My poor poor kitty. — Yamaha V-Max


My poor poor kitty :-((((

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  • Believe me it was not the worst... Just wanted to say to everybody... "Care" , that's it :-)

  • marie c'est gentil de ta part j'ai tout les permis mais c'est grace au permis A que je fait plus attention au hautre , mais c'est gentil

  • :'(

Isaac Reinbold created a poll in Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

My C3 wont start and im sure its the fuel pump. It sounds like its working well but it doesnt sound to be sucking in any gas. any body know what the problem might be?

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  • Electric Control Unit.

  • Thanks, where is it and how do you reset it?

  • It's located right behind the front cover of your scooter.(That flat black, oblong cover plate, right behind your feet, when you're riding your C3...) To reset it, turn your ignition switch on and off rapidly, three times in a second or less, then start your scooter as usual...

Here s a good topic. Since we re all rapid Billy Sheehan fans. I assume — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Here's a good topic: Since we're all rapid Billy Sheehan fans (I assume) what is/are your favorite Billy Sheehan bass lines/songs/jams/etc.

Mine: I started with "Shy Boy", really like "Green-Tinted Sixties Mind", I LOVE "A Lit'l Bit'l Do It To Ya Ev'ry Time", and the Niacin version of Van Halen's "Mean Streets".

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  • makita chris

  • I'm pretty sure those were Makita drills.

  • yep was a Makita as they were the only cordless ones around! Mr big had a makita endorsement haha!

Can someone link me to the site that sells a good air intake filter system to... — Yamaha C3

Can someone link me to the site that sells a good air intake / filter system to improve performance?

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  • but tops out at around 42

  • I was topping out 41.1 before it blew up.

  • The stock airbox is so well designed, that nothing I did to my scoot... Not the jiangwayne airfilter, or a 4" K&N mesh filter on various lengths of intake tracts,(With a fuel controller,) was able to make better performance & mpg....Some are machining metal from the sliding sheave to cause the pulleys to get closer together and the belt to ride higher for a higher gear ratio. It's in the Archives at You have to do some research to find it. Time well spent if you really want to go faster...Gabe

Alexander Giles shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

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  • @Robert-- I don't believe it actually sold. He just never relisted it after the first two failed attempts. (And some issues brought to his attention from the keepers of the Attitude Kingdom--lol.)

  • Sorry.....HOW MUCH?! Lol

  • Crazy. Idiotic.

Dealing With PMS. Parked Motorcycle Syndrome — Yamaha V-Star riders

Dealing With PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)

The symptoms of PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) have been well documented by the medical profession and renown faith healers in biking circles. The condition is rampant in the winter. The more obvious signs include:

• Yelling at weather forecasters on television

• Putting on your helmet in the house

• Cursing each day of winter

• Regarding your home as a prison

• Telling people to “Shusssssh,” whenever a motorcycle is thought to be heard

• The feeling that your spouse has not stopped talking since the first snow fell

• Sitting at an eastern window for hours on end, drinking, waiting for spring, like a character in a Russian novel

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    What brand of tires do you use on FJ1200 I would like to experience or... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    What brand of tires do you use on FJ1200? I would like to experience, or recommendation.

    Thank you for all the comments!

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    • Fire a yzf thunder ace rear end on as I did. Easy mod. Check out fj mods on your google search engine

    • Had trouble getting a matched set last time, with a 17" front and a 16" rear. Finally got a set of Avons that aren't too bad. I can scrape both sides and not have to change my undies in the wet!

    • I am in 100% agreement with the Avon series. I ordered and received my brand-spanking new 1991 FJ1200 in West Germany. It has carried me (and sometime kids or wife) for decades from the English Channel to the Czech border, from Northern Germany into Austria and Switzerland, at triple digit speeds from tank full to tank full. After hours and hours of laps on the Nurburgring circuit, I still have my FJ; in original condition and setup; except for the tires. After using nearly every other brand ... in all types of weather conditions (including a raging thunderstorn with hail and nearby funnel cloud at 1:30 in the morning on I-80 eastbbound), the Avons have proven themselves to be a significant confidence builder for this type of bike. Granted not the best tires for high speed track work. But they cannot be beaten for the intended purpose of this bike. Sport Touring for long distance fun. I should know! I have already ridden my FJ twice in 24-hour runs, for the Iron Butt 1500 endurance awards. So, if you are fortunate to own a well kept FJ --- ride on! BTW: I also have a 2007 Honda Goldwing. But that is another story.

