— Yamaha V-Max


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  • I would like just the down pieps. How much??

  • 60£ plus postage

  • how much, just the "cans"?

Question for the Aussies — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Question for the Aussies:

RE: Frame Sliders - If you have them.

Did you go with Oggy Knobs ?

If not, what did you go with ?

How much did you pay ?

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  • thanks danny!

  • Dennis Jameson Rose

  • Been thru 2 pairs of TRex & 1 pair of Oggys. Currently have shoguns fitted.

    They all have a max load rating during an impact & you won't know what quite it is till the slider physically shears off the bike.

    They are all good. Better than not having sliders.

Photo from Christopher Thorne in 350X The Scrambler 250 appears to have used a... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Photo from Christopher Thorne in 350X. The Scrambler 250 appears to have used a Yami front end. Wonder if it is possible to get fork boots through Polaris Industries for our Yamis? Probably not but worth a shot.

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  • They put that on its not stock!

  • I learned something but i have heard that Polaris used some Yami parts.

  • Oh really i did not know that

My bike I just got the spoke rims look like they have never been cleaned and I... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

My bike I just got the spoke rims look like they have never been cleaned and I have tried a bunch of stuff. Any body out here can give me some info on how to clean chrome spoke rims. ??????

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  • I used very hot water and aluminum bright cleaner to clean my spokes then mother's crome polish with the high speed drill. Looks like they came off show room floor

  • go to auto parts store , pick up some white diamond polish , works really good

  • Never dull. I wish I had pictures from before I used it. It takes a lot of time and effort but it makes the chrome look brand new.

amigos una pregunta tengo una lampara h4 para le vrr ustedes dicen que no... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

amigos una pregunta... tengo una lampara h4 para le vrr... ustedes dicen que no pasara nada si la concto?? por el consumo ya que es de 60 y 65w contra la original 35-35w mi miedo es que se cague el regulador de voltaje o la bobina al cargar la bata.. opinen.!! ;)

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  • hola muchachos la probe.. y es como vs desis el cable de la masa es la que calentaba muy rapido.. abra estado prendida 5 min y cuanod la voy a desconectar- por que en definitiva alumbraba lo mismo que la lampara original de la moto- estaba clentito el cable jaja asi que le puse lo que va par ano tener prblema.. y la lampara h4 que tenog es de auto.. por eso los volts.. 55-60

  • proba con las halogenas alumbran mejor capas tenes suerte y no se te queman.

  • boy ha ber que tal.. yo por que compr euna optica usada y esta puesta con es lampara.. ni se te ocurra esperar un buen laburo en algo asi.. por que este no fue el caso.. pero bueno.. pude colocar de una forma segura el porta lamparas original y quedo por suerte!.. pero es verdad no alumbra nada de por si la lampara original.. y es mas lo podrian haber echo por lo menos de 30-35.. por que en definitiva tenr u giño o alta es al pedo ajajaja

NOVEDADES. consigo 2 marcas de rulemanes de bancada — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

NOVEDADES....consigo 2 marcas de rulemanes de bancada....

NTN Japones a $ 120 c/u

SKF Argentino a $ 82 c/u


ARS japon y FSK

...en otra repuestera...Consigo marca DBH.....

OPINEN !!!!!

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  • tu primer reaccion seguramente es pensar, me quede sin nafta , corroboras, se te ocurre que capas es una basurita en el carbu o falla electrica? lo ultimo que se te ocurre es que se te este agarrando.

  • Ahora vere si puedo grabarme haciendo sonido que hace la moto al Estar por pegarse para que entiendan...No lo pueden confundir con ota cosa

  • la bomba que bombea y el carburador que aspira


Hot news:

Buat tmn2 smua dihrpkan brhati-hati jika mlkukan touring ke pulau bali,krn akhir2 ini dr rute negara-perbatasan jembrana tabanan kerap ada segerombolan pemuda yg suka mlkukan pelembaran batu,kayu dan smpai jg trjdi pemalakan yg memungkinkan trjdinya pengeroyokan buat para bikers dgn alasan yg tdk jelas.utk mengantisipasi hal tsb,hindari masuk jam malam bagi yg single touring/group,kurangi sikap brlebihan di jln,dan mgkin tdk trlalu brjauhan dr group rombongan kita sndiri,dll yg mmbuat kita waspada dan aman..

