Sadly I can only lurk learn. I don t have enough money for my own project — Yamaha XS650

Sadly I can only lurk & learn. I don't have enough money for my own project.

  • One more thing Michael, i really love my XS650 , and it´s not my first!! In 1980 i got a real new one , and hell what a ride!!! Since that time i have bin sold to the XS650 (But the SR500 can also turn me on , that "Single" is also one hell of a bike ha ha ha). I use my XS every day and not under 60km!! And in all kind of weather , sunshine , rain , etc etc.... Well you stay cool Michael , and i´m looking forward to see your finnish ride...Good Luck my friend........!!))

  • @ Michael: hold your head up... these things are not really expensive... but cool...get one, learn to love it .. and modivy as you can... the process can take years... that´ s what it´ s about...

  • Alot of Michaels around hahaha

    I'm 28 with a baby in a couple a weeks, in the Netherlands (the land of Heiden tuning) where XS's are pretty expensive.

I have two sets of BS38 carbs One set from the 79 has a snap ring that holds... — Yamaha XS650

I have two sets of BS38 carbs. One set from the 79 has a snap ring that holds the main jet needle in place. The set from the 82 just has a plastic disc and no snap ring. Any thoughts on this ?

  • The needle is free to flop around with only the plastic disc to hold it. The other slide has a snap ring to hold it in place

  • Michael R. Coffey, can you post up a pic of both sets of carbs?

  • Michael R. Coffey, I did some more looking and the carb your showing looks to be an early model bs38 between '70-'75. If that's the case, then I am wrong on the slide and needle id.Look up the parts break down on partzilla for the earlier models. l_ID_Chart.pdf

Ok guys got a bunch of dx and dr parts for sale let me know what you need — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Ok guys got a bunch of dx and dr parts for sale let me know what you need.I can ship and take paypal

  • sorry no headlight gaurds

  • I might need an air box. You have an estimate on how much it would be shipped? (Also in pa)

  • I checked only got one air box left but its missing the lid

Switched from super M to the maxima K2 hi RPM race formula Bout to go run it... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

Switched from super M to the maxima K2 hi RPM race formula. Bout to go run it now...

Review later.

  • A lot of 80's dirt bike Jacob! Have you scored any of the vaunted 1986 CR250R -Ricky Johnson's and David Bailey's and Johnny O' Mara's phenomenal MX des Nation bike

  • wait efi? and 500? and was a two stroke??... where has this bike been hiding

  • There is an efi honda two stroke packed into A late model yz 450 frame it is sick they do starts against 450s and the 500 spanks hard on all of the four strokes

Any idea what went wrong or just a coincidence Purchased a 12 o clock speedo... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Any idea what went wrong or just a coincidence? Purchased a 12 o clock speedo DRD from motto mummy , to fix Yamaha's inaccurate speedometer ( you all know speedometer says 60 and your really going 55) found the speed sensor unplugged and plugged back into unit , all the red light , green light and then orange light at the end of calibration all functioned just like the directions. Wife on the back with a GPS holding up yes looks like it fixed it :) Yahoo .......... 15 miles down the rd we stop for a couple minutes and hit the start button and green light ( neutral) goes off with a click sound undele r the seat , loose battery cable ...barely ....I then try this 4 south times click ...neutral light off . So I take the speed sensor switch back offended...same thing get a jump .it starts speedometer needle is jumping up and done , giver some throttle dying out 2 attempts at this send for a brand new battery 100 miles no problems???? yes had bike for a year battery inside on tender . Bike is 2009 .... just got out of shop new tire on the back never a problem ever with the battery EVER drove it home 40 not a problem until this . Battery will usually give a sign ? Afraid of hooking speedoDRD back up 100.00 Battery and all . Any idea's?

  • But what about last winter? Wasn't sure if it was new.

  • Nope had the battery sitting in the house all winter on charger twice a month , that's why I tank it was the speed sensor:(

  • Any one know why it would short out my battery?

Photos from Tyler Tice's post — Yamaha Bolt

Breakaway throttle lock and mini fairing installed, time for a ride.

