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Just to get a bit debate going on Torque and HP or KW, what is the most advantageous when it comes to riding or racing. The video I posted is the Yamaha MT01 which is a Warrior engine with some modifications and thrown into a tough looking frame. In the video you see it competing with Super Sport bikes, the only downside I can see it the height for leaning it over, rather limited I think.... But it does give them a run for their money,,, possibly my next bike still Oh and in the video, 2.20 you hear the unique sound like a spitfire passing.

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  • From 2003 the xjr lost 10hp & gained 10nm torque.. With properly balanced carbs it'll wheelie in first like mad..not bad for a 240kg bike.

    Mine being the older 2001 SP, it struggles to get the nose off the ground, but the modded exhaust, ignition advance & hiflow Airbox (partial stage 1) gives it maybe an extra 5-10hp.

  • Not much difference between them really when you look at the power,,, Think the XJR beats it by 6HP which would be hardly noticeable Torque is 80ft lbs compared to the MT at 110ft lbs. and MCN states the quarter mile on the MT01 at 11.9 secs, Not allot but two very different engines to try to compare. Watching some vids on the MT it never seems to struggle to get the nose off the ground via torque. Some of the later versions of the Yamaha MT-01 came complete with a £1000 or $2000 Akrapovic system which increased eveything.... Both are big , heavy and compared to all sports would be at the back of the que for handelng, depending on who was riding it of course

  • Yep, big muscly bikes.

    Here's an XJR1300 playing with Supersports on the track.

    The xjr is the one in front of the camera with the red clad rider with black & white trim.

    It not as quick as the others down the straight, but it owns coming out of corners..I'm sure things wouldn't be too different on the mt01


Question for everyone who wants to answer — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Question for everyone who wants to answer:

Is the output of your pedalboard, or rack in some cases, louder than the bass signal going into it ?

I have always ran my volume line level if not slightly lower, than the normal bass signal.. I think it allows my amp to work more efficiently at replicating what the bass and pedals are doing.

just curious...

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  • I try to keep my signal restrained and set effects at unity gain where possible, so that signals don't get too hot.

    However, if it is hotter than the regular bass output, this is what the gain knob on the amp is for!

  • Normally I don't use any pedals apart from an A/B A+B splitter. I'm going to put a pedal board together and when I do the "clean" signal and "effected" signal will be mostly the same. Although there may well be a "boost" device.

  • I have a higher volume when my pedals are on, but because I want to: I like to have a heavy and powerful attack, and when I raise (just a little bit) the volume of my input signal I have a better sound!

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R6 updates for 2015 including a 3 cylinder engine...

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  • Agree Dan about V twins for cruisers. Only thing that sucks is the vibrations.

  • Indeed Scott, all depending on which type you get though. I like the cruiser sound, but I also like my sports bike. I nearly bought the MT01 as it is a cross between sports and cruiser although they call it torque sport.. But it has the Yamaha Warrior engine which sounds out of this world... Turn your volume up in this one to hear the MT01 on the racetrack showing racing bikes how it is done,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_QbYOcoALM

  • Watch this video at 2.20, it sounds like a spitfire pulling past

New Viking Bags and Batwing fairing New look for my old 1100 Thanks Shane at... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

New Viking Bags and Batwing fairing. New look for my old 1100. Thanks Shane at SS Custom Cycle for saving me almost $100 on your Batwing package! Ready for some riding.

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  • Looks nice real nice ben thinking on getting one that i can put a radio on in it but i no some look good and some dont lol

  • Drops right in...Shane sells these too...........http://www.meancycles.com/store/parts/view.cfm?par tID=216738

  • Love the look I want a bathing so bad

I ve got my slip ons picked out Now I m looking at air filters I ve ruled out... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

I've got my slip ons picked out. Now I'm looking at air filters. I've ruled out hyperchargers. I'm thinking something similar to what's in the picture. Any suggestions?

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  • Personally I'm going with the under Barron stealth kit open element and less tee restriction, the problem with any of the side mount air kits is that they still use the stock ducting in most cases so for the most part open element right at the throttle body, in my opinion its the best bang for you buck and they're like a hundred bucks cheaper than the side mounts.

  • There are at least 2 people making the side mount ( they come out both sides) that have same flow as under tank.