#semoga brmanfaat

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  • ijin share om :)

  • ijin share kang

  • mOnggooo


Ready for the SUMMER TIME!!!

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  • Screen does work great for rain i ride year round and i would never go back

  • Don't make the mistake I did. I got one that was too tall and during the rain, especially at night, it would reflect the headlights behind me and I couldn't see through the windshield. Make sure you can see over the top

  • Cool, so how do you guys like the back rest?

magkanu ba mga sir yung tapalodo ng mx natin na pang likod — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

magkanu ba mga sir yung tapalodo ng mx natin na pang likod?

pina angat kasi ng barkada ko na gas gas hahaha, pina wheelie po kasi.

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  • 380 bnew sa 3s yamaha.

  • Overprice pala estimate ko. Dito sa barrio namin meron ako mga 10 kataong kaibigan may soul, may amore, may fino at may raider manghihiram lang minsan pag-nagkautusan bumili ng yosi. Kasi alam ng bawat isa samin na dugo't pawis ang ginugol ng bawat kaibigan ko sa pag-pundar ng motor tapos ibang tao lang gagasgas. Or sisira. Sakit sa bangs nun. I'm just sharing my experience and respect ng bawat tropa ko sa possesion nilang motor.

  • Di po sir.. Naka backride po ako hahaha..

    Stunt team po kasi kami e..

    Kaso yung sakin di ko mapaangat kasi di po ako sanay sa stock ang bigat po kasi ng harap ng mx..

    Heheheh cge sir salamat po ah..

    Pag po may time kayo manuod po kayo sa convention halos every afternoon po nandun kami tambay tambaylang very friendly riders po.. Masaya po dun kaya po nuod po kayo.. Hehehe

Pa OT lang po — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

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  • salamat po sa mga nag like bilang suporta.

  • up

  • Up

how hard is it to install a pullstart on a warrior and wat all wil li need and... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

how hard is it to install a pullstart on a warrior and wat all wil li need and will it b worth it tryin to pullstart it?

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  • A pull start wont help your stator problem. My stator went out and it was dead, not even tow starting it worked. Gotta replace the stator. Because it is what charges the spark, and the magnet on the flywheel sends it to the plug.

  • Good pull starts go gor $100 on ebay. Plus gotta find a center for it to grip on. Put a snowmobile pull stsrt handle on it so your entire hand is gripping when you pull. It will prevent broken fingers. Lol

  • then my stator is fine and my regulator is bad either way it starts fine when the batt is full charge it rollstarts wit no battery its just hard to do thats why i want the pullstart plus its a nice fall back option if it stalls and batt is dead Mark never said it was gonna fix anything lol

Photos from Jason Hamp's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Before and after, much better access

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Photos from Jayr Fernandez Lapitan's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Good Day mga kaMX!

Last feb.28 na hit and run po ako ng trailer truck dito sa probinsya namin at nawalan daw po ako ng malay ayun po sa kwento ng mga rumisponde na malapit sa pinangyarihan ng disgrasya,on da way home na po ako around 8:30 ng gabi..itatanong ko lang po sana kung tama ba un sinabi sakin sa 3S na wala daw insurance yung mx ko dahil sa third party na rules nila.At the same time ganun din daw po sakin na may ari.Ang insurace lang po nila ay tungkol sa Third Party.July 11 pa po mag iisang taon sakin si MX.

Nadis allign po yung swing arm,nabitak po ung mags at some scratches sa reerset,lever at feirings.

