Has anyone ever put a 225 jug on a 200 motor — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum


Has anyone ever put a 225 jug on a 200 motor?

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  • My buddy picked up a running twolf for 70 bucks. I tried to buy it off him for 150 but he ended up selling it for 600

  • Yea even scrap yards are a joke around here everyone thinks shit is gold

  • Lol

Just been for a proper 120k blat in the hinterland to give the old girl a... — Yamaha RZ500 Australia

Just been for a proper 120k blat in the hinterland to give the old girl a proper clean out. Sht loads of fun but also pointed out a few things that need sorting.

Suffered brake fade so will totall overhaul all calipers and pads (any suggestions for pads, I don't really care about price as I never scrimp on them !)

Also forks bottomed out on hard(ish) braking and dodgy road surface. I'm guessing a fork service will help but I'd like to hear from people that have swapped springs or upgraded originals to make them more efficient.

Apart from getting roasted arse cheeks it was an awesome machine to ride.

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  • Brake fade ? -- when was last time U changed fluid ?? -- 1st thing I'd do , Road re test . then decide .

  • I'll overhaul the calipers anyway as no idea when that was last done, if ever ! Also pads don't have much life left in em by the looks

  • that being the case , yep , do everything..good luck..

Their trying to pass a helmet law in Florida — Yamaha V-Star riders

Their trying to pass a helmet law in Florida

Personally I think safety first starts with you ,

Helmet yes or no ??

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  • Up to the rider

  • I wear it... what is your head worth??? would and could smash like a watermelon and it doesn t have to be your fault for the accident...and It usually isn t our fault but we pay the greater cost... just my opinion

  • Yep, I was run off the road in oct. helmet saved me. I ground off part of my wrist and finger inside leather gloves and destroyed the helmet but had zero head injuries. Smashed my shoulder though.

This pic goes back a few years 11 99 to be closer to exact but the majority... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

This pic goes back a few years (11/99 to be closer to exact), but the majority of the gear is still in play, though the wireless was upgraded and the two 15's have been sold. That's an 8x10, 2x10 and 2 - 1x15's (with EV speakers and Ampeg mesh/logo). The wireless was a Nady 201; there's a BBE and an Alesis Midiverb III in line. I sent the P-pickups through the Peavy Probass 1000 for the equalizer. It's driven by a Peavey Megabass, which is 400w or 200w/channel if bi-amp'd. In this config, I'd send the lows to the EV's and send the mid/highs to the 2x10 and 8x10. I loved to feel the power of it all, but the sound guys hated me. lol

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  • nice rig....

  • Sound guys shamound guys. They think they're so smart.

  • Your back must quiver when it's sees this lot.

2009 yfz450r parts for sale — Yamaha YFZ 450R

Have a few parts to get rid of. Came off my 09 FI

Nerf bars r freshly powder coated 200 shipped SOLD

Stock stem 75 shipped

Bar clamps 35 each shipped

Heal guards 75 shipped

Skid plate 50 shipped

Rath pegs 25 shipped

Intake 50 shipped

Emergency brake complete 50 shipped

Everything OBO. Thanks

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  • Sold. But I also have these

  • How much for does

  • 250 shipped

Justin Chapman shared a link to the group: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Tracer 900 / FJ-09 Owners Group. — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

Anyone have Michelin Pilot Road 3 tires? Looking to start off next season with a fresh pair of aftermarket tires and these seem like a good option

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  • if you want sport touring tyre roadtec or t30 evo... nothing else!

  • Pilot Power 3's works fine with me. Good grip on wet curvy roads in Spain at +6 degrees. I've had them on my two latest bikes now. They last longer on my Tracer than on my late Tuono V4 though ;-)

  • Bjorn, they were my second choice. I'd never touch the Pilot Roads though.

Ordered a raidient cycles shorty GP for my bolt and the nut wasn t tightening... — Yamaha Bolt

Ordered a raidient cycles shorty GP for my bolt and the nut wasn't tightening and was loose.. so I took the clamp off and well the bolt came stripped.. all on the


EDIT: They just got back with me and are sending me another clamp :)

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  • Get the right dye and straighten the threads. Easier than trying to find that type of clamp.

