04 WARRIOR FORSALE GOT ELECTRIC PROBLEMS 2500. 00 OBO — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350


  • Has nothing to do with being a Banshee lover, although I had one till recently. Mathematics don't lie.


  • no offense i dont think ive seen a warrior sell for that kind of money in a while

Hi thx anyone know how to track production date from an attitude limited 2... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hi thx,anyone know how to track production date from an attitude limited 2 serial number

  • thx jon for the link:)

  • thx craig:)

  • Sorry, I just re-read the original post. The link will definitely give you the production date, but not much else. Didn't mean to go off with my own gripe. ;)

Yamaha Warrior 350 — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Yamaha Warrior 350

- Rear wheels flipped

- Lowered 3.5 inches in the front and back

- 2.5 inch front wheel spacers

- Maxxis Sur-Trak rear tires (22s)

- Kenda Kutter front tires (22x7x10)

- 12 tooth Renthal sprocket

- Renthal Chain

- Tusk nerfs

- Alba Racing Pro front bumper

- K&N full performance air filter kit

- K&N performance pre-filter

- FMF power-up jet kit

- DG R-Series slip on pipe

- Pro-Taper bar pad

- Pro-Taper Pillowtop grips

- K&N performance oil filter

- Super-Sprox 40 tooth rear sprocket

- Durablue Eliminator 2+2 rear axle

- PIAA front lights

- Tusk Billet gas cap

25hp, 73mph!


This is was my Thunder Blue Yamaha Attitude Ltd Mk 1 serial number beginning... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

This is (was) my Thunder Blue Yamaha Attitude Ltd Mk 1, serial number beginning QY290. Last known location was Wigan, UK in 2011. Do you have this now? Likely the only one in the UK!

  • Yes! Ha! I had intended NEVER to sell it & was always worried about it getting stolen. That was my version Smart Water! :) I think I wrote it on the original receipt. I sold it because I had given up on music as a career, and thought it was a shocking waste of an amazing instrument to just leave it under the bed.

  • indeed that would have been a waste!... the bass saw plenty of gig action during its time with me!

  • That's great! :)

All s in order although the Samson compressor is on the way out dodgy channel — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

All's in order although the Samson compressor is on the way out, dodgy channel. So I haven't really finished have I.

  • Ummm....never...I sold one of my 4 blue Ltd I's and the dude ended up getting rid of it...but, I may change my mind when I get back to the US and have all my belongings with me. Right now I only have 5 basses with me and only 1 is an Attitude...check back with me around Sep this year...

  • @Mark Sobus-- sign me up for one too if you ever clean out the practice room. They are a little hard to find here in the States.

  • Oi, I was there first Mr William J. Jones, hahahaha, yeah will check back Sept Mark, cheers buddy.

Finally finished or am I Wife purchased BB714BS for xmas as a surprise truly... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Finally finished, or am I. Wife purchased BB714BS for xmas as a surprise, truly wasn't expecting it, mazin colou, monster sound.

  • Its a Korg tuner mate.

  • Sebastian, got the BB714 BS xmas just gone of the Doris. Gotta say the BB is a sweet bit of kit. I have small hands so to me feels a little more suited to my reach. Tone is fantastic as you would expect, colour is awesome. Nothing can really compare to the Att's but I tend to play the BB more than any of them. I need to set the Atts up more to the Sheehan theory as the pick ups are not ramping properly yet. Epoxyed the black fender pick ups and they are spot on, but need to get a hands look and feel as to hoe to get the best from the Att's which I hope to do in sept at the Att day.

  • Blake check out the photos area as there is a close up of the whole rack, still tinkering on with the sound, not easy to get something that feels right for me.

ATTN VMOA MEMBERS It is that time of year again for VMOA elections All... — Yamaha V-Max

ATTN VMOA MEMBERS: It is that time of year again for VMOA elections. All positions on the Board and all Director positions are up for election. If you are interested in running for a position please send Jim Rodgers an email stating what position you are interested in. The deadline for submissions is January 15th. By January 17th interested parties will be allowed access to the Directors website to answer questions etc. prior to the election.