    Hello all — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

    Hello @all!

    I´m searching for an V-Skin Tank-suit. Any ideas?

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    • Und auf das Ergebnis freu ich mich jetzt schon...BOC Treffen 2012?

    • Da bin ich auch mal gespannt! :D Ich versuchs 2012 auch mal mit dem Treffen....mal schauen ob´s was wird! ;)

    • Also zur Saisoneröffnung wollten wir, das Mittel DeutscheRudel, eigentlich geschlossen anreisen. mal sehen ob´s was wird.

    PARTS FOR SALE — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350


    Seat - $30

    2 Tank covers - (white/Purple painted black) - $10ea

    3 Gas tanks - 1 w/o petcock - $10ea ($8 w/o petcock)

    Generator/Stator cover - $15

    5 F wheel hubs - $5ea

    L/R spindle - $5ea

    L foot peg - $4

    Stator - $10

    Handle bar - $15

    Stator wire plate - $2

    Cam tensioner - $5

    Magura hydraulic clutch - $50

    Plastic generator cover - $10

    2 dog bones - $15ea

    axle (bent) with carrier, disk and sprocket hub - $40

    2 air boxes - 1 w/ lid - $10ea

    Jug w/ piston and rings - $80

    Header bolts - $15

    Clutch basket – 1 for parts - $40

    Clutch plates - $20 for all

    Cam sprocket - $5

    Plastic chain cover - $2

    Starter gear - $10

    Rear light brackets - $4

    4 stem blocks - $4ea

    Cam cover - $5

    R rear fender bracket - $5

    Throttle lever - $5

    Rear brake reservoir cap - $2

    2 stems (bent) - $10

    Plastic handlebar clamp cover - $5

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      Close up of the cover don t mind the dirt and oil she s a runner not a show... — Yamaha XS650

      Close up of the cover....don't mind the dirt and oil, she's a runner-not a show piece......

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      • May be that the rotors that were manufactured on mondays were sent to the states....

      • or on friday nites on the late shift when they wanted to get home for some Saki lol

      • And i did mean "Saki" and not the other word that sounds simular lol

      — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

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      • Now that's a badass Bulldog! Very nice, indeed!

      • Much thank you [ for the comment ]. *

        To be sure, vehicle height is quite low.

        However, in my country, since there are many paved ways, there is no trouble once...

        It is a store in Germany.

        Although there is no telling whether still sell or not ...

      Took the c3 to get the valves adjusted last week Now it will start make a... — Yamaha C3

      Took the c3 to get the valves adjusted last week. Now it will start, make a clunking noise and stop. It was running just fine the last 3 days. any ideas?

      There was a little smoke after each start-up after the problem.

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      • Will do.

      • Shop sounds like they're going to set it right. Hope it's not something too bad.

      • If they cannot fix it, haul it to the nearest, "Good," Yamaha Shop & let them pay for getting it done right. You can tell a "Good Shop," if you have to make an appointment to have work done....Like your Doctor!

      Speaking of repairs great and small by novice or seasoned mechanic if we were... — Yamaha C3

      Speaking of repairs great and small by novice or seasoned mechanic, if we were smart, we should be putting videos of any on Youtube. I know there are a few on YT, but even more would be useful, things like air filter replacement, oil changes, panel removal, wheel removal, (esp the rear one) I just installed a side stand, (something which completely changed the character of my scooter), and I will video it as installed and post the link to Youtube here, in case it might help someone, even though its hardly a major repair or modification.

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        okay help a novice out air filter needs to be replaced is this something i... — Yamaha C3

        okay, help a novice out- air filter needs to be replaced. is this something i could do myself w/o much headache? if so, can you give directions? i'd hate to take it in just for that, since it's the only thing needs doing now, but it really needs to be done (long story).

