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Trailer for sale.

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  • Where are you located? How are the bunks and fenders?

  • Birmingham al. Not sure what bunks are. Fenders are rusty

  • Not sure of the year. Boat it's hauling was an 05

Your bike how high does it fly — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Your bike, how high does it fly?

If I tell you that there is a couple planes which are flying around (or at least were) powered by Yamaha V-Twin engines, does it sound like a Virago with wings to you?

I don't really know how many of these cases there are, but at least I'm aware of two.

And it seems like the Virago has an engine that provides a valid option at the time of building this “flying grafts”.

In 1991 Richard Giles built a replica Nieuport-12, WWI plane. And when it was time to put something on its nose, he chose a XV-1100 built in 1986.

Giles said that the selection of that engine was based on several factors, which include his experience with motorcycle engines, light weight of this engine, power, cost, adaptability, and most importantly: reliability.

Why a Yamaha V-twin?

The engine XV-1100 is very light; moreover, it is made out of aluminum, and the original plane engines were not. Another factor was the existence of a built-in transmission gear box, which allows 5 different reduction ratios to accommodate different propeller speeds according to the flight needs; in other words, this guy built a plane with manual transmission. This plane can stops the propeller without the need of shutting off the engine. And the most relevant answer to the “why” is because...

he had a Virago 1100 to be the donor.

Among the specs that he mentions is the low rpm that this engine operates (3000 to 7000 rpm), which cover perfectly the plane's needs. Another aspect, (which may be natural for most of us) was the built-in electric system and the pressurized oil circulation that exceeded the requirements for a WWI replica, specially the power improvement (80HP).

Probably the main drawback was the carburetor . The Mikunis had to be replaced because these carbs operate by vacuum behind the diaphragms, and a plane needs the fuel to be “blown”. Therefore, he replaced the 2 Mikunis for regular 40mm car carburetors.

In October 1993 Giles' replica was reviewed and approved for fly by the FAA (USA).

The work done by Giles and his friends transformed his Virago 1100 in the first plane powered by a V-Twin engine.

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  • That's freaking awesome.

  • Depends on how fast im going when i hit the ramp.

Photos from Howard Summers's post — Yamaha XS650

For Sale Seattle Area1979 Yamaha xs 650 "barn Find" 6350 original miles original owner replaced handlebars and mirrors and installed K&N pod filters.

braught her home and installed the following:

** new mikes complete Electronic Ignition Kit by Pamco and a 200 watt Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit (PMA).

**the carbs have been removed dipped and cleaned with new rebuild kits and re jetted.

** new Battery

**new clutch friction plates

**fuel tank cleaned and sealed and new non-vacuum pet cocks installed.

the tires are in need of replacement due to age!!!

clean title in hand


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    Alright. those who have to juice box — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Alright ...those who have to juice box

    Did you install it yourselves? it already programed or do you have to reload it before installing?

    I can handle the install,just wondering about the computer

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    • Man...that's a relief

      Mine should be here tomorrow

      But leaving for a bike rally at the beach Friday morning

      Doubt I'd have time to get it dynoed but hell maybe two brothers will be

      Appreciate it mate!

    • Mine still hasn't seen a dyno...don't stress, u can also DL better tunes on the forum, depending on where u live in the world u will have to change the map before u DL it but it's really simple and heaps of DIY videos on the forum and YouTube to help u out

    • Didn't think about the forums

      Thanks guys!

    Hi Alan Melia i saw your post that concerns your 1999 YZ250 If you like you... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

    Hi Alan Melia, i saw your post that concerns your 1999 YZ250. If you like, you may start troubleshooting in a modular fashion.

    Firstly, if you're unsure how your bike is jetted (before you start tracing for any air leaks or so, checking any of your engine gaskets, and all other else), try playing first with your idle and air screw. If that doesn't solve the issue, then open your carb and check your jetting with the "baseline" values, as provided for in the attached photo. Look for the 1999 YZ250 stock jetting set-up. You may start from there after playing with your air screw, and progress or advance from there if at every step of the way the problem is not solve until you figure it out.

    Good luck!

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    • Jeeze Alan! Now that's a new thing i learned again! Thanks for sharing your woes on the bike and how you were able to correct it!

    • Well alright glad it's fixed now go ride !!!

    • Hi Darryl, each time I see "now go ride" it brings me back to the time when I'm on fieldbreak, the only time i can do riding.