Danny Growl created a poll in YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

What's your Attitude Ltd bass favorite color? What new finish/color would you add to the collection? (I repainted one of my Attitudes in a Dark Purple with a pearl finish paint, not metallic)

  • billy you should tell yamaha to make one like your oirginal bass, natural finish with a tort pickguard. :)

  • Billy.. did you have any input on the 2 original colors and the fret markers..... One day I would love to read a history of the Yamaha Attitude Bass.

  • A natural attitude? With Tort pickguard? Hmmm i don't like the sound of that sorry!

    The all chrome one though? Sheer genious!

My rides I have owned an 07 Silver and currently 08 Red These scooters are... — Yamaha C3

My rides: I have owned an 07 Silver and currently 08 Red. These scooters are tough, I put 12,000 miles on the 07, currently at 3500 on the 08. No mods as of now except air filter screen removed. Want to remove washer and get Dr. Pulley sliders...not sure what weight and already have the Reggae tires to be installed.

  • And, I almost forgot! If you'll install that 1/8" restricting shim that you removed when you derestricted your variator, on the crankshaft,(Before) you reinstall your variator( In which you've just installed the new D/P sliders) It does some really neat things for performance! <G>

  • Thanks Bruce, just got some 5 gr weights so I will install them and derestrict and see how it goes. I will try the shim in the back as well.

  • When I tried the 5gr weights performance dropped off noticably.The 4.5gr weights gave the best fuel mileage but at the cost of less takeoff + hill climbing ability. 4gr works best on this end all around, with our hills and me being at 250lbs with my gear on.

— YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

  • Whoa!...The fret markers are Billy's actual fingerprints?!?!!...Jeff, that is way beyond cool!!! And the color is absolutely phenomenal! I'm a big fan of purple color.

  • I have the exact same bass mine is number 90 :)

  • Did the 10th Anniversary basses come with some documentation as to their production numbers?

    Not to belabor the point, but Yamaha admits that the serial numbers are ~not~ indicative of the sequence numbers within a line of instruments. (I am genuinely curious, as I do not own a 10th Annv model.)

I m sure it s been posted before but I m a little lazy How can one make a... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

I'm sure it's been posted before but I'm a little lazy. How can one make a scalloped neck? Is it a pain in the ass? I wouldn't mind trying it with a crappy CL bass first.

  • Would it be cheaper than finding a crappy CL guitar? I was thinking of only doing 2 or 3 frets.

  • buy a rat-tail file and go to town....you just need to remove enough wood to get finger under the string.. too much is overkill ... I have done many necks. Rosewood and maple... it's actually fun.

  • Here's what I did, a real primitive way without proper tools:

    - Chisled out the fretboard with a knife: very rough job.

    - Wrapped a AA battery cell around with sanding paper. This was THE tool.

    - Rubbed the tool with pressure on the fretboard until my fingers (almost) BLED. It was a rosewood fretboard but to me it felt like working on a red brick...

    My advice: Don't try this at home. :)

Question to Billy. was very different the Yamaha spx you used back in the day — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Question to Billy: was very different the Yamaha spx you used back in the day (seen in your rack in the backstage of Live in tokyo '91) from the eventide you used today? I assume from the price it is...any way what are your thoughts about it? was a "weak" element in your rack or it served you well? I own one, but not having an eventide I cannot compare. By the way was your only multieffect back in those days?

Thanks if you'll reply!

  • Hey Billy, I think the plug and play thing has a lot to do with the LH1000. It is stunning and the instant on power and tone is incredible for such a low cost amp. The AK410 is cool as well an paired with the kilo is a bit like ... well, J'lo and Aretha mixed in with some, Diana Ross! Big butt powerhouse and bright as a button! Of course, in the infamous words of David Lee Roth ... " give me a bottle of anything and a glazed donut to go."

  • Ah memories: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =NsC7oEjCHAM the wife and rose'

  • Octave effect on 'Once upon a time' live ?? Sounded epic in Newcastle UK when you induced a minor bass quake through my chest when you guys torn into that.

