Done 760miles at the weekend but I m having a real problem with the seat after... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog


Done 760miles at the weekend but I'm having a real problem with the seat after the first 100 miles I end up with num bum at the end of the run I could only manage 50miles or so

can you get a after market seat

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  • Yes Ernst, I am travelling from my home in Italy to the north west of England to see family and friends. Then to the Ace Cafe for the Rockers / Brighton run, then set off for home. Not directly as we are visiting various places on the way back.

  • Sounds great. As I am preparing my dog (and myself) for my first 2k+ km trip in july, what tips do you have regarding the bulldog ? You made long trips like this on this bike already ?

  • Yes , every year we do the Bulldog meeting, 1500km +. Longest trip was 8800km in 2007 around Italy. No tips really, but never ride too far in one go. Rest stops, even if only 5 minutes are good. Have the end of the day destination always planned. Give the Bulldog a service, make sure the tyres and brakes will last the journey. Enjoy the trip.

Photos from Dalibor Daky Ilić's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Regards to all! I would like to introduce the engine of my father I inherited two years ago .. It is a Yamaha FJ 1200, produced in 1986, with the mileage that is 60.553km .. I'm only 17 years old and I drive this engine already for two years, I have permission, but since I'm in the countryside, driving without any problem .. not experienced even one fortunes, and purchased in 1994 from Switzerland to 27.000km and paid the 10,000 francs. Bike is like mine, will be driven only by the enjoyment and pleasure .. I can not wait to lay that I could not drive and other places .. I am pleased with such a machine, and I would not give for any amount of money .. Here are a few pictures , you may not understand everything because I translated by glossary .. :)

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  • i found 10+ placed they have FJ's for sale including the FJ Forum. everyone knows i am looking. i can't wait. i babied my bike's. the 89 i had for 4 year's & in that time i put on 700 miles. & the same on my Vmax. i only took them out, to clear my head. get rid of stress, & wife BS lol. i said to everyone, before i get rid of my dog, & my next FJ. the women goes. there are plenty of single women. there isn't plenty of Mint low mile FJ's. lmao

  • anyway nice to meet you Ten Step

  • Funny that you say you only put minimal miles on the FJ. I've done 7000km in 4 years. Only ride occasionally. Try to avoid wet weather but it somehow finds me. I to ride for relaxation and clear the head of stress and shite. My wife or my daughter come out occasionally. I do most of the mechanical work myself when I can. Have had health issues for the last 3 months. Now I have to act. Love the FJ simplicity. Had a few major headaches bit have managed to sort most.

Does anyone know if I can use compound on a nano excel hull If not any... — Yamaha Waverunner SVHO Owners

Does anyone know if I can use compound on a nano excel hull? If not, any recommendations on what to use to remove minor scuffs and scratches?

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  • The Nano hull is painted. If it's down to the primer, no compund will take it out.

  • I use McGuire boat polish . Seams to work good .

  • The best I used so far

Full Riva Stage 1 kit fitted already Maptuner X arriving tomorrow — Yamaha Waverunner SVHO Owners

Full Riva Stage 1 kit fitted already, Maptuner X arriving tomorrow....

Can't wait to experience the extra acceleration and 80 mph ...

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  • Dean's Team impeller has arrived... fitting it next week, will post results hopefully next weekend...

  • You got a 13/18?

  • Yep ...

I m going to be widening my front end. Should I go with asr or full flight — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

I'm going to be widening my front end. Should I go with asr or full flight? Full flight is a little bit more expensive but comes with the extended stainless steel brake lines, that I would have to buy anyways.

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  • Like I said, it's all the same crap, can't go wrong with either

  • Nice Joseph Jumper

  • Can you send closer pics of the mounting location

1982 XV750 Problem headlight won t work I think it s possible I may have a... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

1982 XV750. Problem: headlight won't work. I think it's possible I may have a bad relay...seem to be getting 12v to connectors of relay but no voltage to the light. Is there a circuit breaker or fuse in this circuit as well? Where is that located?

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  • Yeah I guess with the set up you have wouldn't help much lol. I just need to get it to pass inspection. Bought the bike for $400 and got a random box of parts...been sitting for over 5 years now. Just drove it around the parking lot today though. Some fine tuning and I'll be ready for inspection and plates and then I can start the fun of customizing it and turning it into a never ending money pit/obsession

  • Yeah I did that and tapped it real good a few times with the back end of a screwdriver to try and get the contacts to break free if they were jammed or something. It hasn't been turned on for 5 years though at least so it just needs a good work out and cleaning.

