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Anyone need any clutch stuff? Most of these parts need to go I'm down sizing. More stuff to come. If you need anything just ask.

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  • Randy friction plates are cheap new. I have your pressure plate off to the side, with your gas tank. Detention kit?

  • Cool. Yeah, the detent arm with stiffer spring and roller bearing pivot.

  • What you mean by detention kit? What's wrong with stk?

  • The stock one is okay, but I hear the upgrade gives more positive 1-2 shifts

  • Poss I don't have any issues with that so. I don't do things because the herd thinks it's right. Lol hence I still have stk rubber brake hoses on my silver dots with no issues at all, none even though everyone said I COULDN'T do that. Could it be better maybe? But the brake upgrade was so good I didn't need to spend the $$ on them. It's a 30 yr old bike it's not a R1 or even a R6 but it has soul.

  • Looking for a lense cover for my clocks if you have???

  • I went with braided lines, not for performance so much as I was concerned about the integrity of the OEM rubber lines after all these years. I already have a detent kit for the '89, but I thought I might go ahead and get one for the '90. I'm going to have both apart to do the spring and wire clip delete anyway.

  • Absolutely get rid of that crap. If I see a difference in brakes I'll go braided, but definitely 1 into 2. I hate the double hose look off the master, looks redneck.

  • I got a couple of redneck bikes, then... ;)

  • Just don't like that look way to bulky. But if you like is all that matters. :)

  • I've got the so-called 'urine cup' masters on the '89, too.

  • I have that going on one of the 3 I got just haven't decided which one. Should sell one of them don't need 3 running driving fjs, DO I?

  • Hi there in looking for brake discs for a FJ 200 front ??

  • Bob Weymouth only if you don't have room for four...

  • 12 bikes Randy, really don't need all them. So a Fj or 2, 2 ct90s kdx220 need to go, to start.

  • Nothing mint but I have a set of a 91 that are still in service limits.