Do I loose my extra lights or not — Yamaha Virago XV 750


Do I loose my extra lights or not ?

I also feel like changing the horns …

Your views ?

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  • I've decided to loose them. They only work on high beam, and I hardly use that.

    So, when I remove the headlight, I'll find a spaghetti of wires underneath (I know 'cos I've already seen it !). Is severing the spotlights wires enough or do I have to do something else ???

  • Move over wire from high beam to low beam inside your original lamp so they shine when running on low beam, I then have a switch so I can turn them off if I want to. These candles are a little cheap life insurance.

  • Thanks !

    I asked a friend to look, but couldn't solve it.

    I may look around for a garage and see if they can solve it !

So I have the matte grey r spec and I m getting a mini fairing for it But I... — Yamaha Bolt

So I have the matte grey r-spec, and I'm getting a mini fairing for it. But I need feed back, glass black fairing or matte grey fairing? I want to go with glass but not sure how it would look.

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  • I would stick with the same color as the bike. You could always black out the lense if that's the look your going for.

  • I have the mini fairing on my matt grey r-spec . I love it . I think you will too . I may put some window film on lens to darken . If i dont like i can always take it off .

What s causing my warrior to have a high idle Also it seems to be leaking gas... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

What's causing my warrior to have a high idle? Also it seems to be leaking gas too. Both from the top of the bowl and also the drain screw.

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  • Look at the bottom of your carb. The air mix screw may have fallen out. My buddies warrior did the same thing and it revved high and leaked gas

  • I pulled it apart yesterday and cleaned it out to see if it would help but its still doing the same. The mix screw gasket and the bowl gasket might be bad. That's what I'm thinking as far as the leak. But I didn't notice the bad boot. I'll have to double check. Anyway a bad float will cause the high idle

  • Carburetor..i always have that issue with the gas leaking out

On my 02 YZ. What is the correct volume of oil to have in my forks. In cc — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

On my 02 YZ... What is the correct volume of oil to have in my forks?? In cc... Thanks.

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  • Think I might try some duct tape this time... Plastic bag ripped on me last time hence the nicked seal.

  • We have different forks. Between the 2006 and 2008 model, the latter has 4mm shorter forks. Stock level oil height is 245mm and I adjusted mine to 230mm. I use only the standard Kayaba fork oil in the inside chamber and ATF for the outside

  • Jacob buddy, cc is similar to ml. Cubic centimetre is also equal to millilitre. I'm just using English-English spelling. either way it's the same as the American-English cubic centimeter or milliliter

Out of oil. What should I try next. Klotz. Redline. Motul — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

Out of oil.... What should I try next? Klotz? Redline? Motul?

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  • ... wow I learned so much....

  • Hey Darryl Haney, you're a wealth of 1st hand info plus with all the practicalities that go with them

  • I don't know if they are still available this was from the post computer era of the 1980s. Lol. Maybe Yamaha has some kinda micro phish you could look at haha

Any body know anything about recalibrating a speedometer on a bike Mine is off... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Any body know anything about recalibrating a speedometer on a bike. Mine is off so my trip meter is wrong also. At 70 im really only doing about 63. Its a 2000 star 1100

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  • Is it a factory tach or after market

  • Factory! Just change the face. 04 650 classic

  • Yeah i would try to change the needle up asap cause with a speedo being to high you are putting more mileage on the mileage counter than what you are driving. Don't want to have the wrong mileage if you ever sale or trade the bike in.

Ok guys I have an issue when I split the case open the washer in my hand was... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Ok guys, I have an issue, when I split the case open the washer in my hand was just chilling in the case, it does NOT fit on any of the tranny gears and I have no idea where it goes (it don't have any wear marks on it either) anyone done this before and can help me out??

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  • its a real life facebook app hidden objects :)

  • Lol

  • on 3 trow that peice over your shoulder and forget about it! 1.2.3 lol ding ding ding lol

Photos from Kevin Kloppers's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Deep chain clean & oiled, plenty of thick old grease removed. How many of you do this?

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  • To each their own. I choose to take care of my stuff. Dont get me wrong, i ride the fuck out of it. I just know that if u want things to last, take care of them. Prevents shitty breakdowns on the freeway to. But the main thing is pride. I work hard for my toys. Nobody thinks a dirty street bike with shit hanging off it is sexy.

