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My patina painted café brat 99% finished. What's left is to make a couple of engraved tank badges and mount some license plate lights.

Waddaya think? Haters gonna hate... ;)

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  • Damn PER-Erik , i really love your style on that cool XS , the Patina , "White-Wall" rear tire , your special Exhaust and ETC ETC...... On a "Drive-By" nobody can see it´s not a "old English-man" of some kind.!!! But as i told you before , i´m so damn hooked on your Seat Per-Erik , but i think i can buy it by "XS650 Shop" in Kiel/Germany?? Stay cool Per-Erik and a big respect for your build Bro......

  • Lennard!

  • Thanx for the kind words Steen, very much appreciated. This is a bike that you either love or hate, it seems to be nothing in between. ;)

I have an 08 V Star 1300 XVS Tourer I bought it in 2010 with 808km on it so it... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

I have an 08 V-Star 1300 XVS Tourer. I bought it in 2010 with 808km on it,so it was practically new. It has only 29000 km now. Last year my front brakes started to make the front end bounce when they were applied. Still doing it this year. I know it's because my rotors warped. Was just wondering how common a problem this is with the front twin brake set up on the 1300's and bigger. Seems to me my rotors should have lasted longer than that before the started warping. Is there a better aftermarket rotor?

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  • George Henderson, great point on the caliper piston being stuck. When I replaced the pads on the rear I noticed the piston was basically stuck in the out position due to the worn pads. I actually purchased and replaced the piston and dust seals this morning. The rear brake feels so much better now.

  • It never occured to me to think it could be a piston stuck! Thanks guys! I'll definitly take a look. It only takes a minute to pull the front ones off. I might even be able to tell without taking it off!

  • change the rotor or deal with it otherwise, and don't try to wrap your head around it. it is your main source of stopping power. IMHO, you shouldn't even ride with a problem like that.

Hello All — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Hello All,

I have been an owner of 2009 FZ6R for three years (8700 miles) now *bought new in 2011*, I am just wondering what average fuel mileage is on an average stock FZ6R with NO mods, (except I replaced tires, with same brand and style, only difference is that rear tire is 10mm wider than old one....(3/8"=10mm)(maybe slightly larger circumference, but not much)

specs claim fuel tank holds 4.6 US Gals. amd I was on a benefit ride, I fully filled tank night before, total trip was 191 miles, and it showed that I was already 10 miles into my reserve upon my return to house, that computes to 40mpg, give or take 0.2mpg

Any replies would be appreciated....

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  • what about the fx6 headers, will they fit as far as up to the collectors ?

  • (y) no worries, just was mentally thinking I usually went a bit farther than that between fill-ups , I love the bike, and will be keeping it for a good while

  • James I just got 43.2 with a power commander and an average speed of 70-80 MPG. If I had to point the finger, I would say that the wider tire is not helping anything. Always a draw back with stuff like that.

Well hello there friend my project will be pleased to meet you — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Well hello there friend, my project will be pleased to meet you .

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  • yeash man, that time of the month? I wasn't harpin on it, if anything I think this may be Dollar General's best pipe design. its very similar to the pipe design I run actually, which is a DMC Duel and here's a pic of my "stock" warrior just for your reference. And yes, the stickers alone add 83.5 more HP, it's science.

  • Science bitches

  • Lol I was gonna say did someone say something then delete it? Lol

Hey guys and gals Rosie is got a little issue Last night after I got home I... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Hey guys and gals!!! Rosie is got a little issue. Last night after I got home, I turned off my bike as usual and rolled it back In the garage. As I'm doing so I heard a "clunk" coming from the rear of the bike. This morning when I got to school it didn't it again. It sounds more like it's coming from the break side not the final drive. Anyone had this problem before? I'll be taking it apart tonight to find out what's the problem but I just want to see if anyone has had this issue and can tell me what I should look for.