  • Post picks when u have highway pegs and let me know how u like . thinking the same .

  • I will. I ordered from jp cycle because for some reason I couldn't order straight from low and mean, said it would take 2-3 weeks to get. And next is the twin slash pipes and fuel pack from V&H.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Wanted to add one but for what they are charging will wait and look for wind screens

Mga Sir ok lng pu ba palitan ng open carb snipee classic nten w handclutch — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Mga Sir, ok lng pu ba palitan ng open carb snipee classic nten w/ handclutch?

my problema kc ung carb q, hnd tama ung galaw ng PLATE at nung METAL s bandang ilalim nya (d q lam tawag dun sa metal) so kpag nirerev q xa hnd maxado bumababa ung METAL at ung PLATE b twag dun, prang kapos ung hatak nya sa cable, at ang resulta pumupugak ang makina.

Hnd q malaman kung wala n b FLOAT n ngtutulak o sadyang klangan nrin palitan ung FLOAT.

mga sir, pwede bang makahingi senyo ng konting kaalaman tungkol s problema ng snipee q?


  • Ok naman sir ung open carb mag lagay klang mushrom flter pra hinde pasukin ng dumi, tungkol naman sa plate na sinasabi mo yan ang nag tulak po sa pump, pra mag pray my aligment ang kinakabitan ng cable baka hinde naka align my makita kang prang matulis na arrow pag binatak mo ang cable dapat naka align doon sa plate sa taas dapat nkatapat ung arrow dahil pangit ang takbo ng motor pag hinde naka align.

  • eto pu ung sinasabi ko...

  • Fuel pump yan paps

  • mejo mhhrapan aq umiskor ng ganito....tama ba mga paps?....mas mabuti bang umiskor nlng ng bagong carb?...

  • Myron nipple yan pag bumaba ung pump mag spray ng gas yan, check mo bka barado

He guys i look for a new helmet at the moment Have everyone buy a new one last... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

He guys i look for a new helmet at the moment. Have everyone buy a new one last time and can give a proposal. Important for me is this the helmet is quietly.


  • Nexx visilibily,safety and featherish helmet you've ever me you won't regret has a good price too

  • schuberth C3. Extremely quiet. No sound or wissle from the wind. Aorund 150km/h one can hear a soft nois in the helmet.

  • If you like your old HJC try the HJC IS17. High quality for less money: full-face/21-is-17.html#/model s-metal

Well life just sucks rat dick monkey fucking balls I swear life is conspiring... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

Well life just sucks rat dick monkey fucking balls! I swear life is conspiring to keep us from the rally this year... if it's not one thing its another eating into our vacation fund.... gotta have a root canal done... get a crown... dog dental bills..... oh & our oven /stove top just blew last night as well... more money... more money... can't wait to see what next week brings... we are at our tipping point... if one more thing goes wrong "suddenly or unexpectedly..." then we will not be able to afford to go... at this point its iffy as it is.... *sigh*

  • I feel for you brother. Have to decide on a midway meeting point and get some riding in when you are all assembled and Debbie is comfortable on her new Bolt!!

  • Definitely will do that! We can take a ride up around the Lake / Indiana Sand Dunes area... it's only a couple of hrs for us.

  • Wow... What tremendous Customer Service Cobra Has! They are sending me out a replacement rear head pipe for free! Should have it here by the end of the week! Now let's hope I can get it all reassembled and running by this weekend! Woot! Wish me Luck!

Ad van Eck shared a link to the group: Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog. — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Bulldog RIP. During 152.000 km and 11 years my Bulldog was my best friend but three weeks ago it was time to say goodbye. I was on a trip to Germany during Easter weekend. On last day, when we prepared for driving home the Bulldog refuced to start. We succeded in starting the Bulldog by pushing it in third gear. Lucky I was in a group with some strong fellows. At home it seemed to be an very expensive repair of the startmotor. Besides that the Bulldog needed 150.000 km maintenance and a new rear tyre. All together about EURO 1.800,00. I decided to invest this money in a new bike: an FZ8N. https://lh4.googleusercontent. com/-fqJZ_EN0K2E/U1lkJwO6SUI/A AAAAAAAJgU/alE4pxL6Qg8/w1028-h 577-no/2014-04-19+tm+21+Motorp aasweekend+Weilerbach70.JPG This was the last ride: /113595947077396544142/albums/ 6005940840651818001?banner=pwa

