Photos from Arthur Vera's post

everything looks great, except for the tires, what kind of product can i use for my tires? i don't want to fall in the first turn, some suggestions?

  • Well in a nutshell, dont worry bout the rubber, and everything else will still look great.... truth.

  • thanks bro

  • But if you do anything to them, just the sidewalls only and wipe off any extra, and allow it to dry thoroughly.....then even then ride carefully...just better off to brush them real good with just soap and water then rinse.....dry with a towel if u like....

  • I put some tire shine on mine, and then i took sand paper to the part of the tire that actually touches the ground while riding. make sure to use sand paper though or else when you even touch a line on the road, that bitch will spin!!!

  • ^^^Seriously?

  • yeah, creativity is key to a wet looking tire hahaha

  • Sammo Mao I partially used the sandpaper to remove some of the chicken strips because i have a 180 and when i would start getting low around a U turn or turns in general my tire would slip because of the unused patch. then i said fuck it and put wet tire on it and did that after and it worked great and looked great.

  • 100% serious,

  • take tire wet and spray it on your wheel and even rim, (I think it looks good on the black rims)

  • then simply take sand paper to the areas of overspray

  • Bro, we have sport touring bikes, do you really think that adding an 180 which is 20mm larger than stock is good for your chicken strips? nah, my boy, i could be eating for the next year with the size of my chicken strips if i didn't sand them