock suspension until spring. I am 6' 1", 235 w/o my riding gear and all the nubs aren't wore off the rubber yet .....

          With he H speed rating (135 mph) and the smokin' price, they can't be beat. 1/2 the price of OEM rubber & free shipping via Amazon too :-) . :-)

          http://www.amazon.com/Kenda-K657-Challenger-Street -Tire/dp/B00570XH1W#productDetails

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            Photos from John Furbur's post — Yamaha V-Max

            Chromed RC Spectre wheels for VMAX

            (one of my favorite styles-discontinued & hard to find)

            Very nice shape

            (dirty in the pics, but chrome has no pits/peeling)


            < /p>

            $1800.+ ship w/o tires ($2400. new)

            &1900.+ ship with tires

            (shipping will be much more with tires-oversize)

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              So it s time to give the ol girl up and move onto something bigger finally — Yamaha V-Star riders

              So it's time to give the ol' girl up and move onto something bigger finally. This bike has been fantastic. Always dependable and never left me stranded. So the question is...where's the best place to sell her?

              2001 Vstar Custom with soooo much stuff it's ridiculous.

              21,500 miles

              100% one of a kind House of Kolor paint job (custom mix) by Vandemon Paint

              Carlini Drag Bars

              Mustang Daytripper Seat

              Cobra Shotgun Exhaust

              Supreme Legends Reaper Series Forward Controls and Rear Pegs

              Supreme Legends Ball Mill mirrors

              Adjure Venture Highway Headlight/Bucket Combo

              Clear taillight with LED bulbs, custom rear signals

              Chrome trim package

              Tires with less than 3000 miles on them

              Fresh battery

              Starter Clutch replaced less than 500 miles ago.

              I also have most of the original stuff in a box...windshield, sissy bar, etc.

              I'm figuring $4500-5000...anybody think that's high??

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                Attention to all sniper user — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

                Attention to all sniper user..

                Meron po tayong iseset na EB this coming friday january 31,2014

                Sa MOA sa tapat po ng BLUEWAVE 7pm onwards..(kung maaga makakapunta maganda kahit late oki lang po)

                Paranaque,Laspinas,Manila,Pasay,Makati,Pasig,Marik ina,Antipolo,Nova,Qc,Mandaluyong. Inaanyayahan ko po kayong lahat na dumalo at mameet natin ang isat isa at makapagbonding at mga kwentuhang. Wala po to sa stock or my kargang mc(snipy)

                Oki lang po if hindi po kayo pwd yung mga willing lang po wala po tong pilitan. Palagay na lang po ng contact nyo and loc if sure na punta po kayo.

                0932-8711-607 Pasig..

                Respect thanks..

                Yung gusto ng kasabay marikina,pasig mandaluyong txt na lang. :-)

                %d comments
                • ito plang c snipee q mga sir

                • haha! bka pg makita nio akin laiitin nio aah.... hehe

                • tahimik ah

                curious lang po mga paps — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                curious lang po mga paps...

                bakit kaya ang daming *** teardrop pipe for miomx/mx na binebenta sa mga buy&sell pages??

                sa mga previous user ng nasabing exhaust system, naiingayan lng po ba kayo (dapat expected nyo na un sa open pipes. bakit nmn ang hispeed) o may negative effect sa performance ng ating miomx/mxi?

                -this is just to answer my question, or maybe for the others aswell.

                -I have no negative intentions, whatsoever.

                -mahirap xe itanong doon sa mismong re-seller (previous user).

                %d comments
                • Bagay kaya teardrop.. Ganda naman tingnan sa MX. Hehe nagkataon lang na nagkasabay-sabay ang benta. Last year nga puro touring ang sale. Hehe

                • Not sure ako sa query mo sir, pero sa tingin ko lang hindi natune ng mabuti or naiingayan or nagsawa na

                • thanks sa mga inputs ng mga previous and current users ng mga open exhaust systems.. ^^v

                Photos from Ross Berenchtein's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                my new exhaust, haven t done video yet maybe tomorrow. Deep full sound IXrace Exhaust Full System made in spain, planning to install juice box or dynojet, havent decided which one of them.. what do you think guys

                %d comments
                • if you only bought your bike for three months and then you want to get a bigger bike, then dont waste your money on exhaust, if your planning to keep your bike for a long time then yes you cant buy exhaust, remove restricted plate, add a juice box or dynojet because at the end of the day its a 600cc engine all good round and your insurance definitely will be cheaper, compare to if you decide to buy any other super sport bike. good luck with your decision

                • Nice. I've been eyeing this exhaust for a while. How do you like it?