  • yeah some times I think they need to be retrained as to how they are supposed to

How is the paint holding up on your hulls I find mine is all scratched to hell... — Yamaha Waverunner SVHO Owners

How is the paint holding up on your hulls . I find mine is all scratched to hell from just load and unloading from the trailer . The carpet from the bunks clearly scratches the paint .

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  • Many scratches on the hull and in the area of the footwell. It's automotive paint, as such not as durable as gel coat. You don't walk on the hood of your car but you regularly walk all over the painted surfaces of your PWC. Don't know what the solution is.

  • Hmmmm like to see how a roller bunk trailer holds up.

  • Ours are pretty good! I go around inspecting after each ride. I almost had a cardiac event when half of my bumper -thingie broke in the back. I forget the proper name. Evidently my husband caught the end of the ski on the garage bay side when pulling out the skis. There is zero room for error as its a very tight squeeze. We were riding pretty fast in some rough water and the broken half ripped away. I was so upset that he promised to fix it immediately which he did. Ordered the part that night and a new Yamaha logo just so I had a shinier one! I was very grateful. My ski took the place of the horse I had to give up.

    There are a few minor scratches on my husband's ski but they are from the stupid dock. I think people that pull their skis up onto sandy beaches will have a lot of scratches eventually due to the abrasive nature of sand.


----- BIYAHERO KA BA? -----


✔ 09151244753

✔ 250php (36pcs left!)

(minimum 2pcs pag meetup para di lugi)







__________________________________ _______


° MCDO - Waterfun Taguig (everyday)

° JOLLIBEE - Triumph Taguig (everyday)

° Market market -Taguig

° MRT Ayala / Taft (by sched only)

° WalterMart Munoz (by sched only)

° Jollibee Pacita Laguna - Thurs / Sun 5pm

° Alabang Bus stop (pagpasok ng tollgate) 4pm

° Robinsons Sanfernando Pamp - Sunday 11-1pm

_____________________________________ ____


° Metro Manila - Add 60

° Provinces - Add 135




0 915-124-4753

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  • pwede ba u moder ng isa po shades


  • UP

Good day — Yamaha V-Max

Good day!!!

I am still new to the group & woulf like to know if there is any one on here from south africa that can give me some info as to why my bike jumps out of second gear & roughly how much it would cost to repair. its a 1995 Vmax 1200.


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Hey Hybriders — Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

Hey Hybriders!

As you all own hybrids may it be safe to say you may have some used bits sitting in boxes with nothing to do?

Im chasing some 83.84 RZ bits like mirrors rear pegs ,chain guard, indicators top fairing ( big wish ) or any other oem cosmetic bits no longer required.

Pic for posterity. Yes this is my howling pig

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  • Terry Carter...You are welcome to the mirrors & bits when my bike arrives...:) & hit "Seahorse" up...Im sure he will have MANY spares...:)

  • Don't Worry i have seahorse pegged

  • Many thanks Steve Street

Would the 350er rear swing arm bolt up to the 225dx I ve been told the 350er... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Would the 350er rear swing arm bolt up to the 225dx I've been told the 350er the drive shaft Is in the middle so what if motor and swing arm bolt up with little modifications that would be sweet dream for my 225dx complete at that moment lol anyone know more about these 350er

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  • To make it fit would need some frame mods. You would need the engine cradle and the swing arm. Then just chop the rear section off your trike and put the quad frame and swing arm. The top motor mount and the front motor mount are the same. So bolt the 350 engine into the trike frame top and front mount then bolt the rear 2 motor mounts with the swing arm pivot points from the 350. Then bend you some steel pipe and finish the frame. Boom one bad ass ytm..

  • I have been looking for a 2x4 350 Yamaha for a while

  • That would be cool

Photos from Ahmad Azfaar Siddiqi's post — Yamaha YBR 125 G RWP ISB Community

Kitne ka kharcha hai? It's working fine btw

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  • Pata Nai Yar ... Mera Bhai kafi bura driver hy ... Kehta hy bike Khud bakhud uth gya and main bike sy gir gya and bike b :/

  • Asal main Wah ka ilaqa thori der main abaad gua hay to wahan jinnaat abhee tak Maujood hayn.

    Aksar bike kalti kar detay hayn :P

  • Hahahaha :P

question not just tracer I suppose but any bike I get home early morning from... — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

question , not just tracer I suppose but any bike .... I get home early morning from work so I go into neutral and kill the engine , coast the last 100 metres or so so my psycho dogs don't kick off ... I've noticed the noise from the chain is very loud and kinda clunky sounding ... chain is well adjusted (not to manual parameters

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  • that's was my reason to order new set asap

  • it says DID 525

  • and this is the state of front sprocket... rear one seems OK

Photos from Phillip Russo's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners


2010 Yamaha FZ6R

LAMS approved, Have removed the restrictor for added response & power.