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    pa post po sir patanong kung may nakakaalam need help sa mga expert pareho... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    pa post po sir.patanong kung may nakakaalam..need help sa mga expert...pareho lang ba ang cam shaft sa mio mx carb type compared to mxi fuel injected?TIA MORE POWER YMMX125 CLUB

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    • Iba pu camshaft ng mx125 sa mxi :)

    • Ayan na ang hinihintay nating c master sumagot na haha

    • Master Tranq'x ibig sabihin master regrind cams palang pagasa ng mga MXI kung gusto mag racing camshaft?..ty..

    Marian Rachwal added 4 photos to It 175 J in Enduro Yamaha IT Series. — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

    Secondhand clutch boss going on the IT as the other one is damaged. You can see where it is broken and it looks like he tried to weld the piece back on but has broken off again. It's good to know that some parts are still available for a 32 year old motorbike.

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    • Also found something on Boats.net...expensive though.. http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/yamaha/Y-3R6-161 50-00-00.html

    • Yep, I have seen those sites but I didn't know a new one is still available. The secondhand one was a good one and cheap. But I will check these sites next time when looking to buy parts. Cheers!

    • ive used Motoduro UK for various parts on my IT's.

    pregunta le saque la valvula de la bombita electronica de aceite permitiendo... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

    pregunta:le saque la valvula de la bombita electronica de aceite,permitiendo que la bombita mecanica mande directamente aceite al carbu.

    ahora bien:_sin esa bombita electronica,en que me afecta? es mucho lo que me afecta?y xq puede ser q no funca?xq anda rpobandola directa,pero conectada,abre cuando quiere,puede ser problema de cableado? regulador? ya perdi una biela gracias a ella! no quiero perder otra jaja

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    • En mi filosofia hay que hacer lo que hace el ingeniero japones que diseñó la moto

    • quizas el autolube no esta bien regulado y esta despilfarrando aceite, revisa eso.

    • Ahaha ! Gracias Lucas F. Vergara! Eso queria saber , asi q funciona debajo de las 2000rpm , perfecto entonces le voy a bajar un toque el aceite q larga el auto lube nomas !

    Anyone have any problems after lowering their bike — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Anyone have any problems after lowering their bike?

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    • It's simple geometry, you are moving the stress point or "load" bearing on the bearings, if u do it both front and rear then yes the distribution will be the same but the load bearing point on the bearings will be in a different sector or the "clock" in layman's terms.

      Not saying it'll happen tomorrow but I guarantee I'm correct, I have personally seen quite a few bikes chew out bearings for that reason.

    • Good input.

    • I'm around 5'4" i think and i have had them lowered but not with any links just the suspension a bit. I have had no problems riding and love the bike! one of the main reason is that its not wide unlike other bikes which have lower seat heights but its still more difficult reaching the ground. I have had the bike for 2 months and have done 5500kms and its beautiful done 2 ups for more than 1000kms and no problem with handling or power or anything. Also give her a few kms and it will feel more lowered once the suspension adjusts to your weight.

    YAMAHA 3S SHOP SAN CARLOS PANGASINAN — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


    Good day po, s don Philip san carlos po ito, inform lng po namin kayo n may free change oil po (AT UR SERVICE) s march 25 at 26 po... at meron pong motorcade sa march 25 po, 7:30 ng umaga po. free 2 liters gasolina, jersey at snacks po...tnong po namin kung sasama kayo. punta lang po kayo dito sa office po para magpareserve po sa motorcade at kung meron po kayong maisasama, isama nyo po. salamat po...

    Oh guys baka interesado kayo. LIBRE 2 liters gas, JERSEY at snacks oh!

