— Yamaha FZ6R Owners


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  • If I could get 200 mpg on a scooter I would still ride my fz6r or my truck that gets 13 mpg over it. Won't catch me on one.

  • I used to love scooters,,, at my age i remember being back in the days of the Mod,s where you either had a scooter or bike, Mod or Rocker,,, Anyone remember Quadrophinia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLfBIZvCDkI

  • Heh I recall my first attempt at riding a powered 2 wheeler almost 20 years ago;

    I was drunk, so was everyone else. Someones honda 50cc scooter was being used for joyrides down the street, horrible orangey-red thing. I got 5 mtrs down the street on it & cracked the throttle like a typical moron.

    Next thing it's nose is in the air & suddenly I'm on the ground lying on my back wondering where my mighty steed had gone to.

Does anyone have a picture of How the. gearshifter. in the crankcase gonna sit — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Does anyone have a picture of How the (gearshifter) in the crankcase gonna sit? It's a Virago xv 700, but I guess they're all the same. The neutrallamp lights even if it's in gear.

Have no clue about this. Can this also have something to do With the screw in the oilplug, that there's a bad connection? Thanks in advance.

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  • Thank you very much Helmut Delong. The 2nd picture was best for me. It's the upper spring With the roll. And Where the arm of it Should be, if you understand what I mean. The spring at the end of the bolt With "washers"the gear shift bolt. I see one part of the spring, but the other one is not Seen in the picture. I guess this one is downwards. And maybe this has something to do With the neutrallight. Thanks once again Helmut Delong. I AM a beginner With mc. But have restored With an used bendix gear, and yes I have thrown the big spring away. I tried to idle it today, but had to shortcurcuit the starter solenoid to hear it idle. Because of the neutral connection might not be right

  • glad the photos helped..good luck and keep us posted on your results.

  • Yes I will. There's just one catch, I don't know if I will Get it registered. Waiting for original OR and CR from the phillipines. I was in good faith for a while, but now I doubt it. Think I've been hazzeled. But I have a 82 kawasaki z500 bobber look alike which I ride on. Happy easter

My professional luthier friend did fretjob and trimmed the nut etc To my 25th... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

My professional luthier friend did fretjob and trimmed the nut etc. To my 25th Av. Bass to make it buzzfree and more easier to play. Should be fine.

He said that when adjusting relief in the neck, there appears a small "bumb" between 10-12 frets...which cause some buzzing around 7-9 frets. However when the neck is almost straight, there are not such a prob. Its adjusted almost straight now.

Bass comes back to me tonight so i can test and tweak that myself. Does anybody have had this kind of problem with your Attitudes?

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  • No, not yet. I have the Attitude 3 and planning on taking it to a luthier at the end of this month to to the very same thing you did to your bass. :)

  • My bass seems to be fine now. :)

Can anyone tell me what the name of this cover is AND If you happen to know... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Can anyone tell me what the name of this cover is? AND... If you happen to know of any aftermarket covers that are better looking / customizable?

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  • @ Dennis Neiderhiser, anytime bro:-)

  • Ive already checked into it Dennis , there's a whole bunch of wiring on the 950 that would have to be moved before w could do something like that.

  • Thanks Mark Love

XV950 RR sport. Where can i grab one of these — Yamaha Bolt

XV950 RR sport? Where can i grab one of these?

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  • any pics of the Vance $ Hines slip on? how does she sound?

  • ill have it for u tomorrow close up its pouring out right now and bike covered . It is loud omg i love it pulling up to a light they know im there that is for sure . Put 144 km on bike first day . I froze it was cold out but loved it .

  • yay - post some pics :)

Any advice on how to better fight the wind while riding — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Any advice on how to better fight the wind while riding?

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  • my bike is almost 500 llbs with a full tank XD

  • Justin thats what i was getting yesterday winds out of no where and hell XD

  • Yeah, it's hard to counteract something if you don't see it coming, but it's true that relaxing your arms (not too much) and not squeezing the shit out if your handles will allow you to have a more fluid approach - bend like a reed in the wind.

Hi again — Yamaha V-Max

Hi again.

