soon to be buy. meron pa kaya ne2 b. new — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

soon to be buy.. meron pa kaya ne2


Photos from Chad Hall's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

After months I made my 225 dr this, also have a lotta parts for sale all except motor , tons of parts, cnt believe it's the same one, 10 months of work but love it! Trike on

  • I need a battery box cover that keeps battery in fir my 84 225 dx

  • It's called a battery stay. : )

  • PM sent

Usually I just put all the pedals on top of my amp since i rarely have to... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Usually I just put all the pedals on top of my amp since i rarely have to switch them on and off mid song. Then I timed myself how long it takes to setup putting each pedal out one by one on a gig. 15 minutes from rolling in to sound out of the amp. Now "bang" "zoom" plug the bass in, plug the board into the amp, plug the speaker in, power to both, check tuning!

Hot pickup > Pog > octave up > Muff > ABY in b

Pog > clean out > EBS in > drive loop send > ABY in a

ABY out > Ernie Ball Vol > EBS drive loop return

Woofer Pickup > Mark Bass > MXR > EBS clean loop return

Both pickups get the compressor from the EBS

I can run the "hot" pickup full on for more fuzz from the "drive/fuzz" pedals and mix with the volume pedal or have the volume pedal full and back off the pickup for a little grit.

EBS out > Phaser > Zoom Volume pedal as master volume control

The EBS, Pog, Muff and Mark Bass are almost always on.

The ABY gives me three Fuzz tones, Both Muff & EBS drive, just EBS and just Muff.

  • What kind of case is that Terry Law?

  • It's a Pedal Train PT-1-HC. The board is 22 x 12 inches with a hard case.

  • Thank you sir!

Photos from Thethet Gonzales's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

permission to post:

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Harold Castro shared a link to the group: Yamaha Virago XV 750. — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Take a look of my (crazy) video in a 1998 Virago 750... it was really fast!!!

  • You start it!!! I tried to be respectful but yo said that i was writting BS... You receive what you give!!! Any way, it's stupid to continue this un-useful conversation with you, if you like the video, good!!! If you don't good too!!! The video is there some ones likes some others don't!!! Maybe if i see a video of you driving that video could be boring to me... But i'm not going to attack you for it!!! I just see it, and pass it!!! Have a good night!!!

  • It is a very exciting ride but very dangerous if you always have to ride down there like that. you have a good night too Amigo. We all have the ability to ride crazy and reckless for a short time or be cool and ride for a long time.

  • You are very smart,son....

Can anyone help me out got a 2002 v star 1300 when you let off the gas the... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Can anyone help me a 2002 v star 1300 when you let off the gas the exhaust starts to pop had the carbs sinked still pops anyone know what my cause it to pop

  • What the hell can't see any if the comments

  • I think he meant 2012... not 02

  • 1300 is fuel injected. I think you meant throttle bodies. Looks like you upgraded intake and exhaust . Stock ECU will NOT accommodate that. You need fuel management. I STRONGLY recommend the Cobra Power Pro. Call Shane at SS Custom Cycle to order one.

I have a question does anyone know a way to decode a 9 digit vin for my bike — Yamaha Virago XV 750

I have a question, does anyone know a way to decode a 9 digit vin for my bike?

  • I have a new set of NGK plugs waiting.

  • if you find the screw is corroded too spray with some electrical contact cleaner before screwing wire back on. Thus endeth todays crash motorcycle repair course for today..keep us posted on how you make out.

  • I will buddy, thaaank you so much.

This is where I m at no idea how the rest goes — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

This is where I'm at, no idea how the rest goes...

  • If you dont learn it youre going to become really familiar with all the parts again and again and again. I put together a 99 blaster engine that was split and in a box before there was internet, with a book for a 80 yz250. When I was 12. Learn it so when people ask in the future, you have a clue and can return the favor

  • Rebuilt my whole quadracer by memory after 3 months of it being completely apart

  • rebuilt my warrior from ground up after it set in storage tore down for 7 yrs mostly from memory

Mikhail Pavlov posted in YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — with Rubén Delope. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

  • PICKS??? Wash your mouth out young Castle m'lad, lol. I've had up to 8's on bass and 12's on the little toy guitars that seem popular with young Mr Gilbert and co. Thing is, I'm shite on all of them, but the 7 and 8 strings made me look creative shite, lol.