      I'm now looking forward to my back-to-uni life for a masters degree, and that means more time now to ride the trails back home! Jeeze am i excited!

    Anybody tried using the Base Camp software that comes with the Zumo 665 — Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe Owners

    Anybody tried using the, "Base Camp" software that comes with the Zumo 665? I planned one day trip close to home (300 miles) and now I'm planning a back road trip to Mt St Helens. Our big trip in July is down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Clemente about 1100 miles. Software seems to have a pretty step learning curve, but I'm getting the hang of it.

    If you're using it, perhaps we could trade tips? Really what I mean is, you could give me tips and I would have very little to offer in return :)

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    • I planned a trip for later in the summer. Once u create the trip u can print paper direction and map.

    • Ok. I found the information about base camp. Thank you.

    • Ok. I found the information about base camp. Thank you.

    Help please My brothers 2005 vstar 650 that he just purchased is having... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    Help please. My brothers 2005 vstar 650 that he just purchased is having problems dieing out about 5-8 times every morning until it warms up. Even with the choke out fully it still will die. Once it's running and he drives it everything is fine until the bike cools down. Then it's the same thing again. Any suggestions are appreciated. Here is his ride

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    • Those carb heaters being that bike up to operating temp faster. I live in Alabama. If I unplug my carb heaters that bike will ruin rough about the first three or four miles until the bike heats up. Check the voltage at the plug during a cold morning.

    • Adjusted the idle screw about 3/4 of a turn and boom!! Never died at all. Still changed the fuel filter because it was pretty corroded and seafomed it . Thanks fr the help gentleman

    • If you've never touched the carbs, turn both mixture screws in till they bottom out, then back them off 2.5 turns. Don't forget to synch the carbs.

    RUST — Yamaha V-Star riders


    I am in the process of finishing a special project on my 08 V-Star. With all the work, time, effort and especially money that went into getting my bike painted, I have a gripe with not only businesses that make aftermarket items, but also manufacturers. Almost every piece of chrome has bits and pieces of rust. Some of the nuts and bolts will not be going back on the bike. In getting my bike 'just the way I want it', I have paid good money, which in no way did I mind doing, for items to make it that way. Now there is rust on them. Just a rant. BTW; do any manufacturers read these fb pages? As Charlie Brown would say; AAAARRRRGGHH!!!!

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      Hi all does anybody else here just simply plug their bass into an amp and just... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

      Hi all, does anybody else here just simply plug their bass into an amp and just play? The reason I ask this is that at 99% of the gigs that I play I do exactly that.

      In some cases I just turn up with the appropriate bass and plug in to whatever is there and I still sound like "me".

      Recently I have been getting some of my best bass tones by using the line out from my Vox Pathfinder practise amp to feed a power amp. Anyone else had this experience ?

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      • I've been plug & play for ever but due to lack of my own gear, half the times sounded terrible, total bummer =(

      • If the amp is powerful enough the Attitude sounds killer! (+300W rms 8ohm) Pure 60's P-sound!

      • Thats how I practice a lot. Brings things back to square one.

      Passenger seat soft bags storage compartments Pictures and manufacturer info... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Passenger seat soft bags/storage compartments..... Pictures and manufacturer info would be cool to see as well. What is everyone running??? Tired of the backpack. Shit gets hot in the summer.

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      • That rack is minus the bag.

        Both are products of a NZ based company called 'Ventura'

      • Yeah the rack bag had maybe 6 gallons of volume at least, so beer is doable.

      • i just got an oxford tank n trailer bag. its great. not too big. can fold up a sweater and put inside. or rain gear. was expensive though.

      Any one no why my 99 yz250 is reving out when I start it IM only after... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

      Any one no why my 99 yz250 is reving out when I start it IM only after rebuilding the whole engine if any one has an idea what could be causing this to happen could you let me no please it starts fine on the choke but when I turn the choke off it revs up

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      • Pickup coil my bad

      • Idle screw turned in to far or throddle cable stuck at the adjuster or where it meets the carb??

      • Got it sorted today turned out it was the seal behind the flywheel wasn't in right but it's starting and idling fine now thanks for all the input guys

      Somebody left these on my front porch — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

      Somebody left these on my front porch :)

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      • well i buy this too...but i'm not using because the dog is still sick....i must say that i'm a little worried about your stock dog with usual filters run quite linear and well...with excellent fuel consumption...i would not renounce to that for k&n badge :)...