  • I contacted then and hopefully they will send a replacement

Hi everyone I would like to ask for your preference on arrow and gianelli... — Yamaha MT-Series Singapore

Hi everyone. I would like to ask for your preference on arrow and gianelli exhaust pipe. Which do you all prefer? I have nt heard either pipes on a first hand account. So i would like to hear your reviews about it. Thanks.

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  • Any ws grp here?

  • Zamri Tumin

  • Yes we have pm me ur no.

She is prep and set for tomorrow ride — Yamaha Bolt

She is prep and set for tomorrow ride...

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  • Michael thats only a hard plastic...

  • Nice. How did you fasten it to the frame?

  • Metal tie wires, you can get it in auto supplies for five buck

Who all is running rotella in there yfz Looking for something i csn buy local... — Yamaha YFZ 450R

Who all is running rotella in there yfz. Looking for something i csn buy local at the store. How are you liking it? I asume the rotella t6? What wt?

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  • Run it in all my quads and it works great even with my rekluse clutch. I do change my oil after every race or 5 hrs though

  • I got some t6 last night

Gudeve mga paps tanung ko lng po ok lng ba sa sniper ntin na all stock makina... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

Gudeve mga paps tanung ko lng po ok lng ba sa sniper ntin na all stock makina tpos ung cdi nya ginawang brt cdi wala po bng negative effect yun mga paps ? salamat po sa sasagot ride safe mga paps

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  • yes papi, precautionary measure din kasi if magpalit ka ng valve spring coz will never know baka mapasarap ng piga mapa over rev...


  • mga paps may tanong pa po sana ko saan po kaya problema ni snipee kasi pag arangkada ko tpos medyo binalik ko ung silinyador prng nabubulunan sya tpos pag ni rev kona ulit pa arangkada prng nabulunan po ulit nangyayari po un mga paps pag mabilis npo takbo ko eh pag nsa 60 up napo saan po kaya problema nun paps carb po ba o dahil naka brt cdi ako ???

Well I got kicked off the Stryker owners page — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Well I got kicked off the Stryker owners page.

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  • I woulda liked to have read all of it... Kinda loses something when there's only one side to read... :-(

  • Were they bad mouthing me ... it's ok I can take it

  • No.. I never woulda even noticed the post at all if you hadn't said something in this group.. ;-)

Hi all had a misfire on the front pot of my XVS 1100a no worries I thought... — Yamaha Dragstar XVS 1100 650 125 UK

Hi all, had a misfire on the front pot of my XVS 1100a...no worries I thought, plugs probably need changing anyway as had been in there for a few years, so new plugs in but still no difference...question is, what's it likely to be ? Yes I could just systematically work my way back, but is there something it's most likely to be ? It wont now run, I mean it fires, but won't run for more than a few seconds on one pot, 'choke' or not...pain.

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  • dud lead

  • The ht lead can break down and earth to engine causing misfire only a couple of quid to replace try that first.

  • I had that it was the coil / ht lead

Juan Mazzoli shared a link to the group: YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA. — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

buen dia DTeros, alguno se animo a los cilindros taiwaneses q vienen xa la 125?? llegue a la ultima medida del cilindro y me cruce con estos articulos http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-645874254- kit-cilindro-completo-yamaha-dt-125-con-kit-piston -taiwan-_JM con un piston y aros japones, dara resultado?? la otra es poner el kit de la rx 135, alguno lo hizo? da el material?? y ya que esta, si voy a encamisar de ultima, se podra en 175? hay diferencia en los conductos de los tranfers o son iguales los cilindros??? saludos

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  • Mauricio Iregui

  • x lo q averigue la rxz 135 tiene 56 de diámetro. y la dt175 66mm.... y el diámetro q me interrza es el de la RX 135, ahunque todavía no se si da el perno y altura.