  • I meant for guitarists, honest! Haha!

    Ah cool! Thinking about a 7/8 string for a current modern prog low tuned project where I kind of need the range and the 6 string isn't cutting it. The attitude gets all the solo stuff though ;)

  • Have fun re training your left hand for the fretboard gymnastics Adam. Seriously though, you are a properly trained and dedicated musician, you will adapt very quickly. They ARE great for chordal work, very rewarding.

Andy Ball shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Wondered what happend to this bike....

  • Awesome i like that :)

  • Steve Higerty what are coffers?? Been offered a rd to ride just aint got the funds for kit and entries.. i like the £35 a day mx racing.. it's cheap :)

  • Your savings mate. Yea its a lot of money, ten quid trials riding is even more attractive!

Photos from Jason Hamp's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Inch up, not too much but remember i have an 18inch wheel to take into account, the wheel was almost touching before i started ;)

  • i`m not worried about the article lol, i haven`t taken my complete system off so i ain`t got one to measure "real" weight as opposed to advertising bollocks by the likes of remus/motod etc lol. and i`ve just been down to my gixxer wheel again, and guess what......

  • all i can remember of my exhaust is the whole thing felt about the same as one end can that i took off, go on what weight is it?

  • lol, the wheel bearing hadn`t been seated all the way, so now the carrier fits like it should :)

Quick question for the group. What oil does everyone run in their V Star 1100 — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Quick question for the group. What oil does everyone run in their V Star 1100? Owners manual says 20w40. I have looked at J&P cycles they dont carry that weight But I seen Lucas 20w50 says it last 4 times longer than other brands ,anybody have experience with that brand? Thanks in advance.

  • I lived with this nightmare for 7 Yrs..Best thing I did was to buy the relocation kit for my 1100.. Amazon $200.00 Free shipping..

  • yelp Thats what I plan to do relocate

  • Easy after the 1st one. I have 2 1100s. One with a remote and one stock. I run synthetic oil and change every 5000.

Mga papa sino nakasubok na dito sa dalawang sprocket combi na to — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Mga papa sino nakasubok na dito sa dalawang sprocket combi na to

14x42 o 15x42?

Alin ang the best may angkas paahon at rektahan?

  • 15/42 ako ok sa city driving ska paakyat ng antipolo my angkas man o wla.. Un lng pg sa tuwid na MEJO bgal mkuha nung TS..

  • Ako 14/42 mabilis arangkada pero maiksi kambyo. Sa 15/42 medyo bawas konti ng arangkada pero haba ng kambyo.lalo na 3rd

  • Dpende po s timbng ng driver mga paps yn ska nsa driver n po yn kung mtiby

Anyone know how to fix a bust starter switch. C3 only powers up on kickstart — Yamaha C3

Anyone know how to fix a bust starter switch? C3 only powers up on kickstart.

  • Mine just didnt work one day......fine now :-)

  • Will clean contacts first. Thanks!

  • So update. I drove the scoot and had my battery tested. It read "replace" on the computer hand held from the tech. This might be why my scoot is having starter issues. It starts fine with kick start.

Gente alguien que a demás del vrr tenga un twister — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

Gente, alguien que a demás del vrr tenga un twister?


Hacienda Luisita — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Goodmorning everyone. Napag-usapan po namin ng mga Admins na huwag na po humantong sa pagkaka-delete ng page. So ang ginawa na lang po namin ay sinipa na lang po namin ang mga nakakagulo sa ating page. Hindi po sila nakakatulong bukod ay gustong-gusto nila magkawatak-watak ang members dito. Para sa akin hindi kailangan burahin ang page na ito. Pamilya tayo dito at marami tayong matutunan at magiging mga kaibigan. Let us start over again. Report na lang po natin kung may natira pang mantsa sa paglilinis natin ng page. Pls dont hesitate to report to us. Tnx for supporting us. God bless and always fasten your helmets!


Here s my Black Beauty. 3CV MY1989. Ale — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Here's my Black Beauty!!! 3CV MY1989.Ale

  • Alessandro i meant to say yes I do sell these had a few people off Facebook Fj forum buy some as well as elsewhere. If you need some just send me a message. stickersbyjeff@gmail,com. Am working on a new name and website.

