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Tempted,, as a second bike of course,

  • MT09 is a nice bike, but too similar to what I ride already, it is much lighter to ride and much more power. The MT01 is a stunner, I havent seen many around and with then not being built any more they could become a collectors bike..... The one at my local is about $15k and it has been sitting in the showroom for three years now,, one day when they get sick of it and offer it to me very cheap i will buy it,,,

  • I second the mt01 & 109.

    Mean bikes.

    a mate has a 109, we had a bit of fast fun in the twisties together ages ago.

    He's a BIG lad & I had Vee on the back of the fz6r.

    I had more acceleration at speed, but he was in a lower gear than me & started to pull away above $1.80ish

    The mt07 is a nice bike too.

  • I noticed a 2011 on bike sales with 0 k's on it, they obviously sell as well as the fz6r, mine is a 2010 but didn't sell until October 2012.

what size fuel hose will i need for my yt175 — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

what size fuel hose will i need for my yt175?

not running atm, has spark, havnt tried starting with fuel, any common issues with these?

  • oh lol, i never checked that website, i only got the crappy yt125 service mannual when i got one

  • now i got a 175, just gonna use the 125 for parts then flog it on ebay

How many if you opted to rotate the handlebars and why — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

How many if you opted to rotate the handlebars and why?

  • Yeah verified I'm about 1/2 inch from tank both ways full lock. Adjusted my controls and now it's a much more comfortable configuration.

  • That's the roaring toyz fz6r, bloody epic looking bike

  • Ok, quick question, did a few test rides and read the forum after rolling the bars toward me. Felt comfortable but it feels slightly restricted. Coudn't i keep the position the same and rotated the risers 180 degrees so the position of the bar is shifted forward toward windshield but the bar itself would be still rolled toward me? That would make it better wouldn't it.

Getting ready to tear this old girl down and give her a make over and make her... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Getting ready to tear this old girl down and give her a make over and make her into something I have dreamed about for a while. I'm going to paint the frame silver, put on a set of black plastics and install my 250 Moto 4 engine in her. Think I'm going to send the wheels off and have them chromed. Only thing I haven't decided is seat color...Maybe black and silver? Advice?

  • Yea and put 350x fender on front to match curves

  • You using a 350X front eend, too?

  • Just fender

OMG my sweetheart can t get out of the hospital fast enough looks like maybe... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

OMG, my sweetheart can't get out of the hospital fast enough. looks like maybe saturday...which would be bitchin 'cuz the job I spent the last 6 months trying to get called and gave me a start date....for Monday.

I Beautiful Nava Valley wine country...I am gonna get full time state job and bennies just to ride to and from BEAUTIFUL napa valley wine country..... oh, I might have to do a little bit if stuff while I'm there, but seriously...who gets to ride through wine country every day for the forseable future on his dope ass ride...... through wine country.

  • Congrats on the job bro!! Enjoy the ride!!!!

  • did I mention it was in Napa Wine country....like an hour ride one way...OMG I can't even sit still...called and woke me up at 8am today with the job...I feel like I just touched a boobie for the first time....

  • Congrats man, stop every once and a while and take a few pics to post here for all to see.


  • Close but no cigar Will :-P . your getting ahead of yourself here, there is no contradiction because your not running metal clutch plates. Clutch's don't make metal to metal contact or they wouldn't work. That's why they're Organic plates. ER does not affect non ferrous Organic material. My family myself included have been running ER for 20 years. My uncle educated me about running ER when he gave me my first scooter back in 1988' - 1989'. He was No slouch to scooters. He retired President of Outlaws 1% MC. Chicago IL. Chapter. After he retired, he started the last chance nomads MC. Here in Nampa, ID & bought Cycle salvage from Dayle Stucker when he retired. Cycle salvage was also a volume dealer of ER. I am not Joe blow blowing sunshine. I have all the references & years of personal use I need :-)

  • Then explain how an item that is suspended in oil. .. does not coat the metal. .. and it's only activated by heat. .. can brag about an engine working AFTER the oil is drained. Also please explain how this will not affect the steel plates. ... and if you are going to say they are not Iron (ferrous) then please list the parts of the engine that are iron. As far as references I would invite you to show one study (not conducted by the manufacturer) that contradicts what dynojet found in their study. As far as personal use. . I have been riding since 86.... built 6.... around a garage since I was 5.... in the car business for over 10 years. .... and never heard anyone recommended this product. No mechanics. .. and no manufacturer

  • :)

Hey guys and gals admin here. As some of you may know I m a Medic in upstate NY — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Hey guys and gals, admin here. As some of you may know, I'm a Medic in upstate NY. The other day we had a very close friend and co-worker who was struck in her vehicle by another driver DWI. She is suffering from skull and facial fractures.