My '89 Max has developed a clicking noise under the seat when running. It sounds more electrical than engine and is in the area of the starter solenoid. It doesnt appear to change with revs. The bike seems to run fine but obviously shouldnt be making this noise. It is regular at about 1 to 2 seconds. Unfortunately I dont get to ride much so she is garaged a fair amount of the time so may be caused by non use. Any idea's please ?

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  • Thanks guys, will do. Took fuel pump partially apart and the diaphrams are ok. New battery in, new fuel filter and seems to be improved. Clicking is definately quieter. Engine sounds and feels meatier. Just back from a good blast and the V-boost is working fine ;o) Tickover is a bit lumpy and wouldn't trust letting go of the throttle as it cuts out. Checked breather and it seems to work okay. Its a California model, and although theres no rubber pipe it looks like a valve thing in the end of the spiggot. Thanks very much for the advice guys. May try and find a Max specialist in the south of UK to get a good carb service. Take care, D.

  • I went to Owen at SAS motorcycles in Ford. Fantastic service and he fixed my carb issues beautifully. MAX specialists so they know what they are doing.


  • Cheers Gary Claus ,will give them a go once I've got some spare cash.

Why does the v max in California weigh more. Or am i just missing something — Yamaha V-Max

Why does the v-max in California weigh more??? Or am i just missing something?

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  • integrated cannabis bags full of material :-)

  • Pretty sure mine wouldn't pass. Hahaha!

  • No, doesn't change emissions out if the exhaust...it collects vapors from the carbs and gas tank...unless it had the system and someone removed it, then it may fail.

Adam Preljevic shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Curious to know what those of you that re-tension your own chain use for alignment?

Myself, I use one of these handy gadgets


But there are other products that measure from the rear axle to swingarm on both sides & are even more accurate.

Some folks even build their own alignment tools..which is orsum!

& for those of you wondering why a chain alignment device is needed when either side of the swingarm has those handy notches on it..well them notches tend to be somewhat inaccurate.

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  • 4th set of tires!!! In a little over two years? Wow! How many miles?

  • Bryan, every now and again I check the chain, I usualy do it weekly but hardly ever needs adjusted, i just lift the chain up in the middle with the toe of my boot, if it looks fine i leave it, if it looks really slack i will tighten it,,, I try to lube it weekly bit often gets left to every two weeks,,

  • 38,000kms or 23,600miles. I hated the stock tires, awful things offering little feedback. The replacement rear tire got knifed & the front lasted until the 3rd rear.

    The 3rd (kinda) set wore out after about 12,000 kms on the rear & 16,000 on the front. This current set has seen about 7,000kms.

— Yamaha Bolt

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  • The rack is the Yamaha rack. You'd be able to run long Velcro straps under back seat and use it that way to.

  • I will investigate , I need a rack as well sometimes lol

  • nice helmet.

anong brand gamit nyo sa HID nyo nagtanong kasi ako kanina 350 daw orig na daw... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

anong brand gamit nyo sa HID nyo. nagtanong kasi ako kanina 350 daw orig na daw un. kaso di ko natanong ung brand. natanong ko kasi meron na ilaw ung nangingitin ung lens un daw ung di orig. sabi nya maganda daw palit na daw isang set para sure na maliwanag. napaisip tuloy ako dun 1.2k ung isang set. pede daw kasi na malabo o mahina ung maging resulta kung bulb lang papalitan

TY ulit

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  • meycauayan, bulacan. nakaHID na po ung motor ko. pundido ung ung bulb. may itim na kasi sa bulb

  • pede mo plitan khit bulb lng, pede nga ung pang kotse kya lng low beam lng wlang high & low,tsaka kailangan mo lng dikit ng glue stick dun s lagayn ng bulb hindi kc fit un.

  • totoo ba ung sabi sakin pangit daw ung may low and high kasi daw madali daw masira. minsan daw kusang maglolow. dun ba sa may high and low beam kailangan pa ba imodify un. kasi ung akin on and off lang ung ilaw ng HID

first ride of the season. N. Y. Vt. and Mass — Yamaha V-Max

first ride of the season. N.Y. ,Vt., and Mass.

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  • your on the wrong side of the road lol

  • Your 1st one looks colder than mine today. Had a chuckle as your mates pull away on the bends but you're right back up there on the straights. Max handling eh?