  • Yep Melbourne australia. FJs done 81000km. Had it j18mths. This is my 3rd one. Had one before in the same colour. Also a champagne / white one.

  • Now she looks well and loyal

Photos from Kevin Walsh's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

More fun

  • Where's the tower going?...I missed that post ?

  • This was last spring. Going back on. It needs to come off to fit in the garage.1/2 "clearance

    Overhead. The boom lift makes easy off easy on.

fala galera obrigado por me aceitarem no grupo Seguinte minha virago ta a 2... — Yamaha Virago 535

fala galera, obrigado por me aceitarem no grupo... Seguinte minha virago ta a 2 anos comigo e esse ano comecei a ter problemas com a bateria original dela e no fim de janeiro descobri que ela estava seca e que nao prestava mais, substitui por uma paralela da Yuasa, foi mais ou menos um mes e pouco de alegria, porem do começo do mes pra ca comecei a ter o mesmo problema que tive com a bateria antiga, e percebi que com o farol aceso o processo de acabar bateria acelera, será que essa bateria esta ruim ou sera que nao esta recarregando corretamente =/

  • paguei 57 na junta original

  • A Yamaha daqui estupra legal, vo tenta da cidade vizinha

  • a pronto agora vieram falar q a moto nao ta regulando a voltagem e que a culpa é do retificador ser antigo, Carlão Reguladores, os caras colocaram uma bateria que não era da minha moto, e de repente meu estator da defeito e o regulador nao funciona, isso pode ter sido por causa da bateria de 10A 12v ou é moto velha msm


  • Great shot!

  • 1000 Islands near Alexandria Bay NY

  • I'm still trying find out about the tent set up.


    Does not leak.

    Tent posts go into pockets =no seat damage.

    Works great


  • Awesome! Never knew you could support/hang kayaks!

  • resting on waveboard rakes... works great..

hola amigos. Alguien me puede tirar las letras de la bujia original del VRR — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

hola amigos...Alguien me puede tirar las letras de la bujia original del VRR... es una BP5ES o BP7 ???

  • Lo malo no es no saber, lo malo es no querer aprender y mandar mano.

  • O sea , el tema de motor se xq trabaje casi 12 años con mi viejo en todo tipo de motor pero lo q nunca le preste atención era el tema d la bujía y escuche el otro dia de un vago q fue a comprar y pidió un P7 pero no sabía q diferencia había nada más...

Photos from Jacob Limburg's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

Finally got my thrust bearings n for my 98 yz250 from Yamaha.

Rebuilt the governor, gunna rebuild the bottom end tomarrow and fire her up...

  • I'm at 3,500 ele, not sure of my jet size, it's a 38mm Kiehin pwm carb.

    I do notice my plug is wet, & it can be hard to start, compression is so hi. I can't find anything above 91 octane around here n nor cal mountains. Should I mix octane boost/fuel injector cleaner in my gas before I premix? I run synthetics, should I go 40:1? I run 30:-32:1

  • Darryl Haney, I think it may be clutch and carb related, it's kinda hard to spin my impeller while it's in case but out of gear, (if that makes sense).

  • Do u remember what size jet that was?

TAMBAY NIGHT. SMX LAGUNA BOYZ CHAPTER — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


Calltime : 7PM Friday March 28, 2k14

Meet-up place : Boy busog 2 st. francis balibago Sta. rosa, Laguna

Agenda: pagusapan kung ano2x ang kailangan dalhin sa ride papuntang kwebang lampas at final route at iba pang detalye


sa mga hahabol o sususnod pakicontact kme....

Call or Text :

Bobot Jrn Mortis - 09178090006

Marcus Aspiras -09093101427

nginvite c sir rommel na sa kanila daw mg-tipon after group meeting....


Chicos acá les dejo una lista de los Integrantes que tienen partes del VRR para... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

Chicos acá les dejo una lista de los Integrantes que tienen partes del VRR para VENDER. Comuniquense por mensaje privado con ellos si necesitan algo asi queda mas ordenado el tema de "Ventas". El que quiera agregarse a la lista para vender algo me manda un MP. a mi y edito el comentario que va a quedar marcado.

