Photos from Edward Tillman's post — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350


Now this Daytona yellow Plasti dip is exactly what I was going for! And yes the blue grips will be switch to yellow/black Spider SLR grips and the blue nerf nets will be going black

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The intercostal waterway outside Tampa Bay was really rough this week because... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

The intercostal waterway outside Tampa Bay was really rough this week because of the higher wind.

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  • Might be choppy but you've got blue sky and you're in the water.

  • Cool stuff. Where are you at Steve? I am near Maximo in SW St. Pete.

  • I'm in Central Fl by Orlando. I was on vacation when this video was made.

If I m running lean which direction would i go with the jets i think in at a... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

If I'm running lean which direction would i go with the jets i think in at a 150 main . Or should i move the needle insets or both?

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  • the one in the bowl that the accelerator rod goes in

  • Ok thanks

  • Well it was at the 148 the kit suggested i went up to the next biggest one in the kit which was the biggest one a 150 and i put a new boot on and bic pen spring mod

I got back home from work yesterday and went to start my Bully which has stood... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

I got back home from work yesterday and went to start my Bully which has stood for 8 weeks on CTEK charger and starter motor wont turn.

Battery is fully charged at (12.8 volts). Checked out the Yamaha trouble shooting guide and linked out the main power terminals on the starter relay and getting 12.7 volts to starter positive terminal but stll starter not even trying to turn engine. Looks like a new starter. Anybody else had the motor fail ?

Is the motor easy to remove ?

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  • Or try to turn the startermotor with an external battery and jumper cable on the front connection on the startermotor.

  • Cheers Broos, I will give that a try next.

  • Just got my Bully back today, seems like the problem was the main battery earth cable were it attaches to the engine behind the swinging arm pivot, guess it mus have been corroded by road salt etc. Did not fancy the complication of renewing the cable behind the swingarm so the connection was remade and attached to the engine rear mounting, all seems OK, looking forward to a good test ride this evening.

Man I am so freakin pissed right now I got all this custom brackets made and... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Man I am so freakin pissed right now, I got all this custom brackets made and setup for my new Boss MC stereo and the damn speakers dont work. No freakin sound at all, not even a damn crackle like if the speaker was blown. Now I will have to send it back, wait weeks for them to get it, and then have another one shipped to me, or just get my damn money back!!!! Its what i get for buying shit I dont need I guess

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  • Industrial Electronics Technician trick for testing Speakers. Test speakers by putting a AA 1.5v battery across the speaker wires, if it makes a bit of a pop and hiss, they are working, it's not the speakers. Just use jumper wires to attach speakers to the AA battery, just make sure there is no other power source applied at the speaker.

  • I've had good luck with shark audio on my vstar 1100

  • Well its not a big deal. The company said send it back and they will send me a new one. I'm not going to make a fuss about it, just get me a new one.

Photos from Jason Burrell's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

yamaha 225 dx parts Have a good complete head,rear fenders and a dx motor ran good but smoked Pm me with needs Thanks

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  • ronnie durrah sent you a message

  • You must have sent it to my boy. I didnt get it

  • should be in your other folder in your inbox ill resend



My bike has started to die out at 4,000 rpms. Almost as if there is a rev limiter set to that rpm. When it hits 4,000rpm there is a "popping" sound that seems to come from under the tank... it pops then drops to about 3,000rpm... bike runs perfectly fine, up until exactly 4,000 rpm, in every gear.

Any ideas..? Im thinking maybe a ground shirt..?

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  • Thanks guys ill be getting at it soon. I'll post my outcome

  • My 2005 started doing that,took it in and they said it sounded like the bowls on the carbs was picking up junk,drained it cleaned the carbs put it back togeather and it ran fine for about two miles,had to take it back and they called me back in two days and said all was fine no charge.Yamaha called them and said what they needed to do was take carbs off and soak them for a certain length of time (24) hrs.and clean again.Do not know the brand of cleaner the used but man its been running like new.Yamaha said to be carefull if you adding to much additive to correct junk the refinery s are adding because what they are putting into gas is bad enough.