  • Jeff Boswell thank you! You said exactly what I feel.. with you 100%

  • I clean the chain and fling areas about 1000km. Easier to keep clean than to plough through old scum. Kero on a paintbrush works wonders, let dry then re-oil where needed.

Quick question when adjusting my chain should the quad be off the ground — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Quick question when adjusting my chain should the quad be off the ground

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  • I just did mine and i did it on the ground with no one on it and its fine

  • Compress the back of it and I bet it will tighten up more than you think.

  • I did and it was fine and i rode it the fay after for like 5 hours and some tuff terrain and nothing happens that chain is fine

Pulling out to the lake for the summer — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Pulling out to the lake for the summer!

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  • Jealous! Wish I was doing the same out here in the PNW but it's still raining!

  • Don't be too jealous it's 54 and raining today in NE Ohio lol

  • Lol ok that's about what it is here. Oh well, the crummy weather is giving me a chance to get all my stereo/speakers and 2nd battery set up installed today so I guess that makes up for it. Hope summer gets here soon and stay around for the both of us!

Photos from Travis Martin's post — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Took everything off the rear fender yesterday to get an idea of how it would look. Think it will look goo once i droo the rear end and clean up the rear fender. Any ideas?

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  • Was 40. Now 43

  • Wow thats awesome. Ive never checked mine, plus my speedometer is off so my trip gauge wouldnt be right anyways. But i know it does decent. I go forever before i have to refuel.

  • Well, what do I know John Ramsey. Baffles are generally used to reduce the sound level of the exhaust note. The secondary value of baffles is that they help create back pressure in the exhaust system. Back pressure helps the engine create torque. The narrower the inner diameter of the baffle, the more back pressure, therefore the higher torque value. Very high performance engines may not require as much exhaust back pressure restrictions created by baffles. I wouldn't say that the 1100 is a high performance engine...but then again, what do I know. ;)

I m looking to drop my front end down a little bit. How far should I do it — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

I'm looking to drop my front end down a little bit. How far should I do it? I was told you get a little better performance through the corners if you drop it a little bit. Is that true?

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  • They make kickstand for lowered bikes. Trex makes a nice one for around $70.

  • 1 1/2 cornering is now effortless

  • Droping the front end increases cornering but less stable in straight line at speed

Hey quick question I have a 2009 and my bike has been making a buzzing rattling... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Hey quick question, I have a 2009 and my bike has been making a buzzing/ rattling sound from the front somewhere when I'm giving it gas and up shifting. Has anyone had a problem like this?

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  • Mine did it to but mine was mirror bolts worked lose

  • Check exhaust. Tighten bolts to torque at the engine.

  • When riding, put your finger on the small trim piece under the speedo. Mine does it at times at around 4K.

aaarrrggghhh — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT


musta been sent the wrong bloody caliper, no matter which way round and which combination of spacering i use i just cannot get the caliper to fit

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  • That would explain the gap between caliper and hanger when i followed the mod sheet. If i got the 1100 hanger and a 750 wheel and there is a hub size difference of 10mm

  • I got the 11 wheel then cuz my cush rubbers i bought came in a set of 5. And i'm one short

  • Hmmm mine measures 177 from inside sprocket to inside disc. But all things being equal i have the spacers in place and the wheels in line only issue is the rear wheel is just over a mil off centre to the right

What s the best piston to buy for my stock 98 YZ250 — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

What's the best piston to buy for my stock 98 YZ250?

Wiseco? Namura? Vertex?

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  • I also have Wiseco now but I will be replacing it soon with an OEM piston. I prefer the cast irons over the forged steel. That's just me though gents....

  • They are cast aluminum and forged a Aluminum lol

  • Oh yeah Darryl LOL!

Do frame sliders do anything other than protect the side of the bike if laid... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Do frame sliders do anything other than protect the side of the bike if laid down or is that it's only purpose?

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  • They are the difference between riding your bike home after a lowside in the hills in the middle of nowhere or alternately having to arrange to transport the bike with a smashed crankcase back home.

  • You can also rest your legs on them so long as the cops don't spot you doing it.

