— Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia


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  • Ban him!!!;)

  • Awww Fuck...! Not again...?

  • Aggggghhhhh that fuckin twitch is back

Yang JustOne shared Yangonlyone Accessory Enterprise's post to the group: Yamaha MT-Series Singapore. — Yamaha MT-Series Singapore

Ohlins Steering Damper + DMV Steering Damper Bracket for MT-09/ MT-07/ MT-09 Tracer

Unique, well proven design

Pressurized fluid avoids problem of free play

Adjustable in 16 well defined clicks

Only limited 10 unit! (In Promotion Price)

Come grab one of these while stock last!





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Photos from Richard Lumboy's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

mga papz.. patulong nmn po.. alin po mas ok r150f.I. o sniper 150i .. blak q po mc mag mumuha... salamat po sa mga ssgot

#ridesafe mga papi..

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  • Sniper 150

  • up

  • kung handling at porma wla ng tatalo s sniper cmula s classic at king s handling good for long drive p hnd mskit s likod dahl d nka yuko dahl ms mataas manibela kumpara s r150 ung cnsbi n r150 n bgo n dahl ms mblis dahl lng b my 6th gear?? eh d nmn ngpptalo mx king dpende rn gear ratio yn mga sir at ms malakas s gas yn bgong r150. kung rough road nmn sniper p rn ako ung raider kc mxdo mlambot shock nyan harap at likod kumpara m s mga sniper ms mataba shock nya harap at likod kya mgnda laro kht malubak daan hnd sya bouncy at ok rn kht mbigat n angkas o my karga.. r150 user ako at my classic rn ako. ung sagad ng mxking 135kph ung bgon raider 145kph konti lng dpernsya. at kung takbong pogi k lng s sniper kna

I know that today everyone are on pedals but honestly I love my rack I just... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

I know that today everyone are on pedals but honestly I love my rack... I just give a little change to my gear and magic happen, if you notice on the photo the chain of the rack is ebs BS drive, compressor, crossover then the Eq, well I've just change the chain to compressor "EQ", then the crossover at the end and this is a whole different sound with that subsonic bottom end this is the real deep low end we could look for, believe it or not is a crossover behringer, super cheap great deal! Great pro audio stuff, also if someone notice the peavey amp for people asking how I use my stereo outputs, well I run my amp with both passive an active inputs so instanly they become passive outputs

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  • Yeah i use my rack a alot with my Attitudes. Then mix in some Rolls crossover, noisegate and etc. When needed. I have newer EBS drive too but i use it with another basses for now. Things might change later... ;)

  • awesome!!! Mikko Raappana

  • Yeah... Obrigado Sebastian. I really like these old Pearce's and this Ashly rack comp. combination. I have unmodded Pearce BC-1 and this Sheehan modded G1. Both pre's actually works perfectly with Ashly without anything else... When I play without keyb.player I usually add some crossover in... it all debends lineup and freq's you know. ;)

Photos from Terry Carter's post — Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

Todays porn brought to you by 1984 u.k rz350 in barclay colours.

My memory is telling me that barclay were a sponsor of an F1 team in the 80s and this may have been a promo bike.

Couldn't track owner down.

Everything super original

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  • U getting new rubber Terry Carter

  • Negative

  • That's a cool RZ.

Photos from Andrea Bernard Bikers's post — Bigbike Lovers Indonesia

SIDEBAG / Tas Samping Motor

Permisi lagi admin dan agan agan semua.. Permisi lagi nawarin produk bagus

SIDEBAG / Tas samping motor, tuk semua jenis motor.

- GRATIS Cover Bag

- GRATIS Jaring Bagasi


Ganti dengan Sidebag Oval keren ini..

Spec :

- Ukuran Medium (tidak besar dan tidak kecil)

- lebar dapat di lebarkan (extend )

- Total Volume 15 - 17 Liter per bag nya

- Di lengkapi tali Slempang (tali multifungsi) untuk masing masing tas (2pcs), shg dapat di gunakan sebagai tas slempang.

- Di lengkapi 1 pcs tali multifungsi kecil (type hard)

- Bahan dan jahitan kuat,


Cocok buat Gantiin ransel, pensiun tuh ransel sementara

Info lengkap :

Call / SMS / WA : 0815 6962 464 ,

BBM : 5E4C409D

Harga :

- Kualitas Mantap 179ribu

- Soft case : 210 ribu

- Hardcase : 275 ribu

tanya tanya dulu boleh..langsung aja di no di atas.

