So here s the the deal I have an 82 so far I ve replaced the starter changed... — Yamaha Virago XV 750


So here's the the deal I have an 82 so far I've replaced the starter changed the oil charged the batter and sprayed the carbs with cleaner after that it started and ran great I went to start it the other night it turned a little bit and then nothing I have power but it seems like the starter isn't getting any power or maybe my starter switch is bad. Any ideas thanks.

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  • Like Felix said, the original battery grounding is a known issue. However, I like to ground to an engine bolt. Plus, any connector on a 30 year old bike has the potential to have corrosion issues. Inspect the ends pf the battery cables and the connectors at the r/r. Also, just buy a new battery. My 96 battery checked good at 3 different parts houses, but when I replaced it, all my problems went away.

  • Solenoid

  • Got one ordered today but for now a screw driver will have to do

So now that I have a new speedo drive cable in this beast I pushed it after... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

So, now that I have a new speedo drive & cable in this beast, I pushed it after church on the way home to see what it would do. Well the crappy thing is she wound out at 50 mph. Being a mechanic I didn't dare push it past 55 for fear of throwing a rod cause this motor was screaming for all she was worth. Its only got 5000 miles on it..

I've had alot of 650's, but I've never had one that wouldn't comfortably run the freeway all day long. Why did Yamaha pull a clueless idiot stunt & not include a 6th gear cause she's seriously lacking ?...

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  • That's funny Sean. The notorious leaky water pump, wrong bolt right hole snafu flipped :-P .

  • No sense in as custom when I can get EBC & Barnett clutch springs for just under $20. The Barnett springs are 5% stronger, the EBC springs are 10% stronger & $13 + a $16 clutch housing gasket, 5 QTS of oil & a $5 filter.....

  • The brakes release fine & the wheels spin free & true :-) , thanks...

My v star leans over to far while on its kick stand anyone have a good fix for... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

My v star leans over to far while on its kick stand anyone have a good fix for this?

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  • If u have that big of an issue w it I believe a honda shadow kickstand will bolt on. Not that much of a difference. You will have to close your kickstand safety switch circuit. I bypassed it on mine.

  • If u lower it, it won't lean over as far either :)

  • Yeah I lowered mine and it sits straiter. If you want a simple fix, get some JB wield, mix the putty an inch thick and put it on the flat of the kickstand.. Let it dry, (10 min) you won't even notice it .. :)

Photos from Scott Fraser's post — Yamaha Bolt

Had my first big ride today so lucke to live near south coast ride was great until the rain ,, pulled into bald hill about 10 people walked up to see my bike n sit on it they loved it new V&H pipe unreal

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  • Low and mean. But i prefer the v & h round

  • Paul Hartwig did you inport the low & mean gear yourself or buy it from a dealer.

  • Thats how the bike was when i bought it. I do know that its a bit cheaper to bring them in yourself

Anyone changed the rear tire to a bigger size After doing some research looks... — Yamaha Bolt

Anyone changed the rear tire to a bigger size? After doing some research, looks like a 170/70/17 would be perfect. But needs a wider wheel. This tire is very very close to the same diameter of the original.

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  • This is my favorite custom Bolt I have seen. Just love the 70's Yamaha look!

  • Yeah thats a bad mf for sure.

  • My boy just let me ride his bolt. He has 16" apes with v&h 2 into2 pipes and a power commander. I forget what kind of wound intake he went with but its pretty sick. He has 35 more hp than i do. I am getting that commander asap as should all of you.

Strongly considering selling my 86 Have 2 other bikes and just not riding... — Yamaha V-Max

Strongly considering selling my 86. Have 2 other bikes and just not riding enough. Owned about a year and have put a lot of work into it. Stage 7, bored to 1400, custom painted tins, 2 windscreens, kerker 4-into-1, and other after market goodies. Spare trans included as 1st gear is rough. Didn't ever get around to fixing it. Could also use a carb sync. Too much else on my honey-do list. Will change oil before sale. Approx 21k miles. PM me if interested. Located about 50 miles west of Chicago.