  • Personally I find "having to lay a bike down" to be a misguided term in the age of modern sportbikes.

    Disk brake & suspension technology is suitably advanced that it had made intentionally dropping the bike to be an obsolete concept..unless you ride a panhead.

    Or if you are heading straight for a tree on the grass.

    As for losing traction & sliding the bike out on slippery surfaces or on a corner & low siding..that is never an intended action by the rider.

    Shit happens. Sliders help.

    But once the rubber is in the air & plastic is on the ground, pyhsics take over and determine the damage your bike will sustain.

I was Ridin east on Cherry Road approaching the Eagle Road intersection today... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

I was' Ridin' east on Cherry Road approaching the Eagle Road intersection today, which is a major thoroughfare hub. There was a long line of traffic stopped in the outside lane as I approached from the inside lane; the light was green I had a clear shot all the way through the intersection, when the Jackass at the end of the line got an Inpatient bug up his ass. He cranked the wheel, hit the gas and jumped right out in front of me. He never looked at his mirrors or checked his blind spot. He just hit the gas and went. If I would have been 10 feet closer, I would've slammed into him......

Impatient SOB's like that really chap my ass. It oughta be legal to pull people like that outta their vehicles and slap the s*** out of them just for being stupid.....

Its a good thing I am extremely wary of situations like this & I slow way down if needed, even if I miss the light. One too many close calls with reckless cagers in this exact situation. Ride safe brothers & sisters.....

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  • then you would be (plain stupid) Jim ;)

  • i carry all the time but would never bring a gun into that kind of situation, lets face it there's a lot of people that just don't look for a bike and or preoccupied with there cell phone..

  • Once they get in the car It's all about them.

There s a 1983 yamaha IT 250 K for sale in port augusta SOUTH AUSTRALIA for... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

There's a 1983 yamaha IT 250 K for sale in port augusta SOUTH AUSTRALIA for $3000 in really good condition of anyone wants one

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  • Would be good this one has all the stuff for the road

  • Yes it would. Calling it a day, busy day at work then getting everything loaded , worn out. See ya !

  • Niiiiiice

Just got this through MD state inspection after two tries Any ideas for... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Just got this through MD state inspection after two tries. Any ideas for customization? Definetly going to take saddlebag brackets off.

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  • Well my bike got paid off awhile back, so hopefully when I pay off my truck in three more years, I am going to either get another bike, like a chopper or bobber or get a old rat rod or muscle car to fix up, or at least able to be driven!!!!

  • Lol, as a man i completely understand what you are saying.

  • Every bike is different. Just spend some quality time with her and she'll let ya know...

I have a 87 warrior and the people I got it off of cut the wiring harness for... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

I have a 87 warrior and the people I got it off of cut the wiring harness for the key switch. The key switch I put on it has a Brown/Red/Black/Black and White wires on it, but the only wires I can find on the harness that's cut is Brown/Red/Black/Black and purplish wire. So I hooked them all up matching the colors using the black and purplish one as the black and white one, and my atv won't fire at the plug. but when I tie the black one on the harness the the black/purplish one on the harness it starts but cant get the light switch on handlebar to work. What is the black/purplish one for? Does the 87 key switch have anything to do with the light switch? I cant find the black/purplish one on any wiring diagram

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    Share ko lng ngaun lng umaga papunta kmi ni utol malolos angkas ko sya with... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    Share ko lng ngaun lng umaga papunta kmi ni utol malolos angkas ko sya with 12kilos na pinya touring mode sa meycauayan takbo nmin mga 60 to 80 kph komo maingay pipe ko tinabihan ako ng r150 blue satria decals nakapipe at rainbow rim wala angkas syempre ingay nya kc naka namban pipe sya round 1 hinabol nya ako dumikit sya mga isang motor gap pero second gear ko pa lng sya papasok na fourt gear pagpasok nya fourt lumayo ako saka ko pa lng pasok 3rd gear ko ala na tuluyan sya naiwan then rough road gngawa kalsada nauna ulit sya bumomba ulit kc may deretso sa unahan inisip nya baka tsamba ko lng nauna sya sinilip ako sa side mirror sv ko nag aaya tlga ito pinagbigyan ko ulit nung dumidikit nko naka 2nd gear nko nun sya 3rd na nung mauunahan ko na sya naglow gear sya para cguro makabwelo sya ulit kaso malayo nko tuluyan na sya naiwan pagdating sa trapik lyt nagminor ako umabot sya tumingin sa gulong ko sa likod kc malaki eh tapos nauna na sya ulit ayon pinabayaan ko na sya mauna.take note angkas ko pa c utol laki gulong ko touring mode lng kaso may sutil eh ayon pahiya sya.share ko lng po d ako nagyayabang