Jay Jones shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

To all my Attitude friends who might be in the market... I found this on eBay and this guy doesn't seem to know what he has. It's an Attitude SPECIAL but all original in sea foam green. Thought I'd let you all know. Good luck.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA PI.dll?ViewItem&item=120839830 937&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageN ame=VIP:watchlink:top:en#ht_72 0wt_1179

  • You could have nicked mine when you signed it in Manchester in 2010, but I would have had to hunt you down , LOL.

  • one single Output! Interesting move!! differences of the Ltd att!!

  • See the photos of one of these I've just put on. Yup, not great with this new fangled technology, am I.

Michał Cwojdzinski shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

Hi, I'm tinkering on my bobber, unfortunately about electrical I know enough to know how replace the fuses ... the case looks like this:

we have such an ignition:

http://allegro.pl/stacyjka-na- 3-podlaczenia-harley-i20164430 91.html

ignition of HD has 3 outputs marked as follows:

- L (I think that light)

- B (battery)

- Ign (ignition)

(it can be off, on, on + lights)

to the original ignition XVS reach 4 wires

- light

- battery

- Something from the ignition

- Some sensors

when I connection battery and light wires, turn the key - the lights on, which is a step forward :D

I do not know how to connect two other cables ...there should be a resistor on a wire somewhere - apparently responsible for the spark



hey guys I modified my stock pipes by drilling out the old rivets in the plates... — Yamaha V-Max

hey guys, I modified my stock pipes by drilling out the old rivets in the plates on caps, then removing all glass wool, then adding washers under plates & reriveting. Added Stage one jet kit to carbs and synced. runs and sounds awesome.check the video in my FB photo file. Very cheap upgrade if u don't have $1000.00 extra laying around. check it out


My Max this past summer. Man I miss it bein put away for winter — Yamaha V-Max

My "Max" this past summer. Man I miss it bein' put away for winter ;-(

  • that sucks i'm going for a ride...now!

  • awwww man- that's just hurtful kickin" a brother while he's down. Enjoy, I know I would.

  • Empathy here man, mine's away for the winter too . . .

  • don't feel bad, boys, it rained on my ass & now i'm cold...but grinning...shower time

  • There is no winter in Slam Diego!

Question for Billy the Attitude has the same body shape as the Pacifica... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Question for Billy : the Attitude has the same body shape as the Pacifica guitars, anyway it's pretty close...Did you choose that one personally, or did Yamaha suggest any other body shape back in 1991 ?

Cheers !

  • Hi Billy, That does read kind of funny. I wonder why you or Yamaha chose the design with the routings in the front with the access under the pick guard. vs. no pick guard & all access from the back of the bass. I found it funny after you had been using the BB3000S.

  • Oh--I see. I prefer the pots mounted on the pick-ups. Just force of habit. Either way is good, but I was more used to the P-bass way.

  • Mounted on the pick guard?? Mounted on the pick ups might be good too..LOL! I kind of like the RBX design in your 1989 Yamaha add. I also noticed that had four pots & it looks like a micro switch.

Per Tedeblad shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

http://www.thomann.de/se/behri nger_mdx_2600_composer_pro_xl. htm

Has anyone tried this compressor, and what about Behringer stuff, god price but what quality?

  • My experience with a Behringer powered mixer is that when one of the power amps failed, it could not be repaired. Assembly is modular and the company that is supposed to be making replacement modules, isn't. Replacement parts made of Unobtanium....

  • Thanks Freddo, will try that.

  • I bought a MXR custom comp a couple of years ago and its sounds really amazing for a pedal (price is reasonable for the quality) it's a 2 knob pedal but in the battery compartment there's pre adjustable attack and release controls, I guess is something between the dynacomp and the M87 from my personal point of view much better compression than Behringer

Hope anyone on here doesn t blow out the crank You d be out a ride until at... — Yamaha C3

Hope anyone on here doesn't blow out the crank. You'd be out a ride until at least the 26th like I am.

  • On a positive note, your connecting rod didn't seperate fron the crankshaft,going down a hill at 8,000 rpms....causing the engine to suddenly stop, with you on your scoot... It would've gotten quite hairy there, for 20-30 seconds!

  • in that situation, "hairy" would be code for "need a change of pants".

  • In Aviation, it's known as a,"High Pucker Factor!" lol!

