Passed the motorcycle rider program and got to ride the FZ6R today Holy cow...


Passed the motorcycle rider program and got to ride the FZ6R today. Holy cow this bike is quick. I don't why it's billed as a slow bike. Yes I know I look goofy but I don't care.

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  • I guess you have not ridden anything else to say this bike is quick.. It is still a good bike nonetheless

  • I have ridden 10+ super sports and yes compared to some of those this bike isn't near as fast. That being said I can ride the hell out of my FZ6R and it can scare me sometimes. It has enough power to get you into some trouble. Congrats man.

  • For a 600 I would say it's relatively quick but not very fast, much shorter gearing than a traditional 600 super sport anyway. Sufficient in traffic for passing but you'll need to be in 2-3 gear for any torque.

  • U will pull away from a cop

  • except if they are also on a bike lol

  • Lol so true... So

  • Dont try

  • Congrats man. But I reckon I can out-goof ya! This was me taking off on a 1,000 km trip the other weekend... don't care how silly I look like when it's raining out!

  • You look smart & safe, not goofy. ATGAT is good, I went down b4 I had the pants-ouch. It also seems cars give me more room when I wear the hi viz than my black gear.

  • Exactly how I felt since it was my first bike. Then my friend let me ride his '14 r6.

  • A couple weeks ago my buddy let me ride his gsxr 1000 with a 9in stretch. That's 165 mph in 4th gear

  • You'd look goofy with road rash. Ride safe, enjoy the bike its a blast to ride.

  • You look great and safe. It is a slower bike but its fast enough for the streets.

  • That's because the blue ones are the fastest. B|

    For a 600cc-class sport bike, it's slow; but it's forgiving for a 600cc. Make no mistake though that she'll punish you if you ignore the warnings, though.

    Enjoy the bike, and be safe on those streets.

  • I think it's in the same line as the sv650 and ninja650 in relative performance and ease of learning anyway when comparing similar sport bikes with less aggressive riding positions. It's obviously not in the same league as a traditional 600cc super sport when it comes up torque, horsepower, handling or braking. But then again it's a lot cheaper :)

  • Well I'm loving this slow sport bike.

  • The SV650 and the Ninja 650 run 75 and 72 horsepower, respectively, to the FZ6R's 65. They're more in class with the FZ6. It's why the FZ6R often gets knocked.

  • Also because of the old school swing arm and no ABS option not helping it's cause..

    But that being said I still do enjoy cranking the throttle and hearing that 4 cylinder wind out through the gears :)

  • The swing arm could use an update, but the ABS systems have never really impressed me. Still, with all the bike's supposed flaws, I plan on riding mine into the ground. Which, hopefully, will be the next twenty years if I don't get taken out by anything and I keep up the maintenance like I have.

  • Where was it billed as a slow bike ? Not as fast as a super sport,but plenty fast for a "hybrid"600

  • Read on many forums and in many magazine reviews. To their credit the mags never dis on the bike but they do point out the neutered R6 engine.

  • it's a detuned FZ6 that was already a detuned R6

  • Yeah, OK, it's slower than than the fz6and the r6, but in MY opinion, it rides easier, which is fine for me,i am more of a commuter type rider anyways,and I like the seating/riding positions better.....r6 kills my neck and back.....