Photos from Mark Arnold's post — Yamaha V-Max


New limited edition vmax 1700 badges ready for my carbon side panels

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  • Well now? Share where I can get a set

  • It's top secret - you have to order the anodised side covers

  • Sa irait plutôt super bien avec la nouvelle robe de mon V-max

Anyone loose a blue and white Yamaha Jet Boat in South Jersey during hurricane... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Anyone loose a blue and white Yamaha Jet Boat in South Jersey during hurricane Sandy 2012!? This dude found it with his drone and the insurance company let him have it. I'm sure the original owner got compensated but it would be cool to connect the dots..

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  • That is awesome. Odd they never found boat being to so close to marina

  • Looks like my Yamaha ! If it's 190 you'll enjoy ! Great job !

  • Wow!!

As you may know I sold a lot of gear and I am re building my setup from scratch — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

As you may know I sold a lot of gear and I am re-building my setup from scratch. Someone tried the sub 'n' up? It seems to be a Pog alternative but more versatile (you can add distortion or modulation to the octaves).

Give me your thoughts, in the meantime I am waiting for my TC Chorus and Reverb to arrive!

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  • Thom Shannon the acoustic is a fun amp to play. All my amps and cabinets and basses are complete opposites of each other, but all are nice "flavors of tone".

  • I also found this one: Taurus Dexter, with 2 knobs that seem to act like a sort of filter/crossover to retain harmonic content on the octaves without noises or artifacts... I'll try to find information about this one!


    Look what I found! Great video... and I am still confused!

Bibin Vava Mannur shared his post to the group: Yamaha FZ / FZ-S FI Version 2.0 Riderz. — Yamaha FZ FZ-S FI Version 2.0 Riderz

ബൈക്ക് ഓടിക്കുനവരുടെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ (പശനം ഹെൽമെറ്റ് സൂക്ഷിക്കാൻ കഴിയുന്നില്ല എന്നതാണ്?

അതിനെരു പരിഹാരം ഞാൻ കണ്ടെത്തി ഇതാ ഈ video kandu nokku

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    So I went for another 250 plus mile ride yesterday and I have to the conclusion... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

    So I went for another 250 plus mile ride yesterday and I have to the conclusion the stock Stryker seat sucks. Any recommendations on more comfortable seats?

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    • Banana daiquiris it is lol

    • I loved the stock seat for my 500 mile trip.. no probs whatsoever

    • I've done many days trips on my stock seat with no problems, I'm only 5'9", if any taller I wonder if that's the issue and the Mustang seat will push you forward a bit.. it's too bad there isn't a place where we can properly test what suits each rider individually on thier specific ride.

    Happy 4th to everyone A question Has anyone else been hit with a ridiculous... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Happy 4th to everyone!!! A question.....Has anyone else been hit with a ridiculous spike for boat insurance? My premium just went up 25%. No claims at all. I think it's time to change carriers.

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    • Yes

    • Geico spiked me and I switched to progressive, so far so good after 2.5 years.

    • We pay $900 in Canada

    — Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

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    • This is what I want mine to look like. A bit of work ahead of me

    • David Lawrence Just a good wash & cut & polish will see it look like the yellow bike...:) :) :) :)

    — Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

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    • Didn't think I ever posted this pic. Water pump seal leaked on this ride, VJMC Qld, about 2007. This photo was taken by Chris Dupen at net bikes

    • I have no idea where l found it mate...:)

    Umberto Baldari Statori shared a Page to the group: Yamaha TDM 850 Club. — Yamaha TDM 850 Forum

    Ciao mi chiamo UMBERTO

    Mi occupo della riparazione di statori per qualsiasi tipo di moto e scooter, anche moto d'epoca. Per qualsiasi problema non esitare a contattarmi. Lo statore rigenerato è superiore in qualità dell'originale, poichè utilizzo materiali adatti (filo in rame con doppio strato di smalto, resine epossidiche adatte al calore e all'acidità dell'olio). In molti modelli di moto, dopo varie sostituzioni dello statore, hanno risolto il problema definitivamente con lo statore rigenerato.

    Il lavoro si svolge cosi : mi spedite lo statore ve lo rispedisco riparato il prodotto ve lo do garantito !!!!