  • I know the spare parts are very expensive. A start motor freewheel unit costs more as 400 Euro. I will see. I hope my new mechanicans are not so expensive. I trust in your competences. I got my dog back with a lot of proplems from my old dealer garage with the words "It's all OK"....nothing it's OK .... I love my dog and keep it. It's a perfect bike for curves in mountains (Alpen and Dolomiten).

  • @Ad, sad to read that you have send your Bulldog to retire. Have fun with with the new toy. @Oliver: in the BOC forum is a thread where just the stones for the freewheel is offered. Maybe this is an investment for you.

  • This is a shame to read. But I wish the just as much fun with your new bike.

Anyone tell me the best compound or cutting polish to use on the plastics to... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

Anyone tell me the best compound or cutting polish to use on the plastics to help with restoring them ?


Photos from Christian Braun's post — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

A wet road is a slippery road ...

I'm fine (I think) but the fuel tank is quite fucked up. No scratches on the engine ...

What a luck I wasn't that fast ...

  • :-(

  • Lucky you,i had the same last summer and i installaded a crashpad. Drive safe

  • Did the same thing once. You can get that done up real nice. Will be as good as new. Good you are ok!

Finally got my tag. D — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Finally got my tag :D

  • You could always extend the tank mounts up 2 inches, that would leave enough for two induction pipes between the tank and frame on each side,, wouldnt be hard to do

  • No but I think it would look funny lol Not to mention I am only 5' 7" so my knees fit perfect on the tank as is, any higher and I would have less contact on the bike when I am leaning off in the curves.

  • ha ha very true,,, I think even just having fans on the airbox to preassurise it may help performance,, not alot but it would give it a free flow of air,,, I usually love doing these things, just getting too old for it now

Photos from DQ Xabremafia's post — Yamaha Mio 125 International

Instaled.... Racing is worship , More speeding means more close to God.. hahahhahaha ( just joking bro ) :p...

  • mine was done by local machine shop in cebu.... no negative effects but remarkable improvement, I also ported/ removed the unnecessary scars inside the manifold for better airflow:)

  • i agree with brother Jason Bajenting

  • Itu fungsi nya buat apaan ...intek sama filter ..

Hi Jason Hone — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

Hi Jason Hone,

Here's a perspective view of the thinner IMS tank, which is the Zip Ty

2004 and 2005 WORCS great champ Nathan Woods on his YZ250. May he rest in peace. God bless his soul

  • See also this Steve, that Zip Ty....

  • What capacity are they ?

  • Same as IMS, Clarke, Acerbis. Some come in 3.2, other 4.0 gallons (US gallon rather, not UK gallon)....

    Better yet see IMS site, they make the Zip Ty version as well. You'll see a red plate No. 1 YZ250 in there haha!!!! :D

Has anyone changed the swingarm on their FZ6R to accommodate a wider tire — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Has anyone changed the swingarm on their FZ6R to accommodate a wider tire?

If so, off what bike did the swingarm come from?

  • My wheel is only 8 inches back

    There was a race bike being built next to mine that was 36 inches back but it'll never see a public street its done that way to keep the front wheel planted from so much power

    it's simply a style and everyone has thier own

    I'm also part of another page called stretched and fat tired bikes and my bike on that page is like putting a pinto in a parking lot of supercharged

    The only thing unique I've done is not pick a mainstream bike to customize but that's just me I am the fish that swims against the current.....I always have been

    And Graham just my opinion and from experience if you want wider go 180 with no modification but if your doin anything beyond that your gonna sink 1000's of dollars in it, I wanted a 190 but my fabricator said it be to close to the chain and he is right

    I only give my opinions on what I've experienced for myself

  • Well Troy Reid, i think 180 it's gonna be. Thousands of dollars will go towards the next bike most likely

  • This conversation left with the same

Got the mutazu trunk installed — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Got the mutazu trunk installed.