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    • Last week ng may uwi ko eh kaso magstay ako sa manila for anniversary natin sa main... ako lang Ata nc2. 24 25 yun the rest gang 1 pwede ako ^^ dadaan n talaga ajo senyo haha

    • hehehe,gnyan mga naka r150

    • ano size ng gulong at sprocket mo pre?

    Mga paps Tanung lang po San po b banda makikita ang FUEL FILTER At panu un... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    Mga paps... Tanung lang po.. San po b banda makikita ang FUEL FILTER?? At panu un na papalitan? Pa see nmn po kng may pic po kau? Tnx po.....

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    • Oo strainer... Un nga sabi ko paranf strainer heehhe... Sa tingin ko same function lang naman sa filter diba? Anyway agree ako sa recommend nyo na fuel filter.... Lalo nat nagchange carb kasi wala na strainer un

    • Nuh po ung ssvhn q pg bumili aq nun?

    • wala po fuel filter ang sniper.... un nkkbit s ilalim ng fuel tank malapit s monoshock ay fuel cock lng.

    I just installed a HID conversion kit I went for a drive but the bike is not... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    I just installed a HID conversion kit, I went for a drive, but the bike is not putting enough power out for the HID. i have the relay harness to install, But i have a question. Is the light reduce relay the same as the Hi/lo relay? I have 2003 cstar classic.

    Thanks for the help


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    • the system is charging at 14.15 so i'm good there. going to run the relay. i'll let you know

    • so after all the testing, I believe the ballast is bad, it works great for a few minutes, then the light starts going on and off. time to contact the seller

    • So after going through everything, I have traced the flickering to a bad ground on a USB charger I installed. I fixed that and all my issues went away. I was amazed the ground caused this. Thanks for everyones thoughts!

    So it looks like I m SOL. can t put my mini amplifier under my fairing — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    So it looks like I'm SOL...can't put my mini amplifier under my fairing...I tried and there's no room

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    • Bought this adhesive. Gonna give it a try

    • That's the same as shoe goo. Pretty strong stuff!

    • All Goop products are awesome! I built this with it!

    When I start my 03 warrior when its cold it smokes I think white for around a... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    When I start my 03 warrior when its cold it smokes I think white for around a minute and once its fully warmed up it does not smoke an ounce and it runs perfect all around. What could be the problem here? or is it not a problem?

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    • what kind of oil do you put in ,me i put 10w40 summer and 10w30 winter and i dont put wamaha lube but i put ester 5100 Motul 4t in it ,always put the best oil and dont put wamaha oil cause mine had the same probleme

    • yea i put the 10w40 in the summer but i do amsoil with a K&N oil filter

    • me i use No Toil filter oil ,its a kit that come with rim greaser,oil filter and filter cleaner and it dosnt and i use uni air filter

    Is there a big difference between the stock exhaust and the cobra slip on for... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    Is there a big difference between the stock exhaust and the cobra slip-on for the 1300? Just wondering if it's worth the money.

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    • I drilled out my exhaust in my 1300 RSMV. Increase sound, no loss of power, can still hear the stereo, 4 1/2in holes both sides. Plenty cheap!

    • We have cover slip on very easy to install great deal for the money. Definite difference in the sound

    • What you put in for exhaust and having to have a power commander

    We ve been down here at Panama City Beach Florida since Wednesday night for the... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    We've been down here at Panama City Beach, Florida since Wednesday night for the Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally . It rained on us just a little on the way down here (Me mostly, I was on the bike, lol) and we ran into a couple of road closures but we made it without any problems. Yesterday was mostly rain off and on with wet pavement all day and even water across some of the city streets during the morning hrs. Today is going to be better with maybe some showers this morning but clearing this afternoon and throughout the weekend. All venues are scheduled to be up and running today. Let's hope so. Having a good time and as usual making the most of it. Will be posting picture of us down in "Sunny Florida" just as soon as that happens, lol.