Sale includes :

Log Books

2 Keys + Red Key

Modifications :

Custom 3" lobster weld exhaust

LED tinted taillight with integrated blinkers

LED front blinkers

Tail tidy with LED numberplate lighting

Aftermarket mirrors

6000K headlight globe

2" lowered at the front forks (was getting ready for clip-ons)


This bike is immaculate besides one minor scuff from pushing it between garage & car the bike is like it came out of the showroom. Has only been used as a weekend toy its whole life.

Only Yamaha oils used for its service & a K&N oil filter.

The bike rides like new, feels like new and looks as new!

This is a genuine bike with nothing to hide and nothing to fault.

CASH ONLY sale, please no time wasters or ridiculous offers.

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  • Sweet what did you upgrade to?

  • Also hope you don't mind but I pretty much based my ad off of yours since ours were so similar

  • This is the sexiest FZ6R I have ever seen. I love the black on gold.

Hey guys what s the cost of front dome of fz i mean this whole part — Yamaha FZ FZ-S FI Version 2.0 Riderz

Hey guys what's the cost of front dome of fz i mean this whole part

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Anyone on here got a white bolt with red rims Thinking of getting mine powder... — Yamaha Bolt

Anyone on here got a white bolt with red rims? Thinking of getting mine powder coated and though im sure it looks badass, i wanna see what it looks like lol

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  • No Mate, just me and Photoshop :)

  • Plasti dip for a temporary way to see if you like it or not

  • Might I suggest doing exhaust covers in red as well or intake cover or engine covers, I think some or all will look good

SaLam SeduLuran Sak Lawase — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

"SaLam SeduLuran Sak Lawase"

-Ramadhan Event Mio PLat N-


Tanpa mengurangi rasa persaudaraan sesama mio, kami sengenap keluarga besar MCPRO (mio club probolinggo) ingin mengundang semua club mio plt N dalam acra Ramadhan Event Mio Plat N, yang akan kami selenggarakan pada :

Hari : sabtu-minggu

TgL : 18-19 juni

Jam : 16.00- selesai

Tempat : kopdran mcpro-sebelah timur kantor walikota probolinggo.


Acra :

1. Bagi" ta'jil

2. Buka bersama

3. Kopsan+rapat jamda ke 8

4. Saur bersama

5. Baksos ke anak yatim


Regis 25.000rb (10rb fasilitas,kopi,makan saur, 15rb buat baksos, bagi" ta'jil+bantuan ke ank yatim)


1. buat urunan baksos boleh lebih.

2. Confirm kehadiran tgl 11 besok

3. Diharap smua anggota club plat N wajib hadir

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    My Virago build. Not done still waiting on one last shipment with parts — Yamaha Virago 535

    My Virago build. Not done still waiting on one last shipment with parts...

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    • Var har du fått styret ifrån?

    • Mats, behöver stycka om förgasarna. Går lite orent vid fullt pådrag. Behöver gå upp en storlek på högfartsmunstycket.

      Styret är ett helt vanligt 22mm cross-styre, som jag plockat bort fågelpinnen på!

    • Ok tack

    Very quickly any top recommended blue tooth headset to link to sat nav — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

    Very quickly, any top recommended blue tooth headset to link to sat nav. I've got shoei helmet, so it's got to go inside , don't want to bolt or fasten anything on if possible. . Stability of connection is key. Ta v much.

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    • I've just a interphone urban. Used last nite for the first time and can't fault it. It was linked to satnav and phone it also has a fm radio built in and can be linked to other interphone devices

    • If you just want to link to sat nav and phone, and aren't bothered about an intercom , then the scala QZ is the one to go for - about £70 on Amazon

    • SENA 20S - the ONLY one!!!

      Sena 10s - the second best choise

    Photos from Darr Bennett's post — Yamaha Aerox Parts Projects Forsale Only UK

    Would any one be interested in a swap for my 100cc

    Mot 4 months 2 keys and full log book pressent

    Loads of new bits...

    New rollers and clutch springs

    Stage 6 lift kit

    Bar convertion with speedo

    Side stand

    290mm front disk and bracket

    Been painted satin grey

    Few bad bits chrome exhaust isit all that was on bike when bought it.. have standard one tho

    Back tyre is getting low am in the mix of getting it done tho ...

