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three weeks in saltwater and zinc anodes are almost gone... wow... Any idea where I should buy new ones, preferably in Europe?

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  • That's what they are made to do. Do you not have a dealer in Europe? I'm sure you can cross reference the part number and find on Ebay or Amazon if that's easier for you.

  • The are located in schematics under jet unit 3 generally....approx. $15 each. _sport_boat/parts

  • is where I got mines

  • Yamaha doesn't sell these boats in Europe, but I'll probably be able to get hold of the zincs from a PWC dealer. It's just much easier buying online.

  • They still good for some time - rinse and spray with silicone

  • Nothing wrong with them. they have years left in them, look better than the ones on my boat by a lot. I will probably have to break down and do mine this year though. They are sacrificial anodes, made to protect the other metal they are attached to. The problem is....they may not be zinc, they may be magnesium. I will look into it a bit more

  • looks like if the manual is right, mine is an aluminium alloy that needs to be replaced when it deteriorates to 1/2 original size.

  • I don't think you are supposed to put anything on them. I know you don't paint them, not sure about silicone, as that is a sealant

  • The part number is F1C-U7697-10-00. I would think you could get it mail order

  • I agree with Peter Carrie-Wilson and Dave Zembek, your anodes still look like they have a lot of life in them. Especially if you're not wet docked in saltwater 100%.

    Boat US Magazine had a very good article on corrosion last summer. Even if your anodes are good, there are still a few other places that are vulnerable to the different types of corrosion. /marine-corrosion-101.asp osion-prevention.asp

  • Thanks all. I ordered a bunch of them from yamahasportsplaza and will swap them out before summer. I intend to wet slip in saltwater for a few months so better start off with new ones

  • Better keep an eye on your wear rings too if you are wet slipping in salt water. They are stainless pressed into aluminum housings, and because they are dissimilar metals, you may see some swelling. If I ran in salt regularly, I would probably switch to the plastic or kevlar replaceable wear rings for that reason; however, it requires the housing to be replaced to accommodate them.

  • Thanks, ill watch out for them. A stupid question maybe, but would I find aluminium wear rings? Even if it's more expensive I'd rather keep the housings intact at least for a season or two.

  • Not a stupid question. Aluminum will weld itself to your pump if left in saltwater. Might be trouble replacing it when the time comes.

    Make sure you run it regularly. Otherwise, Sea life will get between your wear ring and the pump housing, causing the wear ring to bulge and seize your impeller. I learned this the hard way.

  • Ouch. Thanks for the heads up

  • I doubt Aluminum wear rings are available. The OEM stainless ones are non-replaceable, that is why I said to consider the changing the housing to one that you can use the replaceable ones. The replaceable ones are cheap, but the rings are not real tough and will need replacing once or more per season, but your impellers wont be damaged by the swelling. Now they do make an all stainless housing that would solve the problem; but if I recall they are pretty expensive in comparison.