We all know how serious DWI and DUI is, especially with this sport and hobby. We are reaching out looking for support to change your profile picture. Whether it's for an hour, a day or a week, it would be great if you could show your support!!!

On a more chipper note, were having a contest!

We have grown to where I would like to add another 2 admins. To do so, we're gonna play a photo contest. Deadline for submissions is April 16th. Limit is 2 photos per contestant. Best 2 photos will win and be assigned one of the admin positions!

Photos must be of bikes only, no riders or persons in the photo. The bike does NOT have to be a Yamaha, but it MUST be a photo you have taken personally. Other than that, there are no limitations!

Note: Best photo will also be chosen for the group picture!

Good luck, and Thank you for your support


  • Hey John, as an admin, does it let you create folders for pictures???? Be kinda cool to consolidate these.

  • Jeff Boswell, an album has been created to consolidate all of the entries

  • Deadline increased to April 30

Fellow Riders and Friends — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Fellow Riders and Friends,

In the spirit of transparency, equality, fairness, and truth, please find this advisory on behalf of Club MXi Philippines Association, Inc. (Club MXi PH), its President and officers, advisers, and members.

Club MXi Philippines Association, Inc. is a a motorcycle organization duly registered and recognized under Philippine laws. It has been created, organized, and formally registered under Philippine laws with the goal of promoting camaraderie through group rides and social and civic activities geared toward benefiting our less-fortunate brothers and sisters, sons and daughters from all over the country. In a nutshell, it is all about kapatiran.

News has reached the Club's officers and members about individual(s) distributing copies of stickers (decals) to owners/riders of the Yamaha Mio 125 MXi scooter. The decal (shown in pair below) even incorporates the official SEC. REG. NO. of the organization.

In this light, Club MXi PH would like to reiterate the following:

•That the mentioned decals DO NOT represent Club MXi PH. These stickers, which incorporate the official SEC. REG. NO. of Club MXi PH, are FAKES!

•That the official Club Sticker of the organization comes with a numbered aluminum plate for reference purposes.

•That the individuals or group(s) distributing these stickers are NOT official members of Club MXi PH nor are they officially affiliated with the organization. It is a misrepresentation. Please do not do any business and/or transactions with these people supposedly on behalf and for Club MXi PH. These individuals are POSERS in the truest sense of the word.

•That NO officers and/or members of Club MXi PH have been given the authority to distribute any Club merchandise or similar effects. All official Club merchandise are numbered and duly accounted for by the Secretary and Treasurer of the organization.

Club MXi PH's officers and members DEMAND that the individual(s) or group(s) spreading and distributing these decals cease and desist from the activity as soon as possible.

  • @Admin:

    Thank you very much for your kind consideration and approval.


  • Mahiya nmn kayo

  • Tadaan nyo pwede kayo mademanda sa ginagawa nyo :-)

  • And I kid you not

well i gave the old girl a filter and oil chang today undid the drain plug had... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

well i gave the old girl a filter and oil chang today,undid the drain plug,had to take exaust off,4 in2 1 got in the way,and i found a 5mm ball bearing stuck to the magnetic drain bolt?,,changed oil,new filter,and i could hear the difference,running sweet,clutch workn,running on all 4cyl,but the mystrey machine has given birth to a ball bearing?,could it be the bearing on the clutch pushrod?,i did pull it out a little bit when i replaced the seals in the slave cylinder(at the motor end),got me a bit confussed,but iam glad the magnet on the sump plug got the bb,shit just think where it could of ended up,but the mystrey remains,where is it from?

  • the bearing is about the size of a large pea.

  • went 4a ride 2day,30 degree day in sa,beautiful,sittn on 200:).running sweet,so the bb dosnt afect it:)

  • It will if the bearing lets go.

Hi gents and ladies I have a 89 3cv with the xjr exhaust collector I m... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Hi gents and ladies I have a 89 3cv with the xjr exhaust collector I'm wondering is there throatier exhaust cans I can fit ! I want a deeper sound but not load as I start work at 2am or 3am some times and I don't want to piss the neighbours off


Laguna Boyz Tambay Night — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Laguna Boyz Tambay Night

date:March 21 friday

call time:7pm

meet up place: boy busog 2(ung nasa kanto ng st. francis village balibago)


-Marilaque ride with team bonzai on march 23 this coming sunday

-design for laguna chapter logo(open for suggestion)

-design for laguna chapter new elias(open for suggestion)

-t-shirt design(open for suggestion)

-yung mga hindi pa ngpapasa ng xerox copy ng or/cr and dl, magdala na po..

