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New to this page and new to my bolt c spec just changed my exhaust to a slip on . Rides smooth still a working progress .

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  • Hey Albert we have a page for SoCal riders. Here is the link. Got a group ride on Sunday.

  • Cool thanks man I'll check it out

  • I just added you. Welcome!

Disiplina Village Brgy.,ugong Valenzuela City — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


mga guys pa help naman po ask ko lang po kung nagpa battery operated pa kyo ng mga lights nyo? ung mga nka led dyan? signal light and eye salamat po...

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  • ay sir jeff pahabol.. pala po.. sir marunong po kayo n pag sabayin ung signal and eye? kumbaga sir ang mang yayari sir ung signal parang magiging eye din pero pag nag signal ka po eh mag bblink padin? kuha mo sir heheh parang mgulo hehe salamat po

  • Di ko alam sir. Tinuro lang po kasi saakin kung pano yung mag bat operated eh..ehehe try niyo po magtanong dito sa group sir..

  • sige salamat po sir jeff thank you po heheheheh

Does anyones boat pull hard when not on the steering wheel It isn t too bad... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Does anyones boat pull hard when not on the steering wheel? It isn't too bad when it completely calm but if the current is going anyway at all it veers nice you let go of the wheel. I have hydro vectors on it

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  • Yet Cobras are adjustable. Not stuck with one option

  • I have the new ones with fangs. Installed to spec. Still does it.

  • Great at no to low speed. More throttle the worse it gets.

Isn t the no wake setting supposed to cut off or overridden by increasing... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Isn't the no wake setting supposed to cut off or overridden by increasing throttle? Mine doesn't on this new boat ('16 - 212x), I have to do it manually. It did do it however on our old boat ('15 - ar190). It isn't bothersome, just curious.

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  • 2013 242 LS- no wake stays on until I turn off or throttle up.

    Stays on on neutral- so you can go from fwd to rev while maneuvering around docks.

  • Stephen Swiney Well I'll be damned. I just never noticed it before I guess because the only time I ever engage it is in no-wake zones, and then throttle up as I leave. I may need to try that out at the dock next time. Thanks.

  • 100x easier to maneuver in no wake mode around docks.

    Lots of in and out of gear, but boat is more responsive because there is less lag time.

    I have no find tho.

Iso hub that holds the rear sprocket on axle Bent the hell out of mine and it... — YAMAHA BANSHEE 101

Iso hub that holds the rear sprocket on axle. Bent the hell out of mine and it's still not out

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  • Ok, other wise hole swing arm with axle installed.

  • Mike Plonsky

    I got a couple, this one looks straight.

  • Perfect if I can get mine out tonight, to change the bearings otherwise I am going to purchase a entire carrier and axle set up to bolt in

Alright ladies and gents I have a solo 1000km bike trip coming up Any... — Yamaha Bolt

Alright ladies and gents. I have a solo 1000km bike trip coming up. Any suggestions to add to my bolt soundtrack?

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  • Nice adds. Have most of it. Beauty.

  • Everything but country.

  • Jordan Bolt quite riot. Aerosmith ac/dc. Robet Palmer. Bonjovi kiss. Def leppard to name a few

This damn rickticktixktickricktick high metallic tick Has always made this... — Yamaha V-Star riders

This damn rickticktixktickricktick high metallic tick. Has always made this sound but I hate it what's it all about?

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  • William David Rice LOL! No doubt!

  • It's the valves. Several mechanics have told me they need adjustment on a regular basis or, as PeeWee says, it gets worse. Kinda reminds you of an 883.

  • Actually you only need to adjust a few times and you don't want them to be quiet....

In search of parts for 07 700r — Yamaha Raptor Parts Buy Sale

In search of parts for 07 700r!

-set of unbent wheels.

-axle for 07 700r


Anything else you have offer it up!

Located in Greensboro nc.

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  • How much

  • Austin Webster I apologize for the delay I couldn't find the post again.

    Aaron Zee Davis

    I'm located in Springfield Missouri. I do travel some and I will hopefully be at Little Sahara OK the 2nd weekend of October

    Asking $400 plus shipping, they are 95% or better. I have just under $600 in them.

    Sorry not really looking for trades at this time.

    I'll try and tag you both in the original sales ad I have on here.

  • Selling my set of Black ITP SS wheels and a set of Holeshot tires.

    Tires and wheels are practically brand new!

    I literally put them on the quad, rolled it in the trailer parked it, drove it once through the campground and put it back in the trailer. Then pulled them off when I got home.

    Wheels Yamaha sport bolt pattern

    10" front 4x156 bolt pattern

    9" rear 4x115 bolt pattern



    Front 21x7x10

    Rear 20x11x9

    Asking $400 plus shipping

    Open to reasonable offers.