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      Photos from John Goodenough's post — Yamaha XS650

      Can't help myself... :-)

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      • John Goodenough. I am glad to see you are still using my spray job from twenty years ago. In 1995 I won New Era class championship for the year, on a 840 with the same tank.

      • It really is special. Chipped along the seams a bit, but I have some chequered edge trimming which will hide that very well.

      • great paint

      I saw an ad here in Sweden on a Virago 750 that they claim is from 2002 but if... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

      I saw an ad here in Sweden on a Virago 750 that they claim is from 2002, but if I remember correctly, it was 1997 or 1998 that they stopped manufacturing these .... Correct me if I'm wrong ..

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      • I would agree with Helmut Delong, I have 2 wich were imported from the philippines, and in the Certificate of registration (CR) one of them is registered as a 1998 model, but this is a xv 700. They are both 1984 models. As they come from another country they register it date and year they are taken to register. Therefore you end up with another year in CR. It`s quite confusing as I thought mine was not a veteran, and here in Norway that would have cost me loads of money as the taxes are skyhigh. Unfortunate I still have not had any of them registered, but I`m working on it. To check out which productionyear use the Vinnumber to find out. I cant`t remember the side, but if you google it you`ll find it. They can also, for a little amount 2-3 dollars confirm this for you. I`m now eager to get my xv700 up and running to check if I get to register it here in Norway, now I`m a step closer to it. I have just had copies from original deed of sale and copy of original CR and Original registration(OR), and here in Norway you should think that they wouldn`t allow you to ride oldies just because they really don`t have no cost, and no income for taxes. Now I just heard that the most important paper for them are the custompapers. It`s a big relieve for me, I hope.

      • I have checked my vin number on two placec online and it says my bike is made 1997, but in one of this places it says that my bike is a fourweeler ha ha ha ..... So now i have to went out to the garage and look for my two new weels :-)

      • Lol Sven-Arne Adolfsson

      Photos from Stinct Fingah's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

      Mga kapwa riders anung masasabi nyu dto

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      • maidagdag ko din, hindi sa modification ng bikes ang sanhi ng aksidente, nasa rider lagi, WHY??? parts are parts machine are machines? sino gumagawa nyan e diba tayo din HUMANS? pagnagkamali sa parts pagkakamali ng owner yan bat yan sinalpak nyan parts (hndi nya kasi inaalam ) at tska nsa rider din ang sanhi ng aksidente hndi sa kotse or motor, its always human error kung mayabang ka magpatakbo or laseng ka.. wala kang disiplina sa sarili mo at sa kapwa mo..

      • Wala tayo magagawa. NASA PILIPINAS TAYO!.

      • wala din siguro magawa to sa buhay nya... dami problema ng lipunan, hwag ka na dumagdag mr. modified.

      Darryl Crane posted in YAMAHA PICS/MODIFICATIONS — with Lisa Tanner. — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

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      • Post a pick of your ride if you want. Maybe get some ppl brainstorming anyways. I don't have to tell you that the bars depend on the bike style to a great degree also

      • The only problem i would for see is keeping the factory risers would be only being able to do broomstick bars, and with them being shorter youll have the issue of the throttle cable and brakes not wanting to respond or respond very short due to being bound up. So if you did do that youll need to replace those with shorter cables. Even though mine bars have a very slight bend they would hit the side with factory risers. I dont think it would really flow myself. That is a personal opinion and nothing else. If you are keeping the windscreen and bags then i might consider keeping those bars because your not really going to be able to have a flush look. You might want to reconsider the T bars or just keep the factory bars. I'm not sure where you live, but im in Jacksonville Fl, if your close i have a extra set of T bars from another V star doing nothing but taking up space you could look at on the bike, see if you might like. Anyways, hope that is some helpful info, its a pretty bike man. Post pics as you go, i never mind being proven wrong and im interested to see where it's headed.