Ok I ve got a question — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Ok, I've got a question.

My neutral light doesn't always want to light up when out of gear. Primarily when the bike is hot. When it is in neutral and the light is off, the engine will cut out when I lower my side stand, so I figure the switch is the problem. Does anyone have any easy solutions ?

Oh yes, I have a late 1992 Virago.

Thanks !

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  • It happens often, but when warm it is almost guaranteed !

  • yes it is on the left side usually tucked in behind the reserve tank..but at the top back end

  • Ok, I'll take a look when I can.

    Many thanks !

Dalawa pala ang mortal na kaaway nang raider. cbr at sniper. sa cbr group — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Dalawa pala ang mortal na kaaway nang raider.. cbr at sniper.. sa cbr group. trending naman raider dun.. ahays.. marami kalaban raider... pati rusi na raider.. mortal din na kaaway

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  • Kng merun mn sonic 150cc yun na cgru ang new underbone king haha 125 plng malakas na eh tignan m my snipy ba na 150cc 6speed pna labas ang yamaha khit honda wla pa ata kparehas ng r150 kc kng my lalabas man cla cgru un ang malalakas hehe

  • Mga paps parehas lng teu n my 2 gulong..wag n sana teu mag pataasan p ng ihe..khit anu p gamit nten n motor...magkakapatid pdn teu s kalsada..at teu pdn ang magtutulungan lban s kurap n lto at mga imposibleng panukala nila pra msugpo ang rider in tandem n yan..imho lng naman..

  • Msarap pgbbarilin yng mga tandem n mga yan, d cla mgtrabaho ng marangal lakas ng ktawan nla... tau n mga my motor nghuhulog taz nkawin lng sarap itumba...

Someone on my Vulcan forum posted this regarding the VStar 1100 — Yamaha Stryker Owners

Someone on my Vulcan forum posted this regarding the VStar 1100....

Weird question. Cap unscrews from a plastic insert in the metal tank. The plastic insert is loose.....looks like it was glued in........no other way to hold it that I can see. My question is....is there some kind of glue that can be

used to stick the plastic piece to the metal tank that won't get dissolved

by gasoline?

It seems like a sort-of universal question, guy needs to find an adhesive that doesn't get dissolved by petrol. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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    Track walk AND Masterclass at Brands — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    Track walk AND Masterclass at Brands.........

    There will be a track walk starting from the exit of pit lane at 6pm on the Friday after practice. For those of you who haven't been on a Bemsee track walk its not just about a social and a laugh but we also talk about the track characteristics, lines, reference points and bits you just don't notice when you are on the bike. So come and join in.

    ALSO............. NEW FOR 2014 (Yep Bemsee Innovation) MASTERCLASS

    At each meeting I will be looking at getting a specialist to give a free masterclass on their specialist subject to help us understand some "dark art" areas. The first of the Masterclasses will be on suspension and will be given by our very own director and suspension guru Mr Steve Jordan. Steve has supported many champions and has many riders at all levels reaping the benefits of his suspension setup and he will be telling us a little bit about suspension, its workings and what it does. This will be limited audience space and will be held in the briefing room (next to the burger bar in pit lane at 8.30pm. So......... don't miss the Bemsee Friday fun:

    Both on Friday 4th April; Brands Hatch

    6pm - Track walk - Pit lane exit

    8.30pm - Masterclass; Suspension with Steve Jordan - Briefing room pit lane, next to the burger bar

    See you there folks. J.

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    • Hi Jeremy. Sounds great. Am not riding that weekend, can't see and can't ealk but woll be there :-)

    Photos from Jon Willis's post — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Well, I decided to go ahead and fret dress my Attitude while I was on a roll.

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    • Don't ya just love that P Bass with a maple fretless fingerboard? So non jazz looking. :-)

    • yeah man... very cool ! ...

    • once again, when I should be practicing I end up working on my gear. Since I am am in fret dress mode.. I have 2 more basses and 2 guitars I should do.... NOT ENOUGH TIME !!

    Any Washington riders here Going to be moving from Hawaii to Everett soon so I... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Any Washington riders here? Going to be moving from Hawaii to Everett soon so I'm looking for any insight on the area. Riding season, weather, anything else I might want to know, thanks.

