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Hi, I'm from Brasil and I'm doing a trip around The Americas with my motorcycle. I've just uploaded my third video. Please like and subscribe to my channel I'll upload more videos soon!

Thank you

Expedition Lone Rider - America

Olá, sou do Brasil e estou fazendo um trip ao redor das Américas com minha motocicleta. Acabei de postar o meu terceiro vídeo. Por favor curta minha página e se inscreva no canal para acompanhar a viagem. Vou postar novos vídeos em breve

Hola, soy de Brasil y estoy haciendo una viaje al redor de las Americas con mi motocicleta. Acabe de subir mi tercero video. Por favor like y subscribe en mi página/canal para acompañar la viaje! Lo sinto por mi espanõl, no es muy bueno!

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Photos from Mel Axelrod's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

Think my mechanic screwed up. I bought the Barrons AIS removal kit. 2 aluminum plugs for the cylinder and a small rubber vacuum cap. Took the mechanic one and half hours and the bike is still backfiring as before. He said he totally disconnected the AIS device but it appears it wasn't removed and I don't know where the rubber cap goes so I don't know where he may have put it. All the brackets around the bike were removed. He did plug the holes in the cylinders with the supplies plugs. He had to remove the right side floor board, frame, tank. I have attached two photos. Can someone help?

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    New bearings and spacers — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

    New bearings and spacers...

    Bought a few spare parts while I had money months back. So thankfull. Lol. My linkage and wheels are still nice and tight so I don't think I'll be swapping soon.

    I got a spare 85 Kx250 n my yard that seams to have parts that fit my 98 yz. Like the bars, chain, cables, hoses, spacers, hardware, pegs, front brake, exhaust springs, chain guide. All fit. I'm using kayaba SSS forks with Kawasaki clamps an bars, kx250 chain, throttle cable an throttle, bark busters, choke knob off a RM125, lol. Frankenstein bike. It's a yamsuzuski now.

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      Old fart on a motorbike blog. Day 3 — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

      Old fart on a motorbike blog...Day 3

      So...the day started well with a forecast of "Overcast with occasional showers", so I thought I would wrap up and ride the new girl to work.

      All started well....a little drizzle on the way to work, then nothing until mid morning. Unfortunately at this point the heavens opened a my new bird was sat looking miserable in the rain (note to self, get a cover for work). As I was about to leave to scoot across town at around midday, it stopped raining...result I thought! Didn't last long, chucked it down and blew a hoolie all the back to the office....but at least I stayed dry and was able to practice my filtering skills.

      So, home time came and all looked well, just a little drizzle, or at least it was until I threw my leg over her....then it decided to chuck it down again....was I downhearted?....actually No! I was dry, and I was on 2 wheels.

      So just sat here now having a cuppa, then I'll go and dry her off and put her to bed.

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        sprockets and disc pads ordered. 17 wheel will be in by next weekend — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

        sprockets and disc pads ordered.....17"wheel will be in by next weekend :)

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        • Cheers mate, novice rider at best but do like the grunt & didn't take long to respect the 3rd gear openess

        • I run the highest setting...18/38 and that still allows me to spin up the rear and lift the front if i disrespect the bike lol

        • Pads have arrived... sprocket should be here thursday... fingers crossed

        just picked these up any body run slime in there tires i was gona put tubes... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

        just picked these up ..any in there tires i was gona.put tubes in figured pops the tire it will pop the tube. runnin 2 ply second time buying these i do like them.just thought i would ask

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        • That's what I got fronts n backs had backs 2 Yrs only 1 plug

        • I just bought a set of GBC XC Masters. Great tires!

        • They are going on my new ITP Baja rims!

        How the F do I get my rear wheel off. — Yamaha V-Max

        How the F do I get my rear wheel off???! #%#%*

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        • pull out the spindle remove brake calliper then from the brake side pull wheel off the final drive and it should fall out

        • move brake arm up its a spacer that will give u the space to move eheel off the drive

        • the center bolt was realy jamed in there but i got it out aventurally! thanks :)

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        Permission to post Admin:

        Kindly delete my post if it's prohibited.

        I don't do modification services. Just wanted to share in one page who are reliable modifiers in our country.

        This page are only reference for those who are interested and willing to have a modification on their motorcycle.