  • I would love to have the RS bags, these boxes I have suck really they do. They don't really mount well to the bike. My new seat is being delivered today I am so excited!!!

  • Yeah just watched the video on the new bags u got, man those things are tough, no,wonder they are so damn exspensive!!!! Let me know how much u would sell those RS bags for, it might have to wait till next month if I were to buy them.

  • yeah they are tuff - they have a little bounce in them when riding but the bounce is in the bracket and not the bags. I will take pictures of them tonight and send them to you and you can tell me what you would give for them.

Photos from Todd Koehn's post — YAMAHA FJR FJR1300 Performance

Lift table hold down straps do not work well with this style front fender. The standard hold down eyelets are much to narrow for motorcycles with a fairing. Easier to attach to handle bar ends. For a widening of lift table hold downs use 1" pipe through holes on the sides of table. The straps need to be outside the table width to eliminate rubbing on the sides of the fairing. This simple modification I made is with a 36" piece of black pipe and two threaded eye-bolts and a hairpins on each side to stop pipe sliding. This is a 2013 Yamaha FJR Sport Touring bike which is greatly narrower than a Honda Gold Wing. Gold Wing would utilize a 48" pipe or longer.


Last day Dog n Suds open Friday 13th 2013 and first real day for the Harley... — YAMAHA FJR FJR1300 Performance

Last day Dog n' Suds open Friday 13th 2013 and first real day for the Harley event taking over Tomahawk, WI. Never heard so much constant noise n the smell of poorly combusted fuel? Bikes going by with radios so loud they could be heard a couple blocks away yet just loud enough for driver n rider to hear it over the extremely loud exhaust. Can anyone realate to ear plugs & gas mask??? Parked the Yamaha FJR1300 for all to see wishing they had one too! NOT. They wouldn't know what to do with the power at hand. LOL

  • They wouldn't know what to do with the turning abilities, the great brakes, or all the extra money they would have left over. Best to be deaf and broke sometimes :)

— Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

  • And you are welcome

  • Yup yup keeping a #45 + #175 for winter and the #42 + #170 for this 90-100 degree weather we've been having. The warmer it gets. The better my bike runs at this setting.

  • wow your tire make a dust man haha...

Photos from Jacob Limburg's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

Thankfull to have my yz back. Before I rejetted it I made sure the #45 and #175 wasn't too much. Pulled my pilot screw out and realized the spring wasn't set proper. Put it back n and rode it around at 2 turns out.... Wasn't snapping at all, was bogging when is take off hard, turned it back a 1/8th turn and it got better... Ended up taking it back to 1-1/4 turns and she feels like a different bike. I feel scared riding it again because it's hooking up so good with no hesitation or lag. No more bogging. Even cold.



  • Por lo general no son de tener altura las Dt .Pero levantándola un poco queda súper estética. Y modifica el andar.

  • No es fácil hacer un buen trabajo. Pero con esfuerzo y un poco de entendimiento lo logras.

  • Tenes que desarmar un poquito la moto.. Quitar aciento, cachas. Filtro de aire. Y tanque de combustible. Ya que el amortiguador se embute en el caño principal del cuadro. Luego quitar los dos tornillos que sostienen al amortiguador. Uno el del horquillon trasero y otro el de abajo del tanque. Una ves liberado. Lo quitas. Y tienes que desenroscar la cabeza del amortiguador del lado del cuadro. Que es roscada. Vas a una bolunera. Y compras un tornillo acerado de la misma rosca y diámetro. Le cortas la cabeza al tornillo con la amoladora. Ya que es bastante duro. Y compras en la misma bulonera un acople largo del paso del tornillo que compras. Te quedaría enroscar el tornillo cortado de 10 cmts. Maso. A la cabeza del amortiguador y colocar el acoplepara enroscarlo en la punta roscada fija que queda en el amortiguador. No olvides de comprar dos tuercas. Una para cada punta. Para usar como contra tuerca. Eso evitara que se afloje el acople. Dependiendo de la rosca que adiciones sera lo que iras levantando el cuadro. Tal ves te enloqueci. Pero explicarlo por acá no es fácil. En la practica es sencillo. Luego subo fotos.