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    • I forget that haha. I rode with you when it was still nice out and we got up the mountain and hit snow in no time.

    • That was an awesome inversion pattern. Hella warm and nice that day.

    • Hell yeah it was! Freakin' October!

    Gente hace unos años compre un Vrr para restaurar de la moto tengo titulo... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

    Gente, hace unos años compre un Vrr para restaurar, de la moto tengo titulo cedula verde, pero no esta a mi nombre habria que buscar al titular.

    La moto le hice pintar el chasis gris bison con metales, mande a reparar las dos llantas a nuevas (tengo una tercera) le compre un caucho nuevo que ni rodo.

    El motro y la caja estan en Fc.Motos, se dejo para encamisar (pago) y colocar todo nuevo.

    Tengo cachas de TZR 125 para armarla esteticamente mas agresiva solo hay que repararlas, Tengo el monoshock original, la horquilla delantera impecable.

    Por la moto asi como esta pido 7 lucas. necesito el efectivo y ya me esta estorbando, en repuestos si la quieren vender por partes le sacan mas plata.

    Cualquier cosa me mandan mp.

    Tambien esta ya pago el escape a medida en Fc.Motos.

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      guyz para sa mga tambay ng 3s or other motor dealer ok na po kac ang... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

      guyz para sa mga tambay ng 3s or other motor dealer, ok na po kac ang application ko sa sumisho (k.servico / minerva / other 3s,. etc.,)

      nagpapahanap ako ng unit nung SMX 2014 model na color white, kaso wala daw clang mahanap, kahit daw sa yzone wala n din daw, auko sna maniwala kac recently lng may nkita akong nag upload ng pic eh :))

      bka nman ma2lungan nyu ako, hehehe gsto ko n din magkaSMX eh,

      first choice ko ung SMX gold, pero wala n din daw, ngaun nman 2014 model n white wala n din, ang inaalok sken is ung red / black... na love at first sight ako dun sa white eh :))

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        Photos from Prince Erwinchim Vijandre Biares's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

        Flag ko lang po..thanks

        F/Sale-f/swap na po snipee ko. 10 model acquired 2011 r-edition complete papers(1st owner),25kplus odo,jupitermx decals,,hgm m1 shorty pipe big elbow,trusty front shocks,RB shifter/rearset,RB mags 18 spokes-rear-front disc brake system,front big disc,ms seat cover,vee rubber tires (falcon gold),x9 hid head lights,yamaha visor and rb levers,good running condition,open deed of sale.. "Engine All Stock"


        Cash only

        Price: 65k asking price

        Location:nueva ecija

        Contact me: 09168779483 (pm me)

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        Renan B. Ramos uploaded a file in the group: Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic. — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

        Good afternoon to the Admin. I'm Renan and currently working at CEBUANA LHUILLIER PAWNSHOP. Our company has launched its Insurance especially design for us motorcycle riders groups at a very affordable premium for a coverage of 1 year and only requires a minimum 30 persons per group coverage. If possible sir i would like to ask schedule of your regular meeting so our team could present and explain all the details of the insurance. Thanks and More Power. Renan B. RAmos. Contact Details 09291806818/09328647392

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          Hi folks — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

          Hi folks..

          has anybody an info of a colourtone from european cars?

          My bike, a '89 3cv in black/gold (orig.) has a little damage. Which brand of colourname for the black zone will be the best? Tnx in front.

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          • origin paint for the FJ are expensive here in holland =(

          • @ hi Ro, in Germany too :-(

          • Hey friends. It's a little damage. A small area. Not great enough for complete new cover.... Is there no colour-tone of serial cars? It must not be exactly... hmpf :'(

          Ok it s indecision time again — Yamaha V-Star riders

          Ok, it's indecision time again.

          I rode my friend's Sportster 1200 a couple of weeks ago and since then have been feeling like upgrading my XVS 650.

          I am considering the Stryker since this is the first year they will be brought into Australia, but I'm also looking at a 950 Bolt, which just looks gorgeous.

          I didn't really like the high centre of gravity on the Sportster, but I did like how nimble and "spirited" it was with the bigger engine, alas the Bolt. And, the Stryker with 1300cc is closer to the Sportster engine size anyway and is liquid cooled for more power(?).