  • Yo tengo el cilindro original ya con pistos de RX 135, en su ultima medida y anda bien, desde qur esta con ese piston, anda bien loco y bueno, este cilindro no creo que tenga la misma calidad que el ponja pero bueno, podrias encamisar como te dicen o probarlo, ya que por suerte, con kit, no es caro. Al menos, no la cagues a palos jeje

Guys n Gals first and foremost may i wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a... — Yamaha Dragstar XVS 1100 650 125 UK

Guys n Gals, first and foremost may i wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year :-) Right thats that out of the way, now for my problem lol, I own an 1100 (51 plate) the last time I was out on it was November for a remembrance day service, since then she`s been in the garage, started her up yesterday, fired up straight away but, when I switched her off, she was still turning over, engine not running but starter motor still trying to start, even when I took the key out! I had to disconnect the battery to stop it, by the time I got the panel off etc the battery was flat :-( any ideas what it could be? Cheers, Rob.

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  • Thanks a lot guys, I`ll be waiting till the New Year to do anything with her, just spent over 1K on me car after an argument with a deer late one night, needless to say, the deer lost, but so did my savings account :-( Sean Chance I`ll be in touch ref solenoid mate, don`t throw it out lol

  • Ah, hope you ate the bugger after costing you 1k.

Om titit om — Yamaha R15 Forum Indonesia Bogor

Om titit om

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  • ayoooo kang ramaikan barisan kopdar

  • Assallammualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    Salam sejahtera semakin didepan

    Revs your heart

    Kepada seluruh member,calon member, prospek @BGR, kami sampaikan agenda R15CI@Bogor

    #KOPDAR Rutin#.

    Hari SABTU 24 12 2016( minggu ke 4)

    PUKUL : 19.00 WIB

    LOKASI : @MEKAR MOTOR JL Raya Pajajaran no17. (Kiri jalan Samping donatello pajajaran [sebelum lampu merah mcd lodaya apabila dri arah jambu 2] )

    Note ;

    #wajib safety riding menuju tempat kopdar.. gunakan celana jeans panjang, sepatu, sarung tangan dan helm...

    #bagi yg membawa boncenger wajib pake helm ya boncengernya.

    Cc; Ketum,waketum dan dewan pertimbngn

    -koko #001/yudhi #014/mukti #009/ilham #060/adit#011

    Untuk tikum keberangkatan bisa via PIC korwil

    Korwil tengah ;

    #Kang YUDI SOBANDI +6287770660746

    Korwil barat ;

    # saepulloh +6285777012213

    # fajrin +628563582061

    # karna +6289643038235

    Korwil utara + citereup + gn putri ;

    #Kang Okky nur wicaksono 081362478514 pin D294D6BE

    Korwil selatan ;

    #Kang Panji 085780072516

    #kang Andriana


    Hp:08787362 4456 Bbm:5FE6C324

    Korwil Timur (sentul city) ;

    #mas Joko 085695779898

    Atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih

    Best regards

    Humas @BGR

    #Fendy #048 087728887630 / 5944173A

    #Eri #046 081804918555 (wa)

    Mohon DIBACA dengan seksama DARI AWAL TEKS.

    Mari budayakan membaca.

  • Blom bisa kang ,ane dijasinga kejauhan..salam R15ER aja kang..

— Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

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  • Gibson Excavations I'll be the judge of that.... I'll let you know.

  • Richard Morrison I would tell your wife...Unless a certain RZ 500 appeared under my xmas tree...:)

  • Cor!

Rego today yea yea I know the plate is the wrong year but it s a spare until... — Yamaha RZ500 Australia

Rego today!! ( yea yea I know the plate is the wrong year but it's a spare until the new one's here)

First ride and it's pretty hair raising but shit loads of fun.

Rear end flicked out as it hit the PB going round a bend.. woohoo. Feisty one :-)

I read the first gear is a little long and high which I agree with. And not needing it's top end living in "watch ur speed or u will go to jail" Australia has anyone got different ratio to standard that they are using that works nicely. I'll change chain and sprockets anyway as always with a new bike !

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  • Down 1 tooth on the front will liven up the bike enough to keep you happy & also a bit easier to launch.....But l think for the first time EVER l might just disagree with Richard Morrison on tyre sizing...Im a firm believer that a company like Yamaha who can spend millions of $$$ on R&D can get the tyre sizing right for the particular bike in question...But in saying that...The tyre sizes any company puts on are the best compromise for all riding conditions..

