Will these fit warriors — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350


Will these fit warriors

15 3/4" 400mm Front Shock Absorbers Yamaha YFZ 450 Raptor 700 660 Banshee ATV Replacement



The Aftermarket parts, brand new a pair of air shock absorbers is good quality and replacement for some Gokart Quad and ATV.

430mm (17") total length

400mm (15 3/4") eye to eye

Eye Diameter: 10mm 12mm or 14mm ;

Eye thickness : 21mm; a little narrow;

Spring thickness: 8.28mm

Spring Width: 60mm(2.4")

Working stroke: 68mm

It can be adjusted in length 1" (25mm)

The eye of shock has tensile strength more than 2,000kgf;

Max loading: 600 lbs/a pair;

Pre-filled nitrogen; Pressure can be adjusted by springs and air (nitrogen

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  • Yea they will fit, But they are junk!! We have went over this numerous times on the Forum. Heres a pic of a set that didn't make it 4 times around the track.

  • O dang thanks for the advise

  • No problem, I know for the price they are easy to get and look like great shocks but far from it. Save your cash for some good used shocks, Elka, Axis, PEP, WORK's, Even OEM banshee shocks are better than those in the ebay listing.

What do i need to know about removing the tank and rear fender Is it a job I... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

What do i need to know about removing the tank and rear fender. Is it a job I can do solo?

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  • Golf tee works well for a plug too. It's not too daunting of a task. Rear fender is more troublesome than the tank I think.

  • Start driving Beth, maybe you can help by tomorrow

  • Hey William Donovan. Are you getting in on the tshirts? I don't have any orders from you yet? What's the deal? Don't like it? It supports a good cause.

Anyone know how to get the headers off of my Fz6R. What tools I ll need — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Anyone know how to get the headers off of my Fz6R? What tools I'll need? I'm putting an aftermarket exhaust on and I need to ship the headers off to be modified

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  • What are you doing to yours Joseph????

  • Oh it was when I did the exhaust shit. Yea I just realized that was longer ago than I thought lol

  • Damn. Well mine only has 2700 miles. So everything is like new

Mga boss ayaw mag start mx ko Nagpalit na ako ng battery pero parang natunog... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Mga boss ayaw mag start mx ko. Nagpalit na ako ng battery pero parang natunog yung sa may fuse.

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  • Pareho din sa dating battery nilagay ko.pag naka on at di umaandar e binuksan ko yung signal light nag e stayde yung ilaw. Dun sa my fuse natunog na parang kuryente pag ini start ko. Pag kik nman naandar agad. Pag napatakbo ko na ng matagal pwede nman yung push bottom. Start agad. Pero nabalik din, ayaw na nman mag start.

  • Mga paps. Starter relay din ba sira pag ayaw mag push start sa una pero pag kinikstart at pinainit, gagana na push start

  • Minsan ngkkgnyn dn ang mx ko...anu po kya ang problema nan?

XXX emergency meeting tom kila pres 7pm onwards ung mga libre lang may... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

XXX emergency meeting tom. kila pres. 7pm onwards ung mga libre lang may ididiscuss si Rd Hydro Lavina regarding potipot ride...and yung mga nag ppm na gusto sumali sa grupo? chance nyu na 2 attend kaya ng inyong 1st tambay nights... para isang ride at monthly meeting attendance nalng endorse ko na kayo kay pres. pwede na kayo fill up application form just bring a copy of your selfie pix. este mga need docs. mejo naghihigpit napo kame sa pagtanggap ng mga new members para makaiwas na magamit ang grupo naten sa di magandang gawain maraming salamat po...

again Tom. 7pm onwards kila pres. di daw need ng heavy inuman at pik nik sabi ni RD hydro... meeting daw na tunay to wahahahahah!!!! ~ Alan Thrillseeker

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    Photos from Patrice Anthony Morales's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners

    Ok, for those you who are not on the forum and are ordering shirts for the Rally. I will be accepting payments. Please send payments through paypal to j4patrice@comcast.net. Make sure you mark the payment as sending to a friend so there are no fees. Also make sure you include your name and address.