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        • First, remove the screw that secures you're C3's front cover, (The oblong, flat black plastic, cover located just behind tour feet, when you're riding your C3...) A #30Torx Security bit is requiured to remove it, although a pair of pliers works in a pinch. (The reason for this oddball fastener, is to discourage a would-be thief from taking your' scoot's $300 ECU, that's right behinnd it.) Next, look down at the area adjacent to your ECU, for a little black plastic push-pin resembling a,"Bullseye." Take a mini phillips head screwdriver, small drift punch, or nail, and push on the center of the one on the left, (Looking down from sitting on your scooter) unlocking it, and remove it. Now raise your seat and have a look into the ,"Trunk." About midway down, and in the center of the left side you'll find a phillips head screw. Remove it. Looking from directly above at the left rear of your open trunk, you'll find 2 phillip headed screws. Rmove the outer one. Get a flash light to remove the last two fasteners. Laying on your back, looking up at the left rear of your scooter you'll see another phillips headed serew. Remove it. Now, sitting right behind your tailight, and shining your light up into the area behind,and to it's left, you'll see another push-pin fastener with a ,"Bullseye," head. Once again, push in it's center, and remove it. Just behind the C3 emblem, on the left panel is a hole on the frame, that has a rubber grommet inside of it. The panel has a male fastener that snaps into the grommet, for added security. If you'll slide your right hand in brtween the panel and the grommet, and gently rock it back & forth,it will eventually pop loose. The airbox is the oblong, black plastic box just behind your laft leg. Remove the screws securing the cover and wiggle it 'till it comes loose. Remove the airfilter, + install a new one... If you turn your new airfilter over, there's a metal,"Noise Restricting" plate affixed to the rear of it with nylon fasteners. (It also restricts mid range power...Can anybody say,"Nascar!?" lol!) It's easily removed with a sharp knife....Put your new airfilter back where the dirty one was, and reassemble the airbox, side panel, + front cover, in reverse of how you disassembled them...You've added a noticable amount of midrange power in the 26-33mph range, where it's most needed to pull hills, better throttle response everywhere, perhaps a mph of top speed, and a bit more fuel economy to your scooter...The downside is the airbox now honks like a Canadian Goose! A pretty good tradeoff ! You'll have to reboot your ECU. Simply turn your ignition on and off, rapidly, three times in a second or less, then start as usual...

        • there ya go.

        sounds pretty good actually — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

        sounds pretty good actually

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        • OK.... I'm a little confused.... a suzuki lt230 is a two-stroke..... a "header pipe" more commonly known as an expansion chamber on a two stroke is going to make a huge difference..... a good expansion chamber for a two stroke takes 20 different formulas and hundreds of hours of design...... the warrior is known for having a good head pipe from the factory... the tubing is adequately-sized and free of kinks..... you have to re-jet an engine to compensate for more air..... right now I have a 155 main in and the jetting is pretty close.... that is about what other warriors with big three mods run as far as jetting so the airflow must be really close....

        • Lt230 is 4 stroke lt250 is 2 stroke

        • Also on 4 strokes more is to be had in changing out the muffler than header

        — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

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        • •Spécifications techniques DiMarzio Bass Model P DP 122 :

          163 mV

          Basses 7 / Médiums 7 / Aigus 5 •Spécifications techniques DiMarzio Bass Model One DP 120 :

          200 mV Basses 8 / Médiums 5 / Aigus 7 Dimensions: 54 mm X 38 mm •Spécifications techniques DiMarzio Bass Model Will Power Middle DP 146 : Le DP 122 modifié 175 mV Basses 8 / Médiums 8 / Aigus 5 •Spécifications techniques DiMarzio Bass Will Power Neck DP 145 : Le DP 120 modifié 200mV Basses 7 / Médiums 5 / Aigus 7

        • what about the dimarzio ultra jazz dp 149...?

        • Didn,t find any infos about ...

        Anychance anyone can post a home vid of their rig s and an explanation as to... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Anychance anyone can post a home vid of their rig/s and an explanation as to how you develop your tone. I'm getting way to much fret slap and not sure if it's treble setting or bass setup. Besides it would be great to learn more from some of you as you clearly have way more experience at this double pick up setup than I do. Thanks in advance.

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        • Alesis just came out with a new 100 dollar stereo compressor, it looks solid, it includes a limiter, Billy uses an Ashly, that costs about 450 bucks, I'm using an old Alesis 3630 that I've had for years, it does the job for me but if I could, I'd get the Ashly!

        • MIke, do you know if Ampeg svp bsb was built in 2 versions US domestic and export. Got the chance of one and concerned if i plug it in over here in UK it'll melt !!

        • Mike Fev As far as I know, no, but power converters would even the odds for any situation like that.