Open for all aspiring member of smx phils., comment lang ho kau or pm me, kung hindi nmn kau always online, you could reach me tru 09178090006 or si sir marcus aspiras -09093101427.

as per our group chat, diretso daw tau kina sir notnot sa cabuyao after nating makumpleto.

thanks and more power!


new battery won t stay charged need some advice about troubleshooting... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

new battery won't stay charged. . . need some advice about troubleshooting/ diagnosing to decide whether to replace the stator or relay . . . thoughts?

  • it's either that or learn how to properly use my ding dang meter. . .

  • If you just replace your rectifier and your stator is shot..you can kiss that new rectified good-bye. Learn how to use your meter..it's not Rocket science...

  • I have had faulty TCI cause battery to go flat within minutes on another bike, but check out regulator etc if it's not holding charge.

So I nearly get run over by a stupid woman I was changing lanes to my left and... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

So I nearly get run over by a stupid woman. I was changing lanes to my left and she cuts past me through the same lane I was getting into and goes centimetres past my left. She was behind me in the right lane and decided to change lanes the same time I was doing it and just speeds crazily past and at the same time abuses and shows the finger. I wanted to get the registration number but guess what, there wasn't any number late. And people say motorcycle riders get killed and it's unsafe. Fuck the stupid hoons who are responsible for most of them.

  • Angry driver syndrome. They think they are superior due to size. Just drop down a gear and disappear!

  • cra·zy [krey-zee] Show IPA

    adjective, cra·zi·er, cra·zi·est.


    mentally deranged; demented; insane.


    senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.

  • Or as I would state it..... "That bitch is crazy!!!" This won't be the last time I'm sure. Be safe bro

Non Sportbike On Track Training Day — Yamaha V-Star riders

"Non-Sportbike" On-Track Training Day

Tuesday August 19

Thompson Speedway (map: https://goo.gl/maps/y3qJZ)

Thompson, CT

Tony's Track Days has graciously created a day of On-Track Instruction geared toward Street Riders. If you have been a little hesitant to do a track day then this is for you. Riders will be broken down into 3 groups: cruisers, tourers, and sport tourers. Please read the notes on gear. You need a full face or modular helmet, motorcycle jacket and pants (no chaps). Gloves and boots should overlap the jacket and pants so no skin is exposed when you are in the riding position.

I will definitely be attending. I hope that you can join me. This is a great learning opportunity plus it is an absolute blast. Close your eyes and picture coming around a curve and entering a long straight with no cars, no obstacles, no enforcement, and no speed limit. Go at your own pace, get lots of classroom instruction, and work on the tips you are given on the same curves lap after lap.

Link to the event on Tony's Track Days: http://www.tonystrackdays.com/ category/9284/non-and-sportbik e-on-and-track-training-day.ht m


Hey fello riders I got a major problem When I adjust the choke my rpm... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Hey fello riders. I got a major problem. When I adjust the choke my rpm skyrockets. When I adjust the other way it goes so slow it dies. I've tried messing with the idler screw and nothing. What's going on?

  • the choke should not be adjusted to set the idle..you have to set that with the choke completely off..also there is an idle screw on the other side for the rear carb..idle can not be solved with any choke at all...also if you have gas in the oil it will high rev for a while after turning the throttle off..it's called dieseling..the gas fumes in the oil are still igniting..impossible to set idle properly with gas in the oil..look in the oilsight glass..gas in the oil will be floating as little bubbles above the oil.

  • ok here we go the amount of turns for the mixture screws.

  • Rear cylinder 3 1/2 turns out front cylinder 1 3/8 turns out these settings will suit the following models 700cc thru to 1100cc hope this fixes your problem

Besides motor mounts what do I need to do to change engine on a 225 do I unbolt... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Besides motor mounts, what do I need to do to change engine on a 225 , do I unbolt swing arm or can I pop caps off u joint n slide it out

  • Sheldon K Crummey needs some nice straight handle bars.

  • with the head saver bar and pad! please!

  • Got red n black

My bike has that naked look lol — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

My bike has that naked look lol.

Looking for suggestions for some led signals. Before I put it all back together.