        This only shows how great they are on what they do.

        This are there passion to make the most out of your motorcycles.

        They also offer conversion on your motorcycle.

        Hope this page helps you a lot to select where would you like to modify your bike 1332919909980

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          What kind of tyres are people using on there bulldogs Need a new set and don t... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

          What kind of tyres are people using on there bulldogs? Need a new set, and don't whant the same as I have now. (Michelin) Thank's!

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          • Due to a backache I had to leave my 'Darling' parked at work yesterday. Will try and repatriate her asap and will then post a photo of what I'm talking about, Kostas.

          • Kostas (and all others that might be interested), here's the photo that I promised. As it is such a dark shot I tried to make it visable by adjusting the camera, so the rest of the photo is WAAAAAY too bright. I was talking about the space between the red hugger and the rear tire. Now (on the photo) I have a 170/60 17 Pirelli Angel, but I was wondering if a 180 would also fit. The screws are not the problem. It's the whidest part of the tire that might touch the hugger on the inside.

          • Ok sorry mate.indeed we meant another thing.i don't have a hugger on my bike :)

            I prefer it without

          Good morning group I wondering if anybody here has modified the pipes on a... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          Good morning group , I wondering if anybody here has modified the pipes on a 650classic so that they run out both sides of the tire ,and if so what is needed to do so?is it a DIY or does it need shop work? Thanks for your help and advice.

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          • You're probably looking at a grand

          • Thanks Nick

          • Expensive, because they have to be custom made

          I have a question about the back tire that belongs on the back of my bike it is... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          I have a question about the back tire that belongs on the back of my bike it is a 2000 1100 classic when I bought it it came with a car tire on it :| and rides funny in curves and slow turns so what goes on it?

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          • Thanks guys as Craig Genau said not for everyone and thats were I am it trys sitting itself back up when ur going slow and makes u turn like a tractor trailer lol WIDE!!

          • I put a set of Kenda Challengers on my 07' classic & I love them. I've got 1500k on them & still look great They're $60 apeice @ Amazon :-)

          • Amy I highly recommend the Metz 880's if you get a chance to find a nice set.

          i wanting to start gathering parts for my 91 full rebuild. i need A arms — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          i wanting to start gathering parts for my 91 full rebuild. i need A-arms. nerfs bumper grab exhaust. looking for aftermarket no hurry trade bartering is nice.

          but also im wanting to do hot rods crank of course. wanting to stroke it. im curious should i go with the hot cams kit ? i want to stroke the engine. get the best bang out my bike.

          i plan on wiseco piston due to i have a wiseco account.

          but i am curious on the cams. if i stroke it do i want to do stage 2 ? i heard they fail and not as impressive as just doing a stage 1.

          then also. when i jump up the bikes bore and stroke. what oil will be best to use ? should i run a 20w50 oil or ? ?

          i found a company that sells full engine rebuild for these hot cams hot rods all of it. on max performance. its hot rods kit. anyone else bought this kit for 850$ ?

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          • its already on a .010 bore. from 5 yrs ago. it has a slight smoke. but nothing major.

          • kyle i do wanna build a engine for it down road or over winter or free time. tha tis just mean. cause i can change out engines in a few hours tops. maybe less.

          • I can build a mean engine

          Is it really okay to run the high beams all the time Not going to annoy others... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

          Is it really okay to run the high beams all the time? Not going to annoy others or get u a ticket?

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          • Keep them on at all times

          • always on for me

          • Illegal to run with high beam on, you will get nailed by doing it... Also illegal to run with front or rear fog lights on, you can get fined for that... not that a bike has fogs... At night if you have high beam on you could be responsible for blinding an on coming vehicle and causing an accident, there is a reason for high and low beams, you wouldnt like it if people were doing it to you, so dont do it to others,,

          Why is getting red — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          Why is getting red??

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          • Tuning should be done by what the spark plug looks like and how it runs and not by whether the pipe glows or not.

          • Check your mixer setting looks like you to lean or exhaust blockage.

          • I've been an avid gear head for well over 40 year built every thing from go carts to heavy built V8 drag motors. 91 octane is a perfect grade of gas for best performance. In any engine because it burns cleaner, Mitch less carb problems, cooler running engine. My 1989 warrier from after I pick it up had to clean carb because the original owner ran 87. After clean started running 91 or higher and after that quad ran so much better. You might want to check your slide needleay be set to low or main jet is a little plugged.