    This is the final proof of the t-shirt. Both short and long sleeve shirts will be in Sport Grey (the color on the left).

    I hope to have all orders paid by the first week in March so I can place the order.

    Remember all proceeds go to Mission Childrens Hospital.

    Orders received here on facebook are:

    Shaun Nick - 2 - 2X long sleeve = $48

    David Brown - 2 Lg Short Sleeve & 2 XL Short Sleeve = $80

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    • Nice. I like the kick ass one. :-)

    • if you go to their home page, then to apparel, they have a few for Raiders.. and other Yamaha Bikes as well... plus they do custom work... just a lil something different.

    • Paid..

    SHARE ko lang po experience ko nahule po ako nung LUNES sa manila tapos... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    SHARE ko lang po experience ko: nahule po ako nung LUNES sa manila, tapos nagpunta ako ng manila city hall kanina pra tubusin license ko, GRABE SOBRANG DAMI NG NAHULI NILA, daig pa ang LTO main office sa dami ng tumutubos. tapos ang sabi sakin bumalik nlng daw ako sa FRIDAY, dahil hindi ko pa matutubos ang license ko ngayun, hayyyyy grabe tlga, nasayang ang isang araw ko, ang pera ko tapos papabalik-balikin pa ko! sa FRIDAY PA NAMAN DAW KASI ANG EXPIRE NG TICKET KO KAYA SA FRIDAY NA LANG AKO BALIK. kaya kapag nahuli po kayo sa manila, kung kailan yung last day expiration ng ticket niyo, dun niyo lang po makukuha o matutubos ang license niyo. kawawa naman tayong mga karaniwang tao lang.

    bute na lang may SNIPER MX tayo. haha

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      Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha V-Max

      This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

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      • I stood up on mine the other day to adjust my pat legs, barely touched that throttle and nearly ended up on the road! Control is everything-they do exactly what you tell them to do, but with V-Max, that is a serious choice!!!

      Tengo un conocido que tiene un banshee que arranca si lo empujan que podria ser — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

      Tengo un conocido que tiene un banshee, que arranca si lo empujan, que podria ser? si lo pateas no prende, puede ser carburacion ? o tiene que ver con desgaste de motor?

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      • Es muy dificil casi imposible q se corra el punto el encendido si tiene cdi ya que el captor y el bolante no se mueven a menos que se te corte la chaveta cosa q ni siquiera arrancaria

      • Puede tener algun problema o con las bujias o con la carburacion. Si las bujias no son el grado termico y modelo original le cuesta arrancar en frio o en caliente y tiene problemas para regular a bajas rpm tambien puede estar sucio el carburador y jodiendo el chicler de baja. si el funcionamiento cuando lo arrancan es "normal" es alguna boludes de esas.


      V star 1100 classic can any of you tell if these pipes are stock The guy I got... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      V star 1100 classic, can any of you tell if these pipes are stock? The guy I got it from couldn't tell me much about the bike & I am new to the cruiser world.

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      • Or ace hardware ↑

      • Any place you can get a washer that will work. I went down to the garage to see if I had a package unopened. I didn't so i got one out of my jet box and checked it with a calipher. The ones I have are .022 id, .210 od and .030 thick. Recommended is .020 thick but they vary in thickness in package. Easy to sand down to .020 if not close. Radio shack has these as washer for electronic projects. If you can't find what you need , tell me and I will see if I have. I have 5-6 hundred dollars worth of jets nd needles . Used to do this for fun and profit. Still have a lot of my stuff.

      • Sorry I haven't replied back fellas, I live in southeast Ga and this ice storm has wreaked havoc. I hope to get back to work on the bike next week sometime.

      i keep seeing yamaha xj wheels advertised on ebay uk to fit v max Is this... — Yamaha V-Max

      i keep seeing yamaha xj wheels advertised on ebay uk.... `to fit v max`. Is this an easy job to do?? cheers!!!

