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Do this sound dodgy to any one else or just me as they only want 2000 for the bike yet everything was got new apart from the frame sounds like it been stolen and then put on a frame

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  • Got any questions go ahead

  • Has everyone gone quiet now?

    Or does anyone actually have any questions before they continue assuming something is dodgy?

  • With it being cash on collection you could always go and view the bike and a do police check on the vin number. Im NOT saying its dodgy the low price could be because its was an insurance write off but repairable (cat c) im also NOT saying its legit but i wont accuse anybody of anything without any proof

  • I'd willingly let anyone do a police check in front of me, they can all also see all the receipts for all the parts bought. The low price is cause it is a cat C and an 11 plate, I have an R6 now. So welcome any questions

  • Why replace everything including engine? How much did insurance pay you and how much cost went on the bike replacements? I had cat d write off but repairs were 100 pounds

  • I was only 3rd party, the panels were damaged so I decided I'd change them to the new ones, and I bought the new alloys too, and everything escalated (as described in a previous post about the new alloys). I also needed to get my credit rating up so thought it would be a good idea to kill two birds with one stone. Bought everything off one seller and changed it all instead of half a job

  • Ah starting to make sense now ^

  • I also have the original working engine which had 11,000 on, I appreciate and fully understand people not trusting a lot of sellers these days, I don't trust many people, but can fully guarantee this bike is legit. Had it 4 years and is my pride and joy, just decided it was time for a 6

  • he get about £1500 - £1800 as my brother had a cat c yzf milwakee edition and only got 1300 and that was a 2013

  • Im looking for yzf or RS aprillia ASP!