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Because of you guys, I reversed and flipped my mirrors. Pretty happy with it. Went for a quick ride and took a little getting used to. I never realized how much I glance at my mirrors. Or maybe just now because I'm thinking about them.

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  • Albert Suarez Yes, but lucky for you, you already have an awesome bike in the C-Spec. If they had it in 2014, that's the one I would have chosen.

  • Thanks man yeah i love my bike .

  • Hey Kuljit Chahal could please make a short video and show me hw u did it

Photos from Carl Joahim Peyron's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Some pic of the first speedy one :)

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  • I would like to get some new grafics to my. My stixkers is not so good

  • Search the forum I listed above for my posts, I have a write up on where I bought my graphics kit and pics of the install. My name on the forum is "Gusaroo"

  • Thanks. Yeah i read there and are a member. Hav email ipd and want them to make me one. Its way cool to do your own

Wanna do some airbrushing maybe a camouflage blue any ideas Im a painter and... — Yamaha Bolt

Wanna do some airbrushing, maybe a camouflage blue, any ideas? Im a painter and can do just about anything bit not sure what,

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  • I second that....

  • Our bikes are glacier blue...would be sick to see a theme done with something relative to the color! Sorry if this sounded dumb... I'm a nerd, I know!

  • Hopefully get it done soon

Neighbour just got a FJR. I prefer my 84 — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Neighbour just got a FJR.I prefer my 84.

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  • I found a set of discs that were cut down to fit the standard front

  • Okay. I understand now. Kind of confused by what I was seeing. As the saying goes, there's more than one way to skin acat.

  • Oh, they are quite good indeed. But also different. The ES version they just came out with is practically BMW level refined, there's the chip controlled throttle, etc. The FJ is... a bit more raw. You pay for the refinement with extra mass (and cash).

Seems like im only getting fire in one cylider — YAMAHA BANSHEE 101

Seems like im only getting fire in one cylider.

Fresh plugs

Tried 2 coils

Tried 2 cdi's

125 compression in both.

Any help please

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  • Nah im at work for a week ill be back wednesday

  • I wish i did.

    If its the stator, how do i know?

  • there are some that know how to test them I'm not 100% sure you may ask in banshee hq

ANYone know much about scooter tyres on road going quad bikes Having trouble... — YAMAHA BANSHEE 101

ANYone know much about scooter tyres on road going quad bikes,.. Having trouble with my banshee , with off-road tyres it doesn't stop well o. The road can't strip speed,.. And with new road tyres (as pictured) it drags dangerously over the road following dips and traffic undulations

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  • Wish u could in Tennessee use to be able to get away with it here now u just have to get away

  • So it's state based..??

  • Some states don't push it as much as other

Greetings jetboaters — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Greetings jetboaters.

Thanks for accses in the group.

I got the exciter 270-98 and need some parts if someone just got them?

Need the cleanout tray in the back..

Also need the rear cable holder to jetpump assembly.

Any? Thanks from Sweden

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    I got a few bits and pieces from here.

  • Going to check that. Mabye someone is parts one out :)

Here s my new addition to the stable — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Here's my new addition to the stable...

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  • Really want a Tri Z and a Tecate, if you want to do anything with them, and I'm a cash buyer and willing to pay reasonable money on them. I have a guy in KY who trucks for me and can come grab it and bring it to me next time he's heading South.

  • I'm selling 25 trikes, projects, and frames. I have one day off a week (and that is Wednesday). It's almost like pulling teeth to get pictures and info from me because of my work schedule... But, you are welcome to come by and look or check out my Craig's List post on the Jackson, Tennessee site.

  • Steven Lay what all trikes projects ya selling I'm not far from ya in western ky I have several parts for dx ,Drs trikes I just posted a lot of it on here for sale I sold both my bikes I'd be interested in a project or maybe a ready to go bike you post on Craigslist have 350x stuff In it



Hooked up water with both drain open in back of hull

Hopefully it didnt blow lolz

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  • Lol ya my hand "slipped"

  • What was the problem? I lost track on the other post lol

  • Not starting but cranking, was fuel pump. Got fuel pump for $100 bucks vs 1k from yamaha in canada

Resden Webster shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

The rundown

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  • I have a switch in my overdrive insert loop and also the BMC and a noise gate, I have decided to use the switch to disconnect it electronically by removing the ground contact at a specific point in the chain. It can be done two ways: A/B box or single button switch(wired in a specific way). Unless you are really confident in your electrical skills go with the A/B box, it requires only a few insert cables and 1/4 to 1/4 female barrel adapters and no soldering or danger!! Think it through and it should work perfectly!