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      • XJ900S Diversion rear wheel will fit a max with a different spindle kit. You use the Diversion drive spline and the max disc.

      • thanks Andy ......

      does anyone know how to bring sun dried faded back to life I heard boiled... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

      does anyone know how to bring sun dried faded back to life? I heard boiled linseed oil and Somthing else but idk?

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      • reckon i could polish the scratches out with novus plastic polish

      • reckon you could prob do that sir.

      • Gleem toothpaste And a drill mounted buffer. 20 oz bottle of water to keep it wet

      If your looking for a fairing or saddlebags For your HARLEY Honda Yamaha... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      If your looking for a fairing or saddlebags. For your HARLEY, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki..

      Check us out. I can include free shipping. And get you the best possible price.

      Call me for any questions any time any day. Or email.


      Nymotorcyclerepair@gmail .com

      I am the main point of contact. I work exclusively with them for the last five years. I have installed thousands of there products there is no one who has more knowledge or installation experience. I travel to all the big bike rallies selling and installing there products. We will be at 405 main st Daytona this march. Stop in!


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      • Do you have picture of bike

      • We have two fairing and a couple bags that would work

      • Www.tsukayu.com go to Yamaha at top of page and then to your bike model. I can do better then the prices you see online and free shipping

      source. MMDA — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

      source: MMDA

      What is the protocol for Traffic Officers when apprehending traffic violators?

      1.Flag down the vehicle and lead it to the roadside where it will not obstruct the flow of traffic.

      2.Courteously inform the driver of his violation.

      3.Request for the Drivers license, vehicle registration and other pertinent documents.

      4.Verify records of driver from Central Database.

      5.Inform the driver of his previous records should there be any.

      6.Accomplish TVR without unnecessary delay / argument.

      7.Issue the second copy to the driver / motorist and inform him / her where and when to pay his / her fine.

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        Anyone put a Cobra powerflo on a 950. If so how did you like it — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        Anyone put a Cobra powerflo on a 950? If so how did you like it?

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        • :-P

        • have it on my 1300 and gives the bike more power or torque on the throttle. Yes you have the sucking in air noise but that's normal and I got use to it...

        • @ John Wilson - Am now considering getting the Powrflo since your comment about the rain. Was always worried that either the K&N would get damaged in consistent heavy rain, or that water would find its way into the velocity stack because of the intake force. Also, it would be alot easier than painting the plastichrome of the current intake...

        Hi this is a question about the Billy Sheehan pedal that I couldn t find... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Hi, this is a question about the Billy Sheehan pedal that I couldn't find anywhere else online so please delete if not appropriate for here.

        I'm considering buying the pedal as a main pedal as would like to use the compressor and the drive only when needed. The pedal footswitch is an 'enable/bypass all' switch correct? So there is no option to leave the clean settings on (including compressor) and 'click in' the drive when needed... correct?

        But in theory, if you put a 'break circuit' switch in the drive loop, it would in effect, disable the drive and leave the clean signal on? Is this correct and has anyone tried it?


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        • The Mooer seems to be a good solution, but... "Quite inexpensive"?! I saw it on ebay and it's 50€! Any other suggestions?

        • My way costs about $25.00 USD, and even less if you have a latching foot switch laying around!

        • I found this one at low price:


          It should work, right? I am also considering Mike's solution.

        Mga paps anong magandang setup ng makina na puwedeng pangaraw2 long ride at... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

        Mga paps anong magandang setup ng makina na? puwedeng pangaraw2, long ride at tipid parin sa gas.

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        • pwd po stock pwd din po loaded. pang araw araw. kgya kang sir eric alo gonzales kahit loaded pwd ang araw araw at pang long ride. depende na po yan sa driver po if kaskasero sure masisira talaga mc kahit stock payan at di nag maintenance ng oil. at mechanic. kahit stock nasisira din pag di maintenance ung oil..