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  • Sell the others... ;-)

  • Lol. Might consider it, but just purchased one- a nomad for long rides. Other is an 81 gs550 that I'm turning into a bit of a cafe racer.



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  • Chris, look at costco, added a link. I just bought the 3 person towable on sale for 179

  • Thanks for the info. 2013 AR210. I've got a flat disk tube right now. Will hold two kids ok but it doesn't seem like they want to go just 2 at a time anymore. They always want to pile on. The only reason I like the tube is you can pull it up on the swim deck and get it out of the water to cruise around or when pulling a skier from the tower.

  • Chris, I bought the four person one last year and it was awesome! But kept deflating, called manufacturer and they didn't have any to replace it with so at the end of the season I took it back to costoc, got all my money back. U can't beat the price. I have a lay down tube, kids don't like I hat as much, they love the sitdown. And for small kids, great way to break them into boating fun. If you get one order and Inflator that has as long cord. It's heavy and and to lift it in and out to blow it up up and reblow it up, sucks. Have fun it's worth it. You won't find anything else that nice fir that price and returnable!

So my rear fender fell off and got jammed in between the tire and the frame and... — Yamaha V-Max

So my rear fender fell off and got jammed in between the tire and the frame and got busted up beyond repair. And of course the taillight and license plate came off with the fender, although thankfully the were intact. So I tossed the fender and re-engineered a way to attach them without the fender. It was pretty tricky, but I managed it, and without buying any new parts. I'm happy with how it turned out. I actually never liked the look of the fender anyway and always intended to modify or replace it. And I like the way this looks.

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  • Same thing happened to me at about 70 mph. I was able to dremel what was left and now have a bobbed look.

  • I'm with you. Never liked the way the stock fender and tail light look. But mine was changed before I bought it.

  • Oh, I shoulda mentioned: those cords wrapped around the grab bar are not part of the solution to the above problem! They're strapping a box on the pillion seat.

Let s try again I m looking for rims tires front 19365 must be local — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Let's try again,I'm looking for rims-tires,front,19365,must be local

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  • I didn't mean it like that Danny I ment nice stuff as in nice matching wheels and tires.

  • I bought a set of Itp off Rocky Mountain and one was a balloon compared to the other. Threw them away and drove 2 hours to buy my razr 2s. I understand why you would want to see then before buying them

  • I paid $40 for these rims-tires,no plugs no leaks,im having a hard time getting fronts on rims

What a day we enjoyed yesterday — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

What a day we enjoyed yesterday.

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  • Sanibel causeway is really nice. Did it a lot with our jetski's, not yet with the Yamaha.

  • Dropped Pin

    near Causeway Islands Park - Island A, 19500 Sanibel Causeway, Sanibel, FL 33957

  • There's them freakin OLD FARTS everywhere! We can't let them spoil our good times!

Have a question I m adding some running lights to my bike thinking of a handle... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Have a question, I'm adding some running lights to my bike , thinking of a handle bar switch from Amazon says it fits 7/8 handlebar s is this typical size for handlebar s ?

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  • Wow I might as well order from here and take my relay back and will still be cheaper thanks man.

  • I even searched e bay this morning for push button switches, 8 pages out of 1000,s

  • No problem bro, glad i could help:-)

ARC KNALPOT INDONESIA — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


Kami adalah produsen knalpot custom motor 4tak dan 2tak asal Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia.

Dengan bahan pilihan terbaik dan tenaga ahli yang sudah terekomendasikan oleh para pelanggan, kami mengutamakan kualitas dan performa motor saat menggunakan knalpot produk kami.

Produk knalpot dari kami antara lain dengan Merk :








- M4

- SALMON, dll.