    Per contattarmi chiamare al 3392824029 \ 3883217314

    Per rimanere aggiornato iscriviti alla mia pagina facebook: ino-statori-alternatori-moto/1476085992634469?ref_ type=bookmark

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      Sargent Seat review I did just over 200 miles yesterday with the Sargent seat... — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

      Sargent Seat review. I did just over 200 miles yesterday with the Sargent seat, its 100% better than the Yam comfort seat which I was using. I got the seat with preformance plus material, which is more grippy the the std sargent seat. It feels like you sit 'in' the seat rather than on it, its very supportive and fairly firm, theres a cut out in the middle which, for me, eliminated 'numb bum' completley. The seat is a tad lower than stock, but its not noticable. Its a lot wider than the stock seat. The only thing I found is that I did slide forward a few times, but then I do sit quite far back. Not once over the distance did I feel uncomfortable, I really like this seat! My girlfreind found the pillion seat much better than the Yam comfort seat, it als is a little wider and has the cut out in the middle and has the same foam as the rider seat. Theres also hump at the front to stop the pillion sliding forward. Overall, a big thumb's up from me.

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      • £415.

      • you guys know this is only for the MT09 right ? I previously sent an email to SHAD: Dear product development dept.

        Please develop a comfort seat for the mt09 Tracer, There isnt a lot of out of the shell replacement seats for this motorcycle and the oem comfort seat is not worth it. Having tried your products before would you please consider manufacturing a seat for the Yamaha MT09 Tracer. I feel you will have a lot of customers.

        Thank you very much for your time!

        Vitor Fernandes " and they replied to me: Dear Vitor,

        We are sorry but it is not planned to develop this seat.


      • Thanks Shad ..

      Hi guys How are you Recently took my quad out of the workshop and started it... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      Hi guys! How are you? Recently took my quad out of the workshop and started it several days ago. It idled for about 30 seconds with its new fmf powerbomb header glowing red. Then it stopped while we were messing around with the air/fuel and idle screws. We were testing and adjusting the Mikuni VM38mm Round Slide Carb. It had 30/330 Jetting. I´m running an UM Racing Aluminum airbox with Uni Filter. The quad is also equipped with a Yoshimura RS3 slip-on exhaust and Hotcams Stage 1 cam. At that time, I was running out of battery (It`s a brand new Motobatt MB12U) cause I´ve been playing with the starter too much so I left it charging. Today I decided to start it again but with no luck. Changed jets for 35/220 and needle on middle as Gerald Schüeler recommended. I took off the parking brake a long time ago so it´s not that...also cleaned the carb. It has new gas, new timing chain with its tensioner in good shape, spark and good compression as the quad has been rebuilt but it didn´t start again! Me and my friend checked timing and discovered it was very wrong so we corrected it. Tried again with the start button but nothing (Starter is also good) Spark plug gets a little wet every time we try. My question is...Is it possible to be 180 degrees out without bending the valves? And how do I know if I`m 180 degrees out actually? (and not in the compression stroke...) Going crazy...thanks in advance for any advice.

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      • By the way...Happy 4th of July!

      • Alright, thanks too! I guess you don't celebrate it because you're in Argentina lol

      • Haha let's say I'm an american culture enthusiast Lol

      Hi I am a new Bolt rider from Malta got my license in January so im still... — Yamaha Bolt

      Hi I am a new Bolt rider from Malta.... got my license in January so im still pretty new to riding but I love my Bolt and the way it handles.... bought it new in June. Thinking of changing exhaust as Im a believer that 'loud pipes Saves lives' esp here in Malta they drive like crazy...any suggestionsas to the best? Since it is still under warranty I cannot include fuel pack or change to hypercharger. Chris Sciriha take note

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      Photos from Benjamin Gagnon's post — Yamaha Bolt

      Scr 950... To buy or not to buy

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      • The scr isn't as low as the bolt. Just shares a motor

      • def needs a higher skinnier exhaust

        apart from that i like it

      • I hate seeing my bolt dirty. Maybe not this variation. I do like the accessories that came with it though.

      Photos from Kathi Bloom's post — Yamaha Bolt

      I finally got a few pics of me riding. I love riding my Bolt!

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      • Definitly not too big. I'm only 5'2" and it fits me perfect.

      • I'm short, too. 5'1". This is a good ride for us!

      • I agree. I can finally touch flat foot to the ground haha. My last bike I was tiptoed on it even after lowering it 3".

      Chip Fisher shared a link to the group: YAMAHA JETBOATERS. — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      Heard some good results from a few friends about these trim_tabs.htm. Has anyone installed them on a Yamaha and was it worth it?

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      • I didn't think we need them for our jet boats, interesting

      • Bruce has trim tabs...helps make his cross to bimini smoother.

      • I'm wondering with being on the sound if it makes sense for me to look into them. The chop was about 2ft yesterday, it was hard to find a good speed to cruise

      Today I rode with one of my buddies who rides a bmw sportbike I have ridden... — Yamaha Bolt

      Today I rode with one of my buddies who rides a bmw sportbike, I have ridden with him many of times never had an issue. He asked me earlier this week to go riding with him. He fell to mention he inviting 6 other sportbike riders to join us on the ride. This was one of the worst rides I have been on. No way my bolt could keep up with them.They waited for me to catch up at the intersections I didnt know but besides that, I was pretty much riding alone.