        Jon Willis shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Here is a video of me playing Billy's bass at a clinic back in 2009

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        • Simon, The Weather part of it

          As humidity increase, the fingerboard absorbs moisture and expands, forcing the neck to bow away from the pull of the strings. This is most common going from winter to summer. When humidity decreases, the fingerboard releases moisture and contracts, forcing the neck towards the pull of the strings.

        • Cheers Rick, most helpful mate.

        • you see, learning everyday....

        Jon Willis shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Just thought I would inform you guys of a cool, inexpensive pedal that works great at getting Big, Fat Bottom out of smaller combos. I also find myself using it when I cant use my normal 2 amp set-up.

        The pedal will slightly filter the low mids and actually cleanup some mud even when it is set to 100% dry. With the low boosted it adds HUGE low end without messing with the normal sound of the bass.. it will also add in nice highs as well.

        I highly recommend trying this little guy, especially for $67 shipped.

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        • On order, will get it on Thursday.

        • Got it, seems to do the work i needed, just tried it on my combo.

        • Any of you guys tried the Aphex pedals? I REALLY dig them!

        Jiang wayne C3 Stage 1 kit. thoughts — Yamaha C3

        Jiang wayne C3 Stage 1 kit...thoughts?

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        • I have never done business with Jiang Wayne myself, but I have heard many negative reviews on his business dealings.

        • good to not gonna spend that much from the wayne just some odds n ends...ive found a good supplier of both OEM n aftermarket all within my state whooo!!! construction coming soon going simple and im lookin into a ruck!!

        • Mr.Jiangwayne is "Good Folks..." I bought the first C3 scooter exhaust system they made. (The Pre-production,unit.) When it's upswept design began causing heat damage to my scoot's right side cover, he listened to what I was telling him about it, and redesigned the header pipe.As a result, the newer pipes many of you have bought from him, are much lower, ending the heat damage. (And,he gave me a newly redesigned head to exhaust, pipe as a thank you gift!) They missed it, with their, "Unlimited rpm ECU..." (It only added 250-300 rpms...) And, have taken a lot of heat because of that. However, back in '08 when websites, and parts manufacturers, were laughing at me, for trying to source High Performance parts for my scoot. He, and Joel Martin, at MRP (Dr.Pulley) alone, started making parts available. (At, what had to have been a considerable risk,at the time.) Sure, they made mistakes. (Amybody here that hasn't? Yeah, I thought not! lol!) We owe them a debt of gratitude, for showing everybody else that the, "Ugly Duckling," could become a swan! And, that there was a market out here for C3/Vox/Giggle performance parts...Not a few BW50 2T riders, have had their feelings hurt, when they weren't able to keep up, as a result! Gabe

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        my 1985 v max — Yamaha V-Max

        my 1985 v-max

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        • very nice your max Bjørn-Tore Andersen

        • Thank's. You've done a real good job on yours to. Real nice :-)

        • Tnx! That was before the "crisis" here! I accepted your req2uest. In my photos I have 3 albums :vmax"-"sabre honda 750" (my other big love) & "my bikes" Take a look Regards Andreas Dimitriadis

        Any idea where i could find a proper stereo for my boat it seams like i would... — Yamaha Boat Owners

        Any idea where i could find a proper stereo for my boat? it seams like i would have to purchase one with an output for remote operating the backside panel located at the swim platform. no chance to get it in the use. many thanks guys

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        • it did but, it doesnt work properly and u cant repair it anymore due to rust and salty air etc. i have a 2007 model. do u think, u could help ,e with?

        • I can help you find one. I need the model number of your boat. They all pretty much came with the same radio but it would be good to make sure. And can you tell me what kind of radio you have in there now. Maybe you could take a picture of the front of it with your cell phone and post on here. Once I have that information I'll point you in the right direction so you can make a purchase. There are other options if you don't want original equipment but fit in the dash may become an issue.

        • many thanks, i will take some pics asap. the model is 2007, 230sx jetboat, high output. if u need more details, i would have to refer to the documents, etc. it look like an ordinary car radio brand JBL but the backside of the radio looks different to me and that's the reason why i cant purchase any car radio. i would need an AUX and preferably USB in put (if possible) many many thanks again

        I have a leak in my back tire. Do you really need to take off all the gear — Yamaha C3

        I have a leak in my back tire. Do you really need to take off all the gear (exhaust, etc) to remove the back tire?

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        • I rarely use my brakes. Mainly, I let engine compression, and the non-freewheeling transmission, do the braking for me. Thus: At 10,000 miles, when I pulled the wheels to install new tires, the brake shoes on both wheels showed little wear.