Kelebihan kami dari produsen knalpot lainnya adalah :

1. Aman, amanah, dan dipercaya

2. Produk Knalpot berkualitas

3. Barang pesanan tidak sesuai gambar,uang kembali

4. Bisa pesan merk dan model suka-suka

5. Free Ongkir P. Jawa, Luar jawa menyesuaikan*

6. Barang Ready Stock

*)syarat dan ketentuan berlaku

Pilih knalpotnya, pesan, dan konfirmasi melalui contact person kami.

Di ARC Knalpot, belanja hemat, berkualitas dan insya Allah aman.

Tidak ada modus penipuan sama sekali !!!!

BUKTIKAN, hanya di ARC Knalpot Purbalingga

Untuk Informasi dan Pemesanan :

Azi Antoro

Telp/whatsapp 085775144409

PIN BB 27608C8E


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    Photos from Arkadiusz Zajchowski's post — Yamaha V-Max

    My tuned Yamaha V-max. With:

    -dedicated Ohlins Suspension

    -PFM calipers from MotoGP and Brembo lever

    -Stage 7 instead v-boosters

    -complete Devil exhaust

    -Dyno Jet's

    -K&N filters

    -tuned computer

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    • Nice nice

    • nice Ohlins Suspension :)

    • je ... muy buenaaa,, !!!

    I have a 2012 model FZ6R and it is on about 4800km obviously already did the... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    I have a 2012 model FZ6R and it is on about 4800km obviously already did the 1000km service and I have been looking around and been told the next service is at 6000km (5000km intervals) since i have somehow misplaced my service manual I went down to the dealer and he said it was in desperate need of an oil change? How often do i need an oil change done?

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    Photos from Arvin Tolentino Bartolata's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    ptp boss admin:

    Fb frenz final nato,pa ending po motor nato-NBA finals last game result




    >ex.overtime miami-101 spurs -101 ending result is 1-1

    >1,200.per taya

    >prize-Suzuki skydrive fully modified

    >modifacation is worth 80k excluding motorcycle...

    >complete legal papers...

    >good running condition

    >sa malayo pwede po via bank payment etc..

    >samson road monumento branch

    >bettors may deposit THEIR PAYMENT to bpi AMVA TRADING 4649290682

    >if paid keep deposit slip & pm us the pic of ur deposit slip w/slot for record....

    >for faster transaction call or txt 09327716871

    >deadline of payment june 7 if possible.....

    >pwede reserve basta sure 101%



    >no joy reserver

    >no bogus

    >mc is located at 181 julian felipe st. sangandaan Caloocan city

    >near sangandaan market or Caloocan city hall



    suzuki skydrive show type fullrace set up 160cc-2010 model

    complete legal papers,original OR/CR

    mileage around 8 thousand madami motor ng first owner

    tested on long drive,no tirik,no problem

    second own bike,open deed of sale

    registered until june 2014,no alarm

    complete legal papers

    koso digital gauge

    koso switch

    koso quick trottle,original mga switch like-hazard,under glow lights

    x1r handle bar

    twin bosch horn, lakas grabe

    front under lights total of 7 eagle eyes

    moxi alloy lever,thailand master break cap

    racing boy front disc plate,racing boy grip,bar end

    akrapovic pipe

    front back caliper ride it alloy double piston all new pads

    morin front back braided hose break

    wide power mags not common mags

    swallow both tires tubeless kapal pa with anti flat sealant

    r6 tail light original,rouser plate holder

    28mm keihen round slide original

    %d comments

      My warrior keeps stalling out Ive cleaned the carb changed plug everythings... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

      My warrior keeps stalling out. Ive cleaned the carb changed plug everythings tight. What gives? Is the pickup coil bad? I can ride around. Then it stalls out. Then its hard to start. Then goes again. For a few minutes and dies.