By the way recently I change both rear wheel bearings and aligned my final drive shaft

I did not grease the hub because I didn't have the proper grease which by the way what kind of grease so you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance

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    Help the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 102 raise money to keep the doors... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Help the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 102 raise money to keep the doors open. We help Veterans, their widows, Orphans and Dependents. We are having a Motorcycle Show, Motorcycle Ride and Poker run on 06/14/2014 Pass the word on to every one you know. It does not matter if you ride a Motorcycle or not every is welcome to attend and have a little fun. No Moonshine or any other strong drinks will be allowed. Cost to attend is $10.00 for each rider and $5.00 for each Poker Hand. Non-Riders $5.00 to attend and get a free 50/50 Ticket for a cash prize. Additional 50/50 tickets is $1.00. Also will have door prizes and you get a free ticket for the entree cost. The Bike show for Stock Bikes is $25.00 entree fee. Custom or Special Built Bikes show is $25.00 entree fee. Prizes for Bike Show will be determined by the number of bikes entered. We will have games for the kids.

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      Photos from Brian Groves's post — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      My 2010 VStar 950 with Memphis Shades batwing fairing, Cobra pipes, saddlebags and a MC500 stereo.

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      • Well I mounted the radio to the fairing using 20 pound double sided tape. That tape holds very good. The speakers are mounted using the bolts for the windshield they was a perfect fit.

      • How easy was it to mount that stereo to ur fairing

      • It was was I guess pretty easy. The only thing I had to think of is where I wanted to hook the power to. Did not want a direct link to the battery so I wound up hooking it up to the front light. That way the radio is not powered until the engine is started. I also went down to auto zone and got a cb plug so I can unplug it when I want to take the fairing off.

      Photos from Nick Hintzmann's post — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      I found the issue with my gfs warrior guys. It's not good...

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      • Happy newyear :D

      • I will never run wiseco cranks ever again. Just my opinion. Threw two in less then 80 ride hours. Cost well over a grand to rebuild it die to valves, piston, sleeves and all having to be replaced reach time.

      • Jay research it out. I am on many quad forums and at the local Yamaha dealer a lot. There is plenty of information out there supporting the fact that Wiseco cranks are farmed out to an outside supplier and are junk. I will never EVER put a Wiseco crank in anything I build for anyone.

      Hey guys I need a new rear tire I m thinking Bridgestone as I have that now... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

      Hey guys! I need a new rear tire, I m thinking Bridgestone as I have that now, back and rear. What model would you buy and why? Thanx!

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      • And its not legal to change width I think? * daughter of a policeman* lol

      • In belgium it's allowed to change a certain percentage, but there is no. technical controle for bikes, so you can do modifications as much as you want ;)

      • Eirik Bjergsrud, you can read here as well. :)

      — Yamaha XS650

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      • Steen Christiansen This is another one I did for my airforce buddy. Surprised him with this when he got back from I can make em look pretty if need be...but for my go-to rider there's no point.

      • You hit my style Joe , hell that´s how it must look... Let them who want´s show-Bikes have there "Christmas-threes" , and drive on trailers to the big shows! And nothing about that , but my bike i want to ride every day and hard at times, and if it´s gets a little damise in the paint , it aint the end of the world , it just give the Bike some "patina" and carakter......!! PS. thanks for showing your cool build Joe, hope to see some new ones in the future.....??

      • Follow along. We've got 3 currently with another coming in this weekend

      mga boss pag dumaan b ko sa jaen n e saan ang labas nun pag galing ako ng... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

      mga boss pag dumaan b ko sa jaen n.e saan ang labas nun pag galing ako ng bulacan?

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      • Ride safe din bro.

      • Bro kung tatagos ka ng zaragosa may daan sa san antonio or jaen..kung sa jaen ka dadaan left turn ka dun sa may petron sa bayan mismo ng jaen tapos derecho lang yun dadaanan mo ung brgy ng Lambakin tapos brgy ng Marawa derecho lang ulit ang tagos mo nun Carmen na...pagnasa carmen ka na left turn ka going to zaragosa na yun...if ever pwede ka magtanong sa mga tricycle dun ituturo nmn sau ung daan...

      • salamat bro Nardskie Lomboy alamin ko na lang po at magtanong tanong sayang kung di ko dadaanan yun para explore ko yung place hehe. tnx again

      Paul Crowe added 10 photos to C5 Performance Ignition for Virago in Yamaha Virago XV 750. — Yamaha Virago XV 750

      new kits for the Yamaha Virago from

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      • I don't have the bill from our machinist yet (final adjustments are being made right now). I will post soon about that. Our ignition runs independent of other systems Henrik Knudsen so that depends on your skills. We do have a single tach output that could be used to trigger something else.