          So some updates — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

          So, some updates...

          The paint job on my coil cover and belt cover are holding up well. The process of plastic primer + 6 coats of flat engine enamel has worked. Stay tuned for more on that.

          My Fi2000 seems to have finally figured out my PowerFlo and the bike is back to running well (after a period of a very few seeming random stalls). I am a fan - it looks good and seems to add just a touch more power. Definitely the biggest difference was from the Cobra Exhaust I put on last year with the Fi2000. If you are getting the intake for more power, I am not sure it was worth the price for just that, but if you want to get rid of the big, ugly piece of chrome on the right side (the intake box) and get a little more power - definitely worth it. I am averaging around 42-44 MPG (down from 49 or so with stock).

          Purchased a Wolo Big Bad Max. Could not figure out a good place to mount it, so have ordered the slightly smaller Bad Boy. Hopefully I can figure out a good mounting point (I hope the stock mount point ;-) ) for that one.

          Replaced the O-Rings on the hard bags (I have a 950 T) - removed the sticking locks problem. I can now see why they stick - Yamaha had a bad design in the stock O-Rings - they are grooved and will eventually jam in the lock. Simply replace with a regular O-Ring that will fit on the lock and inside the mounting plate - problem solved.

          Hopefully this will be helpful to the group.

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            Question for those of you who have installed handlebar speakers — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

            Question for those of you who have installed handlebar speakers...

            Can you hear them at highway speeds? Seems like when I'm riding I can only hear the wind and my pipes along with large trucks next to me.

            I love music so would enjoy being able to listen to it clearly on my bike!

            Thanks in advance!

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            • LG tone. They should work with a full face or you can order a kit on eBay to convert full face helmet to Bluetooth

            • Thanks everyone! Looks like there's a lot of good options out there!

            • Cycle Sounds the best!

            Hi everyone I thought I would share my latest experience I called Star... — Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe Owners

            Hi everyone. I thought I would share my latest experience. I called Star Motorcycles customer service to find out if there was any update regarding the iPhone 5 adapter. After being on hold for 20 minutes the representative tells me, "the iPhone adapter on the bike isn't made for the iPhone 5!"


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            • Really? What's the model number?

            • Hey Sheila Ambrose I don't know the model number but show them this. They also have one with a six inch wire extension on the smaller end. Works good!

            • Thanks!

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            Grasshopper Limited Custom Motorcycle Drivers Backrests

            We are the original quick release drivers backrest company don't be fooled by the copy cats out there!

            We have been serving our customers for more than 10 years offering a quality product at a fair price!

            100% American made and designed!

            We are riders just like you, we live and breath bikes!

            We have most makes and models available if you don,t see it just ask we will do our best to make it for you!


            Call 608-346-1337 and mention Facebook for special price of 80.00 pocket is extra!

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              Ok need a little help here I started to ride my 03 1100 classic to work this... — Yamaha V-Star riders

              Ok need a little help here. I started to ride my 03 1100 classic to work this morning. I started the bike using my choke while starting. It started right up, left the choke on and when in side to get ready. The bike died on its own. Came back out restarted fine. So left the house and got about a mile and it died. Would not restart, almost killed the battery trying. After about 30 minutes of trying it did start, but was back firing and when I let off the gas it would just die. Again very hard to restart. Needless to say I didn't ride it to work. Rode the Harley instead. Any ideals would be helpful. By the way it has a hyper charger on it to.

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                — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

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                • Still think its cool. So it takes a little more to ride it. Isn't that the fun in modification. Like to know what you used for the rear end.

                • I have think about make A-arm longer and lower suspension same can-am to turn with hight speed .But in Việt Nam! road not so good and traffics jam all the time so very difficult to ride in rush hour.Any way i still love off-road so i keep front original.Picture when i ride to jungle

                • Donald Dill i use Toyota tire for rear tire with size 175-70-14

                What s a fair price for a new galvanized boat trailer with brakes double axle... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                What's a fair price for a new galvanized boat trailer with brakes double axle to fit a yamaha ar230?