{# link:mvj0srp0nof0weJ0PxC0VIz0B7R0LjX0AWj0GeI0#} s.balbuena.315?fref=ufi rokepower?fref=ufi .juliani?fref=ufi

  • bien ahiii!!!

  • capas que te lo copie!! :P

  • Robe Robe.

  • igual la ides en los 2 grupos no es eliminar las ventas si no es ponerle un filtro a tantos publicaciones de ventas!!!

  • Exacto.

Brake bracket freshly fabed ready for blast and powder should i go black or... — Yamaha XS650

Brake bracket freshly fabed, ready for blast and powder! should i go black, or the fake chrome powder?

  • Bobby, this may help narrow down some m/cyl sizes. stercylinder.htm

  • thanks man that looks like a great chart to have on hand. I know these calipers were originally driven by a 14mm m/c but some experimentation may be in order- with the foot control leverage ratio as well as the m/c size

  • That looks amazing!!

Photos from Jovs Reyes's post — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Share ko lang mga boss ang mga naging ride ko sa mx with tmmx125

1. Dingalan ride with mx elite team

2. Kaybiang tunnel with tmmx125

3. Endurog ride (baguio atok agno with team ecija)tmmx125

4.samat morong bataan with team pampanga

5. Dingalan ride part 1 with team BV

6.dingalan ride part 2 with team BV

7.iba zambalez with team BV

8. Joint ride dingalan with ecija. BV and pampanga chapter

9. Mt pinatubo. Pangasinan ride with team BV

Maraming salamat sa experience, sa pagod sa pagkakaibigan. Ulanin, ginawin at tirik man ang araw. Matuyuan ng pawis.. sainyo ako natuto bumangking. Magbaklas ng makina. At maging responsable sa kalsada.

Maraming salamat din sa mahal kong mx. Hnd ka nasiraan, na flatan at hnd moko isinemplang sa ride.. hnd ka man malakas pero tiyak nasa likod ka lng at hnd papaiwan.

Solid tlga tmmx125! Ride ulit tayo mga boss!

  • Si Pee See ang lead natin pag nag marilaque tayo. Kahit mapalo pa sha ni misis hahaha

  • Sasamahan kita boss.. pandesal na my isaw lang solb nako

  • Hahaha. Tara punta kau tom d2 =p

The other issue I wanted to inject for discussion is high test vs regular gas... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

The other issue I wanted to inject for discussion is high test vs regular gas in the VStars and if ethonol is really bad or our bikes or not? I have read several articles online thar favor both ways but I thought I would see what our people think about the issue. Robert Sanders

  • I run nothing but premium. Bike seems to resond better to it and I get great gas milage.

  • Hans P Rorrian I have a tank off a 2000 V star classic(650) great condition 150.00 plus shipping.

  • Run regular.... The way they increase octaine now is to increase ethanol (alcohol) Gasoline works best at a 13:1 ratio (13 parts fuel to 1 part oxigen) , Ethanol works best at 6.4 t0 1, so if you increase the amount of alcohol to raise the octaine you are actualy making the engine run leaner than if you run regular fuel.

Can anyone tell me of a way to check and or reset the timing on my 1999 VStar... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Can anyone tell me of a way to check and/or reset the timing on my 1999 VStar 650? When I rejetted the carbs with 122.5 jets supplied with the Hypecharger now I am getting a lot of back firing through the exhaust like the timing is retarded too much, especially when backing off the throttle quickly, and needs to be advanced a couple degrees. Thanks. Robert Sanders

  • James is on the track somewhat unwrap the fiberglass packing you still need back pressure or you risk loosing torque on takeoff.

  • If you don't adjust the pms screws it will never run right.... AIS removal helps but pms adjusts the fuel to air ratio from 0 to 1/4 throttle and it sounds like you are lean.

  • BTW timing is permanently set... no adjustment. If you get a Dyna 3000 you can change the advance curve, but not the timing.

80km h a 6mil rpm con cubierta 3. 00 adelante original lleva 80 100. que opinan — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

80km/h a 6mil rpm con cubierta 3.00 adelante, original lleva 80-100...que opinan ? cuanta veloc les da a ustedes a 6mil rpm ?