      • I just posted the Virago ignition on our website. We have a special price on this kit right now to celebrate the long journey to the finish line. Please email us if you have questions and thank you for all the support. is the website and is our Facebook page

      • esto para q sirve

      Patambay lng mga boss — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

      Patambay lng mga boss

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      • Sbi kc ng mga gumamit n hndi ngputol mahirap daw handling kc hahaba ung profile ng bike kya pinaputol ko...s tingin ko ok nmn ung pagkkagwa kc alloy tigweld ang ginamit...buong assy kc ng nsr ang ginmit ko s hrap,tanong ko lng kng converted into double dskbreak ung harap or oem sya n mags s ibang series ng nsr like nsr250...etc,dream q tlga ang radial caliper n gamit nyu...hehehe

      • Ung skin ok nmn ung handling. Meron kc d2 pinaputol nya bumagsak buti mbagal lng takbo.. converted lng double disc. medyo mbigat lng sa bulsa ung califer

      • Ok nmn ung skin mag3yrs nko nkaproarm at evryday use...gsto ko sulitun ung gastos at enjoyin ang mga praises ng kpwa nkamotor n ngagandhan s setup ntin

      Hola amigos Una pregunta Xq cuando voy en la moto la llevo en 6ta me vuelve... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

      Hola amigos! Una pregunta. Xq cuando voy en la moto la llevo en 6ta me vuelve ala 5ta. A ke se debe eso? Comenten por favor. Ayuda

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      • Si te lo hace muy seguido si...

      • Si entonces es eso. Dnd puedo conseguir unas orkillas nuevas?

      • yo tengo

      una pregunta le saque todo el agua al radiador y el tacho se le hecha agua... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

      una pregunta le saque todo el agua al radiador y el tacho... se le hecha agua otra ves y listo ? o viene algun expurger por si queda alguna burbuja en el circuito?

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      • Gente al ver se le pone refrigerante de ahí a que el fabricante de la marca que elijamos indique si va puro o diluido es otra cosa y para evitar que queden burbujas en el circuito se lo pone en marcha sin la tapa del radeador y se la acelera para que la bomba circule el liquido y la burbuja que quede en el circuito queda arriba en el radiador, se le agrega el liquido que falte y se cierra la tapa del radiador, de ahi se apaga el motor y se le agrega recien ahi al deposito

      • con kee?

      • Para mi va el inugel el de motul, muy buenos resultados da

      What could cause my warrior to be sputter after it gets warm After a few... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      What could cause my warrior to be sputter after it gets warm? After a few minutes of riding on the track after it gets warmed up it starts to sputter, runs perfect when its cold. A few people are telling me its something electrical, ive changed the coils and no difference. What could be causing this?

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      • Ok so people will stop giving me advise on what to do when i know its not those problems, I have the clutch safety switch connected to each other for almost a year now, and my jetting is not an issue, If it was any of these it would run like shit no matter it being cold or warm, but it only runs like shit when warm.

      • If you don't want peoples input don't ask then.. You have the problem not us..sorry bud

      • I appreciate the help, but when people dont read what the problem is and try to give advise on a issue thats not there then where's the help there?

      Question Working on my 79XS Looking to run open headpipes love the pure... — Yamaha XS650

      Question. Working on my 79XS. Looking to run open headpipes, love the pure vocals of the bike. What adjustments should I make to the carb/air intake to allow for the unrestricted exhaust? Currently wanting to run the "xs" printed air filters from mikes xs. Has Mikuni BS34's

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      • ok I don't want to lose any torque so I'm putting down my sawzall ;0) and hypersonic crack? sounds like strong stuff...

      • Good to see some feedback on this question. I've been wondering myself.

      • thank you for all the information. i am thinking about ya-mama pipes. i really like the look. maybe i will consider lenghtening them with some small baffles to get the torque. again thank you for the input.