        • Valve spring lang po at rcdi pwedi na...

        • stock. Isagad mo man ng wagas wala kang problema.

        Para sa lahat ng Estudyante Empleyado Ofw naghahanap ng Trabaho at lalo na yung... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

        Para sa lahat ng Estudyante, Empleyado, Ofw, naghahanap ng Trabaho, at lalo na yung laging Online sa FACEBOOK. Naghahanap kaba ng NEGOSYO gamit lang ang facebook account mo? Are you looking for EXTRA INCOME and earn as much as a minimum of 20$ Dollars or 840php per day Parttime/Fulltime or unlimited 20$, 70$, 90$ opportunity.


        - Earn 10k - 100k a month

        - 100% Homebased

        - 100% Online Business

        - 100% Payout

        - Earn using Facebook

        - Flexible time


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          Tips. Tried and Tested — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

          Tips: (Tried and Tested)

          Guys share ko lang ang mods na ito para sa mga naka after market pipes with silencer. Kung gusto nyo na mag improve ang top end ng motor nyo, try po ninyo imodify yung muffler ninyo. I'm using Nob 1 dual sound and tinangal ko po half ng fiber sa loob. Then yung half po ay siniksikan ko ng fiber. Then yung kasama pong silencer minodify ko rin po at tinanggal yung end cap nya sa dulo para di sya gaanong sakal. Ang resulta, medyo di maganda ang low end torque PERO swabe ang high end torque. Talagang dumudulo. =D

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            Anyone else has had their rear wheel lock up more than once while breaking not... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

            Anyone else has had their rear wheel lock up more than once while breaking not too hard? Or a skid? Is it the wheels or just my breaking?

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            • Great advice everyone

            • Happend to me a few times last time it happend to me i ended up droppin my bike

            • It takes practice. In moderate braking, it's not even noticable but during those hard stops the geometry changes a ton. Just give it time and practice to see where the threshold is for you and the bike. Everyone is different due to weight, height, and aggressiveness.

            Alan Loquinario updated the description of the group Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

            Exclusive For SniperMX 5S 135LC Owners

            /// Page for Aspiring Member of SMX Philippines///


            1.Application Form is a Must.

            2.MUST Bring 2 Xerox Copy of OR and CR together with your License ID.<---

            3.Look for the nearest Chapter Near YOU! for Evaluation by Officers.

            TRADING PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/groups/snipermx.ph.tr/

            FAN PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/snipermx.ph?ref=hl

            VISITORS PAGE OF:

            ________________________________________ ______

            The "SNIPERMX PHILS., INC." ( SMX )

            https://www.facebook.com/groups/streetmonarchextre me/

            President https://www.facebook.com/alan218

            Vice President https://www.facebook.com/sese1968?fref=ts&ref=br_t f


            _____________________ _________________________

            NORTHSIDE Chapters

            1.NACALBU (Valenzuela to Bulacan)

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/aristotle.patag?fref=ts

            2.ISABELA (Isabela)

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/Lei.albano03?fref=ts

            3.KABALEN (Pampanga)

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/johnrotsen.mentac?fref=ts

            Central Chapters

            1.xXx (West Caloocan/malabon/navotas/Q.C/Mla)

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/thizzz20?fref=ts

            2.BRT (North Caloocan/Nova//Fairview/SJDM)

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/ryan.rieta?fref=ts

            3.EASTSIDE (Pasig/Marikina/Antipolo/Rizal)

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/dnumyar.b?fref=ts

            SOUTHSIDE Chapters


            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/freddie.ibanez.7?fref=ts

            2.ETI_VAC (Cavite)

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/odie.perry?fref=ts

            3.LAGUNA (Laguna)

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/boybilis?fref=ts

            4.BONPEN (Bondoc/Peninsula QUEZON )

            Chairman https://www.facebook.com/richardteodylizaso.mendez ?fref=ts

            TRADING PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/groups/snipermx.ph.tr/

