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Sorry it's not a ytm but it is a yamaha.. I'm trying to get my rear axle replaced in my 93 kodiak because the splines on the old shaft are stripped, but I can't get the new (for the kodiak it's new.. ) axle out of my parts quad.. anyone able to see what I'm missing? I can't see a snap ring so I'm not sure what it is I'm missing..

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  • Have you tried heat?

  • A big hammer

  • Cut it, get a 16lb sledge and beat the hell out it

  • That bearing is prob rusted to the axle need some heavy rust penetration and then beat it till she pops.

  • Wd40 grease and a torch for heat. Did it to my big red and it came out

  • Don't really feel like cutting the axle I need lol

  • So with the nut on the end if the shaft I shouldn't damage the threads right?

  • I wouldn't risk it if you hit the nut to hard it will pop through threads