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I'm trying to repair my friends 99 yz250 he just bought. When he got it the bike would stall when put into gear and drag real bad with the clutch in. Found out the inner clutch hub does not spin inside the basket. When you loosen the clutch nut it spins as it should. Anything over hand tight its stuck. I have every part in order as per the manual. All i can think its either the talon basket in there thats wrong or the inner clutch hub. It just don't look right to me. Can someone shed some light on this for me? Thanks guys

  • Hahaha great minds think alike only had my yz 250 in complete but not so long ago n know a 2t pretty well

  • You checked push rod at

  • Maybe the ball bearing in the end missing

  • You should have a washer between basket and inner hub and one between basket and tranny bearing in case. Total of 2 washers in the clutch assembly....

  • I can feel the answer in my brain as I've delt with some odd ball stuff like this with customers bikes..... It's either a real simple fix that is being overlooked or worst case shift forks/shift drum issues

  • And it looks like the splined washer you have under inner hub against the basket ,it to big, looks like that is the one that goes behind entire basket.

    .. See where its rubbin the basket?

  • I think its a spacing issue..

  • I'll make a detailed video in the morning

  • Everything is located as per the diagram. I think the clutch basket may be from another bike. The pressure plate is from a yz426f from looking on google, no idea if its the same. The way the washer(part 13) sits on the basket looks wrong and you can see where its been rubbing on it.

  • Correct. I think 13 is to big in diameter. Soon as I get home I'll take a picture of 03 clutch