  • Looks nice. Sry was wondering if the flush mounts are very visible

  • No worries!!!! They are when flashing..... They are pretty bright in my opinion. One thing to note on the FE kit, their wiring instructions are fucked up in my opinion. I always hardwire everything using solder and shrink wrap. And if you drop the bike at all you may have some rubbing on the plate from the rear tire when you compress the suspension. However, I am 205 pounds and have the rear shock set at 5. My fatass may have something to do with that. :-p

  • Any thoughts on something like this from ebay.


I m moving and I need to look into a more summer oriented jacket I have 2... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

I'm moving, and I need to look into a more summer oriented jacket. I have 2 jackets already (z1r's) but they are leather and hot over 65 degrees. Any suggestions for a summer jacket? I love the dainese jackets but they are $$$$. Are they worth it?

  • 100% Dave . Luckily I just got a promotion so I have some extra cash coming my way. Plus I sold one of my old jackets that's now too small for me. Apparently when I hit 20 years old, I wasn't done growing. Who knew haha

  • I wear a Fly Cool Pro II mesh jacket and love it!

EBS Sheehan pedal anyone have any issues with it I see lots of rave reviews... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

EBS Sheehan pedal.... anyone have any issues with it... I see lots of rave reviews and such and no one complaining about it.

I have owned it for awhile and use it for just about every show I've done since owning it, constantly tweaking and testing...

I have noticed several things that are a little wacky.

  • I find the ebs pedal is great for a portable sheehan sound although for some reason i still prefer to use rack mounts, i have an unmodified pearce bc1 and i find if you put any drive pedal with a jcr4558 distortion circuit you get a really decent drive sound similar to the ebs pedal :), but in other terms if im on the road and cant use my rig the ebs is definitely the way to go :)

  • It'll never be perfect, but it's serving me well. It's really tough to travel w/ gear these days (flying sucks), so going to pedals makes it easier. If I had my way & the budget, I'd have a much more elaborate set-up. I have to compromise my actual playing sometimes as a result, but in the big picture, it's better to do more gigs in more places than to have everything perfect. It's coming along though. Still tweaking constantly. Anything I can help anyone with here--my pleasure.

  • to me Billy Sheehan in Winery Dogs has the best sound that I,ve heard in my life , live or in the record , IMHO !!!

Stinct Fingah created a doc in the group: Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic. — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

original C.R.

original current O.R.

original copy of invoice (if applicable)...

certification of of dealer's report with official receipt acknowledging payment of certification of dealer's report (for change of chassis/motor/body only)

affidavit of of change motor/chassis/body/color (duly notarized)

insurance certificate of cover/indorsement from insurance company (regarding changes)

actual inspection of motor vehicle for stencil

duly accomplished MVIR with chassis/motor number stencil


*MVIR = Motor Vehicle Inspection Report


if your bike is not under your name you can also transact at the same time the transfer of ownership. in this case the TMG clearance must indicate transfer of ownership and change color/chassis or motor.


LTO fees for change color only


legal research plan Php 10.00

change color 50.00

computer fee 169.00

change venue 100.00

total Php 329.00


change venue fee in case you will do transaction in the LTO district office the bike was not originally registered


also the insurance companyy will charge for a fee for the indorsement certificate about the change of color of your bike more or less Php100 since you insurance coverage is still valid.


source - Motor Cycle Philippines LTO requirement for change motor/chassis/color/body/design original C.R. original current O.R. original copy of invoice (if applicable)... certification of of dealer's report with official receipt acknowledging payment of certification of dealer's report (for change of chassis/motor/body only) affidavit of of change motor/chassis/body/color (duly notarized) insurance certificate of cover/indorsement from insurance company (regarding changes) actual inspection of motor vehicle for stencil duly accomplished MVIR with chassis/motor number stencil *MVIR = Motor Vehicle Inspection Report if your bike is not under your name you can also transact at the same time the transfer of ownership. in this case the TMG clearance must indicate transfer of ownership and change color/chassis or motor. LTO fees for change color only legal research plan Php 10.00 change color 50.00 computer fee 169.00 change venue 100.00 total Php 329.00 change venue fee in case you will do transaction in the LTO district office the bike was not originally registered also the insurance companyy will charge for a fee for the indorsement certificate about the change of color of your bike more or less Php100 since you insurance coverage is still valid. source - Motor Cycle Philippines

  • paps Alexander Herrera Cruz thanks sa very helpful info..

  • Nice

  • nice mura pla

I tried out a lot of the high end hartke amps lately and to be honest I still... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

I tried out a lot of the high end hartke amps lately and to be honest I still like the ampeg tone way better

What do you guys think?

  • I'm using a Ampeg BA-115. Small but it does its job.