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                • 2000.00

                • Hmm that was 24 hours too late. Just paid 2960 with tax for a 2012 model with zero miles.

                • where can you buy a trailer for two grand in that condition? I did search but they are hard to find.

                Once while on a ride I had some one suggest to me that I could upgrade the... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                Once while on a ride I had some one suggest to me that I could upgrade the stock lighting on my Vstar 950 by simply replacing the bulbs to (I forget what) Has anybody changed the stock lightbulbs on their ride? If so to what?. I am not talking changing fixtures to LED's just the bulbs. Thanks in advance.

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                • I have changed all of my bulbs to LED the only fixture i had to change was the taillight on my 1300

                • I just put a silverstar in my 1100 classic. It made a big difference

                • sometimes I drive in the AM with just the headlight...i like to save the ub-bright yellows as sort of a surprise the the jack rack in the Prius doing 68 in the far left lane...WOW they jump right the hell on the blinker and almost wreck themselves getting the hell out of the way...then I give them a nice polite wave and the last thing they see of me is my orange and green 3m reflecto suit getting smaller against the horizon.

                Photos from Doug Belleville's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                Boat porn that will excite the batteries! BEP 4 position battery switch, DVSR relay, Guest 2 bank on-board charger.

                Have a safety concern. The charger is mounted against the carpet. Instructions warn against it. Should I use spacers behind it for better air circulation? Any help would be appreciated.

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                • Where did you get the supplies here, I need to upgrade my boat?

                • Admittedly Andrew...I am male, I bunched up the 6 ft power cord in the the holder figuring no one would say a thing ;-) The wiring has been routed and isolated against the compartment wall in corrugated slit wire loom tubing and zip tied. Tj I didn't mess with it, I had the dealer install dual batteries and all. Matt I am hearing you, my concern is that it only has to fail once.

                • I have the same charger. I added a 3/8" nut behind each screw to create some space behind the charger. Had the same setup in my previous boat, I keep it plugged in at home and in the slip and never had any overheating problem.

                Photos from Brian Ball's post — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                My 2000 1100 classic "The Beast", before, during and after a few mods. Still not done with it.

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                • Thanks man. I think I'm cool now, I think I know what was causing the seizures. I am going to start wearing a lid tho

                • Thats probably a good idea better safe than sorry. Glad to hear you might know what was causing the seizures.

                • If you're having seizures i wouldn't recommend being behind the wheel of anything

                What was you re favorit year of YZ250 — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                What was you're favorit year of YZ250?

                I think I love my 98.... But a 2014 would do...

                Sorry for the mass topics...

                I'm board and would love to know how u guys prefer to run you're yz250's.....

                I appreciate all the feed back brothers

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                • Not too bad Darryl if they're tame compared to today's bikes. Nonetheless, they were the best during their time that you never missed out grinning from ear-to-ear

                • For sure grinning ear to ear still

                • 95 yz250

                What type of oil do you prefer in you re case — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                What type of oil do you prefer in you're case?

                My book says 10w40.... That's what I use...

                Should I run something else?

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                • Oh my Michael and Shaun sorry for my English. That should have been "stayed" not "sticker" jeeze!

                • Been running Honda 10w40 when we run out we will be switching to Schaeffer 10w40.

                • Gear saver 80 wt

                Photos from Jacob Limburg's post — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                Been doom a lot of reading, my Kiehin carb runs off the pilot for 1/4 and needle jet runs from 1/4-3/4 throttle....

                The low end boggin can be fixed by leaning out the needle (go up a clip) and not nessacerly the pilot. Unless u also have starting issues...

                I'm still running just the slightest bit rich, is it possible to harm a engine by goin up a clip on the needle Darryl Haney?

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                • Granting all is well, inlcuding what Darryl has suggested like checking of your reed petals whether they're seated well, try not to go any leaner Jacob, as i see you are more of a WOT guy and i doubt that your cylinder head runs in tight or corrected squish clearance anyway..... If your squish clearance is "wide" or "not corrected" then you're prone to pre-detonation at loads, hence that tad richness or slightly being rich is your assurance to your engine.