  • Mike is bang on.

    Check out the green/yellow female 1/4" back to back connectors. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Mike and Clare.

Any recommendations on a bike cover that fits well on the bolt I like to load... — Yamaha Bolt

Any recommendations on a bike cover that fits well on the bolt? I like to load my bike up on back of truck and go on vaca for a few days. So far I've been lucky, no rain.

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Just a quick poll among my fellow yamaha jet boat owners do you change your... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Just a quick poll among my fellow yamaha jet boat you change your plugs and oil in the Fall when you winterize or in the Summer when you summerize?

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  • I had problems fogging in the past. I learned to start mine once per month and keep batteries on trickle...we do have a snowy winter...fml lol

  • Jack I'll be damned if I spray grease in the carbs unless something is seriously

  • Yup...I don't fog

Well front exhaust valve moves and rear inlet so Allen key required from... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Well front exhaust valve moves and rear inlet so Allen key required from indoors to check outlet rear and inlet front if both rockers move I'm stuck for ideas and bottom end strip down is required me thinks AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH

Buying dead bikes why do.i do it. Lol

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  • Cheers

  • Anybody know where to get some rings and valves? 81 xv750

  • I have a good bottom end and transmission for sale cheap

Photos from Florence M. Estrada's post — YAMAHA RS100 LAGUNA


Thanks admin..

Basahin mabuti. Unawain.

Selling brandnew pipe

Sa mga gusto po magavail nito pm o text niyo lang po ako sa mga numbers na sumusunod.


Made to order po tayo, in just 2 days po, tapos na order nyo. Ready to deliver or meetup po. Di nyo po kailangan maghintay ng ilang Linggo o buwan para makuha ung order nyo. Marami naman po magpapatunay na legit seller po kami..

Sa malalayo shipping po thru lbc. Add po kau ng 300.

Sa malalapit meetup po, half way po tau..

Payment first policy po tayo mga boss.


Standard- 1600





#res pectmypost

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  • bos san ang location mo?

  • San rafael bulacan po

  • Up

Photos from Aung Myo Myint's post — Yamaha FZ Myanmar Forum

CBR 150 မန္း လိုင္စင္ ပါကင္ေဖာက္ သန္႔သန္႔ေလး တစ္စီး ေရာင္းခ်င္ပါတယ္ ......

၂၀၁၅ ၁၀ လပိုင္းက ၃၅ သိန္းနဲ႔ ပါကင္ေဖာက္ထား ပါတယ္ ... ကုမၸဏီ လိုင္စင္၊ တစ္လက္ကိုင္၊ နတ္ တစ္လုံး က အစ မလွည့္ရေသး .... ဘီးေၾကာ ၉၈% အိဖတ္ေနတာပါ အပြန္း အဆင္းကင္း ကတ္တေလာက္ ဂြထုပ္ ဘက္မွန္ စတီးႀကိဳး၊ နံပါတ္ျပား အသစ္ ၂ ခု ေအာ္ ေသာ့ ၂ ေခ်ာင္း အကုန္ ေပးပါ့မယ္ ဘရိတ္ဆြိ အသံေတာင္ မေပ်ာက္ေသး ဘီး ေျပာင္း စီးခ်င္လို႔သာ ေရာင္းပါသည္ ကီလို နည္း မန္းလိုင္စင္ စတစ္ကာ အစိမ္းေရာင္ ဖိုင္းထားပါတယ္ ေအာ္ေဆး ေအာ္စတစ္ကာ မပ်က္ပါ 09798944234 MDY ကပါ

Model .... 2015 6

colour .... Black

Kilo ..... 3**

Price .... 29 သိန္း ေလၽွာ့တင္းရွိ ( အသစ္ေစ်း ၃၅ သိန္း ၅ ေသာင္း မန္းလိုင္စင္)

