Billy your tone is unique as I know You inspired by any bass players to get... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd


Billy, your tone is unique, as I know. You inspired by any bass players to get your tone? Or is it unique from your mind? hehehehehe

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  • He's here all week everybody :D

  • Sorry Billy, I got that mixed up about the Pbass.... Thanks for refreshing my memory. Peace.

  • Thanks for your answers!!

Can t wait to get my warrior going hopefully this weekend waiting for my new... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Can't wait to get my warrior going hopefully this weekend waiting for my new supertrapp exhaust and morse racing stage 1&2 jet kit. Any tips on jetting the carb what size should I try first. I got a k&n air filter, sealed air box and supertrapp exhaust just the slip on. To take it to a shop they want around $70 a hour and I know even if I had all the parts they'll hit me with a bill of over 300 bucks f*ck that I do it myself and take like 5 hrs to get it right. If u got any tips that could help me that he great, thanks

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  • What bout the other jet what u got in that one

  • My jets are a 150 main and a standard pilot

  • What kinda pipe u got on

— Yamaha XS650

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  • Add the after market support to that thought.

  • It's easy to understand why a Triton will cost around $15,000, or having a Meriden Twin properly restored and setup will cost as much, when we consider the level of engineering involved in manufacturing new parts to correct tolerances, in making parts that will make these bikes more efficient and more powerful. But for me, if I have the means, I would do it, because they are such a joy to ride. I felt much safer on my Daytona 500 than on the XS or on the BMW 750 Airhead I used to own. However, the Daytona was a regular oil spiller, and parts were hard to find at the time. Now, I would gladly build a Daytona Cafe Racer, knowing that it would give me so much more satisfaction. The new Hinckley Bonnies are nice bikes, and the press love them. They also cost $ 15,000 new. But I wonder: 900cc water-cooled twin with only 60 bhp on tap? Might as well go for the real thing, buy me a T110, a Morgo bigbore kit, half-race cams, forged conrods, Black Diamond valves and springs, and all the other goodies.

  • I'm also convinced that an up to date XS would sell well. Seeing the popularity of the Thruxton Bonnie and the W650, it would be a sensible marketing move from Yamaha to produce a modern replica. YAMAHA know how to build engines, frames and suspension (they've learnt their lessons well). And we're here to enjoy!


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  • jaja, seee, probar y probarr

  • vale la pena sacarle todo lo adentro al escape luis?? se me rompio mi escape y ya que esta tenia ganas de sacarle todo!!

  • a mi criterio si. eso si gasta mas y tenes que carburarla (engordarla en alta) a mi gusto mejora el ruido (todavia no probe con sordina modificada) y sobretodo se nota mas la patada tipica del 2t.

no comment — Yamaha V-Max

no comment. . .

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  • He keeps his flame starter kit in there so he can refuel and not run out of fire when he is after the demon bad guys....and stuff like that.....

  • Et les journalistes qui persistent à dire que le ghost rider pilote sa harley... INCULTES...

  • V Max's dont need tool boxes!!!

New carbon fiber exhaust put on and yes I started my wheel stripes but got... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

New carbon fiber exhaust put on...and yes, I started my wheel stripes but got tired and didn't finish them. Will do that tomorrow along with the new led glow kit

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  • (I guess I should have said '03-'05 R6...)

  • You can go to Youtube and type in Danmoto. I didn't find any FZ6R clips, but there are other 600s with before and after.

  • love the graphix

Mike Fev shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

For those of you who were kind/crazy enough to ask, here's a new video!

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  • What compressor is that? I can't quite catch what you say in the video, seems kind of up my street!

  • Very cool ! What cabs do you use ?

  • The compressor is an Alesis 3630, it's not the most amazing tool in the shed but it does the job for $99.00, if I had the cash I'd have an Ashly CLX-52! OMG, I almost forgot the most important fact about the video, It was recorded DIRECT from the XLR outputs of the two amps to a small mixer, where a large diaphragm mic was also connected (for my voice recording) and then plugged directly into my ZOOM AQ3HD cameras' mic input! As for what cabinets I use, I always (when I can help it) use Ampeg SVT Classic made in USA loaded with 10's with the HF driver (if any) off, because they can get a bit shrill at high volume.

— YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

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  • we will would love

  • 1975

  • I remember meeting Billy Sheehan for the first time at the hamburg fair. Me and a friend thought one of the roadies was billy...of course he wasn't, but the roadie asked us if we wanted to meet Billy. We both said yeah! and we thought it wasn't going to happen.We waited for a few minutes in are seats. when low and behold Billy came over and sat down and talk to us both. At that time i was just gettin into playing bass in my brothers band. I asked him about his rig, he rattled everything off like it was nothing. Even though I had no clue what he was talking about, I have to say it was a life changing moment in my life to be a kick ass bass player. That was many years ago, but I had the chance to thank Billy this past year at the town ballroom when I met him after the MR. Big show. Billy you are a great musician and friend to all in the music community. I personally Thank You again! Oh and I stood right up in front and watch Billy shred the hell out of the wife at that talas gig at the fair....Great memory= Priceless!

Might get to go to the little sahara — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Might get to go to the little sahara

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  • my warrior didi pretty good with bolts ons and a piston..and ran a 15/40 gearing

  • The Warrior does ok in the sand. Mine doesn't climb like my old Banshee did, but does ok. Might want to take your rear skid off to keep it from getting hung up. Not really anything much to damage sprockets and rotors there anyway. As for tires you will want something with a short paddle. Nothing aggressive because the torque of the Warrior just wants to dig. V-Paddle is best for trails.

  • I have Sand Shark II's for my Raptor. Back when I got them they were around $45 plus shipping. Now they are in the area of $60. They 20 x 11 x 9 and a little short for the Warrior. Warrior needs 22's to work with the stock sprockets.

Ghost Rider 2 V Max — Yamaha V-Max

Ghost Rider 2 V-Max

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  • Couldnt find many good ones, just punch in Ghost rider vmax on google images

  • Anyone know what year this one is underneath all that char?

  • 2011

OK Purchased a 2012 Yamaha 242 Limited Never owned a jet boat before I think... — Yamaha Boat Owners

OK, Purchased a 2012 Yamaha 242 Limited......Never owned a jet boat before......I think my family will love it. Looking forward to this summer in NJ.

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  • Will do Robert but according to everyone I am speaking with, the problem has been solved in 2012. NOT THAT i don't appreciate the posts, I just want someone who knows more about these boats to either agree or disagree with them. I am just so damn excited as I have two daughters (8 and 6) who LOVE boats and we will spend all our time on the boat together as a family.

  • The 2012 are more reponsive but you still don't have a rudder per say to help in low speed steering, I like the feel from the factory, With the set up I can just walk the boat sideways up to the dock.

  • Needed and purchased the Cobra Finns (they just came out with larger ones). Love them! And NO! The dealer said nothing which annoys me a bit!

Had a great meeting with Yamaha myself today they are very into it The main... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Had a great meeting with Yamaha myself today--they are very into it! The main builder wants to be there to show how we do all the tweaks and what went into the new version. September will be less expensive for traveling, so that might be a good idea. I'll be sure to find an assortment of hotels close by that cover every price range. Should be cool! Much more to come-- woo hoo!

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  • HAHA! Nice, I'm riding with Billy. I'm ready for a bassy voyage.

  • I can't wait, I'm so excited! So, should I start packing my backpack yet or what?!!!

  • Hold there, sister, you are really in full charge!

Great — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd


All good ideas. I'll surely bring the "wife"

bass, and her twin sister, and all the Att's. Jamming, hanging, unreleased track iTunes listening sessions, everything! I think it will be a blast. And as far as doing it elsewhere, I'll do

my best, but since I live in LA, it's hard, risky, and expensive to ship basses around, so the one in LA will be unique by necessity. Any consensus on what the ideal dates would be?

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  • I agree that September is probably best. After the labor day holiday and all. I understand Billy about the difficulties involved with multiple locations. I was half trying to make you homesick for Buffalo (I live in Syracuse,NY) and half trying to save money. An LA trip for a struggling musician/restaurant cook is a major expenditure. Well worth it, but major planning involved.