                • great sound made in spain

                mga master na check nyo po ba annually ung radiator fan nyo kung cya ay... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                mga master... na check nyo po ba annually ung radiator fan nyo, kung cya ay working properly?

                according to d 3S shop mechanics na nkausap ko.... we have to replace annually ung radiator coolant ni emex.... it may cause daw ng di pag ikot ng normal ng radiator fan kahit mainit na ang engine...umikot daw man ito saglit lang

                ayon din nmn sa obserbasyon ko...mula ng magamit ko at mabili si emex, pag tumakbo na ako ng matagal at mainit na ang engine,ramdam ko ang pagikot ng rad. fan

                lalo nat pag off ko ng engine galing sa takbo at mainit pa....tas i switch on ko, dinig ko ang pag ikot ng radiator fan...but now umikot man ito saglit lng kahit mainit na ang engine.........

                comments lang po mga master....base sa obserbasyon nyo tungkol sa radiator fan ni emex......marami pong salamat ... :)

                %d comments

                  Gud day mga ka emex Ask lang po ako mga sir nagpalit ako led headlight yung 5... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                  Gud day mga ka emex! Ask lang po ako mga sir nagpalit ako led headlight yung 5 led bakit kaya wala pang 20 mins na gamit ko kagabi nilowbat agad battery ko? Malakas po ba ito sa baterya? Nawalan ako busina at namatay yung mga ilaw ko..anu kaya problema nito? Naka direct sa battery yung headlight..thanks po sa sasagot

                  %d comments
                  • Ung kulay yelow wire sir sang switch po makikita un? Ang gagawin hhugutin taz itap sa kulay brown? Iba pa ba ung kulay yelow na tinanggal ko sa rectifier?

                  • iba yung sa rectifier at iba yung sa switch sir,yung sakin apurahan,cinut ko nalang yung sa rectifier

                  • pa fast charge mo boss wiring mo.. low bat tlga yan..

                  — Yamaha V-Max

                  %d comments
                  • Nice shot :) but both of you should put on your gear & ride safe :)

                  • en la ruta ,autopista y en grande ciudades siempre uso equipo,aca solo fue para la foto ,es ciudad de poco habitantes

                  • on the road, highway and large cities always use equipment was only here for the photo, it's little city inhabitants

                  Ok new rally question area — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                  Ok new rally question area.....

                  %d comments
                  • Jeff, I'm definitely thinking about just going from Saturday-Sunday. It all depends on the funds situation as the rally nears.

                  • Thanks a bunch Patrice, will be looking out for that.

                  • The More the Merrier!

                  Árpád Bakó shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                  Hy everyone! Here's the first song from my new band. I hope you enjoy it!

                  %d comments
                  • nagyon szepen koszonom/koszonjuk. szep lassan jon majd a tobbi dal is :) (egyebkent en nem vagyok megelegedve a bogo hangjaval... a cuccon sokkal konkretabb, nem igazan sikerult azt kikeverni amit szerettem volna, de meg kiserletezesi fazisban vagyok en is. + a hangszer sokkal tobbet tudna ennel :) ) majd egyszer talan. nem mellesleg pedig nagyon szivesen hallgatnek toled konkret dalokat (bevallom youtube-on mar talaltam par videodat, tetszetosek.) (kozben irtal megegy hozzaszolast, lereagalom azt is...) jol hangzik. varom a hangzoanyagot. Szeged! beirtam. Szolok mindenkepp. Es koszonom a bizalmat. :)

                  • ne viccelj:) amúgy uh...hát y yt videóm elég ratyin szólnak de a lemezen nagyon sokat dolgoztam meg profi studióban....ha kell segítség szervezni Szegedre szólj:) örülnék:) üdv!!

                  • :) igazan lekotelezel. szavadon foglak. koszonjuk.

                  My FZ6R had no problems keeping up with my mates Harley yesterday — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                  My FZ6R had no problems keeping up with my mates Harley yesterday

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                  • Yezzir. I've ridden a friends Harley, and my 6R before I sold it to my buddy a decent amount. For me right in the middle with 3 is perfect. It is peculiar as hell though... Yama is making 3 cyl once again now with the MT-09 as well.