      So here comes the age old question: In your opinion do you think sport bikes and cruisers should ride in the same group?

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      • I have a small group I ride with and 2 of them have sports bikes but we all stick together. On occasion they will speed off but the rest of us catch up. I don't think it's the bike you ride but the way you ride the bike.

      • Scraping foot pegs slows me down but catch up eventually still grinning on a bolt

      • Agree with that. Alone is better haha.

      Sir i am planning to buy a yamaha fzs v2 0 fi and i want to know that can i... — Yamaha FZ FZ-S FI Version 2.0 Riderz

      Sir i am planning to buy a yamaha fzs v2.0 fi and i want to know that can i get a kick start option in that???

      And if yes then this service is available in all ur showrooms.

      Please help me out

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      • ok thanks fr d info.....

      • Pleasure..

      • Then Get fZ v1

      Fcr carbs — Yamaha Raptor Parts Buy Sale

      Looking for aluminum intake for fcr carbs for 660 if u have one for sale let me know. also looking for extra set of 39mm fcr carbs. Thanks

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      • Tony Charbonneau is selling a set of 39 fcrs

      • Thanks Jesse Raatz I pm'd him

      Took a nice long run up through Greenwood Lake to West Point and back around — Yamaha Bolt

      Took a nice long run up through Greenwood Lake to West Point and back around. I'm slowly realizing that this bike is capable of a lot more than I'll throw at it. My ass hurts a bit after 130+ miles on the stock seat. My longest ride to date.

      Also had my first Bolt sighting out in the wild. Dude was on a powder blue Bolt coming down 17S by Paramus. Took a second for us both to realize we were on the same bike haha. Cool seeing someone else with as good of taste in bikes as me.

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      • Anything has to be better than what's on it now. It looks good but it ends there.

      • Haha it ends with our ends hurting

      Does it always shoot water up so high when I m going slow — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      Does it always shoot water up so high when I'm going slow?

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      • If pushing the throttle lever forward causes boat to move forward, there's no problem

      • Does it effect your speed? If so make sure your gates are all the way up in forward.

      • Your not on plane but are slightly throttled up. Happens to me all the time. If it's excessive I'll throttle up and then drop it back down. Helps

      Hola grupo buenas noches Quisiera saber si está es la forma correcta de... — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

      Hola grupo buenas noches!! Quisiera saber si está es la forma correcta de cúbicar la tapa de cilindro del DT o si tengo que hacerlo con una bujia normal, es decir sin tapar los orificios de la misma. (Esta es una modificada para realizar este trabajo ya que estaba inutilizable). Espero su ayuda!!

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      • Basicamente se hace con el motor armado. Despues una vez en el torno si se puede ir cubicando para saber cuantos cc vas sacando (o poniendo...) con el torno. Pero sino te vas a complicar la vida con el tema squish y demas labura con la tapa puesta para ver los indices de compresion y trata que el primer cielo te quede a alrededor de 1mm del piston si la moto es de calle.

      • Con la bujia que usas y un nivel es la manera apropiada

      • ju ju cuanto para bajar y dar forma, si con la bujia que lleva

      Photos from Mike Graszl's post — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

      My 1982 IT465. All original, tires, plastic, chain/sprockets, tool kit, titled. Bought from original owner. This thing is a beast, Never got out of 2nd gear just around house. I'll stick to my 125s !!! I did replace chain blocks with nos Yamaha parts, had them around from 1980 yz250 restoring. Kept originals, they were not that bad, just looks little cleaner with new ones. Only bad spot is left side tank decal lil scuffed and scuff on front fender

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      • Beautiful bike man hope mine looks that good one day

      • Great job, well done! Nunzio Lupo

      • Nice, this is my one.

      Photos from Connor Todd's post — Yamaha Aerox Parts Projects Forsale Only UK


      2009 reg

      11 months mot

      Heres a very well look after yamaha aerox not a single problem with this bike has a 1 of clock conversion few trick bits you wont find a better looked after ped than this perfect learner bike can deliver at a cost can test drive with cash in our hand message for more details thanks.

