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Lowered it 1.75, gonna tackle the clip ons tomorrow !

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  • Looks great, but I have questions hope anyone can answer me, I been riding bikes for a while and I noticed that the 6R is very front weight biased, in my case more than any other bike I rode, the handling is good, lowering it will shift even more weight to the front, that will degrade handling? 1.75 is way a lot, is just lowering the bars or any other mod needs to be done? it will hit something? as you can say I have a way to learn, thanks

  • And another question, if I lower the front and install a 170/55 in the rear instead of 160/60 stock, It lower a bit the rear unbalancing less the stock weight distribution?

  • What mirrors are those?

  • Got them off of Amazon, universal

  • you'll be so glad you did mate

  • Looking at replacing mirrors to ones like those. Don't want to buy junk is visibility/durability with those? Do they move in the wind? If theyre good could you comment a link? Thanks! Lowering looks sooo much better btw. Handles better I think too.

  • Brandon Antoine not a good buy, visibility is fine, but the hinges suck, had to get them to where I wanted them then epoxy the joint

  • Damn haha. Can't find ones that look like that and are half decent for a reasonable price