အိမ္စီး တစ္လက္ကိုင္ ျဖစ္၍ စီး မည့္ သူမ်ား အဆင္ေျပပါတယ္ လိုင္စင္ပါ ဘီး ျဖစ္၍ လိုင္စင္ မပါ ဘီးမ်ားထက္ ေစ်းပိုပါမည္ ၁ႏွစ္ စီးၿပီး ၆ သိန္းအရႈံးခံ ေရာင္းပါသည္ ဆသရ ... ၀၉၇၉၈၉၄၄၂၃၄ မန္းေလးကပါ

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  • မိုက္​တယ္​ ၂၀ ပဲရွိလို႔ပါ လိုခ်င္​ပါတယ္​

— Yamaha Bolt

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  • Sebastien Geerens

  • No pics from the install, sorry

  • No worries

Sorry to keep bothering people our little group once a year goes over to Europe... — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

Sorry to keep bothering people, our little group once a year goes over to Europe and next year it's Netherlands. We do some WW2 site seeing does anyone know of any good places to visit or nice roads to ride which I can tie in thanks in advance

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  • Thanks Richard we are looking at Arnhem area and over into Germany but the Ardennes looks like a good plan

  • Sorry if I sounded too opinionated I'm just back from a trip to Koblenz in Germany taking in the Ardennes and the Eifel region. Lots of good roads and if you go via Bastogne there's loads of Band of Brothers Airborne history. I don't know the Arnhem area too well so please take my view with some scepticism. I'm sure Munster etc are fine places

  • No that's cool Richard I lived in Germany for 20 years so I know and have been to all the places you have spoken about, best time to go to koblenz is for the Rhine in flames

Turn your volume down. Nothing but wind noise — Yamaha Bolt

Turn your volume down. Nothing but wind noise.

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  • I have a side mount i made.

  • I made with stainless steel elbow and a straight peice with a hole drilled into it and some of the factory hardware

  • its harley problems not yamaha

Steve Higerty shared The Rider's Digest's event to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Dexter B Jesus and Spencer Reeves. This is basically how my old CB400 looked, although mine was all Delta. No estate agent sign leg fairings though, not truley authentic lol

I know Paul Henson did this for a while but any other ex despatchers from the glory days in the YPM's?

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  • I started this Page up as like most was 15 years on and off as a London Courier!

  • I Never did any courier work but did over 40,000 miles on mine - and wish I'd never sold it. They now go for much more thani I paid for mine new in 1980 - £1150! A great motorcycle.

Assalamu Alikum Sab doston sy guzarish hai k koi mashwara dain myra ybr G py... — Yamaha YBR 125 G RWP ISB Community

Assalamu Alikum, Sab doston sy guzarish hai k koi mashwara dain.. myra ybr G py accident huva hai... or Bike ka Handel hlka sa tehra ho gya hai or Headlight k sath jo steel ka ring sa hai vo b tehra ho gya hai.. or agly motor guard py b scratches aay hain.... meter k cover py b scratches pr gy hain.... main apna bike kahan sy set krvau... koi munasib hl bta dain plz...

Jazak Allahu khair....

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  • Bhai pics main kuch khas samaj ni aati kyu k dakhny main bike theek lahta hai lakin halka sa handle or light ka ring thera huva hai... hlka sa

  • uzair bhai honey 786 k reviews achy nhi hain. behtar ha bnda un se door hi rhy.

  • Ok

Hey guys Looking for some suggestions The stock bow roller on my 2016... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Hey guys! Looking for some suggestions. The stock bow roller on my 2016 Shorelander trailer is leaving scuffs and scratches on the bow of my new toy. Would replacing that with the 4" Stoltz bow roller fix that issue?

Thanks again gang!

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  • Stoltz came out with a 3.5 roller for shorelander trailers. You have to call directly it's like 35 dollars shipped for roller and end bells they didnt offer it on their website yet. the trick with the new one is to make sure the roller can still spin not to over tighten.