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      • I thoughy that we where done at least that's what u said so does that mean everything that u said so far is really the opposite

      • Seriously guys. Ur blowing up my phone. With these childish notifications. Lets just ride some bikes

      • Anyone in the dutchess county ny area fathersday ride this sat

      ok so i took my 1100 classic out today went cruising with a buddy got about 30... — Yamaha V-Star riders

      ok, so i took my 1100 classic out today, went cruising with a buddy, got about 30 min. from my house, and the speedo started actin jumpy,stopped at the local state park to use the rest room, and the bike wouldn't start.. headlight dim, and just a buzzing from the start button, ugh.. this is not the first time this bike has done this to me, so knowing what to look for, i got my buddy to push me off so i could pop start it, and took it home, just as i expected to find, loose connection at the battery cables.. tighten it all up, battery is on a charge now, anyone else have this issue? this is the second time in a year for me, thinking locktite is in my future.

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        Took Bolt on first long run close 600km I was able to hit 180 kms before gas... — Yamaha Bolt

        Took Bolt on first long run...close 600km I was able to hit 180 kms before gas light came on. I figure to bone dry 200kms.

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        • I've done that and gotten 200 before the light comes on so would probably get apx 220ish plus I guess..

        • Ive gotten 240km, when i filled it up it took 10 litres so i figure at least 270 easy, thats all highway driving.

        • Well nice tips for rear says...Den, that rest stop sure is sweet :)

        Put a new brake line on a 650 after we changed bars Went to go bleed the front... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        Put a new brake line on a 650 after we changed bars. Went to go bleed the front brake and can barely get any pressure out of it. Any thoughts ?

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        mga sir may binayadan na akong chicken pipe murang mura haha — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

        mga sir may binayadan na akong chicken pipe murang mura haha!

        kaso may tanung po ako version 2 po pala yun kasi chrome tip.

        tanung ko lang po pag po ba walang emblem ng chicken pipe anu po kaso duN? or wala namn? :D up mga sir ko jan!

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        • Png stock to 58.5, lng kc

        • pag po nag 59 sir?

        • Need work? We are open for all who need works here and looking for a job.

          ****For the month of June only .****

          ****Limited slots only. We accept Part Time or Full Time.

          *****WE NEED 5 to 10 applicants*****

          ****Manila Area*****


          -Sales Associates

          -Sales Representative

          "With or Without Experience".

          -High School Grad or Undergrad and College Under Grad or Grad is accepted.

          -at least 18 years old and above with pleasing personality. Male/Female

          -willing to be trained and have a good attitude.

          -We can teach you the system and we conduct FREE TRAINING.

          If interested kindly send your info like this format in this number:

          ****Full name/Age/Gender/Location/Availability/Highest Attainment.





          Thank you.

        Bagong balita from LTO anti modification nadin ang mga rear set satin at sa... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

        Bagong balita from LTO anti modification nadin ang mga rear set satin at sa lahat ng mga motor ano masasabi nyo?

        %d comments
        • D nlng kaya ipagbawal lng motor!!!!!

        • LITSOGAS!!!

        • grabe sakit sa bulsa ang mga multa nla hahaha saan namn kya na ppunta ang pera nayan? bka sa bulsa ng mga gago hahahaha

        Really silly question here but I was riding earlier in my subdivision There... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Really silly question here but I was riding earlier in my subdivision. There was a little boy out on his bike and he wanted to ride around with me.... I had him peddle his bike waaaaay in front of me and we made a dozen laps around the park in my subdivision. He turned back to talk to me but I couldn't hear him. I saw him turn around and come at me so I braked and came to a full stop but just before I did I heard a pop. I shut off my bike and took of my helmet so I could hear him invite me to his house for cookies... I went to grab the clutch and realized the cable popped out of the little holder thing. I have 1.2 miles on the odometer. Yes 1.2 miles.

        2009 Vstar 250.

        Is this normal? Or is the cosmos trying to tell me not to ride:(

        This just can't get sillier.....

