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These beast do pretty well in the mud too. #eastcoasttrails

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  • I wondered same thing

  • I hate how these things spray mud on the windsheild I need a remedy for it I'm thinking but the Rye fender for the front

  • Yeah, I'm going to come up with something.

  • I've looked at every mud flap option possible, nothing covers the front tire like the rye ones

  • I'll have to check em on

  • Yeah they are the best I've seen. But that price tho

  • This weekend in 20 degrees when my windsheild got sprayed from a mud hole and froze Almost instantly, I woulda paid it just to not get out and deal with it and scrape it off

  • Very tru

  • Chris Mcgrath

  • I hate mud!

  • Dammmmmnnnnn lol some good stuff right there

  • So much clay it sagged the suspension

  • Low rider

  • Haha hell yeah. Where is this at

  • Ocala Florida

  • I'm about to put 30's on mine, I keep busting the bighorns.

  • One plug in so far but I will say they hook well

  • Yeah they do hook up I have one plug in driver side rear and 5 plugs in passenger side rear

  • Where is this at?

  • It's in talladega Alabama

  • Heck yeah, never been but heard it was pretty good.

  • Cool, I'm in Augusta, GA and usually ride in Durhamtown.

  • Need to hook up with our group next time we go. There's about 10 of us usually n we camp Friday n Saturday nights

  • Alex Forsyth

  • Nice!

  • Great place to ride and only 1hr drive from my house.

  • I think it may be 2 or so from mine

  • Alex Forsyth I would recommend doing the Radiator Relocation!

  • I prob will eventually

  • Gotta get tires and gear reduction first

  • Alex Forsyth what tires are you planning to get? Why the gear reduction? I think is fine as it is unless you plan on rock climbing. When I ride, I spend most of my time in 2nd and 3rd in tight trails and it works fine in my opinion.

  • The people I ride with cruise too slow. I'm hardly ever out of 1st gear. Figured it'd be easier to follow them around

  • I'm not sure what kind yet. I do want 30's tho for sure and a 8 ply

  • Alex Forsyth yeah I can see why you want the gear reduction. I don't need it where I ride. And you definitely need it if you are going with 30s

  • We shall see! It's happening soon