  • No...thats me hanging back so I can have fun. I've gotten so that I can run right with them in the corners.

Looking for some ideas on replacing my H3 halogen fog lamps with H3 led lights... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Looking for some ideas on replacing my H3 halogen fog lamps with H3 led lights, Does anyone here have some suggestions on which H3 bulb to buy? I bought a set , but they are not as bright as i was looking.

Thanks in advance

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  • The brightest halogen bulb you can get is like 1600 lumens, Nowhere near the 5000 of a 55w HID. If you are burning them out, there is something else wrong with your machine. Also.the OP is looking for FOG lights, somehow I missed that. For fogs, I have no idea, I dont use them because my main headlight is so stupid bright.

  • The Fog lights have a standard H3 Halogen at 55 watts. I am taking teh HID advice for the headlights, I apreciate all of the insight.

  • Haha, I didn't even see the fog light comment. Wow.

mga sir pano pala tanggalin ung spark plug ng sniper classic ung gamit ko ung... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

mga sir pano pala tanggalin ung spark plug ng sniper classic. ung gamit ko ung pangtanggal ng spark plug ung package sa yamaha RS100 namin before. tukol kasi sa hose ng radiator. kaya di ko na pinilit. ano ba pinantatanggal ninyo dun

TY po

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  • ah un pala ung engine breather ung sa babang hose. ung tinutukoy nyo po ba eh ung bakal na hose na kinakabitan ng engine breather and ung taas na hose.

  • Yun na ata yun..hehe post pic nyo sir para makita..hehe bukas ko picturan yung tinutukoy ko..hehe

  • di ko dala ung cam. isang side lang napictural ko kasi sira cp ko. kinukunan ko kasi habang nagbaklas hehe. un nga iniisip ko kung pano tinatanggal hehe. tukol ung pamihit ko hehe


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  • They sell a lo pro cap that's what I bought otherwise you look like a mushroom head.

  • Mushroom head better than scrambled brains

  • True

We love Yamaha. My brothers and I own 6 total — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

We love Yamaha. My brothers and I own 6 total.

04 TT-r 125 4T

08 raptor 700r 4T

98 YZ250 2T

98 warrior 3504T

01 banshee 929 I4 EFI mod4t

88 Banshee twin 350 2t


85 KX250 2T

86 Kx250 2T

94 RM125 2t

99 honda recon 4T

07 Yamaha pitbike(80cc)w/125cc

We enjoy our quads as much as we do our dirt bikes.

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  • Will do that too it has new pipe an sileners ON it. But I think it's just the carbs or intake issues. Need to get

    New needle and seats and then it should run. I hope anyway.

  • It is a 200 and I found some ignition mod for it where you notch the stock plate and advance the timing and it gives it 7 horse power just like that and it rips I did porting and pipe and new top end stripped it to bare frame sandblasted it painted it white with white carbon fiber plastics on it and I ll send a photo.

  • Could be the plug wires you know I'll have to check it out in the day time. Thanks I appreciate any input never to old to learn and I learn something new every day. Peace

So I was trying to track down an elusive rattle on my 1995 Max I finally... — Yamaha V-Max

So I was trying to track down an elusive rattle on my 1995 Max... I finally thought to bump the (Kerker 4 into 1) exhaust, and lo and behold it rattled. So I opened the pipe up and took out the baffle. No more rattle when I bump it. QUITE FUCKING LOUD when it's running though! I think I like the noise, but I'm wondering if there's any danger to the engine in running it like this... Any thoughts?

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  • It requires back pressure to run the valves correctly if not it will warp and burn the valves

  • You may want to ask about jetting in the carbs being you altered the exhaust flow.

  • you shouldent have any pribs at all a lot of max's run strait threw pipes i think u loose a few mph but the sound makes up for it

I got a 88 warrior that acts like its hitting a rev limiter or something — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

I got a 88 warrior that acts like its hitting a rev limiter or something. I read about a pb rev limiter but there isnt a wire going to the clutch so idk. Initially i thought it was a carb issue bc it does fine til after quarter throttle then it bogs (if i switch gears it goes just doesnt seem to have the power a 350 should) its all stock so i dont believe jetting is the issue but possibly accelerator pump? Not sure any advice or point in the right direction is appreciated. I have not done a comp test btw so i suppose a leaking valve could be the cause?