          Another option is to "do-up" my 650 but there's a limit to this method and I still might not get the performance I desire (I know I don't need it).

          So the obvious choice is the Stryker right? Or is a V-Star 1300 Custom also worth considering?

          I have to be honest, I don't know what I want. But I do know what I like, and I would like something with more power right now... But not too much.

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            Today I replaced my blown out stock rear shock with a 01 Raptor 660 shock — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

            Today I replaced my blown out stock rear shock with a '01 Raptor 660 shock. HOLY CRAP!! What a difference! The stance and ride feels like a whole new bike and it looks cooler with the rear end jacked up a bit (especially since it was sagging hard before). Highly recommend this mod, especially for bigger guys like myself.

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            • I had to find out the hard way that u can only use the 01 external rezz lol

            • Bummer man! I still need to find a place to mount the reservoir permenantly. I just have it zip tied right now and it's not holding

            • Yea i still have to do the same lol but u can definitely tell a deference

            Photos from Franco Nicolás Melnichuk's post — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

            Casi damos con la carburacion justa... Falta un cachito mas....mañana seguimos

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            • Que hermosa que esta, travesean para intentar que ande mas rapido

            • Mm muy fina en nafta está!

            • Ponele chicler 115 y buscale entre 1/2 y 3/4 de vuelta de aire... La q tenia era negra y queda de 10 así... Fijate que si t pasa de aire empieza a ratear entre 4500 y 5500 rpm... Te digo xq yo renegue más para dejarla a punto... Limpia bien el filtro de aire y en la goma del lado de adentro donde va el filtro , sellale con fatic o siloc para que no chupe tierra y santo remedio... Si es que no esta limado el cilindro anda un avionsito

            Kyle Baker shared a link to the group: Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT -. — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

            As I just posted on the fjowners forum...

            I got a shirt for christmas a little over a year ago that my uncle found on ebay. It was an old FJ1100 shirt. It was in ok shape for its age, but showing some wear and too small. I always wanted to digitally restore the design and then make a replica of it.

            I finally did, and thought I would share it with you guys. Enjoy. (I also have posted links to a poster of the design--and a pair of underwear with it, haha.)

            Shirt: http://www.zazzle.com/fj1100_fj1200_vintage_retro_ shirt_design_plain-235118329847730574


            http://www.zazzle.com/yamaha_fj_vintage_design_pos ter-228044050881700263

            Underwear :

            http://www.cafepress.com/+fj_11_12_clear_boxer_bri ef,1276867881

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            Photos from Patrice Anthony Morales's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners

            Went for our first ride of the season. It was almost 60 degrees. I think I had a big smile on my face the whole time. It felt absolutely wonderful. Took a few pics while I was out and the sun was shinning bright. Wanted to capture some of my new winter mods.

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            • Yep, I got the front for $500 and the rear for $1100 from two different places.

            • That's not bad. I was guessing 2K. Too rich for my blood but they are "pretty" :)

            • There's a dealership here that has a couple sets. They said they would sell both for $1200 each. Look around and you can get some bargain prices. Oh, I also bought the rear pulley for $400.

            Photos from Jon Willis's post — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Today seemed like a GREAT day for a "level and crown"... it didn't take me too long to do it. Always feels great to play on newly polished frets...

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            • I have 6150 on my basses..

            • I "think" my old Charvel had jumbo frets... I remember hating them... felt like my finger was floating and pressing too hard made notes sharp # ... people talk about jumbo being easier to play, but in my case I prefer to feel the fretboard while I play. I play with a VERY light touch as well...

            • That helped, tks. I have a strong grip and I like to feel the fretboard, never thought it would interfere... still learning

            Instruction for Brands — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            Instruction for Brands.........

            Please see below all the requests for instruction we have had for Brands on Friday and the Instructor allocation. You're instructor will be in touch or by all means contact them through Facebook to make contact. Thanks to all of you who got your requests in on the test day forms and via myself and the office early. This really makes a difference to the planning of the test day. Have fun and remember we have all season to learn!

