Passed the roadworthy today Club signature tomorrow and maybe registered...


Passed the roadworthy today. Club signature tomorrow and maybe registered before the weekend. With purchase cost, new yokos, misc parts, RWC and club rego will owe me $2000. (plus lots of shed time). Cheap classic MC. FJ1100. 84 vintage.

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  • Funny, already planning phase 2. Use it over summer, sort any issues out, then strip it down next winter for polishing, repainting and any maintenance work. When finished is never enough!!

  • Be careful of "Moditis" it is very infectious and hard to shake. You change one thing, it makes an improvement, so you do one more. It is always one more mod.

  • Great ride. Enjoy

  • Got

    Mine is on club permit reg in Victoria Australia. Best. $73 for 45 days or $146 for 90 days riding. Any state any time. Word of advice. Don't use tank Kreme. 2 days of my

    Life of won't get back removing it. Rather have the rust than that.

  • The tank cure must be ethanol resistent

  • Never use ethanol fuel. Only 91 Octane. The liner literally came away on one half. That was easy to remove. The bottom at the rear was the bitch. Reused the strained acetone ,pouring it in and also via an air compressor spray gun with an extended arm. That worked well. 2 full days

  • Most fuel up to 98 octane are with at least 5% ethanol . Cheaper to produce but a nightmare for the fuel . Descaling. And carb rubber. Dissolving .the higher the octane the worse performance and protection .

  • I only realised the problem after a 270km ride the fuel gauge has been playing up for ages slowly getting worse. Every time I opened up the tank it appeared ok. However the day after the ride I was going to work. I checked the gauge. It say "E". So I checked inside the tank to find I had nearly a full tank. WTF? After that ride? Then I noticed the tank liner as the bike was on the side stand all night. Knew then why the gauge was false. Decided to bite the bullet and try fix it. If no success was going to wreck it....seriously!!.... Little things annoying me. Anyway. All done and the gauge works again. The FJ lives on

  • I read somewhere yesterday someone had there seat returned with gel inserts. In australia. Not certain what state. Anyone know who posted it?

  • All successful. Took it for its first run in who knows how long. Everything worked. Engine tune not too bad considering the carbs were set up by eye. Planning on a longer run over the weekend, then a filter and oil change. Looking forward showing the previous owner it wasn't a lost cause.