  • yo probe con un chicler 220 q tenia en el RXZ pero lo q si, chupaba nafta y m iso renegar para regular el aire hasta q quedo y sacando el corte llego aproximadamente 13.000rpm y pasaba la auja de los 180 pero tu tanque de 8.5ltro pedia espacio jajaja

  • Cristian quien te dijo en yamaha eso?

  • un correo mande pidiendo la biela del vrr y ni m acuerdo como se llama el q m contesto y pregunte si tenian carburador cortina plana y q chicler lleva original d fabrica y m tiraron eso

Calvin de Leon shared his event to the group: Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot. — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot


Naka MIO ka ba?

Sali na sa GRUPO na Legal at may Patutunguhan


magkakaron ng saysay ang pagmumutor mo,

hindi yung basta stroll ka lang ng stroll.,

dadami na kaibigan mo,

dadami din kaalaman mo sa MC mo.,


OR/CR-titing nan lang kung match sa ibibigay niyong Or/Cr number

Xerox Driver's License- kahit student pwede

2x2 picture- para sa gagawing I.D.

Valid I.D- basta may complete name and address pwede

MARCH 30, 2014

3pm to 5pm

Sabang, Baliwag, Bulacan

  • Haha ayos to boss.. my patutunguhan hnd ung stroll stroll lang

Anyone running an audio system on there scoot Be it custom pro audio DIY or... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Anyone running an audio system on there scoot? Be it custom pro-audio (DIY or sent out) or simple clip ons (like Shark Audio, Boss, Karyakian or how ever its spelled lol). Is your set up open to the air flow or behind a fairing/windshield?

  • Sony in dash am/fm reciever mounted in a coustom one off batwing fairing with Harley speakers.

  • I have but it's something that needs to looked at closely and thought through. You need to keep a close eye on the amount of watts/amps your drawing you need to maintain 14.1 to 14.9 volts going to your battery no less then 14.1 or you risk a dead battery. I've changed "every" light on my bike to LED for just this reason to save on the electrical draw. The Rectifier capacity's on a 1999 to 03 are 18 A 2004 and up are 22 A The charging systems output voltage is 14v/ 340 watts @ 5000 rpm @ no load it hit's the 14.9 mark. And a 400w system could be a stretch to put it nicely, I'd hate to see you spend hard earned money only to find out you may be stranded with a dead battery after jamming to your favorite tunes. Tip: add a volt meter...Mine is digital I want to see that .1 LOL

  • Darel, that right there is good info!!!! Greatly appreciate it! Ill note that.

    My only experience with mobile audio is with cars and trucks. Workin around something significantly smaller and not even a "Bagger" is quite challenging.

Photos from Ross Berenchtein's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Which mirrors looks better Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R on first picture or another

  • I'm concerned in the second pic you can't see much.

  • A fella in the uk made a wide angle mirror based upon the curve of a saucepan. I've got one but it wouldn't fit my double bubble screen.

    He does have adapters to make it fit though.

    It has recieved official approval by the local traffic safety council in his part of the country.

    It gives you in excess of 200 degree vision due to its convex shape.

  • Zx 6r mirrors all the way

Here is a short video of the Hypercharger working on my VStar for anyone of our... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Here is a short video of the Hypercharger working on my VStar for anyone of our members who hasn't seen one in action can watch how it works. Robert Sanders

  • If you are going to run both pull the filter out of thte HC and block off the lower air inlet for max effect, I also changed over to the stinger trap door (sans filter) for more air flow.

  • That was a great discusion today on the hypecharger vs run pods! Tomorrows argument/Lesson will be straight exhaust vs high preformance exhaust on the VStar! LOL Robert Sanders

1 pair of vmax wheels 1986 very good condition Rims with nearly new tyre on the... — Yamaha V-Max

1 pair of vmax wheels 1986 very good condition Rims with nearly new tyre on the back and 3mm of thread on the front

, also front comes with discs £130 plus postage

1 pair of early forks with good seals and no rust on tubes fork legs also in good condition £100 plus postage

1 front mudguard £20 quid plus postage

1 early fork brace £25 PLus postage

1 early fork yoke £ 40 plus postage

1 pair of early brake calipers with pads seals and body in good condition £35 plus postage