  • How about having a scaled-down version of your stage rig there too Billy? Would be good to have the opportunity to play the Attitude with your sound!

  • Despite this being a bit of an expenditure for yours truly, I would LOVE to join you all! Damn, this group starts feeling like a family... :)

I have named my bike Xsell black 650 because I have lived and died and... — Yamaha XS650

I have named my bike Xsell black 650 because I have lived and died and accelerate back to ride again. I quit as a professional Snowboarder bought a dirt bike on a Wednesday raced it as a bigginer on that Sunday. I lapped second place in 5 laps. I raced 2 more races in 97 in the JR class. Next year I raced as an intermediate and won the CMC national championship. 99 had got a CMC national number 3 125pro. Next year in 2000, third race in the season in Calgary Alberta I crashed out and died on the track. Woke up 12 days later paralyzed from tearing my brain in half and having a stroke. But i rode my 250 on the track again one year to the week end of April 30 2000, from my crash . Then in 05 a good Snowboard friend gives me this beat up 1976 xs650. I looked at it a saw a build. I started chopping and using old bike parts I have been collecting my hole life if bikes, every type of bike I had rode. So I made a tribute to bikes, BMX stunt pegs for forward controls, and BMX chain rings for heal pads. Mountain bike peddle for kick start, M bike rear shock for 4" of seat shock. My Dirt bike chain for clutch and rear brake activation arm. It took me way to long and has been a very big difficult thing for me to do. But my buddy gave it to me to recover. I had to show honor. And for everything I have learned from building this bike has taught me. I have recovered very much, so much from 05 and this bike has helped out a great deal. I have to give mad props to all those that have helped me these past 7 years I have been stressing over this build. thanks to all my special friends of an auto body shop I use to work at. Props go out to all of those on this site that have given me lots of inspiration and ideas to build this ride of pride. To all those that check this out for ideas, all the best and keep your dream alive! Any comments questions

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  • Keep the faith Tony. Spot on!!

  • excellent job Tony....and from everything you have poured into becomes priceless....

  • Thank you so much guys, this is a ride of pride.

Additionally trying to get an idea of what to do. I ll bring all my basses — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Additionally---trying to get an idea of what to do. I'll bring all my basses ( 8 string, fretless, double neck etc. Attitudes), we'll do it at the Yamaha custom shop, so the builders & design

People will be there. I can set up my amps, do bass tweaks, try to get free stuff from other companies---blah blah blah. The works. I think two days at lesst is good. Any other ideas, please post. Thanks.

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  • How about T-shirts to mark the occasion? (And I should be allowed to buy/get one, even though I likely won't be there!)

  • A showing of some TALAS home movies. Bill, as a young bassist I looked up to you in Talas! Made me really work harder at playing the bass and still to this day I crank my Talas Cd's on the way to work. Thank's for all that you give back.

  • amen

Jay Jones shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Good morning Attitude friends. A couple of interesting things popped up on Ebay. I've got questions on this one. When did Yamaha make an Attitude 5-string? It seems to have an Attitude logo on the headstock and the rear pickup is definitely is Yamaha. =230743262487&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123#ht_500w t_1194

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  • @AndyPhillips-- are you saying your friend would sell it? I wonder if shipping to the States would be cost prohibitive though.

  • @BillySheehan-- you need a 5 string. But instead of a low B, string it with a high C. It's loads of fun. Especially for speed runs and tapping and bending strings.

  • William, my buddy Peter, just below my post, is the fellow who owns it.

My 85 — Yamaha V-Max

My 85

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  • looks like a corbin they say there the best i prefer the stock seats

  • Yeah its a corbin, real thick and comfy but sits too high and is too wide. Theres a guy, Morley i think, that can rework it and make it fit and look tons better.

  • yeah thats exactly why i dont like them.. good luck with it man and safe riding

Somebody already used PORK LOIN of MXR or anyone ever seen a video in which... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Somebody already used PORK LOIN of MXR? or...anyone ever seen a video in which Billy uses PORK? would like to hear the tone...I would like to know more about him

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  • thx danny:)

  • You gi=uys have got it all very well figured out, and I love to see it taken further. I like the Pork Loin, its a little indistinct, but will work. The Keeley Tube Screamers are wonderful. Sill prototyping the EBS pedal---tweaking it out.