  • I ran through an old GK 400RB (P) but an SVT III Pro (Neck). I always liked GK for heads myself. I also love the Hartke XLs with the aluminum cones. That stuff is rock solid and sounds great for what I'm looking for.

  • svt pro preamps with Tung Sol 12au7 et 12ax7 ecc803s and svp pro 1600 sounds good and offers a good compromise ...

Here it is Almost ready to go on a gig None of the original electronics were... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Here it is! Almost ready to go on a gig. None of the original electronics were around after almost 20 years of experiments. The three way switch is wired to the woofer pickup (hidden by the pick guard) for series humbucking/neck side single coil/or parallel humbucking. (The Attitudes are all series by default.) I used a push pull pot on the volume to cut the treble in the up position. The P-pickup is an old EMG now 18 volt powered. No Tone knob. Also I have the "closer" volume on the P so I can ride the Drive side of the EBS. The Woofer usually stays set on full.

Next I'll do a full setup and fire her up on a gig!

  • Looking good. Would be interesting to hear a demo especially now that your Attitude has active EMG p-pickups.

  • demo please!

  • Love it!

Just read this on wikipedia — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Just read this on wikipedia....

A version of "Kids in Action", originally by Kim Mitchell (of Max Webster), was also recorded for this album. However, due to time constraints, the song was not included on the release. Billy Sheehan was briefly a member of Max Webster, according to Kim Mitchell: "He was in the band for about three weeks...[but] it didn’t work out. There were no hard feelings and he went on and did really well. I got a call from him one day and he goes 'Hey man I'm in the studio with David Lee Roth, Ted Templeman and Steve Vai and we're covering your tune "Kids in Action" and we need the words to the second verse'. I was shaking on the phone; this was right after Roth left Van Halen. Then at the last minute it got bumped off the record for "Tobacco Road", they thought they needed a cover. See there's those darn covers again." There is no known studio version of Roth's cover available to the public.

  • Have not found the demo version or rehearsal version, but yes---we worked it up and it almost got on the record. If it would have been on there, I think it would have helped out Kim a lot---and I loved his writing and playing. Oh well. Still have Kim's demo's in my iTunes--different than final version and awesome as usual!

  • Just listened to Max Webster last night after a long time, still love the band.

Juan Manuel Ramirez Abendaño shared a link to the group: Yamaha VR-R 150 2T. — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

gente me recomiendan que compre esta moto? alguno que sea de la zona que me pueda dar una mano... la verdad me interesa pero ustedes desarmaron la moto 2000 mil veces y se pueden dar cuenta cuanta guita le tendria que invertir a este fierro!!!

  • yo tuve, y nunca le ise el motor, siendo q yo le di a morir, la viajava y todo, a simple vista tiene todas las partes q es lo prinsipal xq x ahi no se consigue mucho, el motor, plata q le invertis, es plata q la difrutas, xq verdaderamente es un placer andarlas... saludos

  • Alguno tiene alguna en venta? Que sepa que esta bien la moto?


Upgraded from the boss rockers. which were great. to the new Rev 10 Wet Sounds — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Upgraded from the boss rockers(which were great) to the new Rev 10 Wet Sounds(expensive). More pics to come.

  • Every stereo sound branded by Wet I have been told is second to none! Look forward to checking their stuff out some day!

  • I may have went a little overboard. I think 1 would have sufficed. Very nice so far, when I can get them on the water I will post comparison results.

  • 2 is always better than 1 ;-) Enjoy!!!

  • Sweet

Gotta great deal on a low mileage 09 — Yamaha C3

Gotta "great deal" on a low mileage '09.

Now I gotta do a crank!

Any tips?

  • For people who have no idea what y'all are talking about, what are you talking about?

  • The end of the crankshaft where the variator mounts up.

  • The threads on the end where the variator mounts were jacked, but I was able to file it down and re-thread it. I did find a full warranty kit (crank, bearings, and ALL the gaskets) on ebay for $40! Next winter project...

admin pa Post poo — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

admin pa Post poo.

RPM 2nd short ride/outing-swimming

Venue/host laguna thru snipers0lem


targ et date april 6,13 & 27

as considrati0n f0r th0se who has a w0rk on sat. uwian din po ito so much better mag paalam ng maayos

assemble @ shell pug0n marcos hi-way 5:30am

take 0ff @ 6am

pwede mag sama kung trip nyo...

reqs. ng mga sasama...

presence of mind

maayos na MC

naka safety gear at sh0es

for questi0ns and inquiry feel free to cmment and also pa c0nfirm ng may gust0


kindly v0te f0r the date 0f our ride...