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  • Plugged pilot jet?

  • I just had cleaned the carb and cleared all jets guess ill do it again

  • Btw thats full throttle any advice?

Back together after paint — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Back together after paint

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  • I know how you feel, I took this bike on as a project. Sat up for a few years, ethanol turned to water, tank full of rust, carbs trashed and a terrible paint job. I was almost to the breaking point when I decided to replace carbs.

  • well i wouldnt be so bad, its just hit me when im broke, I have ordered parts that might fix th eproblem, if not its something else and will have to dragged to the shop yet again, three times in less then a year

  • Nice Craig :-) . the first bike my pop put me on to solo, was an old Honda 110 enduro this same color. It was about a 78'-82'. I think I was 9 or 10. I never wrecked it or went down :-)

Photos from Δημήτρης Κώστας's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

That's what my baby looks like, right now, just a reminder , it used to be black with orange race stripes.

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  • Most important is that the bike's owner is happy with his bike and proud of the work he has done!!!

  • I was damn sure i was gonna get a lotta buts about the color , but color has nothing to do with the brand-make of the bike , though the paint scheme does , like you cannt paint your R1 with the Honda big wing on the sides no matter the color.After all color combo changes when it comes to country "needs"

  • Its what Jack said you have got to be happy with if it is yamaha, kwak kwak or suck sucki

M4 full exhaust vs vale 2 two brothers Two brothers is the name to have but if... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

M4 full exhaust vs vale 2 two brothers? Two brothers is the name to have but if M4 exhaust is just as Good power wise, it is cheaper.

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  • And thanks for the input everyone.

  • Well technically, you could make the power commander the exact same as the juice box. You just never would. :-) I don't even have exhaust, and I'm VERY happy with it. In fact, I got 41.5 MPG my last tank and I cruise at 80MPH for 90% of my ride into work. If you actually did a comparison to what the manufacturer does to test for that, I guarantee it would beat out the 43 rated that they state. Pretty sure all MPG ratings are at 55 MPH.

  • 2 Bros name is what you are paying for, now it is an established name that everyone knows they can now charge more. M4 will be the same in a short period.

I have a 1983 yt125 and it is over revving at idle I have the idle scree all... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

I have a 1983 yt125 and it is over revving at idle. I have the idle scree all the way out and the throttle cable adjusted as short as it can to put the needle as far down as possilbe. I'm wondering how I can get it toidle lower? Any help would be great

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  • I've had it all apart more then once and everything comes out right and to spec

  • It also has a 170 main jet in it. I'm at 109 ft all stock. Is that a good size or go bigger or smaller

  • Make sure throttle slide in carb dosent have a burr on it and that it is installed properly. And that you dont have a vacum leak between carb an motor.

What are your thoughts on the maxxis razr mx tire 18x10x8 — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

What are your thoughts on the maxxis razr mx tire 18x10x8

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  • No I'm trying to quit those

  • Thanks for the help everyone

  • I personally have never ran the Razr MX rears but have ran the fronts. When I ordered my Hipers they sent the Maxxis Razr MX instead of Razr2's so I just used them anyways. I now have gncc's front and rear and love em. Ive ran almost every top name tire out there and found that Maxxis Razr2's, GNCC's, Quadcross's, Kenda Kutters, have all been my favorite. Next tires I lookin into getting will be Vee Rubber or GBC's just because ive never used them.

any experience with castor based oils on YZ250. castrol a747 r40 — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

any experience with castor based oils on YZ250 (castrol a747, r40)?

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  • Motul is good stuff! I use straight up 10-40w oil for trans and change every 4hours

  • I run maxima super M @ 32:1-40:1 an don't have to many probs.

  • I used IPONE GEAR BOX EXTREME its good oil

Looking for some input please I ride a 2005 650 Last year I got my license... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Looking for some input please: I ride a 2005 650. Last year I got my license and bike and rode 10,000km. When I bought it last year the tires were not new, so I have no idea how many kms on them. Didn't realize until this week that tires are suppose to be changed every 5-7000km!! YIKES. So, the bike currently has Dunlop tires on it (can't tell which ones) and after making a couple of calls looking for recommendations (because I know NOTHING about tires) the consensus is Metzeler ME 880s. I'd appreciate any input/experience/info you might be able to provide. I do very little highway riding... Thanks in advance for the help!!