  • BT45

  • Sexey as

Hi brothers sisters — Yamaha MT-Series Singapore

Hi brothers & sisters,

Would like to upgrade to MT series soon but there are some queries I would like to clarify. Between MT09 and MT09 Tracer, what's the diff in terms of 1) stability when going above 180km/hr, 2) fuel consumption, 3) handling? Or would you recommend me to wait for 2017 model, heard Tracer 900 (2017) coming out next year.

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  • not selling yet man.. haven't complete my mission yet. get the 2017 model. much nicer than the current one. just only need exhaust and ecu flash.

  • Albert Soo darkness of Japan

  • yah.. must wear black black.

I know nothing about this bike except I like it — Vintage Yamaha Enduro Fans

I know nothing about this bike, except I like it.

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  • Yes I saw that pic as well but since the motor looked different I did not post it. That is why I looked around and found the pics that I did post that the motor looks more similar. Like you said its hard to know.....

  • Non painted engine really puts it out there

  • yep

I been looking for Yamaha MT 07 but not a lot on the used market Anyone knows... — Yamaha MT-Series Singapore

I been looking for Yamaha MT 07, but not a lot on the used market. Anyone knows anyone selling?

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  • Get mt09 better. Price almost the same. HLC around 18k

  • 18k is without coe right? HL cycle quotes without coe

    the southern one is used bike .. different

  • Well the price is ard 21k, the weight to powerr ratio is quite good. It pack a punch for the little 700cc engine

Anyone in Michigan have a IT for sale — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

Anyone in Michigan have a IT for sale?

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  • Not mine, but maybe it's worth the trip to Minnesota?

    http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/mcy/59241359 12.html

  • Good luck - I have been searching for one for a couple of months in SC and nothing.... They are getting hard to find. I would love to find a 175 or 200 in Southeast....

  • Thanks

YZ 250 trade for newer 250f — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke Parts Items

I am looking to trade or sale my YZ 250. This bike is awesome! It's the best 2 stroke I have ever owned. I have put some very nice modifications on it but I am looking to get back to riding a four stroke. I'm looking to trade for a 14+ crf250r. I will consider other bike trades. 250f's 350f's

The bike has:

Magura hydraulic clutch

Lectron carb

Newer top and bottom end around 10 hours

Polished exhaust port and dome (no porting)

V-force 3 reeds

Bullet proof designs radiator guards

Flatland racing skid plate

G-2 throttle cam

11 oz steahly flywheel weight

Newer chain and sprockets

Newer tires front has a couple more rides than the rear rear has barely two rides

Hand guards

New renthal cr high handle bars

Brand new 15 air box with all new 15 plastic (ready for graphics)

Zip ty racing oversized tank

Gut racing seat foam medium firmness oem height

Guts racing seat cover

The bike has been maintained very very well. It's a 2008 but looks like new. I really like the bike but I'm ready for a change. If it don't sell or trade I'll put graphics on it and keep it. I do have most stock parts and an extra DEP pipe. I'm sure I may be forgetting some things. Thanks

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  • Thanks man and its just one color

  • Mine was black with a gray line. I'm not sure if there are other colors. It works and that's all I care. I bolted it on and it was good to go. Comes pre bled.

  • Thats awesome always wanted one is it dirrect response

I have a 16 YZ250X I wanna put a light bar on it I understand they have a... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke Parts Items

I have a 16 YZ250X. I wanna put a light bar on it. I understand they have a rechargeable one. But what about wire ins? What would I need to do or know??? Thx

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  • Yea the ones in the States don't. But over seas. Is a different model X and not the WR 250 2 stroke. It comes with also. My guess is I can find out what stator that uses and go from there. It's the same motor except the transmission. The X has a wider 4th and 5th and WR has a even wider one.

  • steahly offroad. get a stator from them and a voltage regulator. http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/lighting/lighting-co ils/yamaha-lighting-coils/yamaha-yz-250-99-09-ligh ting-stator.html Got one for my 96 YZ250 and now I have headlight and tail/brakelight setup.