  • chemtool.

Busy weekend — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Busy weekend!

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  • I guess it be your decision but I don't wanna take any chances as far as back pressure or exesive fuel usage

  • Did you lower your front forks?

  • The front was this low when I got it

    The guy that owned it first was only 5'2"

Does anyone have both the proton flushmounts and the integrated led taillight — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Does anyone have both the proton flushmounts and the integrated led taillight? I'm curious if you had to disable the running light on the protons so the taillight would work properly?

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  • Oh ok. Mine are three. Thanks

  • You could cheat and wire the extra wire to your healight so they are independant from the taillight. I am not sure if it will make the healight flash when you signal or not (probably not) but worth a try.

  • Bryan here is the site where I got my lights from they make them but only sell to retail . mine are called X-arc and are 300 lumes you need to check out there new line look bad ass there tiny and are 550 lumes

ATTENTION — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)



What: NORTHSIDE (KULAOG) monthly meeting

Where: PANDI BULACAN /meeting/ride/eat/drink/karaoke


meet-up PETRON balagtas then diretso sa bahay nmin


registration fee is 200 pesos

for legit members plss bring 150 pesos tnx!

AGENDA: yamaha club day/rides/penalties ect......

about nadin sa pagdaan natin sa NLEX papuntang MOA sa yamaha club day

sponsor by: Michael Zosimo for pulutan bangus,alimango,sugpo ect.

Jhezz Villanoche for 2 case of red horse

Kael tenorio 1-2 case

para sa mga legit members my penalty po ito!

just contact:

V.pres SeSe Aguinaldo 09423627836

CM Aries ProTaper (Aristotle) 09195998199

Ride Coor Kael Tenorio 09369135279

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    Miah Lockhart shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Fundraiser is still going, I am 50$ closer to my goal, thanks to the generous Ivan Baker! Every bit counts!.

    I got a couple 5 inch bullet shells, 25mm bullet shells, and 20mm bullet shells left from my tour on USS HOWARD that I'm gonna use to make a headlight (5 inch), an air cleaner cover (5 inch) and turn signals (25mm) out of, trying to think of a way to use the 20mm shells though...

    Again, please donate if you're able, if not then please just pass along to others in your network.



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      Just wanna know would a bigger rear tyre on the back help my top end and what... — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

      Just wanna know would a bigger rear tyre on the back help my top end and what size tryes people got and top end they get

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      • Just had look at the spe and it's meant to have a 130 on the back where I think mines 110

      • May have to try it lol could hurt

      • I will do

      My first boat. Day 1 — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      My first boat ! Day 1 !!

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      • My first day in possession Wednesday

      • Great boat. We love ours

      • What a beauty, enjoy. My first boat was already 16 yrs old when I got it. Was a 1983 Celebrity. It was no Yamaha but I sure loved that old boat.

      Jason Wiles shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Just installed the custom LED flasher relay. I have proton flush mount front turn signals, an integrated LED tail light with turn signal built in and LED rear turn signals. It only took 2 minutes to install and works perfect. My rear blinkers are now in sync with the front. Good option for anyone else who has that issue.

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      • Unfortunately since it was on my bike already I am not really sure how they were installed. I know there are other people in the group that have done the same thing and should no more about it.

      • Been looking for one that was coming from China all night...thanks!

      • *wasnt

      — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

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      • It's 3:30 here so it will be a few hours. I won't get home till later, about 7:30 my time tonight.

      • Okay thanks Jeff!

      • No prob

      Photos from Mike Fiumara's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Got my brand new 2013 fz6r 3 weeks ago for 5500 here in southwest pa. Already got my fender eliminator, flush mounts, and new grips installed. Ordered the mirrors with the turn signals built in but I'm not sure that I like them yet...I'm considering lower it 1 inch in the front, any reason not to?