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      OK you guys sorry for creating a mystery about my gear I m just tweaking... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

      OK you guys---sorry for creating a mystery about my gear. I'm just tweaking & testing things out. I did put another EBS in the clean loop of the first EBS. I noticed the signal was a little too clean, and what better to add a little distortion than another EBS. Seems to work ok, but might not be necessary. Mostly, I'm putting a "pro-audio" compressor (Ashly Audio) in the system. I love the MXR's, but I did notice (especially with Niacin) that a lot of articulation was being lost. It may have something to do with the power supply--120V vs the 9 volt pedal. It really makes a difference. But I'm still not sure exactly how it will end up. It's set up now so I can "A-B" the two choices in comps. When I play live, a very large percentage of what I can do gets lost. I'm trying to correct that. These changes will hopefully help with that. The Niacin gigs really illustrate what I might have trouble with pulling off live. So far so good, but I want it to be better. To be continued! I'm very happy to see everyone interested in all this--I'm sure that you are all pushing hard to get things the best they can be. That's a great thing. If I had the resources, I'd have a giant rack of gear with everything tweaked to perfection. But flying in to gigs and several other factors make it difficult. It's always a compromise between logistics and what you can get by with. This set-up is far from perfect, but it seems to be working and improving as I tweak it. Take care everyone! Bass on!

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      • Whew .... glad that's cleared up, now I can get back to my own sound. Always nice to see what others are doing as it inspires me to think outside the box and experiment. I'm still happy with my dual EQ/effects loop setup.

      • Always responding to fans is another testament to your quality and dedication to the world of bass.

      • I for one love that you (Billy Sheehan) put a Billy Sheehan pedal in the effects loop of your Billy Sheehan pedal.

      Photos from Adriana McNeme's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Got it brand new last year and have already put 6000 miles on it. I absolutely love this bike!!

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      • These are the same bags that I bought. I had them on my old SV. I have not tried them on this bike yet. But they are very sturdy and held a lot. Did a few weekend trips with them and they held up great for >$60

      • Wow that's a pretty good deal. I'd been looking mostly at the hard side cases and they run in the hundreds of dollars, plus have to be mounted. Do you have any idea how they hold up in rain and if they're lockable?

      • They are all dual zippered so you can buy small suitcase locks for them. As for rain, they only saw rain one time and held up fine. I always store my stuff in bags inside the saddle bags to be safe. They have hidden rain guards that are bright yellow for safety but the material itself is water resistant (not proof). But I also took the camping waterproof spray usually used for tents and sprayed them before hand so they worked great

      does any one know what all rear hubs will work on the 225dx — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

      does any one know what all rear hubs will work on the 225dx?

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      mga boss nasira po ung Powermagz ko plano ko po mag 17 1 4 rims ano po ba... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

      mga boss.. nasira po ung Powermagz ko.. plano ko po mag 17" 1.4 rims.. ano po ba ung sagadna size ng gulong? ok lng po ba 60/80 FDRspartax front and back?

      %d comments
      • 175mm? ung pnakamababang nailagay ko nun 265mm. hehe sumasayad p pag 1ookgs pataAs ang angkas ko,

      • lupet ng daga sa inyo ah

      • aww power pala eh ahhaha :D

      Photos from Roden Caduldulan's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

      Mga idol na ka-sniper may question lang po ako. Newbie here.

      Nagpa-full tank po ako at nagbyahe from Tondo Manila to SJDM Bulacan (Via Q.ave-C.wealth-Quirino Hi-way)

      Thrice na po ako nagbyahe dun gamit ang Sniper ko at same pa din ang naconsume ko na gas.

      All stock po ang makina ko.

      1st: from: 21221 - to: 21312

      2nd: from: 21700 - to: 21780

      3rd: from: 21904 - to: 21984


      Malakas po ba sa gas ang Sniper ko? or Sakto lang po ang tipid nya?

      Mejo na-curious lang kasi ako, alam ko po kasi matipid ang Sniper Classic

      Wala po sana magcomment ng pilosopo or kabastusan (automatic delete if ever)

      Really need you opinion/suggestions

      Thanks Sniper Classic Fam

      Here's the photos


      %d comments
      • Kng nkaset up cyempre medyo ttkaw lalo n kng mlaki carb...