Nego inbox aja..

Terima kasih..

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  • Om, yg hardcase itu seperti apa ya gambarnya?

  • Itu semua gambar hardcase, maksudnya tas memakai lapisan plastik fiber di bag bawah dan sisi nya sebagai rangka. Tas tetap membentuk (gak kempesa) meski isinya kosong.

Whos running a Toomey pipe on their YSR50 — Yamaha YSR50 Trading And Sale

Whos running a Toomey pipe on their YSR50?

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  • not trying to be an asshole BTW.... i just dont understand and I have a very good imagination when it comes to this sort of thing lol I just dont see how it will work.

  • No I don't think your being a asshole at all.. The gt80 flange slides over the toomey pipe.. With the crush sleeve against the head.. The springs hold the pipe to the head.. The screw connection holds the pipe in place so there is no side to side motion.. It's kinda hard to explain but if you look there is a small amount of flair on the toomey pipe.. It will sit against the motor..

  • I called Toomey to buy one. They said they will make a Can but no adapter.

What s the easiest way to put a engine back it a 225 dx — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

What's the easiest way to put a engine back it a 225 dx??

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  • Yea it's a bitch getting it all lined up and the shaft/spring and collar in place while trying to bolt the swinger back up. Best have another set of hands.

  • Same way it came out, but reverse order lol

  • Not even close

Mga paps patawad s pg post — YAMAHA United SZR Riders of Cavite (USZRC)

Mga paps patawad s pg post

Makatulong lng s kalusongan lahat tau ay may concern dito.

Alam k may long rides ang grupo sa samat bataan ito ay pwd naman

Nyong idelegate sa mga hindi sasama s rides.

Meron p taung specialistang doctor s dasma sante office sa likod lang

ng dasma puregold malapit s walter mart purely free p ito, sa tagalog

walng bayad hahah.

Pwd taung mgdala ng mga pasente o may mga sakit n nais nting tulongan. Paps

Ram yong bata n may cancer kayang lunasan ito, ang chemotherapy ay hindi assured n gagaling ang pasente. Lahat pera lng ang pinagusapan dito. Sorry sad to say but the reality.

Ang doctor sched:

October 2, 2016, 1pm start limited lng upoan ntin ( sunday po ito)

@ pwd kaung mg tex or call 09999 504450

for more info & details

Mga paps, kung nais nting tulongan lahat ng nangangailangan

o may mga sakit, ito n ang tamang pagkktaon.

Free 100% walang donasyon.

Maraming3x salamat po.

Chito Mendez

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  • Up

  • Up

  • whooah... andito ka din pala hepe...

Any park $20 plus shipping butt exhaust 660 Raptor — Yamaha Raptor Parts Buy Sale

Any part 20 plus shipping all must go get it wile it's here

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  • I need left heel guard plastic and how much for the front bumper

  • Still have heel sold bumper i think but will check when home later 20 each plus ride

  • I do have bumper and heel gards 20 each plus ride

Chain tips with Jared — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Chain tips with Jared

Step one: Go to the store

Step two: Buy grease

Step three: Go home

Step four: Open tool box

Step five: Get the very few required wrenches

Step six: Carry wrenches and grease to your atv

Step seven: Loosen axle carrier with wrenches

Step eight: Loosen chain tensioners bolts using required wrenches (remember to loosen both tensioners and not just one)

Step nine: Tighten or loosen tensioners until your chain is tight but still has a little slack, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!

Step ten: Snug down the tensioner nuts with wrenches using your hands

Step eleven: Tighten down carrier bolt with wrenches using your hands

Step twelve: Inspect your O-rings on your chain using your eyes

Step thirteen: Grab your grease

Step fourteen: Apply the grease all around the chain, not just half the chain

Step fifteen: Inspect over your front sprocket using your eyes

Step sixteen: Inspect your rear sprocket using your eyes

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  • That's what this ones for

  • No reason for your girl to get rusty. As long as you ride them often enough they self lubricate

I m going to be ordering parts for my 1979 xs400. What should I replace — Yamaha XS250 XS360 XS400

I'm going to be ordering parts for my 1979 xs400. What should I replace? I'm replacing the right side engine cover and that will get a new gasket. I need to rebuild forks. Any suggestions? Links too please? Pod filters? Jets? Everything hahah!

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Am I really going to have to make a in depth chain maintenance video and post... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Am I really going to have to make a "in depth" chain maintenance video and post it on youtube?