A original jam BB714BS in action Ibanez rg350 guitar Let me know what you... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

A original jam, BB714BS in action. Ibanez rg350 guitar......Let me know what you think. audio is bit muddy, I used a blackberry to record the vid so it is what it is.

Thanks, Pockets

  • Heyy! John Chentfant give me an opinion about .....if you do the 2 separate outputs and change the pick ups what's going on to the Push pull pot???

  • Well stock, if you pull the tone knob up, it is deep 60's tone on the woofer. i am not at this time Sabatian thinking of going dual outs yet. I still need another amp so this can be done effectively. i would think if you re did the guts the way the attitude is wired and ran dimarzio will powers you would have pretty much the same setup as Billy's rose blue yammy.

  • I likee the bb! but still expensive for me!!!! ...I'm saving Money! because I'm from Cancun so Everything are so expensive.....they give me the BB in 850 dollars and the original price is 699..so I have found what I'm looking for ..... John Chentfant

Jay Jones shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hey Attitude crazies-- I've got one for you. What is this? An Attitude from the mid 90s with a single humbucker in the P-bass position and a 5 position strat-style selector. Any one know about it? Had one? Is it worth the money?

http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBa yISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=33066 5960990&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:U S:1123#ht_500wt_1194

  • That bass would be a good deal for the right dollar amount.

    The last one I held was in a music shop in a Paragon Music in Florida, and I remember it being a nice playing bass. However, it seemed to me (at the time) to be the equivilent of a Squire bass in the Attitude line. Granted, when I thought that, my Limited was brand new and I may have had more than a touch of "Limited snobbery" going on. ;)

  • I remember that one! It played really well, but had a pretty slim neck. It would have been easy to use a "Y-cord" to get two outputs, I guess. Never owned one of those myself, but wish I would have gotten one back then.

  • @Billy Sheehan-- I'm sure you could make a call to someone at Yamaha and get one if you really wanted one. You seem to have a good relationship with them.--lol

Not so much Where here s a will there s a way The Amazing Slow Downer program... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Not so much. Where here's a will, there's a way! The Amazing Slow-Downer program helps in a tough spot. There's nothing you can't do.

Though a lot of "modern prog" music is not difficult to play--only to remember. To me, most of it is a "memory test" rather than music or a song. Just like you can learn the patterns on a video game, you can learn the "pattern" of pieces and play them. Not to my liking personally. Its as if you had to memorize a random string of letters and numbers. It is more an arrangement, than music or a song.

When a piece is actually music, it makes sense and falls into place nicely with time & rehearsal, and is a joy to perform. Otherwise---read "Moonwalking With Einstein" if you want to learn more about memorization. Fascinating book.

And if you want to hear prog done right (IMHO) "RED" by King Crimson, or "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" by Genesis. Both masterpieces of composition, execution, and musicality.

  • Yin and Yang good! Can picture that extremely weel!

  • *well*

  • You guys should also listen to "Red" covered by Niacin!

Billy Sheehan — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Billy Sheehan

There are some songs that you listen and think "this will be hard"?

If yes please share ...or some music that gave work to play

is a curiosity that I have a long time

  • @ Adam-- agreed. Myung sacrifices precision for speed to keep up with Petrucci, but wow anyway.

  • 4 strings forever =) *my opinion*

  • A bass is a tool it can have as many strings as you want/need

    I play 4/6/8 and 10 string basses (all individual strings) though i don't know an 8 or 10 though i've recorded with them,

    The 4 is by far my most used and one i use most, though i use the 6 when i need a low B as i don't get on with 5 strings.

    Though the 4 will always be the truest bass!

— YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

  • -just can't let it go, ay?

  • Pro-tools with an 003 system, nice!

  • Just a bit of light hearted banter Anders. On a more positive note, today I picked up one of my Fenders from the luthier who looks after them. He asked me if he could borrow my Attitude Special, as he has a customer who wants a left handed Attitude custom built, because apparently Yamaha don't make them? I said I would be delighted to lend him it for a week or two and that I would happily advise him on all the differences between my cheaper model and a real Attitude. He's going to let me take photo's as he builds the bass.Dead chuffed to be asked to be honest.