  • patiently waiting for the EBS NV43345 pedal ....

大切なbass — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd


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  • Pretty much Andy. The pickups are Dimarzios but with a limted edition pick up cover on the neck pickup. The wiring is lead free, it has a graphite nut, you get a moody 'Billy Sheehan' strap, Spooky stickers and a set of postcards.

  • That's my actual model Andy ;)

— Yamaha V-Max

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  • very nice love the look never seen spokes on a max before

  • hand made . . original

  • awesome well done

What s the best jet kit to get for a 03 warrior that has a k n air filter and a... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

What's the best jet kit to get for a 03 warrior that has a k&n air filter and a raptor 660 exhaust that has nothing in it, it's a straight pipe (Idk why the guy b4 me put it on)but it's gonna stay on for a while till the summer at less.It runs good till it gets hot and then it will just about die out when I hit the gas till I let it cool down so I was told to jet it cause it hasn't been jetted ever! What's a good jet kit to get. I never jetted a bike but if I wanna ride this weekend I'm gonna have to give it a shot . So any tips you can give me will be great. I need to get the jet kit tomorrow so let me know what's the best jet kit. I want a good one but I'm not spending over like 60 bucks if I can.

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  • the dyno jet size numbers dont cross straight across with normal jet numberings... like a 150 dyno main is the equivelant of a 145 normal jet size.. or something along that lines.. its wierd.. and the needle in the dyno jet is a bit shorter i belive, and has a slightly different taper.. cant quite remember how that all worked out exactly..

  • I haven't jetted it yet but I got the e- brake block off plate and it's running good right now. I think i should clean the carb out maybe a rebuilt kit. I gonna hold off on jetting it till I get slip-on pipe. I don't like how it has the stock raptor 660 exhaust.

  • just do a couple plug checks and make sure she isnt runnin lean.. its cheap peace of mind as opposed to potentialy melting down the piston or something.. :D

Craig Lee shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Can someone please explain what Billy Sheehan is doing at the 1:15 mark in this video?

I shot this in Orlando last August, and saw Billy do it a couple of times during the show. It looks like his picking hand is not moving, but there's a bunch of harmonic notes coming from the bass, all at once.

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  • Got it....although I don't keep my gain set anywhere near that high. I couldn't do it with the palm of my right hand (too heavy), but was able to re-produce it by touching the string with my fingers curled under, kind of the way Billy was doing in the video.

    Came back upstairs to watch the video you just posted...makes sense, but I can't replicate it quite like that.

    Thanks for the help guys! :)

  • just MXR pedal can help...Tell us the results later

  • I was just looking at one of the MXR's online. May have to check one out locally. I'll keep at it. (It also takes a bit of strength with the left hand for where my settings are at.)

I m seriously thinking of switching rear tires from my go to tire the Metzler... — Yamaha V-Star riders

I'm seriously thinking of switching rear tires from my go-to tire, the Metzler Marathon 880's, to another tire brand like the Pirelli Night Dragons or Michelin Commander 2's - both of which came highly recommended. Does any one have any recommendations? I ride A LOT of canyons and I also put a lot of miles on my bike. I'm having to change my Metz's every 6-7 mos so it's becoming expensive at close to $200/tire + labor to install. I just need a good tire that will both stick in the sharp turns and have good tread life. Thoughts or suggestions?

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    Some guy on youtube called my Yamaha Attitude garbage and a crappy fender copy... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Some guy on youtube called my Yamaha Attitude "garbage" and a "crappy fender copy" some people just never learn! His main reason for slating it, is it only has 4 strings!

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    • There are people who 'do'! and people that 'don't'! And those that make negative coments about Billy, or anyone else, on You-Tube almost cetainly DO NOT!!!

    • It's great bass even with only 2 strings on it.

    • It's simply childishness!

