Photos from Andy O'Neill's post


Curious to see other people's set up for the gear/garage.

Just put this together for 30$ and I'm pumped to finally have a little bit of organization

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  • I need to build something for my gear.

  • I think you win

  • Lol. I like my play room

  • I guess I should include a picture of my fiancées Bolt.

  • 30$ shelf did me wonders

  • Great post! I'm curious if anyone has any clever way to organize all their gloves...

  • I put my gloves down in my helmet before hanging it on the hook. The hooks I used also have a second, smaller hook, which is perfect for gloves, keys, etc.

  • George M. Aguilar

  • Great idea! Too bad I don't have a garage

  • Digging the ideas