Sorry to take so long to upload here is my Bolt — Yamaha Bolt

Sorry to take so long to upload, here is my Bolt!

  • I know it takes time to break in a seat but it rock

  • i can ride my bike for about 3 hours and still be able to walk - i find the seat really comfortable, maybe because i have a female ass :)

  • Might switch back to the stock seat...but I was told once the bobber seat gets broken in its perfect..not sure my butt can make it lol

Gud morning mga sir tanong lang po ok lang ba patakbuhin ang sniper natin... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Gud morning mga sir.... tanong lang po... ok lang ba patakbuhin ang sniper natin kahit sira ang clutch bearing 6901

  • kht 100% stock palitan mo na agd habang di pa kalas lahat ng bulitas.bka sumingit pa yan samga gearing khit maliit lng yan bulitas delicades.

  • NSK 6901Z ginamit ko. 100+ lang bili ko papalitan mo na magsisi ka pag nakalas sa loob yan sir. ilang buwan na ung NSK 6901Z na binili ko buo pa din palagi mali shifting ko di naman nasisira.

  • palt k n dn clutch spring sir,heheh,

Photos from Michael Wait's post — Yamaha V-Max

This is my baby and after the UFO Quadzilla Exhaust I guess my next change besides the headlight will be a 18" 240mm Wide tire kit with 2" stretch. Most likely from Taylormade out of the UK! I wouldn't mind a wide front tire kit as well! ~MLW

  • Please post again if you go with the Taylormade 18" wheel. I have been considering that as well and was most interested in Taylormade over some others I read about. Thank you.

  • Susan Duve Fries you ride? That is awesome! When did you start riding a V-max? I will keep you and everyone updated with the new mods! I have three years left in Germany and this will be atransformative 3 years for the V-max! Can't wait!

  • Hello Michael. I have had my V-Max for just over 2 years...a Yamaha FZX 700 Fazer prior to that. Thanks for the information. Your bike looks great!

  • Thanks and keep the rubber side down!

Information lang po regarding sa pipe may mga nabalitaan po kasi ko na area sa... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Information lang po regarding sa pipe.. may mga nabalitaan po kasi ko na area sa mga province na hinuhuli daw ang after market na pipe just want to confirm kung gano katotoo yung nababalitaan ko. like sabi ng pamankin ko kanina dto sa may florida blanca pamp. may order daw ng local government nila na hulihin ang mga nka open pipe na witness daw nya na pinutol ng police ang pipe ng isang raider na ahm or hgm... then sa may san fdo. pampanga din po eh bawal na rin ang pipe.. any inputs po sa mga malapit sa area, para lang aware yung iba na bka mapadaan bigla.. pki note nalang kung saan area kayo in particular.. para at list aware ang mga kasamahan natin... maraming salamat po sa mga sasagot... ride safe :-)

  • Jun Ebuenga putik bat sa malolos kana naman nauwi... iba na naman ba yan ! ewhhhh

  • payo sakin mga papZ wag hituan pag nasilayan.. langya yang mga yan.. maghabulan kami kung gusto nila.

  • wla po ako idea mgkanu eh. Rey Samonte

Hi everyone. hope you guys have some good ideas. My FJ1100 still would not idle — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

Hi everyone....hope you guys have some good ideas....My FJ1100 still would not idle.... not Cold nor warm...I have put in New pilot jets and cleaned the carb bowls....

Could it be the valves?

I havent had then adjusted since I bought it.....

  • Another thing:

    I heard from a earlier owner that they had exchanged the main jets with some bigger... maybe from an GSXR or something....and there was a Vance n Hince 4:1 pipe on her when I bought her....

    Will there be much to mods to do if I put in 4 single airfilters?

    Today there is a KN filter in the airbox


  • Thanks :-)

Photos from Tj Strain's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Getting ready for Saturday's giant party in Naples. It's the end of the year Great Dock Canoe Races in the Naples bay, then on down to Keewaydin Island for the party. Wild times are about to begin!!!