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      • Zero Gravity!!!! Those are great. My double bubble was 2-3 inches higher than stock

      • Ive seen a few bikes of late where the mirrors come our from the hand grip area. Does anyone have these of their fz6r

      • Mike it might be 1 or 2 in longer

      Grimlin bells. Anyone have one — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Grimlin bells? Anyone have one??

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      • It is normally in the tool bag under the seat.

      • Scott so it does belong in there after all! I put my two battery screws in there, so I wasnt sure if it was part of the tool kit or I took it off the bike. You've been a big help, thank you! :)

      • Sure, no problem Christina.

      I ve run into something that I m sure is simple but it s just got me baffled... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      I've run into something that I'm sure is simple but it's just got me baffled right now. I'm installing a Maxair Predator Pro kit and while I'm at it I thought I'd install my Cruise Mate throttle lock also.

      I've got the carbs back on and after I used the wrong tap on the switch housing (thread repair tap instead of the 3/8-24 I needed) I ordered a new switch housing. I went ahead and put the old housing on just so I could start the bike while I waited for the new housing to arrive.

      While testing it out I found that the throttle was sticking. The new housing came in today and I put it on. The throttle still sticks with the housing tightened down. If you've got a suggestion as to where to look first I'd sure appreciate it. I'm sure I'm just overlooking something obvious but right now it's just over my head.

      Thanks in advance y'all!

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      • Or at the housing by the grip

      • Brian , you were right on your first post. The light came on this afternoon. I had to remove the carbs to replace a carb heater. When I reinstalled them I loosened the cables at the carb and that did it!

        I appreciate your help. On another note, I got a short test drive in and I highly recommend the Maxair kit. What a nice change!

      • Have it on my 1100 classic and love it

      My YZ 285 with his little brother in the background — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

      My YZ 285, with his little brother in the background.

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      • And Darryl, if I was close to you, I'd definitely let you try here out for a good ripping. Lol

      • West Virginia is quite far for a test ride lol.

      • Scott George, thanks! So the MaxPower 285 is sorta plug & play you mean! That's good then!

        I have ridden Gas Gas EC300 6 days enduro and KTM 300EXC in the trails. Yeah they have quite some power than the YZ250 but they are kinda like mellowed out and Gas Gas one is some kinda spastic in terms of power delivery. Both run in case reed engines.

        I definitely feel that the YZ250 is a lot more instantaneous in a sense in power delivery than those 300 big bore brands like the 300EXC. Now, has the 285cc MaxPower mellowed some of the 250 hit and instantaneous delivery OR NOT at all Scott?

        Can you describe the power delivery in terms of its added oomph and if there was no reduction in the pronounced instant power delivery typical of 250 MX-intended bikes?

      So I ve recently upgraded to a Raider My brother is about to start his riding... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

      So I've recently upgraded to a Raider. My brother is about to start his riding and i'd like for him to have my first motorcycle (01 vstar 650). I know he'd like it best if it was blacked out. I've had it apart and tank/front and back fenders painted black. I'm looking to black out the air cleaner, trans cover, shaft cover and exhaust. The covers I'm actually planning to use a dark dark shadow chromer. But the exhaust I want to matte black them. they are cobra drags. I'm thinking about using matte black header paint. my question is (since im a mechanic not auto body) would i need some sort of primer or just scuff up the exhaust? and if i use a primer does anyone know a primer that can handle that heat?

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      • there are a couple options....

      • I sealed the wrap with high temp silicone spray. It was matte

      • I used high temp semi gloss paint.