      • All stock po yan sir

      • ang sniper ko nga naka mods pa.. 1 liter 40km kayang pontahan..

      My rear brake and tail light doesn t work but turn signals do At the pigtail... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      My rear brake and tail light doesn't work but turn signals do? At the pigtail plug in therebis no power wtf? 2001 vstar 650

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      • What about it?

      • Wouldn't my hand brake still light it up then?

      • Yeah,I guess it would. Maybe a ground is broken. Seperate from signals. Not sure hard to diagnose from here right. Good luck anyway. Ride safe.

      Ito ung sniper q mga paps — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

      Ito ung sniper q mga paps,,

      Nakuha q last month..

      35K sakto lng p b ung price..

      12K po ung odometer..

      %d comments
      • looking forward in meeting you paps tolits.. hehe ride safe sir

      • Ganda,swerte naman medyo mura ang pag score mo! Hehehe

      • Tumawad aq ng sobra,,hehehe nung una 40k hanggang nkasundo kmi sa 35k.

      Abbe Junmar Nico Andrada shared a Page to the group: Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic. — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

      GOOD DAY T135! Mga Friends, Sirs, Bros, Sis...need your help..

      please like this page first


      then this photos..the yellow one is mine...thanks...you can like other photos you wish but please dont forget to like mine, thanks....

      https://www.facebook.com/ARANGKADA.inc/photos/a.62 5891037465938.1073741852.463730573681986/627338630 654512/?type=3&theater


      https://www.facebook.com/ARANGKADA.inc/photos/a.62 5891037465938.1073741852.463730573681986/627338647 321177/?type=3&theater

      Mabu hay T135!!

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        Abbe Junmar Nico Andrada shared a Page to the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

        GOOD DAY T135! Mga Friends, Sirs, Bros, Sis...need your help..

        please like this page first


        then this photos..the yellow one is mine...thanks...you can like other photos you wish but please dont forget to like mine, thanks....

        https://www.facebook.com/ARANGKADA.inc/photos/a.62 5891037465938.1073741852.463730573681986/627338630 654512/?type=3&theater


        https://www.facebook.com/ARANGKADA.inc/photos/a.62 5891037465938.1073741852.463730573681986/627338647 321177/?type=3&theater

        Mabu hay T135!!

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          While iam waiting for better wheather for painting anybody make there own... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          While iam waiting for better wheather for painting anybody make there own exhaust or just add some pipe two make drag pipes and did you have problems with back pressure

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          • I almost just ran outside with my hack saw and got to work but I controlled my self so that I can make straight cuts

          • If you are looking for a loud great sounding pipe I highly recommend Cobra drag slip ons. Awesome sound and LOUD! I ran mine when I had them w out baffles. People hear you coming MILES away lol

          • Not looking for super loud but I have a friend that had an 1100 done real nice and we riding and this car pulled out in front of me because they were watching him and did not see or hear mine I got lucky and was able to avoid the car so I want to be a little louder

          I have an 87 that needs complete — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          I have an 87 that needs complete

          A-arms now my question is is do all other year warriors a-arms fit the 87?

          %d comments
          • I have all the skills, dont need a bender.... am a great welder and tig welder. And if youre making stock control arms just copy all the angles of everything.

          • The joints are replaceable ive already spoke with a Yamaha dealership and looked into it. I'm just not really trying to spend that kind of money on this thing. Its a friggin dinasour. If I can get a good deal on something then great! But I'm not gonna blow money on this thing if I don't have to. I'm still debating on wether it's worth it or not? I'm trying to see what kind of deals I can get first. If not I'll sell it for what I paid for it and just go buy her a 400ex like I should of done in the first place. I needs wheel bearings, motor needs to be gone over, and probably rebuilt, axle bearings and god knows what else?