  • Great pics!

Photos from Jeff Boswell's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Cat is larger than a 20 oz beer.... and now, its gone. Decided to cut one tube to bypass 2 chambers directly to the out pipe. Should be plenty loud and free flowing now. No more not knowing if im coming or not! Cost: bottle of Vodka. Cheers!

  • We want video (Y) :)

  • And thats exactly how i would have done it,,, nice job,,, although if you grind the weld right down you wouldn't know it had been cut open,,, but who is worried,,, nice work

  • Once the plasma cutter hit the metal, it was a go. The reason the weld looks like that is that my buddy's welder has a deep tip on it. It was turned all the way down but still, he's pretty good at fabricating shit so I wasn't worried. Sealed right up. It got ground down a little bit just to take the edges off. Not to worried about the looks. Thank you all for the feedback and I'll get you the video of the before and after tonight or tomorrow. Planning on installing when I get home from work later. Happy Friday!!!!! (At least on my section of the globe)

I have an 88 warrior that need rings and a piston. Looking to bore it out also — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

I have an 88 warrior that need rings and a piston. Looking to bore it out also. Any suggestions.

  • You will not be able to bore it to the next size in your home garage. Trust me we fix this kind of mess all the time. It is very hard to remove .50 mm of material and keep the bore round and straight. Not to mention it needs to be done in steps with the proper grit stones. When we bore and hone we use a roughing stone to get it to within .003" of finish size. Then we use a medium stone to get it within .001" of size, then we use a finish stone to take it to size. Lastly we use an ultra hone to plateau hone it. These steps leaves peaks and valleys which are important for ring break in and lubrication.

  • Ahhh ok yeah it's been many moons but what I've seen was honing not boring which i wasnt %100 sure of the complete difference between the two doesnt sound that spendy to have done anyway i guess

  • We have a boring bar, but rarely use it on motorsports engines unless we are taking a large amount. We have a Sunnen CK-10 and can hone relatively quickly using the three stone setup. Even when we use the boring bar, we bore to within .003" of size and use the same finishing steps. When we do cylinders that are too small for the machine we do them in the Sunnen rod hone and use three stones there as well.

If I was to use banshee a arms on my 87 does it widen it any — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

If I was to use banshee a arms on my 87 does it widen it any?

  • Travis Work , STFU.

    The upper arms on a second gen are 110% different than a first generations.

    Sure, the bushings on the uppers are the same, but the first gen uppers are longer and the mounting points are out wider than a second gen.

    The first gen uppers are also much weaker, due to the ball joint mount being flat unlike the second gens which are stamped into a trapezoid shape so they don't bend like the 87-88s did. Need I continue?

  • Alex Dockery Ive fit 99 upper arms on my 87 to test fit them, and they fit. As for the 2nd gen stamped arms being stonger i dont find that possible, its thinner material than whats used on my 87's and i have a friend that bent his upper arm on that area on his 04

  • And I've test fit second gen arms on mine and they won't ever fit without bending them to fit.

    Doesn't matter if its thinner if its designed better. I bent my 87 uppers trail riding.

New seat saddlebags and backrest couple more mods and done for now — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

New seat, saddlebags and backrest couple more mods and done for now.

  • Well the mustang seat just does the same, pushes u an inch forward, most aftermarket seats other then the small solo seats are going to do this. I just ordered the RS myself and if I don't like it I am sending it back. I need back support more then anything, but the 650 stock seat just sucks with or without a backrest

  • Sean that is exactly what I was after is back support. I'm probably going to keep the rs and deal with it for now. Hope you like yours it is soft and nice leather. If u think about it let me know what you think of yours.