      Rigged up some Wolo automotive horns. found em at an O reillys 11 a piece — Yamaha C3

      Rigged up some Wolo automotive horns (found em at an O'reillys, ~$11 a piece) using a 40A SPST relay and some crimped connectors, running a new, separate circuit direct from battery with 15A fuse (yellow and blue wires), and using the stock horn wires (black covered wires) to energize the relay. Haven't test rode it yet (my back has been f'ed up from disc issues lately) but it seems to not interfere with the rest of the operation of the bike. I'm please with the loudness, and after I clean up the wiring I think the install looks pretty good. The front cover barely fits without directly touching the front of the top horn, and I just bent the straight brackets that came with the top horn to recess it into the area directly beneath the gauge cluster housing.

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      • A Big horn C3 ...

      • "Big horn", I like that Subaru.

      • I now that Edward !

      A few days ago I was on the highway going about 65 mph when I noticed my bike... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

      A few days ago, I was on the highway, going about 65 mph, when I noticed my bike wasn't responding well, to the throttle. I let off the throttle, reducing my speed to 55 mph. When I tried to throttle up, the bike barely responded. It took 30-45 seconds to reach 60 mph. The bike gradually began to slowed down. I decided to move to the shoulder of the road, cut the bike off, and look for any obvious problems. There was no smoke, strange smells, or anything. When I tried to start the bike, it wouldn't turn over. After pushing the bike up the exit ramp for several minutes, I tried to start it again. It cranked right up. Afterwards, I rode home with no problem. I haven't experienced any problems since then. I have an idea of what the problem was, but I'm not perfectly sure. What do you guys think?

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      • Be sure to always check your oil if it gets low your engine will heat up.

        I got stuck in a construction zone with my lady on the back and I had to pull over way to tight to go around or threw traffic and let her cool down.

      • I would lean towards fuel starvation. I had issues with my 96 caused by the vent in the fuel cap clogging.

      • Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help.

      I ve got a nasty buld up of old feul two stroke in my feul tank Any ideas on... — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

      I've got a nasty buld up of old feul/two stroke in my feul tank. Any ideas on how to clean it?

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      • i'll check thanks

      • If not go onto Clarkes fuel tanks they make really good remakes

      • I ended up buying a Clarke tank for an 82 (extra capacity) and using boiling water to widen the middle to fit on my 78.

      — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

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      • No way? FMF made IT parts? Dope. Gotta track one down for 175...

      • Isn't that a DG pipe with an FMF muffler? I have the DG on mine too!

      • I think your right, it's a nations DG series chamber pipe with the FMF slip on ...

      I have a 93 Warrior I need to change the sprockets can any help with which... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      I have a 93 Warrior. I need to change the sprockets can any help with which ones are the correct amount teeth for front and back. Someone put the wrong front sprocket on and cracked the case. I do have an extra bottom end that I am using and dont wanna crack that one . THNX

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      • or you could just keep the chain lubricated with proper tension so that it doesnt break

      • it's just for added piece of mind because even with proper maintenance it is still possible to break a chain better safe than sorry later I always say

      • I run 12/40 with 22's on back love it.

      Has anyone had a problem with the nut backing off of the countershaft on their... — Yamaha V-Star riders

      Has anyone had a problem with the nut backing off of the countershaft on their 1300? I had some grinding coming from there. The dealer looked at it and that was their diagnosis. They also said that there was some damage to the shaft and sprocket. The put locktight on it and quoted about $3K to fix it. It rides fine now but I'm not sure how long their fix will last. I talked with a couple of bikers from work and they said there should be a cotter pin to prevent that. I opened up the cover and you could see where the hole in the nut was, but there was no cotter pin it. Is there any maintenance that would cause them to take that sprocket off (changing a rear tire maybe)?

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        Just received and installed a new Clevver Lever on my V Star 650 Those of you... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Just received and installed a new Clevver Lever on my V Star 650. Those of you that are not familiar with this product it is a clutch lever that decreases the pull by 33% and increases the size of the friction zone by 50%. Overall I'm pleased with it. Was easy to install and does seem to work as claimed. Most of the free play is gone and the friction zone does seem to be a bit easier to find and stay in. However I do not suggest buying this product if you own a drill! It is simply a stock clutch lever with an extra hole drilled in it! I've attached a pic for anyone that wants to try this mod. The top hole is where the end of the cable was originally seated and the one directly underneath is where you would want to drill to make the new position for the cable.