          • Yeah brett let me get out my trusty tools I dont own and fab up some a-arms. Lol really? I'm tryin to buy a house and and finance a small hobby at the same time. Fuel for my bike alone is ridiculous one day of riding is well over $100...

          Mga ka Sniper Salamat sa mga naging suggestions nyo dati sa pag build ng motor... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          Mga ka Sniper! Salamat sa mga naging suggestions nyo dati sa pag build ng motor ko. pero ngayon baka i benta ko na si sniper ko kasi sumemplang na ako. :( sa Tanay pa ako sumemplang :( basta ang saya nyo ka kwentuhan! basta maganda experience ko sa inyo! titigil muna ako mag motor dahil sa semplang ko kasi nagka head trauma ako at mild amnesia buti wala nabali sa akin. :). pero buti di ko kayo nakalimutan. :) mas naalala ko pa kayo kesa sa work ko. hehe. basta mga paps! SAFE RIDE LANG LAGI! Yung mga naka YY Pang dyan na tulad ko! wag papanik ng tanay pag sobrang ingay ng motor aa! may nag faith heal sa akin sabi na engkanto daw ako. so just be SAFE mga ka Sniper!!

          %d comments
          • never stop riding ......because i didn't

          • Gusto ko din sana wag tumigil.. Pero bawal na kasi ma untog o mabagok ulit.... Pag na ganun ako.. Ma cocoma ako at baka di magising... :( nag iingat lang paps...

          • pagaling ka sir ng mabuti. LS2 helmet mo. un din yata sakin. ung tag 900pesos lng. kakapa xray lang wrist and shoulder ko para makasigurado lang sa sat pa lalabas result ng xray ko. delekado nyan yan sir. better nga siguro pahinga muna sir until completely recover ka na sa injury mo. dapat talaga double triple mag ingat.

          This may be the reason my clutch has been acting dumb is it ok to file sand... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          This may be the reason my clutch has been acting dumb, is it ok to file/ sand these grooves out and keep using it??

          %d comments
          • same way my blaster clutch looked file and sand smooth good to go

          • That might be the issue with my clutch ill have to look!

          • I have a complaint clutch basket for sale make offer

          The offending article in question. Chris O sullivan — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

          The offending article in question!! Chris O'sullivan

          %d comments
          • See a lot off people have issues with the police ! 99% are as good as gold and only hassle you if your doom wrong ! That's what people forget ! And mate they won't be any problems ! How far you setting them back in ?

          • just far enough to be out of sight when off, about 3/4 of an inch should do it, and i once had an unmarked follow me on my thunderace for 30 odd miles at some silly speeds when me an the missus were out having a blast, i thought it was a knob in a m3 wanting to play, so i obliged. then 30 miles later i see the blues come on, straight up guy, told me i was riding safe, if illegal but as long as i toned it down a touch and kept it safe i`d be ok. talked bikes a bit and went our merry ways lol

          • Its almost out, too tight for an angle grinder and my dremmels chuck decided to stick, so been working old school with just a hacksaw blade, got about an inch of the back to go but hands and light gave in ;)

          A good day in the garage rebore new camchain and valves reground Plus lots of... — Yamaha XS650

          A good day in the garage, rebore, new camchain and valves reground. Plus lots of time with the polishing mop.

          %d comments
          • Hey Cliff - your really wanted an answer to that ;-) They are from a Kawasaki ZXR400 and are almost the same length as the original XS650 and the steering stem should go straight in with a change of bearings. Plan to use spoked wheel, so that will require some savings and a visit to an engineering shop. Hope to mock it up this year but probably won't be able to afford the work till next year.

          • Did you powder coat this motor or just heat paint ??? Looks awesome !

          • Just heat paint Dale, came out really well but is easier to damage than powder coating.

          Mga paps Medyo nakakalungkot lang kanina nag pa change oil ako sa yamaha shop... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

          Mga paps. Medyo nakakalungkot lang kanina nag pa change oil ako sa yamaha shop may bago silang rule ngayon lang na implement.