            FAN PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/snipermx.ph?ref=hl

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              mga sir quick question pinalowered ko si sniper ung harap lang naman ung... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

              mga sir quick question... pinalowered ko si sniper... ung harap lang naman ung ginawa ng mekaniko parang may binili sya at inipit... ok po ung ginawa nya... naglalaro pa din naman ung shocks kaso medyo kaunti nalang talga ung clearance at medyo lubak talgang ramdam ko na pumupukpok... tsaka ung break ko sa harap medyo humina... maliit lang ako pag sumisingit ako sa traffic ang inaasahan kong break is ung sa unahan... meron po bang front fork na kahit pinalowered is maganda padin ung laro ng shocks... salamat po ng madami.!

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                Great graphic showing the difference in the neck joints of the Ltd. II Ltd — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                Great graphic showing the difference in the neck joints of the Ltd. II & Ltd. III

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                • Allegedly the X2N guitar pickup is the same as the bass one

                  http://basstremfanatics.forumotion.net/t119-dimarz io-x2n

                • well dimarzio has different specs for each pickup..

                  X2N-B...Treble: 4.0 Mid: 6.0 Bass: 9.0

                  X2N ...Treble: 6.5 Mid: 6.5 Bass: 5.5

                • I wonder if the difference in specs is that one is based on a guitar string and the other on a bass string? A few people have had this discussion over the years. One even hints that the model G, Model one, x2n are the same :-)


                Any advice on an easy how to remove chrome and paint the plastic front... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                Any advice on an easy how-to remove chrome and paint the plastic front directional light base? Want to paint it flat black...

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                Can t wait till sunny warm weather. Is there something going on with forum — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                Can't wait till sunny warm weather! Is there something going on with forum..i can't pull it up..keeps timing out!

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                • It is back up for the most part. It is still experiencing some loading errors but they should work themselves out as everything is repopulated.

                • Thank you, I have main page access but not to the message board yet

                • I'm still working with them to get it going. I'm not sure what the issue is now. It should be loading very fast at the moment.

                hey new to the group just wondering if anyone has a 85 ytm 200 front fender... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

                hey new to the group! just wondering if anyone has a 85 ytm 200 front fender near mint condition? thanks!!

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                • I dont have pics

                • alright thanks Michael. if you could take some whenever and pm them to me that be great if thats not to much troubles ?

                • Will do!

                Anybody out there actually know how to rebuild a bike — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                Anybody out there actually know how to rebuild a bike?

                I recently picked up a 01 Yamaha v star 650 that needs to be rebuilt.

                I thought I could handle it.... I was WRONG and now I'm overwhelmed. It's the wiring....

                So I'm going to bow out and hopefully pass it on to someone who can actually finish it!!!

                I don't have pics now but if your interested text me at 985-570-3459 and I'll let you know what all I have and get you some pics. Oh and I'm asking $500 for everything! And again you WILL need to know what you are doing!

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                • Clymers manual!!!

                • I just ordered a replacement harness for my 2000-650 classic from eBay.

                • i do it all the time.

                What is the widest back tire you can put on the 85 without modding the frame — Yamaha V-Max

                What is the widest back tire you can put on the 85 without modding the frame.

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                • I have a 330 stock frame but U must change swing arm. Will post pics soon as I'm new to this site. My Max is /93. Bought new

                • Have a look at Taylormade wheels web site, Steve can help with your needs

                • I'll check it out. Thanks Alex.

                i got a chance of getting a full stainless cobra exhaust for my max what... — Yamaha V-Max

                i got a chance of getting a full stainless cobra exhaust for my max what difftence will it do to the power out put if any

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                • Have never seen a full VMAX exhaust from Cobra...Would like details & pics when you get a chance...Thanx!