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        • I try that at times as well, but I live in a city with hills everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) so its not a real option to me.

        • lol! I forgot where you live! An Owner over at the other site, has successfully transplanted the front end from a Yamaha Zuma 50cc 2T scooter (With the disc brake.) onto the front of his C3, & reports superior stopping power.

        Bass Secrets GUITAR For the Practicing Musician August 1986 — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Bass Secrets, GUITAR For the Practicing Musician, August 1986

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        • Crank it up n piss the neighbours off I say. Full tilt is the way if they don't like it use your attitude to fend them off. Mine has seen several incidents of action and is still going strong, hahahaha. I think the thing is here, just bugger about until you find what you like, I am everyday and I'm still not happy but I'm sure it'll come. Good luck and get the decibels pounding.

        • Adam, guitar speakers generally aren't geared for low bass notes, but then again I have no way of knowing where you had the settings. If you had only the highs cutting through, you may need to turn it down a touch

          Going back to the movement of the speakers, think of a cross-section of a speaker. A bass speaker may vibrate back-and-forth over a 1/4" of space (exaggerating a bit for the purpose of description), while a small speaker mean for high notes will move very quickly and may only cover 1/16". When a speaker has to push high and low notes, it has to fight with itself to cover all of the movements and vibrations. Speaker placement may also have a lot to do with what you're hearing. If you have the highs blowing out at the same level of your head, it makes sense that the slapping/scratchy sounds are prominent. Try putting it lower to the ground, or directing it to another area of the room.

          All of this said, it really depends on what kind of gear you're playing through now. If your amp has a built-in crossover, and your cabinet has a couple 10" speakers to go with the 15" or 18" bass speaker(s), this may all be for nothing.

          It's about experimentation, and seeing what works best for you and your sound. You may find that what worked for Billy's stage sound 25 years ago may have been succeeded/improved by better technology. Keep working at it and be innovative. Try new things, and let us know of your progress. We may learn something we haven't thought of before. ;)

        • I'm usuing a guitar amp to play with distortion really haha and for fun, experimentation can breed destruction and creation!

        my dt 125 — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

        my dt 125

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        • si no me acuerdo mal el dt 125 trae 115 grados de transfer y 170 de escape. alguien tiene el dato justo? y la compresion? la idea era ponerle unos 120/122 de transfers y unos 185 de escape. con unos 10,5 u 11 a 1 de compresion. de burca un 26 o 28

        • por ahi debe andar la cosa , estaria bueno dejarla picantona

        • mero bollo jum :P

        Rick Robins shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        I know the page topic is the Attitude but some commentary in the threads here have taken a twist. Leading me to ask the question, I wonder when some of the guys here first came aware of Billy, his sound, technique, bass modifications etc etc. My first exposure left me sitting on the edge of my bed at the age of 15 going what is this! Here it is:

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        • Fantastic page, no community, we have! Don't think I have ever come across a forum page that is so encouraging and supportive filled with positivity.

        • Late 80's for me, but despite everything the Lord of the Strings has done, that lead keyboard played on bass, Deep Purple's "Burn" just blows me away everytime. Thanks Billy!

        • @ Billy, I agree it's a fantastic group page & your participation makes it all that much better. Thank you to you & all the guys for the great commentary & subject matter.

        ordering parts this week anybody have any favorite sites for OEM and... — Yamaha C3

        ordering parts this week...anybody have any favorite sites for OEM and jumpin around comparing prices

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        • Bob Neisen (ON FB) has a basement full of XF50 parts he'll sell you for 50% less than wholesale...Friend him and see if he has what you're looking for.

        • Sweetness brucie...I wonder if he's the same guy on ebay with almost ever little part u could buy for C3s...also what are the best performances applications for C3s I've seen a couple pulley variators n top end kits...I know id have to get the dobeck fuel regulator if I wanted to 86 my airbox seen a 80 and 60CC Top end many options arrrrggg....Gps speedo for the first time 35~36mph when my needle reads well over 40 with 130 rear...thx for all your input I'm gonna put some good money into this almost wanna just call up jiang wayne or ride out to enviromoto since its so close to me...PEACE YAMMYHEADZ

        • If you'll go to there's a whole section,"Scooter Talk," that has an archive full of what some of us have been doing to our scoots, to make them work better.