      • Oh i dont charge for stuff im not even using lol. They arent like the ones in your pic, but i do like those. You might be able to get it in without trouble from the cables, just a problem ive come across. I'll get a pic of the bars and put it up.

      Anyone have or heard the Baron brand slip on muffler on the Bolt — Yamaha Bolt

      Anyone have or heard the Baron brand slip on muffler on the Bolt?

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      Has anyone tried or have a reevu helmet Rear view helmet Looks like a great... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Has anyone tried or have a reevu helmet? (Rear view helmet). Looks like a great idea. Not sure how well it works or if it is distracting.

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      • I do not work nor promote in anyway but google skully helmets. If anything comes close to Ironmans helmet it is that helmet! I don't think it's out yet as it's still going three testing but I do want lol

      • This would be sick on the street

      • Thanks for info on the reevu helmet. I will definitely wait to try one of these products before buying

      How many quarts if oil does a yamaha vstar 650 take and will 10 30 b good — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      How many quarts if oil does a yamaha vstar 650 take and will 10-30 b good

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      • Says*

      • It is real simple. Not rocket science. Go to the web site that Kris Crane has provided earlier in this discussion and it layes it out so easy a caveman could do it. The web page is for an 1100 but the oil information is the same.

      • My owners manual, does say 20/40 though

      so people can build a custom bike and get it registered how can we change the... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      so people can build a custom bike and get it registered. how can we change the registration so it dose not fall in to the lams category so we can fuck the restriction off and change the preformance.

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      • LAMS bikes are for learners, de-restrict if you want to,,, I have and probably 99% of FZ6R riders have in Australia. Why worry? what is the most you will get? jail? no... Chances of anything happening to you are slim to be honest.. But if you bought an FZ6R LAMS and you are off your restriction, then why not just sell it and buy a bigger bike? You wont make money but what you get for it in a trade in will probably pay it off if you are paying finance on it... IM away Wed to look at the MT01/..if i get it then then FZ will go.... I was gonna keep it,, but why? waste of money,,

      • +1 Dan McLean. I'll be looking at trading my JX6NL in once I get my opens hopefully in December. Now the MT-09 looks great for a daily

      • Edward, the MT09 is a nice piece of Kit. very quick and powerfull,,, front end lifts up easy with the throttle.... I like it but it looks too much like the style of the FZ6R although much lighter and I would asume it feels similar.. Im going for the MT01,,

      Here s a challenge to you guys. I have a caliper piston seized. from a 75 model — Yamaha XS650

      Here's a challenge to you guys. I have a caliper piston seized (from a 75 model), not responding to compressed air or fluid behind it. Looking for creative ways to extract the piston from the caliper. The winning suggestion will get a US$20.00 certificate from

      (yes, I have heated the caliper, etc)

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      • We have a winner! Since I could not find a grease fitting around the shop that could fit on the caliper, I followed Fritz Dorr advice "Throw it in a freezer then hit housing with a torch when you take it out of the freezer." I squirted a bit of engine oil through the line-in hole and the piston flew out of the caliper as soon as my compressor kicked in at 100psi. Thank you all for all the tips! I have copied them all in a document for future reference. :-)

      • Here's the pesky piston out. BTW, the winner won by a 10 min margin. It wasn't the only suggestion, but Fritz was the first to post it.

      — Yamaha V-Max

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      • Looks cool, but holy hell that is a bad combination.

      • Nice !

      • Stupendaaaa!!!!!!

      Might trade my warrior for a 660 raptor any problems i should look for — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      Might trade my warrior for a 660 raptor any problems i should look for

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      • Nice to know Jesse. I just looked it up and they superseded the number so I should be good on mine. I bought new OEM intakes when I went through it.

      • Head problems

      • they dont have head problems where did you hear that crap

      Jeff D. Jacob shared a link to the group: Yamaha Stryker Owners. — Yamaha Stryker Owners

      What is the length you need to order from chrome glow for the rear brake/run/turn led strip? I've seen anywhere between 9.8", 11" & up to 14.1" being used... opinions?

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      • Yea it sucked. Had to be at our STAR meeting to distribute patches. Ended up pulling the fender off and hardwiring it to a hot wire so I could make it lol. Didn't have turn signals or brake light.