  • Ok will do my friend, it won't be here until Thursday of next week. But the thought of a one piece seat that is easier to remove for maintenance is a plus in my book. I hate having to take off all that crap just to get the tank off, and I am also tinkering with my bike. I should be relieving a boss mc500 stereo here shortly.

recently bought a 98 yz250 theres a noise that got me thinking its gonna need... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

recently bought a 98 yz250. theres a noise that got me thinking its gonna need a full rebuild. on inspecting the crank, checking for up/down play at the big end, checked the mains for any movent and theres nothing wrong there. even the little end has no play up/down. while the top end is apart im gonna fit a new little end/pin/clips ect and a set of rings. the piston and the plating are immaculate and there minimal blow by past the rings. hopefully this will end the rattle or to be more specific a ticking noise. if it fails to rectify it, has anyone any ideas? the piston is a vertex

  • Hopefully it works out

  • Good that's cool at least it didn't break the skirt and have the broken piece get wedged between the crank and cases.

  • yes lucky i had a look hopefully the rattle will be cured if not the next step i think will be to check the clutch /

5 years later — Yamaha V-Star riders

5 years later.

- Hypercharger + rejet

- J-Slam to Rigid bar

- Fork-mod + 4" bilskis

- Scootworks 4 deg raked tripple tree

- Raised tank

- Scooped tanks sides and removed speedo

- Forward controls

- Moved wiring under the tank

- Fake oil can

- Relocated battery + custom battery box

- Double bullet head lights

- Removed turn signals

- Removed front fender

- Slashcut, painted and wrapped exhaust

- Solo seat (blue collar kit)

- New rear fender (blue collar kit)

- Braided steel breakline (SS Custom Cycles)

- Rattle can paint job (Eastwood Chasis Extreme)

- Hidden wiring

Probably more but I forget now. I love this bike!


Was riding into Nashville today and saw a scary wreck — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Was riding into Nashville today and saw a scary wreck

Traffic was moving at high speed but very congested.

I was behind a mustang in lane 2 and a SUV in lane 3 smacked the mustang in the drivers side.

Mustang and SUV start swerving and the guy in the mustang got knocked all the way across lane 1 and into the concrete wall

Thank God no one was seriously injured and there weren't more vechicles involved it could have been so much worse!

I'm glad I was enough distance back that I was able to brake and no one behind me smacked me.

Everyone please be careful out there!

  • I actually live in Arkansas

    Been getting medical

    treatments at Vanderbilt since sept Trauma center in Memphis didn't fix me after my wreck in August

  • Dang that sucks, maybe vandy will get ya fixed up

  • Vandy is awesome!! Zero complaints on my care here

Photos from James Moore's post — Yamaha Bolt

Finally picked up my Bolt from the dealer!

  • I'm sure if u email Vance and Hines they would answer u, my dealer mounted all the accessories on a green bolt by accident so....

  • V&H haven't got back to me over a week now

  • Grrrr! Got to love great customer service

— Yamaha Bolt

  • Holy HOUSE batman lol

  • love the springer seat!

  • Is that seat comfortable?

  • Seat looks great BUT it's like a rock...takes a month to form and break in

  • love how we can all customize to our taste . So many different options . Love the look . Congrats and enjoy .

Did any of you lower your bike yourselves. If so where did you order the parts — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Did any of you lower your bike yourselves? If so where did you order the parts?

  • Here is my thought process on this...... Not being able to set your feet down is a bad situation. Lets say you have to stop in a corner quickly, the bike shifts to the outside...... Do you have enough length in those legs to catch the ground before the bike rolls to that side??? If you are just hitting your toes I imagine the weight of the bike may be too much and the bike may want to roll on top of you. Now if you do 100 calf raises per day and have for 10 years, maybe. Something to contemplate when making your next bike decision. Nobody wants to read about how it got laid down and you hurt yourself. On that note, I'm gonna go hijack someone elses post now. GO HAWKS!!!

  • I totally agree with Jeff Boswell this is a safety issue.

    You should be able to push the bike backward on your own and have enough foot surface touching the ground that if you hit gravel and your foot slips you can still keep the bike upright and it doesn't fall over on you.

    I only installed the lowering link, the front of my bike is stock height therefore I didn't "have" to have the adjustable kickstand. The links run about $100 and well worth it to keep your footing when you need it.

  • Well on a flat surface I can manoeuvre the bike no prob. My feet are flat. It's just trying to back up on a slope that I'm having issues with.