Paul Williams added 4 photos to Billy's Fender - Sister to "The Wife" in YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

  • The MK1 in Blue = Dream colour and Dream bass ;)

  • I have one and you'll can play it whenever you are down here or I'm up there.

  • And the offer of my Seafoam Green 25th LTD II extends the same way my friend!

Attn VMOA members Just an FYI All men s t shirts are 1 2 off while supplies... — Yamaha V-Max

Attn VMOA members: Just an FYI - All men's t-shirts are 1/2 off while supplies last at the VMOA website. This offer includes the nice polo shirt too with the embroidered graphic on the front! Now is a good time to stock up on t-shirts! And if you're not already a VMOA member it's a good time to join and take advantage of this great offer!!


Hey Attitude buddies I d also like to share with you my Fender bass modeled... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hey Attitude buddies! I'd also like to share with you my Fender bass modeled after the Attitude and "the wife". This was actually a Fender Sting signature bass. I picked it up in a store a few years ago and I immediately felt in love with the feel and tone, it has a very comfortable neck and surprisingly a much lighter body compared to a standard P bass, so it felt great in the first place. I did all changes by myself, it has a Dimarzio model one PU in the front and a Dimarzio P in the middle, I wanted a standard P PU instead of the will power PU to keep that original vintage sound of the Fender, I added the hipshot and a solid brass Gotoh bridge. I still have to replace the tuning keys cuz these are reverse wind and sometimes it's a little confusing. I have recorded with this bass in a couple of records and it has an amazing unique tone.

I wish you all a great New Year 2012!

  • Hi Danny, the sister? news to me, any images or is this a new bass for billy?

  • Cool!

  • Very cool, Danny! I'm planning on a Warmoth TeleBass body with a P/J config and a Model One in the neck with a Hipshot whammy. Red metal flake paint to go with my bubinga/wenge neck. Project will have to wait until after Aug when I get back to the states. It's gonna be rad!

Question for Billy. or to open new conversation — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Question for Billy (or to open new conversation):

Back in '98 at the Florida Guitar Show in Clearwater, I had the opportunity to meet & hang with you. You plopped your seafoam green bass in my lap. The first thing I noticed was how low the action was set and how the bass played like melted butter. When I left the Kapok Tree that night, I ran home and dropped the action on my basses to mimic yours. I left the basses like that for a few years and was quite happy with them like that.

A few years later, I took both Attitudes to a luthier for a basic setup (one of the necks was out of alignment and I've always been intimidated by the truss rods in necks). Among the other work he did, he reset the strings to a "proper" height, explaining how there should be a gentle rise away from the neck from the nut to the bridge. I left them that way, and got used to the strings being higher again.

While I see the luthier's point of a "proper" setting for the action, doesn't it come down to personal preference? Aside from more buzz on the frets (which doesn't bother me), and as long as there aren't any "dead spots", does it really matter where the strings are set?

  • That would be very cool, Billy. Your instructional videos have always been extremely helpful towards spawning new ideas or giving new perspectives to break the occasional ruts we (at least I) fall into.

    I do tend to have a heavy touch (with both hands), so having the strings higher hasn't been a huge deal, but the basses did play smoother with the action closer.

  • Check this out, maybe it`s useful.

Hey folks just a wee question for you all Did you receive a hard case when you... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hey folks, just a wee question for you all: Did you receive a hard case when you bought your Yamaha Attitude? I didn't so interested to see who did.

  • What?! The blue, red and Seafoam green looks amazing in my opinion!

  • The basses look perfect, it's the case that's freakin' me out! :-D

  • I got one with both the Attitudes I've had. Think sometimes though dealers have been known to give a case to an insistent customer, for a bass they have bought which doesn't have a case. Then when the original bass gets sold, hey presto, no case.