                • its prob just stainless downpipes with cobra cans

                • Gotcha

                85 just purchased Getting gaskets replaced Lots of work planned Paint carbs... — Yamaha V-Max

                85 just purchased. Getting gaskets replaced. Lots of work planned. Paint, carbs, seat and lowering forkscand springs.

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                • Start with changing front brake clips to something that has a slight chance of stopping the beast.

                • Probably be a good idea prior to getting vgas carbs! First step is seat as I have a 29" inseam.

                • Here is the mod I did wile ago - brake plates from R1 and brake clips from Honda Fireblade. Notice the additional adapter that needed to go between the fork and the clip.

                Hercules Plato updated the description of the group Enduro Yamaha IT Series. — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

                Yamaha IT enduro dirtbike owners site! If you own an IT enduro dirtbike, you'll love this site of the forgotten enduro dirtbikes Yamaha made. People are restoring these bikes to ride once again. All IT Series models : IT125G,IT125H,IT125J,IT125K,IT125L,IT125N,IT125S,I T175C,IT175D

                IT175E,IT175F,IT175G,IT175H,IT1 75J,IT175K,IT200L,IT200N,IT200S

                IT200T,IT250 E,IT250F,IT250G,IT250H,IT250J,IT250K,IT250L,IT250N

                IT250S,IT400C,IT400D,IT400E,IT400F,IT425G,I T465F,IT465G,IT465H,IT465J


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                  TGIF sa lahat po ng members at non members dit sa page isang paalala po ang... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                  #TGIF : sa lahat po ng members at non - members dit sa page, isang paalala po ang public roads at highway ay hindi race track, kaya po pino promote ang Track Day ay para mabawasan ang pagiging race mode sa kalye at para maging disiplinadong motorista din, kung mag race race mode take your own risk. wag natin sirain ang pangalan ng SMX.ph sa kalsada once na naging legit member ni rerepresent mo na ang club natin kahit san ka man mag punta. Isang paalala lng po salamat sa babasa, Magpaalam kung san pupunta at magdasal bago umalis at lalo na i check ang M.C bago gumora.

                  -ride safe, godbless


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                    mga master ok lang ba yung sps stage 1 sa 59mm bore stock head — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                    mga master ok lang ba yung sps stage 1 sa 59mm bore+stock head?

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                    • great power comes with . . . .








                      . . . . great budget ! ! !

                    • hahahaha...tomo

                    • Tuning ng carb mga boss yan din po problem ko dati pagdating 80 kph humahagok na nagpalinis lang ako card at nagpalit mushroom air filter ngaun ok na..

                    I got this bike I assume that I am not welcome to stay It s a Honda VTX 1300... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                    I got this bike. I assume that I am not welcome to stay. It's a Honda VTX 1300 2004. It was great chatting with you all. See you on the road.

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                    Mga paps ngpalit aq ng kable ng speedometer ok lng po b ung png mio ngamit ko — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

                    Mga paps ngpalit aq ng kable ng speedometer ok lng po b ung png mio ngamit ko?tnx

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                    • baka mkuha p s adjust.try mo iadjust s baba o kya s taas ung clutch cable mo.s may clutch lever at s may crank case pde k mag adjust ng clutch benjie cigano dos santos

                    • Paps Jeck Asuncion san po nbile nung tag 60pesos n cable..skn xe 150 peo pang sniper135 nklagay s plastic..ka2palit k lng dn po kc.

                    • s 10th ave roldan name ng store

                    Mga paps pa help po ako — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

                    Mga paps pa help po ako

                    Tanong ko lang kong anung cause ng sinisinuk ni snipee ko, yung malaking pagka delay nya, anung pwede ko iadjust para mawala

                    stock lang po makina naka open pipe lang po ako ng hgm, hingi po sana ako ng advice sa mga na nakaranas na nito at sa mga master

                    Thanks in Advance; ridesafe :-D

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                    • Ok . .tnx s advice, try ko. .