      • some say that the carbs must be air leveled again because this filters are too permissive and the ideal mixture is not ideal anymore....some say you don't need to do that....Please keep us posted with your solution!

      • I'm on the old setup again.. I will try to solve the problems later when I have my summer vacation. I'll keep you posted :)

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      • ^Used of course and just 38mm ^

      • It came with an Asian chick but she was d.o.a

      • lol..

        Ya the 40mm is a custom bored 38.. That's why their so spendy.

      Paps patulong naman ayaw umandar ni snipee ko e nag diode ako ginamit ko nung... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

      Paps patulong naman ayaw umandar ni snipee ko e nag diode ako ginamit ko nung una ok pa nung napalayo na ng konte bigla namatay nawalan ng kuryente tapos pagkinakabit ko ung fuse nya may tumutnog. Sana plang diko nilagyan ng diode

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      • BRT race Cdi Hyperband 2.8k huling bili ko 2years na Cdi ko po.. ewan ko lng po ngayon paps/mam/mampaps

      • kung may tropa ka po na nka sniper din iplug mo un Cdi nya sa bike mo for test lng, pag nagstart bike mo gamit Cdi nya, then Cdi lng prublema non sayo, pero kung hndi nagstart nakupo ibang storya na po yan.. check mo din po mga wirings and fuse and other terminals bka may naapektuhan. wag lang stator ang magkaprublema...

      • Kyanga mga paps laking problema un

      HELP NEEDED — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

      HELP NEEDED!!!

      Yesterday, when I had to go to work, my Bulldog seemed to lack on power when I'd open the throttle. She also trambled a lot and I had the idea only one cylinder was actually working. After about 18 km (I had to get to work in time, so I choose to continue on) she started acting like a lady again and the last 4 km or so went without any problem. Only things started again, when last night I had to get back home from work... Same loud engine, no power and the left exhaust remained much cooler than the right one.

      Any suggestions what this might be? Would it be as simple as a bad spark plug (bougie), or does this sound really bad to you...?

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      • Check the continuity of each spark plug lead, and the plug caps. Trim 5mm off each lead and re-screw in the plug caps. swap the wiring between #1 and #2 coils (along with the spark plug leads to each cylinder) and see if the problem now moves from one cylinder to the other

      • also does the engine Tacho die intermittently with the miss. as the tacho is wired into just one of the coils (#1 cylinder I think) and this can help point to the problem

      • I've got one for sale Hugo . She's called bunty,

      A sunny day in Norway — Yamaha V-Max

      A sunny day in Norway!!!!

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      • Dear Svenn! I love your bike! Maybe you once have a great high-res picture of your VMAX for our 2015 CIRCUS VMAXIMUS calendar! We would love to show it to the Vmaxxers all over the world! Take care! Mike

      • très beau en blanc!!!

      • Very nice Max in White! !Cool

      I had motor board 0 30 over an a after market dg exhaust Do I need to jet the... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      I had motor board 0.30 over an a after market dg exhaust. Do I need to jet the carb?

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      • Everything is stock other then having it boarded out .30 an changing the exhaust to a dg.

      • 147.5 main... pilot 45. Yee Yee

      • I agree jet kits are a scam unless you work on carbs a lot. Is it a full exhaust or just a slip on? And do u have a foam filter or a k&n?

      This is one of my used for its purpose helmets. This is road rash. pavement — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

      This is one of my "used for its purpose" helmets. This is road rash (pavement) from drifting on my supermotard, got away and highsided. I did not even get a chance to get my hands down. I strongly feel, it saved me a broken jaw and at least stitches, if not more. I constantly see people everywhere riding with no helmet. I have been guilty myself.( just to warm up bike) PLEASE WEAR YOUR HELMET...... BE AROUND FOR THE PEOPLE WHO CARE FOR YOU.

      Bash me if you like.

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      • That was a brand new helmet, and the very first day, I wore it.

      • Sorry to hear that, man. A friend of mine had similar accident, like your friend about 10 yrs back. On a atv, no helmet. Hillclimbing, the atv ended up smashing his face. Long story short....several reconstructive surgeries, 300k plus bills. Near death for a month, survived.... rebuilt nose and cheek bones with plastic.

        He was lucky.....

      • Your helmet Scott had seen its maiden voyage.

