• Photos from Bonnie Breese's post

    New seat!

    • How effective is that windscreen? I was looking into getting one but don't want a bulky one.

    • Could you send me some pics if you have the time later please?

    • That looks awesome. I want one!

    • Pipes look great too.

    • It helps, but there is a lot of wind noise. A bigger one might reduce it.

    • Friggin loud too!

    • Absolutely love your bolt. Is that seat more comfortable?

    • Looking good, lovely colour tank.

    • 我也想找一个更薄的车座,但不要下面中空的那种。

    • I had a hell of a time getting that color. I'm in NY and they had to get this from CA.

    • have to get use to it. it's smaller than the stock.

    • Where did you order it from?

    • dealer installed it. It also has a quick release.. I wish I could tell you what kind, you'll have to do some searching.

    • Nice Lilly cutters