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    Photos from Matthew Wall's post — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    I know this is a warrior page but I am looking to sell my 03 raptor 660R. Things done- H.I.D headlights, LED tail light, pro armor nerf bars, new front sprocket (12 tooth) with new seal and bushing, aftermarket front bumper, big gun evolution r slip on, new clutch, new timing chain, new hub bearings, new rear rotor with pads, new battery last season, wheel spacers in rear, K&n air filter, carbs jetted by cycle sport yamaha,hole shot rear tires, also comes with stage 2 hot cam I did not install because I did not want to buy 130 dollar valve springs. This quad is reliable and runs great. I am not really looking for trades unless good deal but I have a kid on the way and it's time to say goodbye to one of my toys I am asking 2600 my phone number is 2195764582 I am located in Northwest Indiana if you are interested text me or get a hold of me on here NO TEST RIDES UNLESS CASH IN HAND YOU BREAK YOU BUY thank you guys

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    • sick helmet yo!

    • Thanks lol

    Photos from Tj Strain's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Great time in the water around Lovers Key, Ft Myers, Fl. Had both the boats out Sat. & Sunday with family and friends.

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    • So jealous. It's snowing here today

    • One of these days I'll be back on the water. I'm not sure when but the weather has to break.

    I m going to write a debatable post here But hey fuck it we all wanna chat... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    I'm going to write a debatable post here..... But hey, fuck it..... we all wanna chat and get info right??? My topic is tire size. Contrary to what I've seen people say here, most experts do NOT recommend going larger. Reasons may differ, but I think the biggest issue is performance. Running a larger tire most likely will hurt fuel mileage and also hinder the responsiveness of the turn. So, it is really better to run a larger tire??? We all can probably agree that it looks better.... I'm personally a bigger fan of larger than average asses.... :-p I've seen what some of you think based off of what you run and it seems most are happy with wider. Does anyone have any technical data or can prove that this is a good idea??? Not opinions, facts. Love to hear what anyone has to say on this. My opinion is simple: Manufacturers of tires and bikes are WAY smarter than I am. I'll stick to the original size. Have a great day ladies and gentlemen!!!!

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    • The only reason I can see getting a larger rear tyre is if you are converting your bike into a drag or show bike

    • so can you use an r6 rear wheel and thereby avoid the pinching effect? would it even fit?

    • The inner portion would have to be the same unless u could convert it somehow

    hi guys i dont have a motor apart with myself atm and misplaced parts guide... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    hi guys, i dont have a motor apart with myself atm and misplaced parts guide, what is the water pump gear driven by, is it from the one of the two gears on the end of the crankshaft?

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    • Its the design of the pumping component - basically the std pump is an impeller (or bladed) design. It means if the flow is restricted the water is able to short circuit within the pump housing and pressure is therefore limited.

    • Does the dry set up foul on the standard pump gearing arrangement?

    • this i will have to check, but i believe it does, ill tag u in the pictures i have

    Mga ka snipy ask lang poh nah if ever poh bah na sumobra ung lagay ng oil eh... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    Mga ka snipy...ask lang poh...nah if ever poh bah na sumobra ung lagay ng oil eh makaka apekto sa pag takbo ng snipy ntn...kaka change oil koh pang poh kasi.tapos parang medyo pwrsado sya sa pag takbo...di ko lang ma try i birit ng husto basa kasi kalsada...kka ulan lang kasi.dto sa subic.. Tia..

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    • sabi naman dun sa nagsuka ng langis baka daw sira ung gasket nya. not sure since nagbabasa lang ako and gathering some info since ngaun lang ako nagka motor ng sniper. ilang months palang. kaya nag aaral pa din at nagbabasa

    • San daw sir gasket? Lalabas lng yan sa breather . N exp ko na yan sir.