      So I m an everyday rider My 1300 is my only transportation My dilemma is that... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      So, I'm an everyday rider. My 1300 is my only transportation. My dilemma is that I can't decide wether to put a fairing and hard bags(full bagger) or to put on apes and chop the fender like my old yamaha.

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      • I like my fairing with stereo, hard saddlebags and I just added hard lowers for more wind protection it's a personal thing. I'm like John if I had one or two would be for looks and the other to ride in crappy weather...

      • Joe Loconte, could you post a picture of the hard lowers? I am interested in doing something like that before my custom paint job

      • Just got them back painted black and installed the other day. I removed the other fairing today I mounting the amp and brackets

      Mga sir ng semplang ako knina eh puro gasgas ung mx ko tnung ko lng sir kung... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

      Mga sir ng semplang ako knina eh puro gasgas ung mx ko.tnung ko lng sir kung covered b ito lhat ng insurance pg pinalitn..ngbyad kc ako ng 3900 para s insurance..patulong mga sir salamat

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      • Sbi kc ng yamaha txt nlng dw ako pg nandun N ung mga pyesa.bka s knila din order sir.akin nman inbot lng ng 3800 ang estimate ng yamaha..

      • Ok yun sir in house insurance ang nakuha mo kasi orig na ang pyesa mabilis pa...

      • Ah gnun b sir mraming slamat sir s pg share..ok dito s page nten mraming ntutulungan.slamat ulit sir

      Magtatanong lang po ng konting impormasyon lalong lalo na po sa mga naka decals... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

      Magtatanong lang po ng konting impormasyon lalong lalo na po sa mga naka decals na SMX,

      *Nagpapalit pa po ba kayo ng rehistro ng kulay sa inyong motor? Naka usap ko po ang aking kaibigan at akoy nagtanong sa kanya tungkol sa decals at nasabi nya nga po sa akin na kailangan magpapalit pa daw ako ng "custom" sa rehistro para walang sabit sa check point.

      *O pwede po kayang mag padecals ako na mas lamang ang kulay na nkalagay sa aking rehistro para hindi na po ako magpapapalit

      Maraming Salamat po sa makakapag pamahagi ng inyong mga kaalamanan =)

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        Me puse en contacto con un ingeniero de CESVI que es el laboratorio donde se... — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

        Me puse en contacto con un ingeniero de CESVI que es el laboratorio donde se realizan las homologaciones de los cascos. ahi mando mi mail primero y su respuesta despues.

        Señor Gustavo De Carvallho: Me comunico con usted a fin de que me interiorice con respecto a los tamaños, colores y materiales que debe tener segun el CESVI ( y si conoce el dato segun el INTI) como asi tambien las especificaciones de homologacion de cascos son respecto a si pierden la misma una vez pintados o agregado algun tipo de calcomania. Muchas gracias por su atencion. Luis Marques.

        La respuesta.

        Estimado Luis Marques,

        los detalles a los que hace referencia están especificados en la norma IRAM 36021:2011. En la misma se describe como se deben realizar todos los ensayos, además de la identificación que debe tener el casco. Cualquier alteración a esta norma que sufra el casco, impide que el mismo pueda pasar la normativa y por lo tanto entiendo no estaría en condiciones de lograr su homologación. En este punto es importante mencionar que si bien CESVI es el laboratorio de prueba de cascos utilizado por el INTI, este último es la autoridad de aplicación de la cual se vale Secretaría de Industria para extenderle la homologación (CHAS) a los cascos. Con ello, en la página web de la secretaría, se pueden verificar los modelos de cascos homologados y el número CHAS que se le ha otorgado.

        Con esto, tenemos que si se pinta o agregan calcos que alteran las propiedades del casco o impiden leer los calcos originales, se estaría en presencia de un casco que puede perder sus propiedades, o tal vez no pueda ser identificada su homologación.

        Muchas gracias por su consulta.


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          Mga paps safe lang po ba ibyahe mc na tin kahit mabilis malobat ung battery ng... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          Mga paps safe lang po ba ibyahe mc na tin kahit mabilis malobat ung battery ng sniper na tin..gumagana pa kaya ung fan?

