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A few pictures from the ride today. Love the red on black. I've been thinking about replacing the annoying stock intake with the vo2 but I've read some bad reviews. I guess the threads don't go all the way through and some of the bolts are not long enough. Anyone else have issues?

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  • Mine I had to actually put threads on one hole. Other than that it's an awesome intake. I have that with the V&H Comp exhaust and a power commander V & auto tune. Bike is a beast now.

  • Noticeable difference? I plan to do the twin slash and a power comander eventually. The stock intake is driving me crazy right now. Bike is comfortable other than that giant plastic box digging into my leg.

  • Yeah you get a lot more room with the VO2 intake. I started off with the exhaust and really didn't notice too much of a difference. I noticed a little and I mean it might have been in my head little bit of difference adding the VO2 intake. Power commander with the Auto tune big difference. I have the luxury of riding stock bolts a couple of times and it pulls a lot better now and throttle response has what seems to be no lag. One of these days I'd like to Dyno it and see how much it compares to the stock dynos.

  • I've installed it on mine. No issues

  • You have to re use one of the oem spacers from the stock intake. I think this is where people go wrong... One of the bolts supplied will be tightened all the way and it won't actually fasten on whatever it is unless you use the spacer from the stock exhaust

  • Intake

  • Theres a lot of choices for intakes now. Shop around a bit

  • No issues with the vo2

  • Consider: SS Customs "Billy Bob" air intake. It's engineered to fit perfectly and it has a great retro-style look to it.

  • Mine too.

  • Yep. Same problem. I drilled through and tapped the thread.

    Not a huge problem but hard to believe it happens when you pay top dollar for something! Poor quality control - but I like the filter once fitted.

    Yes... the red looks great!

  • No problems

  • Check out what has to offer. Shane over there wouldnt sell anything that didn't fit.