  • Jetboat Pilot

  • Online as well

Photos from Nick Coast's post — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

What do y'all think it's worth 2003 357 bin rebuild from ground up all new barrings n seals motor might have 25 hours in it just needs a seat cover n back brakes gps said it runs about 52mph just wanting what it's worth

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  • 3500

  • Lol

So question for everyone I got a warrior that had a broken cam gear alignment... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

So question for everyone. I got a warrior that had a broken cam (gear alignment pin was broken) so i put a brand new stage 1 hot cam with new gear on it, adjusted valves to hot cams spec, also got a brand new carb. For the life of me i cant get it to start. All it does is back fire out the exhaust. The motor spins freely but is it possible i misaligned the timing by 1 tooth? I thought i had it perfect but im starting to think that its slightly off. Thanks in advanced for any advice.

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  • Wait. Did you put the new valves in AFTER the cam pin broke?

  • Im not sure what the other owner dude. But as far as i know the valves were in first. Ive had the head off and the valves and piston are mint. So i know there was no contact

  • That exhaust valve looks bent to me. It really sounds like a bent valve to me.

— Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

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  • Dex Vondoom..I will have a brand new OEM Banshee kicker for sale soon...:) No knuckle though...

  • Let me know Steve I'm trying to tidy up loose ends on a couple of bikes atm to free up some $'s for the rz

  • Yeah Dex Vondoom...Im in no hurry..All good...:)

So I scratched my 16 svho real bad Tied off with my buddy s pontoon and just... — Yamaha Waverunner SVHO Owners

So I scratched my '16 svho real bad. Tied off with my buddy's pontoon and just wasn't paying attention.

Long story short, I need it repainted and know nothing about boat paint. I'm completely fine paying a professional, but I want to sound like I know what I'm talking about when I find someone. My ski is literally nearly brand new and want a professional job done. What kind of paint is it? Any info is greatly appreciated.

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  • I find ford paint matches up well with the Yamaha

  • My painter said I just so happened to have chosen the most expensive paint color when I bought the ski lol.

NEED HELP ADVISE I got the biltwell flyer bars My mechanic said I need all... — Yamaha Bolt

NEED HELP/ADVISE! I got the biltwell flyer bars. My mechanic said I need all new extended cables as well as needing to have the electrical extended. I've seen lots of people with similar bars using stock cables and saying nothing about extending the electrical. Any advice would help greatly. Thanks!

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  • What bars? All stock cables and wires?

  • Tnx Matt

  • Stock bars just 6 inch risers and yeauph just untangled everything and rerouted it behind the headlight. I've heard you can get 10 inches

Photos from Jacob Kerr's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

I know it doesn't look like I've done much, but I got my 225drs running for the first time tonight, just basically took an entire parts wheeler to get it there, still needs some carb work, brakes, and plastics cleaned up and put on, but it should get ready to go before Friday like I had hoped! Thanks for the help, it only sat since the 90s when I got it

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  • Still haven't touched mine yet!

  • I'm jealous of the gold rims

  • Building this one first!

Photos from Jacob Kerr's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Is it just me or does anyone else have the old dealership stickers still on there tried moto? 85 225dr and 86 225drs

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  • Nope but it's cool to know where it came from

  • Yeah I called the dealerships a few years ago to see if they had an record of these wheelers, but they didn't, they said anything that old they didn't keep records of anymore

Is there a certain way the bolts go in for the fuel pump — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Is there a certain way the bolts go in for the fuel pump?

Its a pain in the ass....

Any tricks? Been at it for 45 mins..hand tightening one screw across then other one across wont go in..

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  • engines were probably filled to that level too

  • Na engine was just up in water to top of bilge hose pump thing

  • Put batteries on charger and lets see tomorrow. Too much work...jet ski starter came in so have to do that one now too

Due for first value adjustment but don t have the time to take it in at the... — Yamaha Vikings Wolverines

Due for first value adjustment but don't have the time to take it in at the moment. Are the valves on the wolverines that touchy they must be adjusted so soon? Has anyone's valves really need adjusted or is it just a check?

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  • What does?

  • The Viking does, although it's single cam. Its still a rocker arm setup. Most anything honda does other than the race bikes and quads.

  • I'm talking about a dohc with rocker arms. Hondas unicam like on the crf250,450 design has shim under bucket on the intake side with a rocker arm going to exhaust. But yeah you're right, most sohc or

— Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia


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  • Kinda yeah but an RD400 tank or an LC would suit the other parts better. Too much period mix.

  • Or not so yellow.

  • Wire wheels, or these wheels painted black. I like it anyway