Mga paps patulong nmn po aq sa Mx ko nung march 20 ko lng po nailabas si mx... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Mga paps patulong nmn po aq sa Mx ko,nung march 20 ko lng po nailabas si mx bago lng po..wla pa po 24hrs skin si mx nagkaproblema na agad,nung pag on ko ng susian ko shutdown po ung ilaw sa indicator ayaw din gumna ng starter,ayw din po sa kick start,.so ang ginwa ko po pinaltan ku ng fuse ayun eh di ok na sya,.bwat off ko po ng susian ko at i on ulit wla nnmn po ung light sa indicator,.so palit nnmn po aq ng fuse,lagi po npuputol ung fuse ng mx ko,.pinunta ko po sya nung friday sa 3s para macheck ang svh po ng mekaniko sira dw po ung A/C switch diku po sure ung pngalan ng cra,eh under warranty pa po si mx kaso ung pyesa eh 2-3 wiks pa bgo dumating,ang hirp din po kc ikick kht na ichok mu,chambahan lng pg napaistrt ng kick,.. Kya di ku malong ride si mx para ma brek-in po sana..slamAt po


I ve got a 02 Yamaha Vstar 1100 Classic I m looking at getting a pair of slip... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

I've got a 02' Yamaha Vstar 1100 Classic. I'm looking at getting a pair of slip on exhaust installed and a hypercharger. A) Will I be able to tell a noticeable difference in performance? B) Any suggestions on brands. I'm looking for a sound similar to the exhaust in this YouTube link. ( MHz_oF9Gfs ) . The guy on the video doesn't give a whole lot of information on them, other than they are Slashcut Cobra exhausts. And from what I've seen on hyperchargers, they all seem similar. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • I would use pods instead of hyper charger check out metric-magic or sscustom

    Also yamaha motorcycle forum has a lot of information on these bikes

  • You will get better performance increases with Pods and a full exhaust system

  • hyper chargers can be tricky to tune/

Dan Alexander shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Someone doing an exhaust comparison

  • What price does he charge for the exhaust?

  • Have to contact him for pricing. He has a website, but most people contact him through the FZ6R forum. http://marthymotorcycleexhaust

  • He offers full kits where you mail your headers or you can get the kit and do the work yourself if you can weld. DIY kit would work well for those outside US as it's much cheaper.

Horse Power or HP such a strange measurement for such a modern machine some... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Horse Power or HP, such a strange measurement for such a modern machine,,, some people think that having a 100HP bike is equivalent to having 100 horses on a rope pulling you,, not fast but powerful.. lol Horse Power was invented by James Watt (scotsman) who used the concept to compare new tech (steam) with old tech (horses). It was used as a selling point so people could work out if their traction engine was as strong as 20 horses, and it worked... It is quite complexed but in theory 1HP = 746 Watts. James Watt’s original equation was based upon the assumption that a single draft horse could turn a 12-foot mill wheel 144 times over the course of one hour. This is the equivalent of 2.4 rotations per minute. It was from this assumption that Watt derived a horsepower unit, which is calculated by multiplying force (or the amount a horse can carry) by distance and then dividing by time. Bike manufacturers sometimes use HP as a guide to how the bike will pull to gain a top speed, but the downfall is that some manufacturers quote HP from the crank and some from the back wheel. The HP on the crank will loose 15% by the time it gets to the back wheel, so understanding where the measurement is taken from is essential when comparing HP between bikes... Thought you might find it interesting ;)

  • Uh. Thanks their Cliffie (cheers reference).

    Being new to this I have tended to look into hp ratings when looking at bikes. I found the cc measurement to inconsistent. Not many manufacturers (in Canada seem to want their hp rating posted). 2 600 cc or 1000 cc bikes can have drastically different hps.

  • HP measurement is good but outdated, most country's only use HP as a supplement to their specifications. Torque is another measurement which is mostly pulling power.,

Jon Willis shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

As requested a video of my EQ and distortion...

  • How controllable is that feedback at gig volume though? I've had a couple of pedals in the past that were fine at bedroom levels but squealed like a stuck pig a proper volume.