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      • Inbox me how much

      • Sold pal

      • Ok

      Photos from Dave Hanke's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners

      Still have to do the purple paint around the eyes, but here's the "stock" intake cover

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      • Oh snap that's crazy lookin

      • All true but the bags are tied in 2 separate places on each side of the bike. Mine don't flap around or move at all. Happy 4th buddy

      • I was gunna suggest zip ties in my original response too and I completely forgot lol be safe today man

      So I m just curious I ve got a 2015 bolt r spec I ve put 1500 miles on it and... — Yamaha Bolt

      So I'm just curious I've got a 2015 bolt r spec. I've put 1500 miles on it and I've got this annoying tick. Sounds like the hydraulic lifters. Do any of y'all have it and is there any way to quite it down?

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      • Just so you know, they are not hydraulic on this motor. Harley uses hydraulics. This bike has adjusting screw and set nut set up. Relatively easy to adjust. Noisy is safer than quiet as far as possible valve damage due to out of tolerance adjustment goes. Check the adjustment by the scheduled maintenance, or sooner if the noise truly bothers you.

      • Thanks man

      Photos from Alexander Alexander's post — Yamaha Bolt

      I just had the biggest orgasm of my entire life!

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      • Chris Wyett-Simmonds Yeah, I was just giving you the reason I unplugged mine, for background purposes. But regardless of reason, just wanted you to know that Ive unplugged my o2 sensor, and I have not had to get any sort of resistor. In fact, when i ordered my controller, the company will send you a resistor if the bike needs one. They said that bolt's do not need a resistor or plug of any kind

      • cool thank for the info Wes Hall :-)

      • Same here I've been running without the O2 sensor for almost 2 years and over 9k miles. no codes no issues.

      got the 50 going today would you say sounds like top end rings maybe — Yamaha Aerox Parts Projects Forsale Only UK

      got the 50 going today would you say sounds like top end / rings maybe

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      • Strip it pal and check it

      • okat mate i have looked in the exhaust port and can see a few scores so might be piston

      • Piston is in bits mate

      My Kid — Yamaha FZ FZ-S FI Version 2.0 Riderz

      My Kid..!!

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      • Cool,, where u did the sticker works?.. coimbatore or kerala?... If coimbatore,i would like to know shop details..

      • Nope. I did it from Kerala. It's easy to do bro.

      • oh,,is it?

      Good afternoon gang. I have a question. This may have been brought up before — Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe Owners

      Good afternoon gang. I have a question. This may have been brought up before. If so I apologize. Who is well versed in using the Zumo? I no longer have my instruction book. There are a ton of features on that thing. I noticed what seems to be a camera option. I was wondering if there was a video option. Like a Go-Pro or something. I have no idea how to get the camera working. I'm sure I need one of those little plug in things. Not very computer savvy either. Thanks for any help, suggestions.

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      • The photo option is to take a picture of whatever is showing on the screen.

      • Can you forward those manuals, Jeff?

      • Nevermind. I see the link now.

      Photos from Mark Lyle's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

      To all aspiring Riders who owns a Sniper MX 135/150 who wants to join our group SMX Phil. Cabalen Chapter.. (PM) Me. Sa mga riders ng sniper na gusto ng adventure, sa mga riders na gusto pa maexplore ang luzon, sa mga riders na mahilig sa beNgkongan, sa mga riders ng smx 135/150 n gsto ichallenge ang limits ng motmot nila.. This is your time to show your "PASSION FOR RIDE" to be one of the STREET MONARCH'S.. Godbless all the riders... "BE ONE OF US" Lets Unite and Ride for our CAUSE!!! LONG LIVE SMX PHIL.... MABUHAY SMX CABALEN CHAPTER....

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        I am haveing break issues Three questions One should I rebuild the calipers... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        I am haveing break issues. Three questions. One should I rebuild the calipers or just buy new one? Two should I rebuild or buy new master Cylinders . Three where is the best place to buy these parts from

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        • Not at all Ron Chappus Sr........:)..... I just know I've been stumped on the bleeding process of my 1100 when I first got it.... and I've turned a wrench or 2 in my day.....

        • I had to bleed my V Star a month or so ago and it was a bitch to get all the air out.

        • Thanks everyone I'm going to put theses tips to good use Wednesday

        Ok I m going to save some people the pain and hard work I went through on... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

        Ok I'm going to save some people the pain and hard work I went through on something dumb. I bought niche cam worst decision ever. The doul for the chain gear slide into the cam. So I had to miss out riding because it was faulty and wait for my refund. Now I'm going oem. With all new oem bearings. I heard a good review I'm very dispelled with there cams. Would I buy from them again. Yes another cam probably not if I was going for performance I would. But it's an all stock bike won't really effect it much. Just a heads up

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        • I like my web a lot better than hc1. Got my valves swapped and you were right. Dropped the exhaust side after removal and it shattered

        • It slide in because user error. Seem it on Webs also.

        • Told you.