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          If I were to sell these whats the going rate for wheel spacers — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

          If I were to sell these whats the going rate for wheel spacers

          %d comments
          • I bought mine for $30

          • Ok thank you didn't know what they went for

          • To install these what size bolts you use? Im thinking 3 1/4, or 3 1/2. But what should the diameter on the stud be of the bolt? The holes on the axle and the spacers are a half inch.

          I think I pulled a rookie move today and wondering how much damage I might have... — Yamaha V-Star riders

          I think I pulled a rookie move today and wondering how much damage I might have done. So, I was concerned about starting my bike this morning at 4:00am and waking my neighbors. I rolled down my street in neutral, when I got to the corner I started it while rolling, (choke on half). Put her in gear and pealed out of there. All was going well, I closed the choke a couple blocks away. About 10 mins. into my ride the bike started back firing, then stalled out and wouldn't restart. I let it cool for 10 mins., it started and I managed to sputter to my destination. I had it towed to the shop. Any idea's what might be the problem?

          %d comments

            Anybody realize how much of a pain in the ass it was to get this crap camo... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

            Anybody realize how much of a pain in the ass it was to get this crap camo paint job off, still got one more to do and a set of rears to do.

            %d comments
            • try using a little bit of gas on it to see if it will help.

            • gas is the ticket

            • Not that hard

            My husband has a 1300 v star very nice we have teased him about it running... — Yamaha V-Star riders

            My husband has a 1300 v star very nice, we have teased him about it running because its all stock,and very quite. He wanted that Harley sound. Louder pipes.. I called all over got a hold of BIG BUBs ( bubs big willeys) order them. still waiting for them to come. They recomened a Power air intake and the Power Commander 5 dino jet.. Now the place going to put it on says it should be put on a dino test after everything is on ... My s questions are, has anyone ever done any of this? How is it..for sound and the manufacture says it has a disk that matches the motor, no dino needed.. any thing you can add for advice ???? Please help... I'm getting a lot of money tied up in this..

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              TGIF I just installed the Juicebox What map should I load for airbox mod and... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

              TGIF! I just installed the Juicebox. What map should I load for airbox mod and stock exhaust?

              %d comments
              • No probs mate, I would suggest +20 way too hight, I wouldnt go above +10 maybe 15 tops untill u get the exhaust. But again each bike is diferent

              • Got it. I'll play around more tomorrow.

              • It was interesting to see how different each tune was (TB / Marthys) when loaded and run up on the dyno. The OEM tune is rich but not too bad in the scheme of things. TB and Marthys was out by a bit and I went with cleaning up the TB tune

              Still waiting on head gasket... — Yamaha C3

              Still waiting on head gasket !!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h its been 2 months!!!!!!!!!

              %d comments
              • If they have to get a part from Italy there's sometimes a 90 day or longer wait...

              • While you're waiting, you might want to carry your scoot to the nearest Professional Machine Shop that works on motorcycle engines & have them check your head & cylinder to make sure neither has a warped surface that caused the blown head gasket...It's something they can deal with if it is...

              • I know I have tried to contact joel with our other forum member Tristrum Soame and it hasn't been as expected. my scoot is in good hands at GP motorcycles in Melbourne. I drained all the fluids b4 I took it in so hopefully no warpage\

              I feel a little bit ashamed that I haven t watched or even thought about the... — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

              I feel a little bit ashamed that I haven't watched, or even thought about the 70th anniversary for the D Day landings. I just went about my normal business, at work, a crafty pint afterwards and then a nice meal with my family. Went onto the BBC website, and realised it was all happening today, so I sat here feeling sorry for myself for not thinking about those who lost their lives...

