• Photos from Adam Blankenship's post

    will any warrior parts fit this

    • 2003 what I was told just trade for it

    • Air box and filter are the same as the warrior and cam,headlights, exhaust, cylinder jug.

      This is my 99

    • look good I didn't no this 1 didn't charge idk what it is

    • Could be the voltage regulator or the stator ohm the 3 white wires coming out of stator I'm not sure what the specs should be you'll have to look it up but more than likely you'll need a new stator cause the main part of the stator acts as a alternator . Also check grounds on battery and elsewhere make sure they are clean an tight

      If you hook a volt meter up to battery with quad off it should read around 12 volts and when running it should jump up to around 14 v if it just slowly drops while running or when revving motor it's more than likely the stator

    • I took the how wire off when it was Runin an it dies

    • Yep normal it needs a battery to run it will even die if the battery goes dead while riding

    • Idk I had one b4 it would run with out the battery

    • Well it dieing when you disconnect battery would confirm the stator is not putting out a charge to the regulator I would think

    • it die soon as u do it I like find out what one it is but thay was a red wire burn an I hook it back up