let the countdown begin 3 days until the ups man brings the two bros system... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

let the countdown begin! 3 days until the ups man brings the two bros system and the juice box!!!

  • If you do your own MAPS, don't lean anything out.

  • Good point Jeff. I've heard that before too.

  • They run pretty lean as is. Too lean, too hot, burnt valve, BAD!!!! :-)

Wala po akong alam sa anatomy ng motor pero bakit po ba kailangan ng clutch... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Wala po akong alam sa anatomy ng motor, pero bakit po ba kailangan ng clutch kung pwede naman automatic lahat ng motor? :D

  • Lahat ng masakyan kong car may clutch e. Haha akala ko walang automatic.

  • lahat ng motor at kotse my clutch.. pag kakaiba lng manual at automatic.. kng manual ka.. ikaw na driver ang magkokontrol kng kailan kakapit or di kakapit ang clutch.. kng automatic ah.. ung hydra ang magkokontrol.. di ko alam kng paanu na hydra.. bt kng mor ka sa performance.. go sa manual.. kng ride lng at gsto mo simply lng.. automatic ka...

  • Yun oh! ^

Just wanted to share this with everyone a 1985 I was trying to build to as... — Yamaha V-Max

Just wanted to share this with everyone, a 1985 I was trying to build to as close to all original as possible.. this was my first Max build, I built it from a bare frame with very low serial # and a MINT body set ! I ran into a few snags so it never did get done but I was close. this was one of the very disappointing days.. I was hanging the exhaust and found out a stock system doesn't fit with a reinforced swing arm... I was hoping to hide it under there, I also wanted to go over 120 with it if ya know what I mean ! I learned a lot and maybe one day I will try again.. I'm sure a few of you can see my vision and will appreciate my effort.. Long live the MAX !

  • Frame and body set

  • The braced swingarm wasn't THAT important, 'E'...With the Torque Rod frame braces & the 'Fix' done, 120+ MPH would be just fine...Just sayin'...Keep the stock pipes on that 85, & put that swingarm on one with an aftermarket 4-2 exhaust.

just went thru the carbs on my 85 XV700 professional build even bike starts and... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

just went thru the carbs on my 85 XV700 professional build even bike starts and idles, but give it gas and it coughs and pukes out. any ideas?

  • Are the filters and exhaust aftermarket and open exhausts? If so, its likely involving the main jet size and diameter of hole. You can shim the main jet needles with brass washers so they sit higher. this also will make it run more rich and those needles are intended to come into play as you accelerate beyond idle. It's usually done when larger exhausts are put on with less restrictions on the pipe. Are the plugs already getting black or fouled at idle? -- then it is running too rich for a variety of reasons. but likely it sounds like it's running a little lean- the spark plugs will remain clean metal with little or no carbon buildup in that case.. Lean means too much oxygen vs gas. Lots of variables... Are there vacuum line leaks? what about the manifold boots to the motor, cracks in them allowing air? It will likely show evidence on your spark plugs if that's the case... Good luck- A good practice is to start out with the air/idle screws 3 turns (out) to the left from soft seating (all the way in) Soft means gently screwing in to bottom without crushing the tip of the screw. I'm going through the same with mine, but I'm using pods and straight drag pipes... Jets R US is a good online site to change out main jet sizes.

  • Make sure they are syncronized.That will cause your issue as well.

  • everything is stock on the bike,. was thinking that maybe there was still trash in the system, HOWEVER I do not have the intake boots on the carbs right now. will that cause this?

First thanks to Big Mike D for letting me try his EBS pedal Just have to say I... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

First thanks to Big Mike D for letting me try his EBS pedal. Just have to say I have tried all the various pedals over the years. I tried this pedal and what a nice surprise. My bottom stayed in tact and was able to add some nice color from the pedal. It made my Fodera and Carvin basses sound just a little bit nicer. I get what Billy says about splitting your bass like the old rick o sound. Which I did back in the day. The pedal gives me a bit of that tone without the extra amp. Thank you Mr Billy Sheehan!!!!!!

  • My bro, my man!

bakit po every 10 mins naikot fan ng radiator ko — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

bakit po every 10 mins naikot fan ng radiator ko?

ano po kaya posible na sira?