        Crappy cell phone photo of my Attitudes and Tony Sheehan Or is it a Billy... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Crappy cell phone photo of my Attitudes and Tony Sheehan! Or is it a Billy Franklin?

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        • It's always easier routing out a space that you can later cover with a pickguard if you regret it. lol. I would put a jazz pickup in the blue one. The green one is perfect stock as is.

        • Alex..Do it! Add the Jazz pick up. I did it & love it. I took the location position off the ATT Standard I have & then had to come up with my own wire diagram for my Limited. ( Still tweaking the wiring but I'm close) I had a luthier I work with do the actual routing & make me the new pick guard. I chose a Dimarzio Dp148 Ultra Jazz Bridge Pickup. If you really consider doing this PM me I'll send you my wire diagram & other info.

        • Rick your Attitude is a bad influence on me! I still need to think about it alot more....but if I do I will take you up on that offer! Thanks!

        Help me please — Yamaha XS650

        Help me please!

        Where can i find the original xs650's manual?

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        • Email sent Andrea. If I can help you with something else, let me know.

        • Thanks Jason!!!!!You're the best!!!!

        • Jason Rousseau i discovered that my bike is a XS2 and no xs1b candy orange so ask you if you can send me the xs2's manual!thanks!

        I few posts back Danny Growl brought up the ramp idea A few nights ago I used... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        I few posts back Danny Growl brought up the "ramp idea" . A few nights ago I used a piece of pine trim molding left over from a home job, a stone grinder & some two faced tape to mock one up to try. A few gigs & some recording now & I love it. I am now going to make a real deal from the bridge to just under the P pups.

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        • Steal from the best and still be yourself. What comes out of those speakers/onto a recording should be all YOU. We'll still have a resemblance to our "teachers" and inspirational role models but the end game should be US as a whole. I'm sure most folks here have some Billy Sheehan in their playing along with a bunch of other influences. This is a great Group with a bunch of different angles, ideas, and opinions on the beauty of music and how it can get from our head/heart/soul to our fingers and out to the world. Y'all keep rockin'!!!

        • Wise words Mark Sobus ! :-)

        • With one piezo under bridge could work well ?

        What would life in America be like without veterans There would be no Memorial... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        What would life in America be like without veterans? There would be no Memorial day, no Labor day, no Independace Day, no Thanksgiving, no Christmas or New Years day celebrations, No vacations or Holidays to take off from work, or just a day off to go riding your motorcycle. To have the freedom to pick and choose what job or career we wish to do. To have the freedom to choose where we would go to church, or ...even be allowed to go to church. So, the next time you see a Man or Woman in uniform, whether it be fatigues or a fancy dress uniform, alot of times they are just wearing a hat. Stop them, shake their hand and say thankyou! Because without those BRAVE Men and Women, the life you are living would probably not exist. Thank you ALL of my BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ARMS!!!!

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          — Yamaha V-Max

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          • were did u get d forks?

          • Front Forks are from a 93 GSXR 1100, triple clamps designed by my Buddy Jim McElroy

          • frickn awesome!!

          As it seems the season is over — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

          As it seems the season is over...

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          • Meine Dogge wartet auf ihre nächste Gassirunde...und solange dase Wetter so Herbstlich ist, fahre ich mit meinem Piaggio Roller zur Arbeit ;-)

          • Ich fahr das ganze Jahr, bzw. lasse meine 'Dog erst zu Hause wenn's Schnee oder Eis auf der Strasse hat... Leider geht das Schmelz-/Salzwasser nicht ohne Spuren an ihr vorbei...

          • Vor allem das Salzwasser....deswegen hab ich seit kurzem einen Roller für den Winter und mieses Wetter. Voll das Kontrastprogramm zur Dogge, aber irgendwie auch gar nicht mal schlechtt :-)

          — Yamaha V-Max

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          • those were so awesome i want all three

          • That is so hot !!

          • Vmax Hyper Modified !!!???

          Tony Chiarello shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

 PG's Jason Shadrick is On Location in Chicago, IL, at the House of Blues where he catches up with Mr. Big's bassist Billy Sheeha...

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          • The LH1000 eq set at 12 O'clock gives a fantastic clear sound that cuts through like nothing else I have heard or owned.

          • Cutting the bass a little when at high volumes gives a similar effect to boosting the mids,

          • One secret billy used was to play Highs through 15" cabinets back in the day. It's a backward approach but it worked!