        And for you Scott and Darryl, I feel sorry about the deaths due to motorbike accidents you mentioned in your posts. Those were very unfortunate incidents and really disturbing. At first when I read your post Scott I was not really paying attention until I read each commentary in detail. Sorry bout that, not seeing outright the real message of the story. And Jacob buddy, you be will as well man. Take care and ride safe. You may at times see me riding w/o an helmet in photos, but I only do this is my own backyard, w/c is only 400 sq. m. in area. But outside my turf I always wear helmets and pads and knee braces etc. Also, I never ride my bike in open or public streets and roads, that's why I have my own pickup to do exactly just that -ferry my bike to the trail sites.

        May all those people in your place who met their unfortunate demise due to unwanted accidents that you shared here rest in peace. May God forgive them all from whatever transgressions they may have committed while they were still alive, and may He strengthen all their loved ones that they left behind. Let's pray for their eternal repose. After all, we're all brothers.

      Question Im getting 6 4L per 100Km which is good for the MT01 whats the... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Question,, Im getting 6.4L per 100Km which is good for the MT01,,, whats the average on the FZ, I really dont think there is much difference?

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      • Most likely.. not sure.. something a little different. My speedometer is fine. The readings I get are accurate. I know the FZ6R's there are a bit off.

      • It's all about compression the fz6r is quite high at 12.2:1 meaning it likes the good stuff.

        My xjr is supposed to be around 9.5:1ish, but I've got a 4deg ignition advancer which raises compression & the bike dosent like 91 much as a result.

        I nearly always run 98, sometimes 95..never the E10 shite no matter how high its octane is claimed to be.

        Also shell V power 98 is not good for many bikes & shell have an advisory about it on their product site.

      • Octane is rated differently depending on what country you are in but with the ratings in the states 93 is premium fuel . If you run too high of an octane such as racing fuel you could damage the oxygen sensor or the catalyst . My 07 FZ6 when ridden sensibly will run in the high 40's per gallon and I usually run 89 octane

      Anyone know if installing flush mount turn signals will void the Yamaha Factory... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Anyone know if installing flush mount turn signals will void the Yamaha Factory/Extended warranty?

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      • I dont think so either, i did mine and man it just makes the bike look so much better, i think the fz6r looks goofy stock anyway.i changed blinkers, inograded tail light, fender elim., under glow and put short mirrors on it just to make it not look like some kind of wierd insect lol...if anything it should make the trade in value higher

      • It's tough to make the resell value higher in the bike. Keep all stock so you can sell aftermarket later. I speak from experience on both accounts

      • Just make it what you want it, your the one riding i wouldnt sweat the warranty just service it reg and youll be fine

      Photos from Rafael Third's post — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

      Last nyt about 11 pm . Hinarang ako ng mio amore na dilaw at tinutukan ng baril harap harapan . Hahaha. Para mkuha ang motor ko na mio mx . Saktong na istart ko na ung motor nung pumiga akong silinyador ay hinampas ako ng baril sa ulo talsikan yung mga dugo pero hinaripas ko padin ang takbo hangang mka labas sa hi way hangang sa di na nila ako inabutan at di nakuha ang motor . Tinahi ang biyak ng ulo ko at nag nag report sa police station .ako lang daw sa record nila ang hindi binigay ang motor sa ganun hehe . Rife safe mga ka tropa . Mag ingat at maging alerto wag mag panic

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      • Sakit nman nyan... dapat maraming police visibilty dyan bro...

      • Hehe ingat tayo sana wala ng maganyan :) sana :/

      • minsan police pa ang may pakana jan

      YAMAHA CLUB DAY. JUNE 7. REGISTER AT. http. bit. ly 1gvdEH0 — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


      Name of the yamaha club member reffered you : SNIPER MX PHILIPPINES

      Refferal Person: Alan Thrillseeker

      ALL YAMAHA CLUB CARD HOLDER IN LUZON ARE INVITED FOR FREE. SEE YOU ON OUR SNIPERMX PHILS. BOOTH FROM 7AM TO 10AM REGISTRATION ON JUNE 7 2014 Calling all Yamaha Club Members! Register now and be part of this exciting event coming this June 7. New members may also process their online application here. See you all there!

      Click here to join:

      *Membership is free & open to all owners of any Yamaha motorcyle.

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        Saklolo po — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

        Saklolo po!

        Ganito po nangyari...

        Una namatay ang LED headlight ko habang tumatakbo...

        Pag hinto, check ng kung anu ano pero napansin ko na sobrang init ng battery ko...