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          • at tungkol po sa battery ok lng po.n mhina ang battery mo.bsta lht ng ilaw mo ggna pag aandar mkina mo. at ung fan po d nmn po batery operated kc xka lng ggna nmn pag naandar po ang mkina den nkramdam ng init

          • Tama po di basta basta nag ooverheat ang sniper..yung fan po di din yan basta basta iikot..

          • ah tnx mga paps...

          ayos lang ba patakbuhin ung sniper natin kahit walang battery nagcharge pa... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          ayos lang ba patakbuhin ung sniper natin kahit walang battery. nagcharge pa muna ng bat

          ask ko din kung ok ba itapon lahat ng tubig ang battery pos palitan ng bagong tubig tsaka icharge or no need na gawin un

          TY po

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          • d mccra cdi bos ang mcra lng jan bulb tlga at gagana prin ang fan kht wlang battery xka lng nmn iikot ata ang fan pag on ang mkina eh.pag nka andar.ako nga dti halos isang bwan ko gnamit sniper ko n wlang battry ang cra lng npundi lhat ang ilaw.hehe

          • iniisip ko kasi pag nalinis ung bat baka lumakas sya. since bagong palit lahat ng tubig at malinis ung loob. 50pesos lang kasi ung tubig ng bat dito. eh kung mapalakas mo ung bat mo di mas ok. less gastos pa

          • every battery dba 4years lang hangganan?

          Compañeros Estoy comunicandome con un local taiguanes q tiene todo respuesto... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

          Compañeros! Estoy comunicandome con un local taiguanes q tiene todo respuesto de Yamaha VRR.. Asiq espero q pueda enviarme lo q le pedi.. De ser asi, se los recomiendo

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          • Ahi lei un par de comentarios q no habia visto. yo me la jugue y compre a ese contacto que vas a comprar vos.(hay una realidad es que ellos no son argentinos osea es muy dificil que te vallan a cagar) Pague por Paypal. ya tenia la tarjeta asociada fueron 4 clics. Si te lo retienen tenes que ir con un papel que te llega te dan una fecha limite(andate una hora antes porque pinta la fila), vas te preguntan que hay, deciles repuestos de moto llevate la boleta de paypal calculale la guita del impuesto en dol y pasalo a pesos (algo de lo que no me avive es de descontarle el envio al monto que pague por paypal proba pelearle eso capas te ahorras unos pesos ) . te dan una boleta y te vas a pagarla al banco volves golpeas la puerta mostras la boleta te buscan el paquete y te las tomas re contento con tus juguetitos nuevos. jajaja.

          • el envio no me acuerdo cuanto salio. pero ahi dicen que le sale 45 dol el envio de las 4 cosas. varia con el tamaño y peso de lo que compres el envio. me dio un num de seguimiento..

          • ECS o algo asi eran 3 letras es como correo argentino con seguimiento

          Robb Harper shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

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          • Sounds like you always run Into the good sound guys. I had one a couple weeks ago who tried to refuse to use the di out of my rack. Tried to bypass my whole rig by wanting to di straight from the bass! on top of ignorance he had a bad attitude as well.

          • Obnoxious Tone - Love the TALAS Riffs!

          • Dan DaNikk Linich, I know I posted this before, but what I used to do when I talked to a sound guy was point to the cabinet for the P-pup and say "rhythm guitar" and point to the cabinet for the woofer pup and say "bass." I never had a problem.

          How crucial is it to get a power commander if you upgrade to an aftermarket... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

          How crucial is it to get a power commander if you upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust from the stock one?

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          • You don't need a PC immediately if you're new exhaust has a silencer in it.

          • And If in doubt, try the leanness test as I posted above, but Matt is likely spot on about the silencer thing. It makes sense given the assumed decrease in exhaust outlet surface area a silencer would afford.

          • I went from AdvGear RevB on exhaust with silencer to a stock map. Bike runs a little cleaner with slight decrease in power. Bike seems a little happier. I have cranky neighbors so I usually leave my silencer in.

          Ask lang mga sir normal po ba tong ingay na to po sa mc natin Stock po motor... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

          Ask lang mga sir normal po ba tong ingay na to po sa mc natin ? Stock po motor ko slamat po

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          • Cge po sir pero pag ok lang yan sb nd ko na papabukas sa kanya sa yamaha center pa man din

          • Pa adjust mo ulit ang valve kasi pag subra luwag masi2rira ung valve mo mahal paman ang valve, nasiraan na ako ng valve kaya kunting tik2 sound adjust ako agad, naka cam ako faito s4 evo pro prang stock pag umandar ang makina ko.