                  • Adam Preljevic, you like your yamaha xjr1300?

                  • It's a beast Gabriel, it's a real shame they aren't available in the states, although I'm sure there's the odd grey import.

                    Powerful Inline 4 with the Torque of a big Vtwin.

                  Corina Popescu shared a link to the group: Yamaha TDM 850 Club. — Yamaha TDM 850 Forum

                  Dear friends,

                  For 2014, the majority decision regarding the TDM Romania National Meeting place was made : Vatra Dornei.

                  As we already know, the period for this meeting is related to the first week-end of the month of July, so that means that we are talking about 3-6 July 2014.

                  From this moment, the Organization of the event decided where the location it will be : on the north of our country, in the northern part of Moldavia, in a region called Bucovina, where you can find an area full of history, with wonderful views and amazing roads

                  Here you are a link to the map.

                  https://www.google.com/maps/preview/place/vatra+do rnei+harta/@47.3622863,25.353055,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0 x473593b2313399d9:0xe49405b751778c57

                  Also, here you can see the location which is near Vatra Dornei, at Poiana Negri, a famous resort with mineral water renowned throughout the country:


                  For those who would like to participate at our seventh National (and second International) Meeting of TDM Romania, please find below the link to the registration form.

                  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Arhl7 ivVlBsDdDdFeFpPZG5BcXZBVnN1MFViRlloWFE#gid=0

                  %d comments

                    Hi all Bulldogriders out there — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

                    Hi all Bulldogriders out there!

                    I started this forum some years ago and it has been a joy to see it grow with more and more people with great design ideas and great technical knowledge.

                    When I started the forum I had an idea that I should send a friend request to all bikers that joined. It was never my intention to force anyone to become my friend here on Facebook.

                    Why ? Because I wanted to have many Bulldogfriends around in Europe, nothing more, nothing less.

                    Unfortunately this has now resulted in a punish...Some people have reported me to Facebook for sending friend requests to them and this has resulted that I can not send messages to persons that I am not friends with and I can not send new friend requests for 7 days. I do not know who did this and actually I do not care....

                    Therefore, I have taken a decision to reduce the number of friends on my personal list as of today. If you "Bulldogriders" still want to be personal friends with me here on Facebook I will gladly accept all friend invitations from you who sent it to me.

                    Sorry for posting this on the forum , but I thought that I could not reach you all in a more efficient way.


                    Robert Jadeborg

                    %d comments
                    • Hi Robert, I'm absolutly agree with you. I think there is any difference between Bulldogers I know from this group and my friends and family. My personal FB account is reserved for this golden circle :-)

                    • Well, better i dont comment about "social networks" rules and policies. This kind of reaction sounds like sickness .. just be sure we all appreciate the great job you did for all bullbikers allover the world .. ill add you now :)

                    • Robert, decide want you want, who doesn't respect that is a big ass. I'm glad I found the Bulldog group which is your afford anyway. Great job!!!!

                    Photos from Kaloy Manggagawa's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic


                    modus: benta ng katay parts. bigla i cancel ang deal pag nka hulog ka na ng payment. i refund nya ang payment at ipapadala ulit. kukunin lang ang transaction number, tapos ipapacancel din yung transaction sa express padala. balik ulit sa kanya ang pera.


                    %d comments
                    • wla n rin yung FB account nya oh. unavailable na...??? :v

                    • Ampbuilders Ampbuilders yaan mo bro pag free ako this weekend ask ko kuya nya classm8 ko kuya nya eh... Kaya pina bakasyun yan sa manila na lulong sa droga yan dami pinag bebenta mga gamit sa bahay nila

                    • tanongin yung family nya kng saan sya ngayun sa manila para alam mo address tol



                    Salam " Satu Aspal Satu Jiwa "

                    Tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat, dengan ini kami mengundang seluruh Club atau Komunitas All Biker's untuk menghadiri acara sederhana kami dalam rangka merayakan ulang tahun yang ke-5 YAMAHA MATIC INDONESIA COMMUNITY ( YMIC JAKARTA )

                    Kami mengharapkan kedatangan kawan-kawan sekalian untuk sudi menjadi bagian dari kegembiraan kami dalam semangat “Persaudaraan Tanpa Batas” dalam acara ini.