  • no problem at all .. I had everything dialed in and played 5 shows with this setup.... anytime I wanted feedback, I just moved closer to my amp and it was very controllable. It was such a relief to FINALLY have clarity and balance between Clean and Drive. Like I said before my original intention was to dial in clarity of distortion and eliminate the muddiness that the stock drive sound introduces, the controllable feedback was just an unexpected added bonus. (y)

  • I own some great high gain distortion pedals. And have played my basses through some killer high gain guitar amps too. IMHO the drive in the EBS is not a distortion but more of an overdrive. Distortion and Overdrive are 2 completely different animals. I wanted to get a distorted sound from the EBS but without all the nightmares that true distortion can bring, like extra noise, hiss, uncontrolled feedback etc. I spent a longtime on the "tone" of the EBS Drive. I would A-B the EBS and one of my favorite distortion pedals, listening to the frequencies that the distortion accentuated. It started out as a long shot but I convinced myself that I could "emulate" the tone of distortion with a simple graphic EQ into the loop of the EBS. I used a looper pedal so I didnt have to play, I could just listen as I switched between my distortion pedal and the EBS w/ EQ. Once i got a sound that I liked I worked on the balance between my new Drive sound and the Clean ... WOW this is way to much explaining on such a simple topic... try an EQ.. if you dont like it don't use it... pretty simple :)

im hoping someone can help me bought these bar end mirrors cant see out of... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

im hoping someone can help me. bought these bar end mirrors (cant see out of regular rabbit ear mirrors) and when i removed the bar end, it is WAY bigger than the threads on this mirror. is there some adapter that im missing? i searched the fz6r forum and i cant find ANYTHING. the bars are 7/8' and so are these mirrors.... im so lost. -8-Bar-End-Mirror-for-SUZUKI-Y AMAHA-HONDA-KAWASAKI-Motorcycl e-Bike-ATV-/191112968670?pt=Mo torcycles_Parts_Accessories&fi ts=Model%3AFZ6R&hash=item2c7f3 879de&vxp=mtr

  • The bit you unbolted off the handlebar ends, it doesnt have a threaded bit screwed on to it so that you can screw it back in the hole without the ends and the mirros would fit? if you understand what i mean

  • Thanks Dan that's kind of what I was trying to tell him. Mine are rubber not metal, but same concept.

Hey guys hope im not doing something wrong here but ive wanted these bikes for... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Hey guys, hope im not doing something wrong here but ive wanted these bikes for awhile now. I am 17 and on my learner license in Nsw, i currently ride a hyosung gt650r which is derestricted, with my pipe it produces around 84hp. I upgraded from a cbr250rr and miss not only tthe sound of an inline 4 but also handling. I hear alot of different stuff about the fz6r's such as only being able to get full exhaust systems(no slip ons) and them being quite expensive aswell them being not as fast or sporty as the hyosung. I know the answers going to be biased but just try be as fair as possible, im looking for handling and power, i dont care too much for comfort and both bikes look awesome. Which one do you think is better and why? Should i stick with te hyosung or go to the fz6r? Thanks heaps.

  • Jeff, you forgot a comma between Pretty & Helpful.

  • Haha!!!! U stay pretty bro.... lol

  • Nevermind.... just saw what u meant.... fuckin english

Attachment Unavailable — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

excelente finde !! arrancando el enduro provincial !! el sábado termine 2º con problemas en los frenos desde la primera vuelta, y hoy domingo después de 13 carreras provinciales llegue al primer puesto, dejando todo arriba de la cabra! una cabra que hoy se porto 10 puntos !! agradecer a mucha gente, en especial a Lucas Mélica q siempre me presta el carro para llevar mi moto a las carreras, a Luchy Vignolo que me dio una mano en poder arreglar el amortiguador, a mi novia Dai Peregrin q siempre me banca en todas ! a mi cuñada Yesica Peregrin Diaz que compartió esta locura este finde! a la flia que siempre esta y a toda la gente que me hace el aguante al lado del camino!! SIMPLEMENTE GRACIAS !!! a pleno #706

  • corres con un yamaha dT?

  • DT 125 MOD. 91

  • jaja groso!

Photos from Robert Louis Sanders's post — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

My 1999 VStar Classic with the new Hypercharger and light kit! Robert Sanders

  • Paul gosselin. U can take em off and stick them in a vis and pit just a small bend to it remember don't bend on it to much. They will bend perty easy. And that should do the trick for ya.

  • Loud is good. Too loud makes for a headache and cranky neighbors at 0530.

  • Here is my bike I work in construction and kit don't have the time to fix mine all up lol. It's got the charger on it thow got to have that power