            Rookie / Class / Instructor

            Allun Thomas #62 / 400 / Colin Martin

            Andy Wilkins #16 / 400 / Gary Jarman

            Ash Franciis #31 / 600 / Greg Wright

            Byron Kirk #139 / Minitwin / Simon Shug

            Chris Adams #67 / 1000 / Mark Lister

            Claire Beckett / Minitwin / Gary Jones

            Connor Hall / MZ / Pete Mannering

            Dan Gibbs / MZ / Dan Burdett

            Darren Warner #72 / 600 / Jeremy

            Dauncan Grove #30 / 600 / Ian Sollieux

            Dean Bradley / NJC / Jeremy

            Gary Howlett / MZ / Andy Wheeler

            Hillel Forbes #49 / Minitwin / Gabbs

            James Plummer #118 / Minitwin / Gabbs

            Jason Loomes #983 / 1000 / Giles Olley

            John Shields / MZ / Andy Wheeler

            Jose Touceda / Minitwin / Tony Russo

            Kai Dickinson (Reserve) / MZ / Gary Jones

            Keith Hatton #63 / 1000 / Giles Olley

            Keith Povah #78 / 400 / Gary Jarman

            Kurt Jansen #38 / 600 / Mark Lister

            Li-Jen Hsiao #11 / 600 / Giles Olley

            Mark Piper #32 / Minitwin / Jeremy

            Mark Watson #80 / 600 / Greg Wright

            Mason Williams #777 / Minitwin / Ian Sollieux

            Mike Devall / MZ / James Caswell

            Patrick Smith / MZ / Dan Burdett

            Paul Taffurelli #11 / Minitwin / Simon Shug

            Paul Wilson #22 / 600 / Jeremy

            Peter Davies #44 / Minitwin / Paul Johnston

            Richard Payne / 1000 / Barry Chapman

            Simon Finch / MZ / James Caswell

            Steve Costin #58 / Minitwin / Tony Russo

            Steve Hamer / MZ / Pete Mannering

            Tess Bickerstaff #171 / 400 / Colin Martin

            Tristan Revell #87 / Minitwin / Paul Johnston

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              I d just like to let everyone know what a real honour it was at the AGM last... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

              I'd just like to let everyone know what a real honour it was at the AGM last week to be voted in as Chairman for Bemsee (ok ok its the lunatic running the asylum I know!).

              As the first official post in the new position I was going to think of something memorable and thoughtful but then I don't need to. Its simple.....

              This is an amazing club, with amazing history and amazing people and together we will continue to make it a great club to be a part of, on and off track.

              I'll certainly be doing my bit, along with a really very enthusiastic board of directors, to keep Bemsee on top of its game for its Membership and the sport we love. Bemsee's volunteers (Marshals, Medics, Techs and Instructors) are the heart of what this club is about and Im really proud to be part of such an incredible group of people.

              Brands Looks like it is going to be an incredible opener to the season with massive grids and even reserves. I couldn't have wished for more as a dream start in the role.

              I have some big shoes to fill following Eddie Bellars who stood down as chairman after 7 years in the role. Eddie and his wife Norma have clocked up an incredible 50 years with Bemsee and it is with massive respect I thank them both for the support in my appointment Chairman.

              So lets go racing and have some fun......... Thats what we are here for! See you at Brands everyone!

              (PS. Its not a high-chair-man either before you lot start!!)

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              • good on ya Jezza, congrats.

              • how u do that...wish pops was here to tell u the history.

              • Blimey! Call me tardy Colonel! Just seen this! Lord Chairman Not Over the Hill! Congratulations indeed, young man!! :-)

              Is this the correct way for the main jet to sit — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

              Is this the correct way for the main jet to sit ?

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              • If you Dont have the baffle it can cause severe lean conditions under load. Basically starves for fuel on inclines

              • Might also add. On some quads the baffle acts more like a washer to keep the tube the main jet screws into from coming up and towards the needle.

              • Hmm.. didnt even know that baffle existed.. was missing on mine n I was non the wiser... maybe thats why if I try to catwalk/stand it on end it dies?

              Ok After getting all the appreciated help and love from my bass brothers and... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

              Ok. After getting all the appreciated help and love from my bass brothers and getting the most from my EBS BS pedal I'm looking to use the loops on these pedals alone for another set up. How the heck do I do this without an extra output from them to the amp like the EBS BS? (Dyslexia getting me again?)