  • paps malamang yung coolant humahalo na sa langis mo..pa check mo yung head gasket mo.sure sira na yan...ganyan din nangyari sa motmot ko

  • bawas na po coolant ng radiator..nilagyan ko na po..

    ok naman sya ngaun hindi na umikot agad ung fan

  • Hindi b masama ung sakin nka recta?

Hey Gang I got a 04 1100 Classic and would love to put on a set of apes but I... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Hey Gang, I got a 04 1100 Classic and would love to put on a set of apes but I can't afford new cables so what is the tallest I can go with the stock cables? Thanks Much!

  • I run 12's with no issues. Front brake line is kind of tight but not THAT tight.

  • I'm 6'3" and 14" are perfect.

  • Thanks all!

ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL SOUTHSIDE INSPIRING MEMBER — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)



WHERE: TOTAL GASOLINE STATION (BONJOUR) Dr. A. Santos Avenue Parañaque City, near at WILCON.

WHEN: MAY 23, 2014 (FRIDAY) 8:00 PM onward..

sa mga nais pong gusto sumali sa SNIPER MX PHILS., INC SOUTHSIDE KILABOTS CHAPTER area of PARANAQUE,LAS PINAS,PASAY,TAGUIG,MAKATI" lage pong bukas ang aming pintuan para mga INSPIRING Member like you..

Requirements are the ff:

1.Your Sniper Mx (of-course)

2. 2 Photo copy of your Driver licensed or any valid ID

3. 2 Photo copy OR/CR

and the rest will be discuss on our tambayan.


Bob Robert Sicangco

Southside S063


Josh Kinch shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

so i emailed that company about the mystery part on my bike, asking what it was, etc.. and this is their response...

Whit Kelley

To Me,Info

Today at 9:02 PM

Hi Josh,

Be very careful with this device. It may be part of an advanced self destruct system that was not intended for consumer release. To disarm it follow the instructions below:

1) First, carefully cut the blue wire

2) Cut the red wire second

3) Then black

4) Finally green

Failure to follow these instructions may result in the activation of the embedded self destruct monkey. It is a rare and deceptively harmless looking creature that can consume an entire motorcycle in about 10 minutes (depending on hunger level and mood). If this occurs keep a safe distance, perhaps 20 ft or more, and don't make eye contact with the monkey.

For additional support please send $935 cash by FedEx along with the device in question to your nearest service center ( 10 Water St Lebanon NH 03766).

Best of luck,

SignalQuest Support Team Level 3

******************************************* **

Whit Kelley



10 Water St.

Lebanon, NH, 03766

tel: 603-448-6266

cel: 603-996-1179

SignalQuest - precision microsensors

******************************************* **

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On Apr 22, 2014, at 9:58 PM, "josh kinch" <j_kinch@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi, i recently purchased a used motorcycle from a dealership. I found a device under the seat that took FOREVER to figure out what it was. Now I am wondering what it is, what it does and if its of any use to me. the only labeling I have found on it says signalquest.com SQ-CST-1000 Lot #100065 and the serial number is SNMTN1241582V. I hope this info can help me. I cant seem to find the exact product on your site so any info you can provide would be good. Thanks, Josh

my email is j_kinch@yahoo.com

  • Lmfao wow...

  • Sounds like it might have been a device to measure lean angle. Based off what other products that company sells.

  • think its a cutoff sensor that shuts fuel and ignition off when bike is dropped, maybe ?

Photos from Jacob Limburg's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

Random pictures of our bikes. The first photo Darryl Haney is of my new rod/bearings that were installed on it before I got it, not sure if it's a hotrod or jus stock....

  • I have the thumper talk app but it won't let me comment or post. Idk why either. I def read hours on thumper talk.

  • You must still be a new member Jacob, eh? Also, at least be an 18 years old or above - i guess there's a minimum age limit for membership.

    Also PM our moderator and ask for clearance in order to comment should that be the case.

  • I'm 29 so that shouldn't b the prob. Will message him an see if that helps

what is the biggest tire that will fit on our bike I have a 2012 and want a... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

what is the biggest tire that will fit on our bike I have a 2012 and want a bigger wider tire.