    The new toy arrived . thanks billy — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    The new toy arrived =) thanks billy

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    • Bass "P"out - splitted via 1 in for 2 out - 2 preamps svp pro - dbx1066 post preamps ...

    • only the "p" ... the simplest possible

    • My wOOfer straight into a third preamp...,cause my P was splitted one high clean and one mid with overdrive in his loop ...

    Jay Jones shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    If anyone is interested in an Attitude Special-- this one keeps getting re-listed. He never lowers the price and the P-pickup cant be original, but thought I'd let all of you know. item=120852087011&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123#ht_ 524wt_1179

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    • Andy, you bought your's in '94, they didn't come out until '95, LOL, seems like Yamaha's history of production is getting as legendarily accurate as Fender's.

    • I bought mine in November 94' I still have the ticket somewhere ... In America there was a blue and red version already available.

    really low action — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    really low action ?

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    • Thank you Mark! :)

    • Not sure what gig it was---but if I use just one PU, it's the P-bass style DiMarzio

    • hey! billy is in the NAMM! with steve vai! I remember your happiness playing with him!! you Rock in The crying machinee!!!!! WOOWW AN AMAZING SOUND! Billy Sheehan

    I love my 04 SX230 but the OEM JVC radio was crap Replaced the radio and... — Yamaha Boat Owners

    I love my '04 SX230, but the OEM JVC radio was crap. Replaced the radio and remotes with a Sony system when the JVC stopped working with the boat only 3 years old and I was told by JVC and Yamaha they'd already discontinued it. I love the Sony system and curious if anyone knows is JVC still the OEM on the new SX240 boats?

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    • The other thing the stereo shop that installed my Sony system did was put on an external antenna on the hull that folds down for much improved reception. They told me the JVC radio was a car radio installed on a boat while Sony was the first to ever manufacturer a true marine usage stereo from the start.

    • There are other manufactures that make marine versions. Really there is no difference between the two except for silicone on the board and around the case to limit moisture getting in. Also the usual norm is to ship the boat without a radio. That task is assigned to the dealership. Sometimes they put anything they can get cheap in there. So there's no telling what you'll end up with. Yamaha must have signed an agreement with Sony because that's what they put in all there boats now.

    • I am happier with the Sony anyhow because with their remote on the stern has an LCD to display the station you are tuned to. The Sony stereo and adding a Bimini extension are both additions that I felt were well worth the money.

    Looking for the left sidepanel for a 75. Should be maroon. I think see pic — Yamaha XS650

    Looking for the left sidepanel for a '75. Should be maroon (I think, see pic) to match the bike's original paint, it has a nice patina which 'd like to keep and impossible to reproduce by repainting another one. Can anyone help me? Thanks !

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    • Come on everybody dig up your parts and get me one of those !! :-) HELP !!!

    • Found it !!!!!!! :-)

    • Even with a sticker from the same dealership, who knows it's the original one from my bike :-)

    Selling or exchange for a Limited Will Power LR or Blck my used Red Lightning... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Selling or exchange (for a Limited Will Power LR or Blck)my used Red Lightning Attitude Limited Mk1 #QY22079 Note:

    •B/E/A/D tuned •Badass low profile (still got the original but screws are fucked...) •still got the original wOOfer cash

    •a metal inlay (as the blue on neck) was inserted by a luthier on the 14th case (due to a shock)...Frets are gOOds... •several little "shocks" on the back...I've played her a lot but sounds as hell ... Freddo : +33(6)19772686 (France)

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    • Still got the Original Case !!!

    • I'll bet that bass sounds amazing tuned B-E-A-D.

    • @William I can,t sell the woofer separatly ... For sure it sounds tuned like that ...

    How does everyone have the Attitude set up — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    How does everyone have the Attitude set up?

    I think my neck needs an adjustment! Just check the intonation (the non expert way) with a tuner by checcking the 12th fret harmonic against the 12th fret note and they are the same for all (using a strobo tuner) from around the 13th fret up the G string is slightly sharp and the D string slightly flat so i can't play chords without dissonance unless i bend the D string till its consanant BUT then it's still out of tune with the guitarist who's guitar is perfectly intonated! So is it a neck tweek my bass needs or? (it's perfectly intune up and too the 12th fret on all strings)

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    • That is weird. If both strings were sharp or flat then I would say truss rod time. You can ever so slightly effect sharp / flat by filing the offendign frets and an angle. You know, move the peak up or down. But that move is only 1/32 - 1/16th of an inch...Just my input having worked on many guitars and basses but I am not close to an expert. Let's see what others have to say. Good Luck Adam!