  • Pmed

I have a 16 YZ250X I wanna put a light bar on it I understand they have a... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

I have a 16 YZ250X. I wanna put a light bar on it. I understand they have a rechargeable one. But what about wire ins? What would I need to do or know??? Thx

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  • I would also highly recommend a helmet light. it increases the 3-D vision and you will always have light where you are looking. Too often the bike light is at the top of trees or 2 feet in front of you. I have lots of experience (decades) with MTB lights and they are so much better now. Many of these will work fine on your bike and give you a few hours or more. Even if you have to carry a spare - how long are you going to actually ride in the dark? 24-hour races are a different story - or Baja... but most of us need 2 to 3 hours - and Gas in the tank needs to be added at some point so just swap batteries then, and save so much hassle. I have seen a bunch on Ebay and plan to invest in some next year. Polisport makes a light that looks like Kushtrim above if you are going to plate it too. I wish they just would sell the WR here in the states - I would have paid a few bucks for it over my250X. I prefer to have 2 light systems on the bike as should one fail you have a real-time backup, plus a 3rd on my helmet - going really slow in the dark as you crash and broke a wire or connection is hard to fix in the same dark. http://www.polisport.com/en/off-road/products/head lights/?id=84

  • Also look at adding a least an MTB style taillight as your friends running into the back of you is not fun either - brake lights are really cool in the dark, but at least a $20 MTB taillight.

  • Thx man. Got these for my helmet. Was lookin to get one for the bike.

Ok well it seen i need to replace the passenger starter and my regular mechanic... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Ok well it seen i need to replace the passenger starter and my regular mechanic don't know if he needs to take out the engine any ideas or do i need to take it to the yamaha dealer ? Hollywood florida area thanks

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  • Perfect tuanks alot brother

  • Got it bro

— Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

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  • Yeah mate, might make the track Mito a bit special and be satisfied with what I have.

  • I'll ship you one out

  • G'day mate, I've already got my dream LC, but I do really love your one (very close second)

— Yamaha RD RZ Hybrid Australia

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  • Andrew Hurdle That would be great mate. Cheers.

  • I agree with Steve, one of my favourite LCs

  • We've since changed barrels went to led indicators different pipes etc

Filip Cechovic shared a link to the group: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Tracer 900 / FJ-09 Owners Group. — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

ok, I know this has been here many times. anyway my time has come to upgrade seat. Now I have two favorites and cant decide. Can I have your opinions please?

1. option

http://www.sargentcycle.co.uk/acatalog/mt-09-trace r-2015-on-front-and-rear-motorcycle-seats-performa nce-plus-fabric.html

2. option

http://www.moto24.co.uk/bagster-ready-luxe-with-bu ltex-yamaha-mt-09-tracer-comfort-seat-2015.html?LG WCODE=97138;86732;4971&gclid=CMne9ciohtECFQIL0wod uhUNAA

Thanks everyone :-)

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  • Rectifier!?! I'm on a few Fj-09/MT-09 forums and have heard ZERO issues with the rectifier. This bike is awesome! Reliable and exciting. I replaced the front seat with a Sargeant unit...love it! Yes, soon I'll be replacing the rear shock but I've pretty much done that on all my bikes. Yamaha's whole CP3 based lineup is exceptional! Sure, there are some fiddly things here and there, but compared to other brands it's minimal.

  • I found the BMW 800 a great bike but eh was not a tracer by any means !! the tracer engine is awesome just needs to come from the factory with better suspension and deffo better tyres ! . I heard Yamaha where shocked that riders thought he tyres sucked as Dunlop made them for the Tracer. I only got to ride my bike 8 miles before it was gone forever on Michelin pilots and transformed the bike. I am sorry though the quality and handling over 90 was pretty bad

  • Love my Sargent Seat!

Good evening fellow TDM owners — Yamaha TDM 850 Forum

Good evening fellow TDM owners.

The delivery day for my osram night breaker headlight bulbs (twin pack) was yesterday or today.

Ordered them from good old eBay & as you can imagine I'm not a very happy bunny just now.

Needed them the latest by today because I've got 1 working headlight instead of 2 because the right hand side one has blown & I've not got any replacement headlight bulbs until these arrive from eBay.

Guess who I'll be messaging 1st thing tomorrow morning???

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bloody amateurs selling stuff on eBay grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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