  • Yep..... It's designed for the bike itself. So in theory a larger tire can effect the performance. :-)

  • Yuup, it will lean in slower grip more and go slower top end, along with looking cooler :)

  • I'm running a 170, coz I got a GREAT deal on Dunlop Roadsmarts(OEM brand) the 170 was 50 dollars cheaper than the 160, haha, only paid 230 at motorcycle superstore for bothe the front and the rear, but my shop killed me for the install, at 95 bucks each, (sheesh)

Good morning mga ka sparky — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Good morning mga ka sparky....

Name of sniper. Sparky Warrior Red

To Yoko Cadag and Kiram Saleem Saad

Thank you mga trusted seller salamat sa controbution sa pagpapaganda ng motor ko at sa iba pang mga ka sniper natin.

More power..kahit minsan natatagalan pagkuha namin ng items at nag bibigay na kami ng negative comments sa time line nyu still cool parin kayu...at kahit parating tawad sa atems cge parin..hindi gaya sa ibang online seller trusted naman pero suplado at pinu put down pa mga buyer.wala raw budget bakit pa raw mag e inquire.. D pa Daw mag rereply pag tinarantado cla...hahahahaha...wag nalang kayu mag bussness kung yan ang ugali nyu hahahaha.

  • Ganda ng swing arm magkano yan sir...

  • Mga 9k yan sir heheheehe.

  • gnda nung cnabi mu sir.

Good morning mga ka sparky — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Good morning mga ka sparky....

Name of sniper. Sparky Warrior Red

To Yoko Cadag and Kiram Saleem Saad

Thank you mga trusted seller salamat sa controbution sa pagpapaganda ng motor ko at sa iba pang mga ka sniper natin.

More power..kahit minsan natatagalan pagkuha namin ng items at nag bibigay na kami ng negative comments sa time line nyu still cool parin kayu...at kahit parating tawad sa atems cge parin..hindi gaya sa ibang online seller trusted naman pero suplado at pinu put down pa mga buyer.wala raw budget bakit pa raw mag e inquire.. D pa Daw mag rereply pag tinarantado cla...hahahahaha...wag nalang kayu mag bussness kung yan ang ugali nyu hahahaha.


All prepped. Ready for some PC — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

All prepped! Ready for some PC!!!!

  • Well that's where I did the rims on my brothers truck I paid 40$ Me and my dad have to do all the cleaning and crap ourselves but they paint it for us

  • Again I'll ask, no gussets on the seat subframe area? Or even on the lower A-arm area, or even a brace between the lower A-arms?

  • Dean will never ride it again anyway

Instruction list for Snetterton. Its here Wohoooooo — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Instruction list for Snetterton...Its here Wohoooooo!

Thanks to all the amazing Bemsee Instructors giving up their time and machines to help all those who have asked for Instruction. We have an amazing 39 racers for Snett so thank you all who have asked for an Instructor. We love helping you out and our reward is your progress.

If you have instruction (as some of you did at Brands) and benefitted from the guidance offered, please remember to donate a voluntary token amount to the Rider Development Fund through me or the Race office if you are feeling generous. All funds go back into the program, such as new instructor jackets (as will be modelled at Snett!) and any donation is greatly received.

A big thanks also to you lovely Bemsee members who are helping out as paddock buddies this coming weekend to ensure new racers are supported from the start off track as well as on. You know who you are and a massive thank you from me. The Bemsee Family rock!

See you there for another brilliant weekend to follow on from Brands.


