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Finally got round to changing the original chain and sprockets after 20,900 miles.

I think I could have got another couple of thousand out of the old one's but didn't want to risk it.

The bike feels much smoother now. Made me realise how loose the old chain was.

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  • I've only done 12000 on my chain it sounds clunky n notchy think the oem is shit quality

  • Looks nice

  • Nice. You bought it separately?

  • Looks great

  • Amit Somékh i bought both chain and aprockets from my dealer.

    Erik Nissen i am very happy with my Tracer. we did fall out for a little bit when she made me get six penalty points on my licence and a large fine. We are a happy couple again now.

  • I suppose it was a bit clunky by the end but still got 20,000 out of it so wasn't really bothered.

  • I might get me one in the spring- but I want one that don't get me large fines

  • Can't blame the bike lol

  • This one won't get you a large fine.

  • I remember changing the chain and sprockets at 16,000 miles on a CB500X. It became so quiet and smooth. Like riding a different bike. It's weird how we don't notice tiny day by day changes.

  • My chain and sprockets are starting to wear now, after 10K km's. A bit early I think. No hooligan-driving, just some track-days... Will go for a DID gold-chain and SuperSprox rear-sprocket to get the good stuff and some show-off ! ;-)

  • Benny Benoit true, but I'm not old enough for a Royal Enfield yet

  • A wise guy once told me that your chain/sprockets will last about 40% longer if you turn the front sprocket around before it's worn too much. I think it works, my FJ1200 has more than 35.000 km on the sprocket kit so far. I probably oil the chain every 500 km, just a little bit.....

  • Buy a Scottoiler. Chains and sprockets last so much longer and back wheel is never as dirty or grimy. My mate's at 39,000 miles on his chain and sprockets on a GSX-R1000.

  • Changed mine at 17000, five stretched tight spots on the chain, kept thinking it was clutch or gearbox noise...Like a new bike again!