    Not looking for trades.

    I do occasionally do some traveling so I might be able to meet but I can't promise anything.

    Located in Springfield Missouri

    417 Eight 40 321 Seven

I know this is a yamaha group but does anyone have input between the Victory... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

I know this is a yamaha group, but does anyone have input between the Victory Magnum and the Indian Chieftain? that has experience with either

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  • If you can get the black seat, get it. I saw many 2014-15 Indians with the tan bags that were faded to a yellow on the top of the bags and seat.

  • Both made by victory

  • Well Polaris....but I like all kinds of motorcycles and will ride what I like and what fits me. Right now it is my Yamaha, later it might be a HD or an Indian, victory or even a moto guzzi. If I had enough money to own 6 bikes, I would.

Bored. Wish I was riding. Lol — Yamaha Bolt

Bored.. Wish I was riding.. Lol

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  • Usually because of work and then when I'm off its raining or no one to ride with.. I don't mind riding solo but it's more fun in a group.

  • Understood my friend. I worked 148 hours the past two weeks. Most of my riding is solo, but I do enjoy a small group as well.

  • Nicholas Martin nice bike !

Photos from Kathy Cox-Duncan's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

This was the big day, a year ago today

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  • that's why they name storms after women....they wreck your life and take all your crap....lmao :P

  • omg...I could hear her now "shut up jeff".....lmao

  • That's about right. The pictures didn't show all the lightning around us.

Is anyone running Emgo brand aftermarket slip ons Just curious about your... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Is anyone running Emgo brand aftermarket slip-ons? Just curious about your overall satisfaction, looks, sound, etc.

I know they're cheap, I know a full system is better than slip-ons. But unless you're going to buy me a set, let's stay on topic, thanks!

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  • Dealer only, or can you find them online somewhere? I haven't had much luck in searching.

  • I find them on jpcycle sometimes on amazon too.

  • Dennis Kirk has them

My wife has long legs 2001 1100 V star is there any known way to lower back... — Yamaha V-Star riders

My wife has long legs....2001 1100 V there any known way to lower back foot boards?

Mustafa Salih shared a link to the group: YAMAHA JETBOATERS. — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

So update/if anybody needs fuel pump related stuff

Ordered fuel pump from here with lifetime warranty

Awesome service sent them email with picture and they matched it right away

$109.98 all in with dhl super fast shipping to canada

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  • Yuppp

  • it's ridiculous, when I lived in Ontario I bought a seadoo 155 and wanted to get a bimini top for it, local seadoo dealer wanted $1600 plus install.....I found a dealer in Kentucky that sold the exact OEM bimini top assembly for $360!! When I told them I live in Ontario Canada he said perfect....I'll have it direct shipped to you from Montreal therefore free shipping. Problem is that there is no competition up North so dealers charge what they want

  • Yup literally like 4 yamaha boat dealers in all of ontario...shit service too.

I believe I can fly — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

I believe I can fly....

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  • That looks like it hurt!

  • It wasn't too bad. I'm the one fully upside down. That's the same position I had going into the water.

  • I just broke my rib tubing behind my boat. You probably should warn your drivers how hard these things turn and whip before you relinquish the wheel and hop on the tube

So I been on the fence about cutting my exhaust and ripping out the baffle — Yamaha Bolt

So I been on the fence about cutting my exhaust and ripping out the baffle. An it got me thinking has anyone tried just removing the baffle without cutting up the exhaust?

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  • That literally makes no sense dude

  • Jordan Bolt after you get out of the hospital you should press charges on her.

  • I am running the Barron slip on too! I personally think it is the best for the money and it sounds killer!


Hey crew

Need a realistic price to sell a

2014 AR192

30ish Engine hours

Trailer kept

All fresh water

Rhode Island

Please and thank you

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  • Following. Needing the same info

  • Depending on where you are, you are probably getting toward end of season, and people are looking for a steal for next year.

  • dealer will offer you low 20's, privately maybe mid 20's but as Dave stated it's getting to the tail end of the season so only buyers out there are looking for deals

Photos from Robert Lea's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

The boat has a name. Me and my wife have been married 21 years and have no kids. We named her DINK.

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  • You win! Haha

  • I win for best name that you would never put on boat! LOL

  • Very cute!

Photos from Gary Grider's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

Great trip to the black hills. Long haul from Indiana hauling the bikes in the trailer (yes I trailered, I'm a poser) we stayed in but worth it. Rode several hundred miles once we got there, staying in Custer state park. I know there are many great roads to ride in America but can't imagine one better than Needles Highway and Iron Mt. road. Attendance down this year but that made everything not so crowded. If you haven't been, put it on your bucket list! Pay no attention to my buddy's dark side ride. Mines the 950 Yamaha!