Andrew Johnston #70 - / - Minitwin - / - Gabby Burne

Andrew Kite - / - Thunderbike - / - Martin Cooper

Callaghn Edser #24 - / - Rookie 600 - / - Michael Honey

Chris Lay #9 - / - Rookie 600 - / - Kevin Vandeworp

Dan Sales #40 - / - Rookie 1000 - / - Martin Cooper

Dauncan Grove #30 - / - 600 - / - Ian Sollieux

Dave Greenwood #60 - / - Rookie 600 - / - Kevin Vandeworp

Dean Bradley - / - NJC - / - Jeremy

Gary Rodwell - / - Thunderbike - / - Greg Wright

Graham Baughan #38 - / - Minitwin - / - Simon Shug

Harry Rowlings #46 - / - NJC - / - Nick Griggs

Heather Belcher #123 - / - 400 - / - Gary Jarman

Jack Pegano #122 - / - 400 - / - Jeremy

James Durston #94 - / - MZ - / - Pete Mannering

James Priestley #71 - / - MZ - / - Pete Mannering

Joe Morphett - / - 600 - / - Gary Jones

John Dyer - / - Rookie 1000 - / - Dave Harviek

Kevin Higerty - / - YPM - / - Jeremy

Kevin Miller - / - Minitwin - / - Jeremy

Li-Jen Hsiao #11 - / - 600 - / - Greg Wright


Photos from Justin Smith's post — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Need to fund phase 2 of the twins, send me a message if your interested or want more pics. Came off a 09 Raider.

  • Well sold everything gents, didn't think it would all go that quick!

  • Seen it to late sure do want a set if pipes like that.

  • There is no way you could make them work on a 650 unless you cut the flanges off and welded on smaller ones. The jugs on the 650 are no where near the size of the 1900. If you want radius pipes for the 650, check out Mortons. But, be forewarned, they are about $800 and are not double walled, so they will blue.

Luiz Fernando Brito Cabral shared a link to the group: Yamaha Virago 535. — Yamaha Virago 535

  • Pensei nisso tbm, tem umas 883 q ficam mt bonitas com o filtro assim. Achei um filtro achatado, preferi ele porque o carburador ta bem proximo da perna, o achatado protege mais.

  • E a água da chuva, não pode molhar esses filtros né?

  • O q comprei eh lavavel, mas n sei se isso significa q pode molhar.

1985 where it all began. hope everyone likes it — Yamaha V-Max

1985 where it all began... hope everyone likes it

  • Very nice. The birth of an icon. I'm riding a 93. The only year they made a change. Until 09 anyway. But that was more like a rebirth.

  • Nice, i'm riding a '86, the year befor that I had a competitor, the Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator.

  • Actually George they made quite a few changes/improvemnents over the years. Read this: http://vmax.lvlhead.com/tips/v maxhistory2.htm

  • One thing I noticed was the 2nd gear issue...This was corrected midway thru the 86 model year, & 86s with a build date of 1/86 or later (can be found on the sticker on the neck) have the updated gearset.

Hi guys Quite a while since my last post I need a bit of advice My bike got... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Hi guys. Quite a while since my last post. I need a bit of advice. My bike got stolen today. But I found it in a courtyard in a nearby housing estate. I was really lucky because, although it had been dropped, it had fallen in mud. So the only damage (that I can see) is that the bezel around the ignition has been broken and the wiring pulled out. Does anyone know where I can get another one? Is there more to a thief-broken steering lock than meets the eye?

  • James, I too will not be able to help you in this, but I wanted to wish you a quick recovery of your Bulldog!

  • Hugo, the broken part is what gives the steering lock it's base. It's called the crown handle assembly and costs much currency. I've been in touch with a chop/rod specialist and I'll send pictures to him tomorrow. Either he can get the part cheaper than I can or we might have to go for a custom change to the whole clock setup. I'll keep you guys posted. I had him lined up for a paint job anyway, so maybe he can do the whole lot :-)

  • Alan, just saw your link and thanks! The part that's damaged isn't the key barrel but, rather this crown handle (part number: 5JNWF3410000). Looks like it costs half as much as a bike for breaking.

Hoping to get the cafe back on the road soon after is winter break Having... — Yamaha XS650

Hoping to get the cafe back on the road soon after is winter break!!! Having loads of probs with petrol gelling up in the carbs!! Another strip down needed!! Could do without that.

  • A firm called Pearson tanks in Swanscom. Kent. Don't know where you are, but that's in the uk, Jamie! Cost £400 but was about ten years ago now! Was hand built to fit the frame, so nothing had to be cut!!

  • Very Manxish! Nice mate!

  • nice

The first day I got my bolt — Yamaha Bolt

The first day I got my bolt

  • I know that look :) . Bolt owner

  • That's right

  • Malcolm Smith in Riverside? ?

