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Picked up my new YXZ this weekend.

I love it but does anyone know how to disable the speed limiter?

That's the only pain in the ass thing about it.

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  • Unplug the dash..

  • Ecu flash i would think.....

  • Joey Strub-Bikeman can do it

  • If you

    Unplug the dash you will loose eps and speedometer but it will disable the speed limiter.... i have seen people do this and have more top speed comparef to one with a ecu flash and a complete alba exaust

  • What is the top factor speed

  • 78mph

  • 78 was the fastest we got with two people

  • ECU reflash or a speedo recalibrator. Oh, and when it says 78mph, you are really doing more like 71... :(

  • Bought complete graves titanium exhaust with ecu Programms. You can choose top speed limited or not. Even you can adjust max rpm. Temp. Idle rpm and so on

  • .

  • Programmer from who?


  • B-SHOP performance reflash

  • Ecu reflash best bet and it's faster and helps get fan on faster to stay cooler everyone has there choices of brand they all we help what you looking for