If When you do the upgrade to Dr Pulley Sliding Weights in your variator there... — Yamaha C3

If, When, you do the upgrade to Dr.Pulley Sliding Weights in your variator, there are a few things to be aware of. 1) There's going to be a break-in period (anywhere from fifty to as many as 400 miles, before they start shifting smoothly + your scooter begins performing better than stock...) So, be patient...2) The size you need to order from numerous online venders, is 12X15 mm. Nothing else will fit, (No matter what the Ebay Store "Expert says!) 3) when you install them, be sure that you place each one into your variator positioned so that you can read the writing on it's side, left to right. They won't work right otherwise.4) If you'll install the restricting washer, located just behind the outer pulley, between the pulley and the Boss...(which looks like a big bushing, that the pulley halves ride to and fro on.) on your crankshaft, just behind your variator,when you put everything back together, there's a suprising increase in performance.5) if you lube the outer surface of the "Boss" with just a bit (Several toothpicks of gun lube, or a bit of PB Blaster.) You'll also be suprised at what happens to acceleration! Just a few things I've learned the hard way about how to fine tune our scooter! Ride safe! Blessings! Gabe

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I ll be working on putting an Attitude gathering event on in LA as soon as the... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

I'll be working on putting an "Attitude" gathering/event on in LA as soon as the holidays are finished. I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

  • Will be trying my best to make it from the Uk!

    Billy any chance of working some magic and having one here, say around when bass day when you're next in the country? ;)

    Haha, you're a fine man sir!

  • I'm up for it. Will be my first visit to the States. I'm in the UK too.

  • @Billy Sheehan-- back on the east coast thing...twice a year (March and Oct) there's a guitar show and sale in the Buffalo area. www.wnyguitarshow.com It's a smallish one, but it has a good following. Maybe coordinate an Attitude get together with one of those shows, a nice little Buffalo homecoming... just a thought. lol.

Sorry I haven t posted here lately hope you re all having a fabulous holiday — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Sorry I haven't posted here lately--hope you're all having a fabulous holiday!

  • Happy New Year! Mr. Billy Sheehan from all of us back in Buffalo.

  • All the best Billy, it's just superb you post when you get the chance. Many thanks.

  • You've had quite a busy year, Billy. Enjoy your time off and enjoy the season!

tengo que cambiar la bateria de mi moto alguien me puede decir de que lado va... — Yamaha Virago 535

tengo que cambiar la bateria de mi moto, alguien me puede decir de que lado va el positivo y el negativo, temo equivocarme. I have to change my batery, but im afraid of mistake the positive and negative position, can somebody help me?

  • it could also be the the normal/reserve selector on the tank so be sure to check that also

  • en la bateria te marca que polo tiene la corriente (+)y que polo tiene el negativo (-).

  • gracias a todossss solucionau

i found another one — Yamaha V-Star riders

i found another one!

'Twas the night before Christmas, And not until Spring, Would an engine be running, not even a Wing.

The bikes are all sleeping, They're covered and warm Batteries are tended, nylon covers their form.

... ...

My Bros were all nestled snug in their beds, While visions of new chrome danced in their heads.

And I in my doo-rag, bike jacket and boots, Out shovelling snow, and dreaming of scoots.

Then from the horizon there came such a clatter, My shovel I dropped, what could be the matter?

Away up the hill, I slogged through the snow, Looked up at the sky; where'd all that noise go?

A throb from the heavens like straight pipes so hearty, Gave Summers' good thoughts, a loud bikers' party.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a neat '02 Retro, Red trailer in rear.

With a little old rider, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.

More rapid than Crotchies his Retro came on, And he whistled, and shouted, and sang out this song;

"Now, Harley! Now, Big Dog! On Honda and Beamer!

Now Vulcan! Now Injun! On Vict'ry and Trumpet!

To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!

Now RIDE away! RIDE away! RIDE away all!"

As small bikes that from the semis do fly, When they meet with the air blast, mount to the sky.

So up to the house-top that Ol' X it flew, With a trailer of goodies, and ole' St. Nick too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof, The rumble and thunder of pipes that gave proof.

I ran to the house, boots thumping around, And in came St. Nick all bearded and round.

Dressed all in black leather, from Helmet to boot, His chaps were all tarnished with road grime and soot.

A T-bag of goodies he'd flung on his back, And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.

His shades -- how they twinkled! his do-rag how scary!

With chains intertwined, through skulls that were cherry!

His droll little mouth had done many a row, So the beard of his chin was as white as the snow.