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              • Then Terry, why are there loop diagrams on both pedals?

              • Those are for phantom power, a system some mics use. It's different way to not need batteries. Power runs through the ring in that case, not the audio signal.

              • I agree: those pedals don't have loops. The diagrams you saw indicates that you can use the phantom power instead of the A/C adapter.

              What. Short Ride at Nino Castillo hacienda — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

              What: Short Ride at Nino Castillo hacienda

              Where: San Miguel Bulacan

              When: April 05, 2014 (saturday)

              Time: 5:30 am (sharp)

              Meeting Place: Monumento Circle

              Note: Para po sa kaalaman nang lahat s April 5 na po ung short ride ntin, si papa nino castillo po ang nagrequest nitong ride na to kc taga dun dw po sya and gusto nya nga dw n isama tyong lahat so ano pang hinihintay nyo sumama na kayo :))

              ang sabe po nya is libre dw po ang ating lunch, magpapakatay dw po sya nang isang baboy para lang sa ating lahat seryoso po ito walang biro, so walang gagastusin khit ni singkong duling

              then ang sabe nya din po is pupunta dw tyo nang Biak na Bato, so magnda dun maliligo tayo dun then papasok tyo nang mga kwebe :)) ngayon me entrance dw po dun and bayad s parking fee .. mejo mahal nga lang po ang bayad .. s entrance fee is 30 pesos dw and sa parking fee is 10 pesos nmn dw .. so ngayon dun na po tyo magbabayad or kanyakanyang bayad in short KKB:))

              magdala po tyo nang mga pangligo ntin alam nyo na kung ano2x un ha and sa pagmamaneho nmn ntin sempre wg ntin kalimutan ang mga safety gear tama po b :))

              %d comments
              • Boss Denmark Salvador kaw n bhala kila jares

              • Ok sir Nino Castillo

              • Oo nsayo nah digit koh Nino Castillo db

              For sale Sniper Mx 2012 blue black pero nakaGP edition ngaun replica — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

              For sale Sniper Mx 2012 blue black pero nakaGP edition ngaun replica

              Specs 62mm borekit Xray

              19 / 22 CMS head

              Racing Big Valves 19/22

              keihin PE 28mm round slide

              Racing valve spring

              Racing clutch spring

              RCDI brt hyperband

              Arrow muffler carbon Fiber with nob 1 elbow standard

              Option 1 rearset v3

              RB chain Cover

              Rb front brake hose holder

              faito brake pads front and rear

              90/80 rear tire Genzi FDR and stock tire Front maganda pa di masyado gamit

              Yung iba pag usapan nlng natin hehe

              RFS need funds salamat

              Pm nyo lang ako

              %d comments
              • kanu last price mo jan

              • boss, pa pm po ng price pls???

              • hm po sir?

              Renan B. Ramos uploaded a file in the group: Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic. — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

              Good afternoon to the Admin. I'm Renan and currently working at CEBUANA LHUILLIER PAWNSHOP. Our company has launched its Insurance especially design for us motorcycle riders groups at a very affordable premium for a coverage of 1 year and only requires a minimum 30 persons per group coverage. If possible sir i would like to ask schedule of your regular meeting so our team could present and explain all the details of the insurance. Thanks and More Power. Renan B. RAmos. Contact Details 09291806818/09328647392

              %d comments
              • sna po mga sir you could spare us some time to discuss and explain this insurance further more po

              Photos from Frank Bokodi's post — Yamaha Stryker Owners

              Thank you all for the nice comments on my pics. It makes me feel great that so many think its cool. This is my first custom job and it's been a PAIN......five months of every other weekend (when my kids are with their mom and the step kids are with their dad).....REALLY looking forward to putting the bike back together!!! Got the airbrushing done today and final clear.....now wet sand and buff......Hopefully DONE then!!!.......

              %d comments
              • Thanks again to you both Steve and Patrice. I can't wait to get out either. I'll absolutely look you guys up to try and meet up to ride. Btw....both you're bikes are very pretty too. I checked out your pics. I dig that purple Patrice....don't tell any guys I said that lol and that artwork on Steve's is SWEET

              • LOL. Thanks. I won't tell anyone. But FB will. Its ok, actually my hubby wanted purple but I chose it first. hehe

              • Frank, that looks amazing!