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  • Nothin quite like some down syndrome

  • I went full squid too, shorts, sneakers helmet and a hoodie. I was the most awake mother fucker there

  • I guarantee it

Photos from Kyle Mangen's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

She is coming along but still need some work done to it. What skid plate do you guys use? And any suspension recommendations? And what's the cheapest site for parts other then Motorsport

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  • True, none are perfect..and BTW any impact great enough to dent a metal plate that badly would have shattered the cases anyway. ;)

  • All part of the risk lol!

  • Yessir!! :)

Chicken Strips. lets see m — Yamaha Bolt

Chicken Strips.... lets see'm

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  • you ride hangman any?

  • What do you mean?

  • Nice! I got 12.5k I believe... you're right, plenty enough at 9.5k.

Is it possible to have the yz250 idle with out killing a plug — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

Is it possible to have the yz250 idle with out killing a plug?

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  • Br8es haven't fouled a plug n just under a year

  • Oil mix will not have any affect it's the jetting that needs sorting go leaner on pilot clip on needle and main they run rich standard and have a play with mixture screw they will idle but not always consistently it's a 2 stroke thing

  • My 01 idles as long as I leave it idling. And it screams. And I haven't fouled plug one.

Im putting a usb charger on my bike and was wondering if anybody can suggest a... — Yamaha Bolt

Im putting a usb charger on my bike and was wondering if anybody can suggest a device that has a fuse that I can put between the charger (already purchased) and the battery. Thanks!

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  • Bro, that is noishhh.

  • were'd you purchase it?

  • I got it at a local bike shop

For Sale: Yamaha FZ 09 Stickers — Yamaha FZ Myanmar Forum

We are selling Yamaha FZ 09 stickers. You can purchase your order by visiting our site: http://fz09sticker.com/en/ or visiting our page here: https://www.facebook.com/FZ09sticker/ . The stickers were custom made in order to fit the Yamaha FZ-09 and that’s what makes them perfect for this model. Plus, they are made out of high quality vinyl which means that you will get the ultimate durability and professional results in a great package. With that in mind, these are the best looking stickers for this model :)


STREET FIGHTER package (THE ORIGINAL) - Price: $40.00

Package include:

Twenty wheels stripe stickers

Two underseat cover fz-09 stickers

One handelbar sticker

1 pair of side cover sticker (Left + Right)

Installation instruction

------------------------- -----------------------------------------

FZ09 Fluorescent yellow sticker kit - Price: $60.00

Package include:

Two Fluorescent yellow side cover sticker for the air intake cover (Left +Right)

Two Fluorescent yellow underseat cover fz-09 stickers

Two Fluorescent yellow headlight fz09 stickers

One Fluorescent yellow right side swingarm sticker

Installation instruction

------------------------- -----------------------------------------

We are also selling stickers for side cover, wheel stripes, fork, swing arm, windshield, helmet, handlebars, headlight, fuel tank, fenders, and under seat side cover. You can check the price for this stickers by visiting our website: http://fz09sticker.com/en/

Email us: info@fz09sticker.com

#fz09 #mt09 #yamahafz09 #yamahamt09

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  • up

  • up

Got the restyle kit and graphics sorted last job is pipe have a fmf full system... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

Got the restyle kit and graphics sorted last job is pipe , have a fmf full system on at the mo but like the pro curcuit any advice ? Is there much difference ?

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  • I need new graphics for my bike. I want the 2016 ones but can't find them. Anyone making something close to oem

  • Get the pro circuit works pipe key word WORKS

  • God those plastics r so ugly i cant do it

Photos from John Ulver's post — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

My $75.00 special.

1984 Yamaha IT200.

rims are rotted, broken throttle cable, 90 pound home made kickstart lever, and she runs.

Looking for a pair of USED side number plates.


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  • Might have send him round to my place for a couple of weeks haha

  • When he pulls apart 3 gummed up / part carbs to make 1 good one.Then says Dad can you kick IT over ITs to high for me. Then fires up !!!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd kick. No need for me to help I'll just keep out of the way.

  • Get him working on the IT465

Help needed people Took off the front crash bars that bolt into the front... — Yamaha Dragstar XVS 1100 650 125 UK

Help needed people. Took off the front crash bars that bolt into the front controls. I'm now 2 bolts short. I bought some m10 from toolstation but the thread is wrong. Anyone know what thread it is on the 650? Cheers

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  • Theyre 12.s

  • Metrick fine

  • Farkin ell Charles. Just seen your profile pic. You off to court? Lol

Hello at all — Yamaha XS250 XS360 XS400

Hello at all!