                    Acara ini yang Insya Allah akan di laksanakan pada :

                    • Hari : Sabtu, 8 Februari 2014

                    • Pukul. : 13.00 s/d Selesai

                    • Tempat : BUMI PERKEMAHAN RAGUNAN

                    Jl.Harsono R.M Jakarta SElatan

                    Isi acara :

                    •Bikers Gathering

                    • Santunan anak yatim piatu

                    • Dangdut - Reagge

                    • Live Musik

                    • Games & Door Prize dari Sponsor

                    •Discount dan hadiah menarik dari stand sponsor

                    • dan masih banyak lagi..

                    Kehadirannya Bro/Sist Sangat Kami Tunggu,,

                    Sekian Undangan ini Kami Sampaikan,

                    Jabat Erat dan Salam Hangat Selalu,

                    Salam "Friendship & Solidarity All Biker"

                    Dari Kami YAMAHA MATIC INDONESIA COMMUNITY ( YMIC )

                    FOR INFORMATION :

                    - Fajar YMIC – 0812 80029066

                    - Rizal YMIC – 0853 52146889

                    - Alan YMIC - 0821 24890914

                    - Hengky YMIC Bogor – 0813 82410660

                    Team Pengkondisian

                    Jak - Barat Oges AMC ( 0812-94011954 )

                    Jak - Timur Boy YMIC ( 081-18002385 )

                    Pay JMC ( 0857-11221088 ) - Agay JMC ( 0812-50501014 )

                    %d comments

                      Warrior is cutting out at high rpms I can stop it from cutting out by pulling... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                      Warrior is cutting out at high rpms. I can stop it from cutting out by pulling clutch lever and or switching gears. Any ideas?

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                      • Havent even touched it yet just in the problem solving stage before I try shit

                      • Well your gonna create more problems if you don't re jet the carburetor. It will run lean and could potentially blow up your engine. Put in a 147.5 main jet as a start and go from there.

                      • Bent exhaust valve made my buddys do that

                      Question sa mga may alam Ano po kaya problema if stuck sa 40kph yong takbo ng... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                      Question sa mga may alam. Ano po kaya problema if stuck sa 40kph yong takbo ng mx?

                      Nangyari yon after nilinisan yong carb. Binalik ko na don sa nag tune-up, nilinisan uli carb pero ganon pa rin. Walang pwersa.

                      Thanks sa mga sasagot

                      %d comments
                      • Oks. Malaki pa possibility na walang mabibilhan dito nyan. Whew! Wag naman sana.

                      • order kanalang sa 3s,,medyo matagal nga lang 1 month bgo dumating order,,,swerte mo lang kung may maaga deliver cila

                      • Ok na sir. Nakuha ko na. Ok na takbo nya. Nong tinanong ko ang mech. kung ano nangyari, kung sa diaphragm ba.sa carb lang daw.

                        Thank's sa quick reply kanina sir meru. :)

                      Earl Preacher created a poll in Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

                      Question please. ;) Will the kick start on my C3 start the scoot if it has a dead battery? Considering running with out side cover off and just wondered? Thanks in advance.

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                      • Rocketta, Typical Chinese CRAP.

                      • I only ride sparingly with the cover off...The Cover bolt holes are all covered with a bit of Gorilla Tape, & the variator is cleaned out with compresses air after each 7 mile test run...No issues doing it this way since Aug of '09...

                      • And, it's likely saved a weeks worth of time...:)

                      has anyone ordered pistons from Grampions recently Looks like they have changed... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                      has anyone ordered pistons from Grampions recently - Looks like they have changed their supplier cos they aint mitaka's anymore - Has anyone used/fitted them ?

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                      • Yep - I spoke to them - basically as these are 2mm over they didnt have them in mitaka so supplied these - He said the rings are the Jap rings same as I would always get and the pistons are a direct replacement otherwise they wouldnt supply them... Mmm - I guess only time will tell - the casting is different round the side skirts for sure - who knows they may do the trick...

                      • Might be TKR, I've never used them but they are jap made and have a good reputation with the thumper boys. Mitaka are only a buying in company, I've seen lots of basically the same pistons but with different castings

                      • tkr have MADE IN JAPAN on the inside

                      Photos from Slow Rider's post — Yamaha C3


                      I want to introduce myself.

                      This group I found in a thread of the C3riders Board.

                      I´m coming from germany and drive 2 Yamaha Giggle. One in winter with front shield and snow-tires, and one in the rest of the year.