              I never understand this. What do they mean with the recommended shift points — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

              I never understand this. What do they mean with the recommended shift points?

              %d comments
              • The bike is very smooth. I wouldnt expect much difference from the 250. U have more power now but its all relative to how much throttle u give it. It takes a lot to get the front wheel off the ground so u should be all good. Weird how all over the world u have all these restrictions with beginers. Here in the states, they will give u a permit if u just pass a writen test. Hell they would give my dog one. Lol

              • lol, yea my friend in boston told me the requirements and there is no way i'd want to just ride around myself after just that. seems nuts.

              • Depends on your comfort level. But yeah thats how people die. Non experienced idiots on supersports doin 160 with shorts on and their hair on fire.

              Yamaha VIN Decoder Thanks to Mike Monroe — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

              Yamaha VIN Decoder - Thanks to Mike Monroe

              1EV-000101-on______1985 YTM225DRN__(15 digit on frame)

              1NV-000101-on______1986 YTM225DRS__(15 digit on frame)

              1RX-??????__________1986 YTZ250S____(15 digit on frame)

              20E-??????__________1983 YT175K

              21V-000101-100100__1983 YTM200K

              21V-100101-160100__1984 YTM200L

              21V-160101-on______1985 YTM200N____(15 digit on frame)

              21Y-00????__________1983 YT125K

              21Y-??????__________1984 YT125L

              21Y-??????__________1985 YT125N_____(15 digit on frame)

              24W-000101-100100__1983 YTM200EK

              24W-100101-on______1984 YTM200EL

              29U-000101-060100__1983 YTM225DXK

              29U-060101-on______1984 YTM225DXL

              29U-100101-on______1985 YTM225DXN__(15 digit on frame)

              2FW-??????_________1987 YTM225DRT__(15 digit on frame)

              36R-??????__________1984 YT60L

              36R-??????__________1985 YT60N______(15 digit on frame)

              38W-??????_________1985 YTZ250N____(15 digit on frame)

              3X3-??????__________1980 YT125G

              4U3-??????__________1981 YT125H

              52G-000101-on______1985 YTM200ERN__(15 digit on frame)

              5V6-??????__________1982 YT125J

              5V7-??????__________1982 YT175J

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              • I mean better all around or just bigger motor?

              • I wouldn't say better...Different. The 225 is sportier, peppier and more "fun". The 200 is more of a "worker". I like both and both have their place. I prefer the 225 over the 200 due to my own style. I have several of both.

              • Awesome I'd probably like it better as far "fun" I used to have a honda 200 x trike and it was a fun bike.

              So after hanging at j s shop giving him a couple hundred bucks a month find me... — Yamaha XS650

              So after hanging at j's shop, giving him a couple hundred bucks a month, find me an xs find me an xs... I got a phone call about 5 minutes to midnight, new years eve, asking me if I'm sure I want a basket case old xs. Yup, $50, sold, background voice cheers, sold. 2 days later j shows up with this frame with 2 flat tires, dry front end, and four totes full of parts. After a winter of cleaning polishing sorting and acquiring, a couple months in the shop, I was on the road, xs#7 (for me) 60 megometers later still working on it, j is still trying to talk me into electronic ignition, and a starter, or a Kawasaki lol. XS forever.

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              • Top work. Let's have a picture or two

              • Trying how to share pictures to this page, stupid android tablet.

              • Way to go.

              Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha Virago XV 750

              this is a title video of my problem...

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              • amigos es el mismo problema que tengo con mi moto!! que me pueden decir para ayudarme con ese problema!!!

              • En el post anterior muestro la orqueta que se tiene que apretar cerrandola un poco y llebarla a templar para que se afloje, el engrane no debe girar libre, en este vídeo el estado de los engranes muestra mucho daño, reemplasar es lo que yo aría. Tambien quité el resorte como me lo recomendo Helmut. Suerte...!!!

              • Este es la orqueta que apreté, parece una paleta y la aprieto desde la parte que señala mi dedo. Es importante que despues de cerrarla un poquito se llebe a templar en un taller especialisado de temple de metales, por el tipo de composición de esta orqueta. Saludos...!!!