Can we tell me where I can find a camshaft oil seal for my xs400 se '81 please?

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  • Ebay it is then!

  • Mikesxs. Com

  • Or maybe yambits.

First I know everyone has their own opinions about oil types and brands — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

First, I know everyone has their own opinions about oil types and brands. I like Royal purple.

I had always used Mobil1 and Mobil1 filters until I looked into Royal Purple and K&N filters on recommendation of a friend who races boats. So I called them up and after a very long discussion about the differences in oils I went with the RP HPM and saw a noticeable difference in my 2006 SX230HO...so much that I switched to Royal Purple in all my vehicles. The big difference is their additive packages. All synthetics have additive packages for anti-wear, corrosion, thermal, cleaning, etc... It is my understanding that Royal Purple has an additive called Synerlec in addition to the normal zinc and phosphorous anti-wear. The big difference in their different packages is the amount of these from car oil through their extreme performance racing oils. The car oil is the only one that meets API levels necessary to meet new car warranties. The big thing I see there is in the anti-wear the level of phosphorous needs to be below 800 PPM. So several years ago when I called we determined that the best product for my boat would be the High Performance Marine.

Well yesterday someone was talking about the company changing hands and making changes to the formulas. The company was sold but in 2012 and there are no major new formulations; but one thing I found when I went to order my new oil is that I couldn't find the HPM online anymore. So I called them today and found out they discontinued the HPM line because of slow sales.....Damn! So after another long conversation I was informed that all of their oils will meet the corrosive needs of marine engines; but their HPS line (High Performance Street) would be the one to go with now. It actually has a higher level of Synerlec, zinc and phosphorous then the HPM had and it's only about a quarter more per quart. ($8.30/qt at Jeggs)...

Just figured someone may want to know....

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  • Thanks Dave. Sure appreciate all the research and time you spent on this subject. Very very helpful.

  • Amazon still listing HPM as available at $11.27 per qt.

  • HPS at jeggs is $8.30/qt

Photos from Kalle Danielsson's post — Yamaha XS250 XS360 XS400

Which seat? If i go with the green i will go café and the Brown scrambler! Diffrence will be the handlebars and tires

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  • I think the cafe seat makes more sense with the 59 club sticker. Are you a member?

  • I was! But my late mom was born in 1959 so its a combine tribute to her and the club! Make sense?

  • That's really cool!

Photos from Rashied Mohamed's post — Yamaha MT-Series Singapore

People say that imitation is the best form of flattery...but alas...you may not enjoy the same quality and function.

Just be wary of what you purchase.


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  • Wa power plane roll over also no crack!

  • i still prefer LEON thailand splash guard....SAWADEE!!!

amigos Peguei essa virago parada a 10 anos Gostaria de uma ajudar para... — Yamaha Virago 535

amigos. Peguei essa virago parada a 10 anos. Gostaria de uma ajudar para colocar para funcionar. . Obrigado

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  • Pois é amigo, eu também estou contando a experiência que eu tive com minha Virago 535 que já rodei mais de 35 mil KM que ficou parada 3 anos!

    Também vi alguns videos e realmente existem vários meios de fazer.

    Eu citei oque eu fiz e funcionou porque vi meu pai fazer isso várias vezes em motores parados a mais de 10 anos que rodaram muitos anos.

    E eu não tenho razão de porra nenhuma! isso aqui é só um grupo de discussão de rede social as pessoas falam o que quiserem e estão sujeitas a receber críticas.

    Sou só um fução que não gasta dinheiro com mecânico, enrola o cabo no fim de semana.

    Born to be wild!

  • Eh, moçada... Vamos de leve! Quando falei das cracas: elas estão por todo o motor, e não apenas no cárter... Não sabemos a quilometragem e nem o histórico do motor... antes de chegar no filtro o óleo passa por vários dutos estreitos, passíveis de entupir... Se ao escoar o óleo velho ele estiver fluído, não tem por que dar um flush, ou purgante. Se ele estiver grosso demais, o recomendável é desmontar. Essa informação do fluído de freio é novidade para mim, vou acrescentar no baú de soluções... Já vi de tudo na vida, só falta água benta! Mas qualquer que seja a técnica, o motor vai funcionar... A questão é: por quanto tempo?? Considerando o alto custo de uma retífica será que compensa arriscar? Um bom óleo moderno já tem aditivos detergentes. Trocar depois de 500km resolve o problema, sem deixar contaminações.