The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth, The smoke had a strange smell; it gave him relief!


Twas the night before Christmas when all through the garages — Yamaha V-Star riders

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the garages

Not a motorcycle was rumbling, except for Santa Claus'

The leather was hung in the closet with care

In hopes that nice weather, soon would be there

Our bikes were all nestled snug in their cover

... With visions of blacktop and burning up rubber

With momma in her bandana and I in my skull cap

We had settled down for a long winters nap

When out on the lawn arose such a rumble

I sprang from the bed as I started to grumble

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

Was a pack of motorcycles, with riders and gear

With one old driver so lively and quick

I knew in a moment it must be biker St. Nick

He was dressed all in leather, from his head to his foot

His clothes were all tarnished with bugs and road soot

A bundle of chrome he had flung on his back

Down the chimney he came, carrying a big red sack

He spoke not a word but went straight to his work

As he filled all the riding boots, then turned with a jerk,

And laying a finger aside of his nose,

And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose

He sprang to his motorcycle, to his team gave a sign

As they cracked their throttles and got into line,

Now Honda, Now Harley, Now Triumph, and Indian

On Kawi, On Suzuki, On Yamaha, Venture and Victory,

But I heard him exclaim as he roared out of sight

Keep the rubber side down and have a good ride

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Alfin señores termine mi Dt mi hermosa DT mi queridaaa DT despues de tantos... — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

Alfin señores termine mi Dt, mi hermosa DT mi queridaaa DT =)... despues de tantos gastos y cambios de repuesto, tiene todo Japones (1 año de construccion), Motor nuevo y cilindro retificado..y esta en marcha y anda como nunca pasandole el trapo a las 125 4tiempos =).... es la Famosa DTacos del pueblo =) (x su goam de taco que tiene atras)... Una sola pregunta, esta moto la veo como que se plancha un poqitit en amortiguacion , me convendrá levantarla un poco?, Por favor si no es molestia me gustaria saber las ventajas y desventajas de Levantarla en amrotiguacion (ya se como se levanta )... desde ya gracias =)

  • Los tacos te tocan el horquillon porq debes tener la cadena nueva (bien tensa), agregale uno a la cadena asi cuando das mas registro el eje de la rueda trasera va mas para atras y la cubierta no va a tocar mas y solucionaste todo

  • como dice gastón... tirá la rueda para atrás y solucionaste el problema...

  • ok, gracias gracias =)

dteros tengo varios repuestos de dt 125 inclusive carters y cuadro CON PAPELES... — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

dteros. tengo varios repuestos de dt 125 inclusive carters y cuadro CON PAPELES y patentado nada repetido ni nada robado todo con origen comprobable.

  • No es raro.. Los espejitos de un 206 son los mismos del C3 y la picasso, esas cosas se ven en un monton de marcas

  • jajaja., ok, hay que ver que otra moto tenga el mismo ojo de gato traserooo. jajaja

  • lo unico en comun es el farol. el ojo de gato y el soporte del mismo no tienen nada que ver.

Found this flyer while cleaning today — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Found this flyer while cleaning today.

  • Doesn't Billy sometimes use his thumb over the top to hold a note down?

  • Billy always gets a laugh out of his left hand positions in these photos. I have a Yamaha Attitude poster where he is sitting in a chair holding a bass autographed by Billy where he actually drew an arrow and a question mark to his left hand on the neck questioning what he was actually (supposedly) playing. Billy is the greatest, most humble guy with a fun sense of humor. We really need more musicians like him that truly care about their fans.

  • some decorations, lights and bobbles and it'll make a fine Christmas tree.

Er don t know if it s been done but Happy Christmas and the 2012 you need to... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Er, don't know if it's been done, but, Happy Christmas, and the 2012 you need, to all Attitude lovers.

  • Damn, wrong button. Anyway, if you get a Bass Terror, be prepared to swap out the valves, there is far too much gain on the original ones. £25 worth of changes makes the amp so much more usable. Oh, and stupidly powerful.See Happy Jacks thread on Basschat about how to do it. Even I managed! Hope this helps.