    • Thanks Dan! I thought that it was a little out of my league, though i know a very talented local luthier so i'll take it to him to have a look at when i can! Thanks again!

    • Glad to help put the little I could. I'm curious to know what the root problem is. If you think about it, post or shoot me an email when you get the answer.

    Closeup of my pickups coated with epoxy as you can see strings are literally... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Closeup of my pickups coated with epoxy, as you can see strings are literally touching the pickup. It took me a while until I got them right, my first epoxy coating a few years ago was too thick and I noticed a gain lost in the pickup volume.

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    • Ricardo, I buy mines at a local store but you can get them easily from any guitar parts website like for instance. If you're going to epoxy them any PBass pickup covers are good but if you just want to replace them you would need no holes pickup covers

    • Thanks for the tip danny. I was in the recording studio all weekend and the engineer told me they had a pbass that everyone loved in the studio. I picked it up and played it and it played very well. Had very nice action and a decent tone. I brought 4 basses with me to the studio. Two 5 string and two 4 string basses. Sadwosky 5 Jazz, Dingwall 5, Yamaha Attitude and Fender 4 Jazz. The Yamaha opened up everyone’s eyes. They couldn’t believe how much bigger it sounded next to their prized p-bass Needless to say the session went very well.

    • No prob buddy :-) I'm glad to hear that Ricardo. I use my Yamaha basses all the time since they firstt came out in the 90's. During my last studio work the producer suggested me to play an old P bass too 'cause he never saw a Yamaha P style bass like the Attitude and he wasn't very sure about the tone...until I plugged mine in and everyone was blown away with the powerful and amazing tone.Besides, I ended up setting up their beloved P bass like my Attitude in order to get that amazing playability. Billy has said this many times, when you have been playing the same bass for many many years you get to know every little detail about the bass, how to set it up and tweak it.Even though, I still love P basses too but our Yamaha Attitude bass is a bit more sophisticated in some aspects.

    To these basses in action here is a clip 371955000242 355425 707220242 type... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    To these basses in action here is a clip 0242.355425.707220242&type=3#!/photo.php?v=10150219976020243&set=vb.707220242&ty pe=2&theater

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    • Maybe Sunburst then.

    • I say leave it beat up. There's nothing cooler than a guitar or bass with the finish worn off. "The Wife", "SRV", Rory Gallagher's '61 Strta, etc. It shows they have been played well!

    • Hey guys, so I just finished wraping up demos we recorded at my studio using the Yamaha Attitudes pictured here. I mostly used the black bass. We will eventually go into a real studio and track these tracks professionally but for now you can hear the attitudes barking up a storm on my tracks.

      I know once we go into a real studio they will tame my bass down considerably. So at least I have these ruff sketches to enjoy. By the way all these tracks are 100% live with no dubs. The Genre is Trip-Hop meets some type of cabaret broadway theater. Hard to classify but im open to hearing what you guys think.

      Except for two tracks which included lead guitar, all the rest of the tracks are trio. Bass, Drums and Piano. The singer is playing Piano and singing at the same time.

      You can download all the tracks at this link. p

    Hi everyone I m from Hong Kong I start to play bass for two years and now I... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Hi everyone,,,I'm from Hong Kong,,,I start to play bass for two years=],,,and now I want to buy the attitude bass,,,

    I try the LTD II here,,,and it seem to a little bit large for me since i didn't have a big hands and long fingers,,,Anybody have the same problem?

    P.S. Billy Sheehan,,,There have any exercise to make it better? When you come to Hong Kong again=P? And MR. BIG have any planning for Hong Kong=]?