    Ride spot on i have all the old bit and paper work for all new bits

    Pm if any genuine interest thanks

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    • Just a small one nothing expensive just summit to say ur speed

    • Where are you roughly bud?

    • Bristol mate i have transport

    Mga master tanong lang — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    Mga master tanong lang..

    Pag on ng ignition switch ng classic naten kahit dipa umaandar makina e aandar na agad yung radiator fan??

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    Will this work on my 87 and has anyone switched over to this style of carb — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    Will this work on my 87, and has anyone switched over to this style of carb

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    • Thanks for the input

    • I had no luck with it. It would only run with choke on. Tried different jetting, no help. It was a pain in the ass to install. The air box adaper didnt want to fit, and the tube on top for the cable hits the gas tank. I had to trim it. I have a brand new one if you want to try it. I'll sell it cheap.

    • The Keihin PE 36 is a decent round slide to use.

      When it comes to the Chinese junk, just remember.

      You get what you pay for.....

    Photos from Garrett A. Wells's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Thinking about selling

    Located in Washington State

    2004 Yamaha SX230

    2014 Load Rite aluminum trailer with disc brakes on all wheels

    Comes with four person tube, water skis, tow ropes for each, waterproof cover, Bimini top, new mats inside and out, anchors, life jackets

    Everything needs to get on the water!

    Just registered trailer and boat good until next year

    Asking 14,000 or best offer

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    • Hope you get that; but the trailer is not an add on for Yamahas if you read the first page

    • Ya saw that but added the lighter and newer aluminum trailer

    • That's right, you did get a fancy trailer

    Does anyone out their have a set of IT yamaha blue hand Brush gaurds they could... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

    Does anyone out their have a set of IT yamaha blue hand/Brush gaurds they could sell me? I need some to complete my bike. Any condition will do. Worth a ask? Thanks.

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    • Yes they do. I need some for my two.

    • Check eBay acerbis has them and eBay has a few different ones in our IT blue

    • DC Plastics has them!

    Please delete if not allowed — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Please delete if not allowed:

    G.M.Y.A. needs your help to raise money for new shoulder pads for the kids. G.M.Y.A. is a youth football and cheerleading leauge in Madison Township Ohio and we are trying to raise money to help us buy new shoulder pads for the players. All you have to do is go to and do as many tasks as you can. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete all the tasks. It does not cost you anything. Please share this and help us get the word out. Thank you for your support.

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      It s getting there — Yamaha XS250 XS360 XS400

      It's getting there

      %d comments
      • Lol if I keep em long enough to finish...I'm known to get em 98% done and sell or trade em

      • Very smart bikes.. cant wait to See how the XS finishes..

        ( 98 % )

      • You are as bad as me..but I finally finished one and won't let go...77xs400

      Permission to post admin. Thanks — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

      Permission to post admin. Thanks

      Good day mam/sir Sana po makatulong. baka ikaw or may kakilala kayo na gusto mag apply. paki Delete nlng po if bawal.

      Pilipinas Messerve Inc. ay urgent hiring po. need namin ng Motorized Recruiters, Field Ops Supervisor, Courier , Delivery Rider at 6wheeler driver with restriction 3 in license. (Isuzu Elf)

      URGENT PO TAYO ESPECIALLY IN Qc, Makati, Eastwood, Pasig, Alabang, Manila at marami pa pong iba.

      PM, Call or Text po sa mga interesado. 09393992394. Salamat po =)


      -18 to 40 yrs. old

      -with or without own personal motorcycle

      -Pro or Non Pro License

      -with or without tattoo

      -At least 5'5 height

      -with or without exp

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        Have we talked about Trailer Post Guides on here before — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

        Have we talked about Trailer Post Guides on here before?

        I need some for our 2015 242 LS. Any ideas on length? 45" 60"

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        • Look online for the veve posts.

        • I ordered from

        • So does anyone have a 242 LS. 2015? Do you know how far out I put the posts? As the boat is at the Marina.

          Or am I an idiot

        Photos from Manu Castaña's post — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

        Así medi la compresión en el Yamaha Blaster 200.

        Primero Averigüe la cilindrada real.

        Necesito saber el diámetro, que en este caso es de 66mm y la carrera de compresión, que se mide con la lumbrera de escape cerrada, que es de 33mm.

        Entonces la fórmula me da así:

        Diámetro x diámetro x 0.785 x carrera= cilindrada

        66x66x0.785x33=112.84 cc

        Ahora si, vamos con la relación de compresión.