      • found them from the original manufacturer i think...

      • Yea a lot of chrome glow stuff I have gotten is packaged by radiantz I think cg is a resale place. I will say you can find a lot of online coupons for cg that make it worth buying from them. Not sure but CHROME09 has worked several times for me for a good discount.

      Can anyone tell if this is a 1. 5 rise — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Can anyone tell if this is a 1.5 rise?

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      • hard to say, but i am comparing the size of the clamp holes to the distance between the two centers and they appear to be about equal, so my guess is that they are a 1.5 rise.....25mm=approx 1inch so 41mm, is approx 1.5inch

      • I ordered them .. Wish me lucky .. Pics soon as I get them on

      • I looked at the woodcraft 1'in riser ones and these look higher ..and compare to the woodcraft 1.5 look similar... We will see

      Couldnt really see my flushmount blinkers from the front all that good and I... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Couldnt really see my flushmount blinkers from the front all that good and I was bored so I threw some LEDs in the mix

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      • Bahaha!!!!

      • Are they visible during the day? Your LEDS? because my flush mounts aren't and this seems like a good fix

      • haven't looked at em durin the day. I'll let u know though

      looking into buying communicators from bike to bike. any suggestions — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      looking into buying communicators from bike to bike...any suggestions?

      i have full face helmet but b/f has open face one ..hoping it won't interfere with wind noise

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      • thanks to everyone who replied ;)

      • Smh10r works great as long as both speakers work. Had a dud. Even has 2 microphones, one is a boom for half helmet.

      • As Mitchell said above, the new firmware for the senna's enables them to talk to other brands, so far no other brand does this, senna is my choice.

      I took my FJ to the local shop to get the brake pads changed after about 10 000... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

      I took my FJ to the local shop to get the brake pads changed after about 10,000 pretty hard miles. The brakes worked fine, but it knew it was (past) time. $260 parts and labor.

      Next day, on the freeway in traffic at around 65 mph, I hit the front brakes and guess what happened? Nothing. The mechanical genius had left the bleeder valve on the front brakes hand tight.

      Anything like this ever happen to you? What is the proper response from a shop whose f-up almost kills a customer? Serious question. And please don't say "Do your own work". I don't do mechanics. Because _I_ would probably forget to tighten a bleeder valve. I forget, but I do not forgive.

      It's a KTM dealership that works on all types of bikes. Independent, but not poor. What should they do to make it right? Front brakes are actually still mushy, after going back twice already, and back brakes squeal like a bitch when I pull up to a stoplight. What would you do?

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      • i`m with Craig on this one. i do all my own work, and when i need somebody to do something because of specialist equipment then i stand and watch, like having a tyre fitted, i remove and refit the wheel, all they do is fit the tyre

      • Sorry, know it's not what you want to hear, but... YOU are much less likely to make a mistake like that when YOUR life is on the line.

      • Maybe you bleeder valve worked loose in flight as a result of the distracted mechanic. Anyway always do a good pre-flight on your FJ before launching it.

      Photos from Mitch Pike's post — Yamaha C3

      c3 with ncy drag bars. nice and comfy

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      • thanks Bruce Gabriel

      • I have this rear shock, along with 20wt fork fluid, and a set of Bridgestone 130/90-10 tires on my older C3 & it rides rough roads like a motorcycle, soaking up pavement joints, holes in the road, & R/R tracks....Good road becomes a Magic Carpet! :)

      • In Addition, the 130 front tire causes the speedometer to display right with my (gps) +/- 0.5 mph up to 40mph indicated...:)

      Photos from Scott Chandler's post — Yamaha Virago XV 750


      Took the highway pegs off, took some weird exhaust chrome plate off, gave her a bath, and now im ready to ride! #Yamaha #Virago

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      • true I Just Put Mine back on Last week.. I will Update Pic when this Rain Blows Over... I Was Spring Cleaning it..

      • Oh okay, just was wondering. I think my height is what kills the hwy pegs for me. Plus it feels less stable and less controlable in that position. But its all about personal preference i suppose

      • I understand That..Completely When I Ride I like too Be Worry Free Of Stress and Everything.. because Some Of These People On the Road.. Scares the Hell Out of me..