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          Just got my first bike. Looking for bags. Do I need bike specific or any work — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          Just got my first bike. Looking for bags. Do I need bike specific or any work?

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          • Why are they shaped so weird in the back, Keith? You got pointy shoes that you keep in there or somethin'? :)

          • He is Ronald McDonald and he ain't telling us!!!!! Just kidding

          Photos from Jacob Limburg's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

          Maxxis rear 110-90/19

          Dunlop front 80-100/21

          Thinkin bout switching from my Michelin rear 120-100/19

          Go thinner and smaller rear and smaller front. ?? I ride a lot on my rear more so than on my fron now, stiffened my rear shock up and loosing my forks for my personal pref. makin it a smoother ride already without changing tires. Less uncontrollable movements

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          • My static sag Darryl when i was still a bit heavier at 140 lbs plus added weight of my riding gears as worn was set at 100mm or 10cm.

            i haven't adjusted since i intentionally lose weight to about 128 lbs now without my gears yet. i must be off now on my sag. As soon as i get back for field break this will all be corrected including everything that i plan to do with my engine. i will be working with my longtime mechanic and tuner.

          • That's cool it's nice to have a extra set of eyes and hands that knows the ropes. And it makes for a more pleasurable experience for you as well. I weigh in at 200 lbs now and I'm about 25 lbs or 30 lbs away from my ideal race weight. Too many late meals and late late nights that turn to morning before I get to sleep. Lol.

          • Yup Darryl, but my buddy and mechanic Kenneth is such a busy man. He tunes the MX bikes and big bikes of a lot of clients. He used to be a Honda team mechanic in our local sports here. Haven't seen him for almost 2 years now

          Has anyone ever gone on a decent highway ride on a 650 Doing 75 on mine feels... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          Has anyone ever gone on a decent highway ride on a 650? Doing 75 on mine feels like I'm topped out on power.

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          • The 1100 requires you to remove the lower pipe. It's not that big of a deal.

          • Did Tallahassee Florida to Paris Texas nonstop. Ran 75 or 80mph the whole time. No issues but it did sound rapped out lol

          • Jardine oil filter relocation. Cams. Pod filters. Good exhaust. And you will have one pissed off 1100

          Photos from Paul Currie's post — Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe Owners

          Memphis Shades lower wind deflectors on my Deluxe. Bugs were added for definition

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          • I put the same Memphis Shade lowers on my Deluxe but had to mount them with pressure against the blinkers to clear my engine guard while turning. They seem to have dropped some of the wind and I can hear the stereo a little better.

          • Brett Bakker....really? I still have 1/4" clearance , what brand of bars? Thinking of going to JTD lowers so not sure if these will still work or be required

          • I am not really sure what the bars are. I think they are OEM, I had the Star dealer put them on when I purchased the bike last year.

          fairly handy with a hammer and metal I have a hypercharger but am thinking of... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          fairly handy with a hammer and metal... I have a hypercharger, but am thinking of fabbing up an intake tube and jamming a K&N on the end of it so that it sticks further out into the wind

          ...any thoughts?

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          • Heya Tony, do me a favor, watch the f- bombs, we keep it clean here to avoid the inevitable arguments it causes. ,

          • I bought a 3 piece uni-bit set from harbor freight for $4 - $5 . I did the 3 hole mod on my rear baffle plates. I took them out to 3/4" each hole. The difference on my 07' classic was night & day. I rolled past the speedway sat. while the stock cars were running, I couldn't hear them over my exhaust @ 35 mph :-) .

          Greetings fellow knuckle breezers. A couple of questions for the collective — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          Greetings fellow knuckle-breezers. A couple of questions for the collective,

          Which is the best oil filter relocation kit and why?