          • sa akin din,,nung hindi ko pa pinapatune up yun mc ko nun,,wala pa lagitik,,pero nun pina tune up ko biglang nagkaroon,,advice lang,,punta talaga kayo sa mga expert pah dating sa mc natin,?

          Anyone know of a cruise control or throttle lock that will work on the bolt — Yamaha Bolt

          Anyone know of a cruise control or throttle lock that will work on the bolt? I'd prefer cruise control because of the rolling hills around me, but I'd take a throttle lock if that is all I can find.

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          • Ok. Thank you again. Much appreciated.

          • no problems :)

          • I'll ask the dude I got mine from who makes it. Mine is sweet and it was $30

          I really wish they would make an FZ6R that had all the higher performance parts... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

          I really wish they would make an FZ6R that had all the higher performance parts of the R6! I would pay the extra couple K to have the horsepower and better suspension, without having to completely rebuild the bike!

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          • Triumph street triple is my goal bike later down the line.

          • Kelly Kenselaar Lowering a bike brings the rake in on the front which makes it turn a lot sharper. Yes it can destabilize it at a point but over all it makes it feel like a hole different bike. I have my 04 FZ6 lowered 1 1/2"

          • To follow up on Daves comment regarding Rake for those who are curious.


          Ok guys just about to do a deal on a bolt can I get some honest feedback please — Yamaha Bolt

          Ok guys, just about to do a deal on a bolt, can I get some honest feedback please

          1 - do the shocks on the R-spec work noticeably better than the standard?

          2 - With the R-spec seat, does it discolour of wear considering it at some stage will get wet?

          Have you guys with the R-spec had the seat wet and is it all good being suede, or is it not?

          3- Have any of your pulled the white Bolt sticker of the mat grey tank, and did it come off ok?

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          • i got about 145 when the gas light came on not exactly sure how far on reserve you can go did not want to find out so i filled up right away . 3 Rides on bike and 280 km put on so far .

          • the reserve light comes on when the tank has 2.8 litres left. I am getting a customer 16 litre tank for my bike - I wish to ride longer instead of fueling up every 2-3 hours lol.

          • R-spec are a world of difference from the original brotha

          Paalala lang po — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

          Paalala lang po.

          sa mga dadaan ng intersection malapit sa SM Molino, active po silang nanghuhuli this morning at meron silang panukat.

          enforcer: sir naka-pipe po kau...

          me: ano po? kunwaring d narinig.

          enforcer: naka-pipe ka.

          me: natural po, kung wala po yan huhulihin po ako ng LTO.

          enforcer: stock pipe b yan?

          me: hindi po, may silencer po yan.

          enforcer: silip si ungas, ok na.

          naawa lang ako sa mga nahuli na d alam kung paano nila ipaglaban yung karapatan nila at basta basta nalang sila tiniketan n d man sinukat. ang dami nilang nahuli.

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            Question I have a 2013 fz6r can I change the pipe on it without having to... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

            Question: I have a 2013 fz6r...can I change the pipe on it without having to change the whole exhaust system? The factory one is way too quiet!

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            • Yup, cut at the ring Austen.

            • I used a sawsall (reciprocating saw). Very quick, clean and easy.

            • I sure do Josh Kinch...thanks u guys are the best! :)

            Ok You know that awkward moment when you are pissed at your carbs cause it wont... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

            Ok You know that awkward moment when you are pissed at your carbs cause it wont idle and you go to remove them and discover one of your mounting boot bolts about to fall out cause its that loose? Well in there But good news is she again runs like a Ninja!

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            • Shaun, try Bennies cycle in Minot, nd. The guys a rip off artist, but he's has parts like you won't believe. I always had to pull my carbs off EVERY spring for a quick cleaning. I rubbed the boots down with silicone grease (inside and out) every time and let them sit for about an hour, then wiped then dry it really helped to keep them soft. Worked great.