                  If there is a consolation or comparison i can relate to you is my own jetting - I'm also leaned out to 45 pilot and 172 main from the stock 50 pilot and 178 main. The setting is adopted for 35-deg to 40-deg Celsius and for a not so high altitude trailriding, about 500 to 600 metres or 2000 ft. My plug is still a bit rich but you can already see the brownish burn, just not so rustic brown as idealised. But I'm fine by that a li'l richness for my squish clearance is also "uncorrected". I'm not a WOT guy where most of the time I just lug the engine when going up the hill. Sometimes you also jet for the way you ride your bike.... You may even need to go up 1 size on the main if you're a WOT guy. And if you can manage don't go too lean on your pilot. You can only go leaner up to a point that you don't want re-detonation at loads. Your 1999 YZ does not also have a "power jet" unlike the 1999 to present YZ250's. You need that bit of richness as insurance for your engine Jake!

                • .... Sorry Jacob, that is pre-detonation not "re-detonation" and your YZ is model 1998 rather. sorry for the typo error

                • Hey also if you do lean out the pilot and the motor starts to surge it's too lean just fyi

                What type of exhaust does everyone prefer — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                What type of exhaust does everyone prefer?

                P R O - C I R C U I T

                F M F

                D E P


                A N S W E R

                T O O M E Y

                AND THE 100 other I forgot.

                I'm running a Stock fatty with the F M F shorty silencer, I left I at 8 inches to help improve bottom end power....

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                • this is my wrz

                • fmf gnarly line with pot and silent q4

                  head rework

                  seal of additional base

                  a valve box VFORCE

                  change the valve spring and ball centrifugal system

                  the wedge has, admission control and carburetion

                  change gearbox with a short first and fifth long

                  blue silicone hose cooling

                  factory radiator

                  preparation suspension GPRP

                  racing footrest

                  triple clamps bud racing blue aluminum

                  some nice aluminum parts throughout enn

                  ProTaper handlebars

                • Dang Cennamo Eric! That's a lot!!!! WOW!

                Share ko lang kanina sa may ilalim ng buendia corner roxas blvd Trafic at... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                Share ko lang kanina sa may ilalim ng buendia corner roxas blvd. Trafic at cyempre may enforcer pulis may red adventure nag u turn sa no uturn sign. May 1 rider nag attemp hinarang, sa inis ko sinubukan ko rin attemp din ako.

                Pulis:hoy san ka pupunta

                Ako : sir makikidaan medyo nagmamadali lang

                Pulis : nakita m b marunong ka bumasa no u turn oh! kaw kaya d2 tumayo

                Ako. :bkit po ung red adventure hinawi m pa ang harang pinadaan mo sir.

                Pulis. : e philippines navy ang driver eh.

                Ako. : sir cguro marunong ka bumasa may nakalagay b na exemted ang,

                Pulis : dami m pa satsat

                Ako. : nangangatwiran lang at sinusubukan lang kita sir sabay u turn din ako ala rin nagawa pulis ayaw ko man gawin nakakapikon lang

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                  Having same problems with the carbs. Can someone help — Yamaha XS650

                  Having same problems with the carbs. Can someone help?

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                  • Ok so I changed the main jet to 145 and synced the carbs. The mix screw 2.5 turns. Bike idles awesome now but the right side exhaust is cool and the left side is hot. Same with the cylinder right side cool left hot. Is that a timing issue?

                  • Start from the being here. Have you done any internal work or changed to Pma or changed to elect ignition? These things don't normally just happen overnight something had to have caused this

                  • If the right side is cool its prolly a valve coz it aint fireing had the same with my xs but not saying same for you....just a thought!!

                  i wish i can squeeze some more mph on this — Yamaha C3

                  i wish i can squeeze some more mph on this.

                  malossi multivar 5.1g rollers

                  malossi medium clutch spring

                  dynojet dfc

                  feign urb

                  supertrapp exhaust

                  air filter mod

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                  • I don't think David is on fb. But all of his work is documented on the c3 riders forum.

                  • I had the seals and snap rings replaced, along with the fluid, for the same reason we used to replace brake linings on a big truck when we had a grease seal go bad (Or, vice versa...) you've got it apart and it makes sense to do it while you're there. And, there's only $12 worth of parts...

                  • is that MPH or KMH?