                    • Sir Jeck Asuncion nung unang kabit ko hgm ok naman sya kc bagong tune up noon nung kinabit ko mag dadalawang buwan pa lng ang pipe ko, lately ko lang naman naramdaman to, yung pagbinigla ko ang birit sa 3rd gear eh sungaw na at humahagok.

                    • Nasa high rpm kba kpag bnbgla m sa 3rd gear kc kung low rpm natural na hahagok yan...

                    Pa park lng po. pa selfie. Tbt. tnx admin — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                    Pa park lng po..pa selfie! Tbt.. tnx admin..

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                    • Madalas ako jan sa mga Ospital sa Baliuag sir..beep beep ako minsan pag punta ko lit jan...Monday Anjan ako kaso holiday pala Bulacan..

                    • cge sir.. San ospital po? Nanay q po sa bliwag district hospital nag work e..

                    • Galing ako dun sir ng umaga ng Monday, holiday nga kya pumunta na Lang tarlac ala mkausap..

                    Here s something to make your life easier that I learned the Old School Way — Yamaha C3

                    Here's something to make your life easier that I learned the Old School Way...:)

                    The C3's sparkplug is in a rather hard to reach place. Harbor Freight sells a set of two extra long (10") needle nosed pliers for about ten bucks. One has the standard straight nose. However, about 2/3 of the way down the nose, the other one has a 60 degree bend. If you'll pull your front cover. (That oblong, flat black, job that's right below your seat front. (You'll need a #30 Torx Security bit, to remove it, although a pair of pliers will work.) :)

                    Then, pull your sparkplug access cover. (The curved panel, on the lower right side of your floorboards behind your right foot.) The spark plug boot is then easily removed by shining a light into the ECU area, behind the front cover, and using the slick pair of bent nosed pliers to gently work it loose through the curved panel, on the R/H floorboards. . A 12" 3/8" drive extension that has a "Wobble" designed into the business end, gives added room to remove, and reinstall the plug. The best way to put the sparkplug wire back onto the plug, is to reach up under the front of the engine with your left hand, and guide the sparkplug wire boot-end over the end of the plug while holding it with the pliers. Then, tighten it on the electrode, with a 12" long 1" tip, straight screwdriver. Ease the tip down into the boot until you feel the top of the clamp on the spark plug wire, and wiggle the screwdriver while gently hitting the end of the handle until it tightens on the plug's electrode. I've heard stories of Owners tearing the end of the sparkplug off, trying to remove the boot from the plug. Even tearing the boot off of the wire! This will make this job much easier! :) Gabe

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                    • I didn't destroy anything learning this...My Aircraft Maintenance experience made me walk off B4 I got too aggravated! :)

                    • Back in July I had the plug wire come off on a rough back road out in the country & was able to reinstall it with only a screwdriver...:) It took some time & I had to hold my mouth just right though! :)

                    • The pair of special needle nose pliers & enough tools to fix whatever I encounter are now under the seat! :)

                    Anyone done an Hid projector modification on there FZ6R — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                    Anyone done an Hid projector modification on there FZ6R?

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                    • Brian check out the retrofitsource.com and look at the stage 1 hid projector kit. It's nice! There are pictures of people with it on there FZ6R's. I've only had my bike since August of last year and will be done modding shortly. Exhaust, hid kit, black windscreen. Flushmount turn signals, frame sliders, fender eliminator kit, kn air filter and oil filter, short mirrors, etc, etc...... Makes a big difference in the look of the bike! Marthys exhaust solutions can hook you up on an exhaust!

                    • Awesome, thanks for the info bro!

                    • Not a problem! Be safe ridding

                    — Yamaha XS650


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                    • Hi Geir. Where did you get the trim for your gas tank?

                    • nice bike..

                    • The trim is Automotive Door Trim. I used a channel type for the tank. You can also get flat trim as well. Its in all hardware/auto shops here in Canada. Comes in a roll of about 5 yards. Be careful because the glue will pull paint off, so be sure to get it right the 1st time. A very nice accent. I did it to my Nomad as well.