              As I started writing thins, I realised that I had actually celebrated their commitment..... I am here, free to do what I like when I like and its all because of their sacrifices that I am able to do that......God bless

              %d comments

                Update. turned in my 13 fz6r on May 19th for 600 mile check up oil change — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                Update: turned in my 13 fz6r on May 19th for 600 mile check up/oil change.informed brakes were installed incorrectly by yamaha. It's now Jun 6th. 3 weeks of me calling them. No calls from them to inform me on progress. Last Monday I call and they Informed me parts were in and it would be a few days to get it wrapped up. Called today ( 3 days later) and they haven't started on work and might be Monday. My thoughts: fuck Westfield Yamaha ( ) they are putting my bike to the back of work because it's a warranty job and they aren't making any money off of me. Please stay away from this dealer/ service center. They do not deserve our good hard working money for there ass back words shop. They should have at the very least looked at bike before they sold it to ma and allowed me./an unexperienced new rider to go out on a bike I knew nothing. And they didn't either and just hope it all worked and I didn't kill myself with inoperable brake system. So in retrospective. Glad I'm an till alive no thanks to Westfield yamaha power sports in Westfield indiana.

                %d comments
                • No one in AZ gives two shits about anyone. That's why I got the hell out of there!!! :P

                • If anyone does live in Az, aeo powersports in peoria at Roughly 101 and union hills is the best place I've ever been

                • Because it is a warranty job it should be at thew top of the list, Yamaha franchise have it in the agreement between them and the shop that all Yamaha and Yamaha warranty work must be first priority. Call them and tell them that if it isnt done in a day (should only be a days work max) you will call Yamaha, After all, if they assembled the bike they were responsible for the brakes being fitted wrong etc..... Go for it,,,, they will shit themselves

                HAPPY FLYING FRIDAY — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                HAPPY FLYING FRIDAY!!!!!

                %d comments
                • I know man, speaking to the nazis. America is free for a reason

                • yesamerica is free for a reason just like they make helmets for a reason u guys prob dont helmet laws for motorcycles either i know some states dont.require them

                • No man I usually don't wear one riding my warrior around my house but I sure as shit wear one riding my r6. I mean hell my dad used to beat my ass when I wasn't wearing a helmet as a kid a pic of this guy wouldn't have influenced me that's all I'm trying to say

                Hi guys was just wondering is it a hard job replacing ths linkage bushings on a... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

                Hi guys was just wondering is it a hard job replacing ths linkage bushings on a yz250 as I've never done it before if you have any tips on doing it they will be greatly appreciated cheers

                %d comments
                • Put your bearings in the freezer, overnight. Don't pull them out, until ready to install.

                  This will cause them to shrink, and allow easier install.

                • I'll put them in now and leave them there till the morning thanks Scott George

                • You can also put the link in the oven at 200' for fifteen min. Right before you are ready to install the bearings then when you are ready to pull the bearings out of the freezer the link out if the oven they should drop right in. Just make sure the link is clean no grease before you put it in the oven

                Photos from Don Hamon's post — Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe Owners

                Not that anyone asked......but here's how I mounted the, "Screaming Banshee" horn. Easy to buy, not so easy to find a place & bracket to mount to. I Used a piece of 1" flatbar, drilled holes in each end, bent it in a vice and well that's it.

                If you're looking for a louder horn, I would suggest you look at the Banshee. Pretty interesting story behind the company, crowd_funded. I get .15 seconds of regular horn, and then the air horn kicks in.

                I've only used it once and the person that pulled out in front of me held it tight to the left and was in on-coming traffic lane. I think he thought he was about to be hit by a truck.

                %d comments
                • Nice

                • Take that chrome cover off between the cylinders Built in mounting bracket there

                Someone help — Yamaha V-Star riders

                Someone help!!!

                When I bought my bike of the guy. I had noticed that the speedometer console vibrated. So i took it off and noticed that the back bolt lifted up and down and it's Cuz of the bushing that it screws into lifts up and down in the bracket that hold it in place and also it spins if u try to tighten the bolt back up. Is the rubber bushing supposed to be glued to the tank or something.?? Someone Plz help.

                And I also noticed that the gas cap vibrated also. And I took the cap off and the rubber gasket doesn't seal from the tank to the bottom of the cap it's to thin. Where could I get a new one. Or what could I do ??