          And where can I find adjustable floorboards/footpegs for the passenger? The wife is short but even stock her legs can get a bit cramped.


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          • Mine was leaking at the hose fitting and I was going on 3k mile trip and didn't need for it to blow on the trip.

            After several times of changing the oil with stock internal filter it does not take that long and it gives me a chance to clean under the pipes!

          • Never had that but it could of been just not tight enough. But things from factory arnt always correct

          • Kuryakyn retractable passenger pegs. I used deck but you can use pegs. I put the pic of my bike so you see what it looks like.

          How do u prefer to clean a air filter. Soap and water. Gas. Pre mix gas — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

          How do u prefer to clean a air filter? Soap and water? Gas? Pre mix gas?

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          • I have been using gunk engine degreaser lately instead of gas and it works pretty good a notoil air filter May Come apart if you use gas ?? Not for sure on that one I either use a uni filter or a twin air and I've had good results with the both although I like the twin air just because they are two separate filters. An outside course filter and a fine inner filter. it's easier to clean I think but the uni is just as good a filter but it's one piece glued together or fused or however they stick the. Dual density foam together ??

          • We somestimes just DIY two stage air filter with the use of specified foam. Then we replace them at will with newly DIY air filter. My previous air filter just recently was a No Toil brand. I do buy my air filter oil spray though.

          • I use Notiol

          Photos from Bobby Garrett's post — Yamaha XS650

          I'm mounting up rear brake master clyinder for a one off hardtail XS650 rear brake setup, using the stock pedal and pivot shaft, and cant decide which route to take- mount the cylinder just outside the frame rail and make a tab to push it just on the inside of where the pedal mounts on the shaft, or leave the pivot shaft alone and mount up a linkage- attached photos of my two options at this point. Also thought about mounting it in front of the pivot, in the area where the electric starter used to be, but that seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Any input greatly appreciated!

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          • Chris is your pedal full length? whats your peg setup like? mind taking one more pic?

          • Pedal is full length. Went with monster craftsmen mid mounts.

          • heres what i ended up with, had to do some bending on the stock pedal to clear the pipe but i think its gonna work out good. i was able to extend the actuator rod and not have to make a bent one.

          Oulton track walk — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

          Oulton track walk...............

          Bemsee peeps, for those of you loving the track walks (Silverstone was a belter) then Oulton will not let you down. I may not be up there in time after landing at Heathrow during the day but I have two fine chaps leading the walk. Great racers, great characters, great instructors and you won't be able to understand a word they are saying :-)

          Francesco Cavalli (The Tagalatelli Tornado) and Colin Martin (The Emerald-Isle Exocet) will be your hosts on what will be a great walk, talk and International extravaganza supported by a number of your Lovely Bemsee Instructors.

          Everyone welcome as don't need to be a racer to go on the track walk......

          Date: Friday 23rd May

          Time: 6pm

          Place: Start/Finish line

          I'll see you all as soon as I can. Have fun.


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            2000 VStar 650 custom In gear and when i pull back on the throttle the drive... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

            2000 VStar 650 custom.. In gear and when i pull back on the throttle the drive shaft spins, but the back wheel doesnt move. Any ideas?.... I took off the drive shaft this morning and dont know where to start..

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            • I guess it's just the nature of the beast

            • James Fiasco Simmons I sent you a PM

            • When. You disseble look for metal shaveings. Gears. Striped some where

            Ok guys here s the deal i did a trade with Luke duke i sent front and rear... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

            Ok guys here's the deal, i did a trade with Luke duke, i sent front and rear racks off my yamaha 225dr, expecting parts in return, now i pd to ship the racks expecting him to honor his word, well its been a couple months and ive not gotten jack $&&?( if u know what i mean, it really bothers me so im just letting you all know, im not sure what else i can do

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            • Maybe he will honor the deal.