        So ginawa ko, inalis ko muna yung LED tapos nag kabit ako ng stockbulb (di kasi inalis yung old line para just in-case may ganitong sitwasyon), inalis ko yung negative sa battery at pinaandar ko motor... Gumana yung ilaw pero for a short time lang...

        Then isa isa nang nawala... Tail light, at tila iilan sa speedometer lights nawala na... Di na rin umiilaw yung engine indicator light...

        Has anybody experienced this? Dahil lang ba ito sa battery na tila bumigay?

        Can you help me?

        Baka naman meron kayong spare battery jan na pwede ipamana na lang sa akin?

        Sagana man ako sa sponsorships, wala naman talaga akong pangggawa sa motor ko pag nasisira...

        So your help is very much appreciated...

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        • Nga pala, sa mga interesado sa set-up ng JVT sa MX ko, you are free to test it... Just don't break it...

          You break it, you bought it!

        • diba iba na rectifier ginamit nyan boss? problema sa wiring o kaya sa rectifier malamang boss.

        Have a question have a 02 1100 classic and got 100mi between tanks of fuel and... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        Have a question: have a 02 1100 classic and got 100mi between tanks of fuel and filled with 2.977gal. Should I be getting more?

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        • I run 2up most the time and I fill up at right around 100 but its never empty and normally only about 2.5 gallons is all I can put in her at fill up.

        • I carried a can of 4 cycle TruFuel on a trip to Yellowstone last August. I came darn close to having to use it out in the boondocks of MT....available at Lowes and Home Depot.............

        • Always dependent on the twisty of the wristy.......

        So I was out for a ride today and I ended up behind a ninja and it sounded... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

        So I was out for a ride today and I ended up behind a ninja and it sounded horrible. It sounded like one of those bicycles that has an exhaust noise thing. I'm betting that he just cut the baffles out but I'm not sure. Anyways I just want to make sure that the marthy Danmoto doesn't sound like a bicycle exhaust. I believe that it won't because it's a whole new can but I would love if people could comment videos of there's so I don't make a bad decision.

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        • This is my danmoto

        • Is it marthy edition? Do you like it? It sounds good on the camera but cameras only catch so much. What are your thoughts on it?

        • It's similar to the marthy exhaust, but louder. I liked it but was way too loud, marthys' will be a better option as you can baffle it

        Hello Has anyone got any favourite settings for the ebs billy pedal when used... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Hello !! Has anyone got any favourite settings for the ebs billy pedal when used with an attitude bass ? Many thanks.

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        • It depends on the amp you are using: I don't like the compression of this pedal (I prefer my EBS multicomp) but I change settings if I play with the practice amp or with my other rig... You know, sometimes I also change settings between songs during the show!

        • Yamaha Attitude Limited Mk2 série 1 Black

          •Yamaha Attitude Limited Mk3 Black

          01 Bassbone

          01 EBS BSS

          01 Peavey Max preamp

          01 Digitech BP-8

          02 Ampeg Svp Pro preamps

          01 DBX 1066 Compresseur

          01 Rocktron Super Hush C

          01 BBE Sonic maximizer 482i

          01 Amptweaker Bass Tight Drive

          01 Markbass Compressore

          01 Artech SE-EQ8

          01 EHX Switch Blade

          01 EHX Bass Micro Synth

          01 EHX Bass Balls

          01 EHX Qtron+

          01 EHX Hot Tube

          01 EHX Switch Blade

          01 ISP Technologies Decimator mk2

          01 Phonic AM440

          01 Ampeg Svp 1600 Pro

          01 Aguilar DB 810

        • I,ve removed purple paint on ebs...

        Photos from Aaron Krashel's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

        well my race got canceled today so when i unloaded my bike i snapped a few of it in race prep condition

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        • Hi Aaron, do you have any mods on your YZ?

          Have you heard about Eric Sanders big bore 325 kit? Has anyone you know of used it?

        • Just a pipe set up and v-force and jetting. Only cause i. Got it that way. No need to dump money into a bunch of go fast mods IMO. My dad always tonight me if you want to be fast, you should be able to win a local race on a stock bike. Oregon local race. If I had to pay for it I'd dump cash into suspension . But a 325 kit would be insane

        • There are insane people though in this planet Aaron, and you're talking to one now haha!