                  So Going tonight to pick up my 4 boxes of painted parts that have finally... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                  So.... Going tonight to pick up my 4 boxes of painted parts that have finally arrived back from Cali! I see alot of fun work ahead of me... hopefully I'll get everything put back together and the bike up and running by this weekend! PICS to COME!

                  ~My Mod / Accessory List~

                  ~Chrome Billet: Drive Pulley Cover, Clutch Cover, R Hand Small Engine Cover, Generator Cover, Oval Ball Milled L & R Mirror.

                  ~Stage I Mods: Cobra Power-Pro Tuner, Power-Flo Intake, Black Tri-Pro Exhaust & 30 tooth front pulley.

                  ~Memphis Shades Batwing, Trigger Lock, Wind Deflector & a Long Ride Shields Ultra 11”.

                  ~Universal Plug n play wiring harness for a Stebel Nautilus 139dB Horn mounted with a Drag Specialties Universal 3 Piece Frame Clamp 1 ¼” .

                  ~Kuryakyn ISO-Grips (pr) with Stiletto End Caps (pr), offset peg kit & adapters, Stiletto Foot Peg w/o Adapter, Round Shift / Brake Peg Cover (x2).

                  ~Lindy Linbar Front Hiwy Bars –Gloss Black.

                  ~Radiantz License Plate Frame w/LED - & Tail LED Flexible Arrays Light Bar with Turn Signals (rear brake/run/turn).

                  ~Goodridge Brake Light Switch Banjo Bolt, Brake Light Banjo Boot, Shadow Build A Line Universal Black 45” & 37” Stainless Braided Brake line.

                  ~BreakAway Cruise Control.

                  ~Parts Unlimited Flame Stitch Solo and Wide Pillion seat, with a Mustang classic back rest pad, Drag Specialties EZ Glide II Backrest with pouch.

                  ~Yamaha Fixed Tall Midnight Back Rest sissy bar and luggage rack.

                  ~Kriss brake flash / signal cancel.

                  ~Road Lok disc lock.

                  ~Helmet Locks Helmet Secure

                  ~River Road Braided front fork tool bag, daily commute Sissy bar bag, Large Swept Slant Saddlebags with EasyBracket quick mounts.

                  ~PIAA super white headlight.

                  ~L&M Full Wrap Front Fender, Chin radiator cover /screen, Gas Tank Bung Ring, Lowered Shock.

                  ~Pirelli Night Dragon 240.

                  ~Colormania Paint .

                  ~Other misc…. ?

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                  • Unpacked Everything.... and they look really good for the most part... except I am missing one piece.. outta 31 sent... 30 pieces received... missing the regulator cover... *sigh*... so much for having my bike all back together this weekend...

                  • Duck tape it and ride!!

                  • won't be happening... other problem is I'm waiting on my rear head pipe from cobra... won't arrive now till Tuesday!! I don't know why I believe phone reps at fracking all! I told them I'd pay to expedite shipping to guarantee arrival by friday... but no... they said... it would arrive by friday no problem... well guess what fracking idiots... I get to lose another fracking beautiful weekend.... for SHIPPING! *AAARRRGHHH* I HATE UPS- THEY SUK!

                  Need a mint condition ytm 225 black front fender If you got one give me a... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

                  Need a mint condition ytm 225 black front fender. If you got one give me a price or trade

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                  • Hope you find one. I need the black tank skins.

                  • I had a beautiful fender nos, my wife informed me that my pitbull was out back and decided to chew on my three wheeler due to her dumbass friend not watching the dog. Im super fuckin pissed

                  • Who got one I got parts. I got all kinds of shit some nos. But you gotta have what I need and ill swap you or come up with something

                  Chicos acá les dejo una lista de los Integrantes que tienen partes del VRR para... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

                  Chicos acá les dejo una lista de los Integrantes que tienen partes del VRR para VENDER. Comuniquense por mensaje privado con ellos si necesitan algo asi queda mas ordenado el tema de "Ventas". El que quiera agregarse a la lista para vender algo me manda un MP. a mi y edito el comentario que va a quedar marcado.


         (Pagina Tahilandesa)

         (Tiene un escape original)



                  { #link:tqtJNk77zW8cXNumpUtLFs444j42ZpGupmoJ1tX1#} (Varias partes)

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                  • Buena idea!