  • That's where I got my bolt

  • Almost got mine there went to Temecula instead.

Hi guys — Yamaha XS650

Hi guys

Gonna split my cases to check the crank.

Considering an overdrive 5th.

Are mikes and heidens the same thing?

How can I tell what year my motor is?

Thank you

  • John Goodenough. I have looked at Matt Moloney 's bike. Matt has got a right hand clutch actuator. I had one on my 840 race bike. The big round disc you see on the right side engine cover. That is for the clutch. It is no ornament, but a serious clutch. Has a very nice feel to it. I think Tony designed the right side actuator to keep mud and stones from the chain off the clutch pushrod. Matt I can see your bike is hardcore. You have gone all the way.

  • Serious machine! :-)

  • Correct Matt. The TX 750 primary gear would fit. But the clutch side must be fabricated.

Photos from Iwan Prasetiyono's post — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

Ijin Jualan Om....

Yok nikmati manfaat norival.....

Kini dengan adanya Norival yang mempunyai slogan Hemat, Irit, Enteng dan Bertenaga anda tidak perlu lagi dipusingkan dengan mahalnya harga BBM dan berapa liter kebutuhannya.

Berikut penjelasan slogan Norival :

Hemat :

Cukup dengan bahan bakar premium anda sudah bisa merasakan performa sekelas BBM Non Subsidi.

Irit :

Pembakaran menjadi lebih efisien dan sempurna sehingga Fuel Consumption pun bisa di tekan semaksimal mungkin. Karena Norival di dedikasikan u/ menyempurnakan susunan / ikatan molekul sehingga BBM terbakar sempurna.

Enteng :

Besarnya Kalori yang di kandung setiap tetes Norival membuat daya ledak semakin besar, sehingga menjadikan mesin terasa enteng.

Bertenaga :

Dengan angka MON (Mobile Octane Number) yang besar membuat tenaga yang dihasilkan meningkat secara significant dan gejala knocking pada putaran tinggi pun bisa di hindari.

Pemilihan produk berdasarkan kompresi kendaraan

Rangakaian dan harga produk Norival :

Gold (9:1-10:1) 45rb

Platinum (10:1-11:1) 75rb

Titanium (11:1-13:1) 100rb

Aggressor (9:1-12.5:1) @150rb ; per 4pcs @140rb

DRAGRACE (9:1-11.5:1) 100rb

Diesel 40rb

Oil Enhancer (dicampurkan 0.8-1.2ltr oli mineral/semisintetik) 20rb

Minat Menjadi RESELLER dan AGEN

Bisa menghubungi/sms/WA :

Iwan Prasetiono

081515897933 (whatsup/line)

pin 26979ed1

Ada disc s/d 40% ato lebih*

*pm aja, syarat dan ketentuan berlaku


— Yamaha V-Max

  • Jeffrey Orall Ride evening st most 40km/ h

  • I agree with you my wife and costumes are safe to use as best

  • In the US...You are FREE to ride wearing whatever you like...or NOT...(...& that's the way it SHOULD BE...!!!) Nice bike, Nice pic,... Wear whatever you CHOOSE,...& THANX for sharing...!!!

  • Lessandro Rodrigues made HIS CHOICE,...& it's NOT anyone elses' place (other than his MOTHER...lol) to tell him otherwise...!!! GEEEZ LOUISE already...Make your OWN choices...& let others make THEIRS...Just sayin'. Once again, NICE BIKE, & NICE PIC.

Folks I will be bringing a fresh crop of the obligatory DFDS stickers to Snett... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Folks, I will be bringing a fresh crop of the obligatory DFDS stickers to Snett; Grateful thanks to Wayne and DFDS for their support once again, and to Rangi for sorting.

  • Why not make it a really big bash end of year at Brands... ? Wayne lives down south anyway and as DFDS are sponsoring the series again it needs to be somewhere he can get to easily

  • Let's confer over a bacon bap at Snett, Lee. End of season sounds good.