          My Att LTD 1 for sale Can t get my fingers round the neck My green Att... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          My Att LTD 1 for sale. Can't get my fingers round the neck. My green Att Special will be buried with me.

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          • Robert I bought the purple bass from Karl and she's happily hanging in my lounge.

          • Nice

          • Billy I saw you play in Bristol earlier in the year and was so blown away by your live sound.

          I miss my humble little c3 — Yamaha C3

          I miss my humble little c3,

          %d comments
          • Well, her Majesty's a pretty nice girl, but she dosent have a lot to say...nice machine

          • Naw she keeps to herself... But just as eagger to please.

          • Thank you!.

          This is a first for me. Today on my way home from my bro s scooter shop — Yamaha C3

          This is a first for me. Today on my way home from my bro's scooter shop. I was open throttle on a very slight down grade. My town is designed its street for water flow down to the river. So there are very slight up and down grades here. She actually at one point cut out completely. I hit 8000 RPM'S. But soon as I let go of the throttle and slowed down she kicked right back on. It was like a 4 sec black out. Awesome!!! Never did this with the stock variator set up. Sense I installed the Dr Pulley Kit for the Yamaha Zuma and modified to fit the C3 she runs so much better and definatly a higher top speed. That was too much freaking fun.

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          • Yamaha may have different rev limiters on the C3 scooter. When my scoot was stock, I never hit a limiter of any kind. I installed my Dr.Pulley variator at about 2,500 miles, and still no cutting out of my ignition. It wasn't until I removed my airbox + added a K+N airfilter, (Along with my jiangwayne exhaust & a fuel controller.) that my scoot finally hit the limiter.Up on the center stand, at about 9,000 rpms.

          • I used to get that a lot on downhills. stock. it just gets really quiet until you start to slow.

          Hey you guys I talked with some Yamaha folks about doing an Attitude Bass Day... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          Hey you guys! I talked with some Yamaha folks about doing an "Attitude Bass Day" in LA next summer---they liked the idea! Not confirmed yet, but looking good! Thought you all would like to know.

          I'll post any info ASAP!

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          • That would be cool. Hope it's after August (stuck here in Korea until then). If not, maybe someday.

          • If I could see the "Wife" bass in person before I died, it would complete my bass playing mission on earth ! I've been obsessed with that bass for as long as I can remember.

          • Playing your attitude with LEDs and the pearloid covered pickups (both covered that way) it would truely make me a very very happy chap! That bass got me into bass, and into the attitude. I played one and the neck had me sold!

            I truely hope i can make it!

          Hi guys i would like to know how can i play with a normal passive bass and not... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          Hi guys i would like to know how can i play with a normal passive bass and not have the noise when i plug it into my amp, you know Attitude is really silences, and it's a passive bass, how can i make the same stuff on a normal passive bass!?

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          • of course the fact is thati putted on the dimarzio pick up but the orginal one had only the fender pick up original actualy i guess it's a cables problem but i'm not sure, anyway i'll check again by myslef only the cables and the pick up again, hehe still have to study a lot about basses :)) i would have more time for them!:)

          • Ah maybe the soldering is dodgy or coming undone then

          Anyone in Central Florida that want to join us for a ride from Orlando to FT... — Yamaha V-Max

          Anyone in Central Florida that want to join us for a ride from Orlando to FT Lauderdale this Saturday. Let me know.

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          • I would but a little far for me to ride.

          • sounds like a very nice ride. I would if I could. I live a bit west of tally, and max is having a mid life crisis, lol

          • but thank you for the invite!!!!!!

          Who s doing what to prepare for cold weather riding — Yamaha C3

          Who's doing what to prepare for cold weather riding?

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          • When it gets in the 50s, I can't live without my full face helmet. I just zip a jacket all the way up and I'm warm as toast. When it's only in the 40s, I park it.

          • I ride year round here in south alabama...The problem here isn't as much the cold, as it is the constant 80% humidity, and resulting wind chill.When it's below 50 deg, I wear flannel lined jeans, wool shirt, lightweight fleece windbreaker, under a denim,armored jacket, insulated leather gloves,& a face mask that gors doen into my jacket, under a full face helmet. It looks like I just robbed a liquor store! However, it has kept me comfortable down to 24 degrees....

          • "And, a face mask that goes down into my jacket...." I believe this keyboard needs to be cleaned or replaced!