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    Photos from Andrew Wright's post — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

    Beautiful day for a ride through the New Forest to visit Race Lab in Wimbourne. The return journey was even better, with a bike that had improved handling and generally felt more planted and secure!

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    • Sorry for delay in replying. Been bit busy. 3 rings showing

    • thanks

    • Pete Errington Andrew Wright ... biker blast Wednesday ....henstridge air field ... you know you want to ....

    Okay guys need your opinion powercomander pcfc or cobra powrpro black Both... — Yamaha Bolt

    Okay guys need your opinion powercomander pcfc or cobra powrpro black! Both seem realatively simplistic just way different price points! Please need your help guys!

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    • I heard really great things about ivans flash. And I def am gonna do it but not until winter probably

    • Get all of the system (pipes, air, fuel controller) first then get Ivan's, that way he can set it to your bike system. Just go with power commander fuel controller. Don't need to spend a fortune for higher quality controller where you will set one map for a long time unless you're drag racing it. But if you do air, and pipes, you'll need the controller. Don't waste your money on something cheap then buy another controller.

    • the cobra is just a fuel controller. where as the power commander itself is everything for the bike

    Badlands off road park a few weeks ago — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

    Badlands off road park a few weeks ago

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    • no that's just the name of the offroad park in attica indiana

    • Well that's awesome and gay all at the same time. The Saskatchewan badlands are deadly I was hoping this is a new attraction

    • Ya not as good as riding natural made .. but the man made playground is fun

    Photos from Allen Grimes's post — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

    Fellow riders, I got to say the best ride my Viking has seen and I wasn't even on board! A good friend of mines brother Cameron turned 18 today and my friends asked if I would take his brother for a ride. I said NO, you take him. Now it's not because I didn't want to go but it was because I know Cameron's brother is his best friend. So he took my Viking for the afternoon and he shared a short video and picture of the awesome time they had. Now I don't know the PC term for his condition but he had ha stroke during birth that caused his condition. I am humbled by how my friend doesn't treat him any different then anyone else would treat their sibling. They laugh fight joke and enjoy life and I am happy that I was able to facilitate a great ending to his 18th Birthday. Happy Birthday!!!

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    • Outstanding birthday gift. Being involved with people with developmental disabilities is an awesome experience. For as much as you think you are helping improve or change their life they are changing yours. Nice job Allen

    • That's awesome

    • Hell yeah, that's awesome

    Photos from Sam Becker's post — Yamaha Bolt

    Motorcycle date up and over Highway 33, Ojai CA.

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    • Awesome!

    • It's a 2015 R-Spec and the factory had a goof I guess and put the candy red tank on it that's normally on the regular bolt.. One of a kind you can say haha...

    Photos from CJ Manatad's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Good weekend in Eastern Washington!!

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    • About 5 miles south at Park Lake. It's the one right next to Sun Lake Dry Falls state park. I wanted to do Banks, but the better half wanted to be able to dock the boat and walk from our camp.

    • If you stay at Sun Banks Resort you can do just that. You can get a slip for $50 a nite or if you are doing a tent or camper and get a spot on the shore then you can put the boat right there. Google it and check out the map.

    • Nice. I'll check it out.

    Photos from Kyle Hoehn's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Lake Cumberland, ky

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    • Were you in the Burnside area? Black 242?

    • No. Started out at grider hill, then finished the weekend at the state dock. I was all over the lake. Red 242 LS.

    • Different boat then. We have a black 242 as do our friends and saw another out this weekend. Lots of Yamahas on Cumberland now!

    Got some restyled plastics for my YZ a while a go I m going to put them on but... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke


    Got some restyled plastics for my YZ a while a go. I'm going to put them on but I'm wanting to get graphics to suit the plastics before I put them on. Are all restyle kits the same or do they differ depending on brand name? Just wondering because I can't remember what brand the plastics are.. Thanks

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    • That hilux would be like a sedan compared to some of the 4x4's you guys have in the Philippines hey

    • Your Hilux and especially your Landcrusiers 76 series (oh those yummies :D ) are more kickass than the ones we have here Jake ;)

      In Australia, pickups are treated like real utility trucks worthy for work. Majority of the pickups here, however, are being babied mate sssshhhh quiet LOL! :D .....though there are some boutique shops in here that modifies them for Offroad extremes. Your Australian ARB accessories are common here as well ;)

      Going back on the LC76, yours come with 4.5-litre diesel V8 engine with variable geometry turbo while the version of LC76 we get here comes with a 4.2-litre inline-6 diesel with fixed-gate turbocharger. Yours has that macho-looking "hood scoop" or bonnet scoop as well ;) ---- Have always dreamed about those LC76

    • Yeah they definitely get treated like work Utes