  • another one from croix 2004https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos -ak-frc1/t31.0-8/902073_536807606371452_814798174_ o.jpg

Mga pafs anu po ba tawag dito Yung malaking bilog po Sobra po kasing bigat... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Mga pafs anu po ba tawag dito? Yung malaking bilog po. Sobra po kasing bigat niya e ..At anu po ang bigat niya? Lagi kasi napuputol yung pinaka CUÑA niya e. Please reply Sir sa mga nakakaalam po. TIA!

  • para kasing mas mabigat pafs yung flywheel ko kesa sa magneto ..kaya cguro napuputol lagi yung cunya ..tama ba pafs?

  • dapat balance un.

  • mga paps try nyo tong Group na toh Ok d2 Active lahat pati admin https://www.facebook.com/group s/489228471199302/

HELP The part under my bike that tells the gas tank is full or not It s... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

HELP: The part under my bike that tells the gas tank is full or not... It's seaping gas. Apparently this has been going on for 3 weeks, so it's very slow... Any advice on how to fix? Tonight i'm going to go home and just try tightening the bolts a little harder.

  • Here in NY I would be worried about rust with a bare spot. Hope it stays sealed.

  • It's only bare around the entire gasget.. i think it will be ok.

  • Do you remember if it was bare metal originally?

It finally happened I was backing out of my drive way and i hit the point of... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

It finally happened.... I was backing out of my drive way, and i hit the point of no return. Custom made side mount license plate, and passenger relocation pegs saved my paint job and frame. Nothing seems damaged but the plastic license plate cover. I am pretty sure i blew my arm out attempting to stop the decent.... /shamed.

  • my wife is really begging for some new pegs

  • oh and a sissy bar

  • Look up Passenger Relocation Pegs on the forums.

Can anyone out there tell me if the 1984 490 yz pipe would fit the 84 it 490 — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

Can anyone out there tell me if the 1984 490 yz pipe would fit the 84 it 490 ? Is it the same pipe ?

  • Check the part numbers on boats.net and see if they match?

  • Thanks Rob. I've just looked on there. No don't fit, different mountings !

  • I use those diagrams all the time. Glad it helped!

Photos from Kiko Sanchez's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke


  • Man, what are those rear tires?! 4 shock absorbers for each rear tire, is that how it looks Darryl?

    400 horses, isn't that a guzzler? :D

  • It is a guzzler the guy I had build the motor ripped me off big time took a year and a half to get it back and he switched heads and just all around screwed me I in the mean time painted his race truck and his pickup all custom znd lost my ass in doing so the motor it had was a 396 big block. It got 15 mpg now it gets 3-mph rediculous and that is stupid to say the least. So it sits I got very pissed off I built the truck from scratch basicAlly and everything that I farmed out to people for trade work screw up all of things they did for me so I just parked it it has so many great parts I invested into the truck and it was a frame off restoration. Took two years and a ton of my time I'm labor then to have to redo every part thAt I had anyone else do just killed it I named the truck FlatBad it Is still way nice but park anything for that long and it turns to crap eventually. lol oh well my oldest boy is 14 maybe he will be intrested in fixing it up when he is old enuf. But I doubt it kids are so lazy these days it drives me nuts. Anyway I'll check out your vid

  • Preloaded

I ride in Minnesota and have been riding since 5 weeks now The temperature... — Yamaha V-Star riders

I ride in Minnesota... and have been riding since 5 weeks now. The temperature has at times have gone as low as 10F at night. I have been riding at 35F too. I am a little concerned about the cold starts on my 1100 classic. Would you guys recommend I use Mobil1 0W40. It does not have fricition modifiers and does not have energy conservation. I am using 15W50 right now and it works like a charm, but I am worried that the cold starts with such a heavy oil might result in some excess internal wear. What do you guys think?


Just got this in today isn t there a cover or a foam filter that goes over this... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Just got this in today isn't there a cover or a foam filter that goes over this or do I just install and run it?

  • What was the part number? I need 1 lol

  • I think m part of the problem is the ones that let it get all caked, extremely dirty n dont maintain em, prolly sucks so hard has mo choice but to pull in extra oils etc... just a theory.. lol

  • You have to run a lid if you run a stock style air filter. Otherwise it'll never seal

If you have one of these let me know Preferred with O Rings attached My Star... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

If you have one of these, let me know! Preferred with O Rings attached. My Star is leaking :( The PO broke an ear off the cover, and now one of the O Rings is broken.. BOOOO!