Photos from Ken Marlow's post — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

New Pipes. Before and After. Gave up a little bit of performance but I like em anyways!! Man the sun at different times of the day really makes this bike look different!!

  • Sorry, the pipes were sold before I bought the new ones.

  • Adjust carbs. New pipes sound deeper ?? Is ot 650 or 1100

  • Adjusted carbs yesterday.. Im thinking I need a new sync spring they are kind of drifting one way or the other. BUT they were WAY off before adjustment.

Mga paps pag nag upgrade ba kayo pinapalitan nyo ba ung sparkplug cup nyo — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Mga paps pag nag upgrade ba kayo pinapalitan nyo ba ung sparkplug cup nyo? My resestance kasi 5 ohm.

  • Aris Santos sir kasama sa protec racing coil, no resestor

  • Kasama na paps ung protec na ground strap mga 2k plus ata

  • Mag kaiba paps ang stock coil comper sa racing coil, kong my kaibgan ka hramin mo ang racing cdi nya at racing coil kabit mo sa sniper mo, dyam mo malaman ang defference

As we ve never tried to fit 340 competitors in the International Paddock before — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

As we’ve never tried to fit 340 competitors in the International Paddock before.....

All riders have a garage space with a bit of cooperation.

Please parkup in the paddock as close together as possible in order to maximise the space for late Friday/early Saturday arrivals.

Please pass this to riders in your class who you think could help on this.

Riders can park inline with garages like we do at other circuits, although there is a large Fire-Lane that cuts down the middle of the paddock so some will be parked over the other side of that.

You may have to find parking space not immediately near your class garage.

It’s huge and apparently Silverstone have parked 800 cars in the International Paddock before, but we’ve never tried.

There’s also a car park for non-essenntial private cars – to the roundabout at the end of the Wing access road, left and it’s just there on the right hand side.

The more cars parked away from the paddock the better please.

See you there.


Alan Loquinario shared a link to the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Yamaha Club Day LUZON June 7 2014


by SMX-Sniper MX Phils., Inc. [SEC Registered]

Reffered By : Alan Thrillseeker

Mag-register na po kayo. sa SM Mall of Asia po gaganapin ang Yamaha Club Day. lahat po ng may Yamaha Card at wala pa po at nais mag Apply Fill Up na po kayo Dito para pag dating sa Event naka list na po pangalan nyo. thank you d/1k95ZbMrhQWn7VoKT_xdRiamgRWv -wBfvIu56dJkj-XM/viewform make sure lang po na maka attend kayo dito para makuha nyo po freebies nyo.


Alan Loquinario shared a link to the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Yamaha Club Day LUZON June 7 2014


by SMX-Sniper MX Phils., Inc. [SEC Registered]

Reffered By : Alan Thrillseeker

Mag-register na po kayo. sa SM Mall of Asia po gaganapin ang Yamaha Club Day. lahat po ng may Yamaha Card at wala pa po at nais mag Apply Fill Up na po kayo Dito para pag dating sa Event naka list na po pangalan nyo. thank you d/1k95ZbMrhQWn7VoKT_xdRiamgRWv -wBfvIu56dJkj-XM/viewform make sure lang po na maka attend kayo dito para makuha nyo po freebies nyo.


This is what I m starting with. Bobbed out or chopp out — Yamaha XS650

This is what I'm starting with. Bobbed out or chopp out??

  • Here are my two bikes.

    The left is a 80 XS650 chopper/bobber I bought from Washington State and imported into BC. It was done by WiseGuy Choppers...I have barely ridden it, as I bought it a few years ago before I had my license. It has a hard tail, no speedo/signal/horn. It is nice, but I now want to do it myself and have this chopper posted on Craigslist.

    The bike on the right is a 1980...picked it up for $800 off CL. The guy said it ran 2 years ago, but it was his friends bike & was selling it for him. Not sure how easily it will start (or not)...I need space in my garage to start working on this bike. I have bought a Monstercraftsman brat kit, spoke rims, as well as some cool stuff from Hugh's Handbuilt (like a rephrased crank & cam, speedster exhaust pipes).

  • I'll try to post better pics to work now!

  • Bobber or cafe