    • di ko sure. naiba na ung usapan yata nun o di na nag update. napunta sa sirang accelaration rubber pump since sira din ung goma

    Photos from Sammy Maning's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    My pathfinder-X13 Modification

    - banana type swing arms

    - fdr sports xr evo tubeless tire

    - racingboy lightened mags 5spokes

    - racingboy lever version 3

    - racing boy airvalve

    - racingboy disc rotor front and rear

    - stock sniper mx sidemirror

    - koso digital speedometer

    - brt racing cdi dualband

    - fox monoshox

    - powerlock

    - noiwatdan one seater

    - stainless rearset costumed by rearset.com

    - front finder (crossfire)

    - engine cover (fibercraft design)

    - radiator cover

    - plate holder (crossfire)

    - bellypan (crossfire)

    - underneath (fibercraft design)

    - HID headlght

    - ngk iradium sparkplug

    - faito racing clutchspring

    - inverted telescopic

    - rizoma handgrip

    - stainless barend

    - sss sprocket set (14X42)

    Thanks :-)

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    • pmlang ....

    • Kiram Saleem Saad nagPM na po ako sa inyo. mgknu po and any advice dun sa question ko po.

    • magkano swing arm?

    permission admin — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    permission admin.

    pahelp nmn mga kaMX.!

    anu ba ayos ikabit na bulb LED or HID sa MX125carb.?

    suggestions mga boss.


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    • yes sir inadjust ko na sya sa turnilyo sa ilalim ng headlight, di naman din po sya makakabit in a wrong way kasi may mga guide/slot. thanks po

    • ako kac dati binato ako ng nasilaw ko,kaya low low n lng ako lagi.he3

    • low lang din ako lagi sir, unless walang kasalubong talaga.

    Mga idol gusto ko po sana linawin na ang SMX Phils Inc ay hindi po naghahabol... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    Mga idol, gusto ko po sana linawin na ang SMX Phils Inc ay hindi po naghahabol lamang na lumaki ang grupo base sa numero. Ito po ay samahan ng mga taong may malasakit, nagkakapitbisig, nagpapalitan ng kuro kuro, nagdadamayan sa panahon ng aberya at sakuna, at higit sa lahat masasayang myembro na nag-eenjoy sa mga rides, events, meetings, etc..

    Wag po sana sasama ang kalooban ng mga aspiring members kung kyo man ay hindi basta basta tinatanggap na maging lehitimong myembro. May mga procedure po tayo na dapat sundin. Kailangan po ntin malaman kung ano ang pakay ninyo sa pagsali sa grupo...

    Salamat po..

    Son Bercasio - SouthSide Kilabots S005

    :-) :-) :-)

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      So I bobbed my bike and have some stock 650 classic parts fender saddleman... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      So I bobbed my bike and have some stock 650 classic parts: fender, saddleman saddle bags, saddle bag brackets, both seats, risers, Silverado windshield brackets and trim, stock oil filter derby cover, rear turn signals, air box snorkel, 1100 air filter cover, aftermarket horn cover, black rear fender brackets, sissy bar, rear pegs, transmission cover, levers, and throttle grips. Message me for prices. Thought about keeping parts to convert back if I ever sell but better for others to be able to use them. Thanks

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      • Pm sent

      • Hello, I'm new here, but would be interested in some of the parts ( seat, bags and brackets); could you message me your email for prices and specifics? I pick up my bike on Monday...:)

      • Pm sent

      Photos from Jc Reyes's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

      FOR SALE .

      YAMAHA SNIPER 135 r-edition

      model 2010




























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      • baka binebenta ung rear set paps

      • nd paps eh pasensya na

      • cge po paps

      Ok so regarding my post about hellbound racing on ebay the other day about them... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      Ok , so regarding my post about "hellbound racing" on ebay the other day about them sending me the wrong parts and not responding about it. Well after some several messages (and a little bit of difficulty) they ultimately told me to keep the part they sent me. (Just a 400ex petcock knob) and they refunded me the cost of my yz250 shifter. And will be sending me one for free . So i had some issues with them but in the end they pulled through verbally . We will have to see if i get the part . If so i will be satisfied and probably not be so hesitant to buy from them again. Just letting ppl know they have taken some action because they do have a lot of warrior merchandise.

      %d comments
      • I hope they make it right and get you the part you ordered. Anyone who sells any kind of volume on E-Bay knows that negative feedback hurts seller discounts on shipping and E-Bay fees. Let us know how it works out for you.