  • Awesome! Rather tempted by one! Will probably have to save a little more though haha! Thanks alot Karl :D

A la mia la noto un poco caída de atrás está original uds le hicieron algo — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

A la mia la noto un poco caída de atrás, está original, uds le hicieron algo ?

  • Mira Nahuel

  • nosotros, con un par de amigos, probamos de aplicar la teoría del energy induction en un zanella 2T 50cc de competición pero la verdad no nos dio resultado, de todas formas no podemos asegurar que no funciona, sólo en nuestro caso en particular, no obtuvimos resultados pero estaría bueno seguir probando, según la teor

  • teoría debería funcionar, pero como todos sabemos la práctica suele ser bastante diferente.. Nahuel Godoy teniendo en cuenta que vos la usaste siempre con el sistema anulado, estaría bueno que lo regularices y pruebes a ver que pasa, por ahí la moto comienza a andar "más bárbaro" que como siempre anduvo... jijji... abrazos



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— Yamaha V-Max

  • ma nièce , elles sont belles pour leur 20 ans

  • j'ai fait un beau tout en moto plan de campagne centre ville cours lieutau pointe rouge catalan trés belle journée rien a dire a part que de bien

Jörg Gierth shared a link to the group: Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog. — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Wir beziehen Ihre Motorradsitzbank neu! Unser Mottorradsattler veredelt Ihre Sitzbank nach Ihren Wünschen. Verschiedene Nahtfarben, Aufpolstern und Appolstern uvm.

  • I work for a company who's factory is in Germany (Rohde & Grahl) so i got the contact. But sending the saddle by mail is the best solution. I will phone them to talk about the design. Thanks for the tip about the rabbat!

  • please contact the company directly and say only "i come from the bulldog-owners-club" it is.....

  • Thank you, Happy Holidays to you.

Anybody do anything like louvers or vents in bodywork with fiberglass or bondo — Yamaha C3

Anybody do anything like louvers or vents in bodywork with fiberglass or bondo? My side panel had a small crack, and it grew. When I get the C3 back from the shop I am debating on tackling that and may do some custom work


  • There are custom car shops that have ways of cutting louvers in aluminum, that you could graft to your side panels & paint. (If you wanted.) It would look good!

  • Thanks Bruce. It'll probably be a week or two, But I'll keep you up to speed.

  • They're not going anywhere but to you when you get ready...

There s no better group to ask this question to Do any of you have information... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

There's no better group to ask this question to: Do any of you have information on the "Attitude Special" that came out several years ago? With the single output, no scallops on fingerboard, etc.. Primarily- is the neck the same size, radius,etc as the "Billy" Attitudes and what were the pickups? Were they DiMarzio or Yamaha, I've seen them with a blade style p-bass pickup as well as standard p-style as well as the neck humbucker. I've seen a few of these for sale lately and wonder if they are worth it, or just a cheap imitation. Thank you all.

  • TY! I thought so. The Standards had the hee-less joint but not the high end neck, it came with a low line neck. The Plus models had the low line neck & the heel joint & the Standards are as mentioned.

  • Thanks guys, but the original pickups are the black p-bass style, right? I found one for sale with a Blade p-style in it that looks like a DiMarzio DP127, but doesn't say DiMarzio on it. That's definitely not original then.

18 degrees December 18th out riding the C3 — Yamaha C3

18 degrees, December 18th, out riding the C3.

(Really ought to get the full helmet though.)

  • no kidding, I'll have to pass that on.

  • For me its the rear brake cable that freezes.

  • A bit of antifreeze in a spray bottle, sprayed into the door locks on my tractor when I used to haul freight up to Maine in January, always kept them from freezing...the rear cable likely is freezing where it passes through that housing, forward of the rear wheel. Some coolant sprayed at that point may work. Be careful to not get it anywhere near the. wheel/brakess...

— Yamaha V-Max

  • il faud pas l'acher ce drogué d'alccol , il faud qu'il comprenne qu'il y a 7 milliard et s'y les gens fond ce qui veule on vas droit au mur

  • @ george / tks :-))

    @ marc / c clair des lasemaine prochaine le dossier sera chez l avocat

  • Bon courage et patience à vous. "V"