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Picked it up a few days ago

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  • Motul 800 Factory Line Offroad 2T is what I find better than 710.

  • Okay thanks guys, yeah everything here is so pricey :/ it's so stupid haha

    Alright ill look for some 800 factory line.

    Thanks for the help guys even tho I'm over in Aus

  • Hi Blaze, kindly just make it so you get the "Factory Line Off Road" Motul 800, not the "On Road" one.

    Good luck!

  • Yeah I shall man :) thanks for that tho! I just wanna be running the best quality stuff I can

  • You may also try other ester-base fully synthetic 2-stroke oils made by Maxima, Silkolene, Elf, Motorex etc. just so many stuff out there that offer very good quality, not just Motul oil.... It helps to have other alternative brands should you run out of the oil that you really want.

    It just all boils down to what you really prefer and what brand you really trust.

  • Yeah I know, and a lot of the time the oils are made by the same company and you just pay for the brand name haha

    Ill probably be posting on here asking for advice because I haven't been around a bike for so many years

  • That is what it's here for nearly everyone who answers speaks from experience. And it is my pleasure to help out anyway I possibly can does not mater where you are from. And I'm always willing to learn new stuff as well. Kiko Sanchez is good at explaining a lot of details and there is a hand full of others that Are in the know about certain things more than others so feel free to ask just about anything you are having difficulty with or need advice about.

  • So it looks like it was a freestyle bike in its past life ??

  • Yeah the bloke rode freestyle, has cut the airbox sides out so he could do grabs and everything else so ill need to replace that at some stage.

    I dropped the oil today and it looks like it haven't been serviced in a while.. So I'm thinking I might do a top end rebuild while everything is still running good, so I know here the bike is at. Because I live on the country I can kick the bike over in the drive way and head straight to the forest so it will be getting a lot of use

  • Thanks Darryl.... But you're far better in explaining things easily in a more practical manner.