  • Maharajakhan Villasis Jun Ebuenga Jun Mamsaang Jr A Marcella Julius Vicente Jerome Cabida John Carlo Flordeliza Joseph Faustino Jimmer Reyes Mark Gonzaga Erwin Perez Cris Duarte Mark Anthony Baay Curl Tusañeza CJ Valdez

  • lagot ka di mo sinama name ni bos atomica,,hahha

  • tsaka c abuhh,pugo

Señores Les pongo un dato util asi ustedes mismos se sacan la duda Para saber... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

Señores, Les pongo un dato util...asi ustedes mismos se sacan la duda...Para saber si la relacion les sera para ALTA o para Aceleracion.... Deben DIVIDIR Los dientes de la CORONA entre los del PIÑON...les saldra un NUMERO en la calculadora...Eso se llama FACTOR DE RELACION DE TRANSMICION...El Original de la vrr es.. 45/16=[2.8125] ESA ES LA BASE.....si es mas ALTO EL NUMERO Tendrá mas aceleracion....SI ES MAS BAJO...Perdera Aceleracion Pero tendrá mas Veloc Final.....SALUDOS ! Sebas IllescasGustavo Arg Lucas F. Vergara Lucas Luna Kevin Bordakievich Julian Allin MUCHOS DE USTEDES YA LO SABEN !!!!! SOLO LO PONGO PARA LO QUE NO !

  • buenasa... mañana alguno convierte un vrr en un cross pa flasharla un rato Jajaja

  • No. Es cada 2.8125 dientes de corona. Uno de piñón. Si le pones 3 seria 48 de corona

  • Ahora que casé tu pregunta. Si tenes razón. Si es 15 45 es una cada 3 de corona. Pero hiciste mal el calculo. Si le agregas uno al piñón le tenes que agregrar a la corona 3 o sea 16 48. Me explico? Jajaja

Photos from Alfonso Chumacero's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

My bike.

  • Thanks for the info, I think that 75-80 mph (120-130 km/h) it's going to be a good highway cruise speed for me. Well... not sure until the beast release all it's power. Thanks again guys!

  • Enjoy your ride I can't wait to get mine!!

  • Thanks Kathy Tails Arnold hopefully it will be soon!

Photos from Facundo Quiroga Delgado's post — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

Hola Amig@s Moter@s, MUCHAS GRACIAS POR AGREGARNOS!!! Somos una Fábrica de Calzados que está promocionando nuestra Bota para Moto de Viaje Modelo "M a x i m u S" con todos los amig@s que compartimos esta pasión por las motos y también los demás calzados de nuestra producción.

Para ver más fotos Súmate a nuestro Facebook pone “Me Gusta” y no te quedes afuera de los sorteos que se vienen....

Facebook: Fabrica Artesanal de Calzados DELGADO o nuestras web www.calzadosdelgado.com.ar adonde podrán ver todos los modelos fabricados por nosotros, y esperamos sus comentarios...


Saludos y Sigamos en contacto que todavía tenemos mucho por hacer!!!!

Un Abrazo y Buenas Rutas!!!!


Naku. Tsk tsk — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Naku! Tsk tsk

  • oo ako nga yun..ako ang admin ng FIBERCRAFTWORKS and MODIFICATIONS at bka mayari ako ng PRESIDENT namen sa grupo ko na SNIPER OWNERS SOCIETY or SOS..

  • Sir ingat po lagi and ride safe wag ng pag usapan ang tapos na

  • Taga pulilan yan . D yan real name nya. Nka r150 yan ngaun afaik.

Photos from Leon Taufield's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Nice seeing all you FJ lovers on here. this is my old 86FJ that I had for years, and a few years ago gave it away on the yahoo FJ site. I just wanted a real FJ guy to have it. A guy from Boston got it. I hope he put it to good use. I built it up to 1314cc, head built by Star racing, flat slid Mikuni carbs, Murray drag pipes, backcut gears,4"over swing arm. never got to put air shifter on. Ran mid 10's at Lebanon valley NY dragway. what a fun bike, still to this day one of the best looking bikes ever made. have fun and be safe... leon Lanesville NY


it s time to change the tyres of my dog. any suggestions — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

it's time to change the tyres of my dog... any suggestions?

  • I'm gonna change to the metzeler z8 with a 180 tire in the back

  • I have Bridgestone BT023 on my bike earlier, this time i tried Continal Road Attack 2 as i had these tires on earlier bikes. Good grip in dry/wet and a lot of milage at least on my Kawasaki ZZR1100. I have run this tire for 20 miles now on bulldog. Much moore echonomic than Pilot Power.