  • If you can't find a used 1 look on RonAyers.com about the cheapest and you can figure out the part # also

  • I have a good used one,

  • I have a buddy that upgraded to the remote oil filter i will see if he is willing to part with that part.

My 2014 Yamaha SX192 Lakeland Tampa Bay Area would love to join other jet... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

My 2014 Yamaha SX192 .. Lakeland / Tampa Bay Area would love to join other jet boaters :)

  • We are in winter haven. Go out on the chain quite often. Cool to see someone else in the area. We have a 2012 212ss.

  • Sweet Josh Barfield !! Maybe next time out you can show me around the chains :)

  • Salvatore Schiano check out the chain life winter haven page on Facebook. They host events on the water. There is a boat in movie night next weekend and then a huge gathering on June 7th.

  • Salvatore Schiano, I have a 2014 Limited S and live on Boca Ciega Bay in St. Pete.

Photos from Michael Weisbaum's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

FS: 2009 FZ6R Raven sub-1k miles w upgrades -

Looking to sell my first bike that got me into riding, my 2009 Raven. It's got under 1k miles (I upgraded quick, haha). Bike has never been dropped and has lived in my garage since I got it. Its in as perfect of condition as a 2009 bike could be in. My first love.

Has the following mods going on:

- 1st gen TBR Exhaust

- Juicebox Pro FC w/ custom maps

- CompWerks Fender Elim

- Red Wheel Stripes

Much rather get it to a FZ6R fan than some craigslist weirdo. I am in Chicago, so likely local or midwestern sales would be easier. Title is in my hand. I will include the stock exhaust if you are interested in that as well. Looking for 5k - do have some room to negotiate.

  • New one is for my wife. She didn't want my "old one"

  • Wooshcrack!

  • I seriously wonder about these bikes... 5 years old and similar odometer to mine after it's first week/two. Why buy a bike and not ride it? Why spend the money upgrading it just for someone else to enjoy it?

    Best of luck with the sale, someone is going to get a sweet ass bike with the work already done to it.

— Yamaha Bolt

  • How do you like the Vance and Hines slip on? I'm thinking of getting it for my bike.

  • I love it . A little poppy when down shifting but I will get a fuel controler . Love the sound . Very similiar to the vance and hines duel . I think mine might have a slightly lower tone thou .

  • i bought the twin slas staggered pipe and mine gets fitted on Tuesday":) will def upload some footage ":)

Adam Preljevic shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Quite a few examples of a lack of roadcraft & riders trying too hard to be orsum.

  • 4:39... 1hit, SHit, SHITTTTTTTTTT. Looked like he could have applied ALOT more brake though?

  • Yeah he made a bad judgement call for sure. He probably thought he could still make the gap. Just a bit silly really.

    That dude posted up the vid after the accident & promptly took it down after so many other motorcyclists took the piss out of him for being a drongo..but yet it lives on!!

  • That conflagration after the collision early in the vid, was at the GreyMouth street race in NewZealand last year.

    Might have to get myself back over to NZ next year for that. Closed course Street races are the best fun!

Here is the next video Mike — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Here is the next video Mike.

  • Thanks for the reassurance guys ! Seeing as most of what you all have said is like Chinese :) the fact that no one is particularly worried is all I need to know !

    Thanks again !

  • I just checked my two bikes. They have the SAME amount of play in the total driveline. You're good to go.

  • Yipee ! Thanks for all your help Mike !

Based on a recent comment thread I figured I would start a little discussion — Yamaha V-Star riders

Based on a recent comment thread I figured I would start a little discussion.

Are you a Biker, Motorcyclist or Rider and why? Or something else?

Me: I honestly have never really thought about it until someone on here was annoyed that yamaha riders called themselves "bikers". Am I a biker? I am not from the USA or ride a HD. I dont have any tattoos, I dont ride in a gang or do toy runs.

But I have ridden my hardtailed self built XVS650 chopper from northern Norway to Italy and back in 11 days. Have had 3 accidents and got right back on without a seconds though. Every winter I pull my bike down and mod it some more. I just spent the better part of my easter holidays (1 week) sitting in my garage working on 2 bikes and no mechanic has ever touched my bikes.