                  Australian ad. Victoria — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                  Australian ad (Victoria)

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                  • I never bother my ass, no matter how many adds they put on tv it will still never make car drivers more aware of bikes, 20 secs after the add has been on tv the people forget about it. Saying that, there are a lot of dicks out there on bikes which often give the general public a false impression of bike riders. The idiots I see riding in shorts, vest tops and trainers in summer is pathetic, also the nut jobs you see splitting lanes at 100K on a freeway, it is no wonder that car drivers often hate bike riders. How many times have you been driving a car etc and suddenly a bike passes you at a great speed coming from nowhere... These are the assholes who give us a bad name and we wonder why some car drivers never give way to us. The min the TAC or vic roads does an add about riders speeding or driving dangerously, we hear bike people shouting about it from the rooftops, "why do they always pick on us? it is the car drivers at fault, they never look" but in reality there are many bikers out there that are idiots and thats why we see adds blaming bike riders. As a community we need to show we are not idiots and that we are actually professional riders,,,, well for most of the time ;)

                  • Very good point dan.

                    It's amusing though that think rider, think bike style ads were being made by the TAC when the CEO was a motorcyclist.

                    Then when the new guy who didn't ride took over, the onus was on the rider..

                    Take for example this ad they made back in 2012 that had the Australian riding community in an uproar & sparked an inquiry into rider safety.


                    Also, bear in mind that this ad was actually filmed in a 70kmh zone.

                    'The ride' series of ads was TAC & Vic roads attempt to appease us with less inflammatory adverts.

                  • This is the closest TAC have come to a 'think biker, think bike' ad it's from the early 2000's


                  frame sliders are they worth it — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                  frame sliders are they worth it.

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                  • They will only really help at low speed drops, but IMO worth it to save the potential cracks/scratches if we drop. And most people will drop at least once.

                  • I went down last year at about 60 mph. This is the damage I really wish I had frame sliders...

                  • I'm really torn about this. I dropped mine in a parking lot after hitting a gravel patch. Man was I pissed the fuck off but it bent the peg (nice excuse to get aftermarket ones), dinged the front faring, scratched the bar end, scratched the mirror end, and scratched those black intake looking pieces. Frame slider would not have prevented any of that from happening. I just figure in the event of a high speed crash, they won't be saving anything that wouldn't already have been fucked up with the exception of the engine. To be honest, in a high speed crash, I give 2 fucks about the bike. I just want to live. I may get frame sliders one day, but I'll invest in better gear first.

                  I put on a spike air cleaner and drilled out the baffles from my stock exhaust... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                  I put on a spike air cleaner and drilled out the baffles from my stock exhaust on my 2008 1100 classic I have a stage 1 jet kit I have not put in yet do you guys think it will fix my sputtering on acceleration or do I need a stage 3 jet kit?

                  %d comments
                  • Short

                  • Well with any exhaust change or air intake change u have the re jet the carbs. The problem is that u are getting more air then fuel. The fuel to air mixture will be messed up and the back pressure is greater with no baffles. My advice is put in the stage 1 jet kit and re tune ur carbs. I have cobra straight pipes and the stage 1 jet kit and did not remove the ais system. This is the easiest thing I can tell u to do.

                  • Well thank you all for all the help

                  Hello A question about a 2002 Yamaha V Star 1100 — Yamaha V-Star riders

                  Hello, A question about a 2002 Yamaha V Star 1100.

                  I have had it for less than a year, when I got it had 20,000 miles on it I took it to the mechanic and he did a full tune up, now it has 28000 and I have done 2 oil changes one filter change, I was on a long ride the other day about 60 miles stopped for coffee, about 15 min when I got back to start the bike it did not started right away and I got a faint smell of gas, I tried a couple of times and it did started, the next day it did the same thing, but the initial start up in the morning is good..any pointers.

                  %d comments

                    What are the pro s and con s to eliminating the AIS on a 650 classic and what s... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                    What are the pro's and con's to eliminating the AIS on a 650 classic and what's the best way to do so.