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    promised y all a photo so here goes Took this pic tonight at rehearsals for a... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    promised y'all a photo, so here goes! :) Took this pic tonight at rehearsals for a Beatles tribute we'll be putting on this Friday - it's pretty incredible just how smoothly the Attitude can go from being a screaming monster into this fat and fuzzy teddy bear of McCartney-ish low-end. I've only had this Ltd.II (my first ever) for three months, but I'm already 110% certain I'll *never* part ways with this baby! I think it says it all when I admit to later enhancing the original iPhone photo with the warmest of hues and nuances to do justice for my very own supermodel - LOL! :D

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    • Darn straight! I can use my Attitudes for ANY gig...

    • Hi Jaan...which picks up on this fact I have a doubt...thx

    • Hey there, Freddo! I haven't thoroughly checked on the pickups, but I believe they're the basic DiMarzios that come with the Ltd.II. I do know this bass has gone through at least three to four (or maybe even more) previous owners, so I'm thinking the bass must have left the Yamaha factory in the early 00's at the latest. I left the bass at the studio where we rehearsed again today, and I don't have the serial # at hand, so I can't use the Serial # Wizard right now...

      Still, my hunch is the pickups are DiMarzios. They sure are wired H-O-T, I don't think even my active basses are as loud as the Attitude! :)

    Anyone have any info on this custom Attitude. I had never seen this one before — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Anyone have any info on this custom Attitude? I had never seen this one before. I don't know when or where this picture was taken. I just found it on the web.

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    • Ah, that is where I made the mistake! I recall you talking about this and I assumed you owned it! Silly me. Pity though it would have been a great acquirment.

    • I remember seeing this for sale on Rock Stars Guitars and they were asking $8K for it...

    • It's my equal favourite bass on the planet is what!

      It was used on the 2001 steve Vai tour IIRC and on a G3 tour or two.


      I've been very very tempted to buy a black attitude LTD II and have it done up the same but 1) That but be a little too fanboyish and 2)too expensive me thinks!

    Hi everyone Greetings from England It s great to be part of the fellowship of... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Hi everyone! Greetings from England. It's great to be part of the 'fellowship of the Attitude ltd'. I have four ltd models, two original blue mk 1's, a lava red mk 2, which Billy signed,- 'B.S.' (He said, "tell em you met Bruce Springsteen")!...and my pride & joy, a new sonic blue mk 3. It plays awsome, there's nothing I could change! Hats off to the yamaha guys, the craftsmanship is out of this world!...Sorry to go on, hope i dont sound like a bragger. I love Bills playing, and he is a great inspiration to me, not just with bass, but the way he is with people. If you know the story he tells, He is 'MY' Billy Gibbons!!! Take care, stay safe. Love & Rock,...Dave Moorex

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      Has anyone dropped their front end and installed clip ons on TOP of of the top... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Has anyone dropped their front end and installed clip-ons on TOP of of the top clamp? I will be doing this soon- without dropping the rear (SSB magazine dropped theirs, but no clip-ons, and only in the front.) Just curious what anybody who has done this thinks about the mod.

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      • hey so if i lower the front forks i wont need to cut the plastic ... i just got the bars apex 3 inch risers with 9 different angles do u think ill have a problem putting them on

      • You shouldn't. I haven't got mine yet, but it surely doesn't seem like too big of a deal to do it.You'll just have to lower the front end down far enough for the clip-ons to have enough room to attach. I will be ordering my slip-on exhaust soon- to go with the R6 header- and I'll post pics of that up too. (Let me know how the clip-ons go, so I know what to expect.)

      the hyper modified vmax s are on the Brussels motorcycle expo Taking this... — Yamaha V-Max

      the hyper modified vmax's are on the Brussels motorcycle expo. Taking this picture was ok after some begging. Taking one for a spin was to much to ask ;-)

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      • Is that standard by yamaha? It looks sweet.

      • Brad : no, not Yamaha Standard, ->

      • cheers, bit misleading with all the yamaha stand in the background

      Johnny Pockets shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd


      not a attitude but it is the Man. Billy Sheehan

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      • Plus I got to hang w/ Eddie Kramer! Great guy--legend!

      • Didn't know he coukd play piano too! Man of many talents haha!

      • that is stunning!