                %d comments

                  SMXP YAMAHA CLUB DAY ANNOUNCEMENT — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


                  WHEN: tommorow June 7 2014

                  WHERE: MOA Concert Ground

                  TIME of REGISTRATION 6am till 12pm ONLY

                  1. magdala ng extra xerox copy or at cr at drivers license.

                  2. deed of sale or permission letter sa mga hindi nakapangalan motor.

                  3. yamaha club card and/or verification code sa cp or email

                  4. be on time sa mga meet up place ng mga chapters

                  5. be on time 5am-5:30am kahit along seaside MOA na tayo magkita kita.

                  6. condition your mc and rider para sa mga malalayo.

                  7. see you on SMXP Booth for Venue Official Registration.

                  %d comments

                    Photos from Kurt Robert Cairns's post — Yamaha Bolt

                    Saw the new 2015 bolt line up and am not impressed with the new color schemes.

                    %d comments
                    • I like the black one with the red around the top. Not bad. The others are pretty lame

                    • Can't beat that

                    • Sure can't. That looks pretty slick

                    Got my first ding in my ABIII tonight. Kinda bummed about it — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                    Got my first ding in my ABIII tonight. Kinda bummed about it.

                    %d comments
                    • In the words of Cat Stevens...

                      The first cut is the deepest, baby I know

                      The first cut is the deepest

                      'Cause when it comes to bein' lucky, she's cursed

                      When it comes to lovin' me, she's worse

                      But when it comes to bein' loved, she's first

                      That's how I know

                      The first cut is the deepest, baby I know

                      The first cut is the deepest

                    • People pay extra for reliced guitars by a certain major brand! ;-)

                    • I remember my first!

                    Ok so I want to flip my front rims Ik the valve stem will hit the caliper what... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                    Ok so I want to flip my front rims. Ik the valve stem will hit the caliper, what are my options? And what's the easiest way to make it work

                    %d comments
                    • Flush Mounts that's it nothing else!

                    • 90 degree valve stems will not clear either. I always just pulled a valve stem backwards to the inside of the wheel then siliconed the hole.

                    • Just get the fricken flysh mounts already, cheap n easy.. I got a set.. if you cant get or find em online, you can get em or order them at almost any half decent tire store or automotive shop..

                    Getting ready to do my wiring but not sure about the blue one Can t find any... — Yamaha XS650

                    Getting ready to do my wiring but not sure about the blue one. Can't find any diagrams with it not sure on year I believe 76-77. Also on my rectifier it has 2 yellow, 1 wight instead of 3 wight. Can anyone help me out on this?

                    %d comments
                    • Blue is the tail light on a 75

                    • Or maybe the auto-destruct circuit?

                    • This will help you

                    What a morning. I went to the Longview VA Clinic to have bloodwork done — Yamaha V-Star riders

                    What a morning! I went to the Longview VA Clinic to have bloodwork done. While coming back I kept my Guardian Angel overemployed!

                    I rode north on 259 near fm 1844 when a cager (specifically a small black car) pulled out on me. He came from a side road into traffic (cutting through the lane in order to make a left turn) and stopped in my lane leaving me with no more than fifteen feet to avoid the collision. Unfortunately, the car next to me slowed down too (I assume they were trying to give me room to swerve but they remained right next to me).

                    My bike nearly spun out but I kept it under control. Fortunately, the rear tire is brand new (although no longer in mint condition due to the rubber I left in the road while skidding). Had I T-Boned him I would have hit the drivers side door and we would have both likely died.

                    I don't have much more to say, other than you should always assume cagers are out to kill you. This one nearly got me!

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                      How easy is it to put a twist throttle on and what do you suggest for make or... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum


                      How easy is it to put a twist throttle on and what do you suggest for make or model?

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                      • U can always change bars to

                      • Its a round slide carb so making that bend is the real issue.

                      • U can get one tht u keep the thumb push throttle but when u twist it it pushes the throttle