        Necesitamos averiguar el volumen de la cámara de compresión.

        Para eso tiene que estar el pistón arriba, y por el agujero de la bujía vertimos aceite.

        En este caso me dio 21cc.

        Pero debemos sacar la tapa y restar el volumen que ocupa la bujía, que en este caso es de 1.5cc. entonces nos queda el volumen real en 19.5cc.

        La fórmula es la siguiente.

        (Cilindrada + volumen de tapa)÷volumen de tapa


        El resultado obtenido es una relación de compresión de 6.78 a 1. Siendo que de fabrica trae 6.6 a 1....

        %d comments
        • Si eso si como decia depende del trabajo

        • locos, bajen a la tierra, jajajaja, los felicito

        Photos from Calvin Jaworski's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

        225 dx with moto 4 reverse engine in it, runs great but smokes, has great compression so I'm guessing valve seals need done. No knocking or pinging engine runs very smooth, clutch grabs great, brand new front tire, ignition switch works with original key, front axle was just recently removed and greased so you know front axle is not rusted (common problem). Swing arm bearings were greased and axle bearings are tight. Lots of good things this bike has going for it, has brand new oil, new spark plug new oil filter and air filter, air box is complete with no cracks or duck tape, wiring harness I'd complete. I built this trike out of a lot of spare parts I had laying around. I promise it's worth a lot more parting out but I'd rather put an ass on this seat and get another trike back into the world. 300 bucks is a good deal for a rideable reliable ytm with reverse. Duluth MN

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        • You are missing out

        • I imagine people put bigger ahocks in

        • Shocks

        Doing oil change don t want to buy amsoil this time so I m going with Lucas 20... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

        Doing oil change don't want to buy amsoil this time so I'm going with Lucas 20 w50 synthetic. Anybody use before. Every time I use amsoil it cost me about 80.00 to do. This time with Lucas about 55.00.

        %d comments
        • Mark, that article should help to explain the difference in oil types. On top of the fact that you know exactly what's in a full synthetic, there are also other advantages.

          Less friction than mineral oils adds up to more power, (engine ain't working as hard) and cooler operating temps. You can also extend your mileage between changes if you choose to do so, (I don't).

          Hope this info helps...

        • Great read Greg, thanks. Price makes no difference if changes are further apart

        — Yamaha Waverunner SVHO Owners

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        • Yes that's rite George

        • Mate get it checked out.. see the comments here and do it on your ski...

        • Check battery terminals if they are loose

        Hello I bought a new 2014 Yamaha svho cruiser and Its at 16hrs and it s giving... — Yamaha Waverunner SVHO Owners

        Hello I bought a new 2014 Yamaha svho cruiser and Its at 16hrs and it's giving me lots of issues and the dealer can't figure it out, it has no codes. The JetSki was at the dealer for over 1month and I'm not happy.. What can I do??

        %d comments
        • Sounds and looks like it is learner mode

        • Blow up Yamahas public Facebook page anytime you have an issue.

        • Def seems like its in learner mode mine gos exactly 40 mph on gauge .

          Even know the clamps feel secure they can leek..make sure there super tight with 7mm socket all 4 clamps .iv had them leek several times

        — Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

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        • Why the steering damper?? This fooker ain't going to see corners!!!!!

        • chilba drag bike 485cc pv

        • I doubt if it can even turn of the straight line.....

        Photos from Spencer Baker's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

        Still have some 200/225 parts.

        %d comments
        • Ronnie Durrah

        • I have front and rear 225 fenders. I have a good header pipe but the only 225 muffler I have pictured has had the baffle robbed and it's a little rusty.

        • Ok the top end I have to sell is in good shape. $60 shipping included in the States

        Aqeeq Ansari shared Benelli's photo to the group: Yamaha YBR 125/G RWP/ISB Community. — Yamaha YBR 125 G RWP ISB Community


        Waisay dil a raha hay bike per, insha'Allah ONE day ( Allah rozaydar ki dua qubool farma )

        %d comments
        • aqeeq bhai. brand kon sa hai. spec kia hain?? is it in pakistan?

        • Ji bhai. It's Benelli Tornado TNT 25 , 250cc SOHC fuel injected engine. Buraq Travels I think is their name from Lahore. They've launched it.

          Also, another one they've launched is the Keeway RKS 150 and 150s.

          Rks is 189k for base and 199k for sport.

        • Just checked its complete specifications... <3 Allah mujhy b Ye khareedny ki toffeeq Atta Farmaye ... Aameen :D