        Six years ago I did a DIY pod mod on my 04 1100 and instead of using K N... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Six years ago I did a DIY pod mod on my 04 1100 and instead of using K&N filters I used UNI foam filters. I was happy with the results and I cleaned them once or twice a year and didn't have any problems until now. The foam has started to deteriorate into a fine black powder. I thought it was dirt at first but they just wouldn't come clean this time,(lol). I guess six years is a pretty good run and they were only $6 a piece back when I bought them. Now I can't find them anywhere for less than $20 a piece but I don't think I'll be buying them again since I can get K&N's for $32 a piece and I think they'll be well worth the extra bucks...............Just thought I'd let everyone know of my experience with these foam filters.

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          What s the most common cause of these 225 smokin Puffin blue but every 225 I... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

          What's the most common cause of these 225 smokin? Puffin blue but every 225 I have owned has, fo they have a thing for valve seals or what, plenty of compression n no loss n power, smokin good, any info wld b great

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          • mines blue but idk if valve seals or rings

          • i would also say its the oil rings,they tend to wear faster.

          • My 85 225dr smokes also, common among them ?

          Done with the parts swap from the blown up 200e to the 200ern and it was a... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

          Done with the parts swap from the blown up 200e to the 200ern and it was a success! Its running great and now I have reverse.

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          • Congrats!

          • Took for ever to find one piece of trash in carburetor. Are you supposed to have to hold it in reverse? Or is something going on there?

          Attachment Unavailable — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          Does anyone else have this?

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          • Is that an official release?

          • it was originally official. it was released by whoever the festival was put on by. cant remember now what it was though. it was linked through billys site at the time. i dont think it was ever available in stores, just through the festivals website. here it is on billys site (at the bottom) courtesy of the internet archives waybac machine ;)

          • I missed that one, thanks a lot for the information.

          Patulong mga master recently ngpalit ako ng coolant ky mx tapos tinantsa k lng... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

          Patulong mga master.............. recently ngpalit ako ng coolant ky mx tapos tinantsa k lng un dmi ng coolant s radiator tapos s resevoir hangan s full marking nlagyan k, gnwa k nmn un tamang way ng pg drain ng coolant ngayon ginamit k c mx mga 20km ntakbo.... nun check k un s radiator nbawasn ng konte mga 10ml un coolant pero s resevoir hndi nmn nbwasan normal lng b un pag bagong palit un coolant, wla nmn tagas d nmn ngooverheat dahil d nmn umiilaw un temp. guage d nmn gasget chineck k n dn un oil nya ok nmn....Pure Stock un MX k wla gnalaw s engine...10k+ palng ang mileage...

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          • d k npaandar ng wlang takip pwede k p b paadarin ulit un tapos ssalinan k n lng ng konti

          • salinan moh muna ung radiator hangang mapuno tpos start si mx konting bomba kapag kulang pa rin salin ulet hanggang sa puno na sya habang naka start si mx

          • sir thank's s info.....

          I have lowering brackets to slam my 01 1100 v star rear suspension 2 My... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          I have lowering brackets to slam my 01 1100 v star rear suspension 2". My question is to those that have already done theirs is, do you have to get the weight off the swing arm?

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          • I can't remember Keith Sturgeon but I think it was either Pacific Coast Star or S&S cycles. I think PCS

          • Dirk Jensen, it is a really easy job to do. Remember to grease the shaft of the bolts before you re-install them

          • Dennis JP and they all say at lowest setting you should use a new spring.

          Photos from Paul Crowe's post — Yamaha XS650

          Sneak peak of the "soon to arrive" C5 ignition for XS/TX650. Two years in design and testing, it will be coming this summer. This little beast operates using twin optic beams, offers full rpm multiple sparking, fully programmable, and American made. Feel free to ask questions!

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          • Xt 500 are points fired, housed in the clutch cover. Sr500 are cdi fired, pick- ups + windings are incorporated into the stator on the left hand side of the crank - these run dry ( no oil)

          • Need to get the 277 sorted as they are by far the more popular rephased configuration.

          • Dale Barram be sure the LIKE the C5 Performance Facebook page so you get updates. We do all product introductions on there first. It will be a fun year that's for sure!

          Ok so II just got pulled over again I was polite until the same cop that got... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

          Ok so II just got pulled over again. I was polite until the same cop that got me the other day showed up. They said they have been getting reports of speeders and he stops any one he catches. I informed them I can listen to there radio traffic and that does not match up because people fly around all the time and very few stops are done. I then told him I see people flying past them all the time and yet I am the one who gets stopped. Two times in one week is ridiculous and I road off.