                      Since 2009 I drove every year a big tour in summer around europe. On the last in Italy 2013, I had two accidents. Two Italians shot me up and now my Summergiggle has many defects. Over the last week I bought many spare parts and soon I will start the reparation.

                      But not only a reparation, I change a few things:

                      Disc-Brake at the front.

                      13" wheels.

                      Wide handlebar.

                      More gauges.

                      Better lights.

                      A better mount for my luggage on tour.

                      This is my site for 50ccm touring:


                      He re are a few fotos of the last tour:

                      %d comments
                      • And how did you mount the foot pegs?

                      • I have a pair of expandable Bicycle touring bags that look just like them...

                      • The saddle bags are from "Iron horse". Thats a brand of Louis (A motorcycledealer for accessories in Germany). Costs here ~50-70€ a pair. The problem is to mount them at the giggle. There is only plastics, so I will build a carrier for them, mounting at the frame. More infos to the pegs are here: http://c3riders.freeforums.org/post3893.html#p3893

                      Happy Australia Day to everyone — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                      Happy Australia Day to everyone!!! :)

                      So I'm fairly new to riding here and I needed advice from the more experienced riders who have been riding for a while now. While riding down freeways or roads it's difficult to just ride at the speed limit like there are times when I do 120+(kmph). I know the speed limit is 100 but it's difficult to stop ur self from just going a little faster I see my self doing around 115kmph steady on the freeways and seldom do I reduce my speed. I know where the speed cameras are and I know it's breaking the law but there is this fear of getting a speeding ticket always and I'm always scared of getting my licence suspended. So to all the experienced riders how do you guys ride on the freeways? Just go at 100? Or do you guys speed sometimes? Do you guys still worry about getting speeding tickets?

                      Cheers for all the answers!!

                      %d comments
                      • Stick to the limits mate,,, as Adam said, the speedo is out a little, so I guess 110 is ok,, I sometimes go to 120 but thats about it, unless on a quiet road. if the cops catch you doing 30 over the limit you could be well and trully fecked,,, it isnt worth it,,,

                      • thanks dan will keep that in mind :)

                      • Here in the states if you don't do ten over you're gonna get ran the fuck over. Over there it seems that the rules are a lot more strict.

                      Photos from Fred Greenlee's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

                      I had the GSXR750 wheel powder coated, all ready to ride in the morning. Temps are suppose to be near 60 degrees in the afternoon.

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                      • okay, but I do not have to machine Fazer wheels only the brake carrier and shim the otherside, on my other bike I have installed YZF 750 wheels, because it can be done with a little work, the reason why I used these wheels? easy they only cost me 120 euro incl newtires, then a little machining is suddenly attractive

                      • I know that in other parts of the world, GSXR wheels and components are hard to come by. In the U.S. they are plentiful and inexpensive. If I was going to do the GSXR wheel mod. Here is a list of what I would need and the current prices on eBay. Wheel - $50.65. New wheel bearings - $28.34. New Rotor - $42.70. Sprocket, carrier, and cushdrive - $59.99. Caliper and hanger - $47.50. Torque arm - $29.31. Left hand inner spacer - $23.81. Right hand spacer - $21.64. Left Hand spacer $16.73. These prices include all shipping costs and come in just over $300.00 total. Add in another $100.00 to get the wheel powder coated the color you choose and you are all set. Zero machining, zero modifications. This is a direct bolt on mod with the addition of two 4mm thick washers as additional axle spacers. $5.00 at the local hardware store.

                      • Uk isnt too bad for gsxr wheels the genesis are a nightmare to find though, people labelling wrong doesnt help

                      Photos from Bruce Gabriel's post — Yamaha C3

                      I just got back from the 80mile loop to Lowes, and back to the house... It was 60 when I left at 1:30 & 48 with the sun sinking quickly at 5:15, when I got back...I'm glad to be where it's warm! :)

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                      • Weather here is 32 and snowing. icy in shade on road. Still want to ride. Cold I can deal with.. Skating on two wheels is pushing it at 51 years old.. But "Back in the day" lol

                      • Iv e had more fun on my C3!. A bit of sellers remorse sets in every time i see a blue C3. what a great little scooter!!!.

                      • I'm from St. Louis... I got so thrilled at only having to shovel snow every 15 years or so, that 40 years have passed & I'm still living here in Dixie! :)