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    11 of the bikers were convicted of assault, and no charges were filed on the driver of the Range Rover??

    • Quite right to he had his kids in the car what would you do!

    • 10 years in jail for a car driver. It cannot be more simple. It makes me angry beyond belief, that anyone can think otherwise.

    • I also have a kid and would do the same thing as the person driving the car the only difference is I would not stop!

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    • Yeah. You would also do the same thing coz youve been bullied all your life and you pathetic.

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    • Fault on both parts. Dozens of bikers that are there just to cause trouble and pull wheelies are looking for something like this. It's hooliganism. However, the 4x4 was WAY out of line in running over the bikers... although on both parts I can't say I'd have done differently. If I was one of the bikers, I'd have done the same and if I was the car driver, I'd have sped off too!

    • It should never have happened! I am all for biker rally's and meets but if you are going to drive like that there is things called tracks where you can do what ever you want or car parks not main roads the man in the 4 by 4 had his young family in the car and was probably scared for his life and the life's of his family I know I would be if they were acting like that he was blocked in and had nowhere to go but through the bikers as they were trying to break into his car I would do the same as him put in his place. But that's just me!