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          • lol What is bad is that is about how it is here. Even the jail, a fee people have been found hanging in there so KBI has been here several times.

          • Off to the plaza to exercise the MT01,,, back later ;)

          how easy is it to get away without having a title for a trailer i kinda figuard... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          how easy is it to get away without having a title for a trailer i kinda figuard aslong as it has working lights and somekind of tag i should be fine

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          • Pretty simple as long as they get their money!!

          • Anything involving government n law enforcement is simple as long as they get ur money

          • Louisiana is stupid, a homemade trailer has to be stamped with a vin by a state trooper and a license plate is required on any kind of trailer. We are also supposed to have a yearly inspection done on trailers but I never do.

          Photos from Christina Emilia's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

          Hi folks, I did an oil change before I stored my bike for the winter and it was so cold And dark I gave up at the end putting a the fairings back on and left off two screws on the bottom of the fairing and I think this rubber "grommet" piece? I don't know why I left the two screws off, either to put that rubber piece in place cause I couldn't get it before giving up or I just got too cold. I put the screws back in now but for the life of me I don't know where that rubber piece goes! Without removing the fairings again, I can't see a single spot for it. Any ideas? Maybe it's not even from my bike but I'm pretty sure it is. I think. Lol also what/where does this cable belong? Pretty sure it came out when I took out the battery, or it was just a part of the tool kit which I doubt but that's where I had it poked all winter. Thanks for any info!

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          • Mine fell out a few times and the first time it took a while to figure out where it came from.

          • Here's where it goes on the fairing

          • I'm pretty sure that little cable is the helmet holder strap. It goes back under passenger seat, should be a little lever looking piece it hooks to and other end gets looped through helmet. Not sure about that grommet though.

          Photos from Bazila Nayakovic's post — Yamaha Bolt

          My Bolt :)

          So in love with her.

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          • another FEMALE BOLT :) Yay Mine is called Lightning and she is female as well - hee hee hee

          • I didn't name her yet. Normally I named all my vehicles with women's name which refer to their colour. And she is carbon-black, very hard one - -"

          Photos from Michael Munn's post — Yamaha Bolt

          V&H comp exhaust, fuel controller, and intake all installed. Feels great

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          • HUGE difference. I had the pipe on for a month before doing the FC. After FC it backfired much less and had somewhat more power. Then put the air intake on and remapped the FC and it really opened up. Instant throttle response and big overall power boost. I went with the Vance and Hines setup all the way and highly recommend. Did not eliminate O2 sensor either. If you get the V&H naked air intake, keep in mind, it's naked. You have to order the "skullcap" cover separately, but I think it looks cool without it. I may paint the cover black tho.

          • where did you find the fork bag ?

          • Little shop in Jacksonville called Open Road Leathers

          permission to post to admin — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

          permission to post to admin

          If your looking for the right company to invest your hard earn money? Why not in TFD....with the right system and a veterans tie up Company like San Miguel Corp..and the mother Companywhich is the Pinoy Pao Inc...your hard earn money will not be wasted. With a small investment but with a life changing result that can offer to you and to your family.....Thisis the Company I would personally recommend to you. A company that has a humanitarian vision...PM me if you want to be one of us....#TFDInspirePeople#TFDFulfillingdreams#TFDWor ldwide

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            I need a rear stand can somebody give me an idea of wich one s are good for... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

            I need a rear stand can somebody give me an idea of wich one(s) are good for our bikes since we cant install swingarm spools?

            Thank you guys!

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            • Man that's weird...... I've sat on my bike with these and tried to shake it off. Supervised failure if you will.... They didn't budge. To each their own I guess but I love mine.

            • I'm sure some are better than others, just like spool stands. I'd love some pit bull stands, but they run way too much $$$

            • Custom made

            Drag pipe — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350


            Drag pipe !!!!!

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            • I really think someone is drunk too

            • Lol come on!!!! First that can am has got like 18 in rims lol!! It weighs twice as much as my warrior!!! So that puts me at like a 700 so you still got 300 on me but your geared way slower than me!!!! Your can am ain't pulling much over 70mph

            • And i just checked your pic that ain't even the sports can am that 2 up bulky ass Canadian machine ain't touching me!!!!! Bring her to Illinois and bring that 500 lol!!!!