If I see you on the side of the road with bike troubles I will stop and help you out. I dont care if you ride a custom bike like mine or a brand new sports bike. I dont care if you are a biker, rider or motorcyclist or if you have a black leather vest full of patches or a reflective safety vest, Or if you ride everyday or once a month.

I don't need a title like 'biker' to know who I am. I love building and riding bikes.

But... If I have to pick one I would have to say 'biker'. Not because I ride a custom bike or dress in black leather etc etc. But because my bike and bike culture is major part of who I am. But if you want to call me a motorcyclist... thats fine by me too.


If you listen closely when I release the clutch you hear the clunking that I... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

If you listen closely when I release the clutch, you hear the 'clunking' that I mentioned in my other post.

I can even feel it if I touch the thinner bit if the shaft between the black boot and the rear wheel.

  • Yep, I do that, but I mean on slow sweeping corners where you can lay it down a bit !

  • Normal noises you would hear rolling the wheel forward and back.

  • Ok, I've just been out, put it in gear (only first first gear) and rocked the wheel back and forth. This produced the same 'clunking' sound. I tried to take the boot off, but it is hard to see inside. I did see something move around, and that 'could' be where the sound originates from.

    I have taken another video, and I'll try to add it.

    The wheel has no sideways movement at all. The bike would rotate before the wheel would shift sideways !!!

Does anyone know what this mounting is for Oh and jiy 8f joys looks like a... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Does anyone know what this mounting is for? Oh and jiy 8f joys looks like a clutch slave leak :-/

  • you`ll find a lot of sportsbikes will get sick of seeing an fj in their mirrors and turn off lol. it takes a good rider on a sportbike to embarrass a reasonable rider on an fj :)

  • Mounting plate for engine cut out switch for kick stand. If you had one the switch is engaged when kick stand is down, killing motor should you leave try to ride away with kick stand in down position

  • Instead of going to USD forks at half the cost go to www.rpmracingca.com and have a look at the valves and springs that Randy has had developed for the FJ and some other cool stuff to bring the bikes back to life.

Ok guys and girls I have been riding with a guy I met who had an 05 R6 — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Ok guys and girls, I have been riding with a guy I met who had an 05 R6. In the past several rides we have discovered my 04 FZ6 will take his R6 off the line and through the curves but if I let him wind up his top end he flies by me lol At 1bout 120mph is when he has been taking off so if you find your self in this situation (with an 04-06 or 07+ S2) keep the R6 away from the straight away and you will have them ;)

  • The FZ6 & R6 motors were designed to fit within an aluminum body frame, whereas the FZ6R is Steel tube.. There might be a few minor issues with having to weld brackets to make stuff fit proper..just guessing, I ain't no boffin.

  • It just may be that some of is are better at powering through the bends than others but in a straight line you are simply out powered.

  • Yes, tonight I while I was topping out he was still not out of 5th. I have the low end power but when his R6 has the chance to wind up he is gone. It also does not help that he is on a ex track bike lol but I think I hold my own pretty good.

need some help again found out my bike was running the wrong oil when i got a... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

need some help again, found out my bike was running the wrong oil when i got a leak so need to do an oil change today so i can get to work tomorrow. but because it is a holiday there is nowhere i can go to get motorcycle oil. was wondering if regular automotive oil of the right weight would be fine to use. tried looking it up but all i got was a bunch of forums arguing about the subject. 82 xv750. please help.

  • Separate want vs need. I had the cam cover come loose on a virago I had just purchased. The oil spewed out and the low oil light cam on so I pulled over. 1/2 mile walk later in oil covered pants and I was at a rest stop. All I found was automotive oil.... 175 miles from home guess what it got filled with for the rest of the trip. If you really NEED to ride the bike to work... And you have no other options then I say go for it. Worked fine for me the two days I left it in there.

  • This Group Is Awesome.. I don't mind Working on Them. And a Little Smart advice' Goes a long Way' On Short Cuts. as well as Saves Money and Time..

  • You need wet clutch specific oil. I've used regular oil in pinch but flushed it out ASAP because it caused my clutch to slip.