          Kada product na ipapaayos o ipapakabit mo ay may service charge 50.00 each. So oil plus oil filter 100.00 na agad un. kung dati 50.00 lang lahat lahat.

          Eh pano kapag major tune up.... mahal na sobra un...

          Kaka lungkot lang kaya nga nag motor ang karamihan para makatipid sa gastusin tapos ngayon mapapadami pa babayaran mo dahil sa service fee.

          Solution: Sa kasa nalang mag papagawa or tayo na mismo gagawa hehehe. Salamat

          %d comments

            Tak Ito shared his album to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            with Mr. Sheehan's permission, I will share this album with this community.

            %d comments
            • Thx!

            • As Billy says, it's still experimental. You can clearly see the woofer cable plugged into the octaver then the mxr compressor. Maybe he changed it to the rack at some point in the evening

            • Yes... Woofer PU is connected to that Octave pedal. Billy demo me and sounded really low and full and nice ! But, he didn't use that for this time. Second night, he even didn't play with Boss pedal to tuen off EBS' distortion. It was always on.

            Stephane Peterhansel s 1997 World Enduro Champ bike the YZ250 WR. wide ratio — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

            Stephane Peterhansel's 1997 World Enduro Champ bike - the YZ250 WR (wide-ratio)

            Video in French language


            %d comments
            • Here's the longer version of Stephane Peterhansel on the YZ250 WR. In case some of us don't know him, Stephane is not only multiple world enduro champion for Yamaha. He is also a multiple Paris-Dakar Rally champion.... Even until now, he dominates the Rally on the Mini Car ;)


              Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St%C3%A9phane_Peterha nsel

            • I had a yz wr250 it was an amazing bike! Lotsa people swap that transmission gear set into the yz

            • Yeah Steven, couldn't agree more with that transmission set! ;) ....For enduro and weekend trail-oriented guys those wide set are indeed useable.

              See start 35:45 min ---- I was amazed at its low end rpm grunt especially when Stephane was going up-and-down after just skinning through the side of a steep hill. It was a combo of stopping down hill and then side turn through the face of a steep hill while he's pinning his weight onto the handle bars. He was just blipping the throttle of the YZ 250WR even when the bike didn't have quite of a get-go at the downhill side before it charged going up.

              The video showed the side of the stator. I saw no aftermarket flyweight attached to it, it looks like a bone stock bike. The sprocket size seemed like stock ones also. They certainly didn't show the engine what it is made though hehe .... Cheers man! :D

            Monster Rhoel Agravante shared a Page to the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

            pres. Alan Thrillseeker..permission to post po

            mga ka emex....share and vote LIKE

            follow the instruction:

            1. open this LINK and click LIKE the page


            2. open this LINK.....and click LIKE my photo entry # 27 and 28

            https://www.facebook.com/ARANGKADA.inc/photos/a.62 5891037465938.1073741852.463730573681986/627095300 678845/?type=1&theater....photo entry # 27

            https://www.facebook.com/ARANGKADA.inc/photos/a.62 5891037465938.1073741852.463730573681986/627095304 012178/?type=1&theater.....photo entry # 28

            maraming salamat po....rides safe always....GOD bless....!!!

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                Ok for those of you on Facebook who ordered Rally shirts they are in However... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                Ok, for those of you on Facebook who ordered Rally shirts they are in. However, the supplier screwed up and sent the wrong color. Instead of Sport Grey they sent Charcoal. If you ordered and do not like the Charcoal, please let me know and I will send you a refund. If you are OK with the Charcoal, I want to thank you for helping to support Mission Childrens Hospital. Attached is a picture of the Charcoal shirt. Please let me knew either way so I start sorting and getting them ready to mail out.