            • I found new ones on ebay for 45 bucks My local yamaha dealer has them brand new factory stock 147.00US mine are all bad but ay least its ridable till my new ones come in test drove it And actually DID blow a

              Ninja away in about an 1/8

              Mile just now

            • As much as my virago pissed me off, I will say this, my xv750 was faster off the line than my vtx1300. The vtx is a much nicer machine though. I always wanted to keep my virago and turn it into a cafe racer just for fun around town. I just didn't have the time for the project though.

            Question We have a xs650 that was gave to us no title no tank Is there any... — Yamaha XS650

            Question... We have a xs650 that was gave to us no title no tank. Is there any specific designs or markings that separate different models?

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            • More than welcome man! One thing you should do is get it running first before you blow it apart if at all possible, saves on the headaches later.

            • Yeah I had planned to hit the motor first

            • Forgot you didn't have a title, get that done before you go too far.

            tanong lang po — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

            tanong lang po.

            pag po ba naka on HID humihina busina nyo. pagdi nakaON HID ok busina kahit di nakastart motor malakas busina and nakakastart naman push start ko

            mejo matagal na din ung bat ko. palitin na kaya bat

            ty po

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            • ung battery operated palang sa motor ko eh ung HID yata. putol na ung may yellow wire nung binili ko motor ko. 2nd hand lang po motor ko

            • Eto sir. Hid park light, hid rin headlyt ko mag 1 and half year na walang lowbat. Kahit magbusina. May hazard pa nga tong snipee ko.

            • ganun ba sir. sira na kaya bat ng sniper ko. mejo natagal na din yata to na nakastock nung binili ko. nababasa ko mas maganda daw gamitin ung di tubig kesa sa maintenance free na battery. pag wala ilaw na HID ok naman busina ko and start. pag ON HID mahina busina pero working ung ilaw nya. di ko lang natry kung magstart ung push button kung nakaON HID ko

            Anyone switched their headlights to an LED style and like it — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

            Anyone switched their headlights to an LED style and like it?

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            • I have seen fan cooled heatsinks that work well. But definitely not for outdoors

            • Yeah. The whole aluminum housing in these lights is the heatsink. They don't get very hot.

            • I love mine so bright and can see amazing in the dark and they last foreveerrrr

            Ok Bods done jets and neadles done sync done mix screws done but is it possible... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

            Ok, Bods done, jets and neadles done, sync done mix screws done but is it possible that the screws r right with 3 rounds open?

            No popping what so ever, runs ok.

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            • Did you make sure your idle speed was correct should be around 950 to 1000 rpm

            • It's fine, ride it!

            • I know Tim, with your stuf its allways fine. Just wondering :) for others i dont give a rats ass what size are the jets because I trust the man who sold them to me :) the exhaust is dragpipes with paffles and dbkillers. Shall we call it of, it runs great all the way to the max throttle so its gotta be fine like Tim said, lets ride :)

            Has anyone done a hypercharger install on there 1100 If so does it make a big... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

            Has anyone done a hypercharger install on there 1100? If so does it make a big difference in power??? Just wondering

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            • I think you would have to be doing some serious wide-open throttle racing, to notice any hesitation problems caused from the float levels.

            • Looks like I have a little more research to do before I pull out the credit card.LOL But seriously thanks for all the help guys, until the other day I never even heard about pod kits.

            • A pod kit just puts a filter directly on the intake elbows where the intake box would be. It's the simplest, cheapest, and most effective.

            MGa boss pano ba mag refill ng coolant sa sniper at saan ba linalagay sa... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

            MGa boss pano ba mag refill ng coolant sa sniper at saan ba linalagay sa mismong radiator ba?

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            • meron turnilyo ser sa block. 6mm un sir. Nasa gitna ng block. Dun mo drain un collant mo kung gusto mo palitan. Hindi tutulo ang coolant kapag naka takip pa ang Rad Cap. Habng drain mo tanggalin mo yun reservoir. Palitan mo ng bago. After ma drain kabit mo lang un bolt na 6mm. Tapos lagay mo na coolant.

            • kapag meron pa thermostat yan. Paandarin mo habang naka idle lagyan mo coolant.