              Tonight reading pleasure a 1998 magazine with a massive write up on the FJ from... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

              Tonight reading pleasure, a 1998 magazine with a massive write up on the FJ from 1100 to 3xw

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              • Yeah I got a few articles on 11's and 12,s from this and performance sports bikes, great one last year on a modded White 3cv which was a bible for my handling mods, another article on a70mpg 11 and some on racers, there's loads on 3xw's that I haven't got as 3cv's and 11's are my main focus :)

              • Yeah both doc, I think it's got a jelly mould cbr600 on front, sadly I cut out articles I want into clear sleeves and keep in folders else I'd be over run and be on a hoarders programme lol, Cmm April 13 has one on 11's too

              • Thats what they are commonly called Jelly mould cbr's :) its this one mate

              I could be wrong but this seems like quite a deal considering just the pipe... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

              I could be wrong but this seems like quite a deal considering just the pipe costs around this price

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              • You think my cobra would work with a powerbomb?

              • Procom cdis are known for shady quality issues

              • I don't see why it wouldn't ken

              Que me puede decir de esta aceite para mezcla — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

              Que me puede decir de esta aceite para mezcla ???

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              • Si para competencia puede safar el ama. Pero en mi experiencia en moto de calle genera mucho residuos y no fuincia a mi gusto el motor. Cuesta la apertura de válvulas y para limpar después la tapa escape y demás no es fácil

              • la verdad desonozco los resultados del ama a largo tiempo, porque yo en mi caso desarmo motor despues de cada carrera! no la sabia a esa! agendad!a

              • Yo desarme mi kawa después de 2 años de usar con motul y la tapa ke pase un trapo y quedo el aluminio limpio. Y la lumbrera de escape. También le pase un trapo nomas y quedo el aluminio nomas. Y las recamaras de válvulas tenían no carbon sino una baba de aciete. Asi me resulto el motul

              Photos from Abbe Junmar Nico Andrada's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

              Share lng po..

              habang papauwi aq ng capiz kaninang umaga mga 10am, biglang may R150 na sumipot sa likod q..60-80kph lng takbo q at walang planong bumirit, pero, nainis lng aq sa r150 na yun dahil ayaw aq tantanan, pumping ng pumping kaya pinag bigyan q nlng, kaya ayun, 140 plng sa speedo q, naiiwan na cya..parehas lng nman kaming 150cc,DOHC cya SOHC lng aq, bat cya naiwan..?subrang lowered pa cya at nka open carb at tires with 50/100 front, 60/80 rear i think..?eto mc q, laki ng pinagkaiba ng weight mg mc namin at driver...haha...

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                I ve got a 225 dx and a 225 dr everything works on the dr Currently riding the... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

                I've got a 225 dx and a 225 dr everything works on the dr. Currently riding the dx but its beat all to $hit, but still runs great and I need a carburetor for the dr. Anyone have one for sale? Also looking for factory plastic anybody have any ideas where to get them?

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                • Pm me

                • Complete carb

                • I sent you pm

                Photos from Allen N Shannon Dewitt's post — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

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                • She can ride but I'll let her get experience on this and then she can have my banshee and I'm gonna build a trx450 with a cr500 in it.

                • I split my cases before to and got stuck, buy a $25 warrior book on ebay and that will help u out even if you just look at the pictures

                • Yelp it did me to lol

                MJ Cavender shared a link to the group: Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Group. — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum


                First time I have seen full replica seat covers offered on ebay. Hope the link works.

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                • michael joe cavender I got one of these came today looks good didnt get to put on yet thow

                • I'm going to order two now since you have confirmed the quality. It does say "shaft" on sides and "Yamaha" on rear?

                • yes

                Has anyone installed one of these Once you put the spacer on there s no more... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS


                Has anyone installed one of these? Once you put the spacer on there's no more room left for the axle nut.. Any ideas? It seems like I'm missing something really simple here..

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                • Thats the go.

                • Threaded rod right through the axle with nuts on both sides

                • Thanks for the info and the link. I might just customise it instead. It's a daily rider and I've already stripped it, so can't really afford to wait around for it to be shipped internationally..

                  I'll post some photos once I'm done if people are interested.