  • i mounted the pirelli angel gt, the reartire in 180... but i have no experience so far.... not one km on the new tires... but i´ll keep you in touch

Am I missing something I have just drilled out the rivets holding the baffle... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Am I missing something? I have just drilled out the rivets holding the baffle end plate in and removed it, thinking foolishly that the baffle would come with it but no. There is a second end plate that is welded in place. How the hell do I remove my baffle? Um, stock pipes by the way.

  • thats that sorted then, quiet as she goes for the time being, roll on the carbon dekelvic set lol

  • just need to make sure the wife is looking in the opposite direction when i "accidentally" hit the buy it now button lol

  • they do three sizes, 250/350/450mm, i want the middle size 14"

Photos from ‎عمرو جودت‎'s post — Yamaha V-Max

Guys, I sold my beast. I had this auto clutch kit that I never installed if anyone interested. I'm selling it for 400 USD + shipping cost from Egypt to your place

  • Who makes this kit, & how much was it new...???

  • Made by: Garry Buzzelli EFM Auto Clutch Inc. 3101 State Route 14 Rootstown, Oh 44272 330 947 1700 330 947 1708 FAX

    As for price: The total is 618.00 and the auto unit is done, just waiting for the spacer to ship to you. 550.00 for the auto unit, the rest was shipping and insurance. Copied from the manufacturer's email

Photos from Bobot Jrn Mortis's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Laguna boyz group meeting & tambay night@boy busog 1 balibago complex/golden city


*boy bilis

*bobot jrn mortis

*chrissrei dela cruz

*marcus aspiras

*spartacus andy whitefield


*jonnie librea

*anthony punzalan


*jay-ar parado

*dennis ebitner

*kenneth bernando

Minutes of the meeting:

*confirmed ride date for kwebang lampas pagbilao quezon ride on april 6

*group ride with team

Bonzai on march 23, paguusapan pa kung didiretso sa inside racing event sa moa

*briefing how to be a legit member and availment of vest,plate and etc.

*availment of red cross insurance( paguusapan pa ulit at mga nalasing na nung gabi)

Sarap ng kwentuhan at inuman, ulitin natin ulit sa friday mga paps..

At Sa uulitin po mga pafi, bukas ho kami sa mga aspiring member of smx phils.. Friday or sat ang tambay nmin sa boy busog 1 balibago complex, depende kc sa restday..

Happy bday at salamat kay kuya andrew( tatay ni chrissrei dela cruz) sa pagimbita at empi light... Ang lakas ng tama kay jay-ar at jayjay hehehe! Atleast nlman nmin kung cno ung pagbabawalan sa susunod


Papark with my Stock MX. Sierra Ride — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Papark with my Stock MX ....Sierra Ride

  • @kartrack boomland

  • ayus yan mga sir ah,, ako pag may byahe lumalabas pagiging basketball player ko,, sobra daw ako sa pagiging shooter, laging "overshoot hahah"

  • Sarap Ebengking Si MX

Photos from Tyson Fortman's post — Yamaha XS650

Thought you would all get a kick out of this: As a country boy by nature I always try to make things myself. I made these rear-sets for my 650 in a couple hours with nothing but scrap pieces. With a little adjusting and some help with a hand made bushing, these are still functioning after many years. They are very UGLY but I saved 3 or 4 hundred dollars on buying them from Tomaselli Bros. In the spirit of the original cafe racer builders of the original period. This is how it was done before you could jump online and order things! Figure it out and do it! But try to make it look a little better than this!


Hello guys do you experience that in some jam sessions they will hate your... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hello guys, do you experience that in some jam sessions they will hate your overdrive tone? it kinda sucks that I had to turn off my overdrive tone and use the ebs pedal as a compression pedal only.

  • I've some tracks on sound cloud where I used my BB714BS on three different songs. The band leader/arranger also produced the recording. He got the sounds he wanted post production.

    At the first rehearsal I did with the Liverpool Peacemakers there was a brass section, string section, sax section, accordion, percussion, drums and me.

    I was told to turn the bass up and put more top end on it! A first! So when we play live I have the p pick up for the growly toppy sound and I use the neck humbucker with the tone rolled off for the ska/reggae stuff.

    When I have the pleasure/luxury of just being in control I use a more growly sound. I play for the music.

  • Back when I used the neck thru I used to believe that Bolt On necks were inferior cheap instruments and neck thru was the way to go. I have since changed my opinion on this subject.