            • prang langis lng po yan ung sa baba psikot ikot lng un punta tqas punta baba prang nag rretorn lng po kya sa taas m salinan paps

            I have a 1989 Warrior and it leaks oil pretty bad on the side by the shifter... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

            I have a 1989 Warrior and it leaks oil pretty bad on the side by the shifter and I was wondering could it be that the o-ring for the oil filter cap is bad or do I have another issue. I went over the case and it appears that there's no cracks or anything but the chain was popped once and broke off the part by the front sprocket but no damage to crack the case or anything. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks

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            • Ok well I'll be home tomorrow and if I'm home and its still light out I'll check all that but if I'm home and its dark ill check it Monday after school and let ya know

            • Lol you know I'm only like 30 minutes from you?

            • Haha yea but I wanna get into working on shit by myself a little bit. If I need help with anything I can take my quad to gap racing and have it redone for half price by the owner. Sent me a friend request so I don't have to search for this post tomorrow or Monday lol.

            Photos from Rich Nichol's post — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

            Just replaced my 4-1-2 Kerker with a Stainless Supertrapp 4-1..was a pain but worth it as it looks like I can reach drain plug without removing headers and with my RPM oil adapter it will make oil changes a lot easier.

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            I know the motors changed a lot from 98 to 99 but the rest is pretty seems to... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

            I know the motors changed a lot from 98 to 99 but the rest is pretty seems to be the same. Anybody know if the carbs are the same. Finding good deals on carb kits for 99 to 01 but nothing for 98 on the couple sites I buy from.

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            • What kind of carb? Mikuni 38mm or Keihin pwk or pwm ?

              I'd type in the model carb in google an see what happens. Ima look.

              Look at or too

            • Look under universal parts too. Found a few for under 30$-$145

            • The vin was on the stem. Not sure what carb model it is. It's a keihn I know tho.

            New here. My 97 — Yamaha V-Max

            New here. My 97

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            • welcome , enjoy the ride and keeps all hands in and no throwing up....and lean when need too..

            • Lol, now I just need to get her back to power.

            • welcome !

            Share ko lang mga bossing . y — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

            Share ko lang mga bossing- (y)

            One of my bad riding experience abroad (some locals there but not all said Filipinos are slow on thinking and so fort)

            Oh really... :putnam:

            I was really speeding one hot afternoon, where a young rookie police officer pulled me over for speeding

            Officer : Nice baik! syiuzuki (suzuki daw) ! (while taking off his shades),can i see dreebers leisins? are u filipin? you tink u pipil are fast?(base on their accents)

            Me : an R1 sir,yes i am filipino and i don't have any license. expired!

            Officer : may i see you peeper of this motosikal?

            Me: It's not my bike too!

            Officer: su you seeyeng you stool this motosikal?

            Me: (while sliding my hand inside my suit) infact i even shot the owner of this bike few hours ago

            Officer angas namutla nanlaki mata napaatras dahan dahan while smilin a grin on my face staring at him as he radios his captain/superior for assistance and reporting and started to point a Tazer at me (thank God he did not pull the trigger).Not long 4 police bikes arrived and the captain approached me to handle the tense situation..Officer angas stood by his patrol car smiling at me at umiiling iling the captain interogates me

            Captain : good dee sir, kin i see yur leesense?

            Me : (in good mood smiley feeling ) :-) ofcourse sir here it is. (valid license ko and updated)

            Captain: is dis yu motosikal? can i see d peepers?

            Me: yes it is mine sir. sure no prob sir reaching for my wallet (Girbaud wallet na uso noon un mahaba) inside my suit pra mapakita un rehistro ng bike all valid syempre..

            Captain : mai officer seed you shoot someone? he said you hab gun in yur jeket? can we check u ap? could you sloleeh ah open your jeket..?

            Me: Sure sir no prob,,(which i did followed his command)

            one of the his officers that escorted the captain did the checking and they found nothing on me from head to toe..

            Captain : (gulantang na) i don't understan, my upiser who stopp you said u don't hiv liseense, no peepers of this dis dis motosikal (pawisan katirikan ng araw) and he iben sed u shot d owner of this baik...yet i see no prublim (while looking angry at his rookie officer from his patrol car)

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            • galing boss,,:) hands down