This goes for all London and England riders of the group I have the Akra no... — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

This goes for all London and England riders of the group. I have the Akra no baffle filter and program. I average in London which means lots of stop and go 46.7 mpg. What is yours? Reason I'm asking is to see if my initial idea that bike after remapping is more economical.

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  • The engine braking is an option. I said yes to everything!!

  • Best to try it Atleast

  • 52 for me

Photos from Roberto Yacoub's post — Yamaha Virago 535

Tenho uma virago 535cc. Vendo ou troco por viraguinho

Whatsapp 32 98848 4528

Sou de Juiz de Fora

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  • Absolutamente nada pra fazer. Inclusive comprei na própria yamaha uma bomba de gasolina original nova que custou mil e duzentos reais pois eu estava com medo da outra bomba que não era original. Caso seu amigo tenha interesse basta ligar ou mandar um whatsapp para a loja que está vendendo-a e falar com o Sr. Roberto - 32-3211-3356 ou 98852-0318

  • Uau... Está no capricho! Vou passar pra ele. Obrigado!

  • Andreas Wagner ok

Shane Scalpi shared SS Custom Cycle Inc's post to the group: Yamaha Bolt. — Yamaha Bolt

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  • Fork gators, upper fork covers, handlebar, mirrors, turn signals, seat, rear fender, side mount plate, exhaust, paint

  • Nice

  • Those bars look good! Love the way this bike looks

Photos from Glenn Surgey's post — Yamaha Dragstar XVS 1100 650 125 UK

Hi new here don't run a Dragstar as my everyday bike but do have a soft spot for triking them as a hobby here's my last one and my latest one

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  • It's mono shock wouldn't recommend hard tail unless you have got massive tyres on the back .

  • And a num ass all the time no fun at all

  • Cheers Glenn

Full akropovic race system on the Tracer looks and sounds the Dogs — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

Full akropovic race system on the Tracer, looks and sounds the Dogs

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  • Exactly why i got it, people hear me before they see me

  • Tracer came howling past me in Avonmouth earlier ( I was lost, needed fuel asap and was late for a interview and my poxy satnav had lost its gps signal so I was pottering hoping it would find a bloody signal !!!! ) - not sure what exhaust the Tracer had but it sounded fecking gorgeous as he blatted away from the traffic lights 600 yards behind me and came past. Yellow lid, anyone on here ?

    Need a full time job to pay for that scorpion exhaust im after :-)

  • Mine will be roaring through Snowdonia on Monday and Tuesday competing with the RAF, I reckon i might win

Photos from Trygve Otto Skar's post — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

Hi! Anyone know where I can get a new bump stop for my IT 465 -81?

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  • Thank You. 16mm? I messured 14mm. I have to messure again :-)

  • My local suspension guy just put one one when he rebuilt my shock

  • Try speed and sport Yamaha in Pennsylvania. Lots of vintage parts there.

Salam sejahtera semakin didepan — Yamaha R15 Forum Indonesia Bogor

Salam sejahtera semakin didepan

Revs your heart

Kepada seluruh member,calon member, prospek @BGR, kami sampaikan agenda KOPSAN RUTIN YR15CI@BGR.

Hari RABU tanggal 28-09-2016( minggu ke 4)

PUKUL : 19.00 WIB

LOKASI ; D'BBQ tajur, sebelum kuntum, sebrang sido mampir.


Cc ; Ketum,waketum dan dewan pertimbngn

-koko #001/yudhi #014/mukti #009/ilham #060/adit#011

Atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih

Best regards

Humas @BGR

#Fendy #048 087728887630 / 5944173A

#Eri #046 081804918555 (wa)

Mohon dibaca dengan seksama dari awal teks

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    — Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

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    • Excuse my seriously good looking katana in the foreground. But in the background you will notice the lil 421 LC prilia hybrid. Built about 3 years ago originally ran with cut down cigars exhausts as well

    • ^ OOooof!

    • If only

    Has anybody used this on the FZ6R — Yamaha FZ6R Owners


    Has anybody used this on the FZ6R?

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    • This is my second tank bag from cortech. The first one was a magnetic 12 liter and was not quite big enough. As far as the magnets are concerned cortech bags are awesome. They stay put. I don't even use the additional strap because there is no need for it. One of the main reasons for the purchase of the 18 liter bag was the side compartments I like having multiple pockets for small stuff

    • Three years no scratches and it goes on and off every time I gas up

    • 17000 miles in 3 years is a lot of gas