  • From the old days, I was used to being able to take a neck off for refretting/dressing and put another one on to do gigs. I got used to bolt-ons from the start. Also it gave me the opportunity to put the Tele neck on my orig. P-Bass, which changed the nature of the instrument for me. Big, fat, chunky & sustain-y. I don't think one is necessarily better than the other (bolt on vs Neck through). Just a personal preference for me. As ar as the bass sound on different records---Skyscraper was mostly direct. I hated it. Did all I could to get "tone" out of the console's input module. Traumatic recording episode for me--ha! I had my way with other records, but not always completely. I would adjust to producers needs/wants/preferences the best I could.

Anyone ever use Valvoline 20 50 synthetic motor oil for v twins — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Anyone ever use Valvoline 20-50 synthetic motor oil for v-twins?

  • i use 15w50 mobile one have since new

  • I use 10-40 valvoline synthetic. Doing fine so.far.

  • I am a firm believer of 20/50 Valvoline in hot rods & muscle cars. I have run it in v-twin's w/o issue, however it gets real stiff in cold temps so I don't run it in any scooter here in Boise thru fall & winter. I prefer to run valvoline v-twinn oil with ER, Energy Release aditive added to it. ER is the shit for scooters and it doesn't affect wet clutches. We all run ER around here in all our scooters .....

Photos from Tyson Fortman's post — Yamaha XS650

45 minutes of sanding and polishing on this little piece. I figure a hundred more hours for the rest of it. Ouch!

  • Tail light lens? That's good to know! I was just thinking today of trashing my faded original one. Maybe I'll save it instead! Thanks, Jason Rousseau!

  • Hope it helps and you will be able to save your lens. Post pics if it works great to show the results, I didn't think to take some when I did mine.

  • I have used the rouge and you're right, it's amazing. But you're also right, gotta take your time. Perhaps I am a little impatient at times. The polish is great for instant gratification the rouge is best for perfection.

Photos from Rick Gibson's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Let the detailing begin.

Getting the FJ1200 ready for the Idaho Vintage M/C Club show next Sunday in Caldwell, Idaho..

(I'd rather be riding!)

  • Tim I think it could be had for $600-$700 bucks, and that would be fair, I think. He's going to ask $1000 and see what kind of offers he gets.

  • I will try to make it over on Sunday.

  • George Howard, as clean as I know your FJ is, you should put it in the show also.

See that crack There s my problem lol There s a new stator housing on ebay... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

See that crack?........ There's my problem lol... There's a new stator housing on ebay for 49 shipped but I'm going to try jb weld first, or does the oil get over 600 degreesF

  • Joe Thurman if u can get that one cover for $49 I would just get it. That way u don't have to worry about the next time it's going to leak.

  • Very true bc there's nothing worse than riding and knowing you could spring a leak or something any time..

  • Exactly. Don't want to loose your oil while riding. That would suck.

can a yz426f motor b put on a warrior frame the reason i ask is i have my... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

can a yz426f motor b put on a warrior frame :) the reason i ask is i have my warrior and i may be gettin a yz426f and was wondering if i could build a hybrid type atv

  • my xt350 did the same but from poor matience i kno i spelled it wrong lol but o well if i get it imma baby it and do all the upkeep on it

  • It was well matience our buddy got a shop every week we take our bikes or quads over n check them be4 we ride

  • Call me old fashioned but I'm using my warrior motor on my warrior:)

Photos from Sheldon K Crummey's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

welp she's all clean, just about all done with her. got some oem parts coming. for 600 bucks she's nice!

  • nice that next on my buy list 350x haha

  • I also have 2 200X's 85's n a 84 200S..

  • nice collection! once you start buying you can't stop:)

Mga brader tanong ko lang po — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Mga brader tanong ko lang po.

"Ano feeling kapag may nakaka sabay kayo oh nakaka tapat na RACAL na SNIPER?"

  • .nasa pagpapapogi ng m0t0r ntin yan mga papz,kung mset up m0 kht papan0 sniper nio mas bka mhya xla dumikit s m0t0r nio.

  • wala nmn sir..para sken lang gusto talaga nila bumili ng sniper kaso kapos lang sa budget kaya look a like na lang ang binili..may naka sabany nga ako racal.. ganda set up rb mags 8 spokes rb r.set nka leovince pipe tas paint job na fiat nalaman ko lang racal ung nakita ko ung crankcase nya ndi yamaha..

  • 1 time nag park ako sa tabi ng fake na sniper napansin ko pran pala tinabi mo ung tigre sa pusa haha picturan ko sana kaso bka sabhn nilalait ko mc nya :p