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                    • Cosmetically it really cleans up the engine. Also supposed to reduce popping with aftermarket or gutted pipes. Super easy project

                    • Tried this with my old 650,but got rid of the snap,crackle,and pop by just having the carbs re adjusted.Who ever done the V&H said they had re jetted which turned out not to be true so had it re jetted and put in a K&N air filter run great.Wish I had kept it.A 1000 mile trip on the 650 versus on my 1100 the 650 kept up with the bigger bikes and I was not tired,of course I am old.

                    • Cleans up the look of the motor. And Slight Performance inhance. Sscustomcycle. Com has a kit to do it correctly

                    Photos from John Trotter's post — Yamaha XS650

                    Selling my '78 XS650 Bobber. I built this bike in 10 months starting with a low mileage Special. Bike has just below 8000 miles on it as of now, I'm still riding it. I used a Tc Bros hardtail, their electrics tank and battery box. All work was done by me from fab to paint. I work at a shop with all the proper tools and equipment to do this in. The carbs have been cleaned and rebuilt using new floats and new seals.I also re jetted the carb's to match the pipes and open filters.Installed a Pamco Ignition. Top end was resealed and a new Yamaha cam chain guide was installed. New tires and a one year old battery.New fuel petcock installed in the clean late model Sportster tank. New LePera seat with 4" springs. New front brake master,rebuilt calipers along with new braided hoses front and rear. Comes with a manual, engine stand and a few extra parts. The bike runs and sounds great! It gets a lot of looks. Have a clean title in hand. Hate to sell,but I don't have the room for two.

                    I'm selling because I want a cruiser project now. No rides without Cash in hand!$3750 obo. Located in Abilene,Kansas.

                    %d comments
                    • She's a rigid

                    • Say it isn't so man? Did what did you get?

                    • Nothing yet Ryan Juhnke. I'm looking at the V-star 1100's and still the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic's. Just got done riding my XS650.

                    I have a 83 ytm 125 and I m having trouble with the carb When in neutral I can... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

                    I have a 83 ytm 125 and I'm having trouble with the carb. When in neutral I can rev to top rpm but as soon as I put it in first it just bogs. What could be the problem?

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                    • Hope it helps

                    • Thank you

                    • What you have sounds like a 2 stroke running lean. This will cause a high idle and the bog off of idle. It will also cause damage to the cylinder if you ride it like that.

                      If it was running ok before, and it has only just started doing it now, you most likely have an air leak in the intake, or a bad base gasket or crankshaft seal. to test if you have an air leak or a bad base gasket, start the bike and let it idle and spray WD-40 on areas you think could be leaking, such as:

                      The intake boot between the carb and the engine

                      The base gasket (between the cylinder and the crank case)

                      the reed block area

                      When your bike idles down to normal, you are spraying on the leak. Replace or tighten the leaky part and it should get better.

                      If it doesn't Idle down it could be a dirty carb (something in the jet) or a crankshaft seal.

                    Hello I tried my ebs billy pedal tonight with my attitude bass Amp set... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                    Hello. I tried my ebs billy pedal tonight with my attitude bass. Amp set standard for me. Pushed pedal on, then suddenly no bottom end. Lifeless sound.

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                    • Nigel is an awesome player! Tell him hello for me. Yeah--I think this situation with the pedal is what this group is about. Anything I can do to help out, I'm glad too. Understand there's a lot of passion and emotion with all of us, so sometimes things can get a little heated. That's ok. In the end we're in it together and will sort it out. Bass on!!

                    • yeah. nigel's playing 6 string for his old band "dare" with darren wharton from thin lizzy

                    • One of my friends, Vinnie Burns, was the guitarist for Dare for a while. Great guitarist.

                      BBC favourite Prof Brian Cox was also the keyboardist many moons ago.

                    Just found out our 2014 242 Limited S came with a discontinued radio that takes... — Yamaha Boat Owners


                    Just found out our 2014 242 Limited S came with a discontinued radio that takes a discontinued Sirius module. People at Clarion were stunned they were still installing them.. Insist on a current radio if you are buying new. Really lame on Yamaha's part.

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                    • SIRIUS SCC1 Connect Universal Tuner

                    • Our dealer is really going to bat for us on this issue. Highly recommend Boaters Exchange in Rockledge FL. Yamaha knew full well they were discontinued after Clarion USA told them. They purchased them from Clarion Japan anyway.

                    • Nice to hear about a good Dealer experience! Let us know what they come up with!