                %d comments
                • Patrice Anthony Daigle, I am interested in ordering the charcoal Grey in XXL. Sharp looking shirt. I need your info so I can get payment to you. Also, let me know how much I owe you

                • 2 xl shirt short sleeve would be 22, long sleeve would be 24.

                • Andrea Barnes I tried sending a message but it won't let me. I'll give you the info when I get home. Send me a pm, maybe you can send to me.

                I have a 98 warrior when i go to start it i turn the key on and hear a click... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                I have a 98 warrior.......when i go to start it i turn the key on and hear a click by the solenoid and when I click the start button I hear the same click ........it will occasionally turn over but not stay started......could it be the ignition or cdi box........anyone know what this could be?

                %d comments
                • Since you're getting the sounds from the solenoid, check for loose connections inside. Check every wire. If it's loose, tighten it, if it's dirty clean it. Dielectric grease does wonders for quads, whether utility or sport. Faulty ground could be the issue. Test lights are great to have. If you have a manual, pull it out and trace where the wires run from the selonoid

                • Check your ground wire pull it off the frame or whatever sand the surface or wire brush it and re connect it

                • I put a new solenoid on cleaned the plug...earlier in the year I rolled it when I wiggle the off run button it makes that clicking noise by the solenoid when its not clicked over to run....I took apart the off run button and turned it to run it fired up a couple times......now I dont believe its a short could that whole piece be bad or maybe clean the connection by the headlight for the start button

                Such a lovely job for the weekend — Yamaha C3

                Such a lovely job for the weekend!

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                • I now its a 35/35 watt bulb

                • I found this movie of the bulb !

                  Look good.


                • That's what I'm talking about....

                Good evening I just want express my deepest gratitude to sir elmer for helping... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                Good evening! I just want express my deepest gratitude to sir elmer for helping me this afternoon. Nasiraan po ako kanina sa habang binabaybay ko ang ayala makati. Akala ko nung una yung rubber damper ang sira to my surprise, basag pala yung sprocket hub bearing. Sir elmer was so patient and so concern about the situation. Triny ko paandarin yung motor ko pero hindi tlaga makalayo. Bumalik pa si sir elmer para kmsthin at bilhan ako ng pyesa. Tama po yung 6004 na bearing for our hub. Maraming salamat din kay master Alfrdrick Estabillo for helping me to get the infos and communicating someone to get help. I would have stock there forever. Thanks master Criss Cabatic for posting a thread here. It helped a lot. Again this is an evidence of true brotherhood. Sir elmer nakauwi na ko slamat sayo. :)

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                  ask lang mga bosSing anu kaya problem sa colling system ko kasi parang hindi... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                  ask lang mga bosSing, anu kaya problem sa colling system ko? kasi parang hindi umiikot ung coolant papuntang cylinder head&block. pahelp nman po, ty sa sasagot.

                  #TeamAstig Pampanga

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                  • Pero reservoir mo po madame laman?

                  • almost nasa 3/4 nalang ung laman nya.

                  • Pero dapat ata di nawawalan laman si radiator. Kase may reservoir.. Not sure po..

                  Mataas po ba talaga headlight ng sniper classic Lagi kasi ako siniailaw ng mga... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic


                  Mataas po ba talaga headlight ng sniper classic. Lagi kasi ako siniailaw ng mga nkakasalubong ko.. nka low na nga headlight ko e.... may problem po ba?

                  %d comments
                  • maliwanag talaga stock headlight ng sniper 35watts yan concentrated sa isang headlight d gaya ng ibang motor like nouvo na yung wattage nahahati sa dalwang lens. respect other vehicles on the road na lang, magbaba ka din ng ilaw kung maglow din cla, mas safe pa ndi kau parehas masisilaw

                  • Nakababa na nga po yun.. nagbiblink pa sila

                  • Maliwanag tlga khit stock bulb,ganyan din napansin ko nong stock bulb pa ako,kht nka low na nlakasilaw tlga.nka hod na ako mas lalo nkakasilaw.hehe