      • They are really good honest dudes. I know them personally. If they said they were gonna do something they'll do it. And just an FYI they were in Seattle with their supercross racer Ronnie Stewart

      • Yeah she said she was at the supercross event and had to fly there and all that . She seems pretty ligit . Apparently shes a new employee which i guess is the reason no one replied till i left bad feedback . She said she was talking to the hammerhead guy (the brand shifter i ordered) at the event and hes the one who said they could get a free one for me .

      Bike runs for a couple of seconds then turns off Adjusted air mix screw to 2... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      Bike runs for a couple of seconds then turns off . Adjusted air mix screw to 2 then 2 1/2. Replaced spark plug.

      %d comments
      • Check for air leaks, then do a compression test... or vice versa...

      • None all new done right from top to bottom side to side lol

      • Does it matter if I have a k&n air filter ?

      Looking for mag wheels and frontend — Yamaha XS650

      Looking for mag wheels and frontend....

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      • By the way, they're off a 78 or an 81 depending on the set, disc, mag, and they were taken off because the guy did a swap to a sport bike front fork setup. They've never been rebuilt, AFAIK, but they're all there. Again, AFAIK. I haven't taken them apart to make sure. They probably need a rebuild due to age.

      • $200.00 FOR ALL OF IT???

      • If "all of it" is defined as one set of the forks, wheel, triple tree, caliper and fender, I think that's fair. Plus shipping. Tell ya what, let's take this into private messages and we'll work out the details.

      Hello. just got my first 2014 FZ6R — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Hello :) just got my first 2014 FZ6R

      Wondering where most of the riders here are from and any suggestions or tips are appreciated! I have a few mods im looking to change on her: flush mounts, fender eliminator, exhaust change...im at stock height now and wonderin if i should lower it? Im 5'3 and kind of on my front toes when at a light

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      • That poor fender

      • You should lower the front and back the same amount to help stabilize that bike.

      • Am I the only member here from ontario canada?

      I have a 87 fj1200 and I have fuel in my oil. What would cause this — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

      I have a 87 fj1200 and I have fuel in my oil. What would cause this

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      • Of course, you can get by with mediocre needles/seats if your petcock is working flawlessly. That's the first part of the problem. When your petcock is leaking, then your second line of defense is the floats/needles/seats.

        Potential quick cheap fix while you're waiting for parts: try putting a little spacer behind the spring that holds the petcock closed to give it some more force.

        Beware: running your bike with fuel in the oil will kill it. Do the fix the proper way, the above is temporary and/or part of a larger solution. Keep an eye on your oil if you go this route. Got me home a few thousand miles when I picked up the bike a long ways from home, though...

      • carbies!

      • Thanks for the info!

      I was on my way to a group ride when a link almost came out I was lucky cuz I... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      I was on my way to a group ride when a link almost came out. I was lucky cuz I felt vibes and pulled over. That's when I discovered the "missing link".

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      • Damn font

      • I like using Chain-Saver (Teflon)- no lube. Works like a champ and it doesn't attract sand/dirt

      • The more you ride, the quicker parts wear out.

        Just glad for you the chain didn't snap & maybe go thru the engine.

        Keep safe Demond!

      Got my bike back from the shop yesterday. Fresh plugs synthetic oil new filter — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      Got my bike back from the shop yesterday. Fresh plugs synthetic oil new filter. Clean and rejetted carbs no ais on bike now. New battery tender with charger for my iPhone. And finally detailed to shine.

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      • Sharp lookin bike

      • Looks good. I'm a whitewall guy too.

      • Love whitewalls!

      Rough idle issue Can anyone help me out with a rough idle issue When my C3... — Yamaha C3


      Rough idle issue. Can anyone help me out with a rough idle issue? When my C3 warms up, it idles real rough. Squeezing the rear brake lever stops the rough idle. Ever heard of this? Thank you!

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      • Or lube up the accelerator assembly on the underneath of the engine in front of the muffler bolts with a lubricant that wont evaporate like T-9 from boeing its $19 but is great for everything. Its a wax a rust inhibitor a lunricant and a great water sheild for your seat as well as a

      • Metal retreater

      • Don't have a clue as usually it's the other way around. Squeeze the rear brake lever and feel the engine vibration.