            • If hes a real man he should make it good and throw in extra since its been a while

            • I like to think that there are still good and honest people in this world

            — Yamaha XS650

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            • why do you say that? I know plenty of people who are insured even with an altered frame

            • Where snouts in New York are you located Joshua Jake. I'm in Rochester Upstate.

            • long island! I was actually looking at a bike in rochester recently!

            Ask ako sa mga naka engine cover jan — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

            Ask ako sa mga naka engine cover jan..

            Totoo po ba na pag naglagay ng engine cover minsan nakakasira ng engine?? Kasi daw tinatakpan ang engine so di na maxado makapasok yung hangin pra maglamig ng engine nyo kya maxado iinit. Or ok lang po maglagay ng engine cover? Lalo na ung my mga load motor. Tnx sa pagsagot.

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            • hahahaha!alam mo naman tayo paps John Harvy Tejada dami napupulot na aral sa kabilang site.yamaha,tsaka masyado ako mabusisi kpag pinapaayos ko motor kong stock s tropa ko,kung ano to ano ba yan para san ba yan,haha!

            • Barkada ko nka duoble loob din.unf orig fan inajast ata tas nag add ng isa.with switch ung fan n isa.incase n traffic d xa magkaproblema.

            • sa akin din my switch na din yung fan kasi na aftermarket carb na dina mgamit yung tps sa carb pwede nmn gamitin kaso may modification and tricks,kpg matrapik din at long rides anytime pwede ko paandarin fan kaso masama kpg binabad yung ikot ng matagal pwedeng bumigay yung fan.

            Hi Jacob Limburg I ve cropped some photos to show the knob patterns of the MX51... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

            Hi Jacob Limburg, I've cropped some photos to show the knob patterns of the MX51's. At the sides of each tire the name MX51 is also engraved, hence the same should also be seen at your rear tire. Cheers!

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            • Stupid spell check all around tire.

            • Haha!!!!! The problem with iPhone is that it knows what to say than what the user himself is thinking. Yeah nice stupid spell check word for it haha!!!!

            • Yep yep

            YPM Stuntman Update — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum


            YPM Stuntman Update

            I've been at home for over a week now, progress is good, I can walk and get out of most sitting situations unless the sofa swallows me then I'm in trouble lol

            I'm still numb in areas around the base of the spine but there is still a lot of fluid and swelling there so I'm hopeful that will repair in time. TBH if that's all I have from the size of the off then I'll be happy, I'm very lucky.

            Thanks go out to all the well wishers, I did read them all but wasn't in any fit state to respond most of the time being off my tits on morphine :)

            Big thanks go to all that helped Jay with the clear up on Sunday, packing the van up and generally being there for her. Higgy and Elain are the best, they sorted the cazza out on their drive, then cleaned it and brought it back to where it lives in storage. That's a 300 mile round trip!

            I'm humbled by the support and concerns of everyone, not only the YPM family but further afield from other classes and friends.

            I got loads of visitors both local like Dick, Jason and the Higlett's and some surprise ones like Trev, Wrongun, Tenpin, the Grants and especially Moot, who went out for a Sunday ride and ended up at my bedside! 140 miles away! Those visits really made a difference, and cheered me up no end, thanks everyone.

            So for now I'm still off work while I repair and the goal is to be at the TT in 2 weeks time. The bike doesn't look too bad but it's still in the van.

            Obviously my season is over, but I'll be watching from a distance as the championships unfold.

            Oh and the final count was 5 broken vertebrae T2, T6, T8, T9 & T10

            Good luck everyone

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            • Season over? I told you, mungo is preparing some sort of sidecar contraption in his barn. It'll be quite safe, he mentioned something about pairing a TZR and an old hovercraft or something............

            • There is no way on earth i'd ever get onboard anything with Mungo Prentice, i like breathing